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6 best garden hoses to buy in , according to experts

During the warmer summer months, maintaining your outdoor space might be a priority. And whether you’ve taken up outdoor gardening or simply hope to wash your car and other outdoor spots with ease, a quality garden hose can be a handy and durable household tool during this time.

“Selecting a new garden hose should be thought of as an investment,” said Kristiana Laugen, a home care expert at Handy. “If you factor in length, material and water pressure, the right hose can last for up to a decade.”

But with so many options on the market — and the different features and accessories that can be paired with them — finding the hose that fits your specific outdoor needs can be tough. As Laugen mentioned, they can also be an investment for some: A good quality hose, nozzle and reel combined can cost upwards of $ To simplify your search, we consulted gardening experts to determine how to shop for a garden hose and rounded up some highly rated and expert-recommended options.

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Garden hoses: A shopping guide

There isn’t just one type of hose that’ll be a perfect fit for all functions and spaces. Choosing the best garden hose depends on several different factors, including how much use you get out of it, the climate you’re in and your budget. According to Kristen Reser, watering and tools merchant at The Home Depot, the “flexibility and durability of the hose depend on the material it’s made of, while the length, diameter and fittings determine its water flow capacity.”

What is the garden hose made out of?

Hoses are usually made from one of three materials: vinyl, which is a more affordable and lightweight choice, polyurethane, which is lightweight, kink-resistant and is typically found in coiled hoses, and rubber, which is the tougher, more flexible and heavier option. Certain hoses are also made from a combination of vinyl and rubber, according to Reser. “The combo hoses are sometimes reinforced with nylon and rayon which offers varying levels of durability and flexibility,” she said, adding that some hoses also have metal coils or cords between the layers of rubber or vinyl to help keep them from kinking.

How long is the garden hose?

According to the experts we spoke to, length and kink resistance — which depends on the material — are among the most important considerations. (Polyurethane and rubber are fairly kink-resistent, while vinyl is more prone to kinking.) “Determine your hose’s length based on how far the area you plan to water is from the hose spigot on the side of your house,” said Megan Ullmann, a seasonal and outdoor living merchant at Lowe’s. She said that the most popular length is typically 50 feet, but feet can be a better option if you have a larger yard or rely on just one water spigot — the device used to turn water on and off.


How strong is the garden hose?

Hoses can be categorized as light-, medium- or heavy-duty — each has its own specific uses and outdoor needs.

  • Light-duty hoses can be good for small gardens and plant care since they’re typically lightweight and easier to wind up and store. However, they’re often more susceptible to damage from the elements. They are also “less durable than heavier duty options,” said Reser.
  • Medium-duty hoses (also called standard hoses) can be a decent option for residential lawn and landscape maintenance, such as general gardening work.
  • Heavy-duty hoses have thicker walls and are usually more durable and sturdy. “One advantage of these hoses is that you can leave them outside and exposed to the elements without risking damage,” said Reser, adding that the heavier duty the hose is, “the more water pressure it can handle.” These hoses can be used for some pressure washer tasks, like washing outdoor walls and sidewalks.

What type of garden hose is it?

In addition to specific features and attachments, there are various types of hoses that can be used for different outdoor tasks and needs. These include standard hoses, which are all-purpose hoses made from various materials, coiled hoses, which form a spring shape when not in use and are light-duty enough to water small areas, and soaker hoses that have tiny holes and are gentle enough to keep your garden healthy, especially when set with a timer. Experts recommend considering what type of hose can be used for the jobs you’re typically getting done.

It’s also important to pay attention to the couplings. Couplings (also called fittings) are the end pieces that connect the ends of the hose with water supplies like spigots, sprinklers and nozzles. They can be made of metal — typically brass, but also sometimes zinc and aluminum — and the metal ones are usually more durable than plastic couplings. However, metal hose couplings can be harder to tighten on the spigot, while plastic fittings can attach easier due to their nylon or thermoplastic materials, according to Reser.

Ultimately, Laugen suggested going for a metal coupling over plastic since the latter tends to break easily. “As a general rule of thumb, the larger the coupling, the easier it is to tighten,” she added.


What to consider when buying a hose nozzle

A nozzle, which attaches to one end of your hose, can be a convenient way to control the flow and distribution of the stream and save water while you use it. They’re usually adjustable or multi-pattern. “Adjustable nozzles are great for cleaning and allow the user to adjust the strength of the water flow using the trigger, from a light spray to solid stream,” said Ullmann. Multi-pattern nozzles “click through a variety of spray patterns” including mist, jet and shower settings.

Adjustable and multi-pattern nozzles can come in multiple styles and with specialized attachments, according to Reser.

  • Pistol grip nozzles have a “pull-style handle that allows you to change the pressure and style of spray as you squeeze.” This is often called a spray gun nozzle, she said.
  • Watering wand nozzles can “extend your reach by up to 30 inches” and can be good for “watering areas that are tough to reach.”
  • Fan nozzles can spray a wide, gentle spray of water using a widened mouth and can be a better option for gently watering delicate foliage, like a flower garden or vegetables and herbs.
  • Fireman nozzles are “versatile and can put out a large amount of water in a very short time,” said Reser. This type of nozzle can be ideal for big watering jobs.

The material of the nozzle can also be an important consideration when it comes to durability. “Standard nozzles are usually metal or plastic, [though] some are both,” said Laugen. “Metal is the most durable option, but if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, you can opt for a nozzle made of metal and plastic.” Ullmann added that an all-metal construction will “last longer and hold up to more use,” while nozzles that contain more plastic will be “lighter and less expensive.”

What to look for in a hose reel

When it comes to storage, a hose reel can prevent a tangled heap on the floor and extend the life of your hose. It can also help you save time — without a reel, it can be difficult to untwist a hose and have it lay flat when you’re ready to use it.

According to Laugen, “it’s best to choose one that’s enclosed for long-term durability.” While more “stylish options” like a stand or decorative pot can seem appealing, she recommended finding a reel with “an easy-to-use crank that matches your outdoor aesthetic.” For the winter, consider storing your hose in a garden shed or garage while covering the exterior of your faucet with an installation cover to keep the water from freezing.


Best garden hoses in

Best garden hose overall: Flexzilla

Flexzilla Garden Hose

This Amazon bestseller has an average star rating from more than 33, reviews on the site. Like its name suggests, this hose is made with a flexible hybrid polymer material that makes it durable in most weather conditions, according to the brand. It’s also lightweight — weighing 8 pounds — and comes in a bright green color so it’s easy to spot while you’re working outdoors. The Flexzilla hose is offered in multiple lengths, ranging from 5 and 10 feet to 50 and 75 feet.

Best soaker hose: Gilmour

Gilmour Hose Flat Soaker

With small pores all over the hose that can slowly release water, a soaker hose can be a good investment for watering garden beds, flowers or other landscaping projects while using less water than traditional sprinklers. This option by Gilmour is made from percent recycled vinyl, which is flexible and lightweight enough to be woven through your plants and gardens for watering and can be folded flat for easy storage. According to the brand, it’s covered in a clog-resistant fabric that can protect the hose against UV rays and make it last longer. Lengths range from 25 feet to 75 feet and it currently has a star average rating from more than 4, Amazon shoppers.

Best heavy-duty hose: Dramm

Dramm ColorStorm Rubber Garden Hose

This heavy-duty rubber hose has a star average rating from over 1, Amazon buyers and can be a good option for large outdoor projects, like watering a larger chunk of your lawn or even cleaning off your car. According to the brand, the hose is kink-resistent, can coil even in cold weather, can withstand hot water up to degrees Fahrenheit and comes with durable nickel-plated brass couplings. You can get this hose in a foot or foot length and it comes in a variety of bright colors, including Green, Red, Orange and Yellow.


Best lightweight hose: TheFitLife

TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose

If you’re looking for a more lightweight option, this TheFitLife option starts out at 17 feet long and expands to 50 feet with water — it can then return to its original length when water is no longer running through the hose. Made with an inner latex core and a polyester outer fabric, it features solid brass fittings and a shutoff valve on the side that lets you control the flow of the water, and includes an eight-pattern spray nozzle to save water.

