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Doom secrets, collectibles guide: Where to find all hidden secrets, plus Doom Switch differences explained

2016 offered a very pleasant surprise - after a disappointing multiplayer beta, the Doom campaign is so much better than we originally feared. It's that it's frankly been a long time since we had a straight-up, old-school first-person shooter campaign with this much meat on its bones.

It may not be a huge game, but it's got a lot to it, and that includes a plethora of Doom secrets, collectibles, easter eggs, and well-hidden upgrades.

Here we introduce you to our pages to help you locate every classic Doom level, Doomguy model collectible, Automap Station, Field Drone, Elite Guard, Rune Trial, Argent Cell, and more besides.

Plus, with the release of the new Switch version, a run down of the Doom Switch differences you can expect. Spoilers - it's very similar to the PC and console versions, so all our guides below will work just fine.

Our Doom secrets, collectables guides

So what are you looking out for? Doomguy collectibles are just cute little extras which will get you an Achievement/Trophy called "Every Nook and Cranny". The classic Doom levels are recreations of some of the great level designs of past Doom games which are a pure hit of nostalgia. But there's more to many of these hidden secrets than pure completism or curiosity; there are gameplay benefits, too.

Rune Trials, meanwhile, unlock permanent perks for your character. Field Drones unlock powerful weapon mods. Argent Cells upgrade your health, armour or ammo capacity. Automap Stations unlock the full map for each level, and can help you chase down all the other upgrades and collectibles.


Elite Guard corpses reward you with Praetor Points that upgrade your armour. They're all well worth seeking out if you want to stretch your character's capabilities to the fullest.

Doom Switch differences

In late 2017, Doom branched out from PS4, Xbox One and PC to come to handhelds via the Nintendo Switch. It's not the exact same game, but it's surprisingly close, with most of the same features and arenas, and some visual compromises to ensure it runs well on a handheld.

What's different with Switch on Doom:

  • Framerate halved from 60 frames per second to 30 frames per second
  • Resolution maxed out at 720p
  • Some visual compromises to run at the targeted framerate and resolution
  • No SnapMap level editor
  • Multiplayer not available on the physical cartridge - must be downloaded separately

Otherwise, Doom on Switch features the game's full campaign, arcade mode and multiplayer - including all modes and post-release DLC on other versions.

Additional reporting by Matthew Reynolds.


Doom 2016: All Secrets, Classic Map Locations, and Elite Guards

Doom 2016 has been a hit surprise for gamers everywhere. id Software has done such a good job with the game, even hiding hidden secrets that point back to the older Doom games that have made them such a fan-loved company. In this reboot of the demon-slaying series, id has taken careful precautions to give the players everything they want, including a ton of hidden secrets and collectibles to look for as they make their way across the mars installation of the UAC in an attempt to save the universe from Hell's unforgiving forces. Originally this guide was meant to serve as a central hub for all of this information, however, due to the massive amount of items to be found, we decided to group things up more accordingly.

How to Find All 26 Doomguy Collectibles

You can visit our complete guide to all 26 Doomguy models, which features both written and visual guides to help you get started.

How to Find All 13 Classic Maps

We have also pinpointed all 13 Classic Map locations, as well as written a guide on how to find each entrance and its lever so you can unlock these classical gore-filled masterpieces.

Find all 36 Elite Guards

What's more, you can use our complete guide to all 36 Elite Guards to earn yourself all the hidden Praetor Suit upgrade tokens, as well as boost your own arsenal with some nifty and epic upgrades.

For your convenience, we have also left our Level and Level 2 videos up so that you can follow along with us as we showcase the locations of all the secrets and items in those levels. Hopefully we'll have more videos showcasing all the hidden secrets in the game, coming soon.



This first secret can be found just after you reach the door requiring a Blue Keycard. Take the path to the right of the door. Follow it around to find a box that you can climb onto. The Blue Keycard for the door can also be found on a corpse in this area. It is leaning against the box you need to climb on to to claim this secret. Climb on to the box and then jump to the nearby ledge, climbing up to find a toy model of the Doom Marine. Pick it up to claim it.


This Elite Guard can be found just after the Automap machine as you fight your way to turn the power back on. Head down the path to the left of the machine to find this Elite Guard lying against the rockface, dead. Interact with him to claim this upgrade point.


