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Crafting your own Legendary Armor is one of the new features in the Shadowlands expansion. This guide tells you more about the whole process and explains what you need to do to craft your first Legendary item.


Unlocking Legendary Crafting

To start the questline that will unlock Legendary Crafting, you must:

  • Reach level 60
  • Complete the Main story campaign quests.
  • Complete Choosing Your Purpose by choosing your covenant
  • Complete your covenant's campaign quests. 

Covenant campaign quests

Unlocking Torghast and the Runecarver

After completing your covenant campaign, you can unlock Torghast and the Runecarver NPC by completing these quests.

After you complete the Prison of the Forgotten quest, you will meet the Runecarver at the Runecarver's Oubliette.

Unlocking Runecarving

You are almost done, but you still have to do a few more quests to unlock the Runecarving to craft your legendaries.

Components needed for crafting a Legendary

Before you can craft your first Legendary. You will need four Components to complete the Ashes of the Tower and the followup The Final Pieces quests.

You will need the following four Components:

  • Legendary Power
  • Base Item
  • 2 Missives
  • Soul Ash

Below you will find a full description of these components and how to get them.

1. Legendary Power

Legendary Powers (Memory of the Runecarver) determine what Legendary Item Effect you will have on your legendary.

For example, the Memory of Gorefiend's Domination makes your Heart Strike reduces the remaining cooldown on Vampiric Blood by 2 seconds.

Legendary powers are limited to 2-3 gear slots, so make sure to check which base item you need for your legendary power. Using the previous example, the Memory of Gorefiend's Domination legendary power can only be crafted with Legs or Feet base items. (you can read more about base items in the next part of the guide)

Where to get Legendary Powers?

You can check the full list of Legendary Powers and where to get them if you click on the "Powers" tab in your Adventure Guide. (Click on "Home" at the top left corner if the "Power" tab doesn't show up.)

There are sixteen Legendary Powers for each class. They are obtained from raid bosses, dungeon bosses, PvP, Reputation, Torghast, and the Great Vault (new weekly chest).

For Memory of the Runecarver recipes to drop, you will have to finish the Deep Within and the Reawakening quests.

2. Base items

Base items (Rune Vessels) determine the slot you are making your armor for, and the item level of your armor.

How to get Legendary Base Items?

Base items are crafted by players with Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Jewelcrafting. They can be bought and sold at the Auction House, so you don't have to have these professions. You can buy the base item.

How to learn the Legendary Base item recipes?

Once you reach 100 in Shadowlands Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring, or Jewelcrafting, the Runecarver will offer you one of these quests:

Full list of Base items

How to craft higher ilvl Legendary Base Items?

You will gain experience each time you craft a base item, and once you fill the experience bar, you will learn the next rank. Crafting a higher rank base item will give more experience.

Higher rank base items also require a lot more materials. A rank 4 item usually costs around 4 times as much as a rank 1.

Rank (ilvl)XP / CraftTotal XP for next rank
Rank 1 (iLvl 190)575
Rank 2 (iLvL 210)10150
Rank 3 (iLvL 225)15225
Rank 4 (iLvL 235)--

Upgrading to rank 5 and Rank 6

There are two new ranks for Legendary items in Patch 9.1:

  • Rank 5 (iLevel 249)
  • Rank 6 (iLevel 262)

There is no new recipe for the new rank of base items, instead, you can use the new optional reagent Vestige of Origins, which increases the item level of the attached legendary base armor piece by the equivalent of 2 ranks. So, basically, you can add it to a Rank 3 to get a Rank 5, or a Rank 4 to get a rank 6.

Vestige of Origins can be crafted by Blacksmiths, Jewelcrafters, Leatherworkers, or Tailors. The Tome of Origins recipe is a reward from the Untangling the Sigil quest in chapter 4 of the new patch 9.1 Chains of Domination quest chain. (chapter 4 requires Renown 44)

3. Soul Ash and Soul Cinders

Soul Ash and Soul Cinders are Shadowlands currencies that you will need to craft and upgrade Legendary armors.

Where to get Soul Ash and Soul Cinders?

You can get Soul Ash and Soul Cinders from Torghast and also from some of the weekly quests.

How many Soul Ash and Soul Cinders can you get?

Each week, there are 2 Torghast wings available with 12-12 layers each.

