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8 Things to Know About The Tall Guy Short Girl Couple Combo

There is a quite interesting photoshoot of Sultan Kosen, the tallest man in the world with his m height (our most sincere greeting to the mother who gave birth to him), and Jyoti Amge, who is only 60 centimeters tall. The two awarded a Guinness record, met in Cairo for the curious session, which was part of a new campaign aimed at reviving tourism in the area. More than two meters of difference separates these two, but in the event that they decided to be a couple, things would go well for them, because according to science, tall men and short women make up the best couples.

It is well known that there is no perfect formula for a beautiful relationship. According to a study, the difference between the height of the couple will tell a lot about how they are and the way they will live with the person they love.

In the investigation, it was determined that the shorter the woman and the taller the man, they will be the best couple.

Science talks

You don't believe us? Well, it seems that it has scientific support. A group of researchers from the University of Konkuk, in South Korea, have determined that it is true after several experiments carried out on thousands of couples over a few years.

This research showed that the shorter the woman and the taller the man, they will form a better couple. This study was carried out by the University of Konkut and investigated more than 7, couples that were made up of short women and tall men.

Furthermore, the study concluded that couples made up of a short woman and a tall man showed more happiness and confidence.

Reasons Why Short Women Love Tall Men

Could it be true? Are short women more attracted to tall men? Height is a biological factor that obviously cannot be changed permanently (tell Tom Cruise), but height affects our lives, whether we want to or not, and sometimes without realizing it. Here is the reason why women love and prefer tall men:

1. Biological reasons

As reported by the researchers themselves, "the difference in height between the couple is related to the happiness of the woman", responding to an apparent biological need, which would have to do with their preference for taller partners for more effective reproduction.

2. They are powerful

Apparently, those who are taller are considered more dominant, with greater purchasing power, healthier and smarter; essential attributes for leadership, crucial in our species. But not only that, there is a multitude of studies that have confirmed that those who are taller are usually considered more attractive, more in the case of men than women, who are precisely preferred with normal height.

It seems to be part of that difference in power between men and women, and that although everything has to do with biological factors, it translates into social attitudes that condition our thanks to the collaboration of external factors, such as the media.

3. They show strength

According to Science Direct, women prefer tall men because show strength. I mean, would you even dare to fight a very tall man? Nobody would, and that is pretty much very very attractive. It makes women feel extremely protected and safe!

4. They are happier

In addition, tall men are considered to have greater ability and confidence for their employers, and height is related to happiness.

Many believe that they have greater satisfaction with life. That is why these men have more self-esteem and they show a lot of self-confidence, which makes them overall happier.

Reasons Why Tall Men Love Short Women

It is not only about women preferring taller men. Tall men also have a weakness for short girls. Want to know why? Here are some reasons:

1. They feel huge

Men feel great next to a short girl, which is very good for them to demonstrate their manhood. We don't know why, but that's the way they are

The good thing for them is that they do not have to be too high to be able to exceed the girl's height. Even the man who is considered short among his own can feel high next to a short woman.

2. They feel they can protect them

As they feel huge next to a short girl, it gives them the feeling of being important and being able to protect their little girl from anything.

Girls of short stature are generally not weak at all; on the contrary, their character, and strength always demonstrate otherwise. But, they still love to be protected and cared for.

3. They are sexy but cute

Who said that to be sensual you have to be a catwalk model? Needless! Men know it well because they love short girls because they are super sexy and, above all, passionate. The fierceness of little girls is not a myth, it is a reality that every man wants some time in his life.

Due to the mix between the attitude of a great woman but at the same time, the sweetness, tenderness, and love of a girl in one person makes them totally irresistible.

Expiration date

The study we talked about before also showed that not everything was going to be happy for these couples since it seems that this "perfection" disappears after 18 years.

"Women are known to prefer tall men for evolutionary and reproductive reasons, but no study so far has investigated whether a taller husband makes his wife happier," Dr. Kitae Sohn, study author, "The results proved that a greater difference in height was positively related to the happiness of women. Of course, this relationship weakened over time, disappearing after 18 years of marriage. "

The reason for such an outcome could have to do with the husband's ability in the matter of conflict resolution, which has nothing to do with the height that he made his wife so happy at the beginning of the relationship.

"We argued that the height of the husband might make her very happy at first, but this ceases to be an important factor over time. However, this weakening lasts for such a long period of time indicates the power of male height in the psychology of women, probably prepared by their evolution ”, Sohn stated. Interesting right?


