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An In-Depth Look At The Evolution Of The Chevy Logo

Chevrolet has been a founding pillar of the American Automobile Revolution and has aptly become one of the most prominent household car manufacturers from the USA and has made some of America's greatest cars. It is backed by General Motors which also owns Buick, Cadillac, and GMC. Chevy, as it is informally and widely referred to as, was founded by William C.Durant and Louis Chevrolet in 1911.

It's not surprising for an automaker this old to have lots of interesting stories that have amassed over time regarding various attributes. Chevy also has a fair share of interesting instances, from famous management face-offs to toughed-out rivalries that even continues to date.

But the most debated and interesting piece of history is of a very small yet crucial element of the automaker. The first thing that comes to a person's mind when we think of a car manufacturer. Yes, we are referring to the iconic bowtie logo that has now become a staple across the world to identify a Chevy. As simple as it looks now, the bow-tie logo used in Chevy cars and trucks, across 120 countries has a very quirky and disputed history.

We have simplified down the mysterious history of Chevrolet's bowtie Logo and also put down a brief on its evolution

What Is The Story Behind The Bowtie Logo Of Chevrolet?

As suspected from a company this old, there have been various iterations on how the now well-known bowtie emblem of Chevy came into being. Each one of these theories is believable and thus has been the center of the debate over the years regarding its origin. We have compiled together three of the most famous and widely believed ones.

The first bowtie logo of Chevrolet was introduced in 1913 and its origin story connected to Paris is the most widely-believed one to date. In this instance, William C. Durant an avid traveler was on a visit to Paris. During this, he was very much awestruck by a particular design on the hotel wallpaper. This story states that he tore a piece of this pattern and brought it back home. This piece of design is what inspired him to conceptualize Chevy's bowtie logo.

Despite Paris being the most famous theory, William C. Durant's daughter has a different take on the origin altogether. She quoted that her father was not inspired from an overseas trip, but their very own kitchen. According to her, he had a habit of doodling on the dinner table and one fine day he happened to strike upon the design that he deemed worthy.

Another theory has been pitched in by Durant's widow who claims that he got a hefty amount of inspiration for the Chevy's bowtie logo from a newspaper ad for the "Coalettes". It was a particular product made by the Southern Compressed Coal company. She makes this claim because the Coalettes logo was a slanted bow-toe and in fact after some tinkering, it has been confirmed to be a lot similar to that of the initial Chevy bowtie.

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1911: Chevy’s First Logo Wasn’t Even A Bowtie

This logo was derived from the signature of the founder Louis Chevrolet and was laid out in a bold blacked-out handwritten format. This logo was in use for a short period from 1911 to 1914.

1913: The Original Bowtie Logo Is Formed

It was in 1913 that the famous bowtie logo was created and also spun up the many origin stories that we hear now. This was the beginning of an iconic identification for one of America's oldest automakers. Chevrolet was subtle with the first logo as it was composed of light blue and white with gold borders. "Chevrolet" was written along the horizontal line and this logo was in use till 1934.

1934: The Bowtie Goes Monochrome

Chevrolet ditched the light-colored theme and went with a monochrome layout with "Chevrolet" now written in a more modern font. The letters were bigger and gave it a more serious look as compared to the earlier blue one. This logo was in use until 1940.

1940: Chevy Decides To Go Colorful, Again

In 1940, Chevrolet decided to come back to the blue-gold combination but this time they brought about a design change with a more flat design. The colors were punchier and gave off a youthful vibe. The gold frame was now chunkier and only present around the outside of the cross. This logo was in use until 1957.

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1957: The Quirkiest Bowtie To Date

This has to be the quirkiest logo that Chevrolet has ever created. For starters, it was red with a huge oval layer inside where the bowtie was placed. White was used to highlight the inside of the bowtie but the lettering was also red. No concrete evidence on why this radical change happened but some historians say that it might have been to highlight Chevy's performance. This logo was short-lived and was phased out in 1960.

1960: Chevy Makes A Minimal Bowtie

Chevrolet yet again decided to go monochrome and thus came up with the most minimal logo. The bowtie was composed of thinner lines, the wording had an italic stance, and it finished in black. This logo went on for a longer period from 1960 to 1977.

