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Ooooh, I got a few!
First for the classic ones: 

Tommy: “What am I without you?” 
Tubbo: “Yourself” It was such an iconic moment for both Tommy and Tubbo, I couldn’t not include it!

Tommy: “You ruined my past, Dream, but you will not ruin my future” C!Tommy when he still had some hope left… rip to that.

Wilbur: “Independence or death. If we get no revolution, then we want nothing. We would rather die than give in to you and join your SMP” This one is possibly the single most iconic quote in the smp and it was delivered spectacularly, though it is a bit old by now is still up there for me…

Dream: “I don’t give a FUCK about Spirit. I don’t give a fuck about anything actually, the only thing that I care about are your discs!” That whole speech was also incredibly iconic and it was the first real moment of clarity for a lot of people on what kind of character c!Dream had become

Tubbo: “As long as I can’t be the next Schlatt, you can’t be the next Wilbur.” This literally set the theme for all of season 2, so of course I would include it!

Eret: “It was never meant to be” The iconic line that became a recurring motive among the L’Manburg folk. Hands down the most iconic line in the smp to date…

Now, for the underrated ones: 

Tommy: “Listen, I- when I’m around you my brain feels like I’m fucking conditioned to be your friend, but also when I have a knife I wanna just plunge it into your heart, and it’s like I don’t- you don’t make me a good person.” Please someone give c!Tommy some warm blankets and hot chocolate… and keep him away from the green man (ALL OF THEM, except Tubbo)

Tommy: “Dream. Put your stuff in the hole. All of it.” This is what we call poetic justice.

Tommy: “I don’t die, I don’t die…” 
Tubbo: “Well that is just simply false!” Thank you Tubbo for the positive attitude as usual!

Tommy: “I’m not afraid of anything! The only thing I’m afraid of is waking up in the morning and…” 
Ranboo: “The thing you’re afraid of is waking up in the mo… are you alright?! Are you alright man?!” Concernedboo my beloved… (gotta stop myself from quoting this entire stream now, because this is getting long already…)

Dream: “I was your only friend, I was the only one who came to visit you, YOU betrayed ME!” And pretty much everything from him in prison (same with Tommy)… they are just my favourites, what can I say? Also, I wanted to include this because there are still people thinking that a character feeling betrayed is this Big Bad Thing, like no, a lot of the time there are valid reasons for it, like escaping your kidnapping in this case.

Wilbur: “I know what I’m like.. and that’s the issue.” Wilbur still being a self-deprecating and creepy f*ck in the afterlife really doesn’t get enough attention. He really needs therapy and to never talk with Tommy ever again…

Tubbo: “What is this… pillar? Why is it all blown up? What did he- Surely not…” People generally only include the last two words but no, I like it more like this.

Foolish: “You know Eret, you know what all this Egg cleaning kinda reminds me of?” 
Eret: “What?” 
Foolish: “It kinda reminds me of like, me and you back in the days cleaning up that mess from that Wither Cult” 
Eret: What?Eret entering the amnesiac gang or Foolish not being able to distinguish Herobrine’s reincarnations? The bets are on!

Foolish: “Everything is foolish, one way or another.” Also this because Foolish popped off during that monologue! 

Puffy: “Why are the villains never held accountable?” Still asking myself that Puffy, my beloved <3

Puffy: “If you’re a child here, you get loads of consequences, like exile, death apparently. That’s okay. But, no, you can be a murderer and you’re fine. You can blow up L'Manburg, and you’re fine. You can blow it up again, and you’re fine.” Can you tell that I just really love Puffy? Because I do! She’s amazing and kinda underrated…

Fundy: “Schlatt you fucked up the country, you fucked up everything. You had a dream and I followed it but you brought it downhill. Everything, you ruined it. You ruined everything we had. I thought you were something.” Fundy my beloved and underrated child… you deserve so much more attention…

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Quotes from The Dream Team SMPers

Petition for MrBeast to add the ‘Lmanburger’ to his restaurant

And the description for it?

“An explosion of flavor with every bite.”

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4 Kinds of People When Responding To Tommy:

In Chat:

<TommyInnit> Hey guys, do you fellas have any blaze power? :D

Punz whispers to you: i have some

<Ranboo> i dont think so sadly

<Antfrost> not for you

<ConnorEatsPants> “blaze power”




Anonymous asked:

Well, now I'm curious. What are your favorite lines you've written on your other account?


asimpforthedreamteamsmpers answered:

Haha, came back for more I see? These are all from one fic lmao

1. “Everything going on in his head froze and morphed into one primal instinct: Protect you.”

2.[redacted name] was too focused on protecting you to realize that he had failed.”

3. “Why did heaven need their angel back so soon?”

4. “He could hear sirens in the distance, but they were quiet. He wasn’t even sure if they were for you.”

Is it a Y/N fic? Perhaps. Is it angst as fuck? Perhaps. Do I regret anything? Abso-fucken-lutely not.



the fact that after I posted this, my fanfic account suddenly had like, 9 new notifications and has been getting more-


Ow, That Kinda Hurted Me Tho- (ft. TommyInnit and ItsFundy):

TI: “…You don’t have to go..”

IF: “..No, no, I think I’ll be on my way-”

Back At It Again With The Terrible Addition Of ‘Loggy’ To Everything /lh (ft. ItsFundy and TommyInnit):

IF: “It’s cozy! It’s loggy!”

TI: “It is. It IS loggy. And y’know what? That’s great.”

It FEELS Like Two Months (ft. RanbooLive and ItsFundy):

RB: “Were you expecting a whole city??? He’s been gone for TWO DAYS.”

IF: “You’re right, you’re right… I have high expectations and it’s bad, I’m sorry-”

Ranboo, Please, The Lore- /lh (ft. ItsFundy, TommyInnit, and RanbooLive):

IF: “What’s your goal of the day? Enderchest?”

TI: “Um…- Why do you guys sound so sad - Yeah, yeah, Enderchest. You can go see the to-do list-”

IF: “I mean, yeah, yeah, I’m pretty sad.. We were gonna-”


IF: “-have a badass tour of your nice little Logstedshire, but…”


Good For Him, Chat :D (ft. TommyInnit and RanbooLive):

TI: “I’m currently in the process of moving!”

RB: “Where are you gonna move to?”

TI: “From this chest, to the… to the barrels..”

Sours: https://asimpforthedreamteamsmpers.tumblr.com/
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  2. Syncrude layoffs
  3. Allstate leland, nc
  4. Mt clemens mi obituaries

Quotes / Dream SMP

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Season Zero

    The Disc War 

"You and me, versus Dream."

Tommy, to Tubbo

Season One

    The L'Manburg Revolution 

"Tommy! And Wilbur, and the rest of... L'Manchildburg. We... are at war. There is no mercy. We have burnt down Tubbo's house, we have planted TNT-cannons around your land, we have cobblestone-walled the outside, and we have shot ONE warning shot inside your walls. We have NO MERCY! NO MERCY FOR YOU! We will BURN DOWN your houses, we will KILL everything inside your walls, and we will TAKE BACK the land that is rightfully ours, if you do not surrender. I wanna see WHITE FLAGS! WHITE FLAGS, OUTSIDE YOUR BASE, BY TOMORROW, AT DAWN, OR YOU AREDEAD!"

Dream's declaration of war

"Down with the revolution, boys. It was never meant to be."


"Eret, listen to me, and I mean this in the nicest way possible: You fucked up."

Tommy, following Eret's betrayal

Tommy:Do I shoot [Dream], Wil, or do I aim for the skies...?
Wilbur:Tommy, I... I want you to do whatever your heart says you should do.

—Just before the final duel

I heard there was a special place
Where men could go and emancipate
The brutality and the tyranny of their rulers

Well, this place is real, you needn't fret
With Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, fuck Eret
It's a very big and notblown up L'Manburg

My L'Manburg
My L'Manburg
My L'Manburg
My L'Manburg

The L'Manburg National Anthemnote Sung to the tune of "Hallelujah"

    The Election Arc 

"Well... (long pause) That was pretty easy. [...] Y'know what I said, the day I got unbanned from the Dream SMP? And the day I said I was running? An election that I won, by the way... I said things are gonna change. I looked every citizen of L'Manburg in the eyes and I said, 'You listen to me... This place will be a lot different tomorrow.' Let's start making it happen. My first decree, as the President of L'Manburg... The EMPEROR, of this GREAT COUNTRY! IS TO REVOKE!! THE CITIZENSHIP OF WILBUR SOOT AND TOMMYINNIT! GET 'EM OUTTA HERE!"

Jschlatt's inauguration speech

"TommyInnit, I am a slow-burning fuse. I am a long, slow-burning fuse, but I'm telling you now, over the next couple weeks, I... I'm gonna be a different man than the one JSchlatt crossed. I can feel it. And maybe this new man will be open to ... a Technoblade."


    The Pogtopia Arc 

"Tommy, I knew this time would probably come.
For a kingdom that rules with kindness and not with might. No weapons, no armor, just a group of people.
Schlatt does not follow these same principles.
Schlatt wants weapons. Schlatt wants power. Schlatt wants to expand out into Dream SMP land.
Schlatt wants to abolish the walls in order to take more and more land.
Schlatt is no Wilbur.
I don’t know if peace can be maintained between our two nations with Schlatt at the helm.
Last time I tried to take a stand on behalf of Dream SMP I was touted as the villain. This time, I can’t involve myself.
Schlatt is technically a democratically elected leader, and I can’t overthrow him.
If you need my help, I am here, but it must be from the shadows. I can’t be caught breaking the peace treaty. Even though the people I made it with are no longer involved.
I have trusted you with my most prized possession, which was used to kill you by Schlatt on the day before the election. Only fitting it be used on him in retaliation.
Also armor that I was going to trade with Skeppy for your disc.
For now, farewell from the shadows. Be safe.
- Big D"

—Dream's letter to Tommy

Jschlatt:Tubbo, whenever... it's the craziest thing, whenever I get close to you, it's kinda like a... like a... like one of those conch shells. It's... I can almost hear-
Tubbo:You can hear the ocean...?
Jschlatt:I can... Well no, not the ocean, but I can hear a bunch of... [...] I can hear a bunch of whining toddlers.
Tubbo:Schlatt, that's-
Jschlatt:Somehow upset... with me, and the- and the great things I'm doing for this nation?
Tubbo:All I- All I suggested was that you just didn't tear down, y'know, the most important piece of history!
Jschlatt:(talking over him)Bunch of whining- bunch of whiny, spoiled BRATS, Tubbo! [...] We'll leave the- We'll leave the meth lab. But you gotta help with the rest of this stuff. And if I hear one more peep, if I come near you and put my ear up to you like a conch shell, and it's- and all these voices aren't just singing the praises... then we're gonna have another conversation.

—The confrontation after Schlatt tries to tear down the Camravan

Dream: We need to go into forbidden grounds, sadly.

Tommy: Understood.

Sapnap: So they're going into Manburg?

"T-Tommy, I've got a question for you, right. 'Cause this festival, this is a... this is a good idea. This doesn't seem like a bad... like, this doesn't seem evil. Y'know? This seems like a nice, friendly thing Schlatt's doing... (Beat)Tommy, are we the bad guys?"

Wilbur, the moment it all goes wrong

"You're trying to sound like you know what you're doing, so that you can prove me wrong. Tommy... none of us know what we're doing. We're fucked, we were fucked the minute we were thrown out. 'Cause Schlatt knows- he's a smart man, he knows that if we fight him, even if we beat him, we've lost. If he fights us and kills us, we've lost. Tommy, there's no in-between, he KNOWS we've lost! And... I know you're scared, Tommy, I understand you're scared. And it's scary! It's scary, Tommy, but y'know what, in a time like this, when a man has nothing to lose, d'yknow what that means? It means we can do what we want."

Wilbur's Sanity Slippage taking hold

Wilbur:Have you not noticed?! Everyonewho's claiming to be on our side, they're lying to us!Tubbo?! He's lying to you, man! He- Hewould drop us at the SECOND he realizes we're not in the lead anymore!
Tommy:No, no! (punches Wilbur)STOP IT! Alright?!
Tommy:Wilbur, you're being reckless, you're not- You're not being the man that came in as president. If th- If this is what you think will let us recover L'Manburg, then I'll go along with it, but I don't agree with it, okay? This isn't the right thing to do, this isn't the moralthing to do. You're being... What's the point in doing anything if we've lost all hope? You've gotta stay with it, man. You've gotta pull yourself together.

—The confrontation between Tommy and Wilbur

Schlatt:Tubbo, Tubbo... I know what you've been up to.
Tubbo:(scared)What have I been up to? Wh- What are you talking about?!
Schlatt:"What have I been up to," he says! (laughs)"What have I been up to..."
Tubbo:Schlatt, I'm asking-
Schlatt:You've been CONSPIRING! With the IDIOTS, with the- with the TYRANTS! That we kicked out of this server, that we kicked out of this great country! [...] Tubbo, I don't know if you know this, but treasonisn't exactly, uh... isn't exactly a respectable thing around here. I know what you've been doing, IT ALL ADDS UP, BUDDY! The fucking TUNNELS, your ABSENCE from GREAT events, I mean, you walked off in the middle of THIS one!
Schlatt:You walked off in the middle of this one, Tubbo! Don't try and tell me you've done nothing wrong! Because everybody knows it! I sees it with my own two fuckingeyes, what you've been doing!
Schlatt:Do you know what happens to traitors, Tubbo?
Schlatt:Nothing good.