Despite everything, height is still only one factor, and while it is very important for some women, others are able to modify their expectations if they meet someone who is not part of their preferred height range, but are strongly attracted to him.

What we are saying is that yes, there are many cases where this situation has happened, hence the results of the study, but every case is different and there is nothing written in stone. But, if you are a tall man or a small woman and you really wish or are in a relationship of this type, be happy! Science supports you!


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21 Struggles Of Being A Short Girl Dating A Really Tall Guy

1. Talking in loud bars can be super awkward, because one person is on their tiptoes while the other is having to slouch, and you’re both having to yell.

2. Pretty much everyone you meet — even random people on the street — make comments on your height difference. You hear “Wow, he’s really tall!” or “Do you even go up to his belly button?” about once a day.

3. You also get a lot of dirty comments about all the possibilities of the height difference.

4. Sometimes you have to call him over to reach things for you, which kind of makes you feel like a little kid. (But secretly it’s kind of nice to have someone to reach on top of the cabinets!)

5. Standing-up kisses can look hilariously awkward.

6. Any time you take a photo, you can guarantee that someone’s going to make a comment about it. (Probably a joke about not being able to get the two of you in the frame.)

7. The awkward dad-hug where the tall guy has to bend allll the way down so he’s not just wrapping her neck in some kind of weird choke-hold.

8. Going to concerts together, you want to run straight to the front, while the guy is a little self-conscious of messing up everyone’s view.

9. Sitting on his shoulders means that you’re, like, 10 feet tall — which is honestly kind of terrifying.

When you walk through crowded streets together, he often doesn’t understand that you’re having a hard time navigating, or would rather go where there are fewer people (because he doesn’t have any trouble seeing over the crowds.)

People always ask why you picked someone “so tall” or “so short,” as if you chose each other because of the height difference.

When you wear the highest heels you have, you’re still hilariously shorter than him, but to you it feels like you’re finally a tall person!

Sometimes, he hangs out with other tall friends and when they talk in a group, you kind of feel like a little kid in a circle of adults.

Everyone asks you if he plays basketball. Constantly.

(Sometimes, he does play basketball, and you feel like a cliché when you answer “yes.”)

You sometimes feel like you should be exercising your ability to wear ridiculously high heels, even though you just want to wear flats.

Posing for group pictures can be near-impossible.

Traveling in the backs of cars and on planes means a ton of discomfort for him, and you wish you could give him some of your legroom just for him not to suffer.

You often underestimate just how much he can eat, and can expect him to finish your plates when you go out (even if you were planning on taking it home!).

Friends asking if he has any brothers or friends (or basketball teammates).

Wearing his clothes becomes absolutely hilarious on you. There’s no such thing as “boyfriend jeans” or “wearing his shirt to look casual and cute.” His shirts become muumuus on you. But it’s okay, you just wear them as nightgowns! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Here’s why short girls and tall men have the best relationships, according to a new study

ARE you a short girl who loves a tall guy? Well, you may be in luck.

A recent study has claimed that shorter women who couple up with much taller men have the happiest relationships - and it's all down to evolution.

 According to this study, Louise Thompson and her personal trainer boyfriend Ryan should just about have one of the happiest relationships of all time


This study has found that there is an unexpected scientific correlation between a husband's stature and his wife's happiness.

Researchers found that out of almost 4, Indonesian couples that took part in the survey, the happiest were those with the greatest height difference.

In other words, Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson and her personal trainer boyfriend Ryan Libbey should just about be the happiest couple ever.

Of course there were other factors that played into their happiness, including self-esteem and income but the study found height played a surprisingly big factor in most of the relationships.

 Miley Cyrus shares a knowing wink as she's a petite 5'5" compared to Liam Hemsworth's 6'3"


As for the reason all these short girls are happy with their tall guys?

Simple evolution.

Not only do shorter women feel protected by their more traditionally 'masculine' other half but being tall is also a biological indication that your partner is strong enough to protect a family.

Unsurprisingly, this works wonders for the guy's confidence and results in a happy, secure relationship.

So the greater the height difference, the happier the couple who are unconsciously following these prehistoric rules.

 Love Island's Camilla and Jaime also ascribe to the study's bizarre conclusion


The study also showed that taller men also have an unsurprising advantage in the workplace.

Unfair or not, their statuesque height makes them seem more trustworthy and capable of greater responsibility.

In other words, their mere genetics puts them first in line for that promotion which, in turn, contributes to their partner's happiness.

 Hayden Panettiere should be the happiest girl in the world right now


So does a happy marriage really rest on one personal's (very tall) shoulders?

