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Our Pottery Barn Sectional Review

We recently upgraded our living room sofa to a Pottery Barn Sectional with Sunbrella Fabric (in Boss Tweed!) Here are all the details about how we like it. 

Our previous couch was all white

So long, white couch. I loved you before I was a dog mama. I don’t regret going white because bleach and machine washing kept her looking good for years. Until Gus the dog arrived!

I tried everything to get the bottom brown stains out, but nothing seemed to crisp her up, and I couldn’t take off the bottom upholstery to wash. Stanley Steamer gave her a go and I didn’t think it looked a lick better when they left. (I guess I never tried hosing it down outside with bleach, but I wasn’t willing to go that far!)

You can see that the cushions were showing their age as well and were quite saggy.

We were ready for something a bit more plush. Something that we could both comfortably fit on without having to sit with our feet on the floor. And something dog friendly.

Why did we choose a Pottery Barn Sectional?

We have a Pearce Sectional in our basement and love it.

I also knew we needed Sunbrella fabric – something dog and kid friendly. 

Since I have a Pottery Barn card (and love those rewards) and we have Pottery Barn here in Charlottesville and because we felt strongly about actually sitting on a couch before we bought it, we ultimately chose the PB Comfort Roll Arm in the chaise + loveseat combination.

Don’t mind the wrinkles. I took these photos just hours after the couch was delivered.

How big is the Pottery Barn PB Comfort Sectional? 

First, we know she’s a big one! Maybe a wee bit too big for this room. But Thomas can stretch out on the chaise while Mazen and I snuggle on the loveseat, so it’s a huge win for our growing family.

It’s also a million times more comfortable with huge plush, much deeper cushions. So cozy!!

We chose sunbrella fabric in boss tweed

The fabric is the Performance Sunbrella Boss Tweed in the color Pebble. It’s hard to see, but it has a lovely herringbone pattern that I like a lot.

I gave this fabric a good test run on the same and got chocolate and olive oil to come right out. It’s supposed to be one of the best stain-proof fabrics on the market! But I’m still scared to test out the real thing.

The bottom is also slip covered, so if it does turn a little brown at the edges, this time I can remove it for cleaning.

I love a neutral look

Check out this post: 20 Neutral Home Decor Favs

Our house accidentally turned ALL GRAY! I thought the couch was a bit more in the tan family, but it arrived looking quite gray, which is fine because it’s my current favorite color. But with darker gray armchairs, gray walls and a light gray couch, we need to really accessorize with some color!

Our Living Room Furniture

Custom Armchairs

Note the armchair is covered in stain-fighting Sunbrella too! I have had them almost a year and they have yet to show a spot. The matching one was moved upstairs to the master to make a little more room in here.

Pottery Barn Dining Table

Pottery Barn Toscana Extending Dining Table – in Tuscan Chestnut

West Elm Coffee Table

Our coffee table is the West Elm Industrial Storage Coffee Table in Raw Mango.

Pottery Barn Jute Rug

Pottery Barn Chunky Wool/Jute Rug. We love this rug!! It doesn’t show a lick of dirt or much dog hair at all, and it’s super cozy. 

Shop our whole home here.

June 2021 Sectional Review

We still love our PB Comfort Sectional! 

We have had it now for about 3 years. While it is showing a little bit of wear and tear, it’s holding up as well as can be expected. The cushions are still plenty fluffy and we have been so happy with its comfort. 


The hardest part for me to keep clean are the arms. Little sticky hands tend to plop down there, and I have a few spills that I can’t get out. Otherwise, I use a wet cloth and can usually get stains out with water.

I have learned NOT to spray cleaner on there because that leaves a worse water mark (that comes out with water, luckily.) 

Washing the cushions

I have washed the cushions in the washing machine a few times, and that turned out great! I wash them with a gentle unscented detergent and then dry them 90%, putting them back on slightly damp.

Pillows from Target: white and navy stripe pillows

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Pottery Barn Sofa Comparison: Cameron vs. Pearce vs. Buchanan (Yes, we did “a thing”)

Once upon a time, on a Friday afternoon, a girl was sitting at her computer. What she didn’t know then, as she ate her Fourth of July leftovers for lunch, is that within the next two hours, she would have ordered two new sofas. Spoiler alert- said “girl” was actually me and this is a true story. And, she now has a full Pottery Barn sofa comparison.

