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Senior picture ideas country DEFAULT

Laura’s Country Senior Pictures

Laura’s Country Senior Pictures were unbelievably cool. That happiness is found in discovering the colors in corn, reflections in water and the historic value of barns is bliss.  We made some nice memories from the country side, hiking thru corn fields, walking over barbed wire in the barn and chasing down the best light and reflections for her sunset photos. Amazing how Country Senior Pictures makes me really appreciate my job and especially living in Nebraska.

A cross country runner, Laura and I have much in common. I knew that she would do almost anything for this session. I know I will go to the moon and back for the right moment, especially country senior pictures. Such an amazing conversation we had along the way too. I like positivity and energy. The simplicity of our  session, keeping to the real elements of nature in the calmest time of day.  Of course the palate of colors in the skies didn’t disappoint either.

With our country senior pictures at A Better Exposure, we don’t want to be attached with a reputation of a  factory of people coming thru our studio, with the same poses and the same backgrounds. Rather, we will so customize with your lifestyle and do build in specialized locations. When you are ready for your next session, please contact us for ideas and a plan to make your senior pictures unbelievably special and memorable. We also offer the DVD of full resolution images with our full service studio. Call today at 402-453-6000 to speak with Steve and our staff.


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18 Winning Senior Picture Ideas for Guys

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When is the best time of year to take your kids Senior Pictures?  It is in the early fall of their senior year.  We have collected the best Senior Picture Ideas for Boys so you can be prepared!

While there are a few things that might look similar, one thing that has changed dramatically in recent years is the way senior pictures are done. Once upon a time, you just took the teen to a studio and they stood (or sat) in front of a generic canvas, smiled and that was it. Now photographers everywhere are working hard to incorporate the individual personalities of the subject in a clever and creative way as possible. And you want no less for your grad.

Senior Picture Ideas Guys

Before we go to the pose suggestions, here are the…

Top Tips to Take Senior Portraits

  1. Keep it Simple.
  2. Use the backgrounds you have.  A big bush, the sports field, grandma’s back yard… a blank white wall from your house.
  3. Show their personality!  Don’t be afraid of being goofy or sullen – show who they really are.
  4. Shoot in the Golden Hour – this is the hour before and immediately after sunset.  This is when the light is the best!
  5.  Include their hobbies or their pets.  What are the things they care about the most?  Feature them.

So if you’re stressing out trying to find that perfect idea that will highlight your son’s personality and show the man he’s become, you have permission to cease stressing now. Because we’ve given you an inspiring list of 18senior picture ideas for guys that will certainly show off their passions and character.

Senior Picture Ideas for Boys

Fun Senior Picture Ideas for Guys

1. Wear their graduation outfit in their senior portraits

Love this fist shot in the top corner.  It was easy!!  This photoshoot was a blast and they had so many different poses.  Hint for the photographer.  Get the dress, cap, and diploma portfolio for your school colors.  You can take the photos with them before they actually walk.  You’re not left waiting for the actual graduation on this one.

2. It’s A Home Run With This Senior Photo

We know how busy you are and here’s how you can score some amazing shots for your son’s senior photos: Slot in some extra minutes during one of your afternoon school runs and hold a photo session for your son in their baseball field.

This baseball picture with his graduation year arranged in baseballs and a bat is one of the many senior photo ideas you can borrow. You’re guaranteed to hit a home run with his senior pictures!

Your boy already has his baseball uniform, balls, bat, and there’s no shower or any prepping needed. His stinky self only serves you better by giving you real, raw, authentic photos.

3. Keep it Simple.  Got a big bush in the yard?

Actually, the more simple the pose and the background, the more your student is able to shine through in his senior portraits.  The Hands-on-the-hips is a simple pose that is easy to pull off and says they are ready for that next stage of their life!

4. Find Fun Walls.

Here is an old fence.  And it’s perfect for the rustic portrait shot.  The best part of getting your son’s senior picture done is that it won’t take much effort for either of you. Seen that neighbor’s rustic fence? It’s an amazing prop! Getting him to pose in front of a fence is a classic, but why not combine different poses in front of the fence into a single image? This one looks great!

senior picture ideas for guys - image with 3 different poses of a guy posing in front of a rustic fence

5. Find MORE Fun Walls from your local town.

If these walls could talk, I wonder what secrets they’d tell –  Gayle Forman

We might never know all the details but any picture taken against a wall is a classic pose. I prefer stone, like the picture on the right, but brick or barn wood look great, too.

