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TV Answer Man, I read your stories about DIRECTV having sports in 4K, but I don’t know how to get 4K on my DIRECTV receiver. Can you help me? I would like to try it out. — Jen, Nashville. 

Jen, DIRECTV has more live sporting events in 4Kthan any other TV provider so I can understand your interest. But it can be a bit daunting for people who are not familiar with the technology so let me walk through the steps to watch 4K on DIRECTV.

1. You need a 4K TV.
This may seem obvious, but I’ve received several e-mails from readers who try to watch 4K by connecting a 4K-enabled Roku or Fire TV to a non-4K TV. That will not work. The TV itself must be a 4K TV.

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2. You need a DIRECTV 4K-enabled receiver. 
I’ve also received e-mails from DIRECTV subscribers who own a 4K TV, but don’t have a 4K-enabled DIRECTV receiver. You must have both. The DIRECTV 4K-enabled receivers are model HR54 and HS17. If you don’t have one of those, you will need to contact DIRECTV and ask for a receiver upgrade.

3. You need a 4K-enabled DIRECTV Genie Mini.
Yes, even if you have the right TV and receiver, you will still need a DIRECTV Genie Mini attached to the 4K TV. The Genie Mini is model C61K. If you’re not sure if you have the Genie Mini, contact DIRECTV.

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4. You must have a Select plan or above. 
Okay, let’s say you have all the proper equipment. You will still need a Select programming package or above to watch live sporting events in 4K. And if the event is from a channel that isn’t available in the Select plan, you may need a more expensive package, such as Choice.

DIRECTV’s live 4K channels are 104, 105 and 106. The satcaster is currently offering the French Open tennis tournament in 4K. You can also watch other sports, and movies in 4K on channels 104 through 108.

Jen, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann

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directv-logo-new-on-wht-600x200pxWant to know how to watch 4k Ultra HD with HDR (High Dynamic Range) on DirecTV? There are some requirements that we want to make you aware of. What really determines what you need is whether or not your TV is DirecTV-certified. Samsung, Sony, and LG are among the TV manufacturers that have certified TVs. If you don’t have one of those models you just need a 4k Genie Mini in addition to a Genie HD DVR (Model HR54) and the SELECT service package or higher. Refer to this list of DIRECTV-Certified 4k TVs.

How To Watch 4k/HDR on DirecTV

DIRECTV-certified 4k TV

If you have a DIRECTV-certified 4K Ultra HD TV, you need a Genie HD DVR (Model HR54) and SELECT TV Package or above.

Non-certified 4k TV

If you don’t have a DIRECTV-certified 4K Ultra HD TV, you need a Genie HD DVR (Model HR54), a 4K Genie Mini, and SELECT TV Package or above.

Call DIRECTV Customer Service

Unfortunately, at this time you have to call DirecTV to have a professional installer visit your home or office to set up 4k service. Here is their customer service number: (800) 531-5000

DIRECTV 4K Channels

  • Channel 104 – DTV4K – 24/7 shows, originals & docs
  • Channel 105 – LIVE4K – Live Sporting Events
  • Channel 106 – LIVE4K2 – Live Sporting Events
  • Channel 107 – CINE4K – Pay Per View Movies
  • Channel 108 – CINE4K2 – Pay Per View Movies
  • Channel 1104 – 4k On Demand

Also See: List of 4k Channels

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$6999mo.for 12 mos. plus taxes and fees

w/ 24-mo. agmt. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d. Pay $74.99/mo plus taxes until discounts start. Prices higher in 2nd year. Regional Sports Fee up to $9.99/mo. is extra & applies.* See details

CHOICE Pkg or higher required for most 4K HDR live sports. 4K HDR compatible equipment, minimum programming, 4K account authorization and professional installation required. If 4K TV does not support HDR, content will be viewable in standard 4K. Other conditions apply.

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With DIRECTV, you get the industry’s best picture format. That’s 4X the resolution of HD, richer colors and lifelike clarity, all on your screen.

Plus, DIRECTV offers the most live sports in 4K HDR,1 including the most NBA games in 4K.

1CHOICE Pkg or higher required for most 4K HDR live sports. 4K HDR compatible equipment, minimum programming, 4K account authorization and professional installation required. If 4K TV does not support HDR, content will be viewable in standard 4K. Other conditions apply.

*$19.95 ACTIVATION, EARLY TERMINATION FEE OF $20/MO. FOR EACH MONTH REMAINING ON AGMT., EQUIPMENT NON-RETURN & ADD’L FEES APPLY. Price incl. All Included TV Pkg, monthly service and equip. fees for 1 HD DVR & is after $5/mo. autopay & paperless bill discount for 12 mos. Discount starts w/in 3 bills. New approved residential customers only (equipment lease req’d). Credit card req’d (except MA & PA). Restr’s apply.

Shop directv packages

With CHOICE, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER Package (min. $74.99/mo. for 12 mo. before discounts; Prices higher in 2nd year. Regional Sports Fee up to $9.99/mo. applies). 24-mo. agreement required. See details

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It's easy to watch movies in 4K with DIRECTV. You can access 4K movies On Demand on Ch 1104.*

What are you waiting for? Catch new releases across genres with DIRECTV On Demand, now with select titles available in 4K!

*Limited programming available. To watch in 4K HDR, 4K HDR compatible equipment, minimum programming (SELECT Package or higher), 4K account authorization and professional installation required. If 4K TV does not support HDR, content will be viewable in standard 4K. Other conditions apply.