Best freshwater hose: Camco

Camco Tastepure Freshwater Hose

“Most standard hoses aren’t safe for drinking water — they have plasticizers that can leach into the water,” said Reser, adding that “any hose marked as ‘drinking water safe’ is lead-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free.” This option by Camco is “compliant with all federal and state level low lead laws,” according to the brand, and the ends are compatible with most standard garden hose connections. This type of hose can be good for both everyday watering needs and long-term trips, like camping, boating or traveling in an RV. It’s available in multiple lengths, including 10 feet, 25 feet and 50 feet, and has a star average rating from more than 18, Amazon reviewers.

Best all-in-one hose: Giraffe

Giraffe Wall Mounted Retractable Garden Hose Reel

If you’re looking for an all-in-one hose, nozzle and reel option, this one by Giraffe Tools can save you a lot of time and money. With foot-long and foot-long options, the hose comes in longer lengths than the other options on this list and features a nine-pattern spray nozzle, an impact-resistant reel with durable polypropylene casing, a wall-mounting bracket and a carrying handle. You can dictate how long you want the hose to be by automatically locking it at any length, and it has a slow retraction system to avoid any hazards.


Best hose nozzles in

Best comfort-grip nozzle: Melnor

Melnor 5-Pattern Watering Nozzle

This metal hose nozzle from Melnor is a relatively affordable option and features five water spray patterns — shower, stream, mist, flat and full — that can accommodate most basic gardening activities, along with a rubber handle for a comfortable grip. It’s made from a combination of metal, plastic and rubber, so it’s lightweight, though not as durable as a nozzle made fully from metal.

Best watering wand: GREEN MOUNT

GREEN MOUNT Watering Wand

With a star average rating from more than 3, Amazon shoppers, this inch watering wand from GREEN MOUNT can easily water spots in your garden or lawn that may be out of normal reach. It’s made from lightweight non-corrosive aluminum and has a slip-resistant handle, and includes eight adjustable watering patterns: jet, angled, full, soaker, mist, flat, cone and shower. For longer outdoor jobs, there’s also a clip-lock on the handle for continuous spraying without tiring out your hand.

Best pistol grip nozzle: Gilmour

Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol Grip Nozzle

With a full metal construction, this Gilmour nozzle is durable and easy to use — you can simply push down on the trigger and adjust water flow as needed. It features a hold-open clip to keep water streaming continuously, while a small dial at the top allows you to control the force and flow of the water that comes out.

Best multi-pattern nozzle: Dramm

Dramm Revolution 9-Pattern Spray Gun

For a more comfortable and unique option, this spray nozzle from Dramm has a one-touch valve that can be quickly adjusted to control water flow without squeezing a trigger. It features nine spray patterns, from cone and shower to mist and fan, that can be selected using a quick-change dial. It’s also offered in various colors, including Yellow, Red, and Berry, and comes with the manufacturer’s limited lifetime guarantee.


Best hose reels in

Best affordable hose reel: Yard Butler

Yard Butler Wall Mount Hose Hanger

For a simple and affordable storage option, this hose hanger is crafted from durable steel, can be mounted on a wall and features a curved design that can prevent your hose from sagging or getting tangled. According to the brand, it’s sturdy enough to hold feet of a standard, 5/8-inch diameter garden hose. It also comes in four colors: Green, Blue, Purple and Verdigris.

Best wall-mounted hose reel: Liberty Garden

Liberty Garden Wall Mount Hose Reel

This decorative, wall-mounted hose reel from Liberty Garden is worth a try if you don’t want to sacrifice style for utility. It’s constructed from non-rust cast aluminum with a nickel powder-coated finish that can help prevent damage from water. It can hold up to feet of a standard hose, according to the brand, and features a shelf at the top to hold any outdoor gardening tools. It also includes a hose guide that lets you roll and unroll your hose without it getting bunched or tangled.

Best hideaway reel: Suncast

Suncast Hideaway Hose Storage

According to Laugen, “hideaway reels are best for outdoor storage” since they keep the hose away from the elements, which can extend its life. This popular Suncast storage option is made from sturdy resin, meaning it likely won’t rust when stored outdoors, and can hold a standard hose up to feet long. Suncast also offers a larger version of the hideaway reel, which can accommodate a standard hose up to feet long and features a guide loop in front so your hose doesn’t get tangled.

Best portable hose reel: Suncast

Suncast Plastic Cart Hose Reel

If you’re planning on moving your hose from one yard to another, this reel cart from Suncast is a portable option that the brand says can hold up to feet of a standard hose. It’s made from durable resin and comes with a crank handle to make winding and unwinding your hose simple.


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Garden Hoses

Shop for Garden Hoses in Watering & Irrigation. Buy products such as Expert Gardener Medium Duty 5/8" x '' Garden Hose at Walmart and save. Meidong 50 Foot Expandable Garden Hose, Upgraded Leakproof Lightweight No-Kink Water Hose, Flexible Water