Each wing will award you with 1040 Soul Ash per week if you clear all 12 layers, so completing both Torghast wings once will award you with 2080 Soul Ash per week. Re-clearing Torghast will allow you to farm more Soul Ash, but you will earn about 20% of the total Soul Ash that you normally get when you clear a layer for the first time that week.

Soul Cinders has a weekly cap, you can't get any from re-clears. You will get 360 Soul Cinders each week for clearing the two Torghast wings.

Completing higher level layers will also grant you Soul Ash and Soul Cinders from all lower layers, so you can skip all lower floors once you unlock layer 12.

How many Soul Ash and Soul Cinders do you need?

You won't waste any Soul Ash if you craft an iLvl 190 legendary then upgrade it later. The Soul Ashcost of crafting a rank 4 legendary and crafting a rank 1 then upgrading it 3 times is the same. The only thing that you will waste is the base item because you will need a new Base Item (but higher ilvl) each time you want to upgrade.

Rankitem levelSoul AshSoul Cinder
Rank 11901250-
Rank 22102000-
Rank 32253200-
Rank 42355150-
Rank 524951501100
Rank 626251501650

4. Missives

Missives basically let you choose which secondary stats you want on your legendary. You will need two different Missives. You can't use two from the same stat. (you can't change these later, even when upgrading)

To get the missives, you need Shadowlands Inscription (40) or buy them at the Auction House.

Crafting your First Legendary

Once you gathered all 4 components and completed Ashes of the Tower and the follow-up The Final Pieces quests. You will unlock the Runecarver UI.

Talk to the Runecarver and click on "I'd like to craft a legendary item".

  • 1. Base Item
  • 2. Legendary Power
  • 3. Missives
  • 4. Required Soul Ash.
Sours: https://www.wow-professions.com/guides/crafting-shadowlands-legendary

How to craft legendary items in Shadowlands

Want to know what's changed with legendary crafting in WoW's 9.1 update? Chains of Domination is here and has brought several changes to the legendary gear in Shadowlands. If you've been playing for a while, you'll already know that each class and specialisation has various legendaries to choose from, and 9.1 introduces covenant-specific legendaries into the mix.

The latest patch also introduces a new Shards of Domination power system, so if you need to recraft any of your current legendary items, you'll find that some of these changes make that much easier. So if you're ready to enhance your character, whether you play a tank, healer, or damage dealer, read on to discover everything you need to know about WoW Shadowlands legendary crafting, including what's new in 9.1.

9.1 changes

WoW Shadowlands legendary crafting: What's changed in 9.1 

The Chains of Domination 9.1 update has brought about several changes to legendary crafting. As well as new covenant legendary items, you can now upgrade your current legendaries to Rank 6 (the maximum was rank 4) using a new currency, Soul Cinders. This can be obtained by running layers 9 -12 in Torghast and completing Assaults in the Maw. 

Additionally, you now earn slightly more Soul Ash for your first run of Torghast wing each week, and you will get a reduced amount for subsequent runs during the same reset. Previously, you wouldn't earn any additional Soul Ash for repeating the same layer in the same week, so this should help you catch up if you need to recraft one or you're levelling an alt.

Unlocking the Runecarver

How to unlock the Runecarver 

At the bottom of the endless dungeon of Torghast in The Maw zone, the Runecarver is bound. You’ll eventually be sent to him by doing the initial series of quests from Ve’nari, the Broker that operates in a shrouded cave inside The Maw, after you hit the maximum level of 60. Follow those quests to the end and you’ll free one of his hands, prompting him to promise you powerful help—if you help him find his lost memories in return.

Memories of the Runecarver

Collecting Memories of the Runecarver 

Recovered Memories of the Runecarver are scattered all over the Shadowlands, and you’ll find them by doing endgame content. Some come from Torghast bosses. Some come from the bosses in dungeons. Some come from the Castle Nathria raid, while others drop from World Bosses, and can be earned in PvP.

Each time you find a memory, you can return to the Runecarver, select him, and right-click on the item to add it to your collection. To see all of the powers you’ve collected, open the Adventure Journal menu—alongside dungeons and raids, you’ll see a new button for Powers.

Memories are class-specific, so you won’t get Memories for a monk if you’re a paladin, but they are not specialization-specific, so if you’re a Protection paladin, you’ll get the Memories for Holy and Retribution, too.