—Tubbo gets found out

Niki:(crying)HOW COULDYOU?! YOU KILLED HIM!You... killedhim!
Schlatt:YEAH, I DID! I did fuckin' kill him, Niki! The hell do you want?!
Niki:You are so cr- How could you do that?! AFTER EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE FOR YOU?!
Schlatt:You have just been a thorn in my side! Since I assumed this office!

—After Tubbo's execution

Wilbur:You- You actually murdered Tubbo.
Schlatt:Yeah... I mean, you actually, uh... You actually let him do that. I mean, Wilbur, I... I took you as- y'know, you were a shitty leader, but... I didn't think you'd- I didn't think you'd aid and abet Tubbo! [...]
Wilbur:Just... If you're gonna kill anyone else, kill me. Don't kill anyone else here. That's why I've-
Schlatt:Yeah, yeah, Loverboy, I've had enough out of your mouth. I'm not gonna kill anyone else, what do I- do I look like a bad guy? Do I look like a bad guy to you?
Techno:I mean, kinda.
Schlatt:Shut up, Technoblade... [...] I was gonna say, we can just kinda continue with the festivities, but I mean, if your stomach's feeling a little bit woozy after seeing Tubbo die, I suppose you could- I suppose you could get lost. I mean, holy shit, Wilbur. You really just crawled up here on the day of my festival, celebrating my country, that youare not a part of, and you started- you started crying.
Wilbur:You sounded like you were gonna murder another person! You sounded like you were gonna go for Niki!
Schlatt:Nah, I was only gonna murder Tubbo! He's the only person- Well, I mean, Niki... (beat)Yeah. Y'know what, I might murder Niki, actually. I might murder her. [...]
Wilbur:Niki, Niki, just- just run. Run now. Run now.

—Wilbur confronts Schlatt

"Tommy, the thing is, you're using words... but the thing about this world, Tommy, is that the only universal language is violence... and we've had that conversation. We've spoken that language in the pit. It's over, Tommy. Onto a new day. A new plot to destroy Manburg."

Technoblade, after dueling against Tommy in the pit

"The Dream SMP. A lot of weird stuff happens there regularly, and today, was no exception. I thought I was gonna have a normal, casual time, but then, Dream himself came online, and things went crazy."
Quackity:Alright, alright, nonono, fuck you dude. Nah, literally fuck you. Fuck you.
Schlatt:(crosstalk)Do it! No, come on! Shoot me! Shoot me with your Netherite raw-ass bow!
Quackity:(crosstalk)Nonono, find- find yourself another Vice-President! FIND YOURSELF ANOTHER VICE-PRESIDENT! You literally have the fucking citizen morale SO FUCKING LOW, under the GROUND, this place might have been- this place might have been better with different kind of leadership! You're being a dick, man!
Schlatt:You're too much of a pussy to even shoot me with the bow, it'll kill me in one blow, but (mockingly)"Oh, no, I can't do it! I can't do it, I'm Quackity! I'm Quackity, I don't know what sex feels like-"
Quackity:(proceeds to shoot Schlatt with the bow, killing him in one blow)Fuck you. Fuck you. I'm out, I'm outta here. I'm fucking outta here, man. (walks off)
Schlatt:Fuckin' pussy. Get outta here. Get outta here, you little piece of shit. (sigh)Gotta do everything my fucking self...
Tommy:What the fuck?!

—Quackity's defection from Manburg

"Let the space between the Badlands be total chaos. That's got nothing to do with us. Manburg? Pogtopia? Who CARES?!"

Bad, describing the power struggle between Wilbur, Tommy, and Jschlatt as completely meaningless from the Badlands' point of view

    The Manburg-Pogtopia War 

Dream:What do you think gives you power? (pause)Is it your crown? (pause)Is it the fact that you're king?
Eret:(pause)Those who've been given power... hold on to it.
Dream:Okay. How?
Eret:I think respect is a big thing.
Dream:Sure. Respect is big. (pause)If... Respect is the only thing protecting you from... a knife in the back. Respect is nothing, right?
Eret:What are you saying, Dream?
Dream:I'm saying you don't have power because of your crown, you have power because of me and you have power because of the other members of Dream SMP like Punz and Sapnap by protecting you and protecting your kingmenship. (pause)Am I wrong?
Eret:You're not wrong.

Dream and Eret

Wilbur:Schlatt, what are you doing?
Wilbur:What are you doing?
Schlatt:Huh...? What the hell- is this a surprise birthday party?
Wilbur:What are you- why are you in my drug van?! What are you doing in my drug van?! It betternot be drugs!
Schlatt:(heavy breathing; he takes a bottle and drinks the whole thing)
Wilbur:...are you- Are you drinking?!
Schlatt:Oh, this creatine... Ohhh, HAMMER CURLS!
Wilbur:(quietly)Oh... Oh, god.

—The Pogtopians find Schlatt in the Camarvan

"The thing that I built this nation for doesn't exist anymore... Th-that thing I worked towards... doesn't exist anymore. It's over."

Wilbur, before Philza showed up

"What are you doing?"

Philza, to Wilbur, in a last-ditch effort to stop him from blowing everything up

Wilbur:Do you know what this button is?
Phil:Uh-huh. I do.
Wilbur:Have you heard... the song? On the walls? Before? Have you heard the song? I was just saying, I made this big point, it was poignant, and it's um... There wasa special place where men could go, but it's not there anymore y'know, it's not- (sigh)
Phil:It isthere. You've just- You've just won it back, Wil!
Wilbur:PHIL,I'M ALWAYS SOCLOSE to pressing this button, Phil! I've BEEN HERE like seven or eight times, I've been here seven or eight times... [...] Phil, I've been here so many times... (Wilbur hears fireworks going off outside)They're fighting. They're fighting!
Phil:And you want to just blow it all up.
Wilbur:(pained)I do, I think, I- (sigh)
Phil:You fought so hard to get this land back... Sohard.
Wilbur:I don't even know if it works anymore, Phil, I don't even know if the button works, I could, I could...press it.
Phil:Do you reallywanna take that risk? (laughs)There is a lotof TNT potentially connected to that button.
Wilbur:Phil... There was a saying, Phil. [...] By a traitor. Once part of L'Manburg. A traitor- I don't know if you've heard of Eret?
Wilbur:He had a saying, Phil. (Beat)It was never meant to be!
(Wilbur presses the button)

—The Chekhov's Gun finally fires

Phil:(horrified)Oh, my god...
Wilbur:Kill me, Phil.Phil, kill me, Phil kill me!(Wilbur throws Phil his sword)Phil, stab me with the sword, murder me now, kill me! Killza, Killza, do it! Kill me, Phil! Murder me! Look, they all want you to! Do it, Phil! Kill me! Phil, kill me!
Phil:I- You're my SON!
Phil:No matter what you- dude, no matter what you've done, I can't-
Wilbur:(slams on his desk)Phil, it's- LOOK! LOOK!HOW MUCH WORK WENT INTO THIS, and it's GONE! (Beat)Do it. Do it.
(Phil stabs Wilbur to death)
Phil:(frustrated scream)God!You couldn't just let- You couldn't just win!You couldn't- You hadto just throw your toys out the pram!

—The final confrontation between father and son

Technoblade:Do you think you're a hero? Is that what this is?
Tommy:I just wanted... I just wanted L'Manburg.
Technoblade:You just wanted power.
Tommy:That's all I've ever wanted. I didn't- I just wanted...
Technoblade:Tommy, you just did a coup. You just did a hostile government takeoverand then immediately instilled yourself as president. And then you gave it to your friend, but that's still a tyrant,Tommy! [...] But the thing about this world, Tommy... is that good things don't happen to heroes. Let me tell you a story, Tommy. A story of a man called Theseus. His country... well his city-state, technically, was in danger. And he sent himself forward into enemy lines, he slayedthe minotaur, and saved his city. Do you know what they did to him? [...] They exiled him.He died, in disgrace, despised by his people. That'swhat happens to heroes, Tommy.
Tubbo:But he savedeveryone!
Technoblade:The Greeks knew the score. But if you want to be a hero, Tommy, that's fine... That's fine.
Tommy:(scared)Technoblade, don't do this.
Philza:Don't do this, Techno, don't-
Tommy:We're so close, I'm not the hero-
Technoblade:If you want to be a hero, Tommy...
Fundy:(mumbling)There's no fucking way, there's no fucking way...
Technoblade:Do you want to be a hero, Tommy?! THENDIELIKE ONE!

Technoblade's speech before he summons his two Withers, cementing his Face–Heel Turn

Season Two

    The Reconstruction Arc 

- The smell of bread
- L'Manberg
- The Revolution
- Bullying Tommy (he's a child)
- Sparring with Techno as a kid
- The wind
- Being president
- People cheering for me
- Fundy growing up
- Niki
- The van
- Tubbo building everything
- Phil protecting me
- Sally the salmon
- Philza stabbing me to death with a sword
- A large explosion
- The taste of salt
- Air in my lungs
- Winning the election
- A ravine
- Techno's armory
- Books
- Tunnels
- Arrows

- ./..

- I don't know

"Things I Remember", by Ghostbur

"The day after the incident.
I felt cold, guilty, torn apart from the inside. I remember leaving after the battle, many perished.
This new place is very nice, though empty of all life. I like the ice. It reminds me of something from a long time ago.
An empire I once helped a friend grow to power and take over the world. That was fun. Simple times.
After much thinking and solitude I have grown to learn the meaning of the afterlife. I found totems, many totems, gold and gems. Ancient scriptures tell me of a way to bring people back to life. This is my calling. I have to save him from the cold emptyness."

"Arrival", by Philza

Dream:Okay, listen, youfucked upthis time.
Tommy:(nervous laughter)What the fu- Dream, Dream, don't swear please...
Dream:Nonononono. I don't give a FUCK about Spirit, okay?! I don't give a fuck about anythingactually! I care about your discs. I care moreabout your discs than you do! That's the ONLY thing I care about on the server, actually! I don't care about Spirit, Spirit was my horse, died agesago! I care about your discs, 'cause that'swhat gives me power over youand your friends, and EVERYBODY you care about! Because youcare about your discs more than anyone else here, so if YOU ARE NOT EXILEDfrom L'Manburg, I will build these walls until they reach theblock limit. I will keep EVERYBODY inside, I will hire guards, Punz and Sapnap, to patrol all around the entire walls, keeping them inside. No trade, no-one leaves, no armor, or they get slaughteredinside. DON'T TRY AND THREATENME! I don't CARE! I've lost ALL care for ANYTHING on this server!
Tommy:Really?! So if I burn Spirit right now-
Tommy:Well, this is the only thing you've had attachment to this entire time! How do I know you're not fucking lying?!
Dream:I have attachment to your discs.
Tommy:Why would you care- (stammers)They're MY discs, why do you even care about them?!
Dream:Nononono, Tommy, Tommy, they're mydiscs. I'll get them, I'll keep them, I'll put them in my ender chest and I'll keep them for the rest of the server.
Dream:Listen, Tubbo. You have three days. If you do not exile him in three days... I'll do what I said.
Tommy:Well, wh... What does that entail? What the fuck do you mean?
Dream:L'Manburg can be independent... But L'Manburg can't be free.

—Dream's ultimatum

Tubbo:Look around.
Dream:There's giant obsidian walls.
Tubbo:There is. There is, Dream. And that is- that is a problem, okay? For too long, Dream, we- actually... (trails off)
Dream:I trust... you. I trust- y'know, you're the best leader L'Manburg's ever had. I trust that you... y'know, you've always made the best decision for L'Manburg, as a y'know, a gracious leader. I trust that whatever decision you came to was the best one for L'Manburg.
Tubbo:Mmm... (starts laughing)Y'know, this is funny, actually! It is... I'm sorry, Tommy. I'm sorry.
Tommy:Dream, you-
Tubbo:Tommy.I am... I am so, sosorry. Dream, I've come to a decision... that'll be best for the nation. The most logical thing to do. For Tommy to be... Exiled. From L'Manburg.
Tubbo:(turns around)Teaming with Technoblade is an awfulidea! It's an AWFUL idea!
Tubbo:No, NO, okay?! It's awful!
Tommy:(quietly; horrified)Tubbo...?
Tubbo:IT'S NOT THE BEST FOR THIS NATION! NOTHINGinvolving ANY kind of conflict is the best for this nation! Okay?! You guys are thinking EMOTIONALLY, IRRATIONALLY! You need to think LOGICALLY! There's more than just us four that live here!
Tubbo:War is gonna bring DESTRUCTION, TERROR! A new regime that we don't want to enforce upon our citizens!
Quackity:Tubbo, we AGREED ON THIS! We just had a goddamn conversation, what are you DOING?!
(Fundy, Quackity and Tommy all start talking over each other)
Tubbo:HEY, HEY!!!THAT'S ENOUGH, THAT'S ENOUGH, OKAY?! BE QUIET!YOU'VE UNDERMINED MY AUTHORITY FROM THE GET-GO! Okay?! All of you, NO-ONE here has respected me, you all jump on these merry little bandwagons, of- of destruction!It's not- It's not okay! (stammers)You DEFINITELY do not have the best interests of this nation at heart! And you have made that more apparent then EVER before today!