We're still unconvinced.

Why Jamie Redknapp's new model girlfriend Julia Restoin Roitfeld is every woman's nightmare love rival.

Check out this week's Love Lab, featuring a year-old fashion student and a personal trainer.

The funniest wedding fails EVER, from a cheeky toddler sticking his hand down a bridesmaid's dress to a guest brawling with a year-old over the bouquet.

Stacey Solomon takes on the world's biggest inflatable obstacle course The Monster

If you’re tuned into the world of celebrity romances, you have probably heard the news that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are engaged after a short courtship. Celebrities getting hastily engaged is neither new nor particularly exciting, but this pairing offered some fun new twists: an age difference, a tangential relationship to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and the perceived height difference between the two. I’ve listened to a few of my friends mourn the marriage for removing these two from the dating pool, but I’ve also seen more than a few discussions pop up around a woman marrying a shorter man.

I am just shy of six feet tall, but my hair often makes me appear 6’1.” Until my mid-twenties, I had a hard-and-fast “no one under six feet” rule. I can say that 80% of that rule was born out of an assumption that men wouldn’t be interested in someone taller than them, and that assumption can be directly traced back to puberty. I kept this rule firmly in place until I fell hard for a friend who clocked in at barely 5’7.”

At first, our height difference was an issue (for both of us), then it wasn’t (for me), then it ultimately was (for him), and became a big part of why it ended. I decided not to hold that against all short men however, because I am as benevolent and admirable as I am leggy, and also, I decided that in a world where finding someone who checks off all of your boxes is hard enough, why discount someone for something they can’t control? Since then I’ve flirted, kissed and dated a whole variety of men and women of different heights. I even went so far at one point as to share this great Esquire article by fellow tall queen, Ann Friedman, on Facebook as a sort of call to action for any short men who’d been waiting in the wings. It received little response, and I’ve since classed up to thirst trapping on Instagram like a normal person.

But the Jonas-Chopra height debate reenergized me, so I decided to email a few of my friends on both ends of the height spectrum to see how being tall (or not) has affected their love lives (or not). Most folks were very eager to talk about it, because as my friend Anna (5’10’) said, “I am fairly certain that my experience of being a tall woman &#; even prior to meeting/dating/marrying my shorter-than-me husband &#; is probably fairly representative of literally anyone who doesn&#;t fit any one person&#;s average, stereotypical picture of what a woman should look like. As soon as you don&#;t fit that picture, and especially if it&#;s in relation to a partnership or romantic situation, everyone would like to please give you their opinion instantly.”

When it comes to height and romance, I’ve personally found it hard to put the thing that I have been self-conscious about most of my life out there when I’m already in a vulnerable situation. It’s hard enough to take a step into the unknown to utter a “love me?” into the universe, but when you decide to layer on the thing that you were teased about or absorbed from pop culture as being unattractive, it can get downright terrifying. And while I support honesty in dating, “I’m an INFP who instinctively stands in the backs of photos and will fly into a blind rage if a stranger asks about basketball” feels like a bit too much for a Bumble bio.

When asked how they navigate dating apps as a tall person, most of the single women I talked to said that they lay it all out upfront. “I once went on a date with a girl who literally was 5 feet tall,” said Michelle, 5’11, “and I felt uncomfortably tall. After that, I made sure to include my height in my profile, so when people met me they weren’t terrified by the fact I was a so tall!”

(I, too, have had some variation of “tall person” in every dating profile I’ve ever had.)

“On dating apps, I am always super deliberate about posting a photo where I am standing with my shorter friends, for context,” Alisa, 5’11, told me. “In the bio sections I’ll usually name my most marked characteristics (goofy, thoughtful, kind) and include ‘tall’ right along with that. In my case, I’ve realized I am more concerned with making sure that the man is aware of my size, especially because, in addition to being tall, I am also a size , so really there’s nothing small about me.”

Middle school teasing aside, height preferences in the dating world are related to a whole host of societal pressures worth unpacking. Thanks to the patriarchy, faux-evolutionary arguments and racial bias, when it comes to romantic preferences, it’s irresponsible to simply throw our hands up in the air and say, “Well, it is what it is,” or, “I can’t help what I like.” There are serious implications below the surface.

As Ann Friedman wrote in Esquire: “Women have internalized the message that it&#;s better for us to be smaller. This is essential to know—it&#;s not just about shortness, but also skinniness. To be bigger than men is to worry that you&#;ll turn them off.”