You can unlock the Entryway map for Doom II by locating a door in the world that looks like a hidden panel with white all over it. Then you'll need to look for a lever that is hidden in the environment. These can be fairly tricky to find, so keep your eyes open as you look for it. To find this lever, turn away from the door, and look on your left to spot the lever hidden behind some supports for a nearby platform. Follow the supports around to find an opening that you can enter through.

Once you've opened the door, head inside and kill all the enemies to unlock the full playable level in the Main Menu area of the game.


This Funko style collectible can be found as you make your ascent to the final base location in the game. Look for a cave mouth that sprouts off from the rest of the area, and then follow it around to find this little guy waiting to be picked up near a cliff edge.



This first secret can be found just after you restore power to the area. Turn around as Olivia Pierece drones on about her plans for the future, and head towards the stairs leading back down and away from the area. Jump around halfway down and grab onto the ledge ahead to pull yourself up to a small hidden alcove. Climb into the vent, and follow it through to find a hidden room with an Armor Buff.


This Classic map can be found just after activating, and dropping through the maintenance bay doors. Take out the demons and make your way around the path. After you meat your first Demon Engineer, turn around and head back onto the platform you followed to arrive at the door hiding the Engineer. Look to your right to spot a set of stairs that lead to one of the hidden level doors. 

To find the lever for this door you will need to head back down the stairs, and turn right to head back towards the start of the level. Don't go too far, however. Jump onto the box at the corner of the walkway, and then climb up and make your way out onto the thing platform. Look to your left to spot a ledge you can jump to, and then hop onto it, and climb up to the top to find the lever.

Now head inside and kill the enemies waiting to unlock the full level on the Main Menu.


After you've found the Yellow Keycard, and deactivated the security protocols in the security booth, head back towards the door where you fought the Gore Nest before finding the keycard. Don't go through the door. Look to your right as you head down the hallway to spot a vent access panel that was locked before. Open it, and drop inside. Kill the enemies and then grab this Praetor Token to claim yourself another upgrade point.


From the previous room (because you can't exit it any other way), locate the vent access that you can reach by jumping, and climb up. After you climb up, look for a small crate in one of the darker corners of the hidden area to spot the Plasma Rifle sitting on a crate. Scoop this weapon up to add another wonderful weapon to your arsenal.


Once you have deactivated the security protocol in the security booth, head back into the room where you fought the Gore Nest, and make your way up the elevator, back to the place where you found the Yellow Keycard. You should notice that a door, which was previous locked, is now unlocked. Head inside that door. Don't jump down through the open wall right in front of you. Instead you will want to follow the area around to a dead end. Turn directly around, and you should spot a vent you can crawl into.

Follow the vent and drop into the large room at the very end to find a sealed off room with a Praetor Token. Grab it, and then interact with the panel beside the door to unseal the area.


Make your way through the level until you complete your objective to reallign the satelitte array, and you are told to come to the Vega Terminal for more information. Don't head to Vega just yet, though. Head back out the room with the satelitte controls, and make your way down the elevator. Once outside, take out any enemies that spawned, and then locate the stacked boxes off to your right. Climb up them, and jump to the ledge above, following it to your right until you can turn around and jump to another ledge.

Follow this small ledge a few steps to find an area you can climb on the right side. Climb to the roof of the building, and head straight for the back of the area to find a small alcove hiding this little toy model. Collect it for a nice little fist bump action.


Continue towards the Vega Terminal until you have to activate a panel to unseal and area. Once this happens, turn around and head back into the previous room, and look to your left to find a green-lit door which you can now pass through. Head inside, jump up to the next door, and then kill the demon in the far room to spot an Elite Guard laying against the far wall. Grab it before continuing through the mission.


To find this toy model you will need to head to the Vega Terminal. Once you are standing outside it, turn to your left and spot the stacked crates. Climb up them, and follow the path to a hidden area with this little Doom guy just waiting to be picked up.


It's impossible to miss this Argent Cell, as it is part of the game's story progression. Head inside the Vega Terminal room to be gifted this upgrade item. This will also unlock other Argent Cells in the game's levels, which will allow you to ugprade your Doom Marine even more.

Upgrade your arsenal with the all-new BFG 9000. Not sure where to find it? Let us help.

Find more tips, tricks, and guides in our complete Doom 2016 walkthrough.

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This level occupies the map slot E1M1. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:E1M1.
This level occupies the map slot MAP01. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP01.

E1M1: Hangar

Entry From

Game/Episode Start
Sewers (Xbox only)

E1M1: Hangar (MAP01 in PSX/Saturn/Jaguar/3DO/GBA/32X) is the first map of Knee-Deep in the Dead in Doom. It was designed by John Romero and uses the music track "At Doom's Gate".



