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The 7th stand user: How to download and install

Context (Get this featured so more people know about this game)

This was entirely made because of Sinful Hoestar (lmao)

Just yesterday I made a poll to see how many people knew of or had played "seventh stand user" (which I had incorrectly labeled as the seventh crusader) but it was more of an informative poll to see where everyone was.

I was surprised to find out that not many people know what it was or how to download or install it, so HERE'S A TUTORIAL! The first half will just be about the game and how it plays, while the second will actually show you how to download and install it.

What is the "Seventh stand user"

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I'll paste what the wikia says before giving a TLDR; from personal experience.


Jojo's bizarre adventure: the seventh crusader is a fan game made by Clayman for the (-) manga. It's an RPG in which you are given 1 of 18 different Stands by a mysterious benefactor known only as "Steel", based on your answers to a personality quiz given at the beginning. Using this Stand, you join (or don't) the main characters of Stardust Crusaders as they journey to Egypt in order to kill DIO and cure Holly of her Stand-induced sickness. Everything starts out like the source material does, but make the right decisions and events will diverge, for better or for worse.


It's a Pokemon like RPG where you're given a personality quiz to pick a character and stand to go fight off DIO with the crusaders. Obviously there are spoilers for part 3 and it is a bit tedious because if you don't follow a guide, you're basically just a self insert. Also it's like the first Pokémon game, so don't expect spectacular graphics. Taken from the translaters Tumblr which will be linked with the download tutorial.

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The choices you make can change dialogue and determine whether you gain friendship points (FP). The biggest challenge is obviously the personality quiz, which determines what your stand is which is important


There a stand and gender specific events that each character can complete, there are 18 different stands so it's more of a preference for which type you pick. Some events are also triggered by how much karma or FP you have, if you have enough FP the whole scene might change entirely.

The stronger battle wise- stands usually have less scenarios surrounding them, but it is recommended that you choose them for all the randomly spawning (AND NEED I MENTION POWERFUL) MOBS.

FP and Karma

When you make choices that appeals to each (or all) the crusaders you gain FP, to check them you simply turn on your radio (not sure if it's space or enter) and scroll down into stats (I could be wrong but it's quite easy to find). Karma is when you make bad choices, this one isn't recorded like FP so just don't make bad choices. The wiki shows which choices to make to get FP or Karma.

Original stand users

While you're playing the canon, there are also original enemies you can fight. Sometimes defeating these enemies remove mobs from the game (try and do this often as they get really tedious)

That was just a TLDR; the wiki explains it better. Click Here for it.

Enough nonsense, tell me where and how to download this

Okay, enough background information and hyping up the game, let me show you how to play this game.

Where to download

I mentioned before that I got the images from the tumblrs blog, just go HERE. The version you should download is '2.48', if you have an error later on, just download an earlier build. It's in the file of a ZIP so you should either have WinRar or something to open it.


Okay, so now you have a ZIP file and you're wondering what to do. The file you're supposed to play with is "RPG.RT.exe"

No matter what, it says I don't have the appropriate app.

Yes, unless you've played games using the Japanese RPG maker engine, you'll need to install RTP 2000, BUT WAIT, IT ISN'T THAT SIMPLE! If it were I wouldn't be making a tutorial.

If you're trying to install it, it'll always stop at 44% before question marks. That's because it's a Japanese app and your computer is mostly not set to install foreign applications, so all you've got to do is change your locale.

How do I do that?

Here's a simple tutorial I quickly googled

Click Start, then Control Panel.

Click Clock, Language and Region.Windows 10

Windows 8: Click Region. ...Click the Administrative tab.

...Under the Language for non-Unicode programs section, click Change system and select the desired language.

Click OK.

After that, just restart and everything is peachy.

Now that you've restarted, everything has gotten easier. Just install RTP 2000 and go into the ZIP file. Remember, you weren't meant to extract this.

I installed it and opened it but it launches before showing a white box

This is quite the stupid one that made me want to kill myself. The game will not launch properly if it's been extracted or because it's not in your default drive (for example mine was on my hard drive so I moved it to C drive). Why? I have no clue, but just move it to your desktop and it'll work.

Okay I just spent two hours on that, excuse me while I finish my Netflix shows, enjoy playing that game.


Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/jjbamino/page/blog/the-7th-stand-user-how-to-download-and-install/j0zm_jwXIKunGLqb68kZYJ8422DW3kxYn6


"[...] It seems a new destiny is beginning... That would be your destiny... You, nameless one, apostle of Fate... You are about to walk a path full of pain and suffering... However, it is necessary that you continue to fight. Please accept this small offering... Your very own Stand. I hope you use it well."

Unknown Speaker to the 7th Stand User.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User is a fan game made by Clayman for the massively influential manga. It's an RPG in which you are given 1 of 18 different Stands by a mysterious benefactor known only as "Steel", based on your answers to a personality quiz given at the beginning. Using this Stand, you join (or don't join) the main characters of Stardust Crusaders as they journey to Egypt in order to kill DIO and cure Holly of her Stand-induced sickness. Everything starts out like the source material does, but make the right decisions and events will diverge, for better or for worse.

A fan game sequel to the fan game is being developed with Clayman's approval, known as The 7th Stand User 2: Fate is Unbreakable. It will feature the cousin of the protagonist of the first game, going over the events of Part 4 of JoJo. Info on the sequel can be found here.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User provides examples of:

  • Absentee Actor: Esidisi, for some reason, is not present in the parts involving Wammu and Kars.
  • Actually Four Mooks: Most enemies that appear on the map function like this.
  • Adaptational Badass: Oingo and Boingo were Punch-Clock Villains in the original manga, the protagonists didn't even know they defeated them! However, in the path where you watch over Kakyoin in the hospital, Oingo disguises himself as a doctor, locks you out of Kakyoin's room, lays down explosive traps on the floor based on Boingo's predictions as you rush to the first floor to get the key in order to rescue Kakyoin. If you take too long, Oingo could actually kill Kakyoin! While you don't get to directly fight them, it's pretty impressive to see that they actually pose a threat for once.
    • Taken further in a secret ending, where the brothers combine their stand powers to rewrite Thoth's predicted fate and save Polnareff from Diavolo in the nick of time.
  • Adaptational Superpower Change: In canon, Rolling Stones takes the form of a target whose fated to die, and if the target touches it, they'll die peacefully before their fated death. Here, the stone will kill anybody who touches it, and it doesn't have any prediction powers.
  • Adaptational Wimp:
    • Daniel J. D'arby. In the original manga, he was a formidable opponent who easily defeated Polnareff and Joseph and was only taken down through a long battle of wits between Jotaro and himself. In addition, Jotaro only caught him cheating once; every other time was after the game had already ended. Here, while D'arby still defeats Polnareff and Joseph, he instead falls to the player, who actually manages to catch him cheating. Or, while unlikely, they can also just legitimately beat him in poker.
      • Taken Up to Eleven during his Chaos Mode event via a Humiliation Conga. After D'arby loses to Polnareffthanks to his cat, Osiris makes an appearance and forces him to keep his part of the bet, which not only reveals that he was an enemy, but also helps them discern his ability. D'arby then blurts out a vague location of the mansion and tries to get away, but his hastiness to retreat doesn't go unnoticed, which is then turned against him when the Crusaders realise that the only reason for him to be so eager to get away is that he is withholding some vital information, which the protagonist suspects to be the secret of DIO's stand. D'arby's Oh, Crap! alone confirms their suspicions, which forces him in a Morton's Fork; either get the crap beaten out of him and potentially murdered for the info or turn traitor to and get murdered by DIO. This, ultimately, leads to D'arby's Villainous Breakdown.
    • Grey Fly in a random event of Chaos Mode, in which Kakyoin's "Atemi" is enough to knock him and his stand out.
  • Adaptation Distillation:
    • While the game is mostly faithful to the plot of the original manga, the Oingo Boingo Brothers' role was greatly reduced. Oingo doesn't appear on the standard route at all, and Boingo only appears after Hol Horse partners up with him. An event involving Polnareff and Jotaro in Aswan implies that the protagonist wasn't around when Oingo attacked.
    • That said, the brothers do get a chance to appear together during an alternate path where you watch over Kakyoin at the hospital.
  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: You can spend 9 Badges of Honor in the Developer's Room to obtain Josuke's Disc, which lets you play through an original story as Josuke Higashikata.
  • Affably Evil: Don Cherry. Despite his status as a Serial Killer, he is very polite and does not get angry at the protagonist when he dies like many of the other bosses. Even when you meet him in Sanctuary, he does not bear any ill will against you for beating him.
  • All There in the Manual:
    • Information regarding the Stand users created for the game is found in the Debug Room.
    • Clayman in the Developer's Room will give you a full explication about the plot as well as an explanation of how the time-manipulating Stands work in Jojo, using a DVD player remote as a metaphor: Star Platinum and The World are the "Pause" button, Bites The Dust the "Rewind", King Crimson the "Skip chapter", Made In Heaven the "Fast Forward" but accelerating and looping over time and Hanoi Rocks turns you from a character in the movie to the spectator.
  • An Axe to Grind: The stand Joykiller has an axe that causes anything chopped by it to rot.
  • And the Adventure Continues: Several of the individual crusader endings. Stand outs are Joseph's and Polnareff's, where the protagonist ends up getting involved in the events of Part 4 or Part 5, respectively. Even some endings for Iggy and Avdol have them investigating a new problem with the protagonist. Avdol's in particular involve him looking into the arrows Diavolo stole.
  • Anti-Villain: Raul was driven to believe that Humans Are Bastards due to his Stand's power.
  • Arm Cannon: Quicksilver
  • Armor-Piercing Attack: There are several attacks that can pierce defenses. For example, Jotaro's Star Punch, Polnareff's Zantetsuken, and Iggy's Canine Storm are all said to pierce the enemy's defense (the latter can also be learned by Howlin' Wolf).
  • Artistic License – Military: Stroheim in the Harbor complains that both his Jeep and his walkie-talkie don't work anymore. Stroheim served on the Eastern Front until 1943, meaning he couldn't have encountered neither since both were invented by the USA and not lent to the Soviets. Both can be handwaved as translation shortcuts since the Nazis had both lightweight reconnaissance cars akin to Jeeps (the Kubelwagen) and man-portable radios.
  • Artificial Human: The characters from Parts 1 and 2 seen throughout the game, aside from NPC cameos, are actually artificial constructs made by Alicia, Berlin and Steel with memories formed from when they were in their prime.
  • Ascended Extra: Alicia and Berlin are the two scientists (SPW Foundation agents in the game) who became the Patients Zero of the alien virus carried by the meteorite used to craft Stand Arrows in Vento Aureo.
    • Steel, the adoptive father of the reborn Alicia, is one of the victims of Yoshikage Kira who got killed by trying to dig up dirt on him.
    • Anne, the Tagalong Kid, can actually be a Stand User in Chaos Mode!
    • Vins is Mrs. Bluemarine, the adoptive mother of Weather Report, having survived the burning of her home by finding a Stone Mask under the floorboards and turning herself into a vampire.
    • Gai, user of The Tyde, the Stand faced if Mannish Boy is cured or the extra plane repaired in Saudi Arabia is the father of Okuyasu and Keicho before he became an immortal monster.
    • The fortune teller in the Fishing Village is implied to be the one murdered by Doppio for digging into Diavolo's past.
    • Silver Fox is one of the clients of Scolippi, explaining why Rolling Stones is chasing you in his house.
  • The Atoner: The protagonist during some of the special endings tied to high bad karma levels.
  • Bad Boss: Vins doesn't give a damn about her subordinates in the Slaves to Fate, and they all end up dead by the end of the game, with two of them dying at her hands.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Having high bad karma will give you the choice to join DIO and fight against your former companions. If you win, the Joestars are dead, and DIO converts you into a vampire and you rule the world for eternity with him.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: Alicia's Stand involuntarily absorbs the life force of others, while Berlin's Stand creates homunculi. Despite this, they are unambiguously on the side of the heroes.
    • You, potentially, if you have certain Stands such as The Joykiller, Deep Purple or Napalm Death.
  • Balancing Death's Books: The nature of human life explained in the game. Certain people must die, because their "energies" are returned to the system at an allocated time. In the Everyone Lives ending, you can have Alicia drain the people who "would have died anyways" because of DIO, or the Golden Ending has you draining DIO and his servants enough that nobody else has to die.
  • Barred from the Afterlife: Most characters that end up dead wind up in Sanctuary, because they have too much resentment to pass on to the afterlife or they haven't yet realized they're dead.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: The main one is of course DIO, but also Vins, the enigmatic leader of the terrorist group The Slaves to Fate and the adoptive mother of Wes Bluemarine AKA Weather Report.
  • Bittersweet Ending:
    • The Dark End and Unrest routes. The good news? You and all your companions get to live. The catch? All of the innocent civilians DIO would have killed during Part 3's "normal" ending still die in a series of mysterious accidents due in no small part to you using their life energy to power your squad of Ripple warrior clones, with a hint of fate having something worse in store for you in the future.
    • To a lesser extent, The Exchange Ending, where the Player Character lives through the Sacrifice Ending by transferring their memories to another world self. All of the innocent civilians in Egypt still die through multiple accidents, but the crusaders is stated to be doing completely fine. Furthermore, they ensure Part 6 is averted by writing "DON'T READ IT" into the Bizarre Memo and slipping the memo into DIO's diary. The Crusaders find the note and follow their friend's wishes by burning the book without reading a single page.
    • Josuke's good ending. After defeating Vins and destroying DIO's diary alongside Jotaro, Josuke begins to vanish along with Alicia, Berlin, and Steel, the latter confessing that because Josuke is a construct of the original's memories and stand disk, he will not be returning to his timeline and life, but rather simply ceasing to be. Josuke asks if Morioh will be fine, and upon confirmation lets himself go, leaving a confused Jotaro behind to tell the others about his sudden disappearance, and to wonder if he'll find him there at Morioh.
  • Bonus Boss: Several, most of which are original creations. The hardest are found behind the door to The Sanctuary from Emporio's Room.
    • Shadow DIO is a weakened version of DIO, but with a few tricks.
    • Wammu hits hard and can OHKO, but has a weakness to Joseph's Ripple.
    • Kars has max HP and several strong attacks, but is susceptible to multiple status effects.
    • The Creator is the toughest to fight normally. but goes down easy if you can exploit his weakness.
    • Ultimate Kars is nearly impossible to defeat without severely buffing your attacks to bypass his insane health regeneration.