You can also go monochromatic like the kiddo on the left.  He picked a distinctive wall in his town and wore a shirt to match it.  Crossing their arms and leaning on the wall is an easy pose even for more introverted fellas.

6.  Use a plain wall to capture their loves – be it being a punk or running track.

The cool thing about these senior portrait ideas is that almost every home has a blank wall.  Even if it is not white, a plain background helps “focus the attention” in the shots.  In the top shot the student loved chewing gum and got loads of demerits – he used his senior portraits as an opportunity to have the last laugh.

In the other shot, a track student struck up a running pose.  In this one they took items out of the background with photoshop.  I bet your senior will have a blast hamming for his photos and then editing them later!!

Senior Picture Ideas for Boys

7. Go Black and White in a Simple Portrait For His Senior Picture

Life is in color, but black and white is more realistic. – Samuel Fuller

Guys are simple and taking their photos is bliss, sometimes. And, simplicity wins the day oftentimes. Like this black and white picture taken along the side of a wall. Although he can be smiling, a serious look works well for this pose, too.

8. His Regular Sports Session Gives Great Senior Picture, Too!

Don’t wait till too late to start racking your brain for senior photo ideas for your boy. On a regular day after or before one of his football games, take this great shot of your football player. Be sure to get one in color to show off the school colors, too.

senior picture idea for guys - guy's face partially hidden by a football he's holding upright in front of his face.

9. A Barn and The Letterman Jacket for A Winning Senior Picture Idea

This senior picture idea for your not-so-little guy is a winner and getting a shot in the Letterman jacket is a must. Whether he cracks a smile or not, we love how it pops against the barn and trees/weeds … talk about perfect props!

10. Secret Batman? Cool Senior Picture!

Most boys have a comic book fan they won’t be dropping off any time soon, no matter how old they get. Does your son have one? Acknowledge it and help him show off his superhero status!

He might not show you outwardly but trust us, he’ll be grinning from ear to ear inwardly.

11. Edgy Senior Photo Idea For Guys

Ergonomics aside, except in formal settings, do our boys ever sit on a chair as we all do and should? Rarely! The backward chair pose is a go-to for guys, and it looks great for almost everyone!

Jazz it up by taking it outdoors and have an amazing backdrop and props for this edgy senior photo idea for guys.

12. All Suited Up! Get Him in a Suit.

Get your son a picture all decked out in a nice suit. Hey, even if we don’t much care for suits, everyone looks good dressed up now and then! Don’t be surprised if you shed a tear or two…doesn’t your boy look oh, so grown-up in a suit?

senior photo ideas for guys - guy in suit posing for photo along an empty sidewalk

13. Go Outside!

The hour before sunset and right after sunset is the best time to take portrait photos outside.  They call this the photography “golden hour”.  Usually you will need a flash to front fill the faces, but boy, the results are awesome.

For a pose, put a hand in the pocket (make sure to keep their thumbs out) or have him rest an arm on his leg as he’s seated.

14. First Ride? Snap a Picture with that First Car

We rarely can separate a boy and his first ride. He might have hated it a lot at first. In your defense on why he was getting that vintage hand-me-down ride, you said you wanted him to be safe, it was what you guys could afford and it was easy-to-ride. After all, always loved trying to drive a stick even before he started walking. Now that you can’t keep him away from that noisy ride, why not make it a part of his senior picture?

After all, he’s always in, under, or on it… Yours is only to snap away, though it helps if he changes into a clean set of clothes.

senior picture idea for guys - guy seated on top of a light blue pick up truck.

15. Country Boy Look? An Empty Railroad Track’s All You Need

For your boy’s senior photo, you should get a picture by the railroad tracks! We have several in our small town and they rarely have trains on them, so this is an easy choice for the country boy look. Don’t mind the dusty shoes; they really complete the picture!

senior picture ideas for guys - guy posing for a photo while seating on an empty railroad track

16. Bridge That Gap – Finest Senior Photo Idea For Guys

What’s not to love about bridges.

