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Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue

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Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue

Woodlawn Blue HC by Benjamin Moore

I just can&#;t get enough of blue! What about you?

Today&#;s review is of Benjamin Moore&#;s Woodlawn Blue. It is a lovely subtle shade of blue-green from their Historical Collection.

This beautiful tone would add a wonderful bit of colour to a mostly neutral home or look super in a luxurious spa-like bathroom.

In this colour review video of Woodlawn Blue by Benjamin Moore, I share:

  • The undertone
  • Colour comparisons in order to easily see the different undertones
  • Best white paint colours for the trim and ceilings
  • Beautiful colour combinations to inspire you for your decorating project

After you watch the video, if you would like all this information conveniently laid out for you in one place with even more paint colour combinations to use with Woodlawn Blue, take a look at my new Essential Colour Guide. A must-have digital download for any colour enthusiast or design professional.

Woodlawn Blue Benjamin Moore Paint Guide Colour Guide

As a Certified True Colour Expert and an award-winning interior design professional, I&#;ve worked with many homeowners on various residential design projects. I want to give you the confidence to make educated decisions about your own paint choices.

Let&#;s do this!

Undertone: blue/green

Woodlawn Blue

Woodlawn Blue may lean more towards blue or green in colour depending on the lighting and what other decorative elements you pair with it in your interior decorating project.

Looking at the colour comparisons below will help give you a better idea of where Woodlawn Blue fits between two similar shades, one that is more green and the other that is more blue.

Colour Comparisons

Smoky Green CC & Gossamer Blue

Woodlawn Blue Smoky Green Gossamer Blue

I always love to compare a paint colour so you can clearly see the true tones. It&#;s often not until you have a colour side by side with similar shades that the tones become obvious. Don&#;t miss this step when selecting your paint colours.

During a colour consultation, I always make sure to show my large paint boards against different elements such as flooring, tile, and fabrics. I swap them out to show my client just how different similar colours can look next to their existing finishes.

Best Whites To Pair With Woodlawn Blue

Chantilly Lace OC By Benjamin Moore

Woodlawn Blue Chantilly Lace

Simply White OC By Benjamin Moore

Woodlawn Blue Simply White

White Dove OC By Benjamin Moore

Woodlawn Blue White Dove

If you want to learn more about one of the most popular whites, check out my review of White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

I tend to have around 10 white paint colours that are my best whites for trim and ceilings. You don&#;t need to look at the thousands of whites available to find the right one and you definitely don&#;t need to mix two different whites or use only a certain percentage of paint colour to get the right one for you.

Get Your Paint Colours Right The First Time

I can assure you that the best colour for your project already exists, you just need to know the 5 Steps on how to choose the right paint colour the first time.

Fabulous Colour Combinations

In my video, I paired Woodlawn Blue with a few different colours, all from Benjamin Moore and all included in my Essential Colour Guide for Woodlawn Blue.

It&#;s such a versatile blue it goes well with neutrals, colours with similar tones, and those that offer amazing contrast.

Woodlawn Blue with Polo, Boothbay Gray & Natural Cream

Woodlawn Blue Polo Blue Boothbay Gray Natural Cream

Polo by Benjamin Moore

Woodlawn Blue And Polo Blog Size

Boothbay Gray HC By Benjamin Moore

Woodlawn Blue And Boothbay Gray

If you want to see more of Boothbay Gray, check out this Secret Xbox room we designed in a client&#;s basement!

Natural Cream OC by Benjamin Moore

Woodlawn Blue Natural Cream

I am always curious to hear what you think of the colour I review? I have not yet had the opportunity to use Woodlawn Blue in a project, have you? Please comment below.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

All of the colour combinations shown above are included in my Essential Colour Guide of Woodlawn Blue.

Woodlawn Blue is now part of my Benjamin Moore Grays and Blue-Green Collection showcasing all 10 of my Benjamin Moore grays and blue-green essential colour guides.

Benjamin Moore Grays Blue Greens Collection

My Essential Colour Guide library is expanding and I now have over 30 paint colours to select from. Click here to see all of my newly released Essential Colour Guides.

