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Time to be real with myself: Doing makeup while standing (!) at my bathroom counter (!!) under that harsh, fluorescent light (!!!) is certainly not the vibe. So you betcha I'm jumping at the chance to get a good makeup vanity in my room. But as I shop around, I also realize that I don't need just any ol' vanity. No, I need me a makeup vanity with storage to hold allllllll the lipglosses and eyeshadow palettes that I've been hoarding over the years (we can talk about how this is gross and that most of my makeup is probs, most def expired another time).

So, of course, I did my research and came up with a list of the best makeup vanities with drawers (and even one with lights!). There's one for every aesthetic—whether you're a minimalist, an ultra-glam babe, or a mid-century enthusiast. See it all, below!

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This gorgeous stone shade

Mid-Century Vanity Desk Set


Found: a S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G vanity with five (!!!) drawers and a sophisticated design. God, I love her.


this lil one

Mclamb Vanity with Mirror


This one is perfect if you're in need of something that won't take up much space.


this one with a flip-top mirror

Makayla Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror


What's up, this one is 53 percent off and comes with an upholstered stool!!!! Plus, it has a flip-top mirror, meaning you can definitely use it as a desk.


this one with gilded details

Blaire Classic Vanity Desk Set


For those who love gold accents and all things glam, this one goes out to you.


this traditional one

Tri-Folding Vanity


If your aesthetic leans a little more traditional, this all-white beauty would look so good in your room. Plus, it comes with a tonnnn of drawers and a tri-folding mirror so you can see yourself from different angles.


this gold mirror

Round Gold Mirror


You may not like vanities with attached mirrors, and that's okay! Here's a sleek and simple mirror that you can hang over the vanity of your dreams.


this v modern one

Askern Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror


Well, damn. She's dark, she's moody, she's sexy. And best of all, she comes with a deep drawer for storing all of your serums and makeup tools.


this one with a touch screen mirror

Vanity Set with Touch Screen Dimming Mirror


BRO, this vanity set comes with a light-up mirror that actually dims when you tap the screen! I love living in the future, especially for under $


this simple one

HEMNES Dressing Table with Mirror


IKEA coming through with this affordable, yet stylish option. It's a sleek design without skewing too modern—and that may very well be what your space needs.


this clean and simple option

Makeup Dressing Table with Round Mirror


Not in the market for something super ornate? Add this simple white one to your cart.


this tiny one

BRIMNES Dressing Table


No fuss, no frills. If you want something that gets the job done (and doesn't look like an obvious vanity in your room), go for this bad boy.

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IKEA white vanity table with mirror


If you’d like to have your makeup easily accessible and organized, but don’t have a proper vanity table, then you’re going to love these popular and affordable IKEA vanities! From modern to traditional, you’ll find the one that’s going to be perfect for your home.

Here are our top picks for highly-rated IKEA makeup vanities:

1. MALM Dressing table

white makeup vanity dresser

Price | $

If you’re a modern girl, living in a chic world, this sleek vanity is just what you need for your space. The clean lines and simple design will have you feeling like you’re getting ready to strut down the runway.

Here are some IKEA products I’d recommend to complete your look:

white vanity dressing table with black chair and bulb lights mirror

Here are some other reasons you’ll love this vanity:

  • It’s versatile
    • Could be a desk or vanity
  • Large, wide drawer for storage
    • Felt-lined so our stuff doesn’t slip around
    • Smooth running with pull-out stop
    • Can fit makeup, jewelry, mail, keys, etc.
  •  Durable glass top
    • Easy to wipe down and clean
    • No need to worry about stains
  • Sleek, modern style
    • Timeless
    • Can go with anything

Some cons reviewers want you to consider:

  • Not very sturdy and the drawer broke after a couple of years.

“I bought this vanity about 2 years ago and I still love how it looks to this day! It’s very simple and classic and looks exactly how it’s pictured. The glass on top really makes the piece. It’s also lightweight and easy to move if you like to redecorate or just recently moved like me.