1977: The Bowtie Gets A Few Aesthetic Updates

Chevy went back to blue again but this time took inspiration from its last logo and had made a thin white border on the inside of the bowtie. "Chevrolet" was now smaller and was positioned at the center of the logo in both directions.

1985: Chevy Makes The Bowtie Into A Singular Emblem

This is the turning point for the bowtie logo and came to be the first-ever iteration of the current logo that we are so familiar with. It was also the most dramatic change with the logo gaining widespread recognition through their first television ads. Chevy ditched the lettering on the inside and the logo ended up being their first-ever single emblem logo as well. This particular iteration of the logo went for 15 years.

2000: The Bowtie Goes 3D

Chevrolet went red again in 2000 but this time they stuck to a subtle design based on the singular emblem. The flat design was gone and they introduced a 3D layout finished in a combination of red. This can be slated as the modern minimal version of the monochrome that came out in the 60s.

2004: Chevy Starts Using “Gold” For Its Bowtie

Chevy started using gold in the bowtie emblem from 2004. This was a very different take on the company's approach to giving bright and quirky layers to their logo. But this different take now plays a very important role as this golden bowtie. It highlighted Chevy as one of the most recognized logos in the world; it remained the corporate logo that went on until 2011.

2011: Chevy’s Modern Bowtie As We Know Today Was Introduced

In 2011, Chevy tweaked the well-received golden bowtie design and gave it a thicker silver border. The gold-laden portion also received a patterned look and it was introduced to celebrate Chevrolet's 100th anniversary. An automaker that has churned out millions of cars over the years and thousands of models, some of which might even be alien for you. This remains the corporate logo to date as well. Chevy also has a performance-oriented emblem that goes on the Corvette, which is a cross-flagged logo and has a history of its own as well.

Chevy has done a few subtle tweaks for their iteration of this logo that all of its cars flaunt around the world. The differences are minimal and have been done to go well with the contoured surface or front grille of the cars. Other than the angular approach, the logo remains the same and one of the most recognized ones in the world.

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10 Classic Chevrolet Emblems We Love

Sporting a distinctive emblem can set your custom classic apart from the rest. Here are a few of our favorite classic Chevy emblems to inspire you.

1. 55 Chevy Hood Emblem

Though nobody knows for sure, legend has it William Durant, co-founder of Chevrolet, saw the distinctive bowtie emblem on a wallpaper in France. He tore off a piece and later used it for Chevrolet. Today, the logo is easily recognized and is immortalized in emblems like this one for a 1955 Chevy. And if you ask us, it hasn't aged a bit.

55 Hood Emblem

55 Hood


2. Malibu Emblem

Did you know the Malibu began as a trim level for the Chevelle? It wasn't until 1978 that the Malibu was given its own nameplate, but we still have these classic emblems to recall those first years.

64 Malibu QP Emblem

64 Malibu


3. 1969 Camaro Rear Emblem

The 1969 Camaro was the last year of the first generation and is arguably the most popular of the lot. Whatever Camaro you drive, this rear emblem ties together the classic look.

69 Camaro Emblem

69 Camaro Rear


4. 396 Fender Emblem

The "396" in these fender emblems refer to the 396 cu in, 6.5L V8 big-block engine available in first-generation Camaros.

396 Emblem

396 Camaro


5. Chevelle Fender Emblem

Though fans of the Chevelle say its 10-year production run wasn't nearly enough, you can still dress up the fender of this classic with a polished emblem as shown here.

Chevelle V Emblem

Chevelle Fender


6. SS Emblem

The SS was Chevrolet's signature of performance models, and its emblem looked pretty dang good too.

Impala 61 SS Emblem

Impala SS 61


7. Impala Fender Emblem

When the SS Impala debuted in 1961, it was a true performance car that could get up to 405 hp. This emblem harkens back to days when Impalas had a little more muscle in them and looked just as sleek.

Impala SS 67 EmblemImpala SS 67


8. Longhorn Bed Side Emblem

When Chevrolet debuted the Longhorn truck in 1968, it featured a bed that was 8 inches longer than normal. Along with the extra space came a lot of style, and you can capture some of the original spirit with this classic emblem.

Longhorn EmblemLonghorn Truck


9. Rally Sport Fender Emblems

40,977 Camaro Rally Sports were built in 1968, and they all sported this sleek fender emblem.

