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Joy of Independence, MO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15,

Wanted to purchase a recliner. Showed not in store. Tried to order online. Went to purchase and it said unable to complete. Card denied. There was more than enough money in my account. Tried again. Same thing. Tried a third time. Another notice that transaction not accepted. Guess what? Even though "transaction unable to complete", they DID process the initial $ and THEN proceeded to wipe out my checking/debit account!!! Called BG customer service. Said transaction didn't go through but to allow at least 10 days for the funds they held to be released. WHAT? You wipe out my account for not only the initial $ but take out everything from my account on transactions not approved, but I am to wait DAYS, over a get MY money back. This is NOT right. This is clearly an unfair and unjust practice.

I called my bank but can't dispute because its pending charges that has frozen my money. Meanwhile, BG is making money/interest on my money wrongfully taken. I WILL be taking this matter to court. You can't wipe out someone bank account for days and expect them to live. I have bills due. I need groceries. But I can't buy because Big Lots. I will also file complaint with Attorney General and BBB. DON'T DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THESE FRAUDULENT CONARTISTS!!! (5 DAYS LATERMONEY STILL BEING HELD BY BIG LOTS)

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Ruthie of Sanford, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21,

I have bought 5 pieces of furniture from Bog Lots and sadly ALL of them had a defect in some way! Their furniture is garbage and will never buy anything again! I recently bought a $ rollaway bed and it broke down in 3 days!!!! The only good experience I had was buying with Progressive leasing. I’m sure I will buy other things at Big Lots but definitely NOT their furniture.

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Rated with 1 star
Krystal of South Paris, ME Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13,

I looked at all the horrible experience before purchasing a mattress. & I still went to order a $ mattress. First off the customer service sucks. Not only they took forever to ship my mattress out. It arrived drenched in I don’t know what. It wasn’t raining. & the entire side was black like it was rolled to my house from the warehouse. I wasn’t mad at Big Lots knowing it wasn’t their fault. It was the warehouse but when I called to explain that it didn’t just arrive in dirt & mud they also took my mattress instead of leaving it so I can sleep on it! The new mattress was disgusting & destroyed. I called like 5 customer service representative none cared that I didn’t have a bed to sleep on. It's going on 2 weeks. Still waiting on the replacementThis is a Joke! NEVER AGAIN. I’m so happy I tested this out with my bed only. Definitely buying my kid's bed & guest room bed SOMEWHERE else.

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Lisa of Ringgold, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 12,

We went after 2 weeks and ask the associate the status on our furniture and she was very rude!! She was yelling at my husband in front of other customers just because he ask her if it was back yet. She was very rude and unprofessional!!! We will never buy from this Big Lots again. This was the Big Lots store #

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Melanie of Knoxville, TN Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 30,

I made a purchase at my local Big Lots for a mattress to pick up along with some other items. Half of the items were not available so half were being shipped and another half I had to pick up. When my order was marked as ready to be picked up, I drove there to get it. The clerk in the furniture section came out and loaded the mattress along with some pictures on my vehicle. I was parked right at the front door. My boyfriend went in to buy rope and went past a employee saying, "Her card didn't go through" and they started panicking and ran outside.

The clerk then addressed me differently agitated and told me he had to get everything off my vehicle. My payment didn't go through. I was dumbfounded. I asked why. He said I needed to go discuss it with my bank. He made sure there was other employees standing out there watching as he got the stuff off my car. This was embarrassing and the fact that when it said my bed my ready, I threw away my old mattress. So I went home and called my bank, guess what? The payment was on hold. I then accessed Big Lots online help chat and they told me not to worry that the money would be refunded within 2 to three business days. I didn't want to go without a bed so four day later I bought a cheaper bed from somewhere else.

Ten days later I check my account and it says my items are ready to be picked up still. I was furious. I again accessed chat who then gave me a case number. I believe I waited a whole 15 days to receive dollars back into my account. This is not right. I always loved shopping at Big Lots but I felt so downgraded and like my issue didn't matter. I just wanted this to be out there. They need a new process in ordering furniture. I would not have thrown my bed out if it wasn't ready and the fact that my payment did go through and I was treated like that is the topping to it all.

