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creative products Men Brixton Boat Shoes Driving Moccasins Slip On Loafers Size 7.5--13 come to choose your own sports style

creative products Men Brixton Boat Shoes Driving Moccasins Slip On Loafers Size 7.5--13 come to choose your own sports style

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    creative products Men Brixton Boat Shoes Driving Moccasins Slip On Loafers Size 7.5--13 come to choose your own sports style
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UM student starts boat-shoe company with friends

A UM student has jumpstarted his own brand of customizable boatshoes, aimed at fraternities.

Read Miami Herald Story here.

By Rebecca Burton

ason Shuman, 21, and his four best friends launched a new brand of customizable boat shoes this summer, and are expanding to have campus representatives selling their product at over 80 universities nationwide this fall. (From left to right: Nathan Shron, 21, Jason Shuman, 21, Greg Karelitz, 21, Jeffrey Shuman, 24. NOT PICTURED: Julien Rousson, 21.) PHOTO COURTESY OF PHOTOS BY PAIGE

What started as a school project in an introduction to entrepreneurship class, has now turned in to a full-fledged business and made Jason Shuman, a 21-year-old rising senior at the University of Miami, the chief executive officer of his very own brand. His four best friends, who have stayed best friends since their elementary school days in Boston, are all part of the operation.

Shuman jumpstarted a business called Category 5 Boat Shoes, which provides the first-ever customizable boat shoes, specifically aimed at fraternity members who want their Greek letters on their shoes. But, Shuman said he is now working to get any logo on the sides of the shoe, including boat names, country club logos and the like. This winter, Cat5 will also launch a women’s line, aimed at sorority members.

“Anyone who has a logo, we want them part of this brand,” Shuman said.

The idea started during Shuman’s sophomore year, when he took an introduction to entrepreneurship class. During the class, one of the main projects was to write a feasibility report on a business idea.

“The purpose of the project was to point out all the factors that could impact the idea, where you may run into trouble and how you can get past those problems,” Jay Sharer, adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at UM said. “Jason was very focused, did a tremendous amount of research. He had already been outsourcing materials, designs, and preparing his business to be launched early on.”

Shuman said the idea for a customized boat shoe came about when his old ones were falling apart. He wanted new ones with his Sigma Phi Epsilon letters on them, but realized the business niche didn’t exist. When Shuman told his father about possibly making a business for this, he put him in touch with a manufacturing friend who made a prototype of the type of shoe Shuman was looking for.

After about three months, the prototype was falling apart and he had to start again.

“The biggest thing I always consider is quality,” Shuman said. “I decided to go to my best friends with the idea to see if we could get the idea moving.”

Greg Karelitz, a 21-year-old computer science major at Boston College, was approached by his best friend about the idea.

“I didn’t understand it much until he drew it out for me,” Karelitz said. “We started getting prototypes and having Skype sessions at night. One night, I drew the logo, Cat5 basing it all around the Hurricanes, building the brand around Jason’s idea.”

After finding multiple manufacturers and testing out prototypes, Shuman and his colleagues finally found the right one. They named the design, the Yachtsman and are selling it with the logo for about $70. Shuman said with premium leather, slip resistant soles and the same functionality features as bigger brands like Sperry, his shoes are a great deal and top quality.

Shuman’s older brother, Jeff Shuman, a 24-year-old Bentley University alumnus who does real-estate on the side, takes care of all of the finances of the company. He recently started a “Class meets Custom” campus campaign. For this, the company is hiring campus representatives at more than 80 schools nationwide to market and help sell the product. Jeff Shuman said more than 250 students have applied. Chosen campus reps will be paid commission on what they sell, and are encouraged to come up with ideas for creative advertising.

“We are looking for loyal, quality people to represent our product,” Jeff Shuman said.

The five men have also been using social media to advertise, as well as making sure their website,, looks perfect. Karelitz, who controls the website said he is working on a program to let potential buyers upload their logo and then see what it looks like on the shoe, right on the screen.

Steven Bearak, chief executive officer of Identity Force and an initial investor in Cat5, said he thinks his money went to a very profitable business.

“I liked the opportunity because he’s building a sustainable interest around the Greek system,” Bearak said. “Twenty-five percent of undergrads a year turn over, so it’s a constantly growing market. They’re also on their way to building one of the largest campus rep programs in the country. Their early numbers are well above projection and will be a real catalyst to their growth.”

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Courtesy of Jason Shuman, CEO Category Five

Winds of over 155 miles per hour stir up the sea, hitting everything in site and creating pure destruction. Only three storms of this stature have hit the U.S. in the 20th century. This is not a storm— it is a Category Five.


Courtesy of Jason Shuman, CEO Category Five

Fitting its namesake, Category Five boat shoes are hitting the fashion scene with forces just as strong (minus the destruction of course).

23-year-old CEO, Jason Shuman began his boat shoe focused fashion line, when he was just a student at The University of Miami and has since grown Category Five into a successful fashion start-up based out of Framingham, Mass.

“We created Category Five to not only build a better boat shoe, but a company that aligned with the values of our generation,” Jason says.

The idea sparked from the necessity that are boat shoes in college Greek life. Category 5 has the look of a Sperry Topsider but with the authenticity of true preppiness and the ability to be customized. From initials to Greek letters, the options are endless. (See the full story here)

Different than Sperry’s, Category 5’s include: a full EVA footbed over the Sperry “heel cup,” a hand-sprayed water and stain resistant leather treatment made in the U.S. (Essential when wearing your shoes to a bar, Jason explains.) and the contoured mid-rise heel, which helps minimize the brutal break-in period.

Because Category 5 is mostly an e-commerce business with over 80% of revenue coming from online, Category 5 is able to keep the price point affordable.

“Think Warby Parker meets footwear,” Jason says.

What can we look forward to for the future of Cat 5? According to Jason, a ton of new events, a big announcement in regards to a philanthropic partner, additional product lines, and even better pricing.

Product aside, Jason describes Category Five as a company focused on providing customers with the confidence to go out and live life to the fullest.

“We aim to make a difference through charity partners, host events that will allow [the customer] to experience new things and meet new people, and finally provide [customers] with interesting content and advice on our website on how to achieve [their] goals.”

The Category Five website contains a great blog, The Hurricane Report, where customers and enthusiasts alike can see what the interworkings of Cat 5 are thinking.

Courtesy of Jason Shuman, CEO Category Five

Courtesy of Jason Shuman, CEO Category Five

As for enjoying summer, Jason believes good drinks, good food, good people, a good location (and of course good shoes) are key.

“When you combine those 4 things it means happy hour drinks on the water with friends, while enjoying a nice lobster roll…for me at least.”

And if you need some great gear for that upcoming summer sailing trip? Check out Category Five. They’ve got you covered. 😉


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