Camaro Rally Spt EmblemCamaro Rally Spt


10. Yenko Fender Emblem

A "Yenko" was a specially modified Camaro built by Yenko Chevrolet in Pennsylvania. The resulting muscle has become stuff of legends, and if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one, make sure it has the matching emblem to go along with it.

Yenko EmblemYenko QP

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Chevrolet Logo

Chevy Logo

Chevy Logo Meaning and History

Chevrolet Logo history

Chevrolet vehicles have been associated with the famous bowtie emblem since 1914, which makes it one of the longest-standing logos in the world. But how did it originate?

Old Chevrolet Logo

The first Chevrolet cars bore a rather simple signature of the founder, Louis Chevrolet. However, the company was looking for an eye-catching emblem that would propel the brand to success and it didn’t take them long to introduce the cross-like bowtie logo. However, there is no single confirmed theory explaining the origin of the emblem.

According to the company’s co-founder, William C. Durant, he found inspiration in a wallpaper design while staying at a Parisian hotel.

Yet, his family members disapproved of this theory as his daughter stated that Durant had designed a sketch of the logo while having a family dinner. His widow suggested he had found an attractive logo in a newspaper back in 1912 while being on holiday in Virginia. That logo, shaped as a bowtie, was the base for Chevrolet sign. The original newspaper was never found to prove this theory though.

Old Chevy Logo

Another version relates the iconic logo to the national roots of Louis Chevrolet. He was born to French parents in Switzerland and might have taken inspiration from the Swiss flag to create his own cross-like emblem. Anyway, the iconic Chevrolet logo was introduced in 1914 and has never left the american car company’s vehicles since then. Through late 1970s it was designed in black and white colors and bore Chevrolet name inside. The logo was painted blue in 1978 but held on to the inscription till 2000 when another change of color occurred. The millennium emblem was designed in different shades of gold color, symbolized enthusiasm, paired with excellence and stood out among other car logos.

Chevrolet logo

The latest update, introduced in 2011 to commemorate the company’s centennial anniversary, saw the logo turn more vivid and get attractive polish.

Chevy Logo Description

Chevrolet Emblem

Chevrolet has one of the most recognizable logos in the world and it has changed little through the history. It is often described as a cross and is known in North America as a bowtie. However, despite featuring two intersecting patterns, the logo has little to do with both cross and bowtie. The horizontal parallelepiped is overlapped by the square to form a cross-like figure. It is painted yellow and gold and is easily associated with one of the biggest car brands.

Shape of the Chevrolet Symbol

Chevrolet Symbol

Chevy logo’s shape has remained virtually intact since 1914, giving the idea of consistency, tradition and recognizable image to the customers over the decades. Commonly known as ‘The bowtie’, the logo basically features two thick stripes, overlapping each other in the shape of a cross. The horizontal bar that used to bear the name of the company on earlier versions is designed as a rhomboid.

Color of the Chevrolet Emblem

Chevrolet Car Emblem

The famous Chevrolet logo is designed in gold and yellow colors, decorated with a silver border. Such vivid colors stand out the brand’s logo and call for enthusiasm and strength. The company’s name beneath the logo is written in black letters. Yet, the present colors have only been used since the beginning of the 21th century. Before that, the emblem used to be black and white or blue.

Chevy Logo and Emblem

Chevrolet Company Logo

Chevy Car Logo

Chevy Car Symbol

Chevy Emblem

Chevrolet emblem

Chevrolet Corvette logo

Chevy Corvette emblem

Official Chevrolet website: www.chevrolet.com

Sours: https://car-brand-names.com/chevrolet-logo/

Logos old chevy

As one of the biggest names in the automotive business, Chevrolet has long been known for its trustworthy and dependable vehicles. For this reason, the Chevy logo speaks of the brand’s reputation, in addition to being a branding and marketing tool.

The story behind the famed Chevrolet logo is a bit mysterious though. But out of its vague history and storied past, we bring you these seven interesting facts about the Chevy logo, its backstory, and its evolution over the years. Save these fun facts for trivia night or simply impress your friends the next time you hit up your local coffee and cars.

Who Designed the Chevy Logo?

Chevy Emblem Designer William C Durant

Four different stories exist about the possible origin of the Chevy logo, and it is difficult to pinpoint the exact point in time that it was created. However, we do know for a fact that one of the forefathers of Chevrolet (and the car industry as we know it) — William C. Durant — did, in fact, design the famed bowtie logo.