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Alex of Covina, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20,

So I bought online a twin mattress set for my son. It says it was in stock so I bought it even said pick the date and all our information. I paid not even 10 minutes get a email saying it’s cancel. They don’t have it in stock. I’m like what just happen. It said they did have them both in stock so they basically took my money and 10 minutes later telling me both items I just purchased were out of stock? First of all It should of said that online in the first place why take my money? I had similar experience with Macy’s. The only difference Macy’s never took my money. They said, "Sorry we don’t have them items" but never took my money like Big Lots.

Now I have to wait days for my refund and it’s close to a week and still my money is not back in my account. Keeps saying pending only. I honestly don’t recommend anyone shopping online at all. They shouldn’t had taken my money when something it’s out of stock. Now I’m still waiting for my money back cause is close to a week and still nothing. Thinking calling my bank. Taking forever. At this point never again. I’m honestly scare that they did fraud or something. Regardless I’ll be reporting this to my bank, As a Influencer I will be posting about my experience online too. That’s my job.

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Rated with 1 star
Gary of Campbell, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 18,

Bought a brand new recliner along with a sectional about 8 months ago. Have already returned the recliner once. Now the present one has broken and will not work! The mechanism crunches the squirrels have been at work in there. The sectional pads are all sagging and this stuff is just plain garbage! DO NOT BUY FURNITURE FROM THIS PLACE!!!! By the way, my wife and I are not heavy people. She weighs soaking wet, I, !

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Catalina of Herndon, VA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17,

I often go to Big Lots in Sterling, VA to browse and on my last trip. I kept bumping into a man who, as it turns out, was following me around which I found disturbing and then I realized he was probably an employee or security who thought I was going to steal. This is such a demeaning and uncomfortable feeling and I would rather be searched before I leave the store than to be followed around and he was so obvious about it. This is the second Big Lot location where this has happened and being a Hispanic makes me wonder if they are targeting. I don’t know what they think I can fit into my small handbag or shallow jacket pocket but that was my last trip to any Big Lot.

Rated with 1 star
Alma of Madison, TN Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 15,

I have shopped many times at this store. Lately, when my husband and I go in this store, we are being followed around the store like they think we are going to steal something. My husband and I pay for everything we buy in your store. He has normally gone with me when he gets off of work and is still wearing his work clothes. My husband owns a construction business and he has paint or dirt or something from work on his clothes. Just because he has that on his clothes doesn't mean he or I will steal anything. It means he has a job and has the money to buy anything he wants, but maybe we need to spend that money elsewhere.

It is horrible to be followed around by 3 or 4 of your employees just because they have no clue that a shoplifter is not going to look like they work because their only job is shoplifting and you can't get dirty doing that. I sometimes go help my husband work, so I might look like I just left a construction site. He remodels houses, so I go clean or paint or help install trim and fixtures. We are very insulted. I filled out their complaint form and they never even bothered to acknowledge that they received it, so I guess corporate doesn't care that someone who spends a lot of money in their stores won't be spending any money in their stores anymore. The first time they followed us around, we laughed. But when it has been 4 times in a row that we are followed, we have had enough.

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Stacy of Statesboro, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 9,

I bought a love seat from them and was told I could get the matching sofa. Well, they can't find one unless I travel to another state to pick it up by myself. They refused to have it shipped to the store. Now I'm stuck with the love seat and no sofa! I even called customer service at main office and they said I had to go to another state if I wanted the matching sofa.


Broyhill Furniture

Broyhill Furniture is one of the most widely known furniture brands in the country. For several decades, Broyhill Company was a staple in most American furniture stores.

Today, Broyhill has left mid market Furniture stores. Instead, the brand is offered in places like Big Lots and other similar level box stores.

Broyhill Incorporated Company has been sold a few different times. Currently, many people have asked, &#;Is Broyhill Furniture Out of Business?&#;

Broyhill Furniture (as of November ) is still in business. However, they have rebranded their furniture lines and now sell in box stores like Big Lots.

In years past, Broyhill offered mid-level furniture on the retail market. Of course, the company offered decent quality furniture for a good affordable price. So, let’s take a brief look at Broyhill Furniture’s History.

Broyhill Furniture History

Broyhill Furniture history reaches far back over a century ago when the Broyhill Company factories opened in Lenoir, North Carolina in Much of Broyhill’s early success pinned on their quality construction and solid wood furniture.

Vintage Broyhill Furniture

Many of North Carolina’s forests provided the original raw materials for the company’s early bedroom, dining room and living room furniture. At its peak in the ’s, Broyhill employed as many as North Carolinians to build, sand, and finish furniture in over 20 factories.