Soul Ash and Soul Cinders

WoW Shadowlands legendary crafting: Soul Ash and Soul Cinders cost

You’ll continue the questline with Ve’nari after you unlock the Runecarver, and eventually, she will send you to Torghast: First for a trial run, then for a real one, to look for signs of your lost faction leaders. If you continue through that questline, you’ll receive Soul Ash as part of your first 'real' run of the dungeon.

Almost all the Soul Ash you collect will come from completing wings of Torghast. Right now, all twelve layers of both wings will award a total of 2080 Soul Ash (up from 1140) for your first run per week. Quests add more to that total and you can earn more—at a reduced rate—with Torghast reclears. Soul Ash can also be found as a currency reward from high-level Adventure-table missions in your Covenant Sanctum.

The Soul Ash cost for legendaries is as follows: 

  • Rank 1 (item level 190): 1250 Soul Ash
  • Rank 2 (item level 210): 2000 Soul Ash
  • Rank 3 (item level 225): 3200 Soul Ash
  • Rank 4 (item level 235): 5150 Soul Ash

In 9.1, you can now upgrade legendary items to rank 6, but you'll need to collect Soul Cinders to do so This can be obtained from Torghast layers 9-12 and as well as Assaults in the Maw. 

This is the Soul Cinders cost for higher ranks:

  • Rank 5 (item level 249): 1100 Soul Cinders
  • Rank 6 (item level 262): 1650 Soul Cinders

Base items

Base items and their differences

The base armor piece you’ll use is crafted by players and purchasable on the auction house. The item level of the base piece will determine the item level of the legendary you make. It might be tempting to jump right in and buy a Rank 4 base with 235 item level, but remember that it also takes a lot more Soul Ash and/or Soul Cinders to make higher-level legendary items. It’ll take 1,250 Ash to make a level 190 Legendary: That 235 will set you back 5,150. See above for the list of Soul Ash and Soul Cinders costs.

Gear slots

Choosing a slot for your legendary gear

When you find a Recovered Memory of the Runecarver, it will indicate which slots it can be used on. In general, crafting your legendary as armor will give you a larger stat boost than making it as a ring or neck piece, and beefier armor pieces will have larger stat budgets than others.

That’s not always true, however. For some classes, the legendary item is so much better in terms of stats than what can be found on raid gear in a particular slot, so it might be worth crafting even if the total amount of stats on the piece is sub-optimal. If you care enough to truly maximize your results, I recommend using the many simulation tools out there to figure out what the result of one slot versus another would be.

Another thing to consider when choosing slots for your legendary gear is the new power system introduced in 9.1. This Shards of Domination guide should help you work out the best gear slot for your legendary, depending on your armor type.

Crafting and upgrading

Crafting your legendary

When you've obtained the Recovered Memory you want, you will then collect a base item for the slot where it will go, the necessary Soul Ash (and Soul Cinders if you're going for rank 5 or above) and two Missives. Those are player-crafted Inscription items that set which secondary stats the item will have, such as Critical Strike or Versatility.

You’ll have a quest to take all of them to the Runecarver, and he will open up an interface for you that allows you to plunk in all those items and craft your new armor. You can craft as many legendary items as you like, but you can only equip one at a time.

Upgrading your legendary

To upgrade your legendary, you’ll need the existing piece, the new base item at the new item level (which you must purchase again), and the difference in Soul Ash or Soul Cinders between the two. Return to the Runecarver with these and he’ll help you craft a new Legendary at the new item level.

This means that it’s almost always worth crafting Rank 1 of a legendary you plan to use over the long term. You’ll have to buy the higher base item, which will set you back some additional gold, but you won't ever waste any Soul Ash or Cinders, which is the harder currency to obtain.

Sours: https://www.pcgamer.com/best-wow-shadowlands-legendary-crafting/
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How to Craft Legendary items in Shadowlands: A Runecarving Guide


Runecarving Changes in Patch 9.1

  • Runecarving Vessel recipes can be upgraded to higher item levels via a new Optional Reagent slot — Vestige of Origins and Optional Reagents can be accessed by uncovering the secrets of Korthia. Players can use these more powerful Runecarving Vessels to upgrade their existing Legendary gear, or to create new ones.
  • A new Legendary currency — Soul Cinders is now available from completing TorghastLayers 9-12, the Tormentors of Torghast event, and from The Maw Assaults. It can be used to upgrade Legendaries to higher item levels using the new Runecarving Vessels.
  • Many Legendary Powers can now take up additional armor slots.
  • All items granted Legendary Power by the Runecarver in the Helm, Neck, Bracer, Belt, and Ring slots will receive a socket, whether you are creating a brand new item or upgrading an older one.