—Tommy gets exiled

Tubbo:All of this is based around the music discs! We can't sacrifice everythingfor the music discs!
Tommy:Tubbo, Tubbo, but what- From the beginning, before L'Manburg e- You knowthis is our L'Manburg, this is everything, but before everything... The discs, Tubbo... What about the discs... You... Tubbo, the-
Tubbo:They're just. Music discs.They shouldn't be able to dictate the future of an entire nation.
Tommy:This is what Dream wants!Why... Why would... Why?!Tubbo?
Tubbo:It's not the way, it's not the way, it's not the rightway.
Tommy:What is the- HOW is this the right way?! Explain, explain!How are the discs wrong, Tubbo?! Can't you see, this has been the thing from the begi-
Tommy:Wh- why? What...? W-well if... If they don't matter, Tubbo... If they don't matter... If you have no attachment to things... If you don't- if nothing matters, then... Why does any of- ANY of this matter at all?
Tubbo:(coldly)Dream, please detain and escort Tommy out of my country.

—The friendship between Tommy and Tubbo is shattered

    The Exile Arc 

Dream:I'm just- I'm making sure that you're not up to no good.
Dream:I know! I know! And you know why I did that?
Dream:Because... You don't listen to me, ever. You're the only person who doesn't everlisten to me. If I tell you to do something, you're like (bad British accent)"NO, FUCK YOU", (normal voice)and you go and do the exact opposite-
Tommy:(punching Dream and lighting him on fire)THAT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE ME, THAT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE ME, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU-
Dream:That is exactly-
Dream:You're like a little annoying bugin my room, and it's- You piss me off! So I take you, and I put you outside. And that's what I did. And now I'm just making sure you stayoutside.

—Dream announces the real reason behind Tommy's exile

Dream:It's not your time to die yet, Tommy.
Tommy:It's never my time to die...

—In the Nether as Tommy stares down a pit of lava

Tommy:I just wanna go home...
Tommy:Please, can I go home?
Dream:D'you wanna see the Christmas tree for like, ten seconds?
Tommy:Can I stay...?
Dream:You can't stay, but if you wanna look at it, I'll let you.
Tommy:Why can't I stay...?
Dream:Well, it's not like they want youanyway, Tommy.
Dream:Tommy, no-one showed up to your party, and everyone was invited. D'you wanna see the Christmas tree?
Tommy:(turns back around and starts walking to the Logstedshire Portal)...let's just go back...
Dream:Come on, you wanna see the Christmas tree. Tommy! Come back!
Tommy:No-one showed up, Dream. [...] No-oneshowed up. Did they? No-one cares anymore. I'm just...
Dream:I'm sure- I'm sure if you asked them, they'd say they care about you.
Tommy:Well, I- You invited them, and they didn't show up! (Beat)We didask them. And they all said "No". They said "No"... (sigh; starts walking back to Logstedshire)Let's go home.

—Tommy leaves L'Manburg behind

Dream:Tommy, I thought- I thought that we were friends. I thought-
Tommy:We are, no, you're my- You're my best friend! You're my best friend!
Dream:You hid thingsin a chest, knowingthey were things I wouldn't want you to have. And you hid it in a way, that way I would never find it. And the only reason I would have found it, it because you walked in here, and I was mining down to tell you to drop your stuff in a hole, and I saw the chests!
Tommy:And I was gonna- I was gonna just drop my stuff! I like- I did!
Dream:Listen, Tommy, look. [...] (Dream kills Mushroom Henry)
Tommy:(horrified scream)YOU JUST KILLED MUSHROOM HENRY! He was fuckin' spinnin'!
(Dream places TNT inside the house)
Tommy:No, stop it! Stop it! (breaks the TNT)Man, I'm sosorry, I'm s- Can we not just... Can we not just chat?
(Dream places more TNT and lights it; the house explodes)
Dream:Tommy... You can't go to the Nether. No-onecan come and visit you. Until you learn...To listen.
Tommy:I- I- I-
Dream:You have to start over. [...] Tommy... Don'tdo that. Y'know, I exiled you for a reason. And... Tubbo exiled you for a reason. And you didn't listen.You didn't listen to the rules, the rules were simple! I just wanted your armour and your weapons every day, that's was it. And I didn't even take it one or two days, and I even gaveyou armour once. But, you have to somehowwiggle your way out and try and defyme for some reason, and keep a secret stash... [...] Tommy, you have to realize, you- you hid chests from me, full of stuff to... I don't even know, what?! What were you planning to do with that stuff, attack me?!Try and kill me or something?
Tommy:I don't know... (stammering)I just, y'know, I just wanted a place where I could go "These are mine.These are mythings..." (Beat)I'm reallysorry. [...] Can we... Why don't we just pretend this never... Yeah, let's- Yeah! Can we just pretend this...
Dream:Sorry doesn't cut it, Tommy. [...] You can'tgo to the Nether, no-onecan come here, you are alone, okay? As soon as I think that you have changed, and become somebody who isn'tgoing to hide and lie and... try and revolt! Then people can visit you again, and you can go to the Nether again. But for now? No. No-one can. You- I was being very lenient! Yesterday, I let you go into the Dream SMP, on a temporary pass! And what do I find out the next day?!
Tommy:(quietly)I'm so sorry...
Dream:I have been nothing but graciousto you. (Beat)Tommy. Think about what you did.

—Dream finds Tommy's secret stash of items and destroys Logstedshire in response

"His last words were, 'I'll see you every- every week to come and watch you.' Well... Now, you... I'll... Now you won't, you...(Beat) Come and watch me, to come and watch me. See me every week to come and watch me. (looks around) To come and- come and... (looks at his pictures) Every week to come and watch me. (Beat; indignant) He'd come... to watch me. [...] He wasn't here to be my friend. He said it. He was just here so he... (Beat) He was just here so he could watchme! [...] What did he say on the first day? Like a little bug that he can't flick off. I'm the only person who never does exactly what he says. (sudden realization)I'm the only person who never does what he says! Me! He said that to me, didn't he?! [...] Dream wasn't- He was just here to make sure... 'Cause I'm the only one that will throttle him. (Beat)I'm the only one Dream's scared of."

Tommy realizes the true reason behind his exile

Quackity:How the ffffFUCK, how the HELL did that anvil not kill you?!
Techno:(laughs)Did you really think, Quackity, that you could kill me that easily?
Quackity:How did you do it? What- how did you even dothat?
Techno:You think death can stop me, Quackity? Y'know- Y'know what?! Y'know what, I've got- I've got a lot to say, okay?! I was gonna say it at the trial, but we got a little bit interrupted, Quackity. Y'know, I triedconvincing you guys that government- that government was not the answer, that government was actually the causeof all your problems. Alright? I tried- I tried to convince you guys by fighting alongside you as brothers, and you just cast me aside, you usedme, I tried to use force, and you STILL formed a government, and when I went into hiding, when I retired, when I swore off violence, you HUNTED ME DOWN, you HURT MY FRIENDS!
Quackity:You don't understand, Techno, you don't understand what we're trying to build here, Techno. This is not a- this is not a simple anarchy-thing, Techno. That's what you don't understand. Alright? Techno, do you really think I give a shitabout the Withers? No. No. You are on the hitlist, Techno. You're on the fucking hitlist.
Techno:What hitlist?
Quackity:I'm building a country here. This is what- what we have out there is a country. And what we need here is organization of power. And I don't care how long it fucking takes me, or what I have to do to get you, Techno... I'm going to fucking kill you. I am going to kill you, Technoblade.
Techno:...I just have one question, Quackity.
Quackity:What do you have?
Techno:Do you think you'reenough to kill me? Even unarmed, with iron armor, do you really think YOU can take me?!
Quackity:Oh, I do. Y'know what? Let's fucking find out, you son of a BITCH!

—Quackity confronts Techno in the Final Control Room


Technoblade, shortly before doing just that while fighting Quackity outside the Final Control Room

"Welcome home, Theseus!"

Technoblade revealing his hidden armory for his and Tommy's team up

    The Vengeance Arc 

"This is gonna be chaos, dude! This is gonna be the end of the world, if this- if this goes off!"

Philza, after seeing the vault full of Wither Skulls

"Everything to do with government has just been bad, so far. [...] I've watched it completely destroy and tear down people's wills, and change people. I've seen it change the nicest people into complete and utter tyrants. So... I think it's about time."

Philza joins the Anarchists

Tommy:You screwed me over, Dream. You- You manipulated me.
Dream:Tommy, I was the only person who visited you, I was the only person that was your friend.
Tommy:But- but you were terrible!
Dream:Look at what you did! You- you- you betrayed me! You came here, you're not supposed to be here, you left... And now you're here! And you're causing problems! As far as I heard, you had a hostage!
Tommy:...yeah, we did...
Techno:That's true. That's true.
Tommy:Yeah, y'know what, to get back my discs! So we can put an end to all of this! This all- you were the only one that visited me, because you know what, Dream?
Tommy:I'm the- I'mthe only one that goes against you!And y'know what, Dream? I think you're scaredof me.
Tommy:I think that's what this was about! Containing me! [...] You know what, Dream? Go to hell.

—Tommy confronts Dream

Dream:Tommy, listen. You're gonna come with me... or I'm gonna burn your disc.
Techno:Well, that's gonna be a bit of a problem, Dream. (steps in front of Tommy)Because this guy's with me.

—Techno protects Tommy from Dream

"I dont really know what my stance is on the relations in Lmanburg. Everyone is trying to pick a side and it isn't working. They let their sides get in the way of the interpersonal relationships which are much more important than a city. We have seen people get torn apart becaus of this. Why does everyone keep choosing sides? Why does Dream keep total control? It shouldnt be techno v lmanburg v dream. It should be all of us working together. But why? Why does one person care so much about power? Why does it matter?"

Ranboo, in his memory book

"Why doesn't anyone realize that Dream is the main enemy? Dream is the only one- Dream is the main reason why this keeps happening... See, if no-one chose a side, if no-one chose a side and they were all just allied against Dream, we could take him down easy, 'cause no one man has so much power to take us all down! (Beat) ...Dream did this on purpose. He knew. He knew that if he forced everyone to choose sides, he would have the power. That's why he fought for the discs. That's why he fought for the discs, so... He only did that... Because... He only did that because he wanted all the power to himself, that's why, that's why he kept on doing it, that's why he fought for the discs, that's why he... started the fights between Tubbo and Tommy... 'Cause he knows that if we're all together... Then he doesn't stand a chance. He KNOWS that, he KNOWS that that's why! He knows- (laughs) he knows that that's why that keeps happening. So he makes these things, he makes the discs, he makes L'Manburg, he makes... he makes everything, he gave L'Manburg freedom in order to give himself more control over everything. [...] Dream is the reason why this is all happening. Everything would be fine, everything would be 100% fine, if... Dream didn't have power. We could have peace. For the first time in a LONG time. [...] He knew that every person that gets on this server is gonna just end up being under him. Every person that's on this server is gonna end up being... lesser. Being worse. Even if they all get together they're just going to be worse. [...] He could probably kill me in an instant if he wanted to, he could just get on right now and kill me, but... He doesn't. 'Cause he knows that it would just... He likes to play with us, he likes to toy with us. He likes to... light the fire under us and see us squirm a little. That's what he likes, this isn't... This entire thing, this isn't about people. This is about entertainment for him. This is all just about entertainment for him... 'Cause he's cruel. He's cruel."


Dream: Listen listen listen, Tubbo, Tubbo. I - I- ah, well, thank you for giving me the disc. I just want to say that you're an idiot. You are an absolute idiot. And you have no power and you are the worst president that has ever been president-elect because you're no president at all!

(people protest)

Dream: No, listen, listen! You're not even president! You're not even president — Quackity is more president than you! I'm more president of L'Manberg than you. You listen t- you get pushed around by everybody on this server.

Technoblade: Yeah, tell him!!

Dream: Because you are an idiot. You are a buffoon. You are a fool, you fall for-

Technoblade: You are a coward!

Dream: -everything! You just gave me the one thing I needed to destroy L'Manberg! I don't CARE about L'Manberg. I don't CARE about anything; I've said this before. The only reason why I had not destroyed L'Manberg was because you had the disc! I had to be friends with you, to get the dumb disc back! I don't care about you. I'm not your friend. Okay? I cared about getting the disc back, and I got the disc back. I got it back. And that's-that's- that's the only thing that really matters. You can't even run your nation right. RANBOO IS A TRAITOR. ONE OF YOUR MOST TRUSTED FRIENDS.

(various outbursts and denial)

Dream: NO, IT IS TRUE. READ THIS BOOK. READ THIS BOOK. There's his memory book. He was meeting with Techno and Tommy and told them EVERYTHING. The proof it's all his own memories! He writes it down! You can't even run your own nation correctly, Tubbo. Listen. Tubbo, you, I mean you, ... L'Manberg is weaker than it's ever been, and it's because of you! You have- you have destroyed everything. You have ruined your friendships. You have ruined L'Manberg's allies. You have just- You are a horrible president, Tubbo.