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Let’s back up a little… If you are a regular reader, you probably know of our big sectional in the great room. You also probably know about my love/hate relationship with it. I love the functionality, I love the comfort and it has so much room. But, I ordered it before we moved in and it takes up so much space (a little too much space for us). It’s also a little darker than I would prefer against our greige walls. And, 3/4 of the sofa remains untouched because it’s just me and Dave. The worst part which I hadn’t considered is (in case you didn’t know, both Dave and I are on the shorter side) because of our height, we have a difficult time getting in and out of it- especially the chaise. And with the shape of our room, the chaise has been more of a hindrance. When we broke the coffee table over NYE during a lively game of jumbo Jenga, I didn’t want to pay to replace it, knowing I had my eyes on eventually replacing our sofa for something that fit our space (and needs) a little better. So, here it sits, seven months later, with an oversized tray holding down the broken mirrored glass. Real safe, right? haha

I’ve been looking at sofas casually for months. I had looked at a few from Crate and Barrel and had even considered the Axis II. But, knowing I didn’t want to commit to something for many years down the road, I wanted to find a happy medium – something nice that wouldn’t break the bank and that I wouldn’t cry about spending the money on. I also knew I would be spending more on high performance fabric so the cost would likely be a good bit higher than the base price of the sofa. Our current sofa wasn’t cheap and the decision to divorce it wasn’t an easy one.


Pottery Barn has pretty frequent sales and my mind was pushing me in that direction; we’ve been really happy with all the upholstered furniture we’ve ever purchased there (see our Thatcher Wingback Chairs – shown in the photo above – and former Tall Tufted Lorraine Bed– also purchased together during a Buy More, Save More event). But, when I saw their occasional – Buy More, Save More event (up to 30% off when you spend $3,000+) – I decided it was time to go and test some out, in store. The three I was considering were the Pearce, the Cameron, and the Buchanan. I had heard great things about the PB Comfort but it was just too deep for us (more on that in a bit). A few things to keep in mind:

  • Each sofa is made to order, so you select your own fabric. We decided before we even headed out that especially because we love on our sofas hard (and because we wanted to go with a light fabric), we would need to get a higher (more expensive) performance fabric.
  • Each sofa comes in a slip-covered option. I knew I wanted upholstered so I don’t include the slip-covered options in the comparison.
  • Each sofa comes in a standard size, grand size, love seat size, and sectional. The sectionals are not included in the comparison below. I knew I wanted a sofa and love seat going into it so that is what our focus was on.
  • Each sofa comes in a roll arm and square arm option. We decided on the square arm pretty quickly. Surprising, the square arm is still padded and comfortable.
  • The roll arm sofas are longer but that is due to the arm size; the seat size is the same.

Here’s a run-down of our trip.


What We Liked: 

  • Aesthetic
  • Price
  • The grand is available in the longest length

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The depth – this was the most narrow of the sofas and I actually kind of liked the depth. My feet don’t usually touch the ground while sitting on sofas and they did on the Cameron. Dave was ok with it too but thought something a little wider would be more conducive for naps. The back cushions are removable, which would have been fine, too.
  • It doesn’t come with the down wrapped cushion option

*all images via PotteryBarn.com


PB Sofa Comparison- Cameron Roll Arm

PB Sofa Comparison- Cameron Square Arm


What We Liked: 

  • Aesthetic
  • Comes with down wrapped cushions
  • Low feet

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The depth – this depth was actually pretty good but I would have preferred just an inch or two more shallow.
  • Two seat cushions- I actually like the look and think it would be great for lying on but when I started imagining the rare occasion of having someone sit in the middle, I didn’t like the idea of them having to share the two cushions.
  • The lengths are on the shorter side – the “grand” size is actually almost the same size as the love seat size in other models. Ultimately, this was the deciding factor on why we decided against it.

PB Sofa Comparison- Pearce Roll Arm

PB Sofa Comparison- Pearce Square Arm


What We Liked: 

  • Aesthetic
  • Price
  • Perfect depth

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It doesn’t come with the down wrapped cushion option. This was the biggest contention when I was deciding whether or not to pull the trigger.
  • The love seat is pretty large- That isn’t a bad thing but it does make me nervous – I’m hoping I measured correctly!

PB Sofa Comparison- Buchanan Roll Arm

PB Sofa Comparison- Buchanan Square Arm

Here’s a quick breakdown of the factors we considered in comparing each of the Pottery Barn sofas – I wish I had created this prior to our trip!