William C. Durant was a man of many virtues. Not only did he help start one of the biggest automotive companies of all time (GM, Chevy), he was also an avid graphic designer. Though he was not necessarily a designer by trade, he loved to create unique logos for his products. The Chevy emblem may have been his biggest achievement in that regard.

Chevy Emblem original

Durant introduced the Chevy logo in 1913 to much acclaim. However, the original emblem was not identical to the one found on today’s Chevy cars. It had Chevrolet lettering across a stylized blue cross with white edges. It was not until 1914 that the logo landed on an actual car (more on that later).

Interestingly enough, 105 years since its inception, we have four different accounts about how Durant came up with the Chevrolet logo. All four of these stories are interesting, but likely only one is true. 

What Does the Chevy Emblem Mean?

To answer this question, we have to dig a bit into the stories about the origin of the Chevy logo. I’ll start with the official one published in the 50 Year Anniversary issue of The Chevrolet Story, printed in 1961. This official record repeats a story that Durant himself acknowledged years before — that the inspiration for the Chevy logo came from a pattern Durant noticed on wallpaper in a Parisian hotel:

“It originated in Durant’s imagination when, as a world traveler in 1908, he saw the pattern marching off into infinity as a design on wallpaper in a French hotel. He tore off a piece of the wallpaper and kept it to show friends with the thought that it would make a good nameplate for a car.”

The second theory about the emblem’s origins is equally intriguing. As it turns out, Durant’s daughter, Margery, published a book called My Father in 1929. In it, she wrote, “I think it was between the soup and the fried chicken one night that he sketched out the design that is used on the Chevrolet car to this day.”

The third theory can hold some ground too. Louis Chevrolet, the founding father of Chevy, was actually born in Switzerland and some theorize that the Chevy logo is actually a stylized version of the cross on the Swiss flag. Finally, the fourth theory suggests that Durant took inspiration from the Coalettes logo, a refined coal product produced by the Southern Compressed Coal Company. 

Considering all four stories, the meaning behind the Chevy bowtie is a bit vague, but the last story does seem the most plausible one, and I will explain why in a minute.

Why is the Chevy Logo Called a Bowtie?

Chevy logo gold

The answer to this question, for some, is obvious at first glance. To be frank, the design of the Chevy logo does very obviously does resemble a bowtie. However, it also looks like a cross, some kind of a propeller, or a shield, in its latest iterations. Despite looking like plenty of other things, the “bowtie” nickname has stuck for years. It was used all the way back before World War II and it became a sort of an adjective to describe the car, adding to Chevrolet lore. 

What Was the First Car With the Chevrolet Logo?

1914 Chevrolet H-2 Royal Mail Roadster

The very first car to receive the famed Chevy logo was a 1914 Chevrolet H-2 Royal Mail Roadster. This car was essentially an alternative to the Ford Model T. However, it came standard with a speedometer, and one could even have it with an electric starter — a really nifty feature back in the day.

As the first car by Chevrolet under W.C. Durant, the H series automobiles were rather popular and were produced as a 4-door, 5-passenger touring car, or a cool-looking roadster. If you look closely, you can spot that Chevy logo on the front of the Royal Mail Roadster. 

Which Story About the Origin of the Chevy Logo is True?

Chevy Emblem Coalettes

As mentioned earlier, there are four different stories about the origins of the Chevy logo. We’ve narrowed down these stories to the unofficial gearheads’ consensus: one of the two stories below is the truth.  Perhaps, even both are true, in a way.

William C. Durant did actually confirm that he was inspired to create the Chevy logo in a Parisian hotel. He took a piece of wallpaper with a print of the recognizable pattern with him. Later on, the emblem landed on a trio of 1914 cars.

However, the other story may still hold merit due to some previously undisclosed information.

Back in 1986, Chevrolet Pro Management Magazine published an interview with Durant’s widow, Catherine. In the interview, she recounted something important about the Chevy bowtie emblem.

Apparently, while visiting Hot Springs, Virginia in 1912, Durant was reading the newspaper in their hotel room when he stumbled upon a design strangely similar to what we now know as the Chevy logo.

“I think this would be a very good emblem for the Chevrolet,” he said.

