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Quantum Break: All Junction Choices & What Happens

While playing through Quantum Break, you’ll come across points in the story known as Junctions at the ends of Act 1-4. These Junctions task players with making a choice as Paul Serene that will alter the story going forward. These Quantum Break choices can really lead to anything within the story. Some characters will live and die, new plot twists will emerge, collectibles change, and new scenes appear in the live action episodes between the Acts.

It’s hard to make a decision not knowing what ripples your actions will send through time. Perhaps you want to ensure the life of a specific character, or maybe you just want to ensure someone finds happiness. Making the wrong move can put all of that to an end.

To help you manage time without any headaches, we’ve put together the Junction choices for you. Now you’ll know exactly what to expect as time bends to your whim.

Warning: There are Quantum Break story spoilers ahead!

All Quantum Break Junction Choices

Act 1

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You have activated the time machine for what you believe is the first time. This triggers a series of events that propel the story towards the end of time as we know it. Paul, ever vigilant in his mission to prepare for the end, must deal with the mayhem that ensues. His adviser, Martin Hatch, presents him with two options, both of which have serious consequences for those involved.


Choosing Hardline means Monarch will deal with the problem using an iron fist. All opposition will be silenced during this militant approach. Riots will break out, and the companies image will be tarnished, but Paul will be able to proceed without wondering if things will go awry. Going this route means Amy Ferraro, the girl who organized the protesters at the college, will die. She’s an interesting character and is very tech savvy (which can provide Jack Joyce with quite a bit of information later on). This option also presents Hatch with a bit of leeway later on.


This is the more soft approach, yet it allows for Monarch to maintain its image after everything that went down. Choosing this means Amy won’t die and will join Jack Joyce on his mission. However, she will be forced to make a statement on national TV against Jack making him a target everywhere he goes. Monarch will be allowed to moved much more freely, making Jack and Beth’s job a little tougher going forward.

All Quantum Break Junction Choices

Act 2

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After discovering William’s work, Jack Joyce has a new task on his hands. One that will get in the way of everything that Paul Serene has planned. However, Paul Serene remembers the close friendship that he and Jack once had. This leaves him with the choice of whether to fix that relationship or to proceed as planned.


Paul decides that his friendship is worth fighting for. An attempt to make Jack see reason requires that Paul relinquish control of Monarch temporarily. This puts Martin Hatch in an even more powerful position as he continues to make plans in the shadows. Paul being thrust into the dark while all that he’s built is changing under his nose makes keeping everything on schedule next to impossible.


The plan must proceed. Jack is nothing more than a thorn in Paul’s side and must be dealt with. Martin Hatch, eager to take control, still finds a way to utilize this to his advantage. With Paul Serene no longer caring about his longtime friend, he lets his attention on the matter slip as he decides to focus on his Gala, Monarch, and the Lifeboat Protocol. The fight will slowly fall from Paul’s grasp just a bit more.

All Quantum Break Junction Choices

Act 3

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Whether Paul has tried to get through to Jack or not, he still has to face one of the toughest Junctions in Quantum Break. His two closest advisers, Sofia Amaral and Martin Hatch, have put themselves in a position where he must choose between them. With Hatch working to ensure Sofia looks bad, and her current absence, it’s easy to assume that she’s a traitor. But, with Martin trying to steer Monarch in the very presence of Paul, maybe he has some hidden motivations.


Siding with Amaral means Hatch is no longer trusted. Paul knows exactly who’s been there for him, and he’s starting to see what’s been going on right in front of him. Instead of targeting Sofia, Paul will start to place eyes on Hatch. All of his contacts, all of his moves, every little thing he does is now under heavy scrutiny. Of course, Paul can’t know entirely what’s going on until Sofia returns. Yet Hatch will overplay his hand, leading Paul to finally take Sofia’s advice. The Lifeboat Protocol is live.


Siding with Hatch means Amaral is done for. It doesn’t matter that she has saved Paul’s life, nor that she has been loyal every single step of the way. Martin Hatch has created enough doubt that she is considered a complete traitor and nothing can change that. She did all she can to help Monarch, even while in captivity, but it will be for nothing. The stack of evidence against her has grown too large thanks to Hatch. This will weaken Paul in the long run, thanks to the fact that he no longer has his Chronon Treatments that Sofia was in charge of. He is now even more pressed for time after taking his last dose.

All Quantum Break Junction Choices

Act 4

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Jack has traveled back through time to discover the Countermeasure and its current location. Paul is at the end of his rope as death waits for him like an old friend. The end of time is only hours away but there is one more decision to be made, the last of the Junctions. Paul must decide whether he’s going to continue his fight or give it all up and watch Monarch crumble.


If you choose Control, Paul will set up a last line of defense to stop Jack Joyce. After promising Liam Burke a spot in the Lifeboat, Paul provides him with weapons and a Striker suit so that he can defend the CFR (Countermeasure). It is the battery that will carry humanity through the end of time as they work on a way to fix it. Paul will also take his final dosage, allowing him to face Jack Joyce if need be, and to handle every choice that is coming his way. Things don’t work out for Sofia or Martin, although this may have been part of Martin’s plan all along. Paul, in a rage, will murder Sofia for betraying him before seeking out Jack.