Ponk:Would this be a revolution?
Tommy:This isn't a revolution. This is Doomsday. And we've gotta prepare for it.

—The eve before the Doomsday War

Dream:Tommy, I'm not done with you. L'Manberg's story is over, but our story isn't over.
Tommy:Our story isn'tover Dream, but it willbe.
Dream:I don't think it'll ever be over. You're toofun.

—Dream makes his motives clear

Ghostbur:You knewfriendwas in your house!
Phil:(dismissively)He's got infinite canon-
Ghostbur:(crying; furious)YOUKNEWFRIEND WAS IN YOUR HOUSE!
Phil:He's got infinite canon lives!
Phil:...I did.
Ghostbur:I don't- I don't- I don't want to listen, I don't want to hear what you have to say! I don't wanna have to hear what you have to say... I- I've read the history books... Phil, I've read the history books, You- you k- you slayed the dragon, you slayed Alivebur. You were the- you- you- you are the Saint George of the Dream SMP, we understand! Everyone understands that, Phil, but... Look what you've done!How can you look at this and still see yourself as a hero?!Sending a message, Phil, sending a message?
Phil:...Yeah.Not to- not to start another government. Not to take genuinely nice, wholehearted people and turn them against each other with power and corruption.That's why, Wil. I don't wanna see it happen again.
Ghostbur:So you make me suffer?I- I don't know what Alivebur did, and I'm really trying to remember... But I know what Idid. I just wrote books! I built... remember the lanterns we used to make? I built them, I- I built a house for people, I- I set up this a- I built this town, just like I built Logstedshire, and I've watched them bothblow up. And I didn't... I didn't- I didn't hurt anyone. And yet I'mthe one who suffers, I'mthe one who pays! Tommy didn't even live here, Tommy didn't have a house here. I... I sowed the seeds of peace, and yet I'm the one who pays for war. (sniffles)I knowI'm forgetful, I knowI'm an amnesiac and I know I'm the comic relief in all your stories, but I STILL FEEL THIS, I still FEEL things!And I try my best to make sure no-one else feels it!

—Ghostbur calling Philza out for approving the violent actions he, Techno, and Dream did

    The Disunion Arc 

Tommy:We only have about a week. [...] Now is our last chance. One final effort. Alright?
Tubbo:And if we win this, we're free!
Tommy:If we win this, we're free, and if we lose this, it's ove- Tubbo, one final effort. We need- we- we haveto! Because- and you agree that this is the last time we have to- we have to take him down, alright? Tubbo...
Tubbo:(nods)Aggressive nodding.
Tommy:We get back the discs... Or we die trying. We... Tubbo.
Tommy:We're in the endgame now.

—Tommy and Tubbo plan to take on Dream once and for all

Ghostbur:I need to... I need to be killed. I... (sigh)
Eret:There's a fox out there who needs a father.
Ghostbur:And... There's a world out there that needs a ruler. When I look at this crater, I don't see- I don't see somewhere that Ghostbur made better, I see somewhere that... that is owned by weakness. Eret, I'm not a strong man. I'm not a strong man.
Eret:You werea strong man.
Ghostbur:Yeah, but I'm not a strong ghost! And I- This world needs strength right now, and I... (frustrated groan)It's one of those things where I don't- I want to... Do it, Phil, Phil, do it, I don't wanna look. I'll look at the fish, I'll look at Say-lee. I'll just- I'll hold my blue, and you just... You just put the sword through my chest, right where the scar is that hurts, and I'll... I'll be back. And the world can be strong again.

—Ghostbur makes up his mind

"Don't get me wrong, Tommy has screwed up, time and time again... But he is a CHILD. I'm not saying that in some insignificant, insulting sort of way, but... He- he can make mistakes. And even then, he REALIZES that they're mistakes. He's been exiled, what, twice now? (Beat) Waging a war over- over... children's mistakes? Over a disc, is that- is that really what... We've collapsed homes, killed people, just for... for what?! To prove a point?!"

Captain Puffy

    The Disc War Finale 

Dream:Tubbo... Tubbo thought I was his friend, Tommy. What an idiot, right? He thought I was his friend. Youthought I was your friend. You both- you both thought I was your friend. Y'know, I made- I made sure nobody showed up to your party, so you'd have no friends but me. [...] All along, I've been one step ahead of you since the very beginning. Like, I mean... Tubbo, the reason I havethe disc is because I framedTommy, I blew up the community house and framed him!
Tubbo:You blew up the-
Dream:And you were dumb enough to give methe disc!
Tommy:(furious)You're a psychopath, Dream.
Dream:I mean, I wouldn't say that, but... I mean, L'Manburg's gone, I have the discs, I have you guys at my mercy right now...

—Tommy and Tubbo are captured

"Listen, Tommy, ever since you joined this server, you've been a headache, okay?! You've brought war, you brought terrorism... Bad everything! But, but... The cause of all the war, of everything... was attachment. Right? Your attachment to the discs, your attachment to Henry, to pets, to friends, to land, to countries, to items... [...] That's- that's the ONE good thing that you've done. The ONE good think you've done is, you've brought attachment to the server. So... It took me a long time to realize how important... How important attachment was. But when I did... Y'know, it made me stronger. And I realized that you're- you're- you're important! [...] I- I cut my attachment. I blew up my house, I lost my friends, I lost my items, lost my crossbow, my... Y'know, everything that was important to me, my pets. I cut everything, 'cause that's what gave people power over each other. The reason you're here is because I have these dumb little items. [...] If I can control the things that people are attached to, then I can control the server again! Because this isn't TOMMY SMP, or TUBBO SMP, THIS IS DREAM SMP, right?! So I can control the server if I have everything that everybody cares about! That everybody's EVER cared about! I can control everything, alright? I can turn the server back to what it USED to be."


"Tommy, you wanna be a hero, right? You wanna be a hero. You wanna be the hero of the server. And every hero needs an origin story. Right? I mean, Batman had his parents, Spider-Man had Uncle Ben... You can have Tubbo."


Tommy:He's not gonna kill you. He's not gonna fuckingkill you. You've seen him deceive everyone, Tubbo, you know he's not gonna kill us! I'll tell you what we do, we make a break for the portal and run all the way back to mine, 'cause I've got the secret portal on the exile-base, if we run to that-
Tubbo:(resigned)We will be dead before we get to the portal. Too much of a distance. (Beat)It's alright! We've had some laughs, it was- it was fun while it lasted, but...
Tommy:Why have you just acceptedit?! Don't just accept it now! Don't- No-
Tubbo:We've been backed into a corner.
Tommy:Tubbo, we never accept defeat, alright?!
Tubbo:We're literally at Y-level 5. There's nowhere to go under. We don't have blocks, so we can't tower up. We will be dead before we get to the portal. We can't go [through the wall], we don't have pickaxes. [...] I... Yeah, it's over. (Beat)We had some laughs! It was fun. Y'know. All good things must come to an end eventually. I just didn't think that this would be... This would be my... My "coming to an end", if you will.
Tommy:What am I- What am I without you?
Tommy:So are you really- Are you acceptingthis? Are you ok-
Tubbo:Yeah. It's alright. It's alright, hey! It was fun, we said our goodbyes already, at the start!
Tommy:But that was- We were optimistic, you knowthat we were... [...] This isn't what...
Tubbo:Well, y'know, you get backed into a corner. This is... Like, he described me as a pawn? This is checkmate. This is it. This is the end. I suggest you resign.
Tommy:...Tubbo. Even though, for this entire server, I've always regarded you as... as my- as my sidekick. Really, Tubbo, I was- I was yoursidekick.
Tommy:Please don't go...Pleasedon't go...
Tubbo:No, it's fine. It's about time, anyway. It's about time.

—Tubbo and Tommy say their goodbyes

Dream:Why are you all here?!
Jack Manifold:We're tired, man. We're tired of your shit.
Ponk:What is this? What is this?!
Eret:You've got nowhere to run.
Ponk:Huh?! Cat got your tongue?!

—The Cavalry arrives

Tommy:You know what, you son of a bitch? You told me everything. You told me I'm too important to kill. Even now. You're not gonna- you're not gonna fucking kill me. You don't have the guts.(Tommy digs a hole)Put your armour in the hole.Everything. Everything on you, there.
Tommy:Hey, Dream, Dream, kill me. (Beat)You said you won't.

—Tommy flips the tables

Tommy:...We won...
Tubbo:I like it, it's... Yeah! That's crazy!
Wilbur:And you're not dead.
Wilbur:I'm- I'm frankly impressed.I'm veryimpressed with you, Tommy.
Wilbur:I- (laughs softly)I'm not Ghostbur. Tommy, I'm very impressed.
Wilbur:(amused)Hello! Have you missed me?

—Tommy and Tubbo get a visit from an old friend

"I just- Dude, I just wanted to say, I was very ready to see you here soon. Y'know? There was- It seemed like there was... A space was growing for you in the Afterlife, it felt like, y'know. It felt like your presence was slowly entering the afterlife, but here you are! And you're, you're still alive, you're... You never seem to die, do you?"


Wilbur:I'm proud of you, Tommy. I'm proud of you.
Tommy:...see you soon, Wilbur.
Wilbur:See you soon.

—The window into the Afterlife closes once again

Season Three

    The Imprisonment Arc 

"Dream's manipulated me, and I might not have been privy to that, I didn't... I was too blind to see it myself. I was just like, 'Dream's the one that's given me the power I have, so... Y'know, I'm just gonna do what he wants.' And I didn't realize that it was fucking manipulation. He's manipulative, he gets whatever he wants through whatever means he wants. He played us all. And I was too blind to see it. But we move on. I'm going to... Y'know, maintain my position as king of the SMP, I'm going to make this the best place for as many people as possible. I'm gonna... gonna make life good, I'm gonna make people happy. We're gonna celebrate. If anyone tries to stop that, then we're gonna stop them. No-one should have to live in fear. For the greater good."


"On the 21st of January 2021 Snowchester is becoming independent from the nation known as "Dream SMP".
This means from this day forth Snowchester will no longer be part of Dream SMP, but its own country.
- Tubbo Underscore"

"Independents", by Tubbo

Dream:Tommy, give me my clock.
Tommy:(laughs)Or what? You're gonna kill me? Then your server won't be fun anymore, you said it yourself. Turns out, I actually had all the power over you all along, I just didn't know it. (Beat)You can have your clock back, you're gonna be in here for a long-ass time... (puts the clock back)Everyone's going- they feel bad for you, and I did feel bad for you, but you were actually going to kill, um... My best friend. And uhhh... And hold me in here.
Dream:That's true.
Tommy:You would've put me in here!
Dream:That's true, you would've been in here. Well, to be fair, you're in here right now.
Tommy:...This is really- this is a really sad sight. [...] Hey, Dream, are you getting all sad?
Tommy:Hey Dream, hey Dream, watch this. I am your best friend, Dream! I am your friend, and I will come visit you every day, and you can stream it! You can stream it! (takes the clock off the wall)By the way, by the way, throw this in this hole I've made! I'm going to- Does this remindyou of anything, prick?!Prick-boy?!

—Tommy visits Dream in prison

Dream:Tommy, I'm sorry.
Dream:Yeah. I'm sorry.
Tommy:For what?
Dream:For everything that I did to you.
Tommy:How do I know you're not lying?
Dream:I mean, I have no reason to lie.
Tommy:Yeah, but, you could've said that last- ...okay.

—Tommy gets an apology

Tommy:I can therapize you, I can be your little therapist, if you'd like. Tell me how you're feeling.
Dream:Um... Sad.
Dream:'Cause I lost my friends. And all my stuff. And my server. And you. And my lives.
Tommy:Oh yeah, you only have one life now... And... (Beat)I think I've diagnosed you already, you are just a... You're just... (Beat)How do you feel about losing your stuff?
Tommy:Who do you miss the most?
Dream:...I think you should go, Tommy.
Tommy:If you fucking say Gogy, I swear to... Who do you miss the most?!
Dream:I think you should go, Tommy.
Tommy:No, tell me who you miss the most.
Dream:Guard! GUARD!

—Tommy tries to help

Bad:Tommy is one of the most impactfulpeople on the server, okay? Plus, all those discs he has... The whole point was, if we could figure out how to get him on the Egg's side, right? If we could get him to ally with us, the IMPACT we would have been able to have on the SMP would have been HUGE! It would have totally... It would have totally sped up the process. Right? Everything would've been expedited! But the problem is, nooooo! Sam... Ya got in the way. Okay, you got in the way of the objective.
Sam:No, Sam Nookgot in the way, and thank Godthat he did! 'Cause I mean... They're CHILDREN! And his mental state is already sodegraded! I mean, he's a kid!
Bad:And y'know what? Something about him, the Egg doesn't like.
Bad:The Egg's not having an influence on him, which means Tommy has to go.
Bad:Everyone else on the SMP has been influenced-
Sam:(horrified)What does that even MEAN?!
Puffy:Wh- y-you're talking about getting rid of a CHILD, Bad!
Sam:Do you even know what he's been through?! He's been through so much!Dream exiled him!
Puffy:He lost EVERYTHING!
Bad:No, anything-
Sam:Dream's been telling me about what he did to him! It was awful!