Not only do bridges have fantastic lines, like this one, but we also love their symbolism. Your son is in the last days of his senior year moving on to the next chapter of his life. His senior photo might as well feature a bridge. After all, isn’t life all about crossing bridges?

senior picture ideas for guys - guy seated on bridge

17. Effortless Senior Picture Ideas – Catch Him In His Element

One of the best ways to effortlessly get beautiful shots is to catch your boy in his element. Is he a musician? Get a shot that focuses on his instrument, like this pose with a guitar.

18. Penny For Your Thoughts? Amazing Senior Picture.

Your boy is probably always on the basketball pitch either shooting hoops or lost in deep thoughts. We love the perspective of this basketball picture looking down from the hoop. Catch him during one of his sessions for this casual yet great photo which will be an amazing idea for his senior pictures.

senior picture idea for guys - photo taken from above a basketball hoop of guy looking up and holding basketball

19. A Senior Picture Idea For Guys That You Won’t Have To Wrestle For

I’m yet to meet or hear of a wrestler who’s not proud of his sport and if your son is one, then this will also be an easy photoshoot session for both of you. You’re welcome to borrow our idea of our favorite wrestling photo… the shoes and headgear are hanging from a tree along with his medals.

Be sure to also take one where he’s in focus blurring out the stuff hanging on the tree…

a wrestler's medals, helmet, and shoe hanging on a tree and a guy seen out of focus in the image

Whether he’s into sports, cars, music, or just looking downright handsome (maybe that’s more your goal than his), there are so many possibilities, these just scratch the surface.

But if the selected photographer is good, then they can take a few of these ideas and run with them. Now, be honest, which idea had your teenage boy excited about getting pictures taken?

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Best Senior Picture Posing Ideas for Guys

We’ve compiled our favorite posing ideas for senior guys—even the ones who aren’t that into being photographed.

Easy senior photo poses for guys

Shy guys, sweet guys, smart guys, silly guys, and tough guys: with so many great dudes in the world, you’d think their senior portrait photography would be a breeze! Yet professional photographers regularly struggle to find senior boy poses that please both the high schooler and his parents.


For your average, awkward/awesome high school senior guy, you might need a bit of help. So we’ve curated some of our favoring senior picture posing ideas for your great guy clients…

#1: Something to lean on

Basically, nobody likes to stand in front of a camera with no clue what to do with their hands, feet, or face. Everyone and their mama knows how to lean, though. Give your client something to lean on, and you’ll quickly get a sense of how their body naturally settles.

A guy wearing clear frame glasses and a leather jacket poses against a graffiti wall for his senior pictures.

Ross Kyker

Shaw Photography Co.’s affirmations

“I use encouraging words and affirmations throughout the senior session, telling them, Wow, you are so natural at this! or Ahh, this last one was really good!—and I never show the back of the camera.

#ShootProof PRO Tip

If your senior guy is a theater fanatic who bikes to school, photographing him leaning against his car won’t be meaningful. Likewise, if you’re photographing a rough-and-tumble country guy, don’t use the big city skyline as his senior picture backdrop.

#2: Add movement to his senior year pictures

The further away you are from your high school years, the more likely you’ll be to forget how much energy those young whippersnappers have. Don’t overlook opportunities to get some motion out of each senior picture session!


Bump up your shutter speed

From riding a four-wheeler to kicking a soccer ball, any sort of physical sport can make for great images that highlight a teen’s passion. Just remember: big motion requires a fast shutter if you don’t want a blurry mess. 

A shutter speed of 1/250″ or faster will work in most daylight conditions. If you’re using a flash, you will be able to slow your shutter speed down some and rely on the strobe light to “freeze” the photo.

A high school senior boy rides his four-wheeler down a muddy road through the woods

Lavender Bouquet Photography

#3: Test new ideas with eager seniors

Even the simple act of moving from sitting to standing can make for a moody moment. Senior picture sessions are often a teen’s first experience with professional photography. This makes senior girls and guys the perfect test subjects for creative posing ideas and lighting setups.

#4: Sit, squat, kneel, chill

It’s next-to-impossible to sit suavely with both knees clutched to your chest. Let your client relax by telling him to relax one leg out in front of him or curled under his other leg. When photographing guys, posing that feels natural will always photograph better than a stiff stance.

A high school senior boy wearing skinny jeans and checkerboard shoes leans against a graffiti wall and smiles into the distance.

