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Once you have your chunky knit blanket and a warm mug nearby, your cozy night at home is almost complete. If you have a working, wood-burning fireplace, you can't enjoy a crackling, warm hearth without getting a firewood rack. A firewood rack is a must-have fixture by any fireplace or wood stove that helps to keep your fireplace materials and tools readily available.

Feeding the fire to keep it roaring takes some strategic thinking, so you'll always want to make sure you have a range of different log sizes and shapes nearby. These indoor and outdoor firewood racks hold or transport your wood, kindling, and paper materials, so you can stoke the flames however you want. Plus, these models are beloved by hundreds, if not thousands of reviewers for their sturdy build and high-quality look

Check out our guide here to the best firewood racks, outdoor log holders, bins, and carriers that'll keep your kindling right where you need it.

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Best Overall

Fireplace Log Rack



This log rack is a fan favorite for its easy assembly and streamlined steel build. It has a slim footprint but can still “hold enough for a full day of fire,” according to a reviewer.

Its two tiers can each stash large logs and smaller kindling, and the four iron fireplace tools are great to have included.

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Cool Design

INNO STAGE Firewood Rack



For an indoor sanctuary from the winter chill, this firewood rack brings the beauty of the great outdoors fire-side. Choose between four different designs: a wolf, elk, eagle, or bear.

This metal firewood rack closely packs large logs and smaller kindling, allowing you to get a couple of fires out of one stack.


Best Outdoor Firewood Rack

The Woodhaven 5-Foot Firewood Log Rack With Cover



You can get a big outdoor firewood rack for a cheap price on Amazon, but very few of them are sturdy enough to hold up to months of harsh weather. This one is a little bit of a splurge, but reviewers can assure: You'll get what you pay for.

It's made of 16-gauge steel with a baked-on, powder-coated finish that looks amazing. The assembly is easy and can be done in just a few minutes with any ordinary set of tools. 

It even comes with a weatherproof cover — it doesn't cover the entire rack (to prevent mice and other critters from building a nest in your wood stash), but it'll keep the top layers of wood dry, which is exactly what you need for a fire.


Looks Great Anywhere

Firewood Log Rack



If you like your decor simple and streamlined, we can't think of a better indoor or outdoor firewood rack for you than this one. Its two open sides hold a stack of firewood and kindling altogether, so you can easily grab what you need. It's a petite metal unit but very high quality for the price.


For a Rustic Look

Brycen Outdoor Firewood Log Rack



This corten steel firewood rack is ideal for placing on your front porch in the wintertime. It holds your pile of chopped wood together in its shallow bowl shape. 

Some reviewers do say that the “rusty” finish can be messy when assembling, but the finished piece is sturdy and looks great.


Timeless Shape

Sand & Stable Bicester Firewood Rack
Sand &



This hoop-style firewood rack is perfect for keeping a lot of kindling all stacked together neatly until you're in the mood for a fire. 

It's a fairly small piece, good for feeding the outdoor chiminea or indoor woodstove, and it also comes with a PVC cover to help protect the wood from getting sogged out if you keep it outside. 

Heads up: Users advise that you'll need your own tools to put this one together.


Best Log Carrier

WHITEDUCK TUFF Large Firewood Carrier



If you already own a firewood rack that you're happy with, but you're less than pleased with having to haul logs inside one by one, it's time to get a log tote. This canvas carrier is lightweight and inexpensive, and it can hold multiple logs of varying lengths all together neatly. 

We like that this model has pockets on both sides, instead of being completely open or closed — this allows for a more secure carry from the chopping block to the woodstove.


Double-Decker Organization

Compact Cast Iron Scrollwork Design Log Rack
Plow &



Keep your kindling always at the ready with this cast-iron log holder from Plow & Hearth. 

Its double-decker design lets you store newspaper and lighter sticks up top, and a heavy stack of logs on the bottom. Plus, its footprint is perfect for smaller spaces. 


2-in-1 Versatility

Panacea Products Mission Log Bin With Log Carrier


Transporting firewood from the outdoors to your hearth doesn't have to be back-breaking, splinter-filled work! This mission-style log rack may be on the shorter side, but it comes with a faux-leather carrier that fits conveniently right into the bin.


Sleek and Stylish

Crate & Barrel Frame Log Holder
Crate &



This steel log holder from Crate & Barrel maximizes vertical space by storing firewood in a slim stack beside your hearth. Its sleek 48-inch-high silhouette, open build, and four no-frills divider bars keep the presentation neat.

Melanie YatesSenior Home Decor EditorMelanie is the senior home decor editor of Best Products, where she's been researching and testing out home and bedding products since 2015 — her work can also be found on House Beautiful and Women's Health.

