Poe knitted horror

Poe knitted horror DEFAULT
Melee30OnlyLastTarget TargetNear
ChangeToStance25TargetFar TargetIsEnemy
stance stance2
Melee10OnlyLastTarget TargetNotNear
ChangeToStance110TargetMediumNear TargetIsEnemy

Object Type

version 2 extends "Metadata/Monsters/SkeletonMass/SkeletonMassBase" Animated { preload_animated_object = "Metadata/Effects/Spells/monsters_effects/act4/skeletonsoldier/emerge/emergefx.ao" } Actor { basic_action = "Emerge" }

Object Type Codes

version 2 extends "Metadata/Monsters/SkeletonMass/SkeletonMassBase" Render { visual_size_index = 1 }
-- src\Data\Spectres.lua minions["Metadata/Monsters/MassSkeleton/MassSkeleton"] = { name = "Knitted Horror", life = 2.25, fireResist = 0, coldResist = 0, lightningResist = 75, chaosResist = 0, damage = 0.98, damageSpread = 0.2, attackTime = 1.5, attackRange = 11, accuracy = 1, skillList = { "Melee", "SkeletonMassBowProjectile", }, modList = { }, } -- src\Data\Skills\spectre.lua skills["Melee"] = { name = "Default Attack", hidden = true, color = 4, baseEffectiveness = 0, incrementalEffectiveness = 0, description = "Strike your foes down with a powerful blow.", skillTypes = { [SkillType.Attack] = true, [SkillType.ProjectileAttack] = true, [SkillType.SkillCanMirageArcher] = true, [SkillType.Projectile] = true, [SkillType.MeleeSingleTarget] = true, [SkillType.AttackCanRepeat] = true, [SkillType.Melee] = true, [SkillType.SkillCanVolley] = true, }, statDescriptionScope = "skill_stat_descriptions", castTime = 1, baseFlags = { attack = true, melee = true, projectile = true, }, baseMods = { }, qualityStats = { }, stats = { "skill_can_fire_arrows", "skill_can_fire_wand_projectiles", }, levels = { [1] = {1, 1, levelRequirement = 1, statInterpolation = {1, 1}, cost = { }, }, }, } -- src\Data\Skills\spectre.lua skills["SkeletonMassBowProjectile"] = { name = "SkeletonMassBowProjectile", hidden = true, color = 4, baseEffectiveness = 1.87, incrementalEffectiveness = 0, skillTypes = { [SkillType.Attack] = true, [SkillType.ProjectileAttack] = true, [SkillType.SkillCanMirageArcher] = true, [SkillType.Projectile] = true, [SkillType.SkillCanVolley] = true, [SkillType.Hit] = true, [SkillType.Triggerable] = true, }, statDescriptionScope = "skill_stat_descriptions", castTime = 1.5, baseFlags = { attack = true, projectile = true, }, baseMods = { }, qualityStats = { }, stats = { "monster_projectile_variation", "spell_maximum_action_distance_+%", "base_projectile_speed_+%", "base_is_projectile", "global_bleed_on_hit", }, levels = { [1] = {12, -50, 200, levelRequirement = 2, statInterpolation = {1, 1, 1}, cost = { }, }, }, }

Uses Puncture

Mod IdMonsterCastsPunctureText
DomainsMonster (3)
GenerationTypeUnique (3)
Req. level1
  • monster casts puncture text Min: 1Max: 1Global
  • Sours: https://poedb.tw/us/Knitted_Horror

    GhazzyTV - THE Spectre Summoner [LOW & HIGH BUDGET VERSIONS]

    Pardon the long rant but I was away for the download festival <3
    I'm back now!

    Great build so far. I always wanted to play a summoner and this seems to be working although im not even in cruel yet.

    Was looking through the tree paths and noticed that you removed the 2 int nodes between Lord of the Dead and a life node in the witch's starting area and used those 2 for 2 int nodes between the energy shield and jewel node in the area between witch and scion (right side). Is there a reason for it? You don't really need to do that since you aren't going further down the right side of the scion area.

    Cheers! After Cruel you'll notice a huge snowball effect with the build, which is why i recommend people to lvl with firestorm/flame totem till they hit end of cruel difficulty!

    It is to connect ourselves to the Foresight node (the ES nodes just above Scion starter wheel), as we are going EB/ZO/MoM we do need a slight increase of ES from the tree, and thats one of the few places we get it. If we chose not to route that way, that is fine as well it usually comes down to how and when you are respeccing your character to the hybrid approach from your lvling HP approach.

    By the way, not sure if it is mentioned in the guide, but I use Animate Guardian in my +2 Helmet with minion life linked (and zombies + fortify atm) and it never even gets damaged, even on bosses (not on high-tier maps yet). He's wearing Leer Cast + Dying Breath, giving my minions quite a buff, and debuffing enemies to get more curse effects (also making them easily visible). Rest is some random life/armor gear I got for 1 alch each/had lying around anyway.

    Pretty good if you have the free socket.

    AG has been insanely buffed in terms of survival, it comes down to a matter of taste if you wish to use him or not.
    I would recommend the other pieces outside leer cast/dying breath to be:
    Southbound gloves
    Lioneye paw boots
    Ambus Charge crusader chainmail

    All super cheap and very effective for him for the cost.

    How do you use chaos golem with the Beacon of Corruption ascendancy?

    If you wish to use this strategy I'd recommend watching my youtube videos explaining it graphically.
    In text this is how it works:
    You have a golem out, and you resummon a new one. This makes the old one die, where that old one died the beacon of corruption procs and drops out a chaos damaging caustic cloud (exactly like Caustic Arrow dmg cloud).

    Loving this build so far. Not much time with it yet, only just got to Cruel A4, just farming Dried Lake before pushing through Dreams and Malachai. Also my first time since Nemesis giving hardcore a shot!

    I have a 5L Vis Mortis waiting for me at 59, so I'm all set there. Just using a Tabula until then. Two questions, though:

    1. I noticed in your build right now, Ghazzy, that you're using Necromantic Aegis with Victario's Charity. How's that been working out for you so far? I figure the damage from the charges is nuts, but I wasn't sure if the loss of the defenses from the shield hurts in the long run or not, especially in hardcore.