—Sam and Puffy take a stand

Quackity:(quietly, seething)BadBoyHalo, there is something severelywrong with you. There is something sowrong with you.
Bad:There's nothing wrong. Quackity, I've seen- I've seen the truth!
Quackity:I don't know what's going on, Bad. I don't know what's going on. I've talked to you prior, I've talked to you prior, you're not this type of person, Bad. Really?
Bad:It's the Egg, Quackity!
Quackity:Reeling me in- reeling me in with power? I wanted to see this Egg, I thought I was just gonna see this... goddamnEgg, and all you're doing right now, is you took me to a source of some sort of power, that kind clouds your mind?! I FELT it, Bad! I FELT it, and I was- that felt AWFUL!
Bad:No, but you just haven't- you just gotta spend more time with it!
Quackity:I didn't FEEL like myself! I started- I started getting thoughts, I started getting thoughts! I am sosick and tired- I am sosick and tired of what... [...] You know what, Bad?! I want power, Bad, you're right, I do want power! And I'm not depending on a stupid Eggto get it. Mark my words, Bad. I'm sick and tired of you, and every other person in this goddamn server reading into something that has nomeaning, but thinkingit does, and using it to gain power, Bad, I'm sick and tired of it. You wanna see power, Bad?! I'm gonna show you some realgoddamn power!
Bad:Oh, really? Really?
Quackity:I don't need no goddamn Eggs, no goddamn discs, I don't need noneof that, Bad.
Bad:You're talking like you have a choice, Quackity. Quackity, everybodyis going to be forced to make a choice! You're eitherwiththe Egg, or you'reagainstthe Egg, Quackity. You don't have a choice.
Quackity:Don't everput me in this kind of situation again, Bad. I don't know what's happened to you, I don't know what's going on, don't EVER put me into this situation again!
Bad:I tried the easy way, Quackity. I tried the easy way... But you've chosen the hard way, Quackity.

—Quackity rejects the Egg

"This better be good."


Bad:Ponk told us that you could... take care of somebody. And uh... We need you to do a task involving dealing with a... problematicindividual.
Purpled:Okay... Who do you have in mind?
Bad:Do you know of one Captain Puffy?
Purpled:I do. I do. [...] Ant. Bad. Punz. What do you have in mind for payment? I'm not doing this for cheap.

—Purpled takes the job

Sam:Alright, you know the drill, before we can get started I've gotta ask you some questions, okay?
Sam:Alright. When is the last time that you visited the prison?
Ranboo:Uhh... I believe this would be my first time, actually, yeah!
Sam:(snorts)Okay, Ranboo, c'mon, like... You have to be serious though, I'm serious, come on. You can't lie on it, I'm serious. When was the last time you visited the prison?
Ranboo:Uh... Oh, oh, ohhh, okay! Okay, okay, I know what you mean, I know what you mean. Um... When you toured me. That was my last visit, when you toured me in the beginning and you showed me how the little locker rooms work and everything. That was it.
Sam:(concerned)Ranboo... I'm not really talking about that, I'm- The last time that you came to the prison. You don't have to have the day, but when about was the last time that you came?
Ranboo:Uh... Um... Yeah, no, I'm pretty sure... You don't count, like, being outside, right?
Ranboo:Yeah. So... Yeah, no, I mean, before the... Before the prison was even open, I think. So, I don't really think I've seen it like, opened. (nervous laugh)
Sam:...Ranboo, I have a book, in my storage, that's signed, where you signed all the release forms when you came last time. What are you talking about?

—The blind spots in Ranboo's memory get more and more prominent

Sam:What is going onright now, Ranboo?
Ranboo:Mm... Um... I, phew... Reason number three. Um... Ohh... Boy... Um... I... Can't... Tell you.
Sam:You can't tell me?!
Ranboo:I can't tell you.
Sam:You can't tell me.
Ranboo:Yeah, I can't... I can't... I can't tell you.
Sam:You took the contracts that I gave you. You edited the contents when you signed them, I trusted you and put them away in storage, and when I went to get them to see if you HAD visited just now, THIS is what was in them! (Ranboo opens the contract to see the contents have been replaced with something in Enderman-language)What IS that?! What ISthat?! That is nothing, that is- that is nothing!
Ranboo:No, it's um... Something. It's something. Okay, so I didvisit the prison...
Sam:Yes. Like I said. From the beginning.
Ranboo:Yeah. M'kay. Um... And... Um... So I was, um... How did I- How did I sound when I was visiting the prison, actually...?
Sam:You sounded fine, you sounded like you were okay!
Ranboo:...sounded like I was okay...
Sam:You seemed to be fine, you answered all the questions well, you were ready to go in, you said that you were living up in the snow biome, which is fine, and you said that you believed he was deserving of being locked up, but then you edited the contracts?!
Ranboo:I- I- Did! Yeah, I did, apparently, yeah. Apparently... Apparently I did... 's true.
Sam:Ranboo, if you can't explain this, I'm not letting you back in to see him. What did the two of you talk about when you were there?
Ranboo:You know my memory's- You know my memory's bad, I have- I have no idea.
Sam:I let you bring the memory book!
Ranboo:I... You let me bring... (leafs through the memory book)There's nothing... I... Must've been a different...
Sam:You didn't write down what the two of you talked about, Ranboo?! That's the whole reason I let you bring it! You said "I'm going to forget what we talk about, is it okay if write this down?", and I carried it for you, and gave it to you by the entrance of the main cell! And then Icame into the main cell and got the book for you! What do you mean?!
Ranboo:(stilted)Must've- Must've been a- probably just a different book, that I... burned? Maybe, as sort of like a... um... As a freeing mind... um... Free my mind from the pain of... um... what he has done to the server. Yeah. [...] Sam...
Ranboo:I need you to not let me into the prison.
Sam:I'm not going to let you in already, Ranboo, what do you meanyou need me to not let you in? Obviously I'm not gonna let you in! [...] (heavily concerned)Are you okay?!
Ranboo:...No. But-
Sam:Is there something I can do?
Ranboo:No... It's, um... Nothing that I can... (nervous laugh)Tell. You.

—Sam uncovers some concerning details

Dream, written in book:it was a security measurenote Refers to the blocks of crying obsidian in the cell

Sapnap:"It was a security measure?"...Ohhh. Oh, okay. You should really talk to me, man. You know, even though, like, you've done bad things and you sh- you deserve to be here. You know, doesn't mean I- we can't, you know, somewhat be friends anymore. Whatever. This is- this is where you gotta be for now.
Dream:ill get out one day
Sapnap:No, dude. You can't. Like, I love you, man, but you- you've gotta stay here. This is where... This is where you belong for now. Maybe... Maybe one day, if everyone's cool with it.
Sapnap:Are you supposed to... (trails off)
Dream:i spent days i broke the lecturn i was making a portal and he did this
Sapnap:(reads book out loud)Dude. Dream, you- you- you can't- you can't try and escape, okay? Like... Like, I miss you being out there with us, too, but what you did, like- you gotta stay here, dude. You- This is where you belong for now. You know, I- You know, maybe I'll come and visit you, George'll come and visit you, you know, we can still be friends, but dude, you haveto stay here for now. I'm sorry. I don't want you to be sad or upset, but like, I think you know that this is where you've gotta be as well. Please don't try and escape.
Sapnap:You're just making this harder on yourself! Alright, you don't have to make this more difficult than it needs to be, okay? You're gonna- you're gonna stay here, and yeah, it's gonna suck, but you're tough, you can get through it, man.
Sapnap:No.You might have to stay here forever, dude. I don't think- I don't think you're leaving here.
Sapnap:No, no. Dream, no. Dream-
Sapnap:No!No! You have to-
Sapnap:Dream, I- I want this to be clear to you, okay? What you did, the things you did, this is what you got for it, okay? You gotta stay here until- until however long you need to be. And if you try and come out, if you try and break out early, Dream... If you try and break out early... You only have one life left, okay? And, you know, I don't think it's gonna be Tommy, it's not gonna be Techno, Dream. If you break out of this prison, it's gonna be- it's gonna be me who takes your final life. And it's not because I have any resentment towards you or anything, but it's because this is where you needto be, dude. You have to stay here.

—Sapnap visits Dream in prison

"Doomed are those who try to run for it always catches up eventually :)"

Ranboo in Ender after his Enderwalk state was unwittingly triggered by Sapnap

    The Lockdown Arc 

"One of the things I always find in life, is that the most satisfying thing with anything is closure. Y'know? Putting a proper lid on everything. Going "Right, this is done. This is done, and it's all ended." And I'll be honest with you all, [...] I don't feel like I kinda have that yet. Maybe it's 'cause of this Egg. I don't know what more there is to do. (sigh) But there's one thing that's really been keeping me up all night, and almost putting me off coming on this server. It's that I know that that bastard's still in there. And I've really avoided going to see him [...]. Maybe it's the trauma of it. But... Now everything is fine. The hotel is fine. We've got an employee, who seems very dedicated us... [...] I think we need a little bit more closure. Next time I stream, boys, on this Dream SMP... I'm gonna go to the prison. I'm gonna read the books he wrote for me — 'cause I know he has. And then... I think we'll have some closure."


"I wanna make sure I always like who I am, and y'know, around this guy, I don't think I do. I don't think I- I don't think I like who I am, when I'm around Dream."


Dream:Exile, it wasn't... It wasn't toobad. I mean, you still... you had... Y'know. We hung out.
Tommy:(Angrish)YOU BASTARD, DREAM! YOU THREW MY SHIT INTO A HOLE, I CAN'T GO NEARPLAINS BIOMES NOW WITHOUT GETTING A LITTLE TREMBLY IN THE FINGERS!You- Yeah, no, it was fucked!You're fucked![...] When I'm around you my brain feels like I'm fucking conditioned to be your friend, but also when I have a knife, I wanna just plunge it into your heart man, it's like I don't... You don't make me a good person! You make me bad, Dream! All the shit that's happened has been because of you! And I don't... I'm moving on to bigger and better things now, bitch! I'm... I'm done! I'm done.
Dream:What if you... What if you just [visit] like, once a month or something?
Tommy:No. No, I don't wanna- I don't wanna know you in my life anymore, this is done. Alright? There's... (sigh)'Cause you've ruined- You've ruined L'Manburg, you've ruined... Like, almost everything, you almost- You almost KILLED TUBBO, MAN! Like, what the FUCK is WRONG with you?! You're a bad guy, you're a bad guy, but even worse than the one from Billie Eilish's song!
Dream:Well, everybody thinks they're right from their perspective!
Tommy:That's not true. That's not true!
Dream:Well, Ithink I'm right. I did bad things, but I did them for good reasons.
Tommy:What do you meangood reasons? [...] No, please, please enlighten us! Please, enlighten me!
Dream:I just wanted to bring the server together. Have it be... a happy family.
Tommy:Br... Bring the server to... You fffff- (under his breath)I'm gonna crack my knuckles, I'm gonna pull a knife, I'm gonna- (out loud)Dream, you des- You blew upL'Manburg, Dream! You tried killingme, you tried killing everyone, you tried hurting people's loved ones! It's like- What the- what the fu- you're delusional, man! And I'm... I'm fucking sick, you- I'm fucking sick of it. And I... But I don't- I don't need to go through any of this stress anymore, alright? Because this is medoing this to menow, not you! Alright? You're fine now, you're locked up, you're a bitch! I'mthe one that's giving me the stress here now. But I'm betterthan that. I'm better than you. So I'm done here. You ruined my past, Dream, but you will notruin my future.
Dream:I'm not- I- I'm- Tommy, I'm trying to change and be better, and not... be the same person I was, and... (stammering)You can visit me, every now and then! It'll help! It'll help. Right? It'll help- It'll help me... Be better.
Tommy:Fuck off, mate.

—Tommy gives Dream a piece of his mind

Tommy:Let me out. Tell Sam to let me out. Do you have an emergency button you can press?! [...] Can you pull it? Please? Can you pull that lever, please!
Dream:-is dealing with the security issue.
Tommy:What does that mean?!
Dream:It means that you could be stuck in here for a little bit. Maybe even days.
Dream:Tommy, you signed- I- I know you signed a book, because I'm the one who wrote it, that said if there's a security issue going on, then you can- you- you signed away that you could be in here for up to a week.
Tommy:(horrified)WHAT THE- WHAT THE FUCK?!
Dream:That sounded like a- That TNT, that sounded like a security issue to me, I dunno if you agree.
Dream:I dunno. A security issue.
Tommy:Let me out. Let- I- I can'tbe in here for a week, I've got my hotel to run, I need to go spend time with my pals, man! I'm getting back on- Nonononono, LET ME OUT! PHIIIL! PHIL!
Dream:Tommy, if you have a way to get out, then let's get out together! We can find- we can work it out, we can-
Tommy:Fuck. Off.
Dream:Well, then there's no way out.