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ft garden hose walmart


ft garden hose walmart $ 59 . A garden hose reel is a great way to keep your best garden hose organized without you having to manually w. Lead Free Garden Hose. com/MoonLa-Garden-. Eugene has a keen interest in DIY and gardening. UPC: View barcode · BrickSeek Snapshot View on Walmart Local . 08 $ 13 . Soaker hoses save money and water. 98—down 20% from its original $ 49 Flexon 5/8 in. Ft. $12 for 50 ft, $29 for ft Jan 18, · IndustrialPRO 5/8 in. 3/4 in. () Questions & Answers (8) Hover Image to Zoom. Aug 14, · 5/8 in. Safe For. From sprinkler hoses to soaker hoses, True Value has it all. Length: Ft. Water Hose types to match any homeowners needs up to ft. in the foot size for $ Over . Ft. Heavy-Duty Garden Hose See more info New ft Expandable Garden Hose - Superior Strength D, 4-Layers Latex with 3/4" Solid Brass Connectors, 10 Function Spray Nozzle, Easy Storage Kink Free Flexible Lightweight Water Hose Product Title Expert Gardener Heavy Duty 5/8" x ' Ergonomic Grip Garden Hose Pallet Average Rating: ( 3. com . The best lightweight garden hoses deliver the same flow of water . By Mark Wolfe BobVila. But Thanks OP. x ft. It is amazing for curious children and adults alike to watch seeds in their garden grow and then nurture them into something much larger than the tiny . At foot long, this hose is long enough to reach across my entire yard, all the way back to our swimming pool. /08/06 . Reply. By Jennifer Noonan How many times have you dragged your hose into position only to discover that it’s sprung a leak? Fe. Heavy-Duty Wall Mount Hose Reel" to the compare list Compare Click to add item "Liberty Garden™ ft. Ray Padula Heavy Duty ft. 26 The hose itself is a heavy duty rubber that is easy to roll and unroll, and literally feels heavy duty. hose, meaning that this hose pipe is still a good option if you have a large garden or area that you have to cover. Features 3-ply construction and all-season flexibility. Dia x ft. 99 The KinkControl heavy duty garden hose is made with a patented triple frame technology. The Zero-G® hose is up to 50% lighter in weight than standard garden hoses, which provides for easy coiling, maneuverability and compact storage. But turn on the water and watch the pocket size hose grow to a supersize hose that's also kink-proof! After you're finished watering your lawn or hosing down the RV, simply turn off the water and Silver Bullet . Flexon Industries continually develops innovative and user-friendly products for home and professional use, making it easy for people of all ages or physical strength to achieve beautiful yards and gardens. com Aug 19, · centre of universe. ca; The vieneci ft garden hose is a 33ft long hose that will expand up to feet once you turn the water on Don't go from store to store to find the best prices on flexzilla 5/8 in. com Apr 15, · Flexzilla HFZGYW ft garden hose is an all-rounder gardening tool for regular watering. Best Flexible Garden Hose: 5/8 in. 0. MoonLa ft Garden Hose https://www. Buy QOMOTOP Retractable Garden Hose Reel ,1/2”x +6. Originally posted on walmart. a. NeverLeak. # Sku# Many gardeners, as well as experts, recommend this item for its flexibility and extreme durability. Buy Aqua Joe AJH Heavy-Duty Garden Hose | Foot | 5/8-Inch Flow at Walmart. The heavy duty couplings are durable . SKU: Shopping We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. Garden hose reels keep your yard tidy and extend your garden hose’s life by protecting it from the elements. expandable garden hose walmart, expandable garden hose ft Subscribe . MSRP: $ The rigid sleeve is intended to keep the hose extended so that water flow is not interrupted. 7 FT,Auto Rewind ,8 Pattern Hose Nozzle,Ideal For Gardening,Car Washing at Walmart. Picked up 2 heavy duty garden hose at East Scarborough location. The next time you're shopping at your local gardening supply store, here's what to consider when choosing a garden hose. Some can be mounted while others are portable. Explains what type is best for various uses. The best expandable hose should be durable but lightweight to move around. Includes brass male coupling and plastic female coupling, knitted nylon reinforcement, vinyl cover, and green color. I needed a 50 ft hose, and the price was right. ft. A good garden hose should last five to 10 years with proper care, . . Whether it's to water the garden, wash the car, or run the Slip 'n Slide, every home needs at least one hose. last few years I have seen similar ones for $16 or so. Free 2-day shipping. hoses to make a single ft. 5/8" x ft Blue Rubber / Vinyl Power Coil® Commercial Duty Garden Hose. /08/04 . share Share. 50 Ft. Contractor Grade Hose with Guard & Grip Anti-Kink Spinner Coupling Crush Resistant Couplings Guard N Grip Connector Made in USA Item Flexon 5/8 in. Magasinez plus de tuyaux d'arrosage disponible en ligne à walmart. Heavy-Duty Wall Mount Hose Reel Click to add item "Liberty Garden™ ft. Follow this handy guide to learn how to set up your garden hose to an indoor or garden tap, as well as how to attach it to spray nozzles, sprinklers, pressure washers, and coiled hoses. /08/31 . All-Weather Garden Hose ft x 5/8-in · Water Hose | #A · Description · Dimensions · Warranty · UPC Code · Warnings · Warning · Features. Check out our top picks. Also bought h2o hoses in 50 foot lengths. 26 $ 31 . $12 for 50 ft, $29 for ft. Heavy-Duty Wall Mount Hose Reel" to the compare list Gardening can be extremely enjoyable for people of all ages and different walks of life. By Jennif. 75 Ft. Yesterday, am. 54 Results . At first glance, it looks like a small, compact garden hose. We may. on sale for $31 . Unlike some hoses I have bought in the past that said they wouldn't kink, this one actually doesn't kink. Zero-G Teknor Apex 5/8-in x ft Premium Kink Free Woven Gray Hose. Aluminum Cart Hose Reel. Find My Store. The lining . Amazing deals on this 5/8In X 50Ft Garden Hose at Harbor Freight. /03/05 . The best garden hose reels will help keep your hoses untangled with retractable wheel systems or hand cranks. Diameter: 5/8 In. zillagreen garden hose with 3/4 in. Follow these five steps to make a soaker hose out of an old garden hose and a hose cap, in just five minutes. More Deals & Coupons Like "' WGCC Expandable 4-Layer Latex Garden Hose w/ Metal Sprayer ". 99 $ 36 . Garden Hoses are flexible tubing used to water lawns and gardens. Garden Hose with . Available lengths: foot, foot, foot, foot; Water flow rate: 3. There's a new breed of as-seen-on-TV expandable garden hoses that promise to be lighter, easier to use and will never kink. Ft. or dragging a hose measuring 50, 75 or feet across your backyard . /07/23 . Constructed with heavy-duty couplings and no lead. print Print. CheapDealsPlox wrote: ↑ Picked up 2 heavy duty garden hose at East Scarborough location. 2 out of 5 stars Liberty Garden™ ft. 43 gallons per . Get ready for spring by checking out the top 10 garden hoses on Amazon. 25 Ft. Buy Flexzilla SwivelGrip Garden Hose, 5/8" x ', 3/4" (11½ GHT Fittings) . Even if they've been punctured or torn, repurposed garden hoses can serve practical or decorative roles, indoors or out. k. Take the work out of yard work. Check out this guide for shopping tips and recommendations. This technology consists of three raised frames that help prevent the collapsing of the hose to ensure continuous water flow. Model # Walmart USA. 6 ) out of 5 stars ratings , based on reviews Current Price $ Buy Now . Holidayhouseireland. Flexalloy Extreme Performance Hose 5/8 In X50 Ft Mfg. Aug 20th, pm. I guess they have lots of stock left and getting rid of it. They'll serve multiple purposes around the house. Home Outdoors Garden Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an aff. TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose (ft) . for pricing and availability. our top pick for garden . com $ The Garden Centre at Walmart Canada carries a wide variety of lawn care, garden tools, plants, flowers & much more. hose features lead-free, crush-proof aluminum couplings that can withstand being trampled or run over by garden equipment. 08 - $ Ft. Flexalloy. 27 Aug, pm. com 25 Ft Garden Hose Walmart – Holiday House Ireland. Erin Huffstetler is a writer with experience writing about easy ways to save money at home. Light-duty garden hose. com and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of. Amazon. Power Coil®. New ft Expandable Garden Hose - Superior Strength D, 4-Layers Latex with 3/4" Solid Brass Connectors, 10 Function Spray Nozzle, Easy Storage Kink Free Flexible Lightweight Water Hose 34 $ Model # The best expandable garden hoses are made with durable brass connections and thick inner latex mat. You may find commercial garden hoses that extend up to feet, . amazon. FlexZilla Green Garden Hose. 5 in. The Guard-N-Grip provides a leak-proof connection from faucet to hose and is currently featured on many of our lawn and garden hoses. com DA: 23 PA: 27 MOZ Rank: Same walmart. Looking for Made in America products? Check out this Expert Gardener Medium Duty Garden Hose - Feet in the Walmart Garden department - Made in the USA! /08/16 . Plastic ft Wall-Mount Hose Reel. Soft and Supple Heavy Duty Water Hose The Classic, The Swan Soft and Supple 5/8 The Classic, The Swan Soft and Supple 5/8 in. Can be used in industrial or home locations; drinking-water safe. 5/8-Inch X Foot Medium Duty Garden Hose Mfg. Teknor Apex has the solution. Not safe for drinking water. Expert Gardener Medium Duty 5/8" x ' Garden Hose. Bionic Steel PRO Garden Hose - Stainless Steel Metal Foot Garden Hose – Heavy Duty Lightweight, Kink-Free, and Stronger Than Ever with Brass Fittings and On/Off Valve – Model 4. Durable and simple-to-use hose for many applications. All-purpose garden hose made of durable PVC and brass . It is made of sturdy, lightweight and flexible hybrid polymer. Whether it's for watering the flowers, washing a car, or cleaning off the patio, no garden hose is easier to maneuver than an expandable one. 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Garden hoses are unremarkable when they work well, but if they underperform, they’ll drive you insane. After several years of testing—washing cars, gardening, pressure washing driveways, and doing other hosey home chores—we found the Dramm ColorStorm Premium Rubber Hose (50 feet) is the all-purpose garden hose we’d invest in. It’s not perfectly kink-proof—none of them are—but its sturdiness and dependable performance go far beyond that of the twisted, knotted, worthless garbage hoses that probably inspired you to search for something better.

The Dramm ColorStorm Premium Rubber Hose (50 feet) is far from being the cheapest hose you’ll ever find, but after testing the bargain models and the midrange options, we’re convinced the best value in a garden hose is the one you can buy once and use indefinitely. The Dramm’s uncrushable nickel-plated brass couplings have big flat facets you can grip with a wrench or locking pliers to break a stuck connection. Although the lifetime warranty and solid customer support are reassuring, we’re confident (after our own tests and customer anecdotes about long-term use) that you may never need to take Dramm up on it. Durable and versatile, this hose is perfect for all kinds of utility work (even though it can be a bit of a beast if you’re just quickly watering a small patio garden).

It’s not quite as polished on all the details as our pick, but the Continental Commercial Grade Rubber Hose (50 feet) is an excellent value: It’s tougher than the cheapest hoses by a mile, and for not much more money. The Continental resembles a Craftsman rubber hose we’ve recommended for years in this guide. Though that model has become hard to find, the Continental now has nearly ubiquitous availability at home centers and hardware stores. Like the Dramm, the Continental can feel like overkill for small watering jobs, but it’s a really solid choice for anyone who wants something that’s reliable, not too fussy, and durable enough for any landscaping, maintenance, or construction work.