Ross Kyker

Source some super-cool seating

You don’t need to drag an armchair all over town to get seated images (but 10 points to you if you do!) Look for stairs, ledges, curbs, tree stumps… Wherever your client sits, make sure the area is sturdy and safe—especially with outdoor senior pictures where you don’t have total control over the environment.


#5: Eye contact is overrated

Others may simply feel nervous gazing directly into your lens. The good news? Senior picture sessions no longer demand big cheesy grins directed toward the camera.

Teenage boys pose for pictures among old architecture under gray skies

Preston Luke

#6: “But what do I do with my hands?!”

Hands can be nearly as expressive as faces. We clench them when we’re nervous, rub them together when we’re thinking, and tuck them into pockets when we’re feeling shy—or exceptionally relaxed. Give hands a role in your senior photo sessions with posing ideas even uncoordinated teens can master.

Loose and limber

If your client is a fist-clencher, ask them to relax their hands so their fingers fall naturally. Watch out for hands that land in awkward places, though.

Pockets are there for a reason

“Tuck your thumbs in your pockets.” That’s the simplest way to get your clients hands relaxed at hip-height. If your client tucks their whole hand into a pocket, make sure their thumb and a bit of their hand is exposed so they don’t appear one-handed when they’re not.

#7: Sometimes a simple stance is best

Once your client is comfortable with you, you can usually get them to relax into a simple standing pose. If your senior still seems stiff, encourage them to widen their stance a little, and rock forward on the balls of their feet. The subtle lean will help highlight the face.

High school senior boys pose for portraits before graduation

Left: Lynsey Lue Photography | Right: Jasmine White

#8: Elbows to knees

Everyone on the planet knows how to lean forward and rest their elbows on their knees. It’s simple, comfortable, and does a great job of minimizing the waistline while accentuating the face.

#9: Get a “Grandma Photo”

The park bench, elbow-to-knees look is the easiest way to get a great Grandma Photo. What’s a Grandma Photo? It’s a photo a teen’s grandma will love because their sweet angel looks engaged, friendly, and natural—all in one great frame.

A handsome Black teen sits on a park bench smiling at the camera

Kendra Lynece

#10: Step into the studio

Whether you own your own studio or rent one from a fellow photographer, studio senior portrait sessions are perfect for clean, client-centric images. Bonus: you can take them rain or shine!


High key vs. low key

Consider the mood your client brings into the studio, their clothing style, and their overall comfort level when selecting a light or dark backdrop.

Remember: light colors reflect light, while dark tones absorb light. Make sure your client’s dark hair or skin don’t disappear into an under-lit scene. Likewise, don’t blow out the highlights in a client’s light hair or skin!

Studio portraits of high school senior boys

Left: The Carrs | Right: Lavender Bouquet Photography

No studio? No problem.

You don’t need a proper studio to create a dramatically-lit senior picture. You simply need flashes or strobes that are more powerful than the ambient light!

#11: Seek out slices of life

You don’t always need to photograph a client’s full face to make a beautiful portrait. Close crops, silhouettes, and reflections all offer opportunities for a fresh perspective.

Get into their world

When you take the time to build a relationship with your clients, they’re more likely to open up to you and share what matters most to them. Instead of insisting on locations you’ve used over and over again, try to join your client’s world. You’ll be rewarded with fresh posing ideas galore!

#12: Design a photo-worthy wardrobe

Your client’s wardrobe has a major impact on the success of a shoot. Any brilliant posing ideas will go out the window if your client is uncomfortable in their senior picture outfit, or if their clothing choice doesn’t complement the location.

A high school senior guy sits in the open doorway of a bright yellow vintage car

Preston Luke

Are your seniors a little shy? Here’s a great way to implement privacy settings in your ShootProof gallery!

Did you know that ShootProof offers many ways to empower your senior clients (both guys and girls), and make them feel comfortable every step of the way?

Here’s how!

#1: Custom privacy settings

Ensure your client galleries are protected from the public eye by requiring your clients to input a password before being able to view and download their images.

This allows your client to only share what they are comfortable sharing.

With the “Hide” feature, your seniors can decide how much they want to reveal when they share their gallery with friends and family.

Use ShootProof Contact Privileges to allow your clients to Hide Photos

#2: Hide specific photos

The “Hide” feature allows your senior client to control which photos are for their eyes only. This means when anyone else sees the images, they will NOT see the images that the client has hidden from view.