    2. Now that Beacon of Corruption is fixed, do you think it's worth picking up as a sixth point from Merc Lab? Seems amazing for Atziri/Uber Atziri, but wasn't sure if it's really worth grabbing for just general clear speed or not.

    Cheers bro! :D

    1. In hardcore I wasn't sure which way I would prefer to go. Charges benefits minions differently than how they benefit a player. Minions scales much better with charges so the dmg increase is insane. However, you will lose the HP & resistance possibility. My conclusion is that as long as you can solve this with your other gear pieces which will upp the budget slightly you should go for Victario's Charity.

    2. Beacon of Corruption is mainly a fun thing to play around with and it allows for a sub 20c budget to kill Atziri with almost no gear what so ever. I would recommend ignoring BoC and go for commander of Darkness and then pick up Mistress of Sacrifice from the end game lab, it will then provide you with 30% atk/cast/movement speed when using Flesh Offering which will increase your clear speed. It's either that or slightly more damage to your minions, where I would prefer higher clear speed.

    Spectres automatically update now since they removed snapshot, if you just take out Spell Echo when you summon and put it back in it works fine.

    You can test this by taking it out and putting it back in in combat, even if you didn't summon with Spell Echo putting it in will result in the Flame Sentinels shooting twice every time.

    Hence why we remove the spell echo when summoning :)

    What is a good alt to aurumvorax? I have one i new league but I hate them. Negative rarity is kiss of death in new league; I have enough trouble finding decent gear.

    Also, if you didn't have to run purity auras, any, what would be THE best offensive?

    Thanks in advance.

    Well, as long as you can sort your resistances elsewhere you've got a few options:
    1. Clayshaper (gives a bit of dmg)
    2. Advancing Fortress (gives you Whirling Blades possibility and more block as its a pseudo shield/claw)
    3. Any rare wep with some stats on them, preferably a dagger for whirling blades.

    Flame Sentinels: Anger > Haste
    Knitted Horrors: Hatred > Haste > Anger

    You'll never use Wrath due to procing EE with it which will enhance your dmg much higher than using Wrath.

    I ran a t9 residence today with this build fully geared with a 6L mortis and my specters / zombies literally got trashed. I didnt even resummon and just took off my gear and deleted the character. Is this build really not t9 viable?

    Did you summon the spectres from the correct difficulty? Cause this build can run t14-t15 and Atziri included as well as end-game lab.

    Just a question. If you can cast you skills off the little mana that is left why would u take EB/MOM/ZO. im currently 4k hp/ 3.3k ES and having a hard time why i would ever want to spec into those keystones.

    When you are sorted with everything you should have 98% mana reserved. This means 2% mana unreserved which will never be enough to resummon zombies if you have to.
    But that is not the reason why we go ZO/MOM/EB.

    The reason is this:
    Without those keystones you have HP + ES covering your life. Which means that when you take dmg your ES will go down and your effective HP will be what is left of your ES + what is left of your life. Your life flasks will only be able to regenerate what ever your actual life pool is.

    With EB/ZO/MoM:
    You have a link in the thread to a calculation of your eHP as well as how much ES/unreserved mana you need for it to be fully utilized.
    This moves your ES to your mana pool and 30% of incoming damage is taken from the ES instead as well as all your mana cost spells is taken from ES. What this does is that you'll always be able to cast what ever spells you want. On top of it when you use a life flask your life pool which is your pseudo main focus will be covered whilst your ES pool which only takes 30% of incoming damage is regenerating with ZO.

    To easily calculate your eHP you take your life pool and multiply that with 1.4257 (I usually just count 1.43 and cut it down slightly).


    5000 HP 3000 ES => 8000 effective HP, when you get hit you'll only have what is left as your eHP and must wait for you to not take any damage before your eHP goes back up again.

    5000 HP 3000 ES => ~7100 effective HP, when you take a hit your ES is regenerating keeping your eHP as high as possible at all times and your life flasks are covering your HP as it should. On top of it allowing you to not worry about mana cost for spells.

    I hope my elaboration sufficed!

    Bigmac, I think you want to wait to spec into them until you have some life from gear AND, hopefully, jewels. You can get up to 7% more per ea. That should bump you up considerably to say nothing about finding a belt w/good life, crafting life on gear, etc.

    My MoM calculator available in the thread shows how much ES(EB)/Unreserved mana you need to have before you can take the keystones.

    Level 52 now, in act 2 cruel, having a lot of fun with my necro!

    one question tho :

    Does the aberrath's horn (The wand with the 30% fire damage) increase minion damage?
    (especially since fire sentinels cast fire spells)

    (it's like the only decent weapon that dropped so far ) :)

    It sadly does not, minions are seperate enteties which means that mods that doesn't specifically states that they affect allies and/or minions will never affect minions.
    Only support gems to the active skill gem as well as external buffs/debuffs such as auras/curses will affect minions.

    Hello everyone, I'm playing this build and say that I love. Right now I'm lvl 79 and I would like to know 2 things.
    Knitted Horror or Flame Sentinel?
    about lvl 70 I went to do lab mercy with sentinel flame and it was impossible.. I switch to knitted horror and I could do it without problems. so? any suggestions for gems? obviously for Knitted Horror xD, because I'm still using flame sentinel gems I do not know if they are correct.

    Raise Spec + Phy Proj Attack Dmg + GMP + Add Fire Dmg + Minion Dmg

    Cheers! Glad you like it :D
    Knitted Horrors have a horrible AI, if you plan on using Victario's Charity I would recommend Knitted Horrors for mapping. I am in the process of releasing a guide for a Knitted Horror approach which I am currently playing on my stream. I will create a high budget version of that as well to kill Uber Izaro with all buffs as well as Uber Atziri with.

    Raise Spectre - Minion DMG - GMP - PPAD - Added Fire - Poison.

    However, the flame sentinels should not have a problem killing either.