Legendary Power Changes in Patch 9.1

Many Legendary Powers have been updated and all classes received new Covenant-Specific Legendary Powers Patch 9.1.

Welcome to our guide to crafting Legendary Armor in the Shadowlands. All classes in the new expansion will get access to a vast array of Legendary Powers that you gradually unlock one by one, but you can only have 1 equipped at a time.

You can find out more about Legendary Powers in our separate guide.

In the individual sections of the guide, we explain how to unlock Runecarving, forge Legendary Items, upgrade them, and go through restrictions of the system.

The Runecarver is a mysterious figure locked away in the very depths of Torghast. You must first unlock Torghast and complete a short quest in The Maw to unlock the Runecarver. Once unlocked, you will be able to call on the power of the Runecarver to carve ancient runes on your armor and imbue it with Legendary powers.


You must complete the Deep Within, Ashes of the Tower, and The Final Pieces quests to unlock the Runecarver in Shadowlands.

  • Deep Within requires you to simply talk to the Runecarver.
  • To complete Ashes of the Tower, you must collect 1,250 Soul Ash in Torghast.
  • To finish The Final Pieces, you must acquire a Runecarver Memory, an Armor Rune Vessel suitable to your class, and 2 different Missives.
  • Reawakening (Optional Quest) requires you to go to the Maw, kill a creature and recover a Runecarver's memory. The quest is not mandatory and if you collect a memory from elsewhere, you will be able to start crafting and upgrading Legendary Armor just by completing The Final Pieces.
Runecarver Quests

Where Do I Find the Runecarver?

Enter Torghast at Ve'nari's Refuge in the Maw. The portal is located at the far back of the area.

Torghast Portal

The Portal to the Runecarver's Oubliette is located to the right as you enter the Torghast Antechamber.

Portal to Runecarver

Here is the map of the Runecarver's Oubliette. You must visit the area anytime you want to craft Legendary Armor.

Runecarver's Cell

You can return back to the Torghast Antechamber through the exit portal.

Runecarver's Cell

Crafting Legendary Armor

You need to gather a few materials first, before you can craft your Legendary:

  • A Base Item. These items are created by Blacksmiths, Jewelcrafters, Leatherworkers, and Tailors, and serve as the vessel for Legendary Powers. They are not soulbound, and can be acquired from other players, alts, or bought in the Auction House. There is no requirement that a character has to have a crafting profession to make Legendary Armor. Crafting Legendaries is open to all players as long as you have collected all the necessary reagents.
  • The Legendary Power of your choosing. You must collect the recipe first.
  • Two Missives that dictate the secondary stats (Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, and Versatility) of the crafted Legendary.
  • Soul Ash. This is a new currency found in Torghast that you receive from completing the Twisting Corridors intro questline and various Layers of the two Torghast wings that are active each week.
  • Soul Cinders. A new currency introduced in Patch 9.1 that comes from the new layers.

The crafted Legendary Armor piece will have fixed Primary stats (Intellect, Agility, Stamina, and Strength), based on your class/specialization.

Crafted Legendary Armor Piece

Base Items are blank armor templates to which you can add Legendary Powers through Runecarving.

Blacksmiths, Jewelcrafters, Leatherworkers, and Tailors can create Base Items for the following armor slots — Head, Shoulder, Back, Chest Wrist, Hands, Waist, Legs, Feet.


Base Items have 4 Ranks. The higher their Item Level, the better stats the Legendary Armor piece will have. You can use Vestige of Origins to upgrade Legendary Armor pieces to Rank 6 in Patch 9.1.

For more information about Base Items, please refer to our Base Items Guide.

You will be able to acquire Legendary Power recipes from various sources in Shadowlands. You can find more information in our Legendary Powers guide.

To select specific secondary stats of the crafted Legendary, you will need the following Missives created by Scribes:

Picking Secondary Stats
Picking Secondary Stats 2

The Torghast currency acts as a fuel for crafting Legendary Armor. You can obtain Soul Ash from the Twisting Corridors intro questline, from the available 12 Torghastlayers, Covenant Adventures, and more.

There is no catch-up system implemented for Soul Ash, so make sure to complete your weekly goals to maximize your Soul Ash gains.