I&#;ve printed all of mine and they have proved to be a very helpful resource for consultations and client projects.

If you want to get all my Benjamin Moore colour guides in one place, look no further than my Benjamin Moore Ultimate Collection.  All 20 of my Benjamin Moore guides in one handy collection.

Benjamin Moore Ultimate Collection

Remember, it only takes one mistake to take your home decorating project from divine to disaster. Don&#;t let the paint be what stresses you out!

Room images by Benjamin Moore Colour Viewer

Perfect for Pinning

Woodlawn Blue Polo Benjamin Moore
Woodlawn Blue Blog Pinterest Graphic 2
Woodlawn Blue Blog Pinterest Graphic 3
Woodlawn Blue Blog Pinterest Graphic 1

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Sours: https://clairejefford.com/benjamin-moore-woodlawn-blue/

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Paint Color Schemes

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Paint Color Schemes.

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue is a versatile watery blue paint color. A serene and tranquil paint color, works well in your bedroom just as much as the living room, bathroom or kitchen. This light blue paint color with a green undertone is a chameleon that changes depending on the amount of natural light that it receives. When more light shines on this paint color it looks more like an aqua, less light throws a more gray tone to it.

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue

Colors that go with Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue, Falson Brown and Lighthouse Landing.

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue, Falson Brown and Lighthouse Landing

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue, French Beret and Butterfield.

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue, French Beret and Butterfield

Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue Interior Paint Colors

This pale blue paint color is the perfect shade of light blue for an adult, sophisticate effect, look how well this Woodland Blue works in this home office. See how this chameleon light blue paint color changes depending on the time of the day. Via oldseagrovehomes

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Paint Color Scheme

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Paint Color Scheme

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Paint Color Scheme

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Paint Color Scheme

Woodlawn Blue is a great color choice for a tranquil bedroom setting. Via raisedranchdressing.

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Bedroom Paint Color Scheme

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Bedroom Paint Color Scheme

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Bedroom Paint Color Scheme

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Bedroom Paint Color Scheme

Living room painted in benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue. This light blue paint color combines well with white. Via amymaisondecor.

Living room painted in benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue color

Living room painted in benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue

Living room painted in benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue

Bathroom painted in Woodland Blue. Via esdinteriors.

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Paint Color Scheme Bathroom

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Paint Color Scheme Bathroom

Tags:Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue, blue bathrooms, blue bedrooms, blue living rooms, Blue Paint Colors, blue walls, light blue bathrooms, light blue bedrooms, light blue living rooms, Light Blue Paint Colors, light blue walls

Sours: https://www.interiorsbycolor.com/benjamin-moore-woodlawn-blue-paint-color-schemes/
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A look at Woodlawn Blue, the perfect color for almost any room, especially for color-phobes.

If your house is mainly neutrals but you would like to add some color, then Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue is one of the best colors you can choose. It is definitely a color, but muted, changeable, and beautiful. It is an especially good blue paint color in north-facing rooms because it has a lot of green in it. This keeps it from being cold, while the gray keeps it from looking babyish.

The best gray/ green/ blue paint color

Trust me when I tell you I have tried every grayish-greenish blue Benjamin Moore paint color known to man. I was on a mission to find the best.

There are three main families of them: The Wythe Blue family, the Woodlawn Blue family, and the Jamestown Blue family. (No, Benjamin Moore doesn’t actually call them families… they are just the color strips I kept seeing over and over online.)

Jamestown Blue was a little too blue, Wythe Blue a little too green, and Woodlawn Blue just right. (If you are like me, and a paint-color Googling freak, you may want to invest in this paint swatch fan deck. It has all the Historical Collection colors. It’s worth having.)

When I was looking for a color for this room, I knew I didn’t want a neutral because I have those everywhere else in my house.  The whole thing is Accessible Beige, which I like, but it was everywhere.

Two different looks for Woodlawn Blue

This color is part of the Historical Collection, and despite seeing it a lot of Modern/ Beachy rooms, it can look very historic.