    • Araki is the second hardest boss, adding other villains to the fight on top of being able to KO your entire party effortlessly.
    • True Clayman, the single hardest boss in the entire game. OHKOs, even greater health regen than Ultimate Kars, and maxed out stat buffs make this fight impossible to clear without using the secret cheat equipment. Your reward for beating her is the DebugEquipment.
    • There's also one you can access from the very beginning of the game (although you won't stand a chance until much later). Take the Bizarre Memo from the burned-out house next to the Kujo manor, write "Kira" in it, and then examine it. Yoshikage Kira will attack you for knowing his name.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: The protagonist uses Avdol's 'YES, I AM' on the deserted island if they are shot in his place.
    • Vins also uses it herself during the betrayal endings, even lampshading it.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: Evil Ripple Users in Cairo. They can only be fought if the player chooses to hold off on storming DIO's mansion once its found.
  • Boss Rush: After finding DIO's mansion and heading back to Cairo, the player can meet The Scribe Ani (from the Genesis of Universe side novel) who starts up a Boss Rush with most of DIO's prior minions when interracted with.
  • Brutal Bonus Level: The Rolling Stones Maze; it's full of nice items, but it's very sprawling and you're likely to die several times before you reach any of them. And then there's the fight with Kars, which is started from opening a chest that requires you to find an invisible path that starts quite a ways away from it.
  • But Now I Must Go: Berlin, Alicia, and Steel during a majority of the routes. Tragically, Joseph must part ways from Caesar, Stroheim, and Speedwagon once again during his, though it's somewhat softened by how he wasn't able to say goodbye to the first two before their original deaths during Battle Tendency.
  • Call-Back: Of course, Bonus Boss Creator will give his entire Engrish spiel from The Final Fantasy Legend, but if you unlock True Clayman and ask to fight her for real, she'll quote the same lines.
  • Call-Forward: Several, but the fortune-teller in the Fishing Village will make vague references for each character to their later manga and anime fate.
  • The Cameo: Characters from parts other than Stardust Crusaders can be found in certain areas. Some of them, like Stroheim, Speedwagon, and Dire, will even join your party temporarily. Vins explains that a lot of the timeline was starting to blend together because she was starting to have trouble keeping the order of things straight, and as Observer, this was making the events happen simultaneously. Almost all of the below characters can be met in the Debug Room as well, with bonuses to offer in some cases while others are simply fun cameos.
    • Giorno appears during the prologue in the airport in Japan or in the smaller hotel in Singapore. When met in the Debug Room, he grants you the King Crimson cutscene skip for free.
    • Shigechi is at the schoolyard with a pet cat. Debug Room Shigechi allows you to get as much money as you want.
    • Josuke and Okuyasu appear at a restaurant in Japan and in a classroom and toilet respectively after fighting Kakyoin. In the debug room, Josuke will heal you up and refill your SP, while Okuyasu can lower your levels if you want.
    • Koichi appears inside the school library. When met in the debug room, he offers to modify the encounter rate.
    • Yukako and Hazamada can be found in classrooms.
    • Tamami Kobayashi is at Japan with a bag containing a cat aside of him.
    • Aya Tsuji lets you change your appearance or stand in her salon "Cinderella" in Japan,and offers the same services in the Debug room. She also appears west of the cable car station in Singapore.
    • The salesman who is on the path to Kujo's residence is Yoshikage Kira.
    • Tonio can be found in almost every map on certain days, running around at a high speed. If you corner him, you can order takeout (cheaper) or have a full-course meal (heals your entire party and rarely raises stats but expensive).
    • Rohan appears in every town, either at the hotel the crusaders are resting at or at a restaurant. He offers general gameplay tips. When seen in the debug room, he offers to raise the party's levels.
    • The Passione gang can be found sitting at a table in a restaurant at Hong Kong. Young Joseph, Part 2 Erina and Smokey are also sitting in a nearby table.
    • Prosciutto and Pesci are sitting inside the train to Calcutta. You can even have Pesci join you to fight against the Stand Satanic Coupler wielded by Absalom, a character from the Genesis of Universe novel.
    • Trish Una is found at Singapore near the cable car station.
    • Lisa Lisa appears on the 9th floor of the Singapore hotel.
    • Straits gives you Deep Pass Water if you find him on the docks by the Ganges.
    • In Polnareff's endings the protagonist ends up joining him on his hunt for the Passione's stand arrows. They can thus catch a glimpse of a wide range of characters from Part 5, including Bruno, Doppio and policeman Abbacchio (who's in the process of being paid off by the man who later murders his partner).
    • Diavolo appears as a Recurring Boss on your second playthrough and up. On Chaos Mode he becomes far harder from somehow escaping Gold Experience Requiem's power...unless you have a G.E.R Disc, which nerfs him back to his usual levels. He can also be found in the Debug room and, hilariously, can be killed repeatedly at your leisure.
    • Old Susie Q, Reimi and Arnold are seen taking a bath in the Chaos Mode exclusive Hot Spring. You can also find Lisa Lisa, Yukako and Trish in the women's bath and Josuke, Okuyasu, Koichi and Rohan in men's bath.
    • Anasui and Weather Report are sitting at a table in a restaurant in India. In future playthroughs, they can also be seen at the Singapore hotel and in Aswan.
    • Foo Fighters/Etro is found at Karachi near the Harbor.
    • Jolyne appears in Karachi wandering around.
    • Johnny and Part 8's Josuke both appear in Edfu.
    • Mista, Abbacchio, Fugo and Narancia all appear in Cairo on varying days.
    • Several characters from Part 4 can appear in the different variations on Joseph's ending, such as Terunosuke Miyamoto, Mikitaka Hazekura, Yuya Fungami, and Yoshihiro Kira. Likewise, Part 5 characters will appear in Polnareff's endings - notably, all of the main cast members except for Giorno and Mista can be seen, as well as Doppio.
    • Ermes can be seen resting at the hospital where Kakyoin is at in the hospital route.
    • The original user of Cheap Trick, Masazo Kinoto, appears in Aswan with his back against a wall.
    • Gyro can be seen with Johnny in Aswan, singing his cheese song. Smokey Brown, as well as Part 8's Josuke and Joshu, appear near him as well, and comment on it.
    • Even some characters outside the Jojo franchise can join up temporarily or appear otherwise in the game. Galahad and Miriam from Romancing Saga join you if you don't otherwise find Stroheim and Speedwagon and opt into the Submarine route.
  • Cool Gun: Mr. Big, a large-caliber sniper rifle that can fire normal bullets, a variety of elemental bullets, and even healing/status-restoring bullets. Also one of two Player Stands that lets you use the 4 Special Gunskill books.
  • Cool vs. Awesome: A character with Pharoah Sanders can pull this against King Joey Murderdoll by fusing all their electric soldiers together, creating a giant sphinx made of electricity.
  • Combat Medic: Cardigans, though there's more emphasis on the Medic.
    • Joseph is the only member of the original six who has access to a wide range of healing spells. Jotaro learns "Revive" later on, but he can't heal himself like Joseph can.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: After finding where Cameo is hiding on the Deserted Island, a female protagonist or certain male protagonists will not take a piss inside his breathing tube. Instead, they'll pour a whole bottle of soy sauce in it.
  • Cutscene Boss: Many boss fights can be immediately resolved with "Brainstorm" command, without actual fighting. You do miss out on loot and EXP though.
  • Cutting the Knot: With enough effort and preparation, its possible to defeat enemy Stand users by simply targeting the user themselves with your strongest moves. Wiping them out will take their Stand down as well.
  • Darker and Edgier: To an extent. In the manga and animated adaptations, many enemies were simply "retired" instead of outright killed. Sanctuary reveals that most of the encountered minions of DIO died from the protagonists battling them. Or perhaps DIO had them killed. Most notable are Arabia Fats (who died of thrist after being stranded in the desert) or ZZ (dead of exposure since no-one helped him untie himself, believing him to be an ascetic in training).
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The entire game is in black and white to emulate the manga and make it easier to use panels from it.
  • Developers' Foresight:
    • A lot of scenes have differences depending on your protagonist's gender, the stand they're using, and numerous other factors. Some are subtle, such as different lines depending on their disposition from their Stand, while others can make certain fights more difficult (like saying your character can't swim right before the battle with the fake Captain Tennille).
    • If you choose to skip (King Crimson) the Devo fight with a party member who is not Polnareff, a scene will play where the rest of the crusaders wait for him to arrive so they can discuss what should they do next.
    • When taking the Submarine route in place of Avdol, the game automatically changes the protagonist's clothing back to their school uniform. This isn't a big deal for the male protagonist, but the female's Playboy Bunny outfit can't be changed while there's other party members, who linger for a while. But if you take the time to change when you're alone during the Judgement battle and have to find Polnareff, the cast actually have several lines of dialogue added to the following scene to compensate.
    • When Ebony Devil attacks, his Stand is explicitly noted to be Doll-like, and in the same hotel there's a Bonus Boss that also uses Dolls. Fighting one before the other actually has the protagonist comment on the similarities accordingly and mistake their Stands for eachother, and they both flip out at the implications of being involved with the other in their own ways.
    • When doing the Sword of St. George sidequest, when you get the sword to absorb the power of Silver Chariot, Polnareff will have different things to say about it depending on whether the event happens before or after the Anubis fights.
