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50 Traditional Leg Tattoos For Men – Manly Old School Design Ideas

Covering the lower portion of the body from the upper thigh down, leg tattoos are a spectacular way to showcase your movable gallery.

Like the arm, the lower leg is an accommodating canvas for your sleeve or freestanding tattoo of choice, with a cacophony of designs to choose from.

Leg tattoos have been worn by men and women since the dawn of time, most commonly applied to male warriors and shamans as a form of ancestral protection and storytelling. And because many tattoos were intended to correlate to a targeted region of the body, leg tattoos often carried messages and prayers for speed, strength, and endurance.

Men are often drawn to leg tattoos for their versatility and flow: such tattoos are often concealed but impossible to ignore once revealed. Portrait style tattoos displaying a loved one, as well as symbolic animals, tribal emblems, and biblical and literary verses are all traditional leg tattoo choices.

Some prefer a design that winds its way around and up the leg, such as a classic dragon or banner with inscription, while others prefer a pronounced piece worn on the calf.

Great or small, a leg tattoo is an unforgettable piece of walking art.


Anchor With Sailing Ship Retro Traditional Leg Tattoos For Males

Animal Skull With Dagger Traditional Leg Shaded Mens Tattoos

Awesome Sailing Ship Traditional Leg Tattoos For Guys

Back Of Leg Male Traditional Dagger Rose Tattoo Design Ideas

Bald Eagle Flying With Trout Fish Mens Traditional Leg Tattoo

Black Ink Outline Coffin With Snake And Rose Traditional Leg Guys Tattoos

Boxer Traditional Leg Mens Tattoos

Cool Cobra Snake Traditional Leg Tattoo Designs For Men

Cool Mens Traditional Leg Knee Cap Bear With Arrows Old School Tattoo

Dagger Through Red Rose Flower Guys Traditional Leg Tattoo

Dagger With Chain Shackles Mens Traditional Leg Tattoo

Full Leg Guys Traditional Leg Black Ink Outline Snake Tattoo

Gentleman With Full Leg Sleeve Traditional Tattoos

Guys Lighthouse Traditional Leg Black And Grey Ink Tattoo Sleeve

Guy With Awesome Traditional Leg Sleeve Tattoo Design

Leg Calf Guys Traditional Sailing Ship Banner Tattoo

Leg Mens Traditional Tea Cup Tattoo Design

Lighthouse With Banner Quote Mens Traditional Leg Tattoo

Lighthouse With Compass Guys Traditional Leg Shin Tattoo

Lighthouse With Storm Traditional Leg Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Male With Cool Traditional Leg Tattoos

Manly Mens Traditional Leg Bald Eagle Flying With American Flag Tattoo

Man With Demon Traditional Leg Knee Tattoo

Masuline Traditional Leg Full Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Foot And Traditional Leg Buffalo Tattoo

Mens Full Leg Traditional Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Full Leg Traditional Themed Tattoo Designs

Mens Nautical Themed Traditional Leg Tattoos

Mens Traditional Leg Castle King Tattoo

Mens Traditional Leg Sailing Ship Tattoo Ideas

Mens Traditional Leg Sleeve Tattoo Design Inspiration

Old School Colorful Traditional Leg Cobra Snake Tattoo For Men

Rattlesnake Guys Old School Traditional Leg Tattoos

Roaring Bear And Tiger Traditional Leg Tattoos For Guys

Rose Flower With Stem Traditional Leg Guys Tattoos

Sailing Ship With Red Flower Male Side Of Leg Traditional Tattoos

Shaded Skull With Red Rose Flower Mens Leg Traditional Tattoo Designs

Small Simple Mens Traditional Leg Sparrow Bird Tattoo

Snake Biting Hand Traditional Leg Thigh Mens Tattoos

Spider With Decorative Skull Design Guys Traditional Leg Tattoo

Traditional Leg Mens Dagger Rose Flower Tattoo


Shin tattoos used to be only for those who had run out of real estate on their bodies for their designs, but these days people design some very cool tattoos that are meant to go in this area. The shin can fit pretty much anything you can think of and you might even find that your tattoo idea works better in this area than anywhere else. On this page we will take a look at why shin tattoos have risen in popularity in recent years and some ideas for tattoos you can get in these spots.