Pottery Barn Sofa Review and Comparison between the Pearce, Buchanan, and Cameron


Ultimately, we went… with the Buchanan Square Arm Sofas! We ordered one grand and one love seat in Ivory Crypton performance fabric. A huge thank you to Tricia at the Alpharetta Avalon location who was a total gem, super informative, and beyond patient.

Pottery Barn Krypton Fabric in Ivory - Perfect Light Neutral

We were able to see a large piece of fabric in-store and they even had another sofa upholstered in it. I didn’t want something too cool or too yellow or too white – basically the perfect light neutral. I asked Dave if he knew when we took our little impromptu field trip we would be coming home with new sofas on the way – he gave me that look like “you can’t be serious” but I told him, “that’s funny because I didn’t even know!” It’s true- he knows me and my ways better than I know myself. Because we were able to get 30% off, we saved about $1,000 and I was shocked at how reasonable the final price was – even after the upgraded fabric, tax, and white glove delivery. If you have never ordered a large PB piece, when they deliver, they set everything up for you, where you want it. This even goes for beds.

I’ll be sure to report back and I’ll definitely be sharing them once they arrive (an estimated 6-8 weeks) and of course the other changes I’ll be making as a result (that shattered coffee table can’t make its exit fast enough!). If you are in the market for a new sofa(s), this will help as a guide for some of the specifics we were looking for but do your own research when it comes to sustainability and preferences. Our situation was finding something with good quality that would last – but not the best quality that would be a huge investment for decades. If these do, I would be thrilled! I know that years down the road, if you do think your cushions aren’t as plump as they used to be, you can order replacements.

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Pottery Barn York Sofa Review & A Three Year Update

An honest, real-life review of owning a Pottery Barn York Sofa. Includes our specific order details, our thoughts upon arrival, the best fabric option, a three-month review, a one-year review, & a three-year update. Tons of helpful information if you’re considering ordering a Pottery Barn couch!

An honest Pottery Barn sofa review from a real-life user who has owned the York sofa for several years!

This post was originally published March 2018, but since then I have added a one-year review and today I’m back with an update after three years with our Pottery Barn York Sofa review! If you’ve read this post in the past, I’d encourage you to scroll down toward the end of the post to read our updated information now that we’ve lived with the sofas daily for three years.

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. Please know this Pottery Barn York Sofa review is in no way sponsored, and we fully paid for the couches with our own money! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

The Search for the Perfect Sofas

Since the day I hit the ‘Place Order’ button on our Pottery Barn York Sofas September of 2017, I receive emails and messages weekly asking about them. And likely for good reason! I had a hard time finding many Pottery Barn sofa reviews at the time, let alone one for the York Sofa. If you’re considering a Pottery Barn sectional, be sure to also check out my Pottery Barn Sectional Review!

It took me several months to finally decide to go through with the couch purchase and I did a lot of research prior to that. In fact, you may remember I had a whole post dedicated to white and neutral sofas when I started searching last spring. However, at the time, I couldn’t find many reviews, specifically on the Pottery Barn York sofa that I had my heart set on. I read review after review on sites like Houzz about the quality of various Pottery Barn couches (and the fabrics, specifically), so I knew what not to order. After taking a big chance, I ordered two of the York sofas last September during their buy more, save more sale. Today I’ll be sharing our thoughts after owning the couches for some time.

Now that we’ve owned our sofas for so long, I thought I would publish my first Pottery Barn York Sofa review. My plan down the road is to continue to update this post at various milestones (six months, a year, etc.) so it can be a constant source of info. You’ll find these updates near the end of the post in chronological order.

Because of the layout of our living room, we’ve always had two sofas. We prefer to lay down when we are watching TV because of the angles, so keep in mind several of our decisions were based upon how we use the space.

Our Pottery Barn York Sofa Specifications & Environment:

  • Before I get into the general pros and cons with the sofas, I want to share the exact specifications of the sofas we ordered. We currently have the Pottery Barn York Slope Arm Slip-Covered Deep Seat Sofas. We went with the 95″ Grand Sofa with the bench cushion. The fabric we selected is the Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home in the Oatmeal color.
  • We do not have kids but we do have four cats. We underestimated how much the cats would love the pillow backs (after having tight back sofas previously). I’ll share more details later in the post on how this has impacted wear.
  • We want our home to be livable, so nothing is considered precious. Occasionally, we eat on our sofas, drink on our sofas, etc. We want our guests (and us) to feel comfortable.

