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The 7 Best Bathroom Mirrors of 2021


You should choose a size that's complementary to your vanity: not too small that it looks awkward, but not too big that it takes over the wall. The size of your bathroom is important too—again, you don't want something that's too bulky and overwhelming, especially if your bathroom is small. On the other hand, mirrors make a room look larger, and too small a mirror won't be helpful if you need it as you get ready in the morning.


The two most common mirror shapes are rectangular and circular, and your choice will really come down to personal preference. Round mirrors are a bit softer and tend to look more stylish, while angular mirrors create a sleek, modern feel. If you have double vanities, you can either use one long rectangular mirror to create the illusion of more space or install two identical mirrors side by side to create distinct zones for each sink.


If you're short on space in your bathroom, you should look for a mirror with storage, whether that's located behind the mirror or, in a more modern interpretation, actually on or around the mirror. Medicine cabinets abound and many are actually quite stylish, while mirrors with shelves are growing in popularity to keep your favorite products close at hand.

This article was written by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer who has been contributing to The Spruce since 2017. An expert in all things home, she's covered everything from furniture to appliances. To make this list, she considered each pick's size, shape, and function.


How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

How to frame a bathroom mirror with simple DIY steps. 

As you know, I’ve been sharing easy DIY updates to the kid’s bathroom. My purpose is to share how you can give a beautiful facelift to your bathroom while staying on budget and avoiding demo. Instead of changing out the mirror completely, I decided to add a wood frame around it. Here’s how to frame a bathroom mirror with these simple DIY steps. 


 Before I share the steps, you can also check out these posts where I shared the other cosmetic updates to this bathroom.


Here is where we previously left off after we replaced the sconces. Replacing the lights can dramatically upgrade any space in your home. You can check this post where I shared some great inexpensive vanity lights all under $100. 


The first thing you want to do is measure the length and width of the mirror. I measured so that the wood pieces would glue right on top of the mirror. I ran to Home Depot and picked up some 1×3 poplar wood. I like poplar because it’s light, has no visible knots and easy to paint. Make sure to find the flattest pieces because it’s difficult to work with warped wood.

We cut the ends at a 45 degree mitered edge. I sanded down the edges to smooth out the wood finish before painting. 


Make sure you put the wood pieces up on the mirror to make sure they meet at the appropriate corners. It’s always good to cut a bit longer than too short! 

Since we had to work around the little clips at the top of the mirror, Jimmy used the dremel or rotary tool to create notches on the wood. 


This step ensures that the wood will lay flat on the mirror. 


I wanted to go black since the bathroom is fairly neutral. Every space needs a bit of black in my opinion. I used the Curb Appeal Colonial Black paint for the wood and only needed one coat! I have used this same paint for my garage door, front door, staircase banister, and stone backsplash. 


Allow all the pieces to dry completely before the next step.


I took a photo to make sure I was happy with the black and I definitely was. 


We used Gorilla Glue for the wood and worked with one piece at a time. 


When you place the wood on top of the mirror, it will move around so you need to somehow keep it in place. This was the most annoying part of the whole project. We started with the right side and then the top. 


Since we couldn’t use clamps, Jimmy had to hold each piece for almost 10 minutes until the glue dried. You have to keep the pieces in place until the glue dries or else, it will just slide off. I also used blue tape to help hold up the pieces temporarily. 


What a good sport!


Even Jules came to help. This was a family affair, to say the least. Jules and JJ have loved watching their bathroom come together.


You can use caulk to fill in spaces at the edges but I actually liked how it looked so I skipped that step. 


We used a bunch of books to hold the bottom piece of wood overnight. 


Not bad right?? I think the wood alone cost less than $15. That’s a whole lot cheaper than finding two new mirrors. Plus, I love how the black plays off the vanity lights. 

Shall we take a look at where we started?





Can you believe the transformation? It’s amazing what cosmetic changes can do to a bathroom! Lmk what you think and if you have any questions.






Let all that you do be done in Love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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Black Bathroom Mirrors & Vanity Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors for Vanities & Bathroom Walls

Vanity mirrors are an absolute necessity in the bathroom, working in tandem with vanity light fixtures to help you complete daily tasks like grooming, styling your hair, or putting on makeup. Functional bathroom mirrors can also be some of the most stylish features in your bathroom design! Full of fashion sense, Shades of Light’s decorative bathroom wall mirrors are specially selected to give you maximum reflective area and still fit perfectly in your bathroom space. From remodeling a bathroom to decorating a new home, there are so many reasons to shop our diverse collection. Whether you are looking for a mirror or two for the master bathroom or are developing a chic-looking modern vanity design for a half bath or guest powder room, our selection offers you a balance of form and function.

Our bathroom vanity mirror assortment includes the best antique and old-world looks if you are curating a bathroom with vintage-inspired style. Ranging from the simplistic to the ornate, we have pieces for your bath space that will distinguish your type, whether traditional, contemporary, urban, or country. Browse rustic looks, distressed shabby chic styles, and natural looks in rope, bamboo, and rattan. For the coastal style lover, we have a fine assortment of nautical-inspired designs in driftwood, shells, and mother of pearl.

Want more guidance on mirror placement in bathrooms and throughout the home? Check out our mirror ideas by room.

Types of Vanity Mirrors

Not only are there a wide variety of vanity styles to embrace, but there are a number of vanity mirror functions and features to consider before you buy:

· Decorative Framed: If you want a design that is as pleasing to the eye as a piece of wall art would be, you can browse framed wall mirrors.

· Frameless: For a minimalist look that reflects the simple beauty of your home, frameless designs with clean lines in chrome, polished nickel and bronze finishes work exceptionally well in so many spaces.

· Storage Vanity Mirrors: If you’re looking for a design that doubles as a decorative storage space, you’ll love our mirrors with shelves! This is a great option if you have a pedestal sink or other vanity style that does not come with built-in cabinets.

· Pivot Mirrors: Want a flexible design that can be moved around to achieve the perfect viewing angle? Consider a pivot mirror on an adjustable hinge.

· Unique Shaped: Our collection includes many hard to find shapes and sizes including oval, round, square, rectangular, hourglass, Roman, and shield.

Need more help designing a stunning bathroom vanity area? Consult our vanity lighting ideas guide for essential considerations like choosing the right size vanity light for your space and finding a vanity light shape to match your taste.

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23 Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Will Stun You

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