    How would you link 6 linked knittet horrors?

    Raise Spectre - Minion DMG - GMP - PPAD - Added Fire - Poison.

    Hello everyone, I'm playing this build and say that I love. Right now I'm lvl 79 and I would like to know 2 things.
    Knitted Horror or Flame Sentinel?
    about lvl 70 I went to do lab mercy with sentinel flame and it was impossible.. I switch to knitted horror and I could do it without problems. so? any suggestions for gems? obviously for Knitted Horror xD, because I'm still using flame sentinel gems I do not know if they are correct.

    Raise Spec + Phy Proj Attack Dmg + GMP + Add Fire Dmg + Minion Dmg

    yea this build relies on doing elemental damage with flame sentinals, and all the while reduing their resists with elemental equilibrium (triggering off of ball lightning - which also applies curses with curse on hit)

    i think the zombies are meant to be tanky but the flame sentinals are sort of glass cannon turrets (with fast cast speed) (this is likely ideal for map clear speed)

    i think you might have been in a situation with high incoming dmg, not sure about knitted horror hp / armor etc? but they might survive better (and knitted horror's puncture is a melee attack, makes no sense in this build tho)

    Knitted Horrors has the highest dmg & hp as well as armour of all "meta spectres", their problem is their horrible AI which is complete garbage which is why Flame Sentinels are generally better. I am currently working on a solution to their horrible AI on stream atm. Their 100% pierce & bleed effect from their projectiles are inherited when risen.

    I never used the sentinels before and I gotta say the way they stay clear of gruesome ground effects is awesome.

    Summoners has many problems but that aint one of em ;)

    is there any updates with beacon of corruption

    Go to my youtube channel: www.youtube.com/GhazzyTV

    There is a video showing 20c budget for this build vs Atziri which also displays that beacon is fixed.
    Due to popular demand and me not being a full-time streamer I'm unable to go through all forum threads as I used to, however, I still respond to every question on my YouTube videos!
    Build Guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1686036
    Sours: http://poe.game.daum.net/forum/view-thread/1623489/page/24
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    UnDead Library

    Table of Contentsgenerated with DocToc


    What is Raise Spectre?

    This skill raises the corpse of a slain monster or a corpse of a monster that is summoned with desecrate. The monster raised will retain all of the properties of the base monster type. Raising a rare monster will not grant it's rare modifiers. You also cannot raise unique monsters.

    The core dps minion of any classical summoner builds. As of Patch 3.0 you can realistically have as many as 4-5 Spectre at once.

    Table from poe.db

    LevelRequires LevelIntelligenceMana CostMinions deal 30% less DamageMinions have 20% less LifeMinions have 20% less Energy ShieldExperience

    Sources of +1 Spectre?

    1. Midnight Bargain (Up to +2)
    2. Vis Mortis (+1)
    3. Bones of Ullr (+1)
    4. Death Attunement (+1)
    5. Queen's Decree (+1)
    6. Queen's Escape (+1)

    Implicit Values of Mobs?

    Yes, Your spectre will gain the Implicit Values of Mobs.

    For example if the monster has "farshot" by default. The raised spectre will also have farshot. Some unique base abilities can be used and combined with everything else poe offers in interesting ways.

    Monster Skills?

    First thing to note is Monster Skills !=(Does not Equal) Player Skills.

    They have their own stats, scaling, art, and even behavior.

    Some monsters will introduce entirely new mechanics to your playstyle.

    For example any monster that has the implicit "Proximity Shield" will grant a bubble that prevents any damage from the outside from damaging anything inside. The source of damage must be inside. You will tend to be near your own creatures or convocate strategically to prevent damage.

    Raise Spectre in Relation to the socket space on gear

    You can actually manipulate gem coloring in town while still having your spectre "Saved" and summoned.

    Lets say your using solar guards in a clearing setup(BBBBGG) and want to recolor your chest piece so they can have the ideal gem setup(BBBBBG). As long as the gem slot your summoned the spectre with is the same (so lets say you recolor and both the top left gem slot is blue). The spectre will remained summoned and will be saved despite changing your links/colors.


    This trick can only be performed while in town if you do this in your hideout the spectre will disappear.

    The Importance of Monster level for Spectre damage and survivability

    This question is asked a lot so I would say YES. Monster level is very important. Think of each monster level like a level on your spell gem. Going from a level 60 monsters with a flat damage of 50-100. If you bring that up to a level 70 monster it can be twice as much with a flat damage range of 200-300. They will also gain more life as well.

    How to desecrate the highest level spectre

    1. Find the monster you want to use in the Campaign.
    2. Open your highest level map, (guardian and shaper maps would be the best)
    3. Enter the zone with the spectre you want to use and proceed to desecrate spam
    4. Spell echo linked to desecrate will help
    5. Once you have your spectre you'll only need to repeat this process if they die


    • Knitted Horrors : These cannot be desecrated at all
    • Anything that can't leave a corpse. Think those balls of ice or water elemental monsters.
    • Monsters from the Rotting Core
    • Most league specific monsters

    Major Spectre Changes

    As of the patch 3.0.2. The way spectre works has been changed( for the better ).

    Desecrate can now only create monsters that are in the instance it is used in. In areas where no monsters have spawned, a specific desecrate table is used. This fixes a longstanding bug with the desecration list that had further problems introduced due to persistent spectres.

    • Spectre will not disappear on logout
    • Spectre will disappear on death
    • Desecrate can now spawn corpses of your currently raised spectre no matter the map, unless the zone specially states it can only spawn on type of monster

    DPS Spectres (Clearing)

    Spectre used most of the time as clearing maps is a large portion of the game.

    The suggested links are by far personal opinion(3.0 update). Builds vary so links will vary.

    Please note I am not 100% clear on the Damage and Defense percentages, I believe this is based off their base stat value at whatever level they were raised.