The HoseCoil ⅜-inch Self Coiling Garden Hose (25ft) is neither as tough nor as long as our other picks, but for a small patio, balcony, or yard—where dragging around a big footer feels like overkill—it’s a fine alternative. The HoseCoil’s main selling point is its retractable corkscrew design, which works as advertised in making the hose easy to extend, recoil, and store. Compared with our bigger picks, this ⅜-inch-diameter hose loses a quarter-inch of capacity, which translates to slightly lower water pressure in side-by-side trials. Although the HoseCoil’s total length is 25 feet, in practice it’s really good for only about 17 feet before it starts to strain. As with our heavier-duty picks, the HoseCoil’s nozzle end has flat facets for a wrench to grab. And its two-year warranty is reassuring; though we’ve heard of some HoseCoils lasting longer, hitting the two-year mark is about what we’d expect. We have a test unit that’s doing fine after months of continuous Southern California sun exposure.

For a full-featured hose nozzle that can shower delicate flowers just as well as it can blast the mud off a truck tire, we recommend the Melnor AMZ Metal Nozzle. You can find a lot of similar nozzles, but the Melnor stands out due to its durable construction and its good variety of spray patterns, as well as how nicely it sprays. The Melnor has a hefty metal body with a hard rubber padding at the grip area (the spraying nozzle itself is plastic). It has seven spray patterns that run the gamut from a car-rinsing jet stream to a mist that can water even the most delicate seedlings. Compared with six other nozzles we recently tested, the Melnor not only felt the most durable but also had a spray that was simply better: The shower setting was a perfect shape with hardly any spitting, the jet setting shot water the farthest, and we never saw any dripping out of the front of the nozzle. This pick replaces the Melnor 5-Pattern Watering Nozzle , which has had a lot of leaking issues (including a specific event when it leaked and drained Wirecutter senior staff writer Doug Mahoney’s well completely dry).

The classic Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol Grip Nozzle is a longtime Wirecutter recommendation that further proves five bucks is plenty to spend for a satisfying hose nozzle, as long as you’re willing to make a concession or two. This tool contains none of the plastic parts common to competitors in its price range, and it lacks the familiar rotating wheel of spray settings. Instead, when you depress the trigger, you get a range of sprays—from a mistlike cloud, at minimal pressure, on up to a forceful jet, when the trigger is fully depressed. You can adjust a setting screw to customize this range slightly, but it’s nowhere near as targeted as the settings on the Melnor model. That doesn’t matter much when you’re washing the car (which the Gilmour is perfect for). But the Gilmour can be frustrating to use when you’re trying to water small container plants: You’ll spray water everywhere, and when you’re correcting that, you might shoot a beam of water at the base of a plant, blasting dirt and damaging roots. We’ve been using versions of this tool for the better part of a decade, taking horrible care of them all the while (they still work fine). And we’ve confirmed in testing in that a new Gilmour is still as solid and reliable as the ones we bought years ago.

No one looking at the Suncast Hosemobile Hose Reel Cart would think they were viewing the Rolex of lawn gear, but what you see is what you get (in a good way). With a “durable rust-free resin” body, the Suncast is all plastic—from the threaded connections to the wheel hubs—and when you’re cranking up a heavy hose, you can feel it flexing under the strain. That’s okay with us and most everyone else who buys it, though: Usually sold for around $30, it’s a far better value than the other reels in its price category. And since the Suncast gives you such an easy way to crank up, drain out, and properly store your hose, you’re prolonging the hose’s life, not to mention making your watering work easier.

Although the Suncast’s wheels are convenient for moving your gear in and out of storage, we wouldn’t recommend treating this reel like a rugged all-terrain vehicle. And we found that the Suncast works best when it’s parked in one spot, rather than routinely being rolled around from spigot to spigot.

The Suncast reel works fine, but with regular use, year after year, its limitations—the quality, stability, and small wheels—may become frustrating. For a far superior reel, we recommend the Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart, or if you prefer a wall-mounted version, the Eley Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel. In the world of hose reels, Eleys have a stellar reputation, and after testing one, we fully understand why.

The build quality of the Eley reel is as good as it gets; the strong metal frame provides stability, the giant tires easily bounce over an uneven lawn, the handles are comfortable and well-placed, and the reel itself pulls in a hose with minimal effort. The components are heavy-duty, and it’s an item that we expect would last a lifetime, with proper care.

Everything we recommend

Who this is for

The ruins of Roman aqueducts have pretty well established humankind’s need to transport water, so it’s not necessary to list the humble garden hose’s many uses, from agriculture to yardwork (we couldn’t think of a z word). Let’s focus instead on who will find this guide useful. It’s for anyone who has felt the impotent dribble of a hopelessly tangled hose, crushed a flimsy coupling beneath a car wheel, seen a cheap hose kink and fold like a deflated balloon, or watched water leak from a spigot connection that won’t turn any tighter. If you’ve ever stood in your driveway while sweating and screaming at your hose, you are not alone, and we are here to help. Our goal is to recommend a versatile rig with all the spray patterns you’d ever need, in a setup that’s so easy to use you’ll be looking around the yard for something else to hose off.

The garden hose’s highest calling

How we picked

Three garden hoses of different colors and makes laying on the ground.

To find hoses worth testing, we started by looking at every popular model on the shelf and online at stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and some local Ace franchises, and waded into the wider ocean of Amazon’s offerings. We consulted with experts at the local home garden center, asked our neighbors and friends what they used, talked specs and materials with hose manufacturers, and examined the hardware at the finest car washes of East Los Angeles. We’ve also been using hoses our entire lives: Wirecutter senior editor Harry Sawyers is a former pro landscaper who now has several hoses snaking around his house in LA; Wirecutter associate staff writer Thom Dunn grew up adhering to his father’s meticulous lawn-care regimen, which was the stuff of legends in Connecticut’s New Haven County. In our reporting, a quote from our interview with Genevieve Schmidt—a garden writer and owner of a landscaping company in Northern California—was a common refrain: “Every hose brand will kink, but some brands are better than others.”

That experience led us to demand just two strict criteria, both of which served as hallmarks of overall quality, reducing our test pool to a manageable number.

Flat facets at the couplings: We wanted a hose to have a nutlike hexagonal metal point in its coupling, the part that screws on to the spigot. This one feature, more than any other, is the thing that separates the good from the garbage. If the manufacturer has specified that detail (rather than a rounded, ridged coupling, like the cap of a soda bottle), it usually also means the hose’s coupling has other features you’d want: It’s unlikely to get crushed or deformed under a boot heel or car wheel, unlikely to corrode or lose its finish, unlikely to leak, and unlikely to get stuck—the whole point of those flat facets is to give you a place to put a wrench on it to free the hose when it’s screwed on too tightly, your hands are too wet, or you’re just too tired from busting your ass on yardwork all morning to disconnect the hose without a little mechanical advantage.

Made in the USA: This wasn’t a requirement when we started our search, but it came to be a reliable barometer of quality, and not just for jingoistic reasons. If the hose is made in the USA, that almost definitely means the company is based in the USA, which takes customer service from being an abstract concept to a place you might actually be able to contact if you have a problem. When something is made in the USA, it often means you have a warranty. And it makes it more likely that the hose complies with casual industry programs like good manufacturing practice. Materials are more likely to be safe, nontoxic, authentic, or certified to meet FDA or NSF standards that apply to products related to potable water (like NSF/ANSI/CAN 61). Plus, more than most consumer products, garden hoses actually present a lot of US-made options for your consideration. We weren’t closed off to the alternates, but considering the rich pool of candidates available within this class, we didn’t feel we needed to look under every rock around the world for a marginally better option.

There were also a couple of common features that we didn’t prioritize. We didn’t really take claims of “kink-free or “kink-proof” seriously. We also didn’t put stock in any claims of a hose’s being “drinking water safe,” even if the materials may be safe for water use in theory. The Dramm packaging sums it up well: “Garden hoses can come into contact with harmful chemicals often used with nozzles, garden sprayers, or chemicals used on lawns. The inside of the hose is dark, damp, and warm, causing bacteria to form.” A hardware-store employee we interviewed about hoses recalled fond memories of youthful summer days spent lapping water from his parents’ hose, and even though the Rockwell-esque image was lovely, we have better ways to drink water in the wild.