—Tommy gets trapped in Dream's cell

Tommy:Look at me, alright? The only reason I'm not [going to kill you] is because you're in this prison. And I... I'm gonna get my little scooter out, and I'll be fine, Dream. You? You're stuck in here forever. I don't think this revive book is real.Schlatt? He's fucking dead! I've seen his grave, his grave is real, his corpse is there!Alright?!
Dream:Why don't you gosee him then!
(Dream starts beating Tommy)

—Tommy's final moments

    The Mourning Arc 

Puffy:This is like a memory, this is history, and you changed it so you could have a partyin here?! This is not a part- (opens the door)Out.Out.
Bad:What? No, this is- this is Egg-land now!
Puffy:No! No! (destroys the cake)This is Tommy's house!OUT!
Bad:HEY! Don't take allthe cake!
Ant:This is-
Puffy:Out! Somewhere else! Go party at your Egg, then! Out!
Bad:Y'know what? Y'know what, Puffy? You're not invited to this party.
Puffy:OH, THAT, THATBOTHERS YOU, BUT ACHILD DYINGIS FINE![...] What happenedto you three?
Punz:Puffy... Greatness happened, okay?
Puffy:I- You all look like you have pinkeyeto start with, you need to see a doctor, I honestly shouldn't even bethis close to you. But you have all completelylost your minds. And your morals, apparently!

—Puffy tears into the Eggpire after they trash Tommy's house

"Being the hero isn't working. It is NOT working- I am ONLY failing, and I've noticed that there is no prize, no joy, no ANYTHING that you get from being a hero. But! Being the villain- you sure seem to get away with EVERYTHING. So I'm starting to think, maybe I need a little bit of a change in perspective. Maybe- maybe less sparing people, less mercy! Maybe only for the ones that DESERVE it. And some of the people on this server right now DEFINITELY don't deserve it. That is EVER so clear to me, now."

Captain Puffy

"Y'know what?! Screw them. SCREW them! Screw them! Screw my friends. What I thought were friends. They're not friends at all. Apparently not good people. Uh, so, what I'M thinking... is, I'm kinda tired of the Eggpire! I'm kinda sick of it! It is a load of crap! And it's spread nothing but TERROR and CHAOS to the server! And, they're just really, REALLY bad people. So... Y'know what? (Beat) I'm gonna destroy the headquarters! And if it wasn't for the Egg damaging me, almost killing me, because... honestly at this point I have nothing to lose on this server. But if it wasn't for the rest of the people that need protection on this server, I would sacrifice myself and KILL myself, JUST so the Egg's not here anymore! I would honestly completely sacrifice myself, and everything I love and hold dear on the server, if it meant that NOBODY had to deal with anything anymore. But unfortunately, there's still people I have to protect, and CLEARLY, the server is NOT in good hands right now, because there's Punz, Antfrost and Bad, who have COMPLETELY LOST their EFFING MINDS! Foolish needs me! I don't even know about Dream, I don't even know, I don't even know about Dream, I don't even know where to process that, put that, how to even THINK about him right now! I just don't know, honestly, anymore. I am SO beyond belief with the people on this server and their actions that have absolutely no consequences! UNLESS YOU'RE A CHILD, apparently! If you're a child here, you get LOADS of consequences, like exile, DEATH apparently, that's okay, but no! Nope, you could be a murderer, and you're fine. You could blow up L'Manburg, and you're fine! You could blow it up AGAIN, and you're FINE! (Beat) YOU KNOW WHAT?! If no one's getting consequences, I might as well start acting up, because NOTHING's gonna happen to ME! (Beat) They don't wanna party at their Egg-headquarters, they wanna desecrate Tommy's hotel, and his house, and EVERYTHING he's ever held dear, no, no, they don't get to HAVE a headquarters then! They don't get to HAVE a secret meeting place! No! And soon, soon enough, they won't be able to have an Egg either!"

Captain Puffy

"With men that like to play with lives like they're toys… with men that haven't really grown up, and they're still boys."

Captain Puffy

"The reason why so many people hated Tommy is because... Tommy made them think. Tommy made them think. For... the first time. The people that were so deeply rooted in their own beliefs, they had... conflict. They had conflict. And that made them rethink. That made them rethink what they believed, what they thought. So... Tommy, sure, he's... seen as annoying, seen as... whatever. And... He was seen as annoying by me, and... If he was still around, probably would be. But... This doesn't make any sense... Why suddenly so many people seem to care about him so much. People seem to care about him so, so much more, now that he's gone. When before, he was stuck in the prison for an entire WEEK! And no-one thought to help? No-one thought to help. No-one on this server. No-one on this server thought to help. [...] But now that he's gone? People are becoming... virtuous, they're becoming 'Oh, this shouldn't happen again.' But they didn't even try! [...] I know that I didn't help. But I mean... I KNOW that I didn't help. [...] I should've done something, but I didn't, because I was scared. I was scared to help. And... That was my fault, but I... I know that. (sigh) I'm being... hypocritical, I'm being... I'm... I'm going back on what I've said previously, I'm doing this because- Even I... I don't know how to handle this."


"Everybody on this server... Prepare. ANYONE who is anti-Egg... Anyone who's not on the Egg's side... You guys better get ready, because guess what? We know who you are. And at the end of the day... The Egg is gonna be victorious. And there's nothing ANYBODY can do to stop it. Nothing. (Evil Laugh) Good luck."


    Post-Lockdown Era 

Wilbur:I'm- I'm really happy you're here, man.
Tommy:(breathing shakily)Stop sayingthat. Stop it.
Wilbur:I felt this space growing for you in here, right, and y'know why, Tommy, you know why I'm glad? Because me and you were nevergood for that server. We just weren't, like- look at- look at the whole history of the server, and it all falls in our laps, the problems, right? You're doing this thing, you're doing this thing where you do your shaky breath again.
Tommy:(shakily)Thanks for pointing it out.
Wilbur:Think about it, think about it! Everything that's gone wrong, it's down to us, it lies at our footsteps.
Tommy:When you talk like this, I do the thing where my voice gets shaky! When you talk like this!
Wilbur:Yeah, yeah. Here's the thing, I genuinely thing that if- if- if it weren't for me and you dying, right, the server would be in shambles. I know for a factthat if I come back, or if I'm brought back to life in some way, it's definitely gonna...
Tommy:Don't fuckin'... Fuck off, you're fucking here... And I'm so- huh?
Wilbur:I know what I'm like. That's the issue.
Tommy:Well Iknow what I'mlike, and I FUCKING HATE IT HERE!

—The conversation in the Afterlife

Dream:(excitedly)So what was it like?!
Tommy:(breathing heavily)What was wh... What was what like...?
Dream:What was it like?! I dunno.
Tommy:(stammering, gasping)Void. It was... dark. It was all dark.
Dream:What did it feel like?
Tommy:What did it feel... What did what feel like?
Dream:Like, death.
Tommy:(shaky laughter)You fuckin'- You are fucking monster.It felt-
Dream:I- What, no, what did it feel like? You're- Tommy, no-one has everbeen dead and been back. I was- honestly, I was kind of scared it wouldn't work, but...
Tommy:...you were scared... You were scared it wouldn't work?
Dream:Well, I never tried it.
Tommy:Death was... (shaky breathing)Death was- death was- it was- it felt like my body was- was... taken apart and put back together again. And then put back apart here. I felt stretched, man.

—Tommy gets brought back to life

Tommy:...I'm... You can't have this power. You... You're a mad- You're a psychopath. You're a monster!You... You have to die. You haveto die. I... Dream. [...] I haveto kill you. This isn't even a matter of- of disliking you or not, disregard all of our previous entanglements! You have to die.
Dream:M'kay. Go on then. Kill me.
Dream:Come on. I'll go in the corner.
Tommy:Okay. Okay! Corner of the prison...
Dream:Go ahead.
Tommy:This is- This is where you die. In the prison. [...] You die! And revival goes down with you! I'll kill you in the FUCKING PRISON, the prison you will NEVER fucking get out of, if only I hadn't have came here, and I wouldn't have been trappedin here, I would've been fucking fine!So now, I'm gonna kill you, and I'm gonna be trapped alone! I'm gonna- I'm gonna- Then I'm gonna be in here...(Beat)If I kill you now, then... I'll- I'llbe in here... Then I'll be stuck in here... And I know the book I signed... (Beat)I can't... So if I kill you in here... What happens if I kill you in here?
Dream:Well, I mean... You'll probably be stuck in here, have people think you're dead... Um... Awesam seems pretty upset with me, so...
Tommy:If you're dead, Sam would let me out. Sam would let me out!
Dream:He won't realize you're in here for a while.
Tommy:Well the terms of the book was breaking in, not trying- (gasps at an Elder Guardian noise)Breaking in, not trying to kill! He'd let me out, right? Right?!
Dream:Well, I mean, I'm not even sure how long it would take him to realize that- that you're... Y'know, that you're in here. Might be a while, actually. May be a couple months, he wouldn't realize you're in here, then when he does, he'd realize- He wouldn't know where I am, he'd think I escaped! And... You know what that means.
Tommy:So I'd... [...] If I kill you, I'll be in here forever. Sam won't let me out, I knowwhat I signed... Sam's just the owner of the prison, you've... I know how serious he gets... I c... I can't kill you in here. (choking up)Because then I- I'll be in here forever myself! And then... Then it'll be worse than down there! Or up there, I don't knowwhere it was! But it'll be worse than... It'll be worse than death.And then I'll have to die in here. And then I'll go back there.No more memories, no anything.Just suffering.

—Tommy realizes he can't kill Dream

Tommy:You killed me... Why did you kill me?! Why- You could've just told meit was real! Why did you kill me?!
Dream:You didn't believe me! I was proving a point!
Tommy(high-pitched, horrified)You killed me just to prove a point?!Dre- Dream! You put me through that-
Dream:You didn't believe me!
Tommy:(voice cracking)YOU PUT ME THROUGH MONTHS, MONTHS, OF AGONY, AND STRESSAND PURE TRAUMA, JUST TO PROVE A POINT?!And now you're threatening to kill me again- You- Dream! You killed me to prove a point! With this much power... (sound of disbelief)You killed me.
Dream:I had to! You wouldn't believe me, what else am I gonna do!
Tommy:You killed me to prove a- You killed meto prove your own point. You could've just showed me! You could've just- This is soevil. This is- This is- This isn't like before! This isn't "You've blown up our town", you've put me through torture!Through pain! To PROVE A POINT, DREAM! THAT'S- THAT'S FUCKED!You CAN'T do that to me! To ANY- You-
Dream:Why? Why can't I, Tommy? You didn't believe me! You were calling me a liar! How else was I supposed to prove it?
Tommy:You killed me-
Dream:It's not that big of a deal, it's not-
Tommy:YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'VE- Dream, you will NEVER understand it, your simple fuckingstupid green brain, you will NEVER understand what I've just been through, Dream! You killed me now just to prove a point, you sent me back to Wilbur, to Schlatt, all the people you know- you knoware my enemies! And you put me in there for months!You send me through the torture- I was ripped apart, Dream! Can you- Can you even imaginewhat that's like?! No, you can't, 'cause you're fuckin' soft, Dream, you're soft, alright?! You put on all of this, but you're nothing, Dream, you don't know what it's like, alright? You're- You're not just evil now, you are fucking demented, fuck you, FUCK YOU, man! Seriously, more than before, this isn't... You're not just a villain, you're not just the villain in the history books... You are the fucking devil, man, you put me through all of this, man... What the fuck...

—Tommy rips Dream a new one

Dream:I'll let you free. I'll let you free. We'll call for Sam, we'll get him in here, he'll- he'll let you out. But... I'm gonna bring back Wilbur. And- and Wilbur's...
Dream:Wilbur's gonna help me escape! (starts laughing)He will owe me his life!AND HE'S BEEN THERE FOR HOW MANYYEARS?! He's probably the smartest man on the entire planet!
Tommy:No, you won't bring back Wilbur, promise meyou won't!
Dream:I'm going to bring him back, and he'sgonna be the one to break me out of here.
Tommy:Dream, I know this seems elaborate, but promise meyou won'tbring back Wilbur.
Dream:I'm bringing back Wilbur.

—Wilbur's return is on the horizon

"You think you can fool me? You think you can fool my brothers? No. Foolish, the Egg wants blood. The Egg will get blood."


Foolish:You guys are messing with the wrongperson! You hear me? I canshow youwhat happens when you REALLY piss me off!So I SUGGEST you leave. NOW!
Ponk:Your empty threats mean nothing. The Egg is all-powerful. What can youdo? What can you do? Huh? Nothing.
Foolish:I'm a peaceful man, Ponk. But... If I must defend myself...I can.Shall I show you?
Ponk:(raises his trident)Defend yourself against thisthen, Foolish. Huh? (Ponk throws the trident, hitting Foolish)What are you gonna do, huh?!
Foolish:Ponk. Try it again.
Ponk:Nothing! Nothing!Nothing at all!(Ponk hits Foolish with the trident again)
Foolish:I might be a Totem of the Undying. But in the past... I have been a Totem of Death. Let me show you.
Sam:(backing away)Oh God...
Foolish:You know... as a God of the Ocean... I also have control of the skies! It's not just one thing. Have you ever felt the taste of lightning, Ponk? Ant? Or Bad?
Ponk:Do you see where we are, Foolish? Are you THAT MUCH of a fool?!
Foolish:Oh, it doesn't matter. A sunny day- A sunny day... does not matter.
Ponk:I don't believe you. I don't believe you!
Foolish:Well... Let me show you. Right... NOW!
(Lightning strikes the Eggpire; they scatter)
Foolish:Begone! BEGONE FROM THIS PLACE! And I don't EVER want to see you guys here!