At the start, there is a Health Bonus to the left and right of you. Go straight and enter the room to the left, and beware the 4 Shotgun Guys on skill levels 4 and 5. Take their shotguns, including the Security Armor, health and armor potions too. When you are done, leave the room, and head left into the opening, and go through the door.

Kill the 3 Zombiemen in this room, and watch out for the 4 Shotgun Guys on skill levels 4 and 5(a 5th one might even come from the next room so be aware). When this room is empty, collect all the items and ammo here, and go through the opening at the east part of the room.

Kill the Zombieman at the stairs, and collect the 2 Health Bonuses, and go down the stairs. Kill the 3 Shotgun Guys and 2 Zombiemen here, including the 2 Imps on the platform. Get past the zigzag floor to the other side of the room. Before you open the door, check the walls to the right until you find a secret area. In here, go down the stairs and kill the 2 Shotgun Guys on skill levels 4 and 5, and collect the ammo and health here. Go outside and collect the Mega Armor, and go back to the zigzag room, and now go through the door.

Kill the Shotgun Guy, the Imp, and 4 Zombiemen here, and get the health, and go to the exit door. But before you go into the exit room, go back to the zigzag room (again). Remember that platform that had the Imp(s) on it? It's now been lowered. Go into the new room that was behind the platform, and get yourself a shotgun on skill levels 3 and below, with a box of shells and health, and a Shotgun Guy on skill levels 4 and 5. Back up to the north end of the zigzag room and run all the way back to where you grabbed the shotgun. The top-left corner in the room is lowered briefly. Try to catch it. At the top is a small walkway with some health points, armor points, and some shotgun shells. Grab them all (although by this point you are probably full on shells). Drop out of there at the end. Now, go back to the exit door, open it, kill the Imp, grab the items, and hit the exit switch.


  1. In the corridor at the end of the zigzag room, a portion of the west wall is colored differently and has a corpse lying next to it (G). Activate the wall to gain access to the courtyard with the blue armor (sector 68).
    1. This area can also be accessed through a switch on the cube to the right side of the stairs that lead to the armour. It will open a wall next to the windows in the starting room, which unlike the windows is the appropriate height to walk through.
  2. After having entered the dark room with the exit door, return to the zigzag room. The platform with the Imp(s) has now been lowered, yielding access to a secret room (H) containing a shotgun (sector 69).
  3. [Added in version 1.2] After opening secret #2, walk toward the north end of the zigzag room. As you cross the shadow line (I), a lift will lower in the shotgun alcove (J), visible from where you are standing. Run and you can catch it before it goes up. At the end of the hallway is a fake see-through wall, the first such wall in the game (sector 70).
  4. Secret exit [Xbox only]: In secret #1, head to the very east of the courtyard, and then follow the northern wall until it begins to bend northwest. Press on this section of the wall to be taken to the Xbox-exclusive secret level, E1M10: Sewers.


Slime trails may be visible in the following locations (see screenshots below):

  • Viewing the zigzag room from the north entrance.
  • Looking toward the Imp platform from the south end of the zigzag walkway.
  • Entering the hidden area behind the Imp platform, then immediately turning to face the right-hand wall.
  • Standing slightly northwest of the exit door, looking east.

There are 7 known anomalies in this level's REJECT table.

Demo files

  • No monsters, 100% secrets walkthrough (file info)
  • 100% kills, items, and secrets on ITYTD (file info)
  • 100% kills, items, and secrets on HNTR (file info)
  • 100% kills, items, and secrets on HMP (file info)
  • 100% kills, items, and secrets on UV (file info)


Doom (1993) - E1M1 Hangar 4K 60FPS

Doom (1993) - E1M1 Hangar 4K 60FPS

Areas / screenshots

E1M1 start

Start room

E1M1 noHUD

Start room

Security armor in Hanger

The green armor

E1M1 Security Post

Looking back down from the armor platform

E1M1 window

Viewing the courtyard through a window

E1M1 behind computer

Blasting a Sergeant behind the computer room

E1M1 zigzag

Zig-zag room

E1M1 imps

Watch for Imps on balcony

E1M1 exit

Near the exit

E1M1 exit room

The exit room

E1M1 tunnel

Tunnel to courtyard (secret #1)

E1M1 zigzag 2

Zig-zag room from above (secret #3)