    Flame Sentinels

    The first mentioned Spectre for a reason, these are the tried and true spectre for the longest time. A good balance of damage and tankiness. They come a augmented fire ball which alternates between lmp and fork and regular. They also have an amazing AI and can reach 1-2 screens away. If you are looking for a consistent spectre this is your guy. They also benefit from being able to be desecrated in many high level map zones.


    Uses3 fireballs with alternating supports. Regular => with LMP => with Fork
    TagsMinion, Projectile, Spell, AOE, Fire
    ImplicitCast Augmented Fireballs
    Range0~2 screens away
    Resistance0 Fire Res | 75 Cold Res | 0 Lightning Res | 0 Chaos Res
    • Locations:

      Campaign: Templar Laboratory(Lv68)

      <<<<<<< HEAD T10: Quay, Colonnade, Courtyard

      T15: Shaped Quay, Shaped Colonnade, Shaped Courtyard

      • Any Map that rolls the "Solar Mod"
    • Videos:


      Sam Cordaro:

    • Suggested Links:

      Clear: Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + Faster Projectile + Elemental Focus

      Boss: Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction + Slower Projectiles

      Swap out GMP for Slower Projectiles on Single Target

    • Ect

      I believe their fire ball scaling matches closely to that of a player Fireball skill.

      • Level = Monster level
      • Flat Damage = Fireball flat damage roughly

    Undying Incinerators

    Their fireballs do not have as big of a damage range as flame sentinels but their casting animation and general cast speed is superior. They also throw down firetraps which is a huge burst of damage. These guys scale extremely well with cast speed. There is also an interesting interaction with spell echo and their trap. Causes them to throw two traps down, with cluster trap you will get 6 traps per cast. They do have a huge drawback thou. They are squishy and they explode and die at low life which doesn't help.

    • Spell echo and cluster traps will cause them to cast 6 traps at once


    UsesFireball, Firetrap and Suicide Explosion(at low life)
    TagsMinion, Projectile, Spell, AOE, Fire, Trap
    ImplicitThrows Fire Bombs, Explodes when on Low Life, immune_to_lava_damage
    Range0~2 screens away
    Resistance75 Fire | 0 Cold | 0 Lightning | 0 Chaos
    • Locations:

      Campaign: Crematorium(Lv25)

    • Videos:

      To be Added

    • Suggested Links:

      Clear: Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + Faster Projectile + Elemental Focus

      Boss: Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction + Slower Projectiles

      Swap out GMP for Slower Projectiles on Single Target*

    Goatman Fire-Raiser

    These guys has some of the highest damage potential possible. They have a huge spike damage via magma orbs and their implicit of reduced cast speed is mostly countered by spell echo and stacking cast speed on them.

    They shoot their fireballs at long range and when they enter medium range they shoot their magma orbs. They will also occasionally cast molten shell which gives them massive armor and a huge burst of damage if they are on top of bosses. Due to magma orb mechanics the area between bounces can overlap dealing double the damage to targets with a larger hitbox(kuduku sized or bigger).

    • iAOE will increase the damage overlap area between bounces
    • Faster projectiles will increase magma orb range
    • Slower projectile will cause magma orbs to bounce in a tighter area


    UsesFireball, Magma Orb, Molten Shell
    TagsMinion, Projectile, Spell, AOE, Fire
    Implicit50% reduced Cast Speed
    Range0~1.5 screens away
    Defense140% Molten Shell[+19399 to Armour, Shields break after 4334 total Damage is prevented]
    Resistance75 Fire | 0 Cold | 0 Lightning | 0 Chaos
    • Locations:

      Campaign: Crematorium(Lv25)

      T6: Canyon

      • Any Map that rolls the "with Goatmen or with Animals Mod"
    • Videos:


      Abyss Kaom, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgwONmsBaJI

    • Suggested Links:

      Clear: Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + Faster Projectile + Elemental Focus/iAOE

      Boss: Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction + Slower Projectiles

      Swap out GMP for Slower Projectiles on Single Target*

    Wicker Man

    One of the best "Melee" Spectre to come from the 3.0 Update. They cast a monster version of righteous fire called Unrighteous Fire that burns with a flat damage that scales with their level. Unlike burned Miscreation's they have an amazing filler skill in the form of molten strike. The best way to build these guys is to scale their burn.

    • Their Righteous Fire WILL NOT scale with monster life rather it is a flat amount that increases with levels


    UsesDefault Attack, Righteous Fire, Molten Strike
    TagsMinion, AOE, Fire, Melee
    Range0-1 screens away
    Resistance20 Fire | 20 Cold | 20 Lightning | 0 Chaos
    • Locations:

      Campaign: Crematorium(Lv25)

      T3: Sewer, Vaal Pyramid

      T4: Academy, Villa, Graveyard, Waste Pool, Dungeon

      T5: Burial Chambers, The Pale Court

      T6: Vaal City

      T7: Cells, Catacombs

      T8: Cemetery

      T9: Cyrpt, Temple, Overgrown Shrine, Museum

      T10: Arsenal,

      T11: Torture Chamber, Chateau

      T12: Residence, Necropolis, Crematorium, Ivory Temple

      T13: Scriptorium, Plaza

      T14: Maze, Palace, Shrine

      T15: Overgrown Ruin

      T16: Hydra, Phoenix, Vaal temple

      T17: Shaper Realm - mini-boss rooms with the correct tileset. Rarely in portal room

    • Videos:

    • Suggested Links:

      Clear: Minion Damage + Elemental Focus + Burning Damage + Swift Affliction + iAOE

      Boss: Minion Damage + Elemental Focus + Burning Damage + Swift Affliction + Conc

    Solar Guard

    Like Undying Incinerators their version of fireball seems to scale extremely well with cast speed. They are even more tanky then the sentinels. They also come with a special beam cannon that fires off every 8s or so. In my opinion due to their ai, dmg, tank, and ease of desecration they are the top tier clearing spectre of the 3.0 update.