Pottery Barn York Sofa Pros:

  • Gorgeous design. After looking through hundreds of sofas, there weren’t any that I loved as much from a design standpoint. I now get more comments and questions on the sofas than anything I have owned in the past. It definitely has that “look” that everyone loves so much! I also love how many options you have on this sofa. From the fabric, to the arm style, to the depth to the length (and more!) there is a lot of flexibility in customizing a look that is right for your home. You can see all the various shapes, sizes and styles here (including chairs and sectionals!).
  • Wears well. The Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home fabric is amazing. I actually took two samples home from the store before placing my order to test colors. I was going back and forth between the Oatmeal color and the Stone (which was on display at the store). I was worried the Oatmeal would be too light but in all honesty, I think I would have felt the Stone was too dark for our home if I went that route. Before I returned the samples, I actually poured red wine on the Oatmeal sample. It beaded up and wiped right off without any work! So, I got a little crazy and poured more on and really pushed it into the fabric. It still came out with water. After three months, we don’t have any spots, pilling, or any other signs of wear. We also frequently wear dark denim, and have not had an issues with it bleeding onto or wearing into the fabric.
  • Flexibility. The version I ordered is a slipcover and I’m not sure I would have ordered it at this price if it wasn’t. But, it isn’t the old-school ill-fitting versions of the past. It fits well and the best part is, the Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home is dry cleanable. Several other fabric options they offered are actually machine washable, as well. There is so much flexibility because you can re-use the frame and totally change your look with new slipcovers (Pottery Barn sells them separately as an option). I was also told you can order any of the cushions separately down the road if need be. I’m assuming they’re not cheap, but if one gets ruined, at least it doesn’t mean I have to buy a new sofa.
  • Comfort level – and it passes the ‘husband test’. My husband was actually against me ordering new sofas because he loved our prior Bernhardts so much. However, I agreed to get him to a local store to test one. I could tell, aside from the price, he begrudgingly loved it. Prior to writing this post I asked him his thoughts. He said it is a lot more comfy and spacious than our last sofas. He said it’s really nice to take a nap on (a critical factor for him). Although he still claims we didn’t “need” them, he does love them.
  • Minimal leakage. That’s a weird one, huh? But after more than three months, I can count on one had the number of feathers that have come out of either sofa. With our prior Bernhardt sofas, it felt like it was a daily occurrence!

Shown below, the Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home fabric in Stone (left) and Oatmeal (right). This is from my iPhone but shows a comparison of the two against or current sofa at the time.

Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home fabric in Stone (left) and Oatmeal (right).

Pottery Barn York Sofa Cons:

  • Lead time. I am not a patient person so the wait nearly killed me. Especially when I was told they would take 5-7 weeks at time of order and it was closer to 11 once they were delivered. I ordered them on September 4th, with an expected arrival date of 10/9-11/2. They were finally delivered on 11/25.
  • The cost. The sofas are not cheap. However, the quality is apparent and each one is custom made to your specifications. I personally believe that Pottery Barn has frequent enough sales (from 15-30% off) that you should never pay full price for this sofa. If it’s not on sale when you want to buy it, chances are within a few weeks it will be on sale. Because we ordered two during the buy more, get more sale, ours were 30% off. When you’re spending that much money, the discount adds up in a hurry!
  • We opted to go with the deep version since we are both on the taller side (I’m 5’8″ and my husband is 6’2″). Additionally, we mostly are laying down when we use our sofas so we preferred the extra depth. However, without the lumbar pillows in position, it makes it a bit tougher to sit up comfortably on the couch. So, if you opt for the deeper version, just know going in that you will likely always need the included lumbar pillows to sit comfortably. Not a major con, just something to be aware of.

Condition of Sofas at Delivery:

I ended up ordering my sofas online because I was wavering back and forth the night before the sale ended. I ended up moving forward and they arrived exactly as I ordered them. Below, you can see some iPhone images as our sofas were being delivered. The delivery guys were great and very careful. You can see the slipcovers were a wrinkled mess upon arrival though and honestly didn’t fit great (especially on one of the sofas). Clearly we were in the middle of painting and decorating for Christmas 😉

I never ended up ironing or steaming mine and most of the wrinkles have naturally fallen out over time. I’ve had good intentions of getting rid of all of them, but just haven’t gotten around to it. The slipcover on the frame was a bit loose on the one the way it was delivered. See the photo above (specifically the left arm). I worked on it for about ten minutes (tucking in the fabric tighter) and it now looks tight and as good as the other sofa.