What’s interesting about the shin tattoo is that it is actually the most visible leg tattoo that you can get. Think about it – this is the area that is most exposed when you are wearing shorts. It’s more exposed than the knee, the ankle, thigh, and even the foot. With that in mind, it really isn’t all that surprising that more and more people want to get these tats. If you are the type of person who wears shorts often and want to get a tattoo to show off, you might be a great candidate for one of these shin tattoos.

Second only to the back, the shin area is the best place to put a tattoo that was drawn up to be long and vertical. Sure, you can put a smaller tattoo on the shin, but the ones that people seem to like the best for the shin are those that cover the area. Tall buildings, interesting landscapes, and so many other cool tats can fit perfectly on the shin and can look pretty amazing.

Portrait tattoos are more commonly found on the upper body, but believe it or not they can also look pretty amazing as shin tattoos. The key is to get it designed so it’s not too stretched so it doesn’t look distorted as you move. We usually recommend the forearm over the shin for visible portraits, but you might find that the specific portrait that you want to get just looks better on your leg.

People are also starting to get their animal tattoos as shin tats rather than placing them in the more classic spots of the body. If you are interested in getting an animal, you will definitely want to think about getting just its face and have it looking outwards rather than getting a profile view of the animal. This makes it easy to line the animal up with your shin so it makes sense to the eye.

Totems work extremely well as shin tattoos since they are one of those thick vertical designs that people love these days. These are also very meaningful tattoos that allow you to include one or more animals to symbolize who you are as a person. Another great thing about totem tattoos is that you can make them as detailed or as simple as you want them and use the exact same meanings.

Even though it is better to choose the shin because it’s the best spot for your tattoo idea, it can also work as the spot of choice when you don’t have any other options left on your body. For example, if you have a design that would work really well as a sleeve but you already have you arms filled up with ink, you might find that the shin is your next-best option. Of course, we do not recommend getting a shin tattoo unless you really do love the idea of getting your design in that area.

The shins are also great spots for someone looking to get their own set of matching tattoos. One popular example of this is when people get two words in a text tattoo, with one word on each leg. You can also get two commonly paired items, such as salt and pepper if you like the meanings attached to them. If you have a creative idea that includes two different design elements, you might find that they work perfectly as matching shin tattoos.

If you are planning on getting your first shin tattoo, we should warn you that there can be an uptick in pain in this area. The reason for this is because the shin itself is a bone and the needle will be jabbing at and bouncing off of that bone multiple times during the process. This won’t be a problem for most people, but those with a low threshold for pain should know ahead of time that it could be a slightly uncomfortable time in the chair. Still, the pain of tattoos is never absolutely terrible, so you should have no problem getting through it even if you are getting a larger shin tattoo.

Regardless of the design, you should definitely find a high-rated tattoo artist to work on your shin tattoo for you. This is a pretty tricky area to ink, so you want someone with experience with these tattoos so you up your chances of getting exactly what you want. Plus, an experienced tattooist will help you make any last-minute adjustments to ensure that the final product looks great. Finding a good artist in your area is much easier these days as you just have to jump online and look at what their past clients have said about them.

Hopefully you can now see why so many people are opting to get shin tattoos instead of getting them in the standard spots on their bodies. The fact is that there are thousands of great designs that work better on the shins than anywhere else! It’s just a matter of figuring out if your tattoo idea will work in that area or if you need to find another place to put it.

If you are thinking about getting a shin tattoo, be sure to take your time throughout the design process since these are designs that a lot of people will see. As long as you do that and you hire and artist who you can trust, chances are you will end up with a shin tattoo that you will always be happy with.

Shin Tattoos 1
Shin Tattoos 2
Shin Tattoos 3
Shin Tattoos 4
Shin Tattoos 5
Shin Tattoos 6
Shin Tattoos 7
Shin Tattoos 8
Shin Tattoos 9
Shin Tattoos 10
Shin Tattoos 11
Shin Tattoos 12
Shin Tattoos 13
Shin Tattoos 14
Shin Tattoos 15
Shin Tattoos 16
Shin Tattoos 17
Shin Tattoos 18
Shin Tattoos 19
Shin Tattoos 20
Shin Tattoos 21
Shin Tattoos 22
Shin Tattoos 23
Shin Tattoos 24
Shin Tattoos 25
Shin Tattoos 26
Shin Tattoos 27
Shin Tattoos 28
Shin Tattoos 29
Shin Tattoos 30
Shin Tattoos 31
Shin Tattoos 32
Shin Tattoos 33
Shin Tattoos 34
Shin Tattoos 35
Shin Tattoos 36
Shin Tattoos 37
Shin Tattoos 38
Shin Tattoos 39
Shin Tattoos 40
Shin Tattoos 41
Shin Tattoos 42
Shin Tattoos 43
Shin Tattoos 44
Shin Tattoos 45
Shin Tattoos 46
Shin Tattoos 47
Shin Tattoos 48
Shin Tattoos 49
Shin Tattoos 50
Shin Tattoos 51
Shin Tattoos 52
Shin Tattoos 53
Shin Tattoos 54