Woodlawn Blue is one of Benjamin Moore’s historical colors, which all seem to be a little bit gray to keep them from looking overly modern.  (Which, as it turns out is not really accurate, as 18th century paint colors were actually very vibrant.  Anyway.)  As an avowed color-fearer, something with a little gray was what I wanted.

This room faces northeast and northwest, so it gets light early in the morning and late in the afternoon in the summer.  In winter it gets some afternoon light but is mostly shadowed.   Woodlawn Blue looks like a pretty, calm blue gray when there is no direct light:

How it looks in different light

Woodlawn Blue seemed really light and bright on the chip, but it seems much darker and grayer in my dining room.

When there is direct sun, it warms up the color to more of a blue-green, and the gray seems to disappear.

Your lighting is such an important consideration. If you put a grayish blue paint color in a room with a lot of sunlight, the blue will seem bluer and greener. It will look more aqua and “beauty”. But in a grayish, indirectly lit room, the gray will come out more and the color will seem very calm.

As a general rule, low light brings out the gray. More light will bring out the color. Direct light will bring out the warmth, and the green will start to show.

What white to pair with Woodlawn Blue?

This is almost % dependent on the light in room.

Just like with colors, low light and shadow adds gray. So if you are painting a dim, shadowy room, a brighter white will work and won’t look blinding. In a brighter room, a little bit of gray or yellow will work and keep the white from being “too” white.

The white I chose for the bottom half is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, one their whitest whites, with no gray.  I would typically go for a warmer white, but I wanted something that would brighten up the gloom of this room and not look dull or dirty in the shadows.  And Chantilly Lace is obviously a beautiful name and paint color names are important.  

And now I promise not to talk about paint colors until

Rooms painted in similar Benjamin Moore colors so you can compare:

Choosing paint colors is fun and maddening all at once! But I hope this helped.

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By Katie Shawon July 12th, Sours: https://heartscontentfarmhouse.com/my-woodlawn-blue-dining-room/

7 Most Unusually Excellent Blue Paint Colors for Bedroom You Should Consider More

Choosing blue paint colors for bedroom area is not a hard thing to do right now.

7 most unusually excellent blue paint colors for bedroom

The reason is that there are so many choices of blue paint colors offered by a lot of brands, including the most popular ones like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin and Williams, and also Farrow &#; Ball.

In the following, you will be able to find seven most unusually excellent blue paint colors to consider more in coloring your bedroom area.

The choices are not only limited in light and soft blue colors but also in dark color choices.

1. Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF

Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF

The first excellent bedroom blue paint choice is Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF

When you see this paint color, you may get confused about whether the color is blue or it is gray.

Well, it mostly looks gray. However, it is a blue paint color that has a quite strong gray undertone.

If being asked to describe how this wall paint looks like, it can be said to be the one that is not too bright and not too dark at the same time.

Although so, it is not the one you can use to visually add brightness to your room.

This blue paint color also comes with a calming look that makes it a good choice for the bedroom area.

This excellence can be seen in the picture of contemporary bedroom below.

contemporary bedroom with Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF grayish blue wall paint color

Generally, because of the gray undertone, Tranquility AF has a rather neutral look instead of cool or warm.

Therefore, if you want to add warmth to your room, you can consider decorating the room with warm color as shown in the picture above.

Here, the warm touch of linen white can be found here and there. Those include the lampshades, pillows, throw blanket, upholstered bench, leather armless chair, and dominantly from the carpet flooring.

The fact that the walls of the room are colored with the grayish blue paint and also the fact that there aren’t any bright color touches in the room makes the existence of enough glass windows something thoughtful you can get inspired from. This way the room will not look gloomy.

Other than that, the gloomy look can also be avoided by pairing the wall color with white interior trims.

Overall, all major colors used in the room’s color scheme look compatible with the grayish blue wall paint.

If you want to do some experiment, you can pair this wall color with other colors of your choice, but it seems too bright colors, except white, are not suitable pairs.

2. Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper

Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper

Next, there is Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper If you are interested in this wall color, you can find in the Classic Color Collection of BM.

This paint color choice is a matter of fact quite the same with Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF in the way it is not too dark and not too bright.

Because of this adequate light, both from lighting system and natural light, are needed to avoid the room from looking dusky.