We didn’t require a certain hose size, but our research steered us toward the standard, foot length for general-purpose use. A foot hose can barely run around a car and back, and a foot hose can be difficult to handle, but a footer should be enough to cover most suburban yards. If you need more than 50 feet, experts we spoke with recommended buying multiple hoses and connecting them—that way, if anything does break or leak, you have to repair or replace only one section, instead of buying another long, expensive hose. Most garden hoses come with a ⅝-inch diameter, so width wasn’t a factor, although our tests did reveal subtle differences between the standard size and the smaller coiled option we considered.

How we tested

We’ve been testing garden hoses for years, in multiple locations. Our most recent tests encompassed months of use for routine home chores at Harry Sawyers’s place in Los Angeles: pressure washing the grit off the driveway and patio furniture, washing the car, watering plants, filling kids’ pools, and dousing the yard on July 4 (keeping our fingers crossed that a stray ember wouldn’t set the bougainvillea ablaze). We put hoses on our most cramped spigots and measured any leaks from the connections. And as we whipped the hoses around the property, we paid attention to the texture of the hose material, along with the knots and tangles and general maneuverability.

Between using them, we drained and disconnected the hoses and re-coiled them, taking note of any memory (the tendency of an unrolled hose to retain its coiled shape) or any other stubbornness we encountered. In a test in Ithaca, New York, Thom Dunn dragged the hoses out to the street and drove a two-door Honda Civic back and forth over them several times, making sure to catch the fittings right beneath the wheels.

Six different garden hoses stretching from a sidewalk into a residential street in front of a car.

After peeling each flattened hose from the pavement, we put them through the same series of tests on the front and back spigots again, checking for leaks, ill-fitting fittings, or other damage.

In an even more brutal test, we put the hoses and nozzles in the hands of several ordinary children, between the ages of 3 and 7. Carried out mostly in backyard pool battles and other mayhem, this test allowed the kids to drop, grab, kick, bury, submerge, jam, and generally use the tools in ways no sane adult ever would. We probably voided the warranties on everything, but we had to do this to be sure these hoses and nozzles could handle true abuse.

In late , we performed additional hose reel testing at a New Hampshire farm, where feet of hose needs to be pulled out and reeled in on a daily basis.

Alongside the ongoing tests, we have been evaluating the long-term durability of all the products this guide has recommended over time. Torture tests are fun, but nothing can quite compare to the real-life rigors of coiling, uncoiling, stretching, and storing a hose, or the long-term degradation a hose endures over years of seasonal changes and sun damage. We’ve picked up a few tips on maximizing the life of a hose, too.

Our pick: Dramm ColorStorm Premium Rubber Hose (50 feet)

The Dramm ColorStorm, shown in blue.

The details that elevate the Dramm into this higher tier of hoses start with its couplings. With big, flat facets for a wrench to grab, the crush-proof nickel-plated couplings are a stark contrast to the knurled round grips you find on cheaper hoses. A thick, abrasion-resistant wall is far tougher to cut or puncture than the walls on cheaper vinyl hoses, which we’ve seen lacerated by thorny bougainvillea shoots. Dramm claims the made-in-USA ColorStorm remains flexible to degrees Fahrenheit. We mercifully could not test that claim, but we can confirm that it flexes and coils predictably in mild weather, and it doesn’t have a cheap hose’s tendency to fold over or bind up if you’re pulling the Dramm taut when it still has a few curls to unwind. We wouldn’t call this hose kink-proof, but we’d call it kink-predictable: Work with it and make an effort to keep it straight, and it won’t collapse into one of those water-blocking surprise kinks that make cheap hoses so frustrating.

A close up of the couplings on the ColorStorm and the Continental

One completely superficial but charming distinction is the ColorStorm line’s rainbow of colors. Not everyone wants a black adder draped across the lawn, and with a vibrant, plum-colored Berry hose or the tangerine zing of Orange alongside the more sedate Green and Blue choices, you can take your pick (among what’s available—Green and Blue are most reliably in stock). And this has a practical benefit beyond preference, as we found it far easier to locate our bright blue hose among the overgrown grass. Plenty of people want a standard green hose to blend in, of course; though a lot of basic, cheap hoses check this box, the Dramm is a higher-quality version of that standard.

After testing this hose and others for several years, we’re convinced the strongest value of this purchase is that the Dramm will last a long time. Hoses do not become obsolete, but they do degrade over time. We’ve found that the most frugal approach to buying a hose is to pay a slightly higher price, so you stretch out the lifespan, ensuring you don’t have to buy another one too soon. There’s ample proof that a well-cared-for Dramm will last for years. We found one reviewer who’d bought one and updated his own review three years later to say exactly that. Others were happy enough with one ColorStorm that they bought another. For a product that already comes at a higher price than most of its competitors, that kind of buyer behavior is a really positive indicator, in our experience. Dramm’s customer service gets strong reviews, and Dramm offers video-chat support (which has gotten positive responses; we have not yet had a reason to test it for ourselves).

We did contact Dramm about the hose’s lifetime guarantee, however. Though few customers actually take Dramm up on its offer to cover manufacturing defects, it is a legitimate guarantee. “We have had customers send us pictures of shredded hoses,” says Jessica Reinhardt, Dramm’s public relations and marketing manager. “And I tell them, ‘I don’t want to be rude, but it kinda looks like you ran it over with your lawn mower.’” (That event, unfortunately, is not covered.) But for genuine defects, it’s nice to have that little bit of extra assurance about this hose’s ability to last a long while, especially given its price.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The Dramm is heavy and hard to manage without a reel, so plan on getting a reel or you’ll spend an excessive amount of time lassoing this hose each time you go to store and unwind it. Because of that heft, the Dramm can feel like overkill for a small patio or garden (in those spaces, a coiled hose might be a better answer).

The Dramm’s outer jacket has an alternating pattern of smooth and ridged textures running the length of the hose. Dramm calls those stripes Sure Grip Technology, and this hose sure does grip some dirt and mud whenever you drag it through it.

Also great: Continental Commercial Grade Rubber Hose (50 feet)

The Continental Commercial Grade Rubber Hose, shown in black.

The Continental Commercial Grade Rubber Hose (50 feet) continues in the grand tradition of Indestructible Black Garden Hoses, among which we count our longtime pick, the Craftsman. The Continental simply happens to be widely available in , whereas the Craftsman has gotten scarce. The Continental is thick, black, heavy, made in the USA, and widely available at Home Depot for about $30—less than the ColorStorm, more than the cheap trash, and really priced just about right for an excellent value. We found its kink resistance to be very comparable to the Dramm’s: The Continental will kink if you force it to, but it will work reliably if you make an effort to keep it straight. This hose’s brass couplings have generous facets for a wrench to grip, and in a minor flaw relative to the Dramm, the Continental’s hardware lacks nickel plating and has a slightly less robust connection to the hose. Like the Dramm, the Continental is a beast to coil by hand, and its foot length is a bit much for a small property, but it’s a lot easier to manage with the aid of a good reel.

Also great: HoseCoil ⅜-inch Self Coiling Garden Hose (25ft)

The HoseCoil Self Coiling Garden Hose, shown in blue.

The HoseCoil ⅜-inch Self Coiling Garden Hose (25ft) is not nearly as heavy-duty as our Dramm or Continental picks, but for a small patio or garden—where a big, foot hose feels like overkill—it is a much more manageable option. This hose’s primary distinction is its corkscrew-shaped coil, which extends to about 17½ feet of its full foot length when in use, then springs back to its perch, like a classic telephone cord. No manual coiling, no reel winding, and no hassle.

Hoses like the Dramm and the Continental have a ⅝-inch interior diameter, and the HoseCoil’s is slimmer, at ⅜-inch. You will not be shocked to learn this reduces water pressure. However, that’s evident mostly in side-by-side tests, and a good nozzle can compensate for it. The HoseCoil has nice brass alloy fittings, which have some generous facets for a wrench to grip (on the end that connects to the nozzle). Curiously, however, there are no accessible facets on the spigot end, where in our experience the connection has been more likely to end up cramped or stuck (the entire spigot-end area is dominated by a black plastic strain relief sleeve).