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Shin tattoos

Legs are one of the most inked parts of the body, and making shin tattoos is a very common practice. They are quite the same popular as, for example, tattoos on calves, but it takes much more of an effort to make one as shin tattooing process is very painful due to the closeness of skin to the bone in that are.

The procedure is a real torture comparing to other areas of a body, like hips and others. However, the pain threshold is different for all people and, for example, soccer players have a thicker skin on their shins, that’s why they can easily make shin tattoos. But definitely, this kind of a tattoo is not recommended for girls, who have much more gentle skin especially on this part of the body, so the procedure will definitely turn into the painful challenge to overcome.

But still, legs appear one of the best areas to make tattoos for girls. All of them want to draw as much attention to their legs as possible, especially if a girl works out and wants her effort to be appreciated. The most common ideas of shin tattoos for girls are flowers of the greatest beauty going up around a leg or lettering designs encoding some private and very important message for a tattoo owner. Sometimes, lizards are met as tattoo designs in this case. Why is this placement a better solution for women?
It’s simple: men’s shins a covered with hair, so it takes much more skill, experience and creativity of a tattoo artist to do the job in a good way. If a man decides to make a tattoo below a knee, as a rule, he chooses animalistic tattoo designs, predators, preferably. Even though shin tattoos for men are not so popular as ones for girls, there are still a lot of guys with, for example, fire-breathing dragons or tigers drawings on their legs.

The aesthetical beauty can be evaluated as seven points of maximum ten. As not only simple lettering can be placed there, but also some big “painting” fits there. The weapon of choice of a tattoo design is a fantasy of a client and a creativity of a tattoo artist.

You have to take into consideration the fact that once you’d made a shin tattoo it would be exposed nearly all the time in summer. And if your life style does not allow you to be seen with a tattoo in public places, among family members or at work, you’d better sustain the idea of having a shin tattoo for better times or choose another placement.
One of the most painful placements but it is totally worth it. Shin tattoos are incredibly remarkable the tattoo designs vary and all of them are cool. Check the pictures here and have fun.

leg tattoo ornament
cat tattoo other dimention
shin tattoo amanitas
Seagull Tattoo and Pegion Tattoo on Shins
cool characters remake for girlk tattoo
frog tattoos on shin
Knife tattoo with screaming girl
etching tattoo beetle
Abstract Watercolor Shin Tattoo by jared_burn
Chicano Font Shin Tattoos by goorazz
Animalistic Shin Tattoo by followtheserpent
Black Birds Tattoos on Shins by midgetgoldfish
Blackwork Shin Tattoos by анк 3
Buddy Christ Tattoo by port_angeles_tattoo
Bugs Shin Tattoo Designs by jessicachanner
Castle Tattoo Designs by saschi_ink
Cat and Moon Tattoo by @joesinnertattoos
Cowgirl Shin Tattoo by misscampbell___

Top 83 Shin Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

For men, shin tattoos have taken on a heightened ability to wow and impress onlookers. These electrifying insignias are rigorously evolving ink for the upcoming generation.

More and more guys are beginning to realize that the shin is the best location for a tattoo.

The region is automatically concealed in professional settings, and the dashing art can be unveiled instantly during casual circumstances. The area also allows an insane capacity for customization. Vertical illustrations are typically preferred, but savvy experts frequently flaunt extravagant wraparound techniques. Just make sure that you have plenty of shorts in your wardrobe.

Shin tattoos can also be replicated on each side for symmetrical savagery, or they can fill two halves of the same image. Either way, the dualistic impact is downright illustrious. When it comes to the lower leg, pretty much anything goes. This means that you can feature intricate machinations, rich atmospheric portrayals, fearlessly macabre countenances and curiously complex tribal designs.