ShootProof gallery settings for a client's Contact Privileges

#3: Senior contracts

ShootProof’s Contracts tool empowers photographers to run their most efficient photography business yet! We have senior contracts ready for you to send your clients today!

You can also print with ShootProof

Printing with ShootProof is easier than ever with our professional partner labs!

You have options to self-fulfill, where your clients order through you and then you place the order with your favorite lab, OR, your clients can order directly with one of our integrated labs!

Check out our professional partners here:

  • BayPhoto
  • Miller’s Professional Imaging
  • WHCC
  • Black River Imaging
  • MPIX
  • Richard Photo Lab
  • Loxley Color (UK, Europe and Mexico)
  • Atkins Pro Lab (Australia and New Zealand)
  • HC Pro (Australia and New Zealand)
  • GTA Imaging (Canada)
  • Print Refinery (Canada)
  • Technicare (Canada)


Start ShootProof today and create gorgeous online client galleries, photography contracts, and easy-to-pay invoices. Enjoy a 14-day FREE trial!


Country Senior Pictures :: Emma D’s Fall Senior Portrait Session

country fall senior picture ideas for girls fields.

get ready to love

Emma’s fall senior photos in Senoia, Georgia

Y’all Emma absolutely *slayed* her fall senior portrait session. Having a portrait session like this is one of the reasons I became a wedding and portrait photographer. She had so many unique ideas for her pictures, and her outfits choices were incredible. If you’re looking for some ideas for your country senior photos, look through these beautiful fall senior pictures of Emma and get ready to be inspired!

I loved how Emma was able to make each outfit look super unique while also keeping it simple, cozy and pretty! These three outfits are perfect for fall senior pictures and it was only one pair of black flare jeans, two sweaters and a jean jacket. Emma layered her jean jacket over her striped sweater for a more casual outfit and then went with just the striped sweater.

For the first half of Emma’s senior portrait shoot we stayed in the downtown area of Senoia, and we used all the elements of the adorable downtown area. There were beautiful brick walls as backdrops, fields of flowers and archways that showed off Emma’s super cool bell bottom jeans. 

Emma wanted to have her senior pictures done in downtown Senoia, Georgia (and if you didn’t know, The Walking Dead is filmed in this adorable town) because she spent a lot of time in Senoia growing up with her cousins at their adorable farm down the road.

Emma is one of those girls who is completely at ease in front of the camera, and you can totally tell looking through her pictures. Her senior photoshoot could not have been more fun: she had a bunch of outfits planned that totally match her personality, natural hair and make up and did I mention the farm animals?!

Are these black and white senior pictures of Emma not completely perfect?!

barefoot senior portraits at the farm in fall

I loved Emma’s barefoot and carefree look that she went with for the second half of her senior pictures. She looked so pretty in her burnt orange free people dress, and the beautiful morning light really made her blonde hair shine. This fall senior portrait photoshoot was so much fun!

orange free people dress for fall senior portrait session in the country

Here’s a tip from Emma on choosing the best outfits for your senior photos

I watched plenty of photoshoot vlogs and stylists look books on YouTube that helped me pick the vibe I wanted for my senior pictures. Emily was also a big part of making me feel comfortable, she gave me suggestions on what to do to not feel awkward and was constantly being my hype woman!!

Can’t get enough of Emma’s senior portrait session? Click through these beautiful senior portrait blog posts and to help you get ready for you close up!

Beautiful Senior Portraits in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Beautiful Senior Portraits in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Thinking about going out of town for your senior pictures? Consider Chattanooga, Tennessee as your senior portrait back drop. Chattanooga is a gorgeous little spot located in the mountains of Tennessee, and it’s a perfect location for your next photo session.

Country Senior Pictures :: Emma D’s Fall Senior Portrait Session

Country Senior Pictures :: Emma D’s Fall Senior Portrait Session

I had so much fun photographing this sweet senior, Emma. Her session took place in Senoia, Georgia, and on her family’s country farm. It was a gorgeous fall morning and if you need outfit ideas for your senior pictures, look no further! Emma looked amazing in her orange free people dress while we wandered through fields of grass and flowers.

Planning a summer photoshoot? Read these tips first!

Planning a summer photoshoot? Read these tips first!