Besides you can also pair the paint color with white color as done in the previous paint color.

Although so, it looks like this one is more suitable to pair with white shades that are not too bright, so the contrast is still comfortable to look.

traditional bedroom with Benjamin Moore Glass slipper grayish blue wall paint color

The example can be seen in the picture above. In the traditional bedroom design, Glass Slipper blue wall paint is paired with interior trims in chiffon white color.

This shade of white can add a little brightness in the interior space without being too contrast to the soft grayish blue wall paint.

From the same example also you can see that the wall paint is also good to be paired with different choices of gray shades.

An example of this can be seen especially in the bed located in the room where more than just one gray shade can be found.

Being paired with gray shades as shown in the picture earlier, the wall paint finally builds up a cool atmosphere in the bedroom.

Although so, you do not need to worry that it will be uncomfortable for you to sleep in there because of this.

The solution that is offered in the picture is by adding a bluish blanket on the bed. Doing so can add a soft touch to the overall bedroom design, which also means that extra comfort can be obtained for better quality sleep.

3. Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue HC

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue HC

When you can use Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue HC, why should you use general baby blue wall paint?

It is so true that when talking about light and soft blue color for the bedroom wall, there are still so many people say that baby blue is the right one to choose.

Well, it is not that baby blue, which can be described as a choice of pastel blue color, is a bad color.

It is only that there are much other light and soft blue colors available right now that can be chosen to color bedroom walls. One of the examples is this Woodlawn Blue paint color.

This light blue color has a dreamy look that is simply perfect for the bedroom area.

Of course, it is also clear that the soft look resulted from color your bedroom wall with this tone can build up a calming atmosphere in the bedchamber.

If you are interested in choosing this bedroom wall paint color, there are several things you need to keep in mind. The first one is about light.

This wall paint can be said to have a slight of a gray undertone.

Because of this, it is important to let more natural light in so that the gray undertone can be tamed and the wall paint will show light, soft, and dreamy blue color more.

Besides, pairing this wall paint color with a white color that is connected directly to it is another way to accentuate the dreamy look it can build up.

In this case, the choices to consider are interior trims, including door and window trims, floor, and also the ceiling.

All of those can be seen in the picture of traditional master bedroom below.

traditional master bedroom with Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue HC light and soft blue wall paint color

Besides all the things above that are recommended to do in order to make your bedroom looks dreamy and become a highly comfortable place to sleep in, in the picture above there is still a small detail you can get inspired from, not only to build up the dreamy look but also to create a better quality sleep. It is none other but by adding high quality bedding and blanket.

The example in the picture is the white fluffy blanket that looks very comfortable to use.

4. Benjamin Moore Mysterious AF

Benjamin Moore Mysterious AF

If you think that dark blue wall paint color is not suitable for bedroom area you are wrong.

The reason is that the next is unusually excellent blue bedroom paint color is Benjamin Moore Mysterious AF, which is none other but a dark blue wall paint choice from BM.

This paint color is suitable to be included in the category of navy blue paint.

Although so, you need to know that because of some factors this paint color can sometimes look like another color, especially soft black and slate gray. The major factor that often causes such thing to occur is none other but light.

This wall color is a very suitable choice to pick for a contemporary bedroom. It looks elegant as well as sleek.

If you want to use this to color your bedroom walls, pairing this with neutral tones is the best thing to do.

This is not only about the easiest thing you can do in self-designing your bedroom. It is also about compatibility between the wall color and any other colors you add in the same interior space.

modern bedroom with Benjamin Moore Mysterious AF navy blue wall paint color

The example of how the wall paint is used in bedroom area can be seen in the picture above.

As you can see, white seems to be the best neutral color to be paired with this paint colors. This also makes the wall color to look more prominent.

If you need some tips, you can try pairing Mysterious wall paint color with not only white as the choice of compatible.

If you want to, you can also choose other neutral color with warmer tone such as beige or another brownie warmer white like linen, bone, and lace.

By adding compatible yet warmer tone in the bedroom with Mysterious wall paint, you will not only reduce the dark and rather intense look in the space.