It turns out that the newspaper he was reading was The Constitution newspaper, published in Atlanta on November 12, 1911. He noticed an advertisement by the Southern Compressed Coal Company for “Coalettes” — a fuel product for making fires. The Coalettes logo, as you can see, is incredibly similar to the Chevrolet logo.

So, with all the facts laid out, I will go out on a limb here and guess that Durant probably used the Coalettes logo as inspiration. I will also say, however, that it is entirely possible that he was inspired by the exact same design years earlier and thousands of miles away. Perhaps the Coalettes logo was merely a refresher for him. Who says only one of the origin stories is true? Perhaps they are all tales from the same narrative.

Chevy Logo Evolution: The Past 100+ Years

Chevy logo evolution

As the brand evolved, the Chevy logo could not have remained exactly the same. In fact, the golden Chevy bowtie we are accustomed to isn’t all that old. In their official statement on the evolution of the emblem, Chevy notes:

“Many variations in coloring and detail of the Chevrolet bowtie have come and gone over the decades since its introduction in late 1913, but the essential shape has never changed. In 2004, Chevrolet began to phase in the gold bowtie that today serves as the brand identity for all of its cars and trucks marketed globally. The move reinforced the strength of what was already one of the most-recognized automotive emblems in the world.”

From then until now, the polished bowtie has become one of the most symbolic automotive logos ever produced, emblazoned across some of the nation’s favorite vehicles, such as the Chevy Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette, and Camaro. Few other logos command as much authority as the Chevy bowtie.

What Does the Color of the Chevy Logo Mean?

Chevy Emblem Black

In today’s market, manufacturers frequently reimagine the style of their vehicles with each year model — and this includes badges. In that regard, the Chevy logo has seen a number of interesting evolutions since its inception, and today, you can choose between several different versions with their straight-from-the-production-line cars.

The gold bow tie logo comes standard on Chevy’s most common production vehicles. The blackout Chevy logo is usually seen on the upgraded trim packages. And, interestingly, there is also a black Chevy logo that is actually hollow.

Dubbed the Flowtie, it initially debuted on the Z/28 Camaro after Chevy’s engineering team found that the emblem actually pushed air away from the radiator, so they made it hollow! Talk about fashion meets function.
2021 Colorado ZR2 front grille
And not all new Chevys put the bow tie front and center. Notably, Chevy’s ZR2 package adds an off-road appearance package that emblazons a blacked-out “Chevrolet” across the grille with a smaller silver bowtie offset to one side.

Chevy Logo: Always Evolving

Chevy is sure to continue iterating on the iconic bow tie logo as the brand continues to evolve. From its storied history to its instant brand recognition, this is one automotive logo that hit the mark. Where Chevy takes it from here, only time will tell.

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Chevy Bowtie Installation DIY Video

Chevrolet logo

Chevrolet car logo

Meaning and History

The date of the 3d of November 1991 is generally accepted as the day of the Chevrolet company foundation.

Thus, the car racer Louie Chevrolet and William Durant founded a new company for motor vehicle manufacturing. Louie Chevrolet personally designed the first car of the make. The car was fitted with an engine of 30 hp and a simple three-step gearbox. This model Classic Six did not get traction due to its high cost.

Chevrolet logo history

Further, Durant staked on cheaper and simpler cars. The car Baby Grand with its four cylinders` engine and the sport car Royal Mail were produced. In 1914, Baby Grand got the worldwide known Chevrolet logo for the first time. These cars were rather popular.


Two years after the production of its first successful cars, Chevrolet created its masterpiece. Chevrolet-490 earned a great fame to the company. It was manufactured from 1916 to 1922.

In 1918, the Chevrolet Company bought the controlling block of shares of GM. Within the next 12 years, its cars had sales success.

In 1967, the third generation of Chevrolet Impala, which was produced during the next 10 years and still has popularity, rolled off the production line.

Chevrolet logo images

The iconic car Chevrolet Camaro SS was produced in 1967. In its starting completeness, this auto was just luxury. The engine per 6.7 liters was installed, which gave the increase in power up to 325 hp.


classic chevrolet logo

The Chevrolet logo is a unique shining cross in traditional metallic tints. Mr. Durant first showed it in 1913.