Everybody wants to have the perfect summer photoshoot, but here in the South, IT. IS. HOT. Read my tips and tricks on how to look your best during your summer photoshoot and get ready for your closeup!

Planning your senior portrait outfits

Planning your senior portrait outfits

Not sure what to wear for your senior portraits? Check out these three tips on putting your best outfit forward.

Senior Photos, Senior Portraits, Portrait Photography, fallEmily Reedstromsenior pictures, senior portrait photography, senior picture ideas, senior portrait ideas, senior photography, senior portrait outfits, senior portraits, planning your portrait session


Ideas country picture senior

Senior Picture Ideas

Senior Picture Ideas

Looking for senior picture ideas for the photoshoot at your school? If you’re graduating this year and would like to have awesome senior photos to post on Instagram and get many likes, follow one of these funny and creative senior photo ideas.

50 Best Senior Picture Ideas

Since time is flowing so fast, you should realize all unique senior picture ideas to take truly memorable and emotion-evoking photos.

1. COVID-19 Inspired

Who said that the teen's graduation party plans should be canceled? What about an unusual photoshoot with some personal protective equipment?

senior picture ideas

2. Blow Confetti

creative senior pictures

To bring some colors to the graduation pictures, use confetti. Visit a nearby craft store and get a pack of confetti.

3. Use Scrabble Tiles

free senior pictures

This is one of the easiest and most affordable senior picture ideas. You just need the Scrabble game (probably you have it at home) and several minutes to spell appropriate words.

It can be something like “grad” or “senior”, though you can go creative and compose something more personalized. Place the tiles on the palm and take an image.

4. Add Colorful Balloons to the Composition

cool senior picture poses

Definitely the cheapest prop you can find to realize creative senior picture ideas. You can choose balloons of different colors to bring a playful vibe to your images.

5. Play the Guitar

senior picture ideas for guys outside

This is a perfect option for those who enjoy playing the guitar. Ask you photographer to capture you alone or incorporate your classmates into the frame to show how friendly we are.

Try various senior picture poses to get funny, touching and serious photos.

6. Demonstrate Your Skills

senior portrait ideas female

If you have a hobby, why not demonstrate it in high school senior photos? It can be anything you are passionate about.

Singing? Painting? Playing soccer?

Any hobby will bring special spice to the shot. Just mind that you’ll need to take care of appropriate props and clothes in advance.

7. With USA Flag

best senior picture poses

Show what country you were born in and studied. This is a kind of patriotic senior pictures ideas that suit both guys and girls.

8. Add Beautiful Flowers

examples of senior pictures

If you feel uptight in front of the camera and don’t know how to pose your hands, just hold a bouquet of flowers. This looks quite natural and also adds color to the creative graduation photos.

9. Pose with Your Favorite Desserts

senior photo ideas for girls

Such senior photo ideas may seem a bit unusual at first, but after you try them, you understand what funny and “tasty” results you can get. Whether your model loves chocolate, candies, pancakes or anything else, use it for unique graduate images.

10. Twirl Your Dress

senior pictures outfits

One of the best senior photo ideas for girls. Having spent lots of time choosing their ideal outfit, they won’t miss a chance to demonstrate it. Twirling a dress will add some dynamics to the photo.

  • Read more about female poses to try at the senior photoshoot.

11. Lean Against Something

senior picture poses

A win-win pose for many types of shooting, including the senior photo session. You can lean against a common brick wall or find a colorful one, like those coffee shops and candy stores have, and take a lively image.

12. On the Grass

senior picture ideas fall

This is a nice idea for outdoor senior pictures. If there is a picturesque lawn near the campus, try this sitting pose.

13. Sit on the Steps of Campus

creative ideas for senior pictures

If the university has beautiful campuses, a senior can pose in front of them. Mainly, sit on the steps of the building showing a deep connection to this place.

14. Get on the Swings

funny senior picture ideas

Among many graduation family photo ideas, this one is sure to evoke lots of sweet memories. A picture of parents pushing their child on the swing looks very touching and proves that time passes very fast.

15. In the Gown near Campus

graduation portrait ideas

This is an example of traditional senior pics ideas. Take this memorable photo to remember the years at the university.

16. Hit a Country Road

graduation pictures

Not only the university campus but also back roads may appear to be a nice place to take a unique senior picture. Try it!