As the company continued to grow, Broyhill developed many different lines of furniture. They positioned themselves as an everyman’s type of furniture, with a less expensive product than Ethan Allen. Overall, they produced a decent and affordable product in America that made many people very proud to own.

For this reason, we should celebrate Broyhill. Of course, most of us agree in keeping American jobs and producing a quality product.

used Broyhill Furniture

s Broyhill Furniture

However, things started to change in the s. In , Interco purchased Broyhill Furniture, and then later restructured in order to avoid bankruptcy in the s. Broyhill re-emerged as “Furniture Brands International” during that period.

Is Broyhill Furniture Made in the USA?

Up until the s, Broyhill Furniture still held firm to their original values. So, Broyhill Company made the bulk of their products on American Soil. CEO Paul Broyhill made it a point to hire Americans during his tenure until Paul Broyhill put a high emphasis on training people and providing decent jobs for his community.

Furthermore, high quality solid wood furniture dominated the s Broyhill Furniture catalogs. Some customers say that you could still purchase quality wood furniture in the early s.

vintage Broyhill Furniture

During the early s, however, Broyhill Furniture’s outsourced much of its product line in order to compete with dropping prices and changing markets.

Sadly, by , many American plants in Lenoir, North Carolina had to close.

Thus, Broyhill Furniture made after the early s came from Asian countries, not the USA.

Like many other furniture companies, including Pennsylvania House, furniture companies had to compete with cheap furniture coming from Asian manufacturers.

Broyhill Furniture Today

Today, who owns Broyhill Furniture? After all of these mergers and purchases, it is hard to see who exactly owns Broyhill Company.

Of course, in today&#;s world, people really want the name of a company, but not so much what built the brand. In other words, without the American furniture plants, Broyhill really is a diluted brand at this point. However, the name still has power in todays marketing world.

Who Owns Broyhill Furniture?

Furniture Brands International, the name that Broyhill adopted in the ’s, declared bankruptcy in Its assets were purchased by a private-equity firm who reorganized under a new name, Heritage Home Group. This group also subsumed other American Furniture Brands like Henredon and Drexel.

Another group, Authentic Brands Group purchased the Broyhill name with the right to license or manufacture furniture under the brand.

Today, Big Lots offers furniture under the Broyhill name. They offer an attractive line of recliners, sofas, T.V. cabinets and dining room sets at Big Lots.

Vintage Broyhill Furniture

Vintage Broyhill Furniture may be what you are searching for. Of course, anything made by Broyhill before these mergers most likely is an American, solid wood product. So, you may get great quality for an excellent price.

Broyhill vintage sofa

There were several lines of vintage Broyhill Furniture that merit attention. These unique furniture lines by Broyhill include:

  • The Famous Broyhill Attic Heirlooms
  • Fun Broyhill Canyon Ridge
  • Swanky Broyhill Charlestown Square
  • Upscale Broyhill Plantation Manor
  • The Old World inspired, Broyhill Maison Lenoir
  • Broyhill Madison Court
  • And of course, Broyhill Vintage World

The sheer variety of styles offered by Broyhill make Broyhill vintage furniture very diverse! Indeed, you really need to look for the mark inside the drawers in order to identify Broyhill Furniture.

Broyhill Furniture Tags

Of course, you may be partial to Broyhill Attic Heirlooms country style designs. Broyhill Furniture dressers in this style might have wooden knobs and bracket feet.

Or, you may be partial to the Old World styles of Broyhill Maison Lenoir. These French Country inspired designs look great in modern or country homes.

Also, you may like Broyhill Mid Century Modern Furniture. Lines like “Sculptra” offer unique modern lines.

Browse these pages to see current offerings of unique Broyhill vintage Furniture on the market today! Also, please be sure and visit our Broyhill Video Post. Broyhill Furniture, Is it Good Quality?

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6 Money-Savvy Tips for Buying Quality Furniture at Big Lots

Moving into a new home or apartment is an exciting time&#;until you realize that you’re in need of some new furniture. But sometimes, our budget isn’t directly aligned with our needs or our vision. Before long, you may find yourself scouring designer furniture sites, wondering if you’ll ever be able to afford new furniture at all… But before you go down that rabbit hole, remember that there are discount stores like Big Lots that provide quality furniture at an unbelievably low price.. And while Big Lots has a lot to offer, buying discount furniture is just like buying discount clothes: when you have so many options, you’ll need a keen eye to find the pieces that are a real bargain. Here are some things to know to find the best Big Lots furniture for your new home.