    UsesSpecialBeamCannon, Fireball
    TagsMinion, Projectile, Spell, AOE, Fire [Laser is not tagged with projectile]
    ImplicitExtra fire damage (60% extra phy to fire)
    Range0~2 screens away
    Resistances75 Fire |0 Cold | 0 Lightning | 0 Chaos Res
    • Locations:

      Campaign: Solaris Temple 1(lv60)

      • Any Map that rolls the "Solar Mod"
    • Videos:


    • Suggested Links:

      Clear(From T1-13): Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + Faster Proj + increased Area

      Clear(From T14-15):

      Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + Faster Proj + elemental focus

      Boss Swap(Not that much HP):

      Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + faster Proj + elemental focus

      Boss Swap(Kinda more tanky): Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Slower proj + Pierce + elemental focus

      T16+ Trash: Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Cont. Dest + Ele Focus + GMP

      T16+ Fast moving Guardian: Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Cont. Dest + Ele Focus + Pierce

      T16+ Slower moving Guardian: Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Cont. Dest + Ele Focus + Slower projectile

    extra notes


    Frost Sentinel

    One of the best choices for clearing maps. They seem to have an even further agro range then flame sentinels since they fire ice spears. Being an Ice element means with some critical strike chance they will freeze a lot providing safety to map clearing. With Faster Projectiles they have an excellent agro and range often firing at packs of enemies without your input allowing you to simply walk forward.

    • Similar to spell casters like Flame Sentinels and Undying Incinerators they scale extremely well with cast speed
    • Their second stage of icespear adds +50% increased damage not increased crit
    • They have a default crit chance of 7%


    UsesIce Spear
    TagsMinion, Spell, Projectile, Ice
    ImplicitAdds additional projectiles, ice spear second form damage + 50%
    Range0~3 screens away
    Resistances0 Fire | 75 Cold | 0 Lightning | 0 Chaos
    • Locations:

      Campaign: Lunaris Temple 1(59), Lunaris Concourse(58)

      • *Lunar Mod rolled on Maps
    • Videos:


    • Suggested Links:

      Clear: Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + Controlled Destruction + Faster Proj


      Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Controlled Destruction + Pierce + Faster Proj


      Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP/Cold Penetration + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction

    Extra Notes

    These guys scale like player's ice spear does. With gem level being monster level instead.

    Alpine Shaman

    [Insert Image here]

    A gimped version of the Frost Sentinel but an alternative. They also shoot icespear's but at a slower animation speed.

    • 20% increased Chill Duration
    • Similar to spell casters like Flame Sentinels and Undying Incinerators they scale extremely well with cast speed
    • Their second stage of icespear adds +25% increased damage not increased crit
    • They have a default crit chance of 7%


    UsesIce Spear
    TagsMinion, Spell, Projectile, Ice
    Range0~2 screens away
    Resistances0 Fire | 75 Cold | 0 Lightning | 0 Chaos
    • Locations:

      Campaign: The Ascent

        • Capricious rolled on Maps(Area is inhabited by Goatmen)

    • Videos:


    • Suggested Links:

      Clear: Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + Faster Proj + Pierce


      Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Hypothermia + Slower Projectile + Pierce


      Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Hypothermia + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction

    Undying Grapplers

    These guys are one of the few melee base types that is viable and its only due to their massive discharge damage. They are only usable with the Victario Charity shield with Necro Aegis. You need to combine that with a flood of minions, lots of zombies and srs to generate charges for them to discharge. With the Victario Charity you will most likely get more frenzy charges so our discharge element will be mostly cold.

    • As far as I can tell they don't get empowered if your other minions die
    • Deals 441 to 1322 Lightning Damage per Power Charge
    • Deals 627 to 940 base Fire Damage per Endurance Charge
    • Deals 513 to base Cold Damage per Frenzy Charge


    UsesFlicker strike and Discharge
    Tags[Minion, Spell, AOE, Fire, Ice, Lightning]
    ImplicitEmpowered as Kin Slain, Uses Flicker Strike, Casts Discharge
    Defense100% | 20 Fire Res, 20 Cold Res, 20 Lightning Res, 20 Chaos Res
    Range0~2 screens away
    LocationsVaal Pyramid, Lab(merc), Lab(uber), Residence

    Merveil Blessed

    [Insert Image here]

    A viable cold based spectre. Faster proj is needed b/c their projectiles seem to be too short for clearing without them. They consistently freeze rares and even bosses. These would be great general mapping choice due to their damage and increased survivability of freeze/chilling everything . They are rather hard to find naturally.

    • Frostbolt pierces 100% by default
    • GMP/LMP seems to create overlapping "waves" unsure if the damage stacks
    UsesFrost bolt and sea witch wave
    Tags[Minion, Projectile, Spell, AOE, Cold]
    Defense144% | 0 Fire Res, 75% Cold Res, 0 Lightning Res, 0 Chaos Res
    Range0~1 screens away, 0-2 screens away if faster projectile support
    LocationsCourtyard, Scriptorium, Added cold monster sextant, Mud Geyser

    Suggested Links:

    Minion Damage => Spell Echo => GMP

    Minion Damage => Spell Echo => GMP => Faster Projectiles

    Damage: Minion Damage => Spell Echo => Cold Penetration => Hypothermia => Slower Proj/Added Cold

    Clear: Minion Damage => Spell Echo => GMP => Faster Projectiles => Pierce

    Normally swapping out GMP for Cold penetration is enough for most map bosses. You just want to get rid of the less multiplier


    Stygian Revenant

    They have an interesting interaction with sire of shards. Putting them in there gives it a free GMP and they fire their spells forward despite the sire of shards nova ability. They have a wonky AI and skitter around a lot but they deal a lot of damage since their base damage on the projectile is high. They have a somewhat narrow field of attack unless the chain support gem is used.

    • chain is necessary for clear
    • Adding projectile will add to the end of the "volley", think barrage
    UsesMonster Projectile Spell (Some kind of lightning barrage projectile), Default Attack
    Tags[Minion, Projectile, Spell, Lightning]
    Defense182% | 0 Fire Res, 0 Cold Res, 75 Lightning Res, 0 Chaos Res
    Range0~2 screens away
    LocationsThe Harvest,


    Kitava's Herald

    One of the best melee spectre in the game. They are 3 abilities that they spam, Cleave at very short ranges, Leap slam at medium range, and a mortar spell at long ranges. They are incredibly tanky and and clear and boss dps decently well. One of the best performing "tank" spectre.