As it turns out, there are infinite ways to utilize the space that lies between your knees and ankles. To completely comprehend the diversity of shin tattoos, you’ve arrived at the right destination. We’ve diligently culled through all of the options to present only the finest!

Shin Tattoo Ideas

Abstract Satanic Mens Goat Shin Tattoo Ideas

This new wave shin tattoo melds animal realism with mandala imagery. It’s an excellent piece further improved by cool fill choices of flat black and bright red which form a vivid border for the heavy detail. The deer  is well etched into cleverly shaded sections of green/gold color separated by clear black outlines. The mandala’s use of white ink is a successful style feature, showing well against the darkness of the rest of the tattoo.

Abstract Wolf Mens Shin Tattoos

A well delivered, highly stylized wolf that does well to stay apart from the subject’s other ink. Love how the piece goes from a cartoon t facial image, through a geometric phase before ending as a point of black shadow. The artist has shown great command of shading technique to make the image look lively and interesting all the way through.

Amazing Shin Tattoo Lettering Design On Man

Twin inked shins of text. The use of white in these tattoos give the words some verve, although they remain difficult to read. The bottom flourishes of thin, fine black line look cool winding down towards the tops of each foot.

Armor Plate Mens Shin Tattoos

Bio mechanic ink replacing bone. This shin tattoo is a great idea, and the side on glimpse of the work shows excellent use of gray and negative space to create the x-ray illusion. From the front it doesn’t look quite so magical but remains a quality lower leg piece.

Awesome Leg Sleeve Shin Male Tattoo Ideas

A pair of killer neo traditional pins in this tattoo. The over the top colors and more flamboyant imagery do take traditional ink to another level. The Mountain Lion looks realistic, but then wild colors and patterns are introduced further down the leg, which completely changes the tone and scope of the tattoo. The tattoo takes a subdued portrait style head shot and amps up the strange with great eye detail and extra ‘make up.’

Awesome Shin Tattoo Of Geometric Deer Skull On Man

This 3D abstract tattoo is a mind bender, opting to use a mandala as basis for changing depth and scale to create a magic eye type ram. It’s a clever idea that looks a bit too busy to be considered a perfect example of either style.

Black Ink Bear Face Shin Tattoo On Man

Add vivid colored eyes to this black line bear and this tattoo could come to life. The line work here is crisp and clear, but as the image uses no shadow a brighter fill for the eyes (or even the tongue) could be a great contrast to the rest of the piece.

Black Ink Castle Shin Dotwork Mens Tattoo Ideas

Wow. This is a tremendous shin tattoo where the layering idea works beautifully. You start at the cartoon castle then go underground level by level before ending up at the black doors to Dante’s Gates of Hell. From there it’s all down hill! The black ink work in this piece is outstanding, varying thick and fat black with smaller, sharper lines and even dot work effects to create shadow. This is a cool tattoo that would also make a great wall print.

Black Lines Arrow Guys Shin Tattoos

This tattoo mixes minimalist ideals with black band technique to create an awesome shin tattoo. The artist has done a great job placing this piece to help the points look more effective right on the shin bone. It’s also far enough away from the previous circular tattoo that they don’t need to be incorporated.

Chain Link Fence Small Mens Shin Tattoo

Such a cool, well delivered tattoo and idea. The use of light gray ink in conjunction with perfectly drawn black line gives this chain link fence pop from on the shin. Not too keen to find out what animal chewed it’s way through the fence given the disarray it’s been left in.

Comet Outer Space Earth And Moon Male Shin Tattoos

An outer space tattoo executed with a nice range of color that goes well with the artist’s use of detail on elements of the planets. The purple fill on the right looks a tad messy by coloring over one of the neg space stripes. This detail seems planned but a crisper fill technique may have been more beneficial.

