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Indigenous women make up 1/3 of missing persons in South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) &#; According to the South Dakota Attorney General&#;s Missing Persons Clearinghouse, there are missing persons in the state as of Wednesday. Of these more than missing persons, one-third are indigenous women.

Looking at the demographic breakdown of the missing persons, 55 (53%) are male, while 48 (47%) are female.

Breaking it down further, we see the disparity of missing persons based on race, with indigenous people making 65% of South Dakota&#;s missing persons. This is despite making up a mere 9% of the South Dakota population according to the most recent data from the Census Report. The second largest group represented were white individuals, making up 25% of missing persons, while comprising % of the state&#;s population.

Of the missing indigenous persons in South Dakota, just over half (%) are female.

Breaking the numbers down further, we find that a total of 34 out of the missing persons (33%) are Indigenous women. 32% are Indigenous men, % are White men, % are White women, % are Black men, % are Black women, % are Hispanic men, % are Hispanic women, % are men whose race is unknown, and % are Asian women.

Below are the names and ages of the current missing indigenous women and men listed on the South Dakota Attorney General&#;s Missing Persons page.


Sharon Bald Eagle49
Beverly Ulrich60
Ruby Black Horn12
Crystalina Mousseau6
Shanae Bordeaux25
Larissa Lone Hill26
Jessalyn Rooks21
Donna Larrabe60
Cante Win Long Soldier18
Shawnna Shields18
Sasha Carpenter17
Adrianna Grooms17
Elayna Weddell15
Carlynn Standing Elk15
Jacey Bettelyoun15
Askewin Crow Dog9
Sundance Crow Dog6
Jasie Cortier15
Susan Fast Eagle30
Naveigha Red Cloud17
Justice Quaderer16
Alannah Hawk Wing16
Kyra Kills Small16
Janeyah Red Cloud15
Savannah Westrom21
Adrianna Spotted Elk15
Angel Mitchell17
Tasia Rencountre16
Tiffany High Hawk24
Nataya Castaway15
Azaraya Waters-Coronado13
Lacey Kills Back17
Aneveldine Running Shield19
Victoria Garza17


Terry Good Voice Elk56
Tanner Standing Bear16
Andrew Jon &#;AJ&#; Lufkins34
Mackenzie Antelope15
Lance Black Horn Jr.14
Lynn Standing Bear28
Dallas Bluebird17
Tavon Jeremiah High Horse7
Devin Whiting15
Phoenix White Face11
David Crow Ghost Sr.48
Michael Harmon18
Kvaughn Elliot16
Robert Draeger16
Richard White Calf88
Tarron Marshall6
Kevin Marshall43
Cetan Standing Soldier12
Mateo Clairmont15
Verdell Brown Bull Sr.51
Sergio Charger20
Tavin Josea High Horse7
Luzahan Belt16
Devin Drapeau16
Jude White Bull15
Francis Witt15
Everett Shangreaux16
Kurtis Merriweather Warner2
Alejandro Vasquez30
Marquise Spottedeagle17
Jarvis Dixon39
Timothy Janis14
Jacoby Lawrence3

If you have information about any of the missing person on this list, you can find contact info as well as the full missing persons list here.

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - South Dakota authorities are continuing the search for a missing man last seen in March.

Eugene “Beaner” Prins was last seen leaving a bar on Thursday, March 26, in Forestburg, South Dakota.

Contact the Sanborn County Sheriff’s Office () or DCI () if you have

The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation recently released photos of a search being conducted in the investigation. Authorities say special agents searched for a “needle in a haystack” after cadaver dogs indicted four hay bales near an area where Prins was last seen. Special agents unrolled the haybales searching for evidence.

If anyone with information on Prins, contact the Sanborn County Sheriff’s Office () or DCI ().

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - UPDATE ( AM) year-old Alex Kummer and his vehicle have been located, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page.

The same post goes on to say the Kummer family would like to thank everyone that came out to search for Alex Saturday morning.

“Unfortunately, the outcome is not what we were all hoping and praying for,” Lincoln County Sheriff Swenson, wrote in the post. “I ask that you please, respect the families privacy during this difficult time.”

No other information has been released.


Sioux Falls police say they looking for a runaway teenager.

Alex Kummer is 16 years old. He is a white male male 6′0″ lbs, sandy hair, and green eyes.

He was last seen Friday around p.m. in the area of W. st Street and S. Western Avenue.

Kummer was driving a Volkswagen Jetta with South Dakota license plate 44Y R

Police ask you to call if you see Kummer, his car, or know where he may be.

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - In the last 27 days, 24 children in South Dakota have gone missing according to state officials.

On the South Dakota missing person’s list, of 73 kids in total, 24 children have gone missing since May 1st.

That’s almost a child a day for a month and that’s limited to those who have not yet been found.

“We do normally see an uptick in the May through the summer months of kids that go missing or run away, we also do see an uptick as school starts again, then with that stress of school and things of that nature has led to an uptick in runaways and missing kids,” said Brent Gromer, the South Dakota state commander for the Internet Crimes Against Children task force.

Although we don’t know why Brody Cole, Adrianna Spotted Elk, or any of the other 71 missing children in South Dakota left home for the last two decades, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has worked to reduce the footprint online predators can make on the missing person’s list.

“Any time that we see kids that are unsupervised on their devices, it gives them the opportunity to make mistakes, also meet individuals that may not have their best interest in mind, certainly some of those individuals that may look to victimize kids online,” said Gromer.

Kids have less experience, in life and with people, so Gromer says it’s a good idea, as an adult, to understand the apps kids are using as well as keep an eye out for something a child might not perceive as bad or suspicious.

“As a parent, we should certainly be, all year long but specifically when our kids are spending more time unsupervised online, monitor those phones and those applications that their kids are using and look at those communications to determine if they’re appropriate or not,” said Gromer.

The pandemic has seen an uptick in the victimization of kids online with children relying on the internet for more than video games or social media and Gromer said summer can see an increase as well as kids have more unsupervised time during summer break.

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