Instead, you will add some warmth too, and it will make the space more comfortable for resting.

5. Sherwin-Williams Raindrop SW

Sherwin-Williams Raindrop SW

If you feel doubt about choosing dark wall paint like Benjamin Moore Mysterious, this Sherwin-Williams Raindrop SW can be the next choice to be taken into consideration.

This is the wall color that will build up a cool atmosphere and look in your sleeping area.

At a glance, this wall paint looks like it is a bright one.

However, if you see closely, it is, as a matter of fact, the one that is not too bright. Besides, it is a paint color that is not too dark and not too light too.

In simple words, this can be explained to be a balanced choice offered by Sherwin-Williams, and this is the reason why this paint color is included in this unusually excellent blue wall paint color list.

Besides the cool atmosphere and look, there is still another thing can be obtained when you choose this paint color, which is factually known to have a bit of blue and gray undertones. It is none other but a cheery look.

This makes the paint very suitable to consider for kid’s or teen’s bedroom, especially the one that has a contemporary style. The example of this can be seen in the picture of transitional teen’s bedroom below.

transitional teen’s bedroom with Sherwin-Williams Raindrop SW blue wall paint color

The color scheme used in this fabulous bedroom is blue and white. Of course, the blue color also includes the color of Raindrop wall paint.

The combination of blue and white color like this is very simple actually.

However, it is very effective in making such bedroom looking very nice. It is especially when you can pair the neutral white color with some different shades of blue.

As shown in the picture, the light blue color of Raindrop wall paint is not the only blue color used in the room.

There are other types of blue color used, including ocean blue from the bed curtains, sapphire blue from the dressing table’s chair, and sky blue from the pillows and blanket.

6. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC

Another alternative to choose from the category of dark blue wall paint color is this Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC As shown in the code, this one belongs to the Historical Color Collection of Benjamin Moore.

While it is quite obvious that Benjamin Moore Hale Navy and Benjamin Moore Mysterious are two different wall paint colors, you may still have a question in your mind about what is the difference between this one and Benjamin Moore Mysterious that we have talked a bit more in the previous part.

For you to know, the difference is located in how each of both colors looks.

Mysterious tend to have the look of general navy blue tone that is related to nautical theme most of the time. On the other hand, Hale Navy has a look that is less nautical. Thanks to the gray undertone that makes it so.

This wall paint color is suitable to use in any lighting condition.

Although so, of course, you should not just ignore the gray undertone because even the undertone is quite light it can still create a different look of the wall paint depending on the light in the room.

Another interesting fact you need to know also about this wall paint color is that it is suitable enough to be included in the category of transitional color. It is caused by the balanced mix between cool and warm tone in the paint color.

This color is a matter of fact also suitable enough to be used in any bedroom style no matter who the occupant is.

This is even found to be a good choice for kids’ bedroom as shown in the example of transitional kids’ bedroom below.

transitional kids’ bedroom with Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC blue wall paint color

When using Hale Navy wall paint color for kids’ bedroom, you have to realize that this is a dark color and kids’ bedroom always needs bright look to build up a cheerful atmosphere that is always perfect for kids.

In the example above, the solution given is simply perfect.

The solution is by choosing two-tone wall color design instead of one-tone wall color design.

The tone that is used to pair the grayish navy blue color is white, which at the same time also gives expansive visual effect to the room.

On the floor, you can see there is a small navy blue stripes rug placed.

There is something good about adding blue stripes items in bedroom design like this. Blue stripes will not only add layers to the design but at the same time also boost richness too.

7. Farrow &#; Ball Hague Blue No. 30

Farrow & Ball Hague Blue No. 30

The last but not least blue wall paint color that is included in this list is Farrow &#; Ball Hague Blue No. This one is another choice of deep dark blue paint color for you to consider.

This wall paint has slight green or peacock blue undertone.

The fact that it has beautiful and elegant look makes it a timeless choice you can consider at any time. Besides, you also need to know that this is the paint you can use in both exterior and interior space.

As an example of how to use this stunning wall paint, you can see the picture of rustic kids’ bedroom in the following.