Soul Ash

You will find exactly how much Soul Ash you will receive from all the different layers on our page linked below.

Soul Cinders is a new Torghast currency obtained from Layers 9-12, used to upgrade Legendary Armor pieces to Rank 5 and 6 in Patch 9.1.

The exact amount of Soul Ash you receive for clearing the new wings is explained on a separate page.

You can read more about where to obtain Soul Cinders in our separate guide.


Legendary Item Material Costs

Crafting Legendary Armor pieces at higher ranks or upgrading them progressively costs more Soul Ash, up to Rank 4. At Rank 5 and 6, you will also need Soul Cinders in addition to just Soul Ash.

  • Rank 1 costs 1,250 Soul Ash.
  • Rank 2 costs 2,000 Soul Ash.
  • Rank 3 costs 3,200 Soul Ash.
  • Rank 4 costs 5,150 Soul Ash.
  • Rank 5 upgrade costs 5,150 Soul Ash and 1,100 Soul Cinders.
  • Rank 6 upgrade costs 5,150 Soul Ash and 1,650 Soul Cinders.

Upgrading Legendary Items

You can further upgrade existing Legendary Armor at the Runecarver or craft higher ranks directly. Once upgraded, your Legendary item will have better stats, but the Legendary Power effects will not change. It is important to note that you can skip ranks, meaning you can go from Rank 1 to 4.


Legendary Item Upgrade Costs

You need three things to upgrade a Legendary item:

  • A higher rank Base Item;
  • The existing Legendary item you want to upgrade;
  • Additional Soul Ash from Torghast, based on the rank of your current item and the upgrade. Upgrading from a lower rank will give you a discount on the upgrade, but will still cost the same amount of Soul Ash. For example, if you are upgrading from Rank 3 to 4, you already spent 3,200 Soul Ash crafting the Rank 3 Legendary, so the upgrade will only cost 1,950 Soul Ash.
Upgrading Legendary Items

Legendary Items have 6 ranks in Patch 9.1:

  • Rank 1: Item Level 190;
  • Rank 2: Item Level 210;
  • Rank 3: Item Level 225;
  • Rank 4: Item Level 235;
  • Rank 5: Item Level 249;
  • Rank 6: Item Level 262.

Legendary Items and Sockets

All Helm, Neck, Bracer, Belt and Ring Runecarving armor pieces will have an empty socket in Patch 9.1 when it releases.

Upgrading a Legendary item does not removes the socket.

This section contains restrictions that apply to Legendary Armor.

  • Base Items do not exist for the Weapon, Off-Hand, and Trinket slots.
  • You can only wear one Legendary Armor piece at a time.

Best Legendary Powers for Each Spec

The most important aspect of Runecarving is to use the best Legendary Powers for your spec, so you know what to apply to your Legendary items. To help you with that, we have a Best Legendaries guide for all of the specs:

  • 09 Jul. 2021: Updated with Soul Cinders.
  • 30 Jun. 2021: Small adjustments post-release.
  • 29 Jun. 2021: Updated for Chains of Domination.
  • 09 Mar. 2021: Updated for Patch 9.0.5 launch.
  • 22 Jan. 2021: Upgrading Legendaries does not remove existing sockets.
  • 05 Jan. 2021: Updated with sockets section.
  • 28 Dec. 2020: Fixed Soul Ash costs.
  • 24 Dec. 2020: Soul Ash costs for upgrades updated.
  • 21 Dec. 2020: Upgrade cost section added.
  • 20 Dec. 2020: Added Missives to upgrade section.
  • 10 Dec. 2020: Updated for the week of December 8.
  • 01 Dec. 2020: No Soul Ash catch-up is available in Shadowlands.
  • 29 Nov. 2020: Added clarification on crafting higher rank legendaries and Soul Ash from Missions.
  • 19 Nov. 2020: Updated for Shadowlands release with new assets.
  • 18 Nov. 2020: Fixed typo.
  • 12 Nov. 2020: Legendary Powers hub added.
  • 11 Nov. 2020: Slightly reworked ahead of Shadowlands release.
  • 22 Aug. 2020: Added preliminary info about upgrading Legendary items.
  • 08 Aug. 2020: Updated with information about general Legendary powers.
  • 25 Jul. 2020: Updated with new assets of the Runecarver's location and added Druid.
  • 18 Jul. 2020: Guide updated with assets and links to new Legendary Powers.
  • 08 Jul. 2020: Guide added.
Sours: https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/how-to-craft-legendary-items-in-shadowlands-a-runecarving-guide

Legendaries, World of Warcraft’s strongest and most sought-after items, made their return in Shadowlands.