17. Hang Out Upside Down

ideas for guys

Graduation photo albums are full of traditional images, so why not try hanging upside down to get creative senior pictures?

18. Put On Cap and Gown

creative graduation

If crazy graduation portrait ideas incorporating bright and catchy clothes aren’t for you, you can still get interesting shots trying various rockin’ poses!

19. Find a Brick Wall

shooting girl

If there aren’t any original backdrops to use for a photo session, just find a smooth brick wall and let your model experiment with poses in front of it.

20. Together with a Friend

group senior photos

You can bring to life funny picture senior ideas photographing together with your mates.

21. Make Faces

funny face

Feel as relaxed as possible. Capture some special moments, when you makes faces.

22. Take Images at Home

shooting at home

Not only the university yard and campus, but your home, can become a wonderful place to take unique senior pictures.

23. Go Downtown

senior photo themes

Downtown can offer many nice places to photograph at. Add a city tempo to the creative ideas for senior pictures and you will get really candid shots.

24. Find a Simple Background

beautiful girl

Don’t overload your images with to hectic backgrounds. Something simple and relaxed will do.

25. Against or Near a Graffiti Wall

near graffiti wall

For a thematic photo session outdoors, you may use a wall with graffiti as a colorful background. Look for graduation picture poses ideas that can match such a place.

26. Go to Another City

how to take senior photos

If you don’t mind traveling to another city, you can find there really spectacular locations to take senior images. Think for a place to go to beforehand.

27. Biking

biking style

Take several photos in a mountain biking style. Sounds really bold and creative, doesn’t it?

28. Motionless in a Moving Crowd

moving crowd

With people passing by, you’re standing motionlessly in this rushing crowd. Take some meaningful photos. Just select an appropriate spot to fully reveal this idea.

29. Botanical Gardens

shooting in garden

Get a beautiful background for your unique senior picture visiting a botanic garden. Spring is the best time to do it.

30. Carnival/Amusement Park

shooting in amusement park

An amusement park can add lots of colors and textures to your images. Visit a nearby one and see what a riot of colors you have absolutely free of charge.

31. Zoo

shooting in zoo

One of the best places to realize senior photo ideas is a zoo. Visit a nearby zoo or an animal shelter to find out whether it is possible to take pictures while playing with cute puppies or feeding monkeys.

32. Bookstore/Library

shooting in library

The greatest senior picture ideas for graduates fond of reading can be implemented in the bookstore or a library with many books.

33. Coffee Shop

shooting in coffee shop

If a person is working as a barista or simply likes drinking coffee, a coffee shop will serve as an excellent background for senior photos. Many young adults spend a lot of time in such places, doing homework, reading or writing. Capturing it will be a nice way to show day-to-day activities.

34. Historical Society/Pioneer Village

taking senior pics

Your community is likely to have places steeped in history, like aged buildings and monuments. It will be an interesting location to come up with senior pictures ideas. The atmosphere and the exterior of historic buildings and monuments will look truly captivating in the shots.

35. Cars/Trucks

near car

If you drive a car on a daily basis or just fond of automobiles, you may reflect it in a unique senior picture. As a result, you will show your personality and interests.

36. Water

near water

Look for water bodies in the surrounding areas, like a pond or a river with a bridge. The beauty of the water might give you inspiration for creative senior pictures ideas.

37. Festival of Holi Colors

colorful senior photo

Such a shooting brings bright and joyful images that will give the warmest memories. It isn’t surprising since you will have to arrange Indian holiday and roll in paints!

This photo session is even more fun than the prom. Feel free to shower each other with rainbow paints and get eye-catching outdoor senior pictures.

38. Pictures with the Graduation Year Balloons

prom photo

You can think of numerous senior picture ideas when shooting each graduate with a 2019 date. In some shots, these numbers are depicted in the form of balloons. In others, the numbers are written behind the student’s back on the board.

The seniors may be lying straight on the pavement, where the year and class are written in chalk. These are all different pictures united by one idea.

39. Superheroes

senior photos boys

For unique senior pictures, pick any character your model can relate to. Someone is still a fan of Captain America, someone is obsessed with ironic Dr. House.

For those, who excel at math, a discreet image of Sherlock is more than appropriate. Transforming into different characters and taking themed shots with props is a nice thing to try.

40. Vintage Photo Shoot

vintage senior pics

You can take any historical event as a basis and realize senior portrait ideas with beautiful dresses, tailcoats, gorgeous headwear. It will be interesting to see the result: how does it feel to look like the countess or the king.

41. With Sunglasses

fashion girl

Stay trendy and take photos at the urban background wearing black sunglasses.

42. Become a Professional Model

model poses

Would you like to try and become a model for a while? Senior shooting gives you such an opportunity. Such pictures will turn out more official and can be sent to parents and relatives to be showcased at home or on social media.

For more professional graduation pictures, you may hire a makeup artist and hairstylist to create a complementing look and even experiment with black and white effects.

43. Candid

candid photo

Candid shots always attract more attention. To implement such senior picture ideas, you shouldn’t be shy. Fool around as much as you want. In this way, you will feel relaxed and more at ease in front of the camera.

44. Silhouette

silhouette photo

Silhouette shots will never go out of style. In this case, senior picture poses are important as you are unable to witness emotions and facial expressions. Therefore, I recommend adding more drama and extravagance to your poses.

45. Multiple Poses in One Photo

photo series

You can find many unique senior picture ideas experimenting with multiple poses. Mock the idea of clones, similar to the shot below, or show the cards with the figures of the graduation date, the variations are endless.

46. Timeline

timeline photo ideas

It is one of the best senior picture ideas for girls often used for high school graduation shootings. See how you’re being transformed from a teenager into a young adult. You can announce something you’ve achieved in your life with such shots.

47. School Mascot

senior photo themes

Involve a school mascot in your unique senior pictures ideas. Think of a creative pose with a mascot to fill the future shot with lots of fun and school spirit. Make these images more memorable by including elective classes or hobby clubs the client is participating in.

48. Jump!

jumping girl

Mind that such cool senior picture poses require some physical training. If you select Continous Shooting Mode on the camera, you will be able to take an unlimited number of shots until you capture that ideal jump in the air.

49. Take a Picture of a Picture

creative photo themes

One of my favorite senior pics ideas is to collect Palaroid images from your best friends or partners. Then go to the store to have them printed out and make a creative Inception-like shot.

If it is possible, print them out as Polaroids for a retro style.

50. Outsourcing Photo Editing

senior photo editingsenior photo editing


Order Portrait Retouching $5 per photo

Once your senior picture ideas are brought to life, your next task is to enhance them in the image editing software. You can do it on your own but ideally, you need to keep only high-quality and beautiful shots.

Photoshop and Lightroom are the best programs to achieve decent results. But if I were you, I would rather approach FixThePhoto image editing services to make your pictures look really professional.

FREEBIES for Editing Senior Photos

You need to know all the best ideas for senior photography to get really cool pics. But that’s not all. To make your creative senior pictures even more vivid, you need top-notch presets, actions and overlays.

Matte Action Photoshop "Black and White"

free photoshop action for senior picturesfree photoshop action for senior pictures


Apply this black and white action to give your graduation photography more emotion. Ageless black and white tones along with a matte effect will turn any image into a digital masterpiece.

Free Lr Portrait Preset "Brighten"

free lightroom preset for senior photosfree lightroom preset for senior photos


Use this preset for creative graduation photos taken outdoors with the background of trees and flowers. It won’t distort the skin texture and tone. The preset increases the brightness and contributes to the visual appeal of the shot.

Photoshop Action Portrait "Highlights"

free photoshop action for senior photosfree photoshop action for senior photos


Add shine to your senior portraits with this action for Photoshop. It improves the entire shot and helps you emphasize the elements in the bright areas of the picture.

Old Film Overlay Photoshop "Bright Colors"

free photoshop overlay for senior photosfree photoshop overlay for senior photos


If you feel like your senior picture lacks interesting details, try this overlay with its small grains and colorful splashes. Apply it to different images and see how it changes the overall look for the better.

Adobe Lightroom Preset "SunShine"

free lightroom preset for senior picturesfree lightroom preset for senior pictures


With this LR preset, it is possible to add softness to your images combined with saturation. Apply it to the senior pictures taken in summer. The tones will look glowing and you will achieve a Fuji camera-like effect. It is better not to use the preset for slightly blurred shots since the filter will blur them even more.


I got into the shower, and Mr. Jenkins washed my feet, as if I were little and could not get well. I didnt imagine, because.

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