Cool Mens Explosion Shin Tattoo Ideas

Cool Shin Tattoos For Men With Tribal Design

Creative Shin Tattoo Of Demon On Male

Dagger With Snake And Candle Mens Old School Black Ink Shin Tattoos

Dotwork Ship Wheel Anchor Shin Mens Tattoos

Floral Flower Guys Colorful Shin Tattoo Ideas

Gentleman With Realistic Shin Tattoo Of Lion

Geometric Blackwork Shin Pattern Tattoos For Men

Geometric Pattern Guys Shin Tattoos

Geometric Shin Tattoo For Men With Triangles

Grim Reaper Hourglass Mens Shin Tattoos

Guys Skull Floral Tattoos On Shin

Guys Wolf And Skull Shin Tattoo Designs

Ice Crystals With Northern Lgihts Male Shin Tattoo

Japanese Koi Fish Guys Shin Tattoos

Lantern Shine Through The Broken Shin Tattoo On Man

Leg Sleeve Mens Wolf Shin Tattoo Design Ideas

Lighthouse Rays Mens Black And Grey Shin Tattoo Design Inspiration

Male Pine Tree Shin Tattoos

Male Skull Swords Shin Tattoo

Male With Shin Tattoos Of Deer And Wolf

Manly Tiger Shin Guys Tattoo

Man Walking Through Forest Mens 3d Shin Tattoos

Man With Black Ink Polynesian Tribal Shin Tattoos

Man With Demon Shin Tattoo

Man With Grim Reaper Shin Tattoos

Man With New School Bird Shin Tattoos

Man With Shin Tattoo Of Scary Creature

Man With Skin Tattoo Of Skeleton Colorful Abstract Design

Man With Totem Pole Animals Shin Tattoo Sleeve

Mens Blackwork Tribal Shin Tattoos

Mens Geometric Shin Tattoo With Green And Blue Ink

Mens Grim Reaper Shaded Black And Grey Shin Tattoos

Mens Japanese Lion Foo God Shin Tattoo Designs

Mens Lighthouse Shin Tattoo Designs

Mens Skull Native American Indian Shin Tattoo

Mens Snake Shin Tattoo Ideas

Mens Squid Ocean Waves Shin Tattoo Designs

Mens Traditional Shin Tattoos Of Sailing Ship With Rose Flower

Mens Warrior Shin Tattoo Ideas

Neo Traditional Deer Skulls Guys Shin Tatoos

Neo Traditional Goat Shin Male Tattoos

Neo Traditional Male Shin Tattoos

Neo Traditional Sailor Mens Shin Tattoo Ideas

Old School Eagle With Arroows Mens Shin Tattoo Ideas

Owl With Skull Bone Shin Tattoo On Gentleman

Polynesian Guys Shin Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas

Polynesian Tribal Shin Tatoos For Men

Realistic Mens Shin Tattoo Of Astronaut

Sailing Ship Realistic Shin Tattoos For Guys

Shaded Sialing Ship At Sea Shin Guys Tattoos

Shin Tattoo On Man Tribal Sleeve Design

Skull Mens Geometric Shin Tattoo Design Inspiration

Skull Shin Tattoos For Men

Skull Wearing Crown Mens Shin Tattoo Ideas

Skull With Red Flower Petals Shin Mens Tattoos

Snake Mens Traditional Shin Tattoo Ideas

Snake Skull Mens Black Ink Shin Tattoos

Solid Black Ink Lines Tribal Guys Shin Tattoos

Solid Black Symbol Guys Shin Tattoo Designs

Squid In Ocean Watercolor Shin Guys Tattoos

Squid With Skull And Bat Guys Shin Tattoos

Traditional Sailor Jerry Shin Tattoos For Men

Tree Of Life Guys Shin Tattoo With Snakes

Trex Mens Shin Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Mens Shin Tattoos With Black Ink

We The People Mens Shin Lettering Tattoos

Wolf Dagger Mens Old School Shin Tattoos

Wolf Neo Traditional Guys Shin Tattoo

Shin Tattoo FAQs

Do shin tattoos hurt?

Shin and ankle tattoos can cause considerable discomfort and pain due to being areas where there isn’t much space between skin and bone. Fleshier spots with nerves hidden away from the surface of the skin tend to cause less pain. Areas causing comparable tattoo pain include the patella (knee cap), across the rib cage, the kidney area, the tops of the feet and on the elbows.

As with any tattoo, if you have questions about the pain level or aftercare consult your artist or studio and ask for advice. Experienced artists have experienced many different characters in the tattoo chair and are often able to help you cope with painful tattoos through application technique, helpful breathing exercises, or taking plenty of breaks. it’s not advisable to take drugs or alcohol to help control the pain of getting ink, and may result in your job being halted or cancelled all together.


Shin tattoo traditional

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