A close up of the fittings on the HoseCoil.

Reviewers seem to have fairly modest expectations for this product, and with a theme of “good enough” in the review headlines, it apparently delivers for them. The most encouraging reviews describe similar hoses as lasting four and a half years or two and a half years, in line with our expectations. Long-term durability is the main concern, but in ongoing tests, the HoseCoil has proved tough enough to last a year (and counting) stored on the south-facing wall of a Southern California house, facing regular exposure to harsh UV conditions.

Also great: Melnor AMZ Metal Nozzle

Also great: Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol Grip Nozzle

The Gilmour Metal Pistol Nozzle, shown against a green background.

In over five years of being left outside—on the ground, in the mud—getting dropped on concrete, and submerged in everything from drywall buckets to kids’ plastic pools, the Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol Grip Nozzle works as well as the day we bought it. And just to be sure, we bought another one in early Still great. Actually, it’s better: The Gilmour now comes with a rubber collar on the tip, which would have been really handy to have that time we dropped the old one on the hood of the car, leaving a nice scratch as a lesson to us all.

The Gilmour lacks the typical rotating clockface of nozzle settings. Instead, it operates on a continuously variable trigger that alters the spray pattern the harder you press. Lightly squeezed, it sprays a broad mist pattern. Fully depressed, it shoots a concentrated beam that’ll soak trees 20 feet away. In side-by-side trials with traditional nozzles, we found the Gilmour’s versatility did a far better job compensating for weak or inconsistent water pressure. You can adjust the overall spray pattern by tightening or backing off a set screw, which changes how much of the spray aperture you’re opening and shutting with each squeeze. That allows you to dial in a good range of spray patterns at any water pressure, or customize it for the application. If you want to spray continuously, a locking loop can hold the trigger fully depressed.

The Gilmour is perfect for big, broad spraying work where you don’t mind spilling a little water in the process: washing the car, watering a large area of lawn and trees, hosing down a sidewalk or patio. Where it falls flat is on targeted, short-range tasks, like watering a few container pots on a balcony. On those jobs, the Melnor is better, as the Gilmour tends to have either a too-broad spray pattern that wets things other than your target or a too-strong beam that blasts divots in the dirt around plant roots. But what the Gilmour lacks in versatility, it makes up for in durability. As our five-year-old test model proves, there’s very little on the Gilmour that can break, and it truly doesn’t need delicate handling to last you for years (although you may need to replace the rubber gasket after a while). Zinc can corrode after heavy exposure to saltwater, so if you live near the ocean, you might want to opt for the hardened plastic marine version of this pistol.

Budget pick: Suncast Hosemobile Hose Reel Cart

The Suncast Hose Mobile, shown with a hose wrapped around it.

You can store a hose any way you want—in a tangled heap in the yard is one way, and then there’s the coiled heap. And if you’re feeling fancy, you can hang the coiled heap on a hook to get it off the ground. To truly upgrade your hose experience, you’re going to need to get a reel. The ubiquitous Suncast Hosemobile Hose Reel Cart is a perfectly fine tool to use. All plastic, a bit rickety, and unlikely to win awards for its industrial design, the Suncast nevertheless has delivered on expectations for us and for most everyone else who buys it. Usually sold for around $30, it is, we’ve found, a far better value than the other reels in its price range. There are clearly some better reels out there—Eley makes several—but this is a category where getting an appreciable improvement in performance means stepping way up in price. We haven’t found many models between the Hosemobile and those from Eley that seem to satisfy many people.

Having a reel, whether it’s a Suncast or something 10 times the price, makes everything about using a hose easier. A lot of the frustration of dealing with a hose, beyond random kinks and tangles, comes with the effort to coil the hose for storage. Doing this properly is equal parts lassoing and rassling. It’s hard work. Your arms get tired and your hands get filthy. A reel gives you such an easy way to crank up, drain out, and properly store your hose, and you’re prolonging the hose’s life and making your watering work easier with each use.
A reel seems like a storage tool, but it also makes it easier to deploy the hose for use. Without a reel, if you’ve coiled a hose up properly, it’ll require more lassoing and rassling to get it flat and untwisted. The Suncast is stable enough that you can simply walk away from it with the nozzle end in your hand and have the hose come out flat and ready for use (although the base may shift a little at the end, without the weight of the hose to hold down its relatively lightweight body).

A close-up of the Suncast Hose Mobile.

In tests, the Suncast was adequate. The reel handle folds flat against its side and flips out to crank in the hose. The handle itself doesn’t spin, so it rubs the hand, which is uncomfortable without gloves. The leader hose is nothing special, but it works without leaks at the spigot or where it connects at the reel axle. Although the Suncast’s wheels are convenient for moving your gear in and out of storage, we have found this reel works best when it’s parked in one spot, rather than routinely rolled around from spigot to spigot. When reeling in longer lengths, we had to brace the Suncast with both a hand and a foot (which made it difficult to also guide the hose into the reel). While there are definitely downsides to the Suncast, we feel most are willing to put up with them for such a low investment item—especially considering the jump in price needed to get a very high-quality reel.

Also great: Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart

Eley Portable Garden hose reel cart on a grassy lawn

If you’d rather not deal with all of the small frustrations of the Suncast, we recommend the Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart (or their wall-mounted version if that’s a better fit for you). Eley reels sit at the top of the garden gear pantheon and for good reason. Through a combination of high-quality materials and an attention to detail only found in high-end products, the Eley reels solve nearly all of the issues commonly associated with hose reels. The Eley cart is stable, it moves easily, the reeling action is smooth with a free-spinning handle, and the overall build quality, durability, and ease of use is outstanding. During our research, we were suspicious of the high cost, but once we began testing one, we can see the investment being justified for those who want to solve all of their hose reel problems long-term with a single purchase.

The Eley is built for a lifetime of use. The majority of the parts are either brass, aluminum, or stainless steel. It comes with a high-quality 6½-foot leader hose and flat-free tires. Most of the parts have a powder-coated finish, and there is really nothing on it that should rust. It’s backed by a year no-leak guarantee.

A close up of an Eley hose reel

In action, the reel is very easy to use. When pulling in feet of hose, we still needed to brace the frame with our foot, but only for the first 25 feet or so. After that, it just reeled right in. In contrast, the Suncast needed to be braced in at least two spots for about the first 50 feet. The Eley handle spins freely, so it doesn’t apply a rug burn to your hand, and since the sides of the reel angle inward toward the center, it’s unlikely that a hose will jump over the edge, something that happened to us more than once with the Suncast. The Eley also comes with an adjustable brake that sets the resistance of the reel, so it only reels out what you want and doesn’t keep spinning once you stop pulling the hose.

The Eley moves around the yard with no problem. The large tires, handle placement, and center of gravity make for an action that’s as easy as using an empty two-wheel dolly. Even on a very uneven section of lawn, the Eley bumped its way around and got to its destination with no issue.

The standard configuration of the Eley reel fits feet of ⅝-inch hose. An extra-capacity kit is available (it’s simply a wider reel) that can fit up to

If there is a downside to the Eley, it’s the cost. Sold for roughly $, the two-wheel cart is almost 10 times the price of the perfectly acceptable Suncast (the wall-mounted Eley is roughly $). The Eley reel is not for everyone. But some—whether through an appreciation of high-quality gear, an impatience with inexpensive plastic goods, or just daily use of their garden hose—will find that the durability, features, and overall usability make the Eley a worthwhile investment.

Care and maintenance

A hose shown coiled up with a piece of electrical wire keeping it together.

A hose stored off the ground, out of the elements, and drained between uses will last longer. Ultraviolet rays can deteriorate even a properly drained and coiled hose, so some kind of shelter is a good idea. Although hose manufacturers usually recommend completely disconnecting both ends of the hose between uses, some people like to keep a nozzle on the hose at all times, since it can help protect the couplings’ threads from being scuffed on asphalt or pavement, and can prevent critters from burrowing inside. For winter storage, Wirecutter senior writer Doug Mahoney likes to tie the whole coil together with a length of Romex (electrical wire)—“the twist tie of the gods,” as Doug put it.