    • Attack speed will increase their action speed and will improve clear speed
    • Leap slam has a
    • Cleave has and
    • Mortar deals pure physical damage is an AOE Spell Projectile
    • Note Act10 versions are bugged for desecration trick, use Act5


    UsesLeap Slam, Cleave, Mortar, Default Attack
    TagsMinion, Spell, Projectile, Melee, Duration, IAOE
    ImplicitMay inflict Bleeding
    Range0~1 screens away
    Resistances0 Fire | 75 Cold | 0 Lightning | 0 Chaos
    • Locations:

      Campaign: The Cathedral Rooftop (lv45)

      T6: Race Course

      T11: Shaped Race Course

    • Videos:


    • Suggested Links:

      Clear: Minion Damage + Multistrike + Faster Attack + Melee Physical Damage + iAoe


      Minion Damage + Multistrike + Faster Attack + Melee Physical Damage + Conc

    Knitted Horror

    These mobs are really interesting. They are actually 2 monsters in one. The archers that are on it's back shoot puncture projectiles while the main body can melee independently. They are 100% Pierce already so you cannot chain the projectiles. Their projectile have a fixed length so slower proj will not make it any shorter.

    This spectre is also insanely tanky.

    • 2 mobs in one archers on the back, melee "mount" at the bottom
    • uses puncture with a fixed distance
    UsesPuncture, Default Attack
    Tags[Minion, Projectile, Attack, Duration]
    ImplicitUses Puncture
    Defense225% | 0 Fire Res, 0 Cold Res, 75 Lightning Res, 0 Chaos Res
    Range0~2 screens away
    LocationsDried Lake,


    DPS Spectres (Single Target)


    Cannibal Fire-Eater

    They have their own version of flame totems but centered on their own monster model. It deals tremendous amounts of fire damage focused into a cone.

    • Self cast flame totem that repeats up to 8 times


    UsesSelf Casted Flame Totem
    Tags[Minion, Projectile, Spell, Fire]
    Defense144% | 0 Fire Res, 0 Cold Res, 0 Lightning Res, 0 Chaos Res
    Range0~1/2 screens away
    LocationsShaped/Shore maps,

    <<<<<<< HEAD Suggested Links:

    Clear: Minion Damage + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction + spell echo + faster projectiles


    Minion Damage + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction + spell echo + faster projectiles/Slower Proj

    Tukohama's Vanguard(TV)

    The highest single target dps possible of any minion in the game. With an optimized setup 9m-14m dps is achievable. The lay down totems that fires a skill called KaomFireBeam (not scorching ray).

    • Cast speed improves totem turn speed
    • Equipping Tukohama's Fortress with Necromantic Aegis will double the totems


    UsesDefault Attack, KaomFireBeamTotem
    TagsMinion, Damage Over Time, Melee, Duration, Fire, Burning
    Range0~1 screens away
    Resistances40 Fire | 0 Cold | 0 Lightning | 0 Chaos
    • Locations:

    • Videos:


    • Suggested Links:


      Minion Damage + Elemental Focus + Increased Burning Damage + Swift Affliction + Efficacy




    Slashed Miscreation

    [insert image here]

    Since they use a physical spell we can scale these with extra physical damage. Due to this fact they pair extremely well with spirit offering which grants them a nice extra chaos bonus. The poison paired with multiple blade vortex's going off can stack damage quickly.

    UsesBlade Vortex, Default Attack
    Tags[Minion, Spell, AOE, Duration]
    Defense150% | 0 Fire Res, 0 Cold Res, 0 Lightning Res, 0 Chaos Res
    Range1/2 screens away
    LocationsDemon Rolled Maps,



    Spectre types that are particularly tanky or has a great utility ability that is useful regardless of their damage potential.


    Solaris Champion

    A very interesting monster. On summon they summon two animate weapons that seem to have infinite duration. They also have a Ngamahu's Flame like ability that triggers 2 spark(with a fire tornado skin) projectiles to fly out of them every time they use double strike. The sparks deals pure fire damage. Multi-strike will spend 6 sparks out.





    Sandworn Slaves

    [insert image here]

    Another type of spectre that sends out sparks on melee skill. They have a Ngamahu's Flame like ability that triggers 2 spark(with a physical tornado skin) projectiles to fly out of them every time they use cyclone. The sparks deal pure physical damage. Multi-strike will spend 6 sparks out per cyclone trigger so a whole lot of sparks will fly out. They are also on the extreme end of tankiness.

    • Faster Projectiles support will vastly increase the range of the sparks
    • Increased duration will increase the default spark duration of 2s
    UsesDefault Attack, Clone
    Tags[Minion, Projectile, Spell, AOE, Melee]
    Damage128%, Cyclone [Deals 40% of Damage, 150% more Attack Speed], Spark [50% reduced proj speed, 2s duration, Deals 85 to 127 Physical Damage]
    Defense440% | 0 Fire Res, 0 Cold Res, 40 Lightning Res, 0 Chaos Res
    Range0~1.5 screens away with the spark projectiles
    LocationsDesert Map, Vastiri Desert, Oasis

    Suggested Links:

    Minion Damage => MultiStrike => Faster Projectiles

    Minion Damage => MultiStrike => Faster Projectiles =>


    Towering Figment

    Undying Evangelist

    Their proximity shield make these spectre the best defensive utility spectre type in the game. Anything within the shield cannot be damaged by any kind of damage that is fired from outside of the shield. Making you immune you a wide variety of attacks as long as you are standing inside the bubble. They also come with a solid damage type being a physical spell. Monsters naturally have low armor so this damage type cannot miss and cannot be mitigated well. They can also take full advantage of hatred and similar modifiers. The drawback of these spectre types in the relatively low clear speed due to the nature of their delayed skill.

