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Traxxas Slash 2wd Aluminum Transmission Case TE12HX01

or bearings, unopened, See all condition definitions : Brand: : Hot Racing, - Best used with Hot Racing TE18L06 - empty gear case, Aluminum gearbox set with aluminum motor plate and A-arm mount for the Traxxas Bandit. this does not include any gears, shafts, including handmade items, Traxxas Slash 2wd Aluminum Transmission Case TE12HX01 MPN: : TE12HX UPC: : Does Not Apply, or 2wd Slash, 2wd Stampede, unused, Rustler, See the seller&#;s listing for full details. undamaged item, Condition:: New: A brand-new.

Traxxas Slash 2wd Aluminum Transmission Case TE12HX01

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Traxxas Slash 2wd Aluminum Transmission Case TE12HX01

Traxxas Slash 2wd Aluminum Transmission Case TE12HX01

Aluminum Transmission Case TE12HX01 Traxxas Slash 2wd, shafts, or bearings,Aluminum gearbox set with aluminum motor plate and A-arm mount for the Traxxas Bandit, Rustler, 2wd Stampede, or 2wd Slash, - Best used with Hot Racing TE18L06 - empty gear case, this does not include any gears,Wholesale Price,Online Best choice,Find the good product you want here. TE12HX01 Traxxas Slash 2wd Aluminum Transmission Case, Traxxas Slash 2wd Aluminum Transmission Case TE12HX




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DefaultRe: Best 2WD Slash Transmission for the track

First of all, i think it is really cool that you are getting your son into racing. Second, what exactly do you want to improve upon over the stock transmission? The ProLine transmission is extremely nice and saves a fair bit of rotating mass. If you want steel gears inside of it you can upgrade to the Pro MT gears for extra strength. The RPM case gives you the option of two different toe settings and has the aluminum motor plate for extra rigidity and cooling. The RPM case is also lighter than full aluminum cases (and cheaper too) which can be especially useful in classes. If you want extra tuning options, Fast Lane Machine makes a really nice sealed diff. These are just a few of the many options out there.

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Gearbox Housing and Rear Mounts for the Traxxas Slash 2wd, e-Rustler, e-Stampede &#; Bandit


The RPM Hybrid Gearbox Housing and Rear Mounts for Traxxas 2wd vehicles is designed to solve a multitude of issues with stock and other aftermarket transmission housings. Our gearbox housing and mounts are a blend of aluminum and molded nylon parts for the perfect combination of strength, durability and heat dissipation. Check out this awesome list of included features:

Aluminum Motor Plate:

  • Manufactured in the USA from 3mm thick, T6 aluminum for serious strength and durability.
    Locks in gear mesh for worry-free pinion to spur settings, eliminating fears of exploding spur and pinion gears from an overheated stock transmission case.
  • Offers significant motor heat dissipation for cooler motor temperatures, unlike stock plastic motor plates that insulate the motor.
  • Not integrated with the rear bumper mounts, meaning rear impacts will not bend the motor plate, (when used with a rear bumper or bumper mounting system such as RPM # or #).

Molded Gearbox Housings:

  • Molded from our blend of bulletproof nylons in three popular color choices for guaranteed durability, strength and style.
  • Retains stock bumper mounting holes for positive, solid support of any bumper or wheelie bars you may choose.
  • Retains a stock “cover” for the motor, adding motor protection where most aftermarket housings leave the motor completely exposed to rear impacts.
  • We modified our housing to eliminate the huge bottom hole in the stock housing, keeping your internal gears cleaner longer.
  • Quiet! With a completely enclosed gearbox housing, you’ll no longer have the loudest transmission on the track.
  • Redesigned exterior features are smoother; making it less likely dirt will adhere or build up on the case.
  • Separate housing and rear mounts means transmission maintenance won’t affect suspension settings.

Molded Rear Mounts (0° & 3° Rear Mounts Included)

  • Separate from the gearbox housing and easy to access. Each mount is individually accessible and removable without removing the transmission or vice versa. Simply unbolt 2 screws (and a hinge pin) to remove an A-arm mount or 6 screws to remove the transmission!
  • Sold with two sets of rear mounts in each package – 0° and 3° rear mounts are included.
    Molded from the RPM blend of ultra durable, long lasting, bulletproof nylons.
  • Molded mounts means tighter tolerances and less slop than with machined components for better camber and toe angle retention.

Each RPM Gearbox Housing kit is available in black, green or blue and comes will all necessary mounting hardware and instructions. Whether racing or bashing, the RPM Gearbox Housing is one of the least expensive yet most valuable options you can buy! Every RPM Gearbox Housing kit is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA! Get yours today!

Tech Notes:RPM Gearbox Housings do not include internal components (gears bearings, shafts, etc.). Internal components (either stock or aftermarket) must be transferred to the RPM Gearbox Housing from the stock Traxxas transmission. RPM Gearbox Housings replace stock Traxxas # (or #A). Due to the amount of strengthening material we added to the rear mounts, some modification of stock a-arms may be needed to allow free suspension movement. This slight interference issue is nonexistent when used with RPM rear a-arms.

Slash 2wd LCG Chassis Notes: The Traxxas Slash LCG Chassis is slightly longer than the standard chassis so some modification of the back end may be necessary. A 45° chamfer, a radius or shortening the chassis by a small amount corrects the issue.

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Hot Racing aluminum transmission gearbox case with aluminum motor plate and arm mounts for use in the Traxxas Bandit, Rustler, 2WD Stampede, and 2WD Slash


- CNC machined billet aluminum transmission case
- CNC machined aluminum motor plate with added motor heat sink
- CNC machined aluminum arm mount
- Longer motor mounting slot to accommodate a greater gear ratio range
- Motor plate with mounting for slash stock rear bumper
- Reuses stock gears and transmission internals (see requirements below)


- One (1) aluminum transmission case with aluminum heat sink motor plate
- Left and right aluminum arm mounts
- Installation hardware


- Assembly and installation
- Reuse of internal gear and components from existing transmission
- Slipper assembly and spur gear
- Medium threadlock on screws
- Spur gear dust cover, including the plastic Traxxas or the Hot Racing aluminum TR


- For vehicles without a rear bumper, installation may not use all included hardware
- This is an empty gear case and does not include any gears, shafts, or bearings, slipper, spur gear, etc.
- Any transmission peripherals shown in photos (slipper, spur gear, bearings, etc. ) are not included
- See Hot Racing TE12GX01 for a composite version of this case
description revised by: SN October 25,

This part is available for sale or distribution
through Hobby Etc., Incin Nashua, New Hampshire, USA Sours:;c=

2wd aluminum transmission slash

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Traxxas 2wd Integy Gearbox Assembly

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