—The confrontation after the Eggpire blows up the Statue of Ra

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!
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Glatt's untitled note to Quackity

Quackity:I'm not- I'm not here to play games, honestly, I'm very busy, and... I wanna say you're busy, being here, but... I want that book, Dream. I don't want it- I needthat book. And you have it... And... I want it.
Dream:I- I burnedthe book. It's just- it's-
Quackity:Come on.
Dream:No, I did, I did, it's just knowledge, it's in my head. How do you think- I couldn't bring a book in here, how do you think I was able to revive Tommy? It's just... like I'mthe book.
Quackity:Oh, really?
Quackity:Then it's simple. You're gonna tell me what you know.
Dream:(laughing)That- Why would I do that?
Quackity:Dream, you don't have leverage over... anyoneor anythinganymore. You're stuck here, you're trapped. [...] I don't want to do anything to you, Dream, I just want you to give me your knowledge about the book. Because I need it.
Dream:Well, why don't you- You can take me out, you can bring me outta here, um... And then I can, y'know...
Quackity:Really?No, I don't think that's gonna happen. I think what's gonna happen is that you're gonna give me the knowledge about that book, and you're gonna stay in here, and that's it.
Dream:Oh, yeah? Or what?You're gonna put me in uh... Double prison?
Quackity:(laughs)Double prison? Nah. Nah, Dream, I'm gonna do something else to you. (he places his weapons in item frames on the wall)I'm asking the nice way. So...
Dream:How did you-
Quackity:(brandishes the axe)I'm asking the nice way, Dream! And you didn't wanna tell me.
Dream:You're not gonna kill me!
Quackity:I'm not gonna killyou. But I'm gonna make you-
Dream:(backing away; panicked)SAM?!
Quackity:I'm gonna make your last days in this fucking prisonhell, Dream.
Dream:SAM!HOW DID YOU- (hits Quackity)
Quackity:Hey, don't do that! Don't do that, don't you fucking do that! Don't do that to me, don't you fucking touchme, alright? It's simple, Dream, alright? You're gonna tell me allthe knowledge you have in that fucking book, or I'm gonna come here, every. Single. Fucking. Day.To make your life hell. That is exactly what I'm gonna do, and I'm gonna fucking stick to it, until you give me knowledge on that fucking book!
Dream:(shaking)I'm not gonna tell you anything!
Quackity:You have no other choice. If you want me here, every fucking day, then you're gonna give me the fucking knowledge on the book! I'm not fucking around, Dream, you're gonna tell me!
Quackity:You can scream for Sam all you want, Dream.
Dream:(stammering)There's no way- How did you sneak it in?!
Quackity:Alright, alright. You know what? There's been enough talking. There's been enough talking, Dream. You're gonna tell me, or we're gonna do this the fucking hard way, for as long as I need to do it.

—Quackity pays Dream a visit

"You say everyone has a good side, Quackity, and you're right! You're right. Everyone has a good side. But that good side is only there to help themselves. If you want to really help people, you're gonna need power, Quackity. You can- You can make a movement, you can make a resistance, right, you can go out, and you can come back and they'll give you a ticker tape parade. They'll cheer for you in the streets, but you will change nothing. If you have a revolution... Everyone will hate you, you will sacrifice everything, and you will lose everything you ever had. But you'll come back, andeverythingwill be changed. If you wanna change things, you're gonna need power. That's what you want, really, isn't it? Look at me. Power isn't gained from diplomacy, and bureaucracy, and giant courthouses suspended in the sky, blah blah blah, it's gained from swords, Quackity. It's gained from blades, it's gained from steel, iron. Even if everyone has this 'good side' that you're talking about, then anyone who wants to prove it has to show their dark side first. You're going to have to kill. You're going to have to torture. You're going to have to maim. When I look at you... as a fellow outsider... You're not ready for that."

Wilbur's speech to Quackity before the election

    The Red Banquet 

Bad:You see, the Egg needs something, and it's gonna get it from each of you. See, in order for the Egg to hatch, it needs... Energy. And it gets that energy by people dying near it. And that's the role that youguys are gonna fill!
Eret:You're a monster...
Bad:We're gonna kill you one by one- Oh! What did you just say, Eret?
Eret:You're an absolute monster.How could you? Like... We- we all trusted you, Bad!
Ponk:Trust?! Okay, Eret. Keep talking. Keep talking about trust.
Eret:...that was a long time ago.I've changed since then, I knownot to break people's trust anymore!
Bad:Y'know what... I think... Uh, I think, Eret, you would be the perfectperson... to sacrifice first!

—Eret takes a stand

Foolish:Alright, stop!Stop, stop, stop! I have had enough!I am sickof this foul, red stench, I am TIRED of this endless cycle of Egg-nonsense, I tried — WE tried to give this dreadfulEgg another chance! But it's probably best it ends this way. Shielding itself against TNT? That was impressive. Unexpected, no doubt. But can it withstand... a barrage of lightning?
(Beat; nothing happens)
Bad:Hm... Huh! Interesting!
Foolish:(quietly; scared)I don't... I don't understand... Why... Why isn't it working...?
Bad:(laughs)You really thought, Foolish... You thought you could enter the Egg's domain and- and beat it in a battle of power? Come on.
Foolish:I... I... I thought...
Bad:You're in the Egg's territory, Foolish. Oh, you know what?
Foolish:I... I don't understand, it's... it's suppressing me...
Ant:Bad, why don't we start with Foolish instead?
Bad:I think I like that...
Bad:(gets very close to Eret)We'll save the monarchyfor later. Don't think we've forgotten about you, Eret. But we can start with Foolish!

—Foolish makes a grave mistake

Puffy:I trusted you two. Time after time, and you do this?! You think you're gonna put my son up there, and kill him in front of me?!
Ant:Puffy, you were a part of the Eggpire, you could've prevented this!
Ant:Wh- But this is for the Egg, Puffy, you-
Ant:And that's the problem, Puffy!
Puffy:I CARE ABOUT PEOPLE, ANT, AND YOU DON'T! You're selfish!
Ant:Because of you, Foolish is now stuck in here!
Puffy:NOTBECAUSE OF ME! Because of YOU!
Ant:This IS because of you! You left the Eggpire, you betrayed us first, Puffy!
Puffy:I did what I needed to, to make sure that everyone else was protected. Because all you and Bad care about is the Egg and yourselves. You're selfish.
Ant:And look at you now, Puffy. You tried to protect everybody, well look where everybody is, look behind you!Everybody behind you is defenseless!They're about to be slaughteredbecause of you! Foolish, your own SON is about to be slaughtered because of you!
Puffy:I'm only one person!
Foolish:Puffy... Puffy, it's okay. It's not your fault.
Ant:Puffy, you could've stopped this if you'd stayed with the Eggpire. This is your fault.
(Ant kills Foolish)
Puffy:WHAT?! NO!
(overlapping screams of horror)
Bad:(laughs)That's one down... And a couple more people to go!

—Foolish loses his first canon life

Quackity:You have to stop right now, Bad. You have to stop.
Quackity:This whole Egg-thing is just getting out of control, you've just killeda man. Is that what you wanted to do, Bad? Is that- (chuckles)Was that your plan all along? To kill innocent people? 'Cause guess what, this has gotten... completelyout of control. And I'm not gonna have anymore, Bad. You're gonna stop this shit, right now. You're gonna stop right now, Bad.
Bad:Oh you think- You think putting on armor is gonna stop us. Quackity, why do you think we went through allof this effort! You- You looked around and you sawhow amazing everything is here. All of this... was for the Egg. And not just for the Egg, for what the Egg is going to giveus. Okay? You can'tgive us what the Egg can give us! Okay? So don't get in our way, don't try and stop us, because you can't. We're too powerful, Quackity.
Quackity:Bad, look- look what you've done!Just look what you've done! You've trapped all these people, all these innocent people, in- (stammering)in what you've disguisedas a party? Is this what you've been doing? Look at this, Bad. Just... What have theydone to you?I'm telling you, Bad, you're a pawn to... power, you're nobody, Bad. You're working for something that... quite frankly, doesn't even care about you. I mean, look at the Egg, look at the Egg, look at what it means, it doesn't meananything! It doesn't mean anything, Bad. So how about... How 'bout we just stop playing games?

—Quackity tries to get through to Bad one last time

Purpled:Bad, to be frank with you... Quackity just had the better price.
Techno:Listen. Listen, Bad, I didn't wanna work with this guy either, but this Egg, this Egg, it's going too far. It's warpin' people's minds, it's controllin' them, it has no planson stoppin', until it controls the entire worl- I swear to God, if this dog keeps dying on this magma block- It has noplans on stoppin', and this Egg stands for everything... It's the epitome of everything I stand againstas an anarchist! And if I don't stop it now, it'll be the end of the world. So yeah, I'm workin' with Quackity!
Bad:No... No, we're not gonna allow you to stop this plan!We still outnumber you! It's four against three!
Puffy:Not for long. (splashes herself with Strength II and takes out an axe)ANTFROST, YOU'RE DEAD!

—The Eggpire is outmatched

    The Banquet Aftermath Arc 

Tommy:(whisper)Oh, no...
Wilbur:Hello again...
Tommy:You fuck.
Wilbur:Is this... Is this real?
Tommy:Yeah, it's real...
Wilbur:I... I feel so numb, I feel... Who is... Wh... Are you... Who is... Who the fuck is this, who is... Who the fuck's Friend? [...] I've obviously missed a beat! I've missed a beat, what's happening, why am I here?!
Tommy:We're at L'Manburg...
Wilbur:(climbs onto the wall to look over the crater)Ohh, fuck!

—Wilbur is back

"Tommy, I've been waiting... for over a decade... in near darkness... This is my sunrise. This is MY sunrise. This is MINE!"

Wilbur Soot

Wilbur:So, Tommy, I had a think, right? I had a think, I've made some plans, I- I- I've debated with myself about what I should do, and I've made my decision what I need to do. Tommy... (awkward laugh)I'm sorry.
Tommy:...what- You gonna kill me?!
Wilbur:No! No- no, sorry, ignore- ignore the Lore-sword, I'm... (laughs)I'm just- Ah, I'm not good at this, man... I- I need to make some apologies. I told you I needed to have a think. And I don't think an apology would ever sum up, uh... what I did here. I mean... look at this mess. But like...
Tommy:You did this. Well, actually, not all of it. You did a little bit.
Wilbur:Yeah, I didn't do the glass. But I think- I think I do need to, um... I need to apologize to some people! Y'know, I've gotta make amends! I've gotta make amends, and I- I promise that's- that's true, I know- look at me! Look me in the eyes. I know it's- I know it's hard to believe when you look at me that I... I- Y'know, I've turned over a new leaf! Turned over a new leaf! Y'know?

—Wilbur starts his new life

"Tommy, do you remember when you got sentenced to exile? Yeah, I remember! I was there, Tommy, I was there! I was there, I was in- I was in the cage of that little ghost's fucking head. Every single step we- you and me took... Listen, every single step me and you took- Look at me, Tommy. Look me in the eyes. Every single step me and you took, I was there. I was there, I had no control over what was happening, I have no idea what was being said, but Tommy, I'll tell you what, if I WAS there... And if it wasn't that stupid shell of a ghost instead of me... I would've struck down Dream right where he stood. We would've disembowled him. We would've disembowled him, together. Tommy, I'm not- I wasn't blind. I saw what he was doing to you, Tommy. I saw. I saw what he was doing to Tubbo. I saw what he did to ME! But y'know what, Tommy, I WASN'T there. I wasn't there, was I? We had Ghostbur! Ghostbur was there instead, right? And y'know what the issue is, y'know what the issue is? After seeing Ghostbur interact with Dream, I realized that, no, Dream is not the enemy, Dream is not the enemy! This world is- is- was not supposed to be inhabited by... people of this caliber. Dream is the HERO! Dream needs to be let out of here! Dream's not in prison for being a horrible person. Dream is in prison because he dared to try and stop you all. He dared to try and stop you all from gaining all this power. Because the MINUTE I was gone? There was a vacuum. There was opening. And everyone just seeked to get in there. And Dream was the only one who stood up to them and told them not to. Dream was the only one who held my seat for me. He held my- He kept it warm! He kept my throne warm, and you guys didn't like that! So you threw him in prison. And if it weren't- If- If Dream died instead of me...? I would be in there right now. So Tommy, you should THANK that I wasn't alive to- to attack Dream when we got exiled. You should be GLAD we had little passive Ghostbur. Because now Dream's in there... And I'm out here, baby!"


Tommy: The reason we started L'Manburg... And everything here... Was because we knew, together, me and you, the duo!
Wilbur: Mhm.
Tommy: Together, we knew that Dream was the villain. He was the one that was holding this server down!
Wilbur: Mhm.
Tommy: He was the dictator!
Wilbur: Mhm. Yeah. Mhm?
Tommy: So you're telling me even then, you think... You think Dream was the hero?
Wilbur: Tommy, I made an oath of not lying, now that I'm alive again... So I'm gonna come clean to you with the truth. Uh... One thing, I didn't actually really care about L'Manburg, I just cared about... Y'know, stickin' it to the man! Actually, I cared about L'Manburg for the sole reason that I could use it to stick it to the man! You ever sticked it to the man, Tommy?
Tommy: ...that's not true.
Wilbur: L'Manburg was a tool! It was a great tool, it worked! Y'know, it divided so many people, man! Listen, Tommy, Tommy, in my oath of not lying, I'm gonna tell you now, Tommy, I'm- I'm sorry for a couple things to each of these people, right, on the server. [...] I'm sorry for a lot of things, but... Tommy, that doesn't mean I'm not gonna try it again.
Wilbur: Come, you're just staring at me man, let's go!
Tommy:(affronted) You never cared about L'Manburg?!
Wilbur: Okay, I said it wrong-
Tommy: I thought it was your unfinished symphony! I thought it-
Wilbur: I did care about L'Manburg! I did care about L'Manburg, but I cared about it for... You would call it the wrong reasons...