Paul will give into his paranoia. He will go off the deep end as he moves ever closer to becoming a shifter. The Chronon Syndrome has taken its toll, and the ignoring of his final treatment Monarch will undoubtedly fall. With Liam Burke no longer being in on the plan, Charlie Wincott will help Fiona and Jack. Sofia, Paul’s most trusted partner and love, will live. Martin Hatch goes on one hell of a rampage in the CFR security room, even taking out Liam Burke. As Charlie finally figures out what he needs to do to help with the final steps, Jack must follow through with his own plans.

The choices will change the course of your game, creating an ebb and flow as you see fit. There are no easy choices, the fate of those around you rest in your hands.

Sours: https://twinfinite.net/2016/04/quantum-break-all-junction-choices/

Quantum Break Wiki Guide

The CFR Chamber - October 10, 2016 at 5:02AM

Paul reflects on his actions. Will is dead, and Jack has been captured by Monarch. Paul knows what's going to happen, and is determined to make sure things go according to plan.

Dry Docks - October 9, 2016 at 6:12am

Paul and Hatch have a short conversation about the state of affairs; Jack as escaped, and Monarch needs to figure out how they want to address the conundrum at the university publicly.

Your main objective for this section is to meet with Amy Ferrero, the protester Jack met previously but was unable to help. Along the way you can find one item that causes a Quantum Ripple and two Narrative Objects.

The item that causes the Quantum Ripple is the Ram Statue that was first seen in Paul and Will's lab. It's on the right side of the doc, sitting on a box by a moving truck.

The two Narrative Objects are on the right on top of some boxes just before you reach Amy. You'll see William Joyce Dossier, a map, and then the Jack Joyce Dossier.

After you've collected those, walk over to Amy and Hatch to make your Monarch policy decision.

Junction 1 Choices and Outcomes

Before you choose between the two decision, you'll have a chance to preview how they will effect the world. Below are their effects along with their consequences.


Hardline is the more aggressive approach to the situation. All witnesses are eliminated. Monarch would keep its secrets safe but the town of Riverport would no longer trust Monarch.

PR Campaign

The PR campaign makes Jack Joyce a villain. Monarch Solutions would use Amy and others involved in the incident as props in their campaign. They'd be kept alive and monitored, but will still be able to help Jack.

Below are spoilers for immediate consequences for choosing this option.

Live-action episode spoilers:

Act 2 spoilers:

After making your choice, Paul reveals that he knows how the world ends and that he's doing what he thinks is best to stop it. Following this junction is the first live-action episode.

Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/quantum-break/Act_1_Junction:_Hardline/PR
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What do you view as the best set of junction decisions for the story?

For me I felt PR, Personal, Trust Hatch, and don't take the medication were best overall story because it made this really nice downfall story path for Paul Serene.

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I never chose Hardline because naturally and realistically from the outcome you forsee in the future, it would be foolish.

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Im only on chapter 3, but I went PR, and then Personal. I figured Paul would try to get his old buddy back on his side.

It doesn't matter what u choose.

Shaminardrgn posted...

I never chose Hardline because naturally and realistically from the outcome you forsee in the future, it would be foolish.

Playing through my second time and chose Hardline. You end up with the taxi driver as a "sidekick" instead of the girl. He's absolutely annoying, but he does have one good line. When you first show your Time Powers in front of him, he is completely okay with it and says, "Are you an X-Man or something??"

Which is hilarious, you know, because Shawn Ashmore played Iceman.

For me, it was Hardline, not personal, trust the doctor, and take the medication. So pretty much the exact opposite of you.

I felt that this was a good story because Paul was trying to save the mankind at any cost so he made the hard decisions with hardline, he sacrificed his friendship to ensure monarch's strength, trusted the doctor because i thought it was the obvious decision, and i chose the treatment because i thought, even though things are crumbling around him, he is still trying to save mankind.

This made Paul a really complex guy. He was a person who saw the end of time and tried everything in his power to stop it, he made the hard decisions, and sacrificed his friendships to save the world.

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My first playthrough I went with PR, Personal, Trust the doctor, take the medicine. Wanted Paul to keep some of who he was. Chose the complete opposite the second playthrough to see how it plays out, got pretty dark lol

Gunvalkyrie2 posted...

It doesn't matter what u choose.

It never does.

Gunvalkyrie2 posted...

It doesn't matter what u choose.

Um. That's the whole point. Play through the game again and again. Cycle through the choices over and over. You are still restricted to the outcome. You can't change the timeline. It's actually kind of brilliant.

I've only played through once so far, but my playthrough went Hardline, Personal, Trust Hatch, Control.

I'll admit, I knew it made way more sense to go with PR, but at that point I didn't know how much the junctions would change the gameplay, and I thought PR would make me have to play a bit stealthier as Jack, since Paul was saying the public would turn on him. I hate stealth (especially forced stealth in non-stealth games) so I was like "f*** that" and picked Hardline.

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Junction quantum break

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Quantum Break - All Junction Decisions (Right Side) [1080p HD]

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