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In 1981 the Care Bears were created as an illustration for greeting cards before being produced as plush toys in 1983. Their first foray into the toy world coincided with the launch of The Care Bears television series.

The Care Bears originally consisted of ten bears of various colours, each with different symbols on their bellies. It was through the TV show, the comics, and the movies that the characteristics and personalities of each bear were on display.

Every 5 to 10 years has seen the Care Bears relaunched, introducing them to a new generation of children. Even some 35+ years later it seems that nothing will stop popularity of these cute, colourful and cuddly Care Bears – they’re now even a fixture in the pastel kawaii niche of the online tattoo community.

Check back later in Kawaii Month as there’s sure to be even more Care Bears tattoo inspo added to this post. You may even see some spoopy Care Bear tattoos pop up in a post during Halloween Month.

Updated: March 17, 2020


10 Best Care Bear Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

Looking for a cute tattoo that will bring out the mushy side of you? Well here are some Care Bear tattoos you should definitely check out.

Care Bear Tattoo

Care Bears have been looked upon as a symbol of love since their time of conception.

They were created by artist Elena Kucharik in 1981. The original idea behind the invention was to be used on greeting cards for the second-largest greeting cards makers in the world, American Greetings.

A couple of years later, in 1983, these cute designs were converted into plushy teddy bears. The Care Bears have found themselves in a number of feature films and even had a television series of their own. All the Care Bears are of varying colours and have a distinct belly badge that represents their personalities. The first ten original Care Bears were Wish Bear, Love-A-Lot Bear, Grumpy Bear, Funshine Bear, Bedtime Bear, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, Good Luck Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Birthday Bear. There have been later additions to these original bears over the years, such as the Do-Your-Best Bear, Sea Friend Bear, Share Bear, Baby Tugs Bear, and many more.

Be sure to check our specially curated list of Care Bear tattoos to find the best of all Care Bear tattoo designs out there for you to choose.

Care Bear Heart Tattoo On Legs

Care Bear Heart Tattoo On Legs

Are you that friend in your group who is always trying to lift others’ moods? Then this Cheer Bear tattoo aptly represents you. One of the ten original Care Bears, the Cheer Bear has a carnation pink fur and a rainbow arch as its belly badge. Living up to its name, this Care Bear character is always trying to cheer its friends up whenever they are depressed or sad. This fluffy, pink ball of joy is simply adorable and is the best tattoo idea for caring and cheerful people.

Care Bear Tattoo Sleeve For The Ardent Fans Of The Franchise

Care Bear Tattoo Sleeve For The Ardent Fans Of The Franchise

Well if you absolutely love the Care Bear franchise, then this Care Bear sleeve tattoo is a must-see for you. For passionate fans, one Care Bear character tattoo is always not enough to showcase their love for their favourite franchise. The grand tattoo design includes the Good Luck Bear (green colour), Care Bear (carnation pink colour), Love-A-Lot Bear (coral pink colour), and the Friend Bear (amber orange colour). The artist has imagined each of the Care Bears in different frolic activities riding a swing or sliding down a rainbow, having ice cream with stars on the top among others. Get these types of Care Bear tattoo sleeves and immerse yourself in a whole new experience.

Care Bear And Star Tattoo On Arm

Care Bear And Star Tattoo On Arm

A star is a symbol of guidance, hope, intuition, and honour. Couple it with a fictional Care Bear character holding the star in hand and you get a cute tattoo that pays homage to the franchise. It also brings out the mushy as well as the wise side of your personality.

The Devil Themed Care Bear Tattoo

The Devil Themed Care Bear Tattoo

Care Bears represent all the good and positive vibes in your personality and heart. But how about giving it a new twist by adding a devilish theme to the Care Bear tattoo? This blood-red Care Bear tattoo with Devil-like horns on its forehead can be a unique tattoo experience for you and something to show off to your buddies also.