Slime trails

E1M1 slimetrail

Approaching the zig-zag room

E1M1 crack

Smaller trail within the zig-zag room

E1M1 exitslimetrail

Slime trail created by the exit sign


Routes and tricks

For a straight speedrun, the simplest path through the map is also the fastest one, and there are no tricks. However, the route through the outdoor area is often used in episode runs since this gives a blue armor (which helps to survive E1M3: Toxin Refinery) and an easy shotgun (needed for E1M2: Nuclear Plant). This takes 3 extra seconds, and is typically avoided in TAS episode runs, wherein a shotgun is instead obtained by taking down a Sergeant in the zigzag room on the fly.

Whereas Doom Done Quick uses the route through the courtyard, Doom Done Quicker uses the TAS route, which Adam Hegyi managed to play in 0:09. According to the text file, it "is an incredibly hard run due to the timeloss inevitable in getting a shotgun and the fact that 0:09 is a borderline time here in any case".

Although 0:09 is human-optimal for UV speed, a built demo in 0:08 has been created by Jonathan Rimmer. The same time has been reached by Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen in no monsters mode. In both cases, strafe 50 is essential.

Because E1M1 is small and sparsely populated, speed records can often be set in pacifist style. (This is more difficult with fast monsters, of course.)

When recording in a style which requires 100% kills, some players use the route through the courtyard because it arouses many of the surrounding monsters sooner, encouraging infighting.

When recording in a style which requires 100% secrets, it is useful to leave one or two enemies alive in the computer room. With luck, you can open secret #2, return to the zigzag room, then step into the shotgun alcove just as a monster walks out of the computer room and triggers the elevator leading to secret #3, saving you several seconds.

Current records

The Compet-N records for the map are:

Miscellaneous demos


The Hangar level is recommended for multiplayerdeathmatch mode for a few key reasons. Given that the Hangar level is the first level of the game, it is one of the more widely played and more people are familiar with it. It also has a good array of weapons in deathmatch mode and is small enough to work well with 4 or fewer players.


Map data


Inspiration and development

In the Doom Bible, the original design document for Doom written by Tom Hall in 1992, the first level of Episode 1 of the game was supposed to be a spaceship hangar called Hangar 2. It is described as fallen to disuse, and now serving as a storage for used up equipment and junk. In one of the rooms the soldiers play cards in their free time. Unlike E1M1 in the released game, this hangar was supposed to be carved into the wall of a canyon. The Doom v0.4 alpha version featured an initial level based on the concept of Hangar 2 as described in the Doom Bible. It was, however, later redesigned to become E2M7:Spawning Vats in the released game.

E1M1 showcased the new capabilities of the Doom engine, such as different height levels that can be reached with the help of stairs or lifts, windows through which you can see outdoor areas and the sky, non-orthogonal walls and environment hazards like the nukage pools.


  • In the Doom95 launcher for Ultimate Doom, the title of this level is misspelled "Hanger". However, the name "Hanger" is actually used as a level name in TNT Evilution.
  • In the first of the Doom novels, titled Knee Deep in the Dead after episode, the protagonist first encounters an Imp in what is recognizably E1M1 from the description. He even discovers Secret 2 and obtains the shotgun.

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Doom Eternal secrets, maps, and locations guide

Doom Eternal scatters secrets and dozens of exploration items throughout every campaign level. Even the mission select menu teases you with a list of hidden collectibles.

Everything listed in Doom Eternal’s exploration menu is an item that you can find in the game world, but not every item is a secret. Here’s how it works:

  • Items like codex entries automatically appear on the Doom Eternal map. You won’t need help finding those because they’re clearly marked and out in the open.
  • Hidden or secret items won’t show up on your map unless you happen to walk nearby. You’ll know you’ve passed by one of these collectibles when you see a white question mark on the map or a large, floating question mark in the game world. Collect it, and you’ll get a “Secret Found” message.

In Polygon’s Doom Eternal guides, we’ll show you how to find the secrets — items like Albums, Cheat Codes, Empyrean Keys, Praetor Suit Points, Secret Encounters, Sentinel Batteries, and Toys. You’ll find maps, locations, and explanations of how to reach every question mark and find every secret in every level of Doom Eternal.

Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

All secrets doom

Doom Eternal secrets: every secret location

Doom Eternal is a big game with tons of secrets hidden throughout. Most are just the secret items hidden throughout all of the levels, which we will provide links to here. I should warn you that the rest of this article contains major spoilers.