Tommy:It wouldn't have mattered, man! It was us! It was the business! It was-
Wilbur:Yeah, and the business would've thrived in Bim-bum! Tommy, look at me, I'm a GENIUS! I can make it thrive ANYWHERE, Tommy!
Tommy:It was like we were a FAMILY!It was like we were a family!You can't just saythat!
Wilbur:(coldly)We werefamily, Tommy. We were.But y'know what, you just didn't- you just- I guess you just didn't have the balls to follow along with me. When you pressed the button, you were always against-
Wilbur:We're leaving it behind Tommy, it's in the past, we're friends now, we're friends. We're friends, come out.
Tommy:I don't wanna beyour friend, you're annoying, and I hate you, and you're ugly, and you have a grey hair, and I bet you twirl it round and you use the dog-filter. Wilbur, I-
Wilbur:You're following me for quite a while for someone who doesn't care.

—Wilbur comes clean; Tommy learns the "truth"

Foolish:I don't really see how this solves the problem...
Tommy:Well, it doesn't solve the problem, it's preventing the problem, Foolish, alright? Have you noticed that all the problems come, they don't get solved, do they? Alright? It ends up with some madman screaming he's solved it, alright? And now- and then look at him. Now he's taken away everyone's favorite man; Ghostbur, alright? Problems don't really get solved on this server.
Foolish:No, no, I suppose you're right.
Foolish:Well, how do you go about changing that? By gathering stone?
Tommy:No. Well, what I'm doing, my friend, is preventing the problem before it gets out of hand, like it did before.

—Foolish and Tommy talk about problem solving

Tommy:You see this? L'Manberg.
Foolish:Oh yeah, I've heard this before.
Tommy:This was mine and Wilbur's nation- it was Wilbur's nation! It was Wilbur's, which makes it all the more heartbreaking. And he decided that — and he doesn't mean this — but even though at the time, it was to get away from Dream, because Dream wouldn't let us do what we wanted to. He told us we had to live under his big, iron fist. But we went, "No, Dream, that's not fair, is it!" You don't think that's fair, do you, Foolish?
Foolish:No, no. So you were a couple revolutionary- revolutionists? Basically.
Tommy:People want to do what they want. So we made this nation, yeah? We made a nation and it was glorious and it was amazing. People challenged it, sure, but we got through it. And then to try and con- you really don't know this story? And then to try and consolidate our power, we held an election. Now-
Foolish:Aw man. There used to be governments here?
Tommy:Now, the problem with an election is it kinda puts all your life on the line, which can be good if you're confident, but perhaps we were a little overconfident. And because of that, Foolish, well, we um, we lost. To the hands of Jschlatt, right here actually. Right about here is where we lost.
Tommy:And Schlatt banished us. Now, we were ok when- I was ok when he banished, and I knew we would get it back. We'd talk about it. Like you said, peace was the option. But here's the thing, Foolish. Wilbur didn't want to do any more talking. He'd given up with that. Because some people aren't strong enough, alright, some people stop talking… You know the phrase "Treat others how you want to be treated", Foolish?
Tommy:That's a really important phrase, and people hear it, you know, you hear your teachers say it, you hear it when you're young, people don't ever listen to it: treat others how you want to be treated. Wilbur disregarded that rule. He decided that he wanted to be treated poorly, so he treated everyone else poorly.
Foolish:Why do you think that?
Tommy:Honestly, sometimes I don't know, myself… But this block here- (motions to a block of TNT)He used this and blew up L'Manberg and shattered it into a million pieces. Now, Wilbur, he was a good man. He is a good man, deep inside him. But he-
Foolish:So you're saying there's still redemption for him?
Tommy:Well, he's been a good man deep inside him, but he's been a bad guy for a very, very long time. And I know that there's still good in him, there's still good in everyone, really, Foolish, even if they are all arseholes and wankers and- but…
Foolish:Do you believe in second chances?
Tommy:I don't. I don't really believe- that's not a thing for me, it's just that- I believe everyone's got a little bit of good in them. And I know that Wilbur had good in him, alright?
Foolish:You said had?
Tommy:Yeah, he did. Cause when we made this nation, although now he seems to claim- he claimed to me that the nation that WE BUILT TOGETHER- he claimed that it was all just a ruse, for power. Now, I think Wilbur's just being a bad guy, alright? And that's okay. We're all bad guys, everyone messes up. You learn the most from your mistakes.
Foolish:Oh yeah.
Tommy:He's made so many mistakes. So many, that have hurt so many people. But what this is, it's gonna be about- not giving him a second chance, isn't giving him a third chance, it's not about chances! Foolish. It's about making sure you don't give up on the people you care about. So I know you're still really new to this server, and I know you build lots of things, so if you ever care about someone, do not give up on them, Foolish. Don't give up on people. Because that's how you lose.

—Tommy teaches Foolish about the history of L'Manberg

Foolish:You know, Tommy, I think I had you wrong.
Tommy:I don't know what that means.
Foolish:Well, I just, you know. You're a little more mature than I thought you would be. I thought you were just a loud, obnoxious, do-what-you-want, a couple muggings here and there. But no. Maybe there's more to you than meets the eye.
Tommy:Well, I still do that, obviously, because it's funny and it's fun.
Foolish:Welp, nah, I understand. But maybe there's more to you. Maybe there's more to you than I thought.
Tommy:Thanks, I guess. Maybe there's more to you too.
Foolish:Oh, there's so much… Do you consider yourself to be the good guy or the bad guy?
Tommy:That really depends who you ask, doesn't it? You know? If you ask Dream, he'd say I'm his little- his little play- his little toy that he plays with, you know? It doesn't… (Beat)Foolish, honestly, I used to consider myself the good guy, the fucking second-in-command, going around and going "Yeah! Let's do this". But recently, these past- these past like six months or so, Foolish, everything got so much harder than it was before. Because before, it was us fighting the bad guys, and it was all so clear.
Foolish:Yeah. Nothing muddy.
Tommy:It was all so clear. But it's not been clearfor so long, alright? It wasn't "These are the bad guys, these are the good guys". Now it's "He's doing this, and that makes him a bit worse". It's all so fucking complicated. So, I don't know. It depends who you ask, but…
Foolish:I don't know. It just all seem strange, 'cause just from, you know, hearing from others, and learning a little bit, it seems like you've been a hero, you've been the villain, the conqueror, the savior, and even now, I still have no idea what you exactly are.
Tommy:Well, that's up to you to decide, isn't it?

—Foolish sees something in Tommy

    The Las Nevadas Arc 

Techno:(in the in-game chat)yo can you grant a wish
Techno:Yo. (turns to Dream)Dream, I got an idea. I got a- Let's ask him if he can grant a wish.
Dream:Oh my god.
Techno:Bro. Bro, this is huge. This is huge.
DreamXD:(in the in-game chat)one
Techno:"One". Bro!
Dream:(excitedly)One! He's- He's gonna grant a wish?
Techno:We can get one wish. We can get one wish! (typing in the in-game chat)I want a bell. I want a bell, give me a bell.
Techno:Give me a bell.
Dream:WHAT ARE YOU- GET US OUT! What do you mean, you want a bell?!
Techno:(to DreamXD)Give me a bell. I want a bell.
DreamXD:(in the in-game chat)ok
Techno:Yoooo! Yo, it's workin'!
(DreamXD places down a bell on the floor of the prison cell and leaves the game)
Dream:(at the same time)WHAT?!

—DreamXD grants Techno's wish in prison

"What I'd like to do with all this loot, is- is take... (sigh; deep breath) So I know I- I'm never gonna... I never wanna fight again. Or if I do, I wanna fight like how I used to, I wanna have build battles, I wanna fight with people who fight like me. Y'know? I- I- I- I- I don't want people to be in full Netherite. This is war armour, and I don't need war armour now. I need battle armour, which is iron armour, I need not-Tory gear. [...] (digs a hole; places a chest and starts putting valuables in) I hate that everyone progresses now, so, so fast, I hate that. I want people to take it slow, man. And I wanna take it slow myself, I don't want any of these- well, I'll take Drista's knife, but that's it. (hovers over the Axe of Peace) This one's the sign. 'Cause we all hate change here, man. But now it's changed by itself, it's... People don't battle anymore, and that's good. The Axe of Peace is the final one, that makes people go "Hey... we're not fighting anymore." (places the Axe of Peace in the chest; fills in the hole) Hopefully I never, EVER have to dig this back up."


Wilbur:You rebuilt this! After I'd gone!
Tubbo:Well, I can't take allthe credit, obviously, but-
Wilbur:Oh, yeah, the fuckingghost, who ca- You rebuiltthis! Bro, you-
Tubbo:Yeah, I suppose...
Wilbur:Fuck a grave! I was sopressed about not having a grave- Screw a grave! I built something that you loved, that you wanted to preserve! That's...
Tubbo:Yeah, I mean, really, honestly...
Wilbur:Tubbo, that's worth more to me than a grave. That's worth more to me than this shrine. That's worth more to me than- Tubbo, this is probably the best gift I've ever been given, just this knowledge that you actually cared enough to rebuild this community, after it fell.

—Wilbur meets with Tubbo on the one year anniversary of L'Manburg's independence

Wilbur:I'm not gonna hurt you again. I'm not gonna, you know... I know- I know you had that- You- At the Festival. With Technoblade. I never spoke to you properly about this.
Wilbur:I could have saved you.
Tubbo:But youdidn't.

—Wilbur brings up the Red Festival

Tubbo:Wilbur, in order for you to gain my trust back, you're gonna have to prove it first. I can't just give it out anymore. I used to be able to, but I just... I just can't.
Wilbur:Tubbo, I... I reallyappreciate it. And I mean that. Genuinely. I appreciate it. And I'm gonna go out... And I'm gonna prove to you that I'm- that I'm worth being trusted again. I promise. I'll do it. I'll do it! I'll redeem myself! And you'll- You'll-
Tubbo:(shakily)You know I still have dreams, right?Of the explosion? And- And of the fireworks. And... And all of it! I- I still vividly see allof it, every day. It hurts!It hurts a lot, Wilbur.
Wilbur:Tubbo, I know, I- Tubbo, Tubbo, Tubbo, Tubbo, please, I- I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I- Sorry- it feels like such a weak word. I feel like there's nothing stronger that I can say. And I- And I- I understand what you mean about how my actions need to reflect it, and they will. Give me time. I'm gonna- I'm gonna make something. I'm gonna make something of this. And I'm gonna... (Beat)Tubbo, do you know howfuckingstrong you are?And I'm not- I'm not just saying that, I've alr- I've got your forgiveness, and I know I need to earn your trust, but man, I just wanna let you know that... You're sostrong, man. Genuinely. Just the fact that you proved to me just there, that you... you have these memories, you have these nightmares, and you still found it in your heart to forgive me, that... You're a fucking champion, man. You're a hero.

—Tubbo opens up

Techno: Stop, stop, stop, I'm low health, I'm low health- I got information. I got information. Stop.
(Quackity stops chasing Techno around the cell and trying to murder him with Wardens Torment)
Techno: Aye, that worked.
Quackity: You have information?
Techno: Yeah, bro.
Quackity: What exactly could I do with your information?
Techno: [...] I've got a pretty great information, actually. The- The best information, bro, there's things you wanna know? About uh- the rest of the world? 'Cause I've travelled far, I've travelled wide, I know things like- that can threaten your [...] empire or something- you always got an empire or something, bro, it's just- it's in your nature.
Quackity: Technoblade, I'm gonna tell you one thing. One thing I went through was death. When you killed me, you think I was just gonna forget about it? Think I was...
Techno:I mean, yeah, kinda.
Quackity: ...just gonna walk away- you think I was just gonna walk away and forget about it?
Techno: That was the hope, yeah.

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Never cheated on him. But I only finished once under it. Psychologically, I can't change him. I'll just run.

Smp inspirational quotes dream

Other's crotch. Their hearts beat at a breakneck pace, and both of them began to moan with increasing pleasure. Alina pulled away from Arina's mouth and fell to the nipple of her right breast. She gently moved her tongue over the iris around the nipple, and then began to suck.

it, while massaging with her right hand Arina's left breast, and with her left pulling her labia and clitoris.

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Was. She realized how the guy liked her girlfriend. Scarlett understood that Kate is very beautiful and can seduce any guy. This made Scarlett a little jealous of her girlfriend.

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Hello, Ksenia. - it seems that he was not at all surprised to see me. I'm busy now, go to your room, I'll come back soon. I turned around and went to my house. She sat down on the sofa and waited faithfully.

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