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Hauling Toys: Dirt Bikes

Growing up in San Diego, California, means there are many sunny days perfect for getting outdoors. And for me, that means dirt biking. My dad, Chris, taught me the basics when I first got into it around eight years old, and I learned how to ride on Kawasaki KLX 110.

I’ve always loved all kinds of sports, but nothing else compares to the thrill I get twisting the throttle of a bike and going fast. Some of my first riding trips were out in Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area, two hours outside of San Diego. I started on a quad bike, getting used to handling on flat and dusty trails. Eventually, I graduated to a small dirt bike and started testing out the little mountain trails in Moreno Valley and at my grandfather’s house. But as I got older and started testing the waters at motocross tracks, I found that it’s my favorite way to ride. With sharper twists and turns, track bikes have a narrower gear ratio, less shielding and more raw power. On the track, what you give up in terms of unpredictable trail conditions, you make up for in speed. 

I’m lucky that my family supports and shares my biggest hobby. My parents own a 2014 Jayco Octane T26YToy Hauler, which we use for dirt biking trips with friends and other families. The trailer is a good 26-feet, which leaves lots of room for packing up multiple motorcycles, ice chests and food for a crowd. It sleeps eight people, great for taking friends out to far-flung trails where we can all camp comfortably overnight. So far, we’ve taken it out to Glamis, Ocotillo, Stoddard Wells and even our local campsites in Southern California, where we use it as a place to crash during day trips. 



Happy little boy

Searched around for a few weeks trying to find the best starter bike for my son, I'm glad I purchased one from Xtreme Toys. Really happy with the service/ delivery and the bike is absolutely brilliant. I ended up choosing the electric Pro-Rider for my 5 year old son. We put it on the lowest speed setting for the first day to get him used to it, now he's confident on mid speed. The battery lasts surprisingly long, around a full day when he's on and off of it whilst playing out. Would recommend... very satisfied customer + happy little boy :)



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Toy haulers are definitely one of the most versatile motorhomes you can buy.

There is a toy hauler for every purpose, but most people want one because of the outdoor toys they can haul.

There are thousands of different toy haulers available, so when you’re looking for one that can cart your dirt bike to your next adventure, it can be challenging to choose the best one.

After looking through the options available from the many different motorhome brands, we have found three models that we believe are perfect for people who want to take their dirt bikes with them on holiday or while traveling:

2 Great Toy Haulers that can haul Dirt Bikes and Sleep Six People:

Having a toy hauler opens up a world of opportunities as they can take you on more adventures than other motorhomes.

If you are someone who thoroughly enjoys hopping from destination to destination with your outdoor toys like your dirt bikes, you could be on the lookout for a new motorhome investment.

If this is the case, you should look at the two different toy haulers that we have found below, perfect for those who own dirt bikes. Additionally, both of the options we have presented can sleep up to six people, which is ideal for looking for space or numerous sleeping accommodations for your family or friends.

Furthermore, to help you narrow your search time, we have also included the sizing, weight limits, pricing, and features each of the below toy haulers possesses.

1. 2021 Forest River Shockwave T24RQMX (~$46,000)

Many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy having a toy hauler that is rugged and durable.

The 2021 Forest River Shockwave T24RQMX is both of those things while still providing occupants with an outdoor patio feature that allows you to bask in the serenity of nature while on holiday. The patio area is fully enclosed, which provides safety to those who want to relax in the outdoors away from animals and critters.

This model is 30 feet and 8 inches long with a cargo area of 13 feet and 9 inches and a cargo-carrying capacity of 2,757 pounds. This large cargo space provides enough space for you to safely haul your dirt bikes and other outdoor equipment you might need for your next adventure.

As long as your cargo weighs less than 2757 pounds, your dirt bikes can join you on your next trip. You should expect to pay around $46,000 for a brand new model, but you can get a cheaper one if you buy a used unit.

You might need a heavy-duty truck or vehicle capable of towing more than 10,000 pounds, as the Shockwave R24RQMX has a hitch weight of 1,018 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating of 9,999 pounds. The exterior height of this unit is 12 feet and 1 inch, which allows ample headroom indoors for those tall people who like to have a roomy toy hauler while camping.

Some of the notable exterior features included in this model include a 7 foot and 2-inch long ramp door, a retractable roof ladder, a 220-watt solar panel with a regulator, and a 35-gallon fuel station perfect for storing fuel when you are taking an off-grid trip with your dirt bike.

Additionally, there are some superb indoor features such as a 22-inch oven with a recessed glass cover, an 8 cubic foot refrigerator, an LED television, a pillow-top queen-sized bed, and two recliner chairs. Moreover, if you are interested in traveling during all four seasons, you can opt to add on the artic package to the Shockwave T24RQMX as it will include a heated and enclosed underbelly and radiant foil insulation in both the floors and the ceiling.

2. 2021 ATC Game Changer Pro Series 2816 (~$83,000)

If you want to buy a toy hauler with a gourmet restaurant kitchen while having the cargo space necessary for your dirt bikes and other recreational items, you should consider the 2021 Game Changer Pro Series 2816.

This toy hauler is truly one of the best you can buy if you want one stylish, rugged, and versatile, but you should note it is a little pricey as these models have a retail starting price of around $83,000.

The length of this model is 28 feet, while it has an overall height of 11 feet. The gross vehicle weight rating is 13,200 pounds, and it has an adequate cargo carrying capacity for you to cart your dirt bikes with you wherever you go. This model also features a fully enclosed patio deck, including a step ladder that allows easy access to the toy hauler from the outside.

The kitchen is definitely the main focus of this model as it features an entirely stainless steel wall unit topped by a gleaming white countertop. Everything from the appliances to the sink and cabinetry is made out of stainless steel, giving the kitchen a restaurant feel.

Most units will come with vinyl flooring or rubber flooring, but the 2021 ATC Game Changer Pro 2816 has extruded aluminum flooring in certain areas. This unit also comes with a handy 5.5KW Onan generator, LED interior and exterior lights, a 25,000 BTU ducted furnace, and a two-way Salem vent system.

Additionally, some of the notable construction features you should be aware of including the 3 season plumbing package, Goodyear endurance tires, platinum interior walls that are insulated with an R-7 rating, full perimeter aluminum welded frame, and a cableless ramp door.

1 Great Toy Hauler that can haul Dirt Bikes and Sleep Eight People:

We know that it can be incredibly tough to find the perfect toy hauler that suits your needs and requirements.

Additionally, if you often travel frequently with large groups of people and outdoor toys like your kyaks and dirt bikes, you likely need a large toy hauler.

Fortunately, many models on the market can accommodate the needs of people invested in a life of adventure.

Therefore, if you need a toy hauler with tons of space for you and seven other people and all your luggage and equipment, you may want to look at the option we have listed below.

3. 2021 Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 325 (~$86,000)

When you need a lot of space, you should purchase a toy hauler that features slide-outs.

The 2021 Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 325 has two slideouts that provide loads of living space without compromising the garage area space where you need to store your dirt bikes. You should expect to have to pay roughly $86,000 for this fifth wheel toy hauler, but it could be worth it due to the features you receive.

The Forest River Cherokee Wolf pack 325 is 41 feet and 3 inches long with a 13-foot long cargo area and a 4504-pound cargo carrying capacity. This much space and weight allowance provide more than enough room for you to load up your dirt bikes or motorcycles on your next outdoor trip with friends and family.

Additionally, the hitch weight for this model is 2,270 pounds, while the gross vehicle weight rating is 16,270 pounds, so you will likely need a heavy-duty towing vehicle.

In terms of features, you will likely enjoy the 30-gallon fuel station, two storage areas on either side of the unit, and the generator prep area. This model also features two 12 feet long awnings and two different entry points. Furthermore, the rear of the toy hauler is separated from the living room by two doors which allows you to completely seal off the cargo area when you want privacy.

If you want a classy interior packed with modern features, the Cherokee Wolf pack 325 toy hauler likely won’t disappoint. The entire interior is beautifully done in shades of brown and white with gorgeous solid wood cabinetry and marble-like countertops. Additionally, there is also a private bedroom, large bathroom, and dinette area.

With this model, you can also choose to swap out the dinette for a party recliner sofa, and you can also add a wraparound loft area above the living room if you need more space.

As we mentioned, this toy hauler has a range of modern features.

Some of the best features it is equipped with include the 5,000 BTU fireplace, the king-sized bed, the pull-out kitchen faucet, a huge 12 cubic foot residential refrigerator, and the outside shower with hot and cold water facilities.


2021 28′ ATC Toy Hauler Game Changer Pro Series 2816

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Kids Electric Toy Dirt Bike with Training Wheels


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Dirt bikes toy



This official 1:24 scale die-cast Supercross dirt bike comes with a collector poster and pro rider figure attached to the bike. Collect them all (each sold separately)! Four mixes released per year.


Every 1:24 scale Supercross bike has realistic details, including a metal die-cast motor and forks that make it look like the real thing – only fun size! 


1 Supercross 1:24 Scale Die-Cast Motorcycle (with Rider Attached), 1 Race Ring, 1 Collector Poster.


1:24 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Motorcycle with Rider Figure and Race Ring


SKU: 778988356654




1:24 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Motorcycle with Rider Figure and Race Rin


SKU: 778988356616




1:24 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Motorcycle with Rider Figure and Race Ring


SKU: 778988356623




1:24 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Motorcycle with Rider Figure and Race Ring


SKU: 778988356630




1:24 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Motorcycle with Rider Figure and Race Ring


SKU: 778988356647




1:24 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Motorcycle with Rider Figure and Race Ring


SKU: 778988369388



1:24 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Motorcycle with Rider Figure and Race Ring


SKU: 778988369401



1:24 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Motorcycle with Rider Figure and Race Ring


SKU: 778988369418



1:24 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Motorcycle with Rider Figure and Race Ring


SKU: 778988369395



1:24 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Motorcycle with Rider Figure and Race Ring


SKU: 778988369425




Feel the adrenaline of Supercross with the all-new, official 1:10 scale die-cast motorcycles! Race and pull off tricks or display your bike with the included stand! 


Put the Supercross action in your hands! Each 1:10 scale dirt bike has life-like graphics, plus a metal die-cast motor that makes it feel like you’re holding the real thing!


Add 1:10 scale replicas of Justin Brayton, Ricky Carmichael, Justin Hill’s bikes, and more to your collection (each sold separately) and bring the excitement of Supercross home. Two mixes released per year.


1:10 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Authentic Motorcycle Replica with Display Stand (No Rider)


SKU: 778988356708





1:10 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Authentic Motorcycle Replica with Display Stand (No Rider)


SKU: 778988356715





1:10 Scale Collector Die-Cast
Authentic Motorcycle Replica with Display Stand (No Rider)


SKU: 778988356685




Unboxing And Testing - NEW DIRT BIKE !!

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