The Spooky Care Bear Tattoo For ‘Scream’ Fans

The Spooky Care Bear Tattoo For 'Scream' Fans

Who has not seen the ‘Scream’ movies that make a parody out of all the cult and popular horror movies out there while adding new twists and thrill to them? Well, it is time the Care Bear franchise gets the same treatment too. This Care Bear wearing the Scream mask and holding a cell phone carries the quintessential ‘Scream’ essence but adds a certain level of cuteness to it.

The Satanic Care Bear Tattoo For Occult Enthusiasts

The Satanic Care Bear Tattoo For Occult Enthusiasts

How to use the Satan theme on a Care Bear tattoo? This certain tattoo design does it with perfection, not only making the bear colour a brilliant shade of black, but also adding horns, wings, and Satanic occult sign as its belly badge. Be sure to check this one out if there is a dark side to your personality that you want to express.

The Anarchist Care Bear Tattoo On Arm

The Anarchist Care Bear Tattoo On Arm

How cool will be a punk Care Bear tattoo that epitomises anarchy and chaos? Not only there is the anarchic symbol on its belly badge, but also the mohawk styled hair and the bear making faces is the cute anarchist we all want to be in our hearts. Smash the rotten political system, but in cute Care Bear style.

The Frowning Care Bear Tattoo

The Frowning Care Bear Tattoo

We all try to be cheerful and optimistic in our lives, but it is very hard to be so in our present circumstances. Even the fun and merry Care Bears know better. Hence, this gloomy Care Bear tattoo reflects our current mood as we sit at homes waiting for this awful pandemic to blow over so that we can return to our normal lives.

The CowBoy Themed Care Bear Tattoo

The CowBoy Themed Care Bear Tattoo

We all love Westerns with those valiant cowboys taking on dacoits and aliens and whatnot, riding horses, shooting guns, and wearing that all-so-popular cowboy hat. Put that iconic hat on Care Bears and we get cowboys that are only better. Let us live out the experience of the wild, wild West but in the style of Care Bears.

The Grumpy Care Bear Tattoo For Rainy Season

The Grumpy Care Bear Tattoo For Rainy Season

With the rainy season going on, this dark blue Grumpy Care tattoo is all of our current moods. The gloomy weather and the depressing rain make the heart dismal. It might be difficult for the artist too to come up with this Care Bears tattoo design. But then we can only be thankful to the rain for this! Get these Care Bears tattoo designs to beat the monsoon blues now.

The Care Bears represent all the fun we could have with care bear tattoos and ourselves. Be sure to get these Care Bear tattoos to beat the slump. Look for a professional tattoo artist and choose the perfect design that goes with your personality. Happy inking!

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12 Cheeky And Cuddly Care Bear Tattoos

Care Bears were like the smaller franchise version of Lisa Frank of the 80's and stayed relevant up to the early 2000's. They had Care Bear cards, toys, TV shows, and films. I do vaguely remember Care Bears being aired on Cartoon Network as a kid in the kingdom made of cotton candy clouds and hearts and rainbows. It was pretty cute, having these bears around to guide kids and fight off bogeymen. Looking back now, I do have to wonder what kind of drugs the animators were on making the show. Kidding aside, these are the kids at heart who keep their care bears around to fight off their adult-sized bogeymen.

Care Bear fan art found on Tumblr #carebear #fanart #comic
Care Bear tattoo by Sam Whitehead. #SamWhitehead #carebear #cute #girly #bear #cartoon #stuffedtoy

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Care Bear tattoo by Claudi. #couple #carebear #cute #girly #bear #cartoon #stuffedtoy
Care Bear tattoo by Temperance Tattoo. #carebear #cute #girly #bear #cartoon #stuffedtoy #psycho

Uh-oh. This one's psychotic.

Care Bear tattoo by Joy Dewi. #carebear #cute #girly #bear #cartoon #stuffedtoy
Care Bear tattoo by Sarah K. #SarahK #carebear #cute #girly #bear #cartoon #stuffedtoy
Care Bear tattoo by Lauren Winzer. #LaurenWinzer #carebear #cute #girly #bear #cartoon #stuffedtoy #unicorn

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