For many of us, it isn’t just about height. A few of the women I asked shared a similar, imprecise equation, which factored height and width into the math of not feeling bigger. I’ve done it too; I do it too. Despite simply wanting, honest to god, someone who is funny and caring and, okay, yes, has a nice haircut, I can’t help but do a certain sexual attraction calculus around how our bodies relate to each other.

My friend Matt, 5’7”, said, “I tend to date within my height range or shorter pretty organically. I do feel that I don&#;t get the same attention from tall women. I also tone down the flirting with taller women because I feel like they are most likely not interested in me based on my height. I hear women talk about being attracted to taller men a lot. So I probably flirt with or pursue more women in my ‘league’ a lot more intentionally. I think if a taller woman gave me more direct/explicit attention, then I would feel more comfortable pursuing them. But then again, maybe they assume I have a height complex. And maybe we just end up missing a lot of great opportunities with great people.”

That’s exactly why, in an effort to bring as many great people my way, I’ve decided to stay open. Not just when it comes to someone’s height, but to all the arbitrary expectations we put on dating. It’s also why I’ve decided to not let bad experiences hollow out my desire to share joy with someone, or to not let the fear of being looked at funny if I find a partner that doesn’t “match” keep me from letting myself fall into something good. And for the record, Nicholas Jerry (JERRY?) Jonas is 5’7” and Priyanka Chopra is 5’5”, but best of luck on your love journey, you crazy, similarly-sized kids. I’m rooting for you.

Photos by The Hindustan Times and Mike Coppola via Getty Images.


Girlfriend boyfriend small tall

Maybe I’m new here, but I’ve been bopping around under the assumption that personal dating preferences range farther and wider than what most anyone can imagine. But if dating apps have taught me—a heterosexual adult woman in this age of 21st-century courtship—anything at all, it’s that a dude’s height is paramount to most other pleasing physical features he could possibly possess (like a Very Nice Face™, my personal preference). “Tall, dark, and handsome,“tall drink of water”—old-timey phrasing loves to position tall men as the quintessential romantic ideal, but of all the kinks and quirks we’ve adopted into our modern love languages and sexual flavor profiles, tallness remains as dependable as vanilla ice cream on apple pie.

Many apps offer a baked-in option to list your stature, even allowing users to filter their height preferences for a nominal fee (because thirst is not immune to capitalism, no sir). In apps that don’t, however, I find a reference to height in a dude’s profile 99 percent of the time. Either it’s a perfunctory numeral (6’2) occasionally followed by a bio written in emoji, or a slightly snarky “For those who care, I’m 6’1” tacked onto the end of a brief, cryptic bio, like a disclaimer to ensure you read the entire thing to get to the crux. Rarely does any man mention his height if it’s below six feet, I’ve noticed.

I asked friends who swipe if their experiences were similar. Male friends tell me that so many women ask them point-blank how tall they are right off the bat, it’s easier to just include that info in the bio. Male-liking friends of mine tell me, more often than not, that they really prefer tallbois: “He’s gotta be at least six-foot.”

My tall girlfriends want a boyfriend who will still be taller than them in heels. My petite girlfriends want to date a tallboi for no specific reason other than perhaps it makes them feel more petite, like a sexy Baby Yoda. (Euphoria, you’re not helping.)

But what about his hair? His face? His eyes? His smile? The only thing you want off this à la carte menu at Le Bae Bistro is tall? Didn’t your mother ever teach you to come to the buffet hungry, or chide you about having eyes bigger than your stomach (or at least your loins)? Are all my friends little spoons?

Like many powerful women in far more impressive tax brackets than me, I am 5’2”—the height of an Olsen Twin (just Mary-Kate—I believe Ashley is 5’3”), of Reese Witherspoon, of Kim Kardashian. The tallest heels I wear bring me to a fairly modest 5’5”. Most of the men I’ve dated have measured between 5’5” and 6’0”. (Only one of them was salty about it, and not the one you think!) Do I enjoy being the little spoon? Heck, yeah. Do I think it’s cute reaching slightly up on my tippy-toes for a smooch? Sure. Do I like resting my head on a shoulder at the approximate ideal neck-nook height for my stature? You bet your goddamn biscuits I do. All of these adorable things are accessible to me (to us, really) at a bell-curve distribution—the further away from “average” male height (approximately 5’9” in the U.S.) a dude is, the less convenient this all becomes. But that’s not to say any less worth it—your girl does not discriminate based on height!