    • In the Anubis fight, if you defeat Chaka without Brainstorm, you can then use Brainstorm to defeat Khan immediately, without the second fight. Anubis didn't have a chance to learn Polnareff's trick with using his rapier blade as a projectile, so it works on Khan.
    • Just before the D'Arby encounter, the dialogue about Holly's condition changes depending on how many days the player has left. If they somehow have over 40 or so days (either via resetting the timer via Debug or beating Kira) they'll comment on how much time that actually is, and wonder if she's resisting DIO's curse after all.
  • Downer Ending:
    • The Sacrifice Ending, in which you choose to fight alone through the entire DIO's Mansion, obtain his diary, and kill both DIO and Vins, only to succumb to your wounds at dawn and throw yourself at the river with the diary in hands, hoping to take it down with you. Your body is recovered quickly after, and the diary delivered to Joseph, who reads it with the Crusaders, thus ensuring Part 6 to happen as your efforts were for naught, though if the player wrote "DONTREADIT" in the Bizarre Memo, this is averted and leads to the Exchange ending, where they burn the book without reading it just as you asked them too.
    • The bad ending to Josuke's route, starting by choosing to read the Path to Heaven with Jotaro as Vins suggests you to. Josuke later spots Vins at the airport and chases her down on his own to her lair, only to find Alicia and Berlin captured as well. With Josuke right where she wants, Vins proceeds to figuratively and literally break him down to pieces by revealing that Josuke is merely a construct made of the original's memories, Stand Disk, and the 7th Stand User's dead body, then proceeding to execute his makers as Josuke beholds the works of their Stands, and his life, fade away in the mirror in utter confusion and sorrow.
    • The ending of the Game Within a GameDragon Question III, if you take too long has Demon Lord Satan kill off all the villages. Even if you then kill him, you are the last human alive.
  • Duel Boss:
    • Jotaro and Kakyoin if the protagonist chooses not to help in the battle.
    • In Hong Kong, where you can have any of the current party members fight one-on-one with Polnareff.
    • Choosing to launch a sneak attack on the Captain Tennille imposter will lead to the protagonist fighting him alone. If you don't defeat him within three turns, or simply choose not to attack him, when Jotaro fights the Tennille imposter underwater, he'll be on his own.
    • Jotaro and Rubber Soul if the protagonist chooses not to accompany him on the Gondola.
    • In Varanasi, you can choose to have Joseph simply fight the Empress as opposed to the tar barrel trick he uses in canon. However, Joseph will be fighting the Stand on his own.
    • Before the battle with Wheel of Fortune, you can choose to have Jotaro fight alone.
    • If you choose to believe Kakyoin's story about Mannish Boy being a stand user, but doesn't have high enough FP to join the fight, Kakyoin will fight against Death 13 on his own. Choosing not to believe him will cause the battle to take place entirely off-screen.
    • The first two fights against Anubis are between him and Polnareff only.
    • If the protagonist doesn't have a high enough FP with him, or if Iggy chooses not to run away at the mansion, Iggy will fight Pet Shop on his own.
    • The final battle against Vins in most endings is between the protagonist and her only.
    • Several fights against DIO will be between him and Jotaro only depending on which route you're on. In addition, the Mad World ending will be between him and the protagonist only, and the Senator Wilson Philips ending will be between him and Senator Wilson Phillips only.
  • Earn Your Bad Ending:
    • The Mad World ending requires you to defeat an army of bosses consisting of Jotaro, Joseph, Kakyoin, and Vins with her zombies alongside DIO. Then after that, you have to beat the strongest version of DIO in the game (you can bring 30 UV Flash Grenades with you to make this fight easier). All clear? Well done, enjoy the screams of the innocents the protagonist killed and the sound of empty wastelands.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending:
    • The Succesion ending (can be achieved after completing the game more than 3 times) requires taking Alicia and Berlin with you and collect more than 45 evil spirits while defeating Terence, Vanilla Ice, DIO, and Vins, while keeping Alicia alive (because if she died, she'll use a spirit to revive herself). This is the only ending where the entire Joestar Egypt Tour group survives without consequences.
  • Easter Egg:
    • Glitching yourself past the triggers for the Kakyoin battle and when Holly collapses using either Howlin' Wolf or Wildhearts lets you talk with some of the npcs, who humorously lampshade parts of the story and lets you explore the rest of the Kujo house.
    • In the Dream World, if you rest in the bed enough times, the screen flashes "TURN IT OFF" and "PRESS F12" and a dark figure stands in the middle room where Bluemarine and baby Wes are in. If you stand in front of the dark figure before its eyes enlarge, the screen will have the same text plastered all over the screen along with a pair of eyes enlarging. There's nothing left for you to do but to return to the title screen.
  • Easy-Mode Mockery: A very minor instance, as picking easy mode will give the player multiple benefits while also starting the game with an FP penalty to all allies.
    • A more straight example is Miracles' "Controlled Presence" skill, which alters the encounter rate. Lowering it causes some chicken clucking.
  • Enemy Mine: Hol Horse joins you for the Arabian mansion on the grounds that he needs to get out of there too and would rather not do it alone.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Hol Horse may be an assassin for hire, but even he is disgusted with J. Geil if he almost kills the female protagonist, since he himself treats women with respect.
    • Stroheim loves a good fight, but he is utterly disgusted by the pointless Forever War masterminded by the Slaves of Fate in the West Bengal region during the Submarine Route.
  • Expy: The short male protagonist is one for Koichi from Part 4. The distinctive (delinquent) protagonists are Josuke and Jolyne in all but name.
    • Raul is also one to Kaname Tosen of Bleach. Black, blind, believes Humans Are Bastards, and has powers that affect the senses...
    • A protagonist with Napalm Death is one to Yoshikage Kira and Killer Queen. Both are people who want a quiet life, both have a skull motif, both have powers based around explosions and both can rewind time.
    • Deep Purple is a mix of Purple Haze (short-ranged Stand with a focus on poison and toxins), Killer Queen (explosive powers and a skull motif) and Justice (being technically intangible since he's made of smoke). His looks also evoke a certain assassin with smoke-related powers.
    • The Joykiller is the bastard child of Jason Voorhees and Leatherface.
  • Face–Heel Turn: If your bad karma is high enough, you can actually betray the Joestars and side with DIO. Not to mention if your friendship points are high enough, you can convince Polnareff and Kakyoin to betray the Joestars too.You can even take it a step further and betray DIO.
  • Failed a Spot Check: DIO does this constantly throughout Joseph's route. First, he fails to notice the Ripple-infused bubble protecting Joseph's vitals as he throws knives at his neck. Then when he leaps up to try and kill Caesar for interfering, he passes by a building window that he thought was emanating regular lamplight, but was in fact blasting out Ultraviolet Rays courtesy of Stroheim, damaging his body and snapping him out of his usage of the World. Afterwards, he attempts to kill an attacking Dire the same way he did during Part 1, but a molotov cocktail thrown by a hidden Speedwagon negates his freezing powers and he winds up kicked down to the street for his trouble.
  • Foreshadowing: Lots of it:
    • Vento Aureo readers will recognize the "cursed rock" in Jotaro's school as Rolling Stones. Which is why you'll find it in the Arabian Mansion.
    • Once you get to Singapore later on in the game, you will notice (and fight) lots of zombies and meet Vins. The two events are not coincidental.
    • Both times you fight Vins, she is fought in a shady area. This belies her true nature as a vampire.
    • The library in the Arabian Mansion gives spoilers for the Everybody Lives endings.
    • The Playboy Bunny that plays a game of luck with you with Avdol in the party is Mariska waiting to pounce on you.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: The entire reason why the world is the way it is in the game is because Vins was forced out of her spot observing it while time was still accelerating. The new observer happens to be the player of the game and Vins' eventual plan is to kill them to regain her position.
  • Game Gourmet: As you travel with Jotaro and his friends to several countries all over Asia in a journey towards Egypt, you can sample various items from the local cuisine along the way to heal while Level Grinding. Destinations include Hong Kong, Singapore, and India, each with several food stalls offering a wide variety of choices such as mapo tofu, twice-cooked pork, laksa, satay, pepper crab, mutton curry, and samosa.
  • The Greatest Story Never Told: The Crusaders aside from the protagonist are completely unaware of Steel, Berlin, and Alicia's existence. In the different character endings, only the protagonist knows what they did.
    • Taking them as your allies into DIO's Mansion takes it even further, since as far as the other Crusaders know, the protagonist went into the mansion alone.
  • Guest-Star Party Member:
    • Stroheim and Speedwagon, provided you found them in the Harbor and Calcutta, stick with you for the whole duration of the Submarine route. If you didn't, they will be replaced by two SPW Foundation agents, Gallahad and Miriam.
    • Hol Horse joins you for the Arabian Mansion.
    • Dire will help you in the Aswan ruins if you found Speedwagon earlier.
    • Rainbow, Utah, Pesci and Midler have a chance of joining you in Chaos Mode.
    • If the player wants, they can take a wider variety of Hamon warriors with them to assault DIO's mansion, courtesy of Alicia and Berlin. This includes William A. Zeppelli, Messina and Loggins and even Jonathan Joestar himself.
  • Guide Dang It!:
    • The Arabian Mansion: It's a maze full of zombies, and you need to find passwords and keys to eventually escape. Not too bad of an issue, except Rolling Stone is stalking you throughout!