No matter how well you take care of your hoses and nozzles, you’ll occasionally need to replace a gasket to stop any leaks that have emerged, since the gaskets either wear out or go missing. Pick up a pack of gaskets like the Danco ⅝-inch Hose Washers next time you’re at the hardware store. The effort-to-satisfaction ratio is off the charts with this fix. For about 20¢ and 20 seconds of work, you’re solving a problem that prompts literally hundreds of hose and nozzle customers to return their “defective, leaking” products.

Here’s another handy pair of products to know about: the male thread repair and female thread repair kits that, for a few bucks, you can find packaged with a hose clamp at most hardware stores. If you have a hose with a leak, you can cut off the damaged area and fix the rest with one of these kits. Or if you need to simply cut a short length off a garden hose—to make a little section you can use to drain out a dehumidifier, for example—these kits can get your “new” hoses up and running in no time.

The competition

The Craftsman Premium Rubber Hose, a former pick in this guide, is the basis of our expectations for what a good, long-lasting hose should offer. We’ve used this hose for years during ongoing maintenance of this guide, and it’s as good as it ever was: The tough, kink-resistant jacket shows no damage, and the hardware has a few scratches but is functionally as good as new. We removed it as a pick in this guide because its availability was inconsistent through , as was the price. Throughout the research process in , the Craftsman averaged $10 to $15 more than the Continental, which we consider a near-equivalent product. But if you’re already a fan of the Craftsman and you can find a new one at a better price, we’d never discourage someone from getting it.

The Flexzilla Garden Hose used to be our top pick, but after a couple of years of use, it’s not doing well. It’s still lightweight and flexible, and its coupling hardware is still solid, but this hose’s stiff sidewalls have degraded enough that its tendency to fold flat and block water have become increasingly frequent and frustrating. We’ve also found that the Flexzilla’s slightly porous outer jacket tends to accumulate filth—maybe not more so than most hoses, but more visibly, because of this hose’s chartreuse color. Our main reservation really comes down to the Flexilla’s longevity, because we want to recommend a hose that lasts at least as long as a standard high-quality rubber option.

We had originally named the Hospaip Expandable Garden Hose as an expandable-hose pick. But even though it seemed durable in our initial tests, it quickly succumbed to the same rips and leaks that seem to plague every expandable or “pocket” hose. If you want something that’s easy to store, stick with the HoseCoil.

The connecting end with a coil attached to a house-side tap.

The Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty handled well enough, but the steel spring coils on the end—intended to prevent kinking on and near the fittings—made us bleed when we tried to unscrew the hose from the spigot. No thanks.


Hose garden walmart coiled

Short garden hoses at walmart

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Short Length Garden Hose : Target

9 hours ago Flexon 3/4" Expandable Garden Hose Kits with Metal Nozzle. Flexon. out of 5 stars with 86 ratings. $ - $ Sold and shipped by FlexOnline. a …

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Strong, Stars, Sold, Shipped short garden hose

2 hours ago Cesun Short Garden Hose 5 ft Lead-In Hose Metal, Male to Female High Water Pressure with Solid Brass Fitting Metal Hose Extender for Hose Reel RV Drinking Water Hose. out of 5 stars 4, $ $ 10% off promotion available. Get it as soon as Thu, Oct 7.

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Garden Hoses at

5 hours ago Choose a water hose to reach as far as you need. Lowe's stocks hoses in various lengths from short hoses for washing cars to long hoses for watering the lawn. Keep in mind that water pressure decreases as length increases. Choose from 5/8-inch up to 1-inch diameter hoses.

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Swan 5/8 in. Dia x 6 ft. Leader Water Hose …

Just Now Fits Most Standard Reels: The flexible PVC construction of this short garden hose allows it to easily roll around most reels and its length is just enough for it to stay put. A Great Supply Hose for a Number of Applications: A handy tool to have around the house, this short water hose can reliably connect accessories, help with maintenance jobs

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5 hours ago Soaker in Garden Hoses. Gilmour in Garden Hoses. Flexzilla in Watering & Irrigation. Hose Length (ft): 75 - in Garden Hoses. Hose Length (ft): or Greater in Garden Center. Hose Length (ft): or Greater in Outdoors. Results.

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Soaker, Strong short hose

8 hours ago Cesun Short Garden Hose 5 ft Lead-In Hose Metal, Male to Female High Water Pressure with Solid Brass Fitting Metal Hose Extender for Hose Reel RV Drinking Water Hose. out of 5 stars 4, $ $ 10% off promotion available. Get it as soon as Tue, Oct

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Strong, Short, Solid, Stars, Soon short water hose

Just Now Cesun Short Garden Hose 5 ft Lead-In Hose Metal, Male to Female High Water Pressure with Solid Brass Fitting Metal Hose Extender for Hose Reel RV Drinking Water Hose. out of 5 stars 4, $ $ Get it as soon as Wed, Oct FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon.

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Strong, Short, Solid, Stars, Soon, Shipping, Shipped 4 foot garden hose

4 hours ago Cesun Short Garden Hose 5 ft Lead-In Hose Metal, Male to Female High Water Pressure with Solid Brass Fitting Metal Hose Extender for Hose Reel RV Drinking Water Hose. out of 5 stars 4, $ $ Get it as soon as Tue, Sep FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon.

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Garden Hoses at Tractor Supply Co.

4 hours ago Flexzilla Garden Water Hose with Ergonomic Grip, 5/8" x ', 3/4" - 11 1/2 GHT Fittings, HFZGYWG. SKU: Product Rating is (69) See price at checkout Was Save Free In Store Pickup Standard Delivery Eligible Same Day Delivery Eligible Compare

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Garden Hoses & Water Hoses Walmart Canada

8 hours agoGarden hoses make your gardening easier. Description: The expandable garden hose is also equipped with a brass switch valve, so you can easily turn off the water without turning off the tap. Specifications: Material: latex, brass. Size: m/25ft, 15m/50ft, m/75ft, 30m/ft (optional) Type: US.

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Shortest Mini Skirts Ever Dress Ala

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Shop Garden Hoses & Accessories at

Just Now The Zero-G&#; hose is up to 50% lighter in weight than standard garden hoses, which provides for easy coiling, maneuverability and compact storage. The hose is equipped with an abrasion, leak and puncture-resistant G-Force™ outer cover for longer performance. Is garden hose features improved ergonomic grips for easier attachment and commercial

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Strong, Standard, Storage 3 foot garden hose

4 hours ago Cesun Short Garden Hose 3 ft Lead-In Hose Metal, Male to Female High Water Pressure with Solid Brass Fitting Metal Hose Extender for Hose Reel RV Drinking Water Hose. out of 5 stars 4, $ $ 10% off promotion available. Get it as soon as Thu, Oct 7.

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Garden Hoses: Expandable, Flexible & More Canadian …

2 hours ago Yardworks Rubber Garden Hose is made from % rubber and is the ideal hose for all of your watering needs. Extremely durable with an abrasion resistant cover and crush-resistant couplings. 5/8" ( cm) diameter is the ideal size to fit nozzles and other accessories. For …

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Garden Hoses Watering & Irrigation The Home Depot

6 hours ago FlexRITE 5/8 in. Dia x ft. Water Hose For the most demanding watering needs, use For the most demanding watering needs, use the WaterWorks 5/8 in. x ft. FlexRITE water hose. Its tough scuff-resistant jacket, super duty crush-resistant couplings and patented hose armor make it perfect for the most demanding home owner or contractor.

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Garden Hoses & Water Hoses Walmart Canada

5 hours ago Description The expandable garden hoses are equipped with a sprayer head that opens and closes water quickly. This watering hose allows quick connection to most kitchen, bathroom faucet and other garden hose nozzles. When water pressure is turned on, the length of the garden hose

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Garden Hoes & Hoe Tools Walmart Canada

Just Now Shop a wide selection of garden hoes and hoe tools for your lawn and garden. Available online at at everyday low prices. Hose Hanger. Product size:L12XWXH" It can be used for garden, lawn weeding, flower and vegetable tilling,

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7 Best Garden Hoses in HGTV

2 hours ago Investing in a quality garden hose transforms the everyday chore of watering into a pleasant experience. The right one eliminates the daily headaches of wrestling with a kink-prone, leaky hose. Garden hoses have three distinguishing features: length, diameter and material. Master these basics to take the guesswork out of choosing the right hose.