So Why Should You Buy Big Lots Furniture?

Big Lots doesn’t just offer low priced furniture, they carry a variety of reputable name brands so you know that you’re getting high quality items. For example, Simmons and Stratford are popular furniture brands that are found at quite a few stores, and Big Lots has the lowest prices much of the time. These furniture pieces &#; like sofas, recliners, and dining sets &#; are all brand new, first quality pieces. Big Lots can offer incredible prices because if another company buys too much of an item, then Big Lots will purchase the extra quantities at a lower price and then pass the savings on to you.

Seasonal Clearance is Worth the Wait at Big Lots

Like the old saying goes, “Timing is everything.” And the saying applies to buying furniture, too. One way to take advantage of the quality products at Big Lots is to wait for the perfect time of year when they are clearing out seasonal merchandise. When it comes to discount furniture, this is especially true at the end of a season, like late summer, when patio furniture is being moved out for holiday merchandise. In July, you might be able to find patio sets (and other summertime items like beach chairs, bird feeders, and plastic drinkware) anywhere from 25% &#; 50% off. In February, you’re likely to find holiday decor and cozy winter pieces available for a huge discount to make room for summer furniture. If you’re really lucky, some Big Lots furniture could even drop to 75% off later in the month to make way for new inventory. However, be warned: if you love something, buy it when you see it. If you wait in hopes that the price will drop even lower, someone else may snatch up your dream piece.

Keep an Eye Out for Big Lots Price Cuts

Big Lots has great quality furniture, but you’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot when you find a sofa or side chair with either a price cut or clearance sign on it. Keep an eye out for those Big Lots weekly ads to monitor their furniture sales and then get ready to pounce when you see that item that you can’t live without. Many times there are limited quantities for Big Lots furniture, so act fast.

To Get the Best Deals, Join BIG Rewards

There is nothing better than getting free money, and BIG rewards is a great way to get rewarded when you’re already planning on buying Big Lots furniture, home goods, and more. By signing up for this free program, you can get the following perks:

  • Earn a $5 reward for every three purchases
  • Earn a $10 Bonus Reward for every $ you spend on Big Lots furniture and patio furniture
  • VIP shopping days (more about this below)
  • Buy More, Save More coupons
  • Annual Birthday Surprise
  • The ability to combine offers and discounts &#; score!

Of course you should go on to read the fine print, but when you need to furnish your new home after you move, this is a great budget-friendly way to do it!

The Best Time to Get a Deal: Big Lots VIP Shopping Days

And speaking of BIG Rewards, VIP Shopping Days happen every April and October. During specified days in these two months, you can get 20% off your entire purchase if you’re a BIG Rewards member. This discount can save you a lot of money off of great quality furniture! For example, 20% off an $ sectional sofa is a savings of $ &#; which means you’ve got $ to finish furnishing your new living room with a storage ottoman, coffee table, or even great side tables.

Or maybe you want to buy yourself a birthday present. You’ll get a 15% off coupon at the beginning of your birthday month that you can use to spoil yourself with other Big Lots furniture like a cozy reclining chair or cute desk.

Don&#;t Forget About In-Store Only Big Lots Furniture

While many quality furniture items are sold solely online, there are also pieces that are only available in Big Lots furniture departments. If you find a couch, dresser, or kitchen table that is perfect for your new home, don’t pass it by just because it won’t fit in your Prius. Call Dolly! Our Dolly Helpers are local pickup truck owners who can take care of all your moving and lifting needs. We&#;re more than happy to meet you at Big Lots to pick up the hefty furniture and deliver it to your home. There’s no need to miss out on a great bargain on Big Lots furniture just because you don’t have a truck &#; just book a Dolly!


Dolly helps you move on your schedule and at an affordable price. Book now and see the difference:


And more takeaways from the Q4 call

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Back in August, Big Lots CEO Bruce Thorn said its Broyhill brand would do $ million in its first year on the retailer’s floor and eventually it could grow into a $1 billion business.

Six months later, one thing has changed. While the value-oriented retailer still sees Broyhill as a $1 billion brand, it appears getting to that number will happen sooner than anticipated. 

Last week, the Columbus, Ohio-based retailer reported fiscal fourth-quarter net income of $ million, or $ per share, up from $ million, or $ per share for the same period a year ago. Sales for the period ended Jan. 30, were up % to $ billion and comparable-store sales increased %.