Month 3 Wear Report & Maintenance:

For the most part,  the sofas look like new. Typically every week, I rotate and fluff the cushions. You can see how they look here without any update (with a week of laying on them and the cats smashing the upper cushions). I took these with my iPhone on a Monday without making any adjustments (other than moving throws) just so you can see real life. Nothing horrible, it just looks sloppy. With the the bench cushion, it’s a little more noticeable in areas.

After less than five minutes of fluffing and rotating, it basically looks like new again. I basically lay the cushions flat, press on them in a circular motion with my hands, and then shake upside down and they’re good. The rotation probably isn’t necessary in most homes, but I’m trying to rotate which cushion the cats sleep on. This is the beauty of the down cushions. They can be re-shaped back to normal, unlike cheap poly-filled cushions.

And again once the lumbar pillows are added back on.

And a final shot with my “real” camera to show you how it looks with other throw pillows. My husband makes me store “his” lumbar pillows in the basket on the side of the couch. Basically three less pillows for him to throw on the floor when he’s ready to lay on it to watch TV 😉 In the picture below, I actually left just the middle lumbar pillow for balance. You can see I really do need to steam the skirt on that one, as that’s where most of the wrinkles remain.

I would argue the cats are harder on the sofas than most people. They’re testing it in ways most probably never thought possible 😉 There are days two of them (at nearly 15 pounds each) will be on one cushion for eight hours straight. But, they clearly think it’s the best seat in the house because they never move! Since we know they won’t leave the cushions alone, I usually have blankets on the backs of the sofas now to at least contain some of the fur.

Pottery Barn Sofa Review After One Year

Not much has changed with our sofas since my three-month review. However, we’ve experienced more spills and should-be-stains, but I can’t say enough about the fabric we selected. We have been shocked by the durability and stain resistance of the Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home fabric. We’ve spilled wine, food, chocolate (that melted overnight), cat sickness one week, and more. We’ve been able to clean it all with a wet paper towel (just water!) and a little effort. The stains have yet to stick and everything that’s come the fabric’s way in the past year has been removed. I can’t say enough good things about this fabric!

We still love the comfort factor of our sofas, as well. We’ve found that they have gotten comfier with time and the fabric has worn so well. The cats have continued to smash the cushions as much as possible, but with a little fluffing they go right back to their normal shape. We haven’t had any issues with the fabric pilling either. The sofas essentially still look as good as the day we got them. In fact, we love the sofas so much, we ordered a Pottery Barn sectional! Even Kurtis is on board (shockingly) because he loves our sofas so much! Here’s a more current look at the sofas to show how they’ve worn – and this wasn’t with much straightening at all.

And, as much as I love them, I still of the believe you should always buy Pottery Barn sofas on sale. They do sales frequently enough, that you should wait until you can get, at minimum, 20% off!

Pottery Barn couches review and fabric details featuring the Pottery Barn York Sofa. This post goes into detailed explanation of the pros and cons of the Pottery Barn York Sofa and this image shows after one year of daily use.

Pottery Barn York Sofa Review After Three Years & FAQs

Today, I’m back to update this post with our three year Pottery Barn York Sofa review. I still get questions so frequently about our sofas so we’ll get right to it. We still love them! Zero regrets! Before I jump into the FAQs, below is an image from our recent summer home tour that shows the current look of our sofas.

Q: Your fabric looks lighter than the Oatmeal color. Are you sure that’s what you have?
A: This is 100% a resounding yes. We for sure have the Oatmeal color. But, keep in mind our living room has five giant windows (facing east, south and west), a nearby kitchen window that takes up an entire wall and we get a lot of natural light in our house. Many of the photos above were also taken in the winter when there was snow on the ground, and our house gets even brighter! If you look in the shadows of the photo directly above, you can see how they look when there isn’t direct light hitting them. It’s also possible our fabric has lightened over the past three years. I also didn’t know if dye lots had changed over the years either.

So, I ordered some recent samples to show you all. In the images below I have the Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home fabric in Ivory, Oatmeal, and Stone. They are laying on our actual sofa, while I have the shades drawn in the living room, to reduce all of our exterior natural light as much as possible. The white background of the card can also be deceiving, making you think all three samples are darker than they are. You can see ours may have possibly lightened a bit over time (or they’ve changed it slightly), but for the most part is the same. If I were to open all the window coverings, it looks much more like the ivory sample to the eye, but with a little variation in the coloring (which I like). I’m guessing the Oatmeal likely hides any dirt/grime/stains much better than the Ivory for this reason. But if you’re wanting a sofa that looks nearly white, I’d go with Ivory.