While some credit Mr. Louis as its sole author, who incorporated the Swiss cross in his design, the others admit that it was actually Durant who created the Chevrolet symbol, taking inspiration from a lovely wallpaper, which he had seen in a hotel in France.

chevrolet logo black

Sometimes referred to as the “Chevy bowtie,” the bow is orthogonally placed over the company’s name. The Chevrolet logo is known worldwide for its unrivaled creativity, simplicity, and clarity.



The Chevrolet symbol is undoubtedly one of the most popular, memorable and instantly recognizable logos in the automobile history.

In all the history of its existence, this make manufactured various cars. Both ups and downs of the make took place, there were interesting and unsuccessful solutions and names of cars, but in any case – the make Chevrolet is really considered one of the best in the world of car manufacturers.


Chevrolet Emblem

The Chevrolet emblem has yellow, gold, silver and black tints. All these colors mean the company’s rich heritage, ingenuity, grace, and passion. The Chevrolet emblem has a custom typeface.


The make Chevrolet does not lose positions in the market. Moreover, it expands to a vast number of countries and their markets and occupies precisely those niches, towards which the constructors and the engineers were oriented during the creation of cars. Inexpensive autos for a middle class, courtesy cars for governments, and even the rare rarity cars of the make Chevrolet have great popularity today as well.

chevrolet camaro logo

Sours: https://listcarbrands.com/chevrolet-logo/

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Chevrolet-Bowtie-Evolution-mediumTo celebrate the 100th anniversary of its famous “bowtie” logo, Chevrolet has released a cool graphic and a ton of photos charting the symbol’s evolution, along with a bit of official history.

The 1914 Royal Mail is the first vehicle to bear the Chevy bowtie.The 1914 Royal Mail is the first vehicle to bear the Chevy bowtie.

According to the automaker, the Chevy bowtie was introduced in 1913 by co-founder William C. Durant on the 1914 Chevrolet H-2 Royal Mail and the H-4 Baby Grand. The logo was placed at the front and center of both models. Since then it has adorned 215 million Chevrolet vehicles.

However, while we have a certain date of its first appearance, the logo’s origins are rather murky. Chevy says that one theory is that Durant was inspired by the wallpaper design during a stay at a hotel in Paris.

Then there’s the explanation offered by Durant’s daughter Margery in her 1929 book MyFather. She wrote that the design was an original design of her father’s, explaining that he would doodle nameplate designs on pieces of paper at the dinner table. “I think it was between the soup and the fried chicken one night that he sketched out the design that is used on the Chevrolet car to this day,” she wrote.

However, Durant’s widow Catherine disagrees, saying that the logo was inspired by a design from a newspaper ad in Hot Springs, Virginia. According to Catherine, William Durant exclaimed, “I think this would be a very good emblem for the Chevrolet.”

Thanks to recently discovered evidence, the final theory seems like the most likely. Ken Kaufmann, historian and editor of The Chevrolet Review, found an ad from the Southern Compressed Coal Company in the November 12, 1911 edition of The Atlanta Constitution. The ad was for “Coalettes,” a refined fuel product for fires and the product’s logo had a slanted bowtie form similar to the shape that would become the Chevrolet icon.

Regardless of its origin, the Chevy bowtie is a world-renowned brand now. Throughout the years, the design has undergone several minor changes to make it appear more current. The “Chevrolet” word mark was once present and then it was taken out. It’s put on weight only to lose it, and it’s even been surrounded by other shapes. Track its complete evolution below.

The original 1913 Chevrolet BowtieThe original 1913 Chevrolet BowtieCloseup of the 1914 Royal Mail’s grille and the bowtie.Closeup of the 1914 Royal Mail’s grille and the bowtie.The second iteration of the bowtie from 1936.The second iteration of the bowtie from 1936.1936 Chevrolet Standard sedan1936 Chevrolet Standard sedan1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster1955 Chevrolet BelAir1955 Chevrolet BelAir1969 Camaro SS1969 Camaro SS1974 Chevrolet Impala1974 Chevrolet Impala1995 Chevrolet Blazer LS1995 Chevrolet Blazer LS2014 Camaro SS2014 Camaro SS
Sours: https://www.equipmentworld.com/equipment/article/14952248/trace-the-100-year-evolution-of-chevrolets-bowtie-logo-and-the-vehicles-it-has-adorned-gallery

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