However, as a member of the below-average-height population (average female height in the U.S. is 5’4”), we petites understand the literal shortcomings of such a lack of reach. A person’s size changes the way they move in the world, how they take up space, and, even more so, how they are regarded in relation to others. Being tall (literally) pays, according to the American Psychology Association, to the tune of nearly 1, additional dollars a year, especially when coupled with being fit (read: thin). This is not breaking news, but it’s worth noting that tall men enjoy many other privileges before we even broach dating and mating.

Short Boyfriend Problems - Anwar Jibawi

11 Things All Short Girls Who Have Tall Boyfriends Understand

Being a short person is hard because you can't reach things, people use you as arm rests, and everyone calls you cute then proceeds to pick you up. #donttouchme

Being short has it disadvantages, for sure, but there are a few things it's good for. Like when dating someone tall, you have all these cute quirks that people just think are adorable (and you do too). So, without further ado, here are 10 things that all short girls do while having a tall boyfriend (or girlfriend).

1. When he hugs you, he envelops you with love.

Those big arms and face planting his chest just makes everything feel right in the world. His hugs shut out everything and it's comforting. His tall hugs that press your check into his chest make you feel more safe and loved that you could've ever imagined. You love listening to his heart beat steadily against your cheek and you think about how much you truly love this person.

2. He reaches the tall things for you.

You never want to admit you need help and you rarely do because all short girls mastered climbing counters and other stable (totally not stable) objects by the time they were in high school but sometimes it's inevitable. You also need help with pickle jars because they get you every time but that's a strong guy thing, not a tall guy thing. I always mumble a "thank you" and then promptly say I could totally have done it myself, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

3. You have a "face" for when you want him to lean down so you can kiss him.

You tilt your face up and just stare at him, with your eyes closed and lips puckered. He'll get the hint. Either that or just climb him like a deranged monkey so you can kiss him. Then there is the reasonable thing, which is just asking him to lean down but that's the less fun option.

4. He calls you cute and for once, you don't mind it.

No one is allowed to call you cuteexcept for him. He doesn't make it sound like a lesser compliment but rather something so endearing that you can't help but be flattered by. He knows you're cute but that you're also sexy, beautiful, and one of a kind. He's lucky to have a cute, short girl like you.

5. You may be small, but you are fierce and he knows you'd totally beat him in a wrestling match.

Well, he lets you think that, at the very least. And sometimes, he lets you win but you still feel superior if he caves easily (probably so he doesn't hurt her royal tininess). If you are dating a small girl then you know that if she has older sibling, you need to watch out because she is the BABY and they will protect her, even if she can protect herself.

6. He asks you to do small people things, like fit into tiny spaces.

Can you climb up there? Here, let me lift you up so you can reach X, Y, and Z. Can you grab that off the ground? You're closer.

You are always being used for your size but that makes you feel useful and like you are returning the favor of him getting high things down for you. You always agree to do short people things because it gives you a sense of purpose and makes you feel useful to tall people.

7. The hand holding can be a bit off, but you both love it.

Your arm is bent at an awkward angle and it kinda hurts but you hold hands anyways because you love to show off some mild PDA. After a while of dating and hand holding, you guys figure out the perfect position of holding hands so that you both are comfy and happy.

8. Sex is more fun because us short girls are easier to move around.

We can be more malleable and this, by no means, is a shot at tall girls because ya'll got bedroom moves. Short girls can just do some of those awkward AF yoga-like sex positionsnot that we actually dobut we can. It's good to have options that we never use. Missionary it is!

9. Spooning is the best.

Being the little spoon is one of the best feelings on Earth. You have all the cuddles and heat of the person you love so much radiating behind you, creating a pocket of love and comfort. It's honestly one of the best feelings you have ever experienced.

They come down to your level every so often.

One of your favorite things is when he leans on you for support. Honestly, your physical height isn't nearly a match for your emotional height because you are always there to love and comfort your man. One thing my boyfriend does is; he'll scooch down the bed and lay his head on my chest or tummy and look up at me. Our height disappears because he came down to my level for love and that means so much to me. You know you love when they cuddle close to you and use you as a human pillow because it shows they trust you with their emotions and their body.

Height actually doesn't matter.

While all these things are great and funny, you know that your S.O. and you would still love each other no matter what height you each were. It's moot, honestly. Because height #notimportant, but unconditional love and acceptance totally are. I'm five foot one and my boyfriend is six feet but even if he was five, five or whatever, I would still love him just the same.


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The head still barely passed into the already developed hole. Tears gushed from his wife's eyes, moans of pleasure and pain began to erupt from her mouth. I watched with all my eyes as his thick penis deeper and deeper into her.

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