This time around, instead of the long and arduous grind players have come to expect from Blizzard, Legendary items are crafted with the new and easy-to-use Runecarver system.

Max-level players (60) can craft a Legendary of their choice by unlocking and speaking to the Runecarver in Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

Legendary items can be customized through Legendary powers, which are unlocked by collecting Memory of the Runecarver recipes from Shadowlands content.

Legendary powers modify your character, changing the pace and playstyle of your specialization. But only one Legendary power can be equipped at a time. 

Memory of the Runecarver recipes can be acquired through reputation, dungeons, raids, and even Torghast itself. 

To unlock the Runecarver and craft a Legendary, you’ll first have to begin the Torghast introductory quest line. After completing the leveling campaign, reaching level 60, and choosing a Covenant, you’ll be offered a quest that will take you to The Maw. From there, you’ll be introduced to the Runecarver, a giant imprisoned entity that will begin the process of helping you craft a Legendary.

Legendaries require a base item, a set of Missives, Soul Ash, and a Memory of the Runecarver. 

A base item, depending on your class, can be made by Tailors, Leatherworkers, Blacksmiths, or Jewelcrafters. Missives, which determine what stats your Legendary item will have, can be created by Scribes. And Soul Ash can be gathered through completing layers of Torghast. 

When you’re finished making your base item, collecting your Missives, and earning 1,250 Soul Ash, talk to the Runecraver, offer him a Memory of the Runecarver recipe, and he’ll create your Legendary. 

Your first Legendary will be item level 190, but it can be upgraded with a higher item level base item and some extra Soul Ash. To upgrade your Legendary to 210, you’ll need 2,000 Soul Ash. For 225, 3,200 Soul Ash will be required. And for item level 235, you’ll have to get your hands on 5,150 Soul Ash.

If you want to skip the initial stages of the upgrading process and go straight for an item level 235 Legendary, simply make or buy the appropriate base item and collect 5,150 Soul Ash from Torghast.

A new currency called Soul Cinders was introduced to WoW in Patch 9.1 on June 29, 2021, giving you the option to add two more ranks to your Legendary items. Upgrading to rank five (item level 250) costs 400 Soul Cinders and rank six (item level 260) costs 1,650.

Soul Ciders can be found in layer nine (and above) of Torghast, Tower of the Damned. They also drop from weekly Covenant assaults and Adventures, and drop from Tormentor’s Cache from Tormentors of Torghast, an event that runs every two hours in the Maw.

Upgrading your Legendary to rank five should take around a week or two of farming, but rank six could take months.

Blizzard is implementing a Legendary scrapping system in Patch 9.1.5, which is expected to hit the live servers in the next few months. This system will give you the option to destroy an existing legendary in return for Soul Ash or Soul Cinders.

Sours: https://dotesports.com/news/how-to-craft-legendary-items-shadowlands

Crafting shadowlands legendary

How to craft and upgrade Legendary gear in WoW Shadowlands

Legendary gear is back in style for Shadowlands, much like it was during Legion. All classes will have their own Legendaries to choose from, along with a few neutral pieces, and they’ll be key to powering up your character. But getting Legendaries is a bit more complicated than hoping for random drops: you’ll need to gather materials to craft them.

But before we go into how to craft your Legendary gear, a spoiler warning: this post has some spoilers in it because the route to unlocking Legendaries will take us through parts of the Shadowlands storyline and into Torghast. If you want to experience that story for yourself first, go through it then come back here. (If you’re not quite sure when that spoiler warning ends, keep following the main quest campaign once you reach max level. You’ll be introduced to a certain figure who will help you start opening up and adding to your Legendary collection.)

Now for the good stuff: how to get your own Legendaries.

You have to find the Runecarver to craft Legendaries

Once you’ve reached max level, you’ll align with a Covenant and the quest campaign will eventually take you to Torghast. Much of this process also involves unlocking your soulbinds and your conduits, so this is where your character will start getting some pretty big power boosts.

Eventually, you’ll help out Ve’nari, an ally who’s being held within Torghast. She’ll conjure up a portal that teleports you into Torghast, and as you infiltrate the prison you’ll come across the Runecarver who has been trapped here for an extremely long time (quest: Deep Within).