This is also the example in which some interesting ideas related to Hague Blue wall paint can be found.

rustic kids’ bedroom with Farrow & Ball Hague Blue No. 30 blue wall paint color

The first idea is that this paint color is compatible with neutral tones.

In the example above, the neutral tones are mostly represented by white and beige colors.

The second idea is that pairing this wall paint color with bright tones can also be a good idea to try.

It looks amazing when paired with some bright colors like yellow, violet, tan, and orange. From the picture, some examples of the bright tones are bumblebee yellow, red, and green.

The last but not least idea is that even this paint color is deep and dark it can be a good choice for a small space too, especially because it can create a recessing effect.

Of course, some supportive details are needed here to avoid the room looking smaller. The examples are adequate natural light and white interior trims.

What do you think about the seven unusually excellent blue paint colors for bedroom listed above?

Each of the color included in the list is unusual and is not chosen quite often to color bedroom walls.

Although so, each of them has excellences that can make a bedroom better and more comfortable as a private and sleeping area. This is the fact that makes all paint colors above worth-choosing for the bedroom.

Sours: https://www.jimenezphoto.com/blue-paint-colors-for-bedroom/

Blue room woodlawn living

The Best Blue Green Paint Colors

Sharing the best blue-green paint colors, along with real-life examples of these colors in homes!

A collection of the best blue green paint colors. Includes info on how to pair them with other colors and shows each of the colors in a real-life space!

After sharing my post on the best blue gray paint colors, I received requests for a similar post on the best blue green paint colors! So, I&#;m back today with so many more beautiful muddy blue color options that lean more green than gray! I&#;ve also included links at the very end of this post to tons of other top paint colors picks if you&#;re interested!

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

The Best Blue Green Paint Colors & Real-Life Examples In Homes

It&#;s no secret that various shades of blue paint are having a moment right now! And my coastal loving heart is here for it! The trouble is there are so many variations of the color. Blue mixed with gray, blue that leans more green, and so on. Below, I&#;m narrowing down the best blue-green paint colors that work for a variety of decorating styles! If you feel like these colors are too saturated or bold to use on the walls in your home, the also make stunning accent colors on cabinets, front doors, shutters, and more!

Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe

If you&#;ve followed me for a long time (7+ years?), you may remember my obsession with Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe. It&#;s the prettiest pale blue green color that looks amazing with bright white trim. The image below from Caitlin Creer Interiors served as inspiration for many years for me!

Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe Living Room Walls via Caitlin Creer Interiors. It's a perfect pale blue green paint color!

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

We used used Sherwin Williams Sea Salt previously in our master bedroom. It was the perfect serene color, especially once I got around to painting all of our trim white (versus the prior almond color). You can see more about the process in my post on our Sea Salt bedroom reveal. It&#;s definitely a chameleon color that will look more blue in some lights and more green in others. I also know a few people that felt it was super saturated in their home and they just asked the paint counter to cut saturation to 50% or 75% and it was perfect! There&#;s a reason this one is so popular!

Master bedroom with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Walls, Behr Swiss Coffee board and batten, linen headboard, white bedding, dark cherry wood nightstand and gold and glass lamp.

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass is a beautiful &#;muddy&#; blue green paint color. It has touches of gray, making it look like a neutral in some lights. It&#;s a pretty way to add some color to your space, without it being to bold.

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass painted walls in a bedroom with bright white trim, and wood furniture.

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue is another one of those colors that can actually work somewhat like a neutral in some spaces. It&#;s a color that pairs beautifully with so many other shades. Especially in coastal style homes!

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

Palladian Blue is a soothing blue green paint color that, despite it&#;s name, tends to read more green than blue. It looks beautiful paired with bright white and other shades of blue, or with bold pinks and corals!

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue may very well be one of the most popular front door colors on the planet. It&#;s another chameleon that takes on more blue or green undertones depending on the environment. It looks great with so many exteriors and looks just as great on shutters!


I first fell in love with this stunning blue green paint color back in , in the Hiya Papaya home tour on House of Turquoise. It was basically my dream exterior at the time!