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Firewood Racks

Firewood Racks Are the Must-Have Accessory

Do you like to relax by the fire, whether it’s a fire pit or a fireplace? Do you use a wood stove to help heat your home? A firewood rack is the must-have accessory to properly store seasoned firewood for efficient burning. Both ShelterLogic and Arrow Storage Products offer a variety of reliable, attractive wood racks for your home. Don’t just throw an old tarp over your woodpile and call it a day. Treat yourself to a wood rack: the most-practical, ideal firewood storage solution for your home.

Firewood Racks Keep Your Logs Arranged and Dry

Firewood racks serve dual purposes:

  • As a firewood holder, they keep your seasoned logs dry and clean. Wet, dirty firewood does not burn efficiently, is prone to rot, and attracts pests and bugs. And if your burn moldy firewood, it can create a health hazard in your home. When you store it on a firewood rack, it stays off the ground and under a cover or a roof. Keeping it on a rack makes your firewood burn hotter and less smoky, which leads to a cleaner chimney.
  • As a firewood storage unit, a wood rack also lets you keeps your wood neat, organized, and easily accessible. When firewood is properly stacked on a wood rack, it allows continued air circulation and seasoning of your wood. Therefore, if you have a firepit, wood stove, or use your fireplace, you need to invest in a firewood rack.

Stellar Firewood Storage from ShelterLogic

A leader in firewood storage, ShelterLogic has several firewood storage racks and bracket kits for your budget and needs! These easy-to-assemble wood racks have scratch-resistant powder coated steel frames that provide excellent ventilation for continued firewood seasoning. They come with a two-way polyester cover that adjusts to protect firewood up to 24 in. long. These heavy-duty and ultra-duty wood racks range in lengths from 4 ft. to 12 ft. and compliment most backyard landscapes.

Do you want to customize your own firewood rack? ShelterLogic’s bracket kits allow you to build one that best suits your outdoor or indoor firewood storage needs.

Amazing Compact Firewood Racks from Arrow Storage Products

Arrow Storage Products has developed all-steel firewood racks that help you keep your logs organized and within reach. With pre-cut, pre-drilled, and clearly labeled parts and simple-to-follow instructions, Arrow firewood racks are easy to assemble! They come in compact sizes for efficient firewood storage with warm finishes that compliment most homes and hearths. The firewood racks have a pent roof that prevents rainwater from pooling, and keeps your wood under protective, reliable cover.

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The 9 Best Firewood Racks of 2021

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Sunnydaze Decor Black Steel Outdoor Log Hoop (view at Home Depot) because it's an incredibly sturdy circular model and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. If you're looking for something more budget-friendly, we recommend HomComfort's heavy-duty, powder-coated steel Adjustable Log Rack (view at Amazon) because it's adjustable and sturdy.

Intended Use

When buying a firewood rack, the first thing you'll want to think about is the intended use. Will you be using it outdoors or inside your home? Outdoor models are typically a bit larger and made of weather-resistant materials, whereas indoor wood holders tend to be smaller and are generally more visually appealing. For more multipurpose options, consider designs that are made for both indoor and outdoor use.


Next, you'll want to consider the size. Firewood racks range from about 18-inches wide to upwards of 100 inches and come in varying heights and depths. To figure out what size you need, think about how much wood you need to fit, how often you'll be refilling it, and where you plan to place it. Some products specify cord capacity, which tells you how much wood volume a container can hold.


Firewood holders come in a variety of styles. Standard rectangular racks have more of a utilitarian appearance and are usually placed on a deck, patio, or next to a shed. Then there are hoop-style racks, which are functional and aesthetically pleasing, as well as options with leather or canvas slings. Consider where you're planning to put the firewood rack and how it will complement the rest of your interior or exterior decor.


  • The best way to stack firewood is on a dry surface, preferably slightly raised off the ground. Additionally, you'll want to avoid packing the logs too tightly together—a Tetris-style stack isn't the goal—to encourage airflow. We also recommend facing the cut ends out toward the sun, as this will help dry them out quickly.

  • A firewood rack makes it easy to keep your logs and kindling in a tidy stack. But beyond appearing neat and organized, most models are slightly elevated from the ground. This is vital, as it encourages air circulation, keeps the wood away from the damp ground, and helps it not only dry quickly but also stay dry.

  • You can place a firewood rack indoors next to your fireplace, though larger models are typically designed for outdoor use. Look for a smaller log holder, such as a hoop or a sling, and be sure to check the measurements to confirm it can fit in your space. Some people opt to get both an indoor and outdoor firewood rack, replenishing the indoor holder with logs from the outdoor holder after one or two fires.

The Spruce contributor Theresa Holland is a freelance commerce writer specializing in home improvement, interior design, and lifestyle. For this story, she interviewed an indoor/outdoor design expert and researched the various styles, materials, and configurations of firewood racks. She considered myriad models from many brands and retailers, combed through user reviews, looked at different price points, and checked the specs before landing on her final choices.

Growing up in a home that relied on a wood-burning stove as its primary heat source, she is very familiar with chopping, stacking, and storing firewood. Theresa covers storage solutions, furniture, and outdoor living at The Spruce.


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