Access to available DIRECTV On Demand programming based on package selection. Actual number of shows and movies will vary. Additional fees apply for new releases and certain library titles. Compatible equipment and broadband Internet service with speeds of 750 kbps or higher required. Downloading On Demand content may count against your data plan allowance. Visit for details.

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Watch 4K Ultra HD shows and movies

Want to watch DIRECTV in 4K ultra-high-definition (HD)? Find out how.

Let's get you set up to watch your favorite shows and movies in Ultra HD. Here's what to have handy:
  • A Genie® HD DVR (Model HR54 and above) connected to the internet
  • A 4K-compatible TV (like A DIRECTV® 4K Ready TV) connected to a 4K Genie Mini
  • DIRECTV Select or Mas Latino package and above
Want to make your DIRECTV 4K Ready TV the primary TV in your Whole Home network? Just connect the Genie HD DVR to a secondary 4K TV.

Heads up: 4K programs won't be available on the DIRECTV 4K Ready TV if it’s connected to the Genie HD DVR.

Available 4K Ultra HD channels

  • Ch. 104 – 24/7 channel featuring shows, original series and documentaries
  • Ch. 105 – Live sporting events
  • Ch. 106 – Live sporting events
  • Ch. 107 – Pay Per View movies
  • Ch. 108 – Pay Per View movies
  • Ch. 1104 – 4K On Demand

4K events and recordings

Explore upcoming events on the 4K schedule. Or, search for and set up recordings for live 4K and Pay Per View shows at

Here are the steps to tune to 4K/4K HDR.

Search & browse

  1. Press Guide on your remote.
  2. Go to Ch. 1104 (DIRECTV 4K), then press SELECT.
  3. Choose 4K/4K HDR Programs and Movies.

Smart Search

  1. Press MENU on your remote.
  2. Select Search, then use Smart Search. Do one of the following to search:
    • Enter the first letter of the movie you want to find.
    • Enter 4K as the search term to get a list of 4K movies. Results show up as you enter the first letter.
  3. Select the movie and look for the 4K/4K HDR icon.
Heads up: 4K HDR compatible TV required to watch 4K HDR content.

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DirecTV 4K Ultra HD TV Channels - What You Need to Know

DirecTV has a growing selection of 4K Ultra HD channels. Here's where else you can find 4K content:

4K Live via DirecTV Satellite

DirecTV offers three 4K Ultra HD Channels. Channels 104 and 105 are full-time channels, and Channel 106 is a part-time channel.

  • Channel 104 offers pre-recorded content with an emphasis on documentaries, travel, and original series, as well as a Saturday night concert series.
  • Channel 105 provides pre-recorded pay-per-view movies and live sports events.
  • Channel 106 is primarily reserved for special live events.

DirecTV's 4K TV programming is limited but growing. Some events are seasonal and include Major League Baseball, the NBA, NFL Football, College Football and Basketball (including select March Madness matches) English Premier League Soccer, the annual Masters Golf Tournament, and more. Check out their continually updated schedule (includes live and pre-recorded programs).

Select programming is HDR-encoded (HLG format). If your 4K TV is not compatible with HLG, you can still view the content in 4K without that extra benefit.

What You Need to Receive DirecTV's 4K Channels

To receive DirecTV's 4K channels, you need to have a Direct-TV compatible 4K Ultra HD "RVU" TV (specific DirecTV 4K-Ready TVs are provided by Samsung, LG, and Sony) in conjunction with the DirecTV Genie Model HR54 or HS17 Set-Top box. You also have to subscribe to DirecTV Select or above program package.

For those that own a 4K Ultra HD TV that isn't DirecTV 4K certified, you can still access 4K content with the addition of a client box (Genie Mini C61K or later).

Features of the DirecTV Now Genie HR54

Here are some other features that you will get with the DirecTV Genie HR54 Receiver/HD-DVR.

  • Tuners: The Genie HR54 has 5 Built-in Tuners. However, keep in mind that there are only three 4K channels available.
  • Built-in DVR Storage: 1 Terabyte
  • HDMI-CEC: This is a control feature available via HDMI that will automatically set your TV to the correct input when turned on.
  • Picture-in-Picture: You can watch two channels (up to 1080p) on the screen at the same time in a side-by-side display format.
  • Movies via the Internet: DirecTV offers movie titles and TV Shows-on-Demand when the HR54 is connected to the internet via Ethernet.
  • Transport Control: Pause and rewind live TV for up to 90 minutes as well as slow-motion, and instant replay. You can also Fast-forward in 30-second intervals and get a high-speed look at the show you've recorded (or pass through any commercials).
  • Off-Site Control: You can enable recording from via a cell phone or PC with a special app installed.
  • TV Program Recording Options: For TV programs, you can record single TV episodes or an entire season or series.
  • Connectivity - Video: 1 HDMI Output (meets HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 specifications), 1 set component video outputs (not 4K compatible), 1 composite video output (standard resolution only).
  • Connectivity - Audio: 1 digital coaxial, 1 digital optical, 1 analog stereo (Note: The HDMI output also transfers audio signals).
  • Additional Connectivity: 1 satellite In, 1 RF antenna, 2 USB ports (front/rear), 1 Ethernet port, 1 eSATA port (for connection of compatible external hard drives, 1 AC power inlet connector.
  • Alexa Control: Some features of the HR54 can be voice-controlled with an Amazon Echo device via the DirecTV Alexa Skill.

For specific details on any additional DirecTV equipment you might need, including installation (DirecTV requires professional installation for its 4K equipment), contact DirecTV directly.

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