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Garden Hoses for sale eBay

3 hours agoGarden Hose Heavy Duty 5/8" x 25/50/ft Ergonomic Grip Flexible Kink Resistant. $ to $ Free shipping. 40 sold. Solution4Patio Homes Garden 3/4 in. x 10 ft. Short Hose Male/Female Lead-Hose

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Garden Hoses Hoses, Sprinklers, & Nozzles The …

7 hours ago Bionic Steel Bionic Steel Foot Garden Hose, Stainless Steel Metal Hose Super Tough & Flexible Water Hose. () $ And. Cents. / each. Compare. ft. x 5/8-inch Fiber Jacket Non-Expanding Kink-Free Garden Hose.

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Garden Hose 3/4 The Home Depot

7 hours ago 3/4 in. ft. Expandable Garden Hose Flexible Water Hose with 10 Function Nozzle Durable D Water Hose. Model# (46) $ Add To Cart. Compare. fitt 3/4 in. x ft. Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Water Hose. Model# FFP

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Garden Hoses On Sale : Target

5 hours ago Flexon 3 Tube Sprinkler Garden Hoses. Flexon. out of 5 stars with 3 ratings. 3. $ - $ Sold and shipped by FlexOnline. a Target Plus™ partner. Free …

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Rubber Garden Hoses at

5 hours ago Choose a water hose to reach as far as you need. Lowe's stocks hoses in various lengths from short hoses for washing cars to long hoses for watering the lawn. Keep in mind that water pressure decreases as length increases. Choose from 5/8-inch up to 1-inch diameter hoses.

Category: Use at in a sentence

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Garden Hoses & Water Hoses Walmart Canada

5 hours agoGarden Hose Hose Ft Hot Expandable Magic Flexible Garden Water Hose for Car Hose Pipe Plastic Hoses Garden Set to Watering Ft Blue is an emerging brand dedicated to discovering and selling Home & Kitchen products.

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Walmart in Boonton New Jersey

3 hours agoWalmart Store Details. Get the App. Wootton St, Boonton NJ Advertise. Store #, Garden Center, Pharmacy, 1-Hour Photo Center, Subway, Vision Center. Apr RV. Asked permission. They said fine, park closer to gas station. There were a couple of semis with us.

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Garden Hose : Target

6 hours ago Flexon 5/8" Flextreme Professional Performance Rubber Garden Hoses. Flexon. $ - $ Sold and shipped by FlexOnline. a Target Plus™ partner. Choose options. Gilmour 5/8" X ' Flexogen Heavy Duty Hose. Gilmour. out of 5 stars with 19 ratings.

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Shop for Garden Hoses Online Home Hardware

3 hours ago Make quick work of washing the car, cleaning the driveway and watering the garden with a good hose. Choose a hose wit the right length for the size of your garden. Next you'll need to pick a convenient storage place and a hook or garden reel. A long garden hose wound on a portable reel usually needs a leader hose as well.

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Garden Hoses : Target

8 hours ago Featherweight Garden Hose, 25' - Gardener's Supply Company. $ . Bionic Steel 25ft Garden Hoses. $ . Flexon ft Piece Garden Soaker Hose Kit. $ - $ . Flexon 1/2" Premium Rubber Garden Hoses. $ - $ . Flexon H2Zero Lightweight Fabric Garden Hoses.

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3/4 in. x ft. Contractor Garden Hose

8 hours ago 3/4 in. x ft. Contractor Garden Hose. (2,) Write a Review. Commercial grade PVC keeps this hose from splitting or kinking. $

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Garden Hoses, Nozzles & Connectors Harbor Freight …

1 hours ago 3/4 in. x ft. Contractor Garden Hose. 3/4 in. x ft. Contractor Garden Hose $ 34 Add to Cart Add to My List. ONE STOP GARDENS. 3/4 in. x 50 ft. Flat Seeper Soaker Hose. 3/4 in. x 50 ft. Flat Seeper Soaker Hose $ 10 Add to Cart Add to My List. 4 In. Brass Garden Hose Nozzle. 4 In. Brass Garden Hose Nozzle

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Best Garden Hoses, According to Thousands of Five …

3 hours ago Best Rubber Garden Hose: Dramm ColorStorm Rubber Garden Hose Made from high-grade rubber, this hose is designed to withstand kinks and cracks while also coiling easily. The material can tolerate both cold and hot climates, and comes with crush-proof, nickel-plated fittings to ensure a long-lasting product.

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5 Best Garden Hoses Oct. BestReviews

1 hours agoGarden hoses that are designed not to kink will be stiff, though, which can make them difficult to carry and coil. Q. Are expandable garden hoses worth the money? A. Expandable garden hoses work well for certain types of jobs. If you’re looking at a short hose for quick jobs, an expandable unit is …

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Strong, Stiff, Short

Element 3/8in x 25ftDuty Kink Free Rubber Black …

1 hours ago Shop Element 3/8-in x ft-Duty Kink Free Rubber Black Soaker Hose in the Garden Hoses department at Lowe' For an efficient, economical and eco-friendly way to water your plants, look no further than the element soaker pro&#; soaker hose by swan. Featuring tiny

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Garden Hose Containers : Target

7 hours ago Liberty Garden LBG Revolution Industrial Grade Rotating Garden Hose Holder Reel in Red for ' of 5/8" Hose for Backyard, Garden, or Home. Liberty Garden. 5 out of 5 stars with 2 ratings. 2. $ reg $ Sale. Sold and shipped by Spreetail. a Target Plus™ partner.

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The 8 Best Garden Hoses of The Spruce

1 hours ago Low maximum pressure. A bit lighter than our best overall pick, the 5/8-inch foot Flexzilla Garden Hose weighs just 8 pounds, making it accessible for people of all ages and abilities. It also comes in 10, 25, 75, and foot lengths, and it’s a …

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Garden Centre Walmart Canada

1 hours agoGarden Hose with 3/4" Solid Brass Connector, Garden Hose Reels for Car Garden Supplies Water Pipe Nozzle - Black Rollback & clearance items, exclusive products, and Walmart offers. You can unsubscribe at anytime. Subscribe 0 Thank you! You are now subscribed to the Walmart newsletter. Personal information provided may be collected, used and

Category: Use words in a sentence

Strong, Solid, Supplies, Subscribe, Subscribed Garden Hoses: Patio, Lawn & Garden

2 hours ago Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable 50 FT Garden Hose, Extra Strength, 3/4" Solid Brass Fittings - The Ultimate No-Kink Flexible Water Hose, 8 Function Spray Included. by Flexi Hose. 25, $

Category: Use words in a sentence

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Coil Garden Hoses for sale eBay

8 hours ago Total Ratings 11, $ New. Pocket Hose EMW, 25 ft Multicoloured Garden Hose. out of 5 stars. (63) Total Ratings 63, $ New. Flexzilla HFZGYW in x 3ft Garden Lead-in Hose - Green. out of 5 stars.

Category: Use for in a sentence

Strong, Stars


Frequently Asked Questions

Is that garden hose safe?

Garden hoses, unlike plumbing inside your home, aren't manufactured to deliver safe drinking water . In addition to bacteria, mold, and possibly the odd frog, the water from a garden hose typically contains the following toxic chemicals: Lead, BPA, and phthalates are used in garden hoses mainly to stabilize the plastics.

What is the length of the garden hose?

Length. Garden hoses are available in increments of 25 feet, usually 25 to feet in total length. Water pressure diminishes as the hose length increases, so buy a hose that's long enough to reach where you'll be using it and no longer. If you occasionally require a long hose, buy two shorter ones and combine when needed.

What is a flat garden hose?

A flat garden hose is an increasing popular choice for many amateur and professional gardeners. Unlike the standard garden hose, flat styles only inflate when water runs through the hose. This makes storing and recoiling the hose significantly simpler, and when water isn’t present in the hose,

What is a flex hose?

A flexible hose, usually just called a hose for short, is a type of piping that can transport a variety of liquids and gases through it to other locations. The most common hose used by home owners is the garden hose, sometimes called a hosepipe.

Best Water Hose in 2021 - Top 5 Water Hoses Review

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