    • In addition, a lot of the FP-raising events in the various towns are really counterintuitive. There's a few that you can see by following the events of the manga (like the policeman who thought Polnareff was littering in Singapore), but this is rare. For instance, there's no indication that checking a random bookshelf in Kom Ombo with Joseph will trigger an event for him, or that walking in front of a specific building in Karachi with Polnareff will do the same.
    • Badges of Honor are hard to get, and Save Scumming with them to get a specific effect or avoid undesirable ones is pretty common, in partictular to cut down on when the two "dud" effects of nothing happening or a badge ''exploding'' occurs. What the game doesn't tell you is that these aren't duds at all, and are quite useful for making the Golden Ending easier to get. Each time the game claims nothing happens or a Badge of Honor explodes, Berlin and Alicia, the two otherwise weak and relatively underleveled characters you have to take with you to get it, gain 5,000 and 10,000 experience points respectively.
  • Healing Shiv: Mr. Big is a gun that can heal allies and cure of them of certain ailments.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Once in Edfu, if you go to the bottom left corner of the map, your character will remark about a noise. The closer you go, the more ear-grating it is. The noise makes you lose SP. Reaching the source of the noise will trigger a battle with a servant of DIO.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Normally a Senseless Sacrifice, the aptly named "Sacrifice" ending can instead be changed into this by writing "DONTREADIT" in the Bizarre Memo before storming DIO's mansion alone. The result is the "Exchange" ending where the Crusaders burn the book without reading just as the player asked them too. Some time later, they reunite with what seems to be an amnesiac 7th stand user...who is actually them having swapped out to an alternate universe version of themselves.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: DIO is subjected to an absurdly enormous and cathartic dose of this during the Dark End Everybody Lives route. The protagonist has the potential to recruit a trio of Ripple warrior homunculi who are powered by his many, many future victims from Stardust Crusaders' climax. Their attacks would be modestly effective against most foes, but since DIO is a vampire, their Ripple techniques are utterly devastating when they hit. In addition, you can potentially recruit facsimiles of Lisa Lisa, Caesar, Will A. Zepelli, and even Jonathan Joestar; people whose lives were either ruined or outright ended by DIO and his minions.
    • Similarly, Vins' vampirism is usually a boon to her as it gives her the ability to create undead minions and makes her harder to kill, especially during the routes where the protagonist must face her alone. Should they have managed to learn Ripple techniques of their own somehow, her condition becomes a lot less beneficial.
  • Hiding in a Hijab: If you play as a female protagonist and follow the manga route, your character will be forced to wear a chador (a body-covering garment) during your time in Saudi Arabia due to Muslim laws regarding women's clothing. Oddly enough, this doesn't apply when you go through Pakistan and Egypt, though the latter can be handwaved with a less strict law in order to not deter foreign tourists.
  • Honor Before Reason / Reason Before Honor: In Hong Kong, you have the choice to either have one of the members fight one on one against Polnareff, or gang up on him. If the latter is chosen, you, Kakyoin, and Joseph will argue how it's the more practical and less risky option. Jotaro and Avdol decide to stay out of it, preferring not to participate in ganging up on somebody who offered a one on one challenge.
  • Hypocrite: Vins' entire motive for trying to kill you is because you lead the risk of fate straying off course when Vins herself is trying to alter fate so that her son can live.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: If you chose to go with Jotaro as a female protagonist during the Karachi part of the game, Steely Dan plans to do this in hope that Jotaro will finally lose his cool and attack him, killing Joseph in the process. Fortunately, Kakyoin and Polnareff manage to defeat Lovers before Dan can do anything except grabbing you by the waist.
  • Kaizo Trap: Amber's last ditch effort against you is to blow herself up using her Stand, potentially killing both you and your partner.
    • After killing DIO and having more than 30 Friendship Points, the game throws you into a one-on-one battle with Vins, which can be very difficult depending on your level.
  • Life Energy: The method behind Alicia and Berlin bringing the Ripple Warriors back to 'life'. In the 'Everybody Lives' endings, the protagonist helps them drain Terence D'Arby, Vanilla Ice, DIO, and Vins of their life energies and redistribute it so that no one dies in the final battle. If they didn't get enough, however, it leads to a bad ending where it's heavily implied everyone who should have died will be killed in a similar manner.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Howlin' Wolf and Sonic Youth.
  • Make Them Rot: Joykiller.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Sade in the Arabian Mansion is a minor example. She claims her Stand forces anybody who sign any contract she writes to fulfill their part of the bargain no matter what, but what she doesn't tell you is that it also works for verbal promises and on herself. Due to a mix of this trope and Exact Words, her boyfriend Michael is trapped in the level and can't escape since she promised Micheal that she wouldn't leave her hiding place from the zombies until he finds a way out, meaning he can't find an exit until she leaves and causes her death as zombies find and kill her.
  • Marionette Master: Joey Operetta's Stand Murderdolls, which lets him remote control dozens of puppets of various sizes by placing strands of his hair on them.
  • Metal Slime: Overdrives and Ripple Warriors in Cairo. They look like the regular "Automatic Stand" or "Martial artist" enemies, are hard to reach since unlike any enemy, Overdrives run away from the player and are fast while Ripple Users can cross half the screen in one jump and move all over the place. In addition, they have lots of HP, high defenses and very strong attacks that can severly damage a level 50 character. But they have the best XP and money drop and, in addition, Overdrives are the enemy with the highest chance to raise FP with Iggy and Ripple Warriors can drop the Ripple Gale skillbook, which makes battles against Kars, Wamuu, Vanilla Ice (provided the 7th Stand user faces him), DIO and Vins much easier.
  • Motor Mouth: Sweet Amber, the user of Frantic. The game doesn't even let you read her speech bubbles, written in one single sentence over several bubbles.
  • Move in the Frozen Time: In addition to the example from the original Part 3 manga with Dio and Jotaro, several bonus bosses can become immune or resistant to the time stop from Star Platinum: The World.
  • Musicalis Interruptus: A non-comedic example occurs whenever DIO and Star Platinum stop time.
  • Multiple Endings: 19 as of the most recent update, to be precise. The individual character endings also have scene variations depending on the protagonist's stand.
  • Mythology Gag: There's an alternate scene for the Alessi fight where Joseph is de-aged into his Battle Tendency self, which also happened in the Capcom fighting game.
    • The fortune teller in the fishing village after Midler's defeat mentions what will happen to many of the characters, like Avdol's death, Joseph's son, Jotaro's career and Polnareff being trapped in a turtle.
    • Speaking of Joseph's son, if the protagonist is female, in the Justice ark, you get a scene where Polnareff tries to get a separate room for himself and her, and when told off by Joseph, retaliates by saying that Joseph is quite the womanizer himself, and "Holly probably has a brother or two somewhere".
    • During Chaos Mode, whenever Kakyoin denies the existance of a mirror world, Illusosomehow chimes in to say otherwise, although only Polnareff manages to notice him.
    • One of the traps at the Arabian Mansion kills you in similar fashion to Vanilla Ice's killing of Avdol, complete with the very same message on the wall.
    • If you visit Cairo's marketplace on Day 42, you'll find Abbacchio selling his "tea", that can be thrownat enemies.
    • In certain variations of Jotaro and Kakyoin's endings, some truly bizarre rumors are circulating around school over what they got up to during their long absence. Some are convinced they got caught up in a gang war, while others insist that they were involved with solving a murder case.
    • Throwing Kars' Right Arm at the Creator will recreate the scene where Stroheim learns of the Lightblade's true nature. It doesn't end well for him.
    • Hirohiko Araki is represented by an image of Rohan Kishibe, the manga-ka character commonly thought to be Araki's self-insert.
  • My Future Self and Me: At one point during Josuke's playthrough, he meets a desperate mother and her feverish child inside a car lodged in a snowy road. Josuke quickly remembers and realizes the situation, proceeding to aid them in the same way the inspiring pompadoured high-school student once did in his past.
  • Never My Fault: Most of the villains you meet again in Sanctuary are more annoyed that you beat them than remorseful of the rotten things they did that got them killed.
  • New Game+: Notable in that while there are many endings, only the endings of the 6 main characters will let you progress to New Game +, and even then, you have to trade in a rare item called a Badge of Honor (until you've beaten the game three times) in order to do so.
    • Ver 2.5 added an additional mode for those that cleared the game 5 times, along with having the maximum amount of money in the game (though you don't have to clear the game 5 times if you have the required money by the time you reach Developer's Room), called Chaos Mode, which derails the plot even further and even has the potential to change the protagonist's backstory if the RNG feels like it.
  • Ninja: The alternate outfit for the short male protagonist. Deep Purple also looks like one.
  • No Fair Cheating: A downplayed example occurs whenever you equip Deus Ex Machina, which causes a laugh track to play.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: Due to their autonomous (in more ways than one) nature, characters who learn the Bazooka skill will often use it, even against a single enemy near death.