You can’t miss the Runecarver: once you zone into Torghast, just hang a right and you’ll see the entrance to his chamber. Befriend him and he’ll make Legendary gear for you.

How to find Legendary recipes

Before the Runecarver will make you anything, you need a recipe. The first step is to figure out which Legendary power you’re looking for: you can see all available Legendary powers by opening your Adventure Guide and clicking Powers. Here you can use filters to sort by class and spec and look for anything interesting — but unfortunately, it won’t tell you where to acquire these Legendary recipes.

Sources can include vendors, world drops, raid drops, Torghast, dungeons, or even The Great Vault, and our pals at Wowhead have assembled a great list here. Characters have access to 16 Legendary abilities, which vary based on your class and spec (like A Memory of Sephuz’s Proclamation). Of those, there are also eight general abilities that can be used by any class and spec, while the remaining eight include four class-specific Legendaries (like A Memory of Vault and Heavens) and four spec-specific Legendaries (like A Memory of Harmoniuous Apparatus).

These memories of the Runecarver are the actual Legendary recipes, and you’ll need to learn them first before you can create the Legendary you want. Get the memory, bring it back to the Runecarver, and use the recipe to add it to his library. It’s pretty straightforward, but one of his first quests will walk you through that process (quest: Reawakening).

Once the Runecarver has learned a recipe, it’s unlocked account-wide and you can craft the Legendary on any character.

Collecting Legendary crafting components

Once you’ve met the Runecarver and gotten a recipe, you’ll need the right crafting materials to make your Legendaries. Here are the basic components:

  • A base armor item which you will transform into a Legendary item — for example Grim-Veiled Robe from Tailors.
  • 2 Missives, which are sort of like stat scrolls. The stats on your Missives must be different from each other.
  • Soul Ash, a currency found within Torghast.
  • A Legendary recipe.

Every profession has a place in making these Legendaries, but fortunately none of the crafted components are soulbound so you don’t need to have a specific crafting profession to make Legendaries. You can get anything you need from a friendly crafter or the auction house.

Here’s where you’ll get each component

Base armor comes from Tailors, Leatherworkers, Blacksmiths, and Jewelcrafters

Base armor items come from their related armorworking profession. A base cloth item comes from a Tailor; a plate item from a Blacksmith; leather and mail from a Leatherworker; and rings or necks from a Jewelcrafter. These armor pieces can be crafted at different ranks, with higher ranks creating more powerful Legendaries (and requiring more materials to craft):

  • Rank 1: Item Level 190
  • Rank 2: Item Level 210
  • Rank 3: Item Level 225
  • Rank 4: Item Level 235

To craft these items, you’ll need an Enchanter to make components like Enchanted Lightless Silk and Enchanted Elethium Bar.

Missives come from Scribes

Scribes make make stat scrolls which set the secondary stats on Legendaries:

Soul Ash is a new currency

Soul Ash is a Legendary-specific currency that you earn found by completing levels of Torghast. You’ll earn Soul Ash when you finish a layer of Torghast (which consists of six floors) in one of the six wings of Torghast. You can only earn Soul Ash once per week per wing, and every week two wings will be available. As you ascend each layer, the enemies become increasingly challenging, so don’t expect an easy grind. Thankfully, you won’t need keys to get inside, so Soul Ash is the only currency you have to grind.

Higher item level Legendaries will take more Soul Ash, and you can expect to spend weeks earning enough to make the best items.

When you have your Legendary components, actually making the item is pretty easy to do. Have a chat with Mr. Carver (first name Rune) and tell the big guy you’d like to craft a Legendary item. A pretty-self-explanatory interface pops up: choose the base item in the middle slot, choose the Legendary power in the left slot, and choose Missives (stats) in the two right slots.

Hit the craft button and you now have a Legendary item.

How to upgrade Legendary items

As new content gets released, you’ll want to ensure your Legendaries stay competitive and up to date. I mean, can you imagine replacing your Legendary with some random raid item? Ugh!

That’s why the Runecarver offers an upgrade service, which works just like Legendary crafting. Just pick an existing Legendary select a base item that is a higher item level than your original Legendary. That’s all you need! Runecarver will then do his thing and upgrade it.

Enjoy your new Legendary gear!

Updated 12/2/2020

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How to craft LEGENDARIES in Shadowlands - Legendary Crafting and Upgrading Guide WoW 2021

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