Sherwin Williams Drizzle

Although Sherwin Williams Drizzle is a popular front door paint color, I love its application below on a ceiling! Such a beautiful and tranquil color. Paired with bright white, it also gives those Caribbean and Florida Keys vibes! If you&#;re looking for a similar color by Benjamin Moore, their St. Lucia Teal is very similar!

Sherwin Williams Drizzle painted ceiling. Such a pretty blue green paint color, and I love its application here!

Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Wythe Blue

Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Wythe Blue sounds a lot like Wythe Blue that I mentioned previously. But it&#;s very different! Benjamin Moore says they &#;we transported paint colors from the past and gave them a future. Our Williamsburg® Paint Collection is a palette of timeless colors that are both historic and modern.&#; I love this more saturated and teal version of the classic color. And the image below shows a unique and beautiful color pairing with this blue green paint color!

Farrow & Ball Stone Blue

This warm and timeless blue is named after the indigo pigment which was often imported in lumps in the 18th century. Farrow & Ball Stone Blue is a lively color that work well with both warm and cool tones.

Benjamin Moore Sea Star

A beautiful mid-tone blue green paint color, Benjamin Moore Sea Star is a great way to get a coastal vibe in your home!

Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal

This next beauty, Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal, is actually the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year for ! If you want a mid-tone mix of blue and green and love saturation, this color is a winner! If it&#;s too bold for you to consider on walls, I think it would make a stunning bathroom cabinet, front door, or kitchen island color. It looks so pretty with whites and wood tones!

A front door painted Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal, the BM Color of the Year!

Sherwin Williams Oceanside

Sherwin Williams Oceanside was the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year! I personally love this rich blue with jewel-toned green most when it&#;s paired with other bold colors, like in the example below. From Sherwin Williams, &#;Oceanside&#;s multi-dimensional, marine-inspired look can create a welcoming statement as a lively color for a front door. Its green-meets-blue tone can also boost creative thinking and clarity of thought in a home office, or invite meditation and introspection into a bedroom or reading nook.&#;

Sherwin Williams Oceanside paint on the walls and ceiling of a home office decorated with ivory and chartreuse green!

Sherwin Williams Rainstorm

I love Sherwin Williams Rainstorm for a kitchen island or an accent wall. It would also be beautiful on built-in cabinets in a home office!

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green

Don’t let the name fool you on this one. Although it has green undertones, the color still reads as a rich, jewel-toned blue in rooms. It’s the perfect option if you can’t commit to a true, dark navy blue as this leans more teal.

Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

This paint color has been super popular in recent years. It&#;s such a gorgeous peacock blue paint color that looks good in so many spaces! I absolutely love it on walls in moody living rooms, libraries and dining rooms!

High-gloss Farrow & Ball Hague Blue walls in a moody home library. A perfect dark blue green paint color!

Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor

This bold and dramatic blue green paint color looks just as beautiful it matte finishes as it does on glossy lacquered walls! The moody color is perfect for spaces where you&#;re looking to inject a little drama, whether it be a study, dining room or powder bath!

Any other blue green paint colors you&#;ve used and loved in the past? I&#;d love to hear more ideas in the comments!

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I hope you found these ideas and the best blue green paint colors helpful! Any other colors you&#;re on the hunt for?

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Woodlawn Blue HC by Benjamin Moore

Collection by Woodlawn Blue HC Hue Family | Woodlawn Blue HC Value | Woodlawn Blue HC Chroma | Woodlawn Blue HC LRV | Woodlawn Blue HC Colorography…
@TheLandofColor posted to Instagram: Pretty, versatile, softly sophisticated green/blue-green. Here's all the places I'd use Woodlawn Blue: front door, cabinets, bathroom, bedroom, office, family room, living room, ceilings. I guess that's just about everywhere, isn't it? | | #WoodlawnBlue #HC #BenjaminMoore #dailydoseofcolor #colorcrush #paint #color #edesign #colortheory #edesigner #colortraining #colorcrush #colorconsultant #colorstrategist #colorexper t#interiordesigner #homestaging Best Bathroom Paint Colors, Dining Room Paint Colors, Bedroom Paint Colors, Room Colors, Kitchen Colors, Woodlawn Blue Benjamin Moore, Benjamin Moore Paint, Benjamin Moore Colors, Blue Green Paints
L O R I S A W A Y A on Instagram: “Pretty, versatile, softly sophisticated green/blue-green. Here's all the places I'd use Woodlawn Blue: front door, cabinets, bathroom,…”
@TheLandofColor posted to Instagram: Pretty, versatile, softly sophisticated green/blue-green. Here's all the places I'd use Woodlawn Blue: front door, cabinets, bathroom, bedroom, office, family room, living room, ceilings. I guess that's just about everywhere, isn't it? | | #WoodlawnBlue #HC #BenjaminMoore #dailydoseofcolor #colorcrush #paint #color #edesign #colortheory #edesigner #colortraining #colorcrush #colorconsultant #colorstrategist #colorexper t#interiordesigner #homestaging
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Woodlawn Blue: My #1 Blue Paint! Here&#;s Why.