  • Non-Action Guy: Alicia and Berlin, two of Steel's allies and the instigators of the Ripple Warriors subplot. Neither of their Stands are combat proficient, which presents a problem when the protagonist follows their plan and Vins sneak attacks them, resulting in their deaths. The only way for them to live along with everyone else is to bring them as your allies to DIO's mansion, which changes the fights into something they can handle.
  • Non Standard Game Over: Some of them include:
    • Refusing to accompany the Crusaders to Egypt, which leads to the protagonist being blown up by Kira. You can do same in Chaos Mode for a different outcome.
    • Letting a sickly protagonist collapse while alone.
    • Accepting Vins' request to end your journey in Singapore.
    • Taking too long to save Polnareff at the end of Submarine Route or Kakyoin if you chose to stay back at hospital.
    • Some limited to Chaos Mode include:-
      • Refusing to call out your stand.
      • Having Jotaro smoke 1000 times.
      • If you have the stand Carpenters and fix the plane after it crashes near Hong Kong, or simply suggest to charter a private jet, as opposed to going by sea, you'll be treated to a scene of your plane flying towards Egypt but your flight being intercepted by Pet Shop, with the on-screen text commenting that your plane blew up mysteriously over Egypt, along with the scene of the Crusaders' and the Salaryman's funeral. Additionally, on rare cases, you can get this by simply departing to Egypt.
      • Fighting the Combined Demon with a Squeamish or Sickly female protagonist while alone (this has a 1/3 chance of occuring).
  • Off-Model: Said word by word by Joseph when Death 13 changes Polnareff's hair in the dream world.
  • Off the Rails:
    • You can do this many, many, many times in the game. It's also the reason Vins wants you dead. Your very existence and Steel's efforts can throw major events in Stardust Crusaders off the rails, while Vins needs those to happen so Jotaro can read "The Path To Heaven" and ensure that Stone Ocean goes as it does in canon.
    • Chaos Mode can also throw quite a lot of events off the rails as part of its RNG mechanics. To name a few, you can offer to take Rainbow with you on the Egypt journey, turning her from a one-off early Warm-Up Boss to a recurring ally, and you can save Utah from being killed and zombified by Vins, also turning him into a recurring ally. Additionally Chaos mode can throw even the most minor of Part 3 events off the rails, such as Anne the Runaway Girl touching her nose during Jotaro's trick and causing a huge kerfuffle, stopping Devo from hiding in the fridge, or even successsfully turning Midler or Mariah against DIO!
  • Optional Party Member: Chaos Mode gives the option of recruiting Rainbow as a party member if you rest a day after meeting the Joestars and asking her to come along. Additionally if you took the Submarine route and let Hol Horse go, a masked man named "Mask" with all of Hol Horse's powers will be in the pub and available for hire if you don't go after DIO immediately.
  • Original Generation: There's a variety of bonus bosses, storyline bosses, and party members created specifically for this game.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: If the player tries to reason with Hol Horse in Cairo, when they hold off on storming DIO's mansion, they can recruit a mysterious masked gunman named Mask, who uses the Stand Caliphate...an infinite ammo gun with controllable bullets much like Emperor. His design is very obviously just Hol Horse in a mask, and his Stand's name is just the Muslim equivalent to "Emperor."
  • Personality Powers: The quiz at the start of the game (which is given by Avdol, oddly enough) assigns you a Stand based on what kind of person you claim to be.
  • Perverse Puppet: Murderdolls.
  • Playboy Bunny: The alternate costume for female protagonists, though it takes several attempts before they accept.
    • Mariska, the user of Shocking Blue, and the Murderdolls lvl3 as well.
  • Player Personality Quiz: How your Stand is determined at the start of the game.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Mariska is horribly racist against Japanese, comparing them to monkeys.
    • Ironically, she states that she genuinely likes Avdol if you bring him to her fight.
  • The Power of the Sun: Hamon (Ripple) makes a comeback from Battle Tendency and can be learned by obtaining skillbooks or is naturally learned by some charcters. While not very useful against Stands, it's devastating against vampires and zombies and possess attacks for all ranges as well as healing skills. Users, both potential and natural, include the protagonist, Joseph, Jotaro, Dire, Speedwagon and the Ripple Warriors Clones (Caesar, Lisa Lisa and Jonathan Joestar).
  • Power Stereotype Flip: It's not Jojos Bizarre Adventure without this. For example, Miracles is a Stand that can manipulate the subconsious, yet it's user is described to be antisocial, and the user of Pharoah Sanders is described to be a quite and composed intellectual.
  • Reality-Breaking Paradox: When Vins uses her Stand's power, she leaves the universe to observe the path of fate. While she can observe past, present and future at the same time, the events she witnesses are set in stone and can't be changed. Since she was still in that position when Made in Heaven accelerated time, the original universe continued to accelerate even after Pucci was killed and Emporio went to a different universe because Pucci's vision of Heaven required everyone to know their fate. This caused a paradox when time rebooted without her being present, causing her to be forced out of her position as observer and the player and it's avatar, the protagonist, taking her place.
  • Red Herring: Alessi complains about his missing axe when he dies and a dead body near the orb in the Sanctuary has a message telling you to 'FIND THE GOD SLAYING AXE'. Alessi clues you in to check the river, but instead of his axe, you find Kars, who upon his defeat, leaves you with his arm containing the Light Blades. Turns out, Kars's arm is a perfect substitute for a chainsaw capable of killing a god...
  • Relationship Values: All 6 of the other Stand Users have relationship points that will affect the ending you will receive.
  • Reset Button: Napalm Death has the unique ability to turn back time. When used, it resets the in-game clock to day 1, but also causes you to lose 30 levels. It also triggers extra dialouges expressing the crusaders confusion over how many days they have left.
    • This also happens if/when Yoshikage Kira is fought. After you win, he uses Bites The Dust to escape and also turn time back to day 1.
  • Reunion Vow: In his ending, Avdol and the protagonist promise to meet up in Cairo one day in the future.
  • The Reveal: The protagonist is a product of multiple uses of Made In Heaven making the timestream converge to something similar to what it was at first. Vins is a vampire, and her entire goal is to kill the protagonist to ensure that everything goes the way it did in the original manga, so she can be with her son Wes.
  • Rule of Seven: Befitting a game where you can play as "The Seventh Stand User", there are plenty of sevens thrown out and about.
    • First and foremost is that you play as the seventh member of the six man team of Stardust Crusaders.
    • Alongside the normal enemies from the manga and canon materials, there are seven more Stand Users on DIO's side. Rainbow, Joey Operetta, Kate Honeybee, Don Cherry, Faith, Mariska and Sweet Amber.
    • Out of all of the endings, only 7 endings ( The crusader ends (not counting the variation and Hol Horse) and Succesion End) will transfer the player to the Developer's Room to start a New Game+.
  • Schmuck Bait: In the initial Japan area, you can find inside of a partially destroyed house a "Bizarre Memo" that you can make short notes in, as well as some documents relating to the house's former occupants. If you've read Part 4 of JJBA, you should be able to figure out that the one who destroyed the house was none other than Yoshikage Kira. If you decide to write "Kira" into the Bizarre Memo and then check it afterwards, you'll be thrown into a battle with Yoshikage Kira and Sheer Heart Attack that's impossible to win that early on in the game because Sheer Heart Attack always gets the first turn and detonates, hitting you for over 180 damage, at a point where your maximum HP isn't likely to be more than 80.
    • Also in the initial Japan area, if you head into the art room in the 3rd floor of the school, the female artist in the room advises against touching the rock north of her... then proceeds to say "Unless you saved first..."If you take the bait, you learn that 'Misfortune' is written on the stone... before being greeted with the game over screen.
    • Saying Yes to Vins's request to end your journey in Singapore sends you back to the title screen.
    • When being pursued by the Rolling Stone in the Arabian Mansion, you can walk down a dead-end and read a message written in blood at the end. The message says "By the time you turn around, you'll be dead.", and sure enough, after reading it, the Rolling Stone spawns in the room, moving extremely quickly and ensuring your death.
  • Screw Destiny: The entire point of the game — Steel wants to prevent the finale of Stone Ocean from ever occuring by messing with the timeline of Stardust Crusaders, whereas Vins wants to use what happens in said finale to effectively retcon her son's death, and by the end of the game, the player themselves most likely wants to save some of the cast who's fated for death. This is taken Up to Eleven in the 'Everybody Lives' endings.
  • Sequel Hook: Each of the character-based endings save for Avdol's have something to hint at a sequel. Most of them have implications that lead to the sequels being based around the later parts, such as you and Polnareff in Italy to investigate the recent mafia activity or being recruited by Joseph to track down a certain serial killer.
  • Sequential Boss: After finding out about Anubis, you fight Chaka, Khan, and Twin Blades Polnareff with nothing in between but cutscenes.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: In the aptly named 'Sacrifice' ending, the protagonist, dying from the wounds they endured, attempts to destroy DIO's Diary by jumping into the river. Not only is their body recovered, but the book is still intact. Writing "DONTREADIT" in the Bizarre Memo beforehand though will avert this and cause the Exchange ending since there, the book is burned without being read at all.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: The real reason Steel leads the protagonist to Egypt is to get them to destroy DIO's Dairy, thus preventing Jotaro from remembering the instructions to The Path of Heaven, which will ultimately ensure that the events of Part 6 won't take place.