Pottery Barn fabric samples laying on a Pottery Barn York Sofa after three years of owning it.

For what it’s worth, our best friends have a square arm York sofa in the Stone and it actually looks much lighter in person too. I’ll try and grab a photo soon to share with you. But just know, the fabric will look lighter on the sofa than on the tiny swatch and will vary significantly depending on the natural light your room receives! So much can also changing with monitor color and brightness, so I’d strongly encourage you to order free samples to see how they look in your own space before ever making a final decision!

Q: How has clean-up been with this fabric?
A: I think the challenge with this fabric is that it’s linen and people automatically assume high-maintenance. I can assure you, that because of the Crypton®, it is ridiculously durable. We have had zero issues with pilling. Additionally, we’ve cleaned everything from melted dark chocolate, blood, red wine and even cat throw-up off with simply water and a paper towel. The fabric basically repels everything if you act quickly. Only recently did I run into an issue where I was laying on a blue throw pillow with wet hair. The dye from the pillow has bled onto the sofa. I haven’t tried to remove it yet, for fear of setting it. But Crypton recommended their cleaner so I think I’m going to order it and see how it goes. They have a lot of great clean up tips on their site!

Q: Have you found the fabric on the bench cushion to stretch over time?
A: The bench fabric has definitely loosened over time, as has all of the fabric really. But keep in mind, we usually lay on ours for a few hours each per day if we’re watching TV. I took a photo yesterday morning of the sofa early in the morning with all the shades drawn except one, to help show the color when the room is darker and what the sofa looks like after weeks of use with no “fluffing” (top). The color reads slightly warm here because the sun was coming up and still getting through the drawn shades a little bit. The bottom is a refresh that look less than 60 seconds. If I spend more time on the pillows, they basically look like new, but it does take about five minutes. Overall, super low maintenance, and nothing looks “slouchy”. This is also about as dark as our sofas ever look, since all but one of the window shades were drawn and it was early morning. Also, after three years, I still haven’t managed to steam the skirt 😉

Q: Do you usually use the included lumbar pillows?
A: The only time we use the included lumbar pillows is when we have company over and we actually plan to sit on the sofa. Because we ordered the deep seat, even being tall, it’s hard to sit comfortably on the sofa without the lumbars. However, about 90% of the time, ours are in a basket on each side of the couch because we remove them whenever we lay on them. Which is essentially every single night! You can see one of the baskets peeking out below.

Q: Have you experience any pilling with your fabric?
A: Zero. Seriously, none. However, I do know that is the most common complaint with a lot of other Pottery Barn fabrics. Unfortunately, since we’ve only ever personally experienced this performance linen, I can’t speak to which other fabric options are good. But I would encourage you to read through all the comments to this post to see others’ experiences!

Q: Has the fill on the cushions held up?
A: Ours have held up incredibly well! They don’t look 100% new any longer, but that’s because we lay on ours almost daily. In addition to that, our cats still love to sleep on the various upper cushions. Over time I’m guessing it’s also stretched the fabric a bit too (our cats are not small). But, they’re still easy to fluff back up! And honestly, I probably wouldn’t notice a difference if I didn’t have the nearly-new lumbars to compare them to (since ours never get use) or our sectional upstairs that gets a lot less use.

Closing Thoughts on Our Pottery Barn York Sofas

Overall, we are extremely happy with our Pottery Barn York Sofa selection! We have had zero issues (other than dealing with the cats that are obsessed with them). Because we use the sofas while laying down, the bench cushion was definitely the way to go and is so comfortable! We would argue it’s even more comfortable than our bed.

If you are considering multiple fabric options, do your research! I found lots of complaints on various fabrics (although I think most were older on a fabric no longer offered). The Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home has so far lived up to its hype and seems like the perfect fabric for us. We get the look of linen without the maintenance!

If you buy them on sale, I think they are worth the investment! We couldn’t be happier with them!

I hope you found this review helpful! Again, I’ll plan to update this review at various milestones to make sure we are still loving the sofas. If you have any questions at all on anything I didn’t cover, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Side note: I encourage you to check out the comments at the bottom of this post for feedback from others that have experience (or other questions) with these sofas!

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A detailed Pottery Barn York Sofa review from a homeowner that owns two of them. Such a gorgeous slope arm linen couch option! This honest review includes details on the best Pottery Barn couch fabric, how well it holds up to spills, and more!

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