Despite the pandemic, or, perhaps, because of it, Big Lots posted its best year ever, with adjusted earnings roughly doubling to $ million, or $ per share, from $ million,  or $ per share, a year ago. Net sales for the full year soared % to $ billion and comps jumped %.

Thorn listed off many reasons for the outsized performance on the conference call with the investment community, including the consumer’s greater focus on home during the pandemic, the retailer’s e-commerce inroads and its work to cut costs and improve efficiencies, and Broyhill, the once-bankrupt brand Big Lots acquired a couple of years ago that’s clearly playing a major role.

The line, which launched in the spring, generated more than $ million in first-year sales, far outpacing the retailer’s expectations, “as we firmly believe it is on track to being a $1 billion brand,” Thorn said on the call. 

“Broyhill customers spend twice as much as non-Broyhill customers and 10 times as much as non-furniture customers.” The dynamic has driven up average tickets as well as visit frequency, he added, noting how a third of Broyhill buyers were new to the retailer and half have already come back for another purchase, either in-store or online.

In the fourth quarter, Broyhill had a strong impact on the overall furniture category, which was up 15% over the previous year.  The brand, introduced less than a year ago, represented 17% of the total furniture business, including 30% of upholstery sales, Thorn said. 

What’s more, the brand is more than furniture now. Since the launch, Big Lots has expanded Broyhill to other home areas such as area rugs, sheets and decorative pillows, and the consumer reaction “remains very favorable,” he said. This year, the retailer will go even further, bringing the brand to its housewares and kitchen textiles.

While Broyhill is big and only getting bigger for the retailer, there were plenty of other nuggets presented in the full-year report, explaining the record year and fueling a 7% jump in the stock price last Friday (followed by another nearly 7% gain Monday, up by $ to $ per share). Here a few more takeaways:

Gains are coming despite supply disruption and rocketing freight rates.  In the November-through January fourth quarter, Big Lots saw strong business and traffic in November and January, but softness in December. Thorn still called the December performance “solid,” but added the retailer was “too sold through on our Christmas seasonal” merchandise also impacted by Covid-related stay-at-home orders. 

But since those inventory levels were sold through, Big Lots moved through the holiday period with fewer promotions and markdowns last year vs. the year before, which “significantly mitigated the pressure felt from increased spot freight rates and higher supply chain charges we incurred,” he said. 

E-commerce business booms. E-com and omnichannel sales grew more than % in the fourth quarter. Site traffic was up nearly 40% and conversions more than doubled. 

“Even with our increased demand we were able to offer improved delivery times through two-day shipping, same-day delivery and curbside pickup, all new compared to holiday ,” Thorn said. Asked if furniture was a meaningful part of the mix, Thorn indicated that it was and that items selling online ranged “from an Instacart order that will fit in the back of a trunk all the way up to a Broyhill sectional … that can be delivered same-day” or in two days from one of 47 stores fulfilling online orders.

“We are seeing tremendous interest, along with this home nesting trend, to buy furniture online, so that’s been a nice addition,” he said. 

And while Big Lots is pleased with its online success, Thorn said it still has a long way to go on the omnichannel journey. “This will be a key area for our future investment,” which will include improvements in user experience and omnichannel capabilities, such as ship-to-store and personalization capabilities through expanded use of customer data, customer panels and “more advanced segmentation.”

Big Lots is back in expansion mode. This past year, the 1,store retailer opened a net four stores and was happy with that net growth given it had made the decision at the beginning of the pandemic to defer some openings into this year. The retailer also managed to boost the performance of some poorer performing stores and successfully renegotiated some lease renewals to avoid more closings.

This year, the plan is to open 50 to 60 stores, including about 20 relocations. It also expects to close about 15 stores, which means net new store growth for the year of 15 to 25 units. On the call, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Jonathan Ramsden said a key point to remember “is beyond ‘21, we do expect to continue to accelerate the openings. And we’re hopeful that we can keep … outright closures at a pretty low level, so we can continue to grow that net store count..’ Thorn noted Big Lots will continue to explore new store formats, too.

“Our priority this year is to return to healthy store count growth,” he said. “We were slightly positive for the last two years, but we want t to accelerate.”


Broyhill big table lots

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Broyhill Furniture at BigLots - Shop Home Decor With Me

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