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We&#;re busy getting ready for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event (as evidenced by Christopher Schwarz’s full-on cleaning and organizational mode&#;he even made me dust and arrange the bourbon bottles yesterday). The event is Friday, Sept. 20 from 10 a.m p.m and Saturday, Sept. 21 from 10 a.m p.m.

Lie-Nielsen will have its full line of tools here for you to try out – and you are heartily encouraged to actually use them – plus the company offers free shipping for event orders.

Lost Art Press will, of course, have the full line of books and Crucible tools on hand for perusal and purchase – but perhaps most exciting is the drawing for a free copy of the deluxe &#;Roubo on Furniture.&#; Measuring /4&#; wide x /4&#; tall by almost /4&#; thick, “Roubo on Furniture” is the largest and most luxurious book LAP has printed. No purchase necessary – just write your name on a provided slip of paper, drop it in the hopper, and you&#;re entered. We&#;ll draw the winning name on Saturday at p.m. – you need not be present to win. If the winner is local, I&#;ll drop your book off; if not, we&#;ll ship it.

deluxe roubo cat

Chris, Brendan Gaffney and I are happy to give shop tours, answer questions about woodworking, demonstrate techniques and more. And I&#;ll have some copies of The Chronicle, the journal of the Early American Industries Association, to give away.

Guest demonstrators include:

The Woodworking School at Pine Croft

Andy Glenn joins us from the Berea, Ky., Woodworking School at Pine Croft – which you might recognize by its former name, the Kelly Mehler School of Woodworking. Berea College is continuing the fine tradition set by Kelly, with engaging workshops that use both traditional and contemporary methods (and in a gorgeous setting and shop, to boot). The school will soon be announcing workshops and guest instructors for the upcoming year.

At 2 p.m. on Friday, Andy will demonstrate how to weave a hickory bark seat, and at 2 p.m. on Saturday, he&#;ll give a chisel-sharpening demo – plus assorted benchwork throughout the event.

Society of American Period Furniture Makers

Donna Hill and Bob Compton from the Ohio Valley chapter of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers (SAPFM) will be on hand with examples of their stunning work. Throughout the event, Donna will be demonstrating stringing and inlay – a decorative technique that can be applied to both period and contemporary work.  For those who don&#;t already know, SAPFM is a membership organization dedicated to the understanding, education and appreciation of American period furniture.

Plate 11 Workbench Company

Mark Hicks is traveling from his Missouri shop with his small (but mighty) show bench, as well as an in-progress cherry shavehorse featuring the new Galbert Adjuster and a lower platform suitable for those with shorter torsos. He’ll also have a pile of Shavehorse Builder’s Kits, T-shirts and stickers. Plus, Mark will let you know about his workbench-building classes (and perhaps a few surprises).

Lost Art Press is located at Willard St., Covington, Ky. Hope to see you here!

— Fitz

p.s. Yes, we&#;ll still be open for the regularly scheduled open house the Saturday before (10 a.m p.m.).

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We are temporarily out of stock on Lie-Nielsen products.  Please check back for ETA on restocking.
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks is a small company in Warren, Maine which produces many of the finest woodworking hand tools available.
The founder, Thomas Lie-Nielsen takes the finest traditional designs of historical US and European makers, then adapts them to his products. His tools typically incorporate both improvements and refinements over the originals. From the care taken with the castings, to meticulous machining and final assembly, Lie-Nielsen chisels, scrapers, and other products set the standard for quality and performance.
  • Refined designs optimize the performance of each tool—focus shifts to the work rather than getting the tool to perform
  • Lie-Nielsen tools are manufactured to high standards—ready-to-use out of the box
  • Thick blades of A2 steel in Lie-Nielsen planes, chisels, and other tools help prevent chatter and hold an edge longer = more woodworking, less sharpening
  • Stress relieved bronze and ductile iron bodies stay true—won't break in two if dropped like grey cast iron
  • Factory upgrades such as corrugated soles and Cocobolo handles
  • Made in USA with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty—no waiting for parts from overseas
  • Craftsman Studio is an Authorized Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Dealer
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Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Inc. is a family-owned business, established in and based in Warren, Maine. It manufactures a range of high quality hand tools, primarily for woodworking, based on traditional designs.[1] It is best known for its hand planes. Thomas Lie-Nielsen is the founder and CEO of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks.


In the late s, Thomas Lie-Nielsen (pronounced "Lee-Neelsen"[2]) worked for Garry Chinn's company, Garrett Wade. In , Garrett Wade's supplier of an adapted Stanley #95 edge trimming block plane, Ken Wisner, was ready to leave the business, so Lie-Nielsen acquired the tooling, plans and components necessary for producing the #[3]

Lie-Nielsen moved from New York to a farm in West Rockport, Maine, and began production of the plane in a tiny back-yard shed. The first of the new planes was delivered to Chinn in the autumn of [3]

A few years later, Lie-Nielsen moved into a square-foot (&#;m2) workshop on the farm, and started production on his second plane, the skew-angle block plane. In , as business grew, Lie-Nielsen bought an 8,square-foot (&#;m2) building in the town of Warren, Maine, which the company still occupies. In the mids, Lie-Nielsen moved the entire production to a 13,square-foot (1,&#;m2) facility.[3]

Today, the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks products compete with mass-produced tools from companies such as Stanley and Record, with sales in the order of 20, tools a year.[3] The acquisition of the Independence Tool Co. in added hand saws to the product line, which has further expanded over the years to include over 50 different models of planes, in addition to spokeshaves, socket chisels, screwdrivers, marking and measuring devices and workbench hardware.


Lie-Nielsen uses manganese bronze and ductile iron castings, and cryogenically treated A-2 steel.

Manganese bronze, a very hard, strong alloy, is the material of choice for Lie-Nielsen tools because it is heavier than iron, doesn't rust, and won't crack if dropped. Where the use of bronze would result in excessive weight in a tool, ductile iron is used instead.

Lie-Nielsen products are expensive when compared to the mass-produced items from the likes of Stanley and Record, but these higher prices are often defended by comparing them with the prices paid years ago for such tools as Norris infill planes, which could cost up to "a couple of weeks' wages".[4]


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Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Born from a passion for great hand tools in by Thomas Lie-Nielsen these heirloom tools from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks USA must be considered amongst the first port of call for your finest classic hand tools.

It has been a long journey for Thomas Lie-Nielsen since but it is fair to say that his tools are now considered amongst the finest production woodworking hand tools in the world.

Immitation&#;is the ultimate form of flattery and you will find many hybrid copycats out there but in our humble opinion it is difficult to surpass the consistent quality inherent in hand tools from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks backed up by their renowned service to retailers and customers.

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks have a core set of tools; bench and block planes, chisels and saws plus some superb special purpose tools.

Due to the effects of the pandemic,&#;production is currently centred on the stable of core tools (this includes low angle block and bench planes, No.4 bench plane, dovetail&#;saws, the block plane, the Lie-Nielsen honing guide etc).

Click here to visit the Lie-Nielsen YouTube Channel and learn more about their heirloom tools.


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