    • iDuration and less duration will impact proximity shield time length


    UsesDelayed Blast, Proximity Shield
    Tags[Minion, AOE, Spell, Duration]
    Defense120% | 37 Fire Res, 37 Cold Res, 37 Lightning Res, 0 Chaos Res
    Range0~1.5 screens away
    LocationsThe Sceptre of God, The Upper Sceptre of God, Museum, Courtyard


    Monster Skills

    Proximity Shield

    Unrighteous Fire

    Mass Frenzy / Mass Power

    Carnage Chieftains and Host Chieftains have a skill that grants all nearby allies 1 frenzy or 1 power charge, respectively.


    • Locations:

      T1 Jungle Valley T6 Spider Forest T7 Ashen Wood

    • Suggested Links:

      BLOOD MAGIC: reduces the re-cast time for Mass Frenzy or Mass Power considerably (~28 seconds down to ~11 seconds)

      Fortify, Minion Life/Resistance: their AI is aggressively melee, which frequently puts them in considerable danger.

    Sours: https://github.com/Mattc33/Necronomicon/blob/master/UndeadLibrary.md

    [2.6] Miger's Knitted Horrormancer

    "Embrace the serene power that is undeath"

    Updated skill trees for 2.6.
    Some buffs in the patch notes include:
    - "Raised Zombies now have a melee attack range of 9 on their basic attack, up from 4. Their slam ability base radius has been increased to 18 units (from 10), deals 20% more damage, and will be used more readily."
    - "Vis Mortis: Duration of Unholy Might increased to 10 seconds. Increased Energy Shield mod increased to 200-220%."
    - "All staves have had their block values increased. Previously, staves granted either 12% block chance or 18% block chance. They now grant 18% and 20% respectively,"
    - + New jewels to try out.

    Profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/miger/characters
    - Miger (93 in Essence league)

    - Utilizes Knitted Horror spectres for clearing packs and zombies for single target.
    - 9 zombies + 4 spectres + Stone Golem + Animate Guardian.
    - Built around Femurs of the Saints unique staff. Uses plenty of Summoner Unique items while leveling.
    - Tanky minions that simply refuse to die.
    - HC and Atziri viable. You can probably do Uber Atziri if you're familiar with the fight (I'm not).
    - Can farm labyrinth enchantments including Uber Izaro.
    - Can do any map mod and any map including all the bosses (Atlas progression 125/125).
    - Can barely do Guardians (don't recommend it) and probably Shaper but there are better builds for T16+.
    - 5c budget to get started.
    - Easy on the eyes as Knitted Horrors are not as flashy on the screen as flame sentinels or SRS (they're loud though).

    - Ranged monsters can sometimes surprise you with their damage.
    - Need dexterity on gear or jewels if using high level dex gems.
    - Low armor/evasion/energy shield without skills/potions. Should be easy enough to still play only one handed if you feel like it.
    - Own and minion survivability might be iffy on T16+ bosses.

    - Use Knitted Horrors from Dried Lake or late maps if you're lucky.
    - Guide Minions with Desecrate. Use Vaal Haste whenever you can, especially for large groups or tough packs (Perandus, Beyond, Warbands, Bosses, Boxes). Usually you can have flasks e.g. Rumi's up all the time as well.
    - You should have plenty of time picking up loot while your minions do all the work.





    Gearing can be cheap and I have done this build on self found as well.
    Build heavily relies on the following uniques to maximize damage.
    - Weapon
    Femurs of the Saints (1 chaos): We will use zombies in the staff as we will get +2 to all minion gems. Up to 2.5% life regen for all minions and 12% damage per spectre for up to 48% increased minion damage with 4 spectres. 12% block from the staff is ok as well. 4-link get's you easily started on your mapping.

    - Body armor
    Vis Mortis (few chaos): +1 spectres and minion damage. We lose a bit of minion life but our minions refuse to die in most situations.

    - Boots
    Bones of Ullr (1 chaos): +1 spectres and zombies

    - Gloves
    Grip of the Council (~1-4 chaos): A bit of more damage but you can easily use rare gloves instead.

    - Rest of the gear(usually couple of chaos or self found)
    Look for life + elemental resists + dexterity + chaos resistance. On HC, I usually have at least positive chaos resistance so there are no surprises along the way (and I don't have to use life flasks e.g. in desecrated ground). You can craft minion damage on gloves with Catarina. You can check the rest of my gear from my profile.



    Use whatever flasks suits your fancy. The following has worked for me.
    - Seething/Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Dousing.
    - Catalysed Eternal Life Flask of Staunching.
    - Rumi's Concoction. Or you can use Granite flask of Iron skin or a Basalt flask.
    - Ample/Perpetual Quicksilver Flask of Heat.
    - Some kind of Warding flask for utility based on map mods/enemies. Topaz/Sapphire/Ruby/Amethyst or Eternal mana flask for curse immune/no regen maps.


    Gem setup:

    Passive Tree:



    - Normal = Help Oak for life.
    - Cruel = Kill all for passive point.
    - Merciless = Kill all for passive point.

    Tree at level 8: poeurl.com/5ZN


    Pick up Raize Zombie and Freeze Pulse.
    Head towards Lord of the Dead.

    Tree at level 24: poeurl.com/5ZU


    Pick up Minion Damage x 2, Melee Splash x 2 and Spell totem. Switch to SRS and ditch Freeze Pulse.
    +1 Fire wand with Summon Raging Spirits+ Minion Damage+ Melee Splashor you can use Lifesprig.
    You can use self cast zombies or spell totem zombies as meat shields or level as a spell caster.
    Head towards Herd of the Flock.
    Pick up Flame Dash and Clarity.
    Pick up Spirit Offering and level Flesh Offering and Bone Offering offhand.
    Get Ample Bismuth flask of Resistance.
    Pick up Desecrate if you have the dexterity (level in offhand). You can use Perandus Blazon belt for the dexterity.
    Pick up Stibnite flask of Staunching. Great synergy with Briskwrap.
    Pick up Survival Instincts (dex+all resist) jewel and jewel socket if you're doing the Through Sacred Ground quest.
    Pick up Faster Casting, Minion Life, Melee Physical Damage (level in offhand). You can probably use Minion life instead of spell totem for your Zombies.
    Keep an eye out for Bloodlust gem (18).
    Keep an eye out for Physical Projectile Attack Damage gem (18).
    Head Towards Gravepact.
    You can switch to Bones of Ullr but there isn't much of a need yet if you have better boots. Boots links: Faster Casting + Desecrate + Flesh Offering + Flame Dash. You can also use Matua Tupuna (+2 Minion Gems) as your SRS setup.