Doom Eternal secrets guide

Some are easter eggs to put a smile on your face, while others are game changers. This guide will go over the secrets and unlockables found within Doom Eternal.

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If you are looking for more information about how to unlock the various secrets in the levels, or even on the old-school desktop PC or other easter eggs found in the game, this is the guide for you.

Doom Eternal secrets

Every secret location in Doom Eternal

Much like the classic Doom games, there are a ton of secret items that are hidden all through the game. They're found not just in the levels, but also the "Fortress of Doom" hub. There are an awful lot of them, so it's better to just have a look at the individual levels themselves and see what secrets can be uncovered.

If you are looking for secret collectables for each mission in the game, you can find those in our full secret collectables guides list:

Doom Eternal secrets level guides

How to unlock the PC

The old-school desktop PC in the Doomguy's gaming den has two options to select. The first option allows you to see the installation progress of "something". This is in fact, the original version of Doom, complete with CRT 4:3 aspect ratio.

To unlock classic Doom, you need to collect all 14 cheat code disks. Since these are standard collectables, we figured the best way to let you know where they are is to give you links to their entries within their respective collectable guides.

Doom Eternal cheat code locations

Upon returning to the Fortress of Doom with all the cheat disks, the option to check the installation will now transform into an option to open Doom. This version is Ultimate Doom, as it includes the fourth episode but it looks to be emulated within Doom Eternal.

If you crashed to Windows when attempting to open the classic Doom from the desktop PC, this has now been patched and should now work.

What is the password

The second option on the old-school desktop PC requires you to enter a password. To enter letters, you need to scroll up and down to get the appropriate letters to show. You only need to have the correct letters show to unlock what's behind it.

The password is "FLYNNTAGGART".

Once you've got the password correct, it'll be accepted automatically without the need to press enter. The reward is Doom II: Hell On Earth. It's unclear which version of Doom II this is as there are no obvious tells if it includes any of the add-on levels that were available separately.

Doom Eternal secrets

How to unlock the Unmakyr

Would you like to get one more weapon to add to your arsenal? The Unmakyr is a powerful super weapon that uses the same ammo type as the BFG 9000. To unlock the Unmakyr, you need six Empyrean keys. These are found within the first few missions, behind the Slayer Doors. Since these need well hidden Slayer Keys to unlock, here are links to all the locations for the Slayer Keys in the game.

Slayer Key locations

It doesn't have any weapon mods, but it fires a spread shot that is very powerful. While the BFG still wins in terms of overall damage per shot, the Unmakyr does do a lot of damage to certain enemies very quickly.

Doom Eternal easter eggs

There are various easter eggs in Doom Eternal hidden within Doom Eternal. Here are just a few of the ones we have found so far.

  • The records you collect are displayed in the Fortress of Doom. They are the pictures hanging from the wall and feature tracks from various id Software games. These include Doom, Quake, and Commander Keen. Press E to look at them, then Space to play the music.
  • Several suits can be unlocked using Sentinel Batteries. One is themed on the classic Doomguy suit.
  • In the same room as the toys and desktop PC, there is an adorable painting with the Doom Slayer in it with his pet rabbit Daisy.
  • Daisy can also be found hidden in each level, just hopping around. You, sadly, cannot pet the rabbit.
  • The third mission - Cultist Base - has a couple of Commander Keen enemies, known as the Dopefish, hidden around the level. Destroying them with explosions from mines or gunshots rewards you with 1-Ups. One is found just after unlocking the first Cultist door if you head right and jump down to the lower ledge. Swing on the monkey bars and you should see a wall with a green monster sticking out of the frozen ice.
  • Standing in lava damages you slowly rather than instantly killing you, but if you run out of lives, there is a rather obvious nod to the Terminator films that happens.
  • The books on the bookshelf have references to literary works and games, including a rather obscure Daikatana reference. This is also where you find a reference to the Doom books in the novel "RET-CONNED: The Life And Times Of Flynn Taggart".
  • The comics strewn throughout the Doomguy's gaming room have "Taggart Comics Group" on them, another reference to Flynn Taggart.

Those are all of the secrets that we know of so far in Doom Eternal. Have a look at our guides for Doom Eternal to learn more about weapons, upgrades, and even how to get the best performance from your PC gaming rig for the game.

Doom Eternal Mars Core collectbales

Doom Eternal guides series

The Ultimate Doom all secrets in all maps. Part 1/4

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