This post was most recently updated on September 23rd,

We painted our living room area with Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue this week. OK, so I use the term &#;WE&#; loosely. I enrolled my dad. He&#;s a painter extraordinaire.  Does  taking photos of him painting walls while I sit and drink coffee count as &#;WE&#;, lol?

Woodlawn Blue Benjamin Moore

I&#;ve had a major crush on Woodlawn Blue (HC) by Benjamin Moore for awhile now.  So, when we purchased new living room furniture last summer, I chose it with plans to incorporate Woodlawn Blue on the walls.  Even with the first swipe, I knew I&#;d made a good choice.

Woodlawn Blue Walls

It&#;s been a few days now, and I can&#;t tell you how happy I am with Woodlawn Blue on the walls.  A slight caution: it looks entirely different depending on the time of day.  But that&#;s pretty much like any paint colour, right? In the morning, when this room gets a lot of light, Woodlawn Blue appears more light aqua, and in the evening, it&#;s more grey. But, I&#;m happy with all its different personalities!

Woodlawn Blue BM

Woodlawn Blue looks amazing in any kind of light. It even makes our hardwood floors look like a deeper shade of brown than our original beige/green (SICO Kalahari Beige) walls did.  The magical powers of paint!

BM Woodlawn Blue

Another bonus&#;the painting kept our boys entertained for a full hour yesterday.  They adore their &#;Boppy&#; (the name all the grandkids call my dad), and I think that watching him &#;color the walls&#; was fascinating.  I&#;m just hoping that they don&#;t get the same idea, lol.

So, Boppy, if you&#;re back re-painting baby scribbles in a month, you only have yourself to blame, lol&#;

Here&#;s why I&#;d recommend Woodlawn Blue if you&#;re looking for a great blue paint:

  • It feels like a neutral when paired with more dramatic colours.
  • Yet&#;it&#;s definitely blue!  This might seem obvious, but many pale &#;blue&#; paints pass for being blue by having only the slightest hint of the hue.  If you want blue without going too deep, this is a great choice.
  • Woodlawn Blue is a true pale to medium blue. Many blues look pale to medium on the paint chip, only to feel overwhelmingly bright or deep on walls.  It&#;s got just enough depth.
  • It has enough green in it that it won&#;t be mistaken for baby blue or aqua. It&#;s so tough to find a good blue that doesn&#;t feel like a baby boy&#;s nursery!  This is a winner.
  • It helps tone down any red or orange tones in your hardwood floors or wood accents.

Now that we finished the blue, we&#;re on to the creamy white walls.  (See there&#;s that &#;WE&#; again!)    For those, I chose Navajo White.  Benjamin Moore describes Navajo White as &#;a timeless shade of creamy white with a generous dose of yellow, navajo white is a reliable choice to warm up cool-hued walls and indoor and outdoor trim&#;.  Let&#;s hope!

Thinking about going blue too?  Here&#;s some other designer favourites from Style at Home: Designer Faves &#; Blue.

Important &#; Colors will always appear differently on your computer screen than they do in real life.  They might also look different in my rooms than yours. So make sure you test paint colors in your own spaces before committing to them!

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NOTE: I originally posted this article in , but updated it in   Woodlawn Blue is a classic, and is still one of my most recommended paint colours.

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