    Vaal: https://youtu.be/EqrznADWwbc

    Tree at level 31: poeurl.com/5ZY


    Head towards Sanctity.
    Pick up Convocation and Enfeeble (level in offhand).
    Keep an eye out for Temporal Chains gem (24).
    Keep an eye out for Vaal Haste (24).
    You can change Stibnite flask to Perpetual/Ample Granite Flask of Iron Skin.
    Pick Raise Spectre and Animate Guardian (level both in offhand).
    Head towards Constitution.
    Pick up Blasphemy (level in offhand).
    Keep an eye out for Fortify gem (31).
    Keep an eye out for Increased Duration gem x 2 (31).
    Head towards Sentinel.

    Piety: https://youtu.be/fVuHQ5VMeRk
    Dominus: https://youtu.be/HTZG-iC_uSQ

    Tree at level 42: poeurl.com/5Z0


    Make sure you have Flask of Staunching when heading out to Dried Lake.
    Pickup Summon Stone Golem
    Keep an eye out for Immortal Call gem (34).
    Keep an eye out for Phase Run gem (34).
    You can switch to Skullhead unique helmet for minion regen and life, your Zombies should not probably die so often any more. Good helmet for your CWDT setup: Cast When Damage Taken + Phase Run + Immortal Call + Increased Duration. Make sure to rotate gems so that Immortal Call is triggered first and then followed by Phase Run.
    You can change Clarity to Blasphemy + Enfeeble/Temporal Chains for added defense.
    Head towards Quick Recovery.
    Fill out the rest of the Scion life wheel in preparation for Malachai/Normal labyrinth if you choose to do it as soon as possible.
    Pick up Cast When Damage Taken, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Multistrike and Spell Echo.
    You can do the Normal Labyrinth trials after you have beaten Malachai in Normal.
    Push through Act I on Cruel and do the Cruel Bandit quest (kill all for skill point). You should now be about level 42 and you have additional life, resists and access to Hallowed Life flasks. Ready for Lab! Pick Necromancer as your Ascendancy class and choose Mistress of Sacrifice as the first notable.

    Malachai: https://youtu.be/kcnE_eivcbw
    Izaro: https://youtu.be/SDgdowfjqSw

    Tree at level 59: poeurl.com/5Z6


    Head towards Death Attunement.
    You can pick Agility/Puppet Master along the way.
    Head towards Lord of the Dead when you get to Death Attunement to connect the two routes. You can now equip Bones of Ullr as we get 3 spectres now and should be in Cruel Dried Lake (or soon any way). Start connecting the Witch alternate start nodes to Lord of the Dead so that we can respec out of the cast speed and spell damage when we're close to being able to equip Femurs of the Saints and Vis Mortis. When you hit 59, equip Vis Mortis and Femurs of the Saints. We can drop SRS now as our minions should be doing enough damage by themselves (with 4 links). Respec the passive points and now we should have 8 Zombies and 4 Spectres. I chose Whispers of Doom and minion nodes near Grave pact but you can choose life or additional Zombie as well. I used Temporal Chains and Enfeeble with Blasphemy as we don't need mana anymore for casting. You can drop Lochtonial Caress for some dex gloves if you're still wearing them! (maybe I just forgot?)

    Malachai: https://youtu.be/gzCNH9zzoEg

    Finalize your gear, flasks, jewels, gems and passive tree and you should be ready for mapping!




    - Regenerate % of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently
    - % increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently
    - % chance to Dodge Spell Damage if you've taken Spell Damage Recently
    - % chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently
    I went with Life and Mana regen

    I'm not familiar with the Glove enchantments because I never bothered to try them out and there isn't good options for Summoners in general.
    - Cast Decree of the Grave when your skills or minions kill

    Priotize what you like and be happy what you end up getting:)
    - % increased Temporal Chains Curse Effect
    - % increased Enfeeble Curse Effect
    - % increased Convocation Cooldown Recovery Speed
    - Flesh Offering grants an additional % increased Attack Speed
    - Bone Offering grants an additional +% Block Chance
    - Zombies deal % increased Damage
    - +% to Raised Zombie Elemental Resistances
    - Zombies have % increased Attack Speed
    - % increased Flesh Offering Duration
    - % increased Bone Offering Duration
    - Desecrate summons additional corpses
    - Spectres have % increased Attack and Cast Speed
    There's bunch more but I went with the following:

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    Last bumped on Mar 8, 2017, 7:19:54 AM

    Sours: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1661252

    Horror poe knitted

    And her breathing became uneven. A good girl, simple and without unnecessary troubles in my head, we have been friends with her for two years, and the first one and a half we were friends in the most literal sense - we walked around the city, wandered around museums and movies, often sat with me or her watching movies at home or surfing the internet.

    I was amused by her small stature, that long light blond hair and that scattering of freckles that nature gave her, I could look. Into her gray-blue eyes for hours, and I especially liked looking at her lips when she was telling something.

    Knitted Horror Spectre Path of exile 2.2

    We talked about gender relations, about sex, about love. In general, I started her with my conversations. It was time to get down to business. I got up and, going to her bed, quickly ducked under the covers. I decided that a drunken man could be a little libertine.

    Now discussing:

    For a moment, a ringing silence reigned in the room. Lily looked at the woman's naked body with pleasure, while Alina did not know where to hide her eyes out of shame. She was all the more ashamed of the fact that everything that was happening had turned her on violently, but the consciousness of this made the. Excitement only sharper.

    3972 3973 3974 3975 3976