    • Vins's ultimate goal is to make sure the events of Part 3 stay firmly on the path of canon so that the reality resetting events done by Pucci in Part 6 can take place — as that, combined with her powers of timeline observation and the position of observer of fate occupied by someone else, will allow her to avert the death of her beloved son Wes (AKA the stillborn baby she swapped with Weather Report).
  • Shock and Awe: Pharoah Sanders is a Stand comprised of a phalanx of 30 miniature, skull-faced, spear-wielding ancient Egyptian soldiers made entirely out of electricity.
  • Shout-Out: The game's spriting style is based on The Final Fantasy Legend, a.k.a. The Final Fantasy Legend for the original Game Boy. It retains the black-and-white coloration of that game (and all other Game Boy games) not only for stylistic purposes, but to make it easier for the game's creator to use artwork taken from the original JJBA manga as enemy sprites and other things in the game. You can even fight The Creator, the last boss of Final Fantasy Legend, whose overworld sprite was the base for Speedwagon's. (That said, it's not a complete throwback to the Game Boy, given how much more advanced the audio, resolution, and special effects all are. For one thing, there are limits to what can be accomplished with RPG Maker.)
    • The Stand Caravan lets you enter a Pocket Dimension that actually is part of The Final Fantasy Legend, with enemies, shops, and an inn from that game. Time Stands Still inside, so staying doesn't count against you, but it is expensive.
    • Steel's name is a subtle double reference, one to Stephen Steele from Part 7, but also Stephen from Shin Megami Tensei I.
    • Normal Clayman's Stand is a Moomin, referencing her previous fancomics of the series.
    • Quicksilver's Wave-Motion Gun, in clear reference to Space Battleship Yamato.
    • The teachers at the school are all named after mangaka, such as Junji Ito, Rumiko Takahashi, and Lynn Okamoto.
    • Two Speedwagon Guest Star Party Members are Galahad and Miriam; named after minor characters in Romancing SaGa and Romancing Saga: Minstrel Song.
    • If the protagonist takes on D'Arby in gambling, the Genius Gambler minigame that ensues is styled off of Ace Attorney, from the the "Hold It" and "Showdown" bubbles, to the title that pops up before you begin. Of course, winning the minigame leads to D'Arby's breakdown.
    • A Bunny Girl in the Harbor's Marketplace will tease about giving the player a "Puff-Puff" before saying she's just kidding. This is a reference to a Running Gag from the Dragon Quest series.
    • In Chaos Mode, a hidden timer is activated upon reaching Singapore. Defeating Devo before it has expired will cause an alternate scenario where Rubber Soul disguises himself as the protagonist instead. If the protagonist is the short female one, Rubber Soul's Paper-Thin Disguise as he's just been hit by Jotaro will look almost exactly like Pipimi.note The scene can differ a bit, as while it's possible to have the protagonist catch up to the others and spot their impostor, it's also possible to take too long and the cutscene will play out without the player character showing up.
  • Skippable Boss: Some or the manga scenes involving the Crusaders fleeing a powerful enemy (such as Geb, High Priestess or Horus) only to win later are set up as very hard boss battles the player is supposed to flee or hold off for some time until a more manageable fight. Beating the boss the first time will completely skip said scene and alter the aftermath; for example, beating High Priestess while in the submarine will have Polnareff find her merely unconscious instead of with pulverized teeth.
  • So Last Season: DIO thinks this of the Ripple. You have the opportunity to prove him very wrong in a few routes or if you picked up a few Ripple skills on your own.
  • Spanner in the Works: Multiple people appear to interfere with the original events of Stardust Crusaders, but the player in particular has the option to throw things completely Off the Rails.
    • The player and the protagonist are this for Vins, the former because they forcibly kicked her out of her position as "observer" of fate and thus blocking the power of Hanoi Rocks over fate, the latter because they're a wild card that threatens the canon timeline to be rewritten without Vins observing it, thus preveting the Stone Ocean events, or at least the "birth" of Made In Heaven, to happen.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": While the official spelling for Avdol is,w ell, "Avdol", the fan translation of the game uses the more general "Abdul."
  • The Stations of the Canon: The protagonist may split from them at one point, but the main Joestar group still travels exactly the same path as in the manga. One of the aforementioned interfering parties even makes the extra effort to make the events stay as close to canon as possible.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Napalm Death, a pen that uses napalm as ink.
    • Deep Purple can also detonate hydrogen and oxygen particles.
  • Super Strength: Red Garland; it's even stronger than Star Platinum!
  • The Swarm: Adam Ant and, to a lesser extent, Pharoah Sanders.
  • Taking the Bullet: If you're closest with Kakyoin, the protagonist protects him by concealing their Stand beneath his clothing when he uses Hierophant Green to figure out The World's power. DIO's attack still knocks the two of them back, but the protagonist absorbs part of it, preventing it from being lethal, and they recover in time to catch DIO off-guard when Jotaro confronts him.
    • You can take the backstab and headshot meant to kill Polnareff in Calcutta instead of Avdol. Like Avdol, you survive and use the fact that DIO's henchmen think you're dead to get the submarine.
  • To Absent Friends: Can occur in Jotaro and Kakyoin's endings if the player's stand is Cardigans or Deep Purple. Whoever managed to come home from Egypt muse how their survival was only possible thanks to the sacrifices of their fallen comrades, and vow to attend their memorial service together.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: The Josuke in his own version of the events is one of the constructs made by Alicia and Berlin. As the bad ending reveals, he is a dead body, but his body is that of The 7th Stand User themselves, having been killed by Vins before the game began.
  • Took a Level in Badass:
    • Speedwagon can learn the Ripple, despite not being able to so many years ago.
    • Dire and Stroheim, being already powerhouses against vampires, can kick DIO's ass. He survives, but still.
    • Senator Wilson Phillips can stand up to and kill DIO if you have him say no to DIO's order. Be warned, though: it's an extremely difficult battle.
    • Jotaro is also the only party member aside from the protaganist and Joseph capable of learning Ripple techniques from the Secret Books. Seems everyone in the Joestar family has the capacity for the Ripple.
    • Some unlockable Stand Skills based on the Ripple are possible if the MC has read at least one Secret Book and have Joseph in your party in the Inn. He'll comment how USUALLY it requires a genetic disposition and a lot of training to use the Ripple but never mind that.
  • Torpedo Tits: Joey Operetta's bunny girls are mentioned to have these in the cabaret event in Calcutta.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Red Garland has greater overall strength than Star Platinum, but has a greater chance of its attacks missing. Its skills boil down to 'Punch things', 'Punch things more', and 'Punch a lot of things more', with the exceptions being the Double Lariat obtained by beating Rubber Soul in the cable car and Red Garland Requiem.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: The D'Arby brothers are fought via minigames instead of straight fights if the protagonist chooses to battle them instead of Jotaro:
    • D'Arby the Gambler is challenged to a Ace Attorney-inspired poker game where the goal is to either beat him (fair and square or by cheating) or prove that he cheats, since his own house rule is that he first one to prove the opponent cheats is disqualified.
    • D'Arby the Player is fought over a game of F-MEGA Mini.
  • Unusual Ammo: Quicksilver converts minerals into Stand energy that it fires at enemies, and Ocean Blue can charge its user's blood, sweat, tears, and other body fluids with Stand energy and fire them like bullets from the fingers of its gun-shaped right hand.
  • [Verb] This!: Rubber Soul says "Ora this!" to Jotaro after an unsuccessful attack.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential:
    • Diavolo, who appears as a special recurring boss in every hub-world stage from the second playthrough onwards, wandering randomly and demanding the player to stay away in outright fear of him/her, upon which you're given the choice to consent or approach and fight. If you're familiar with his fate in Vento Aureo, you'll quickly realize that he's already under the influence of Gold Experience Requiem's attack, stuck in a loop of deaths but never truly dying, and you can carry out his next few for a valuable amount of money and experience. Then again, it's Diavolo, so you're probably not gonna feel too sorry for him.
    • If your bad karma is high enough, you can choose to betray the Joestars and join DIO in ruling the world. You can also get Polnareff and Kakyoin to betray them too if their FP is high enough. You will be faced against your former companions, and defeating them will result in their deaths, and Holly (and presumably 4-year-old Josuke in Morioh) is guaranteed dead as well.
  • Villain Respect: Bonus Boss Wammu gives this if you have Joseph in the party, after you beat him; he tells Joseph to remember the Ripple warrior he was, and that he defeated THEM, the Pillar Men. And DIO is just a vampire.
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: In the Succession Ending, the credits shows the companions returning to their normal lives. Along with a monologue of what they're up to 10 years later.
  • Wolfpack Boss: The Betrayal endings have you fighting Jotaro, Joseph, Vins, Kakyoin (if your FP with him isn't high enough) and an army of zombies all at once.
  • Wolverine Claws: The Stand Wildhearts uses claws for its default attacks.
  • Your Mind Makes It Real: Miracles can control the subconscious, which takes the effect of single-target elemental spells and a variety of buffs and debuffs.

Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/JoJosBizarreAdventureThe7thStandUser
  1. Mk11 kombat pack
  2. 4 inch sony speakers
  3. Dead tree painting
  4. What is herobrine
  5. Ultralights for sale

A complete list of all 18 Stands that the protagonist can receive after taking the Personality Evaluation is below. Click the names for more information, such as in-game descriptions, base stats, and movesets.

There are also several additional Stands used by other allies:


  • According to Clayman, the main protagonist's Stands also have a more metatextual meaning to them.
Power Stands reference the bonds of friendship formed by the 7th Stand User;
Speed Stands reference the Time Acceleration caused by Made in Heaven and the player's role;
Control Stands reference the changed Fates of the other characters;
Special Stands reference Vins, her story and objective;
Support Stands reference the Submarine route and how you're giving support to the Joestars;
Swarm Stands reference the journey's endings from how multiple they are.
  • According to Clayman, each of the main protagonist's Stands are based on a Enneagram personality type.
Sours: https://7thjojo.fandom.com/wiki/Stand_Data
The 90s.png

Game: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - The 7th Stand User
Version: 2.5.3
Type: Freeware
Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download links:


Concept & Development: NendoTairiku (http://clayman.net)
Music: Nihon Hakei by Kenji (http://nihonhakei.com/)
Maou Damashii (http://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/)
MichiKougaku (http://dooooooo.sitemix.jp/)
Pixel Artwork: 16dot (http://r-mugendou.com/ura/item/)
English Translation: Maud Duke (http://7thjojo.tumblr.com/), yellowcardinals (https://yellowcardinals.tumblr.com/), chaosanon (https://chaosanontranslate.tumblr.com/), KKM

Technical Issues[]

1. The font looks all squished!

Download the font files here. If installing them normally doesn’t work, go to your fonts folder, delete any copies of the font that are already in there, and extract the zipped fonts into the folder manually.

If that doesn’t do the trick, your file system may be corrupted. Go into the command prompt, type “chkdsk c: /f”, say yes to it running on next boot, and restart your computer.

Also, if you’re running the game in Applocale, don’t do that.

2.The game crashed all of a sudden with a read access violation/file not found/gibberish error message!

First of all, make sure you have the most recent download of the game - older downloads are missing a lot of fixes. If you have version 2.45, you can download a patch that fixes game-stopping bugs here.

If redownloading doesn't fix the issues, send a bug report to the #7th-stand-bugs-and-errors channel on the 7th Stand User Wiki Discord.

3. The music won't play!

In Windows 7, simply right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and click "Open Volume Mixer", then make sure that RPG_RT.exe isn't muted as Skype and other programs have a nasty tendency of fiddling with it. In all other versions of Windows, go to Sound and Audio Devices in the Control Panel and select Sound Playback under the Audio tab. Click "Volume..." and increase the volume tab labeled SW Synth. If you still aren't hearing music, see below.

4. The music is playing, but it's just the drum track/is off key!

MIDI music isn't supported well in new versions of Windows. CoolSoft's VirtualMIDISynth should fix the problem. If the default soundfont still has issues, then you can download a free one from the CoolSoft website.

Actually, even if your music plays fine, you may want to do this anyway as the default MIDI instruments are very simplistic and can be improved greatly by using a higher quality GM soundfont. This gameplay video will give you an idea of how the BGM sounds with the NTONYX 32MB Stereo Set.

5.I get a window saying "DirectDraw Error(DDERR_UNSUPPORTED)" whenever I try to run the game!

Some video cards don't like the way that RPG Maker handles full-screen mode. There's an easy step-by-step guide to fix this issue here. (http://imgur.com/a/eJu3C) If that doesn't solve the problem, you can always download RPG Maker 2000 (link not provided) and run the game in test mode through the editor.

6.Is there a way to run the game on Mac?

One way to play RPG Maker games on Mac is through an emulator such as Parallels or Boot Camp. Though it would be easier use Wine to run it if you don't already have a Windows emulator set up.

7. Is there a way to disable fullscreen mode?

Pressing F4 during gameplay will toggle windowed mode, and pressing F5 when in windowed mode will toggle the game's resolution between 640x480 and 320x240.

8.The game is lagging!

Running the game in Windowed mode and switching to 320x240 resolutions using the above instructions in question 5 can help the game run smoother. Changing your display from True Color to High Color/16-bit in the Control Panel can also help greatly.

9. The arrow keys won't work/my character is moving in random directions!

Unplug any joypads, external mice, or other peripherals and try pressing one of the arrow keys on the keyboard or numpad. If you don't regain control of your character, restart your computer with all peripherals disconnected.

10.My saves vanished or crash on loading...

RPG Maker 2000 has a rare bug where it will sometimes delete or corrupt saves seemingly at random. As a result, it's highly recommended that you periodically back up your saves (the files in the game folder labeled Save0*.lsd) in a separate folder.

Other Questions[]

11. Can I play this game even if I haven't read all of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

This game is designed so that fans who haven't read past Stardust Crusaders can enjoy it without fear of spoilers. Some characters may make appearances, and there are some textual references to later parts, but no significant plot points are revealed.

As for people who haven't read JoJo's at all, reading Part 3 is highly recommended, but not necessary - just be aware that as the game follows the original story relatively closely, spoilers are a given.

12. When does my nickname get used?

Party members will start to use your nickname once they reach the required amount of Friendship Points (10). You can check Friendship Points using the radio.

13.When or where can I change my stand cry?

After reaching at least level 30 with your player character and another party member, attaining 10 FP with that party member, and using the radio with that character in the party, it will be noted that you can use "Combination Attacks." After that happens, entering the "Personalize" section in the radio's options will allow you to choose your Stand cry.

Note, however, that enabling King Crimson in some versions of the game causes a bug that makes this feature unavailable.

14.What are the differences between each version?

  • Version 2.48: An English translation of the game by Maud Duke.
  • Version 2.5.3: An update of Maud Duke's version 2.48 translation that adds features that were added to the game after version 2.48, such as Chaos Mode.
  • Version 2.5.3 RTP Included Version: Same as version 2.5.3, but with the RTP (run time package that is required to run the game) included.
  • Version 2.5.3 Fix: Same as version 2.5.3, but fixes some events and adds some quality of life features.

15.What is Chaos Mode?

Chaos Mode is a Postgame Bonus, unlockable after beating the game five times and holding the maximum amount of money. After purchasing the Chaotic Key from the Developer's Room, you'll be able to enable Chaos Mode when you start your next New Game+. Chaos Mode introduces many random events and alternate paths to the game's story, ranging from dialogue changes all the way up to brand new party members.

Copyright (C)2006-2019 NendoTairiku. All rights reserved.

Sours: https://7thjojo.fandom.com/wiki/FAQ

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