The only thing I had an issue with is the drawer – a lot of stuff got pushed to the back and I had to take everything out to get to it – bottom line, just keep your stuff minimal in the drawer and it will be more functional. It’s great for small spaces since it’s long and slim – you’ll love this piece!” 

– Jackie &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;

2. HEMNES Dressing table with mirror

white vanity desk with oval mirror on top in ikea store

Price | $

Any girly-girl is going to love this romantic-style vanity! Between the oval mirror and the soft lines, you’re going to feel like a total princess while you get ready here.

Here are some IKEA products I’d recommend to complete your look:

makeup drawer filled with brush and jars of stuff

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:

  • It’s versatile
    • Could be a desk or vanity
  • Comes with a mirror
  • Ample storage
    • Two small drawers on top
    • Larger drawer in the middle
  • Traditional and romantic silhouette
  • Durable glass top
    • Easy to wipe down and clean
    • No need to worry about stains
  • A statement piece that will create a focal point

Some cons reviewers want you to consider:

  • Difficult to assemble
  • One complained that you need to lift drawer slightly to open

“I bought this a few weeks ago and I’m absolutely in love! It has a classic, Snow White princess feel that I was going for and in reality, it’s still a totally functional piece of furniture! The glass top makes cleaning super easy and prevents staining of the white surface underneath. It’s a nice mid-sized vanity, which fits my space perfectly. The drawer bottom is not the sturdiest, so I will need to be careful with how much I try to place inside, but overall I’m very happy with my purchase!”  

– Jessica &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;

3. TYSSEDAL Dressing table

white vanity desk sitting in IKEA store with yellow bags

Price | $

If you’re looking for something traditional and functional, this dressing table will be everything you need. And if you really want the perfect place to get ready in the morning it even comes with a mirror option too.

Here are some IKEA  products I’d recommend to complete your look:

white vanity drawers open with baskets and makeup inside

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:

  • It’s versatile
    • Could be a desk or vanity
  • Ample surface space for getting ready
  • 3 large drawers for storage
    • Smooth-running
    • Feature a pull-out stop
  • Coordinates with the TYSSEDAL series
  • Traditional and timeless design
    • Will go with any home decor

Some cons reviewers want you to consider:

“Our eight-year-old daughter loves all of the storage between the dresser and the seat. We are very pleased with the sturdy construction and it’s totally functional. It matches perfectly with her bed and other furniture items that we have purchased from IKEA. And it was also very easy to assemble – I highly recommend this IKEA vanity!”

– Holly &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;

4. HEMNES Dressing table

black makeup vanity with round mirror and stool in IKEA store

Price | $

Do you like your furniture dark like your smokey eye shadow? Then this vanity will be the perfect complement to your space. Adorned with a bold, round mirror, it will be sure to make just as much of a statement as you.

Here are some IKEA  products I’d recommend to complete your look:

black brown vanity drawer filled with various makeup

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:

  • It’s versatile
    • Could be a desk or vanity
  • Ample surface space for getting ready
    • Finished with a sturdy glass top
    • Easy to wipe clean
  • Comes with a large round mirror
  • 2 side drawers for storage
    • Smooth-running
    • Feature a pull-out stop
  • 1 open cubby in the middle for easy access to storage
  • Clean and simple lines
    • Can be paired with any home decor
  • Coordinates with the entire HEMNES Series at IKEA

Some cons reviewers want you to consider:

  • Drawers didn’t line up with runners, so they removed them.

“This vanity is one of the best IKEA purchases I’ve ever made! It looks so much more expensive than it actually is and the glass top is the perfect finishing touch that adds a solid layer of protection to the surface when you get ready. There’s tons of space to store things in the drawers and in the middle cubby still leaving you with plenty of surface area.” 

– Kathleen &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;

5. BRIMNES Dressing table

small white makeup vanity with open lid and white stools

Price | $99

Don’t have a ton of makeup or space for a vanity? This vanity won’t take up a ton of floor space and will still be totally functional for your minimalist makeup routine. Use it to get some studying done or pop open the top for everything you need to get ready in one spot.

Here are some IKEA products I’d recommend to complete your look:

vanity with open top and makeup inside

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:

  • It’s versatile
    • Could be a desk, sideboard, or vanity
  • Minimal design
  • Hinged lid
    • Conceals mirror and storage
      • Bold red storage compartments
  • 1 side drawer on left for additional storage
    • Smooth-running
    • Feature a pull-out stop
  • Coordinates with the BRIMNES Series from IKEA

Some cons reviewers want you to consider:

  • It was missing a piece upon delivery.

“I bought this for my college apartment and it fits perfectly! It’s a great size and still fulfills all my needs with the two well-organized storage areas. It took just about 30 minutes to build and I’ve already recommended it to a few of my roommates and they went out and got one too! I’m already looking forward to bringing it with me to my next apartment.” 

– Hannah &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;

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Makeup Vanity Table Set

Life is much more beautifully mirrored at from a single window, and makeup vanity set is perpetual to let you dress self up, which means to express impressive personality, make us prominent and special among people from morning to night. For beauty pursuit, the makeup vanity set integrates an inhabiting homeland to display your meticulously curated product at collection of perfumes, eyeliner, lips, brushes, cosmetics, jewelries and other beauty supplies, in order to keep your bedroom makeup place neat and organized. All Jaxpety elegant makeup vanity in modern flare are purchased by set, including drawers, storage boxes, table, mirror and stool, which sounds normal, however, deep exploration such as flip-up makeup mirror will let find vanity set versatile and functional difference in innovative and surprising assortment.

Makeup Vanity set Features

Mirror: If you are expecting to buy a simple constructed bedroom vanity as a place for makeup, the mirrored vanity desk will fulfill the perfect demand to reflect your beauty. Then variable options on vanities with lift-up or flip-top mirror, fixed or detachable mirror, rectangle or oval mirror, three-way tri fold mirror with wing, rotated mirror, fancy Led lighted mirrored will elevate your dressing up with fun and thrillingly to strike a chord in your heart to see how beautiful you are. Start your new makeup journey thanks to mirror individually functions and amazing designs, including curved frame, moulding and elegant wing-like finishes.

Drawers and Storage Boxes: Distinguished from bathroom vanity, bedroom makeup vanity normally saves in less drawers type and in different size such as small vanity table to occupy less space in bedroom but satisfy the storage needs. If you have more moderately sized beauty collections, vanity with single extended drawer, from 2 to 3 to 4 drawers vanity table for stowing classification excellently provide spacious space, where you can organize items by category, while compartment storage under flip-up mirrored vanity table wisely splits storage into countercheck keeps beauty supplies from cluttering. Storage boxes as small dividers leads to an ingenious place for jewelry well organized.

Table: Table is treated as center of makeup vanity. Vanity table usually paired with collapsible mirror complement into whole makeup vanity. Vanity table normally is just as it is a table with multi-drawers, which the size and gesture in style will be optional. An average modern makeup vanity varies anywhere between inches height and 84 inch width and 24 inch depth, which is standard for bedroom size. But if you are taller or your bedroom is spacious or compact space, you can shop in accordance with tall stool and apply comfortable makeup. If you desire to display your luxurious perfume, or eye cream on table where it's convenient to access them, you may love the wider dressing desktop which also remains wide space for acrylic beauty cosmetic organizer.

Stool: Jaxpety upholstered vanity stool with 20 inches is alongside matching every makeup vanity upon purchase. The stool with gorgeous carving on soft cushion already is designed to coordinate makeup vanity by considering comfortable sitting height, style and color, most of them in elegant looking. It saves your time to check sky and sea to find the perfect one.

Bedroom Vanity set Style

If you are looking for simple, clean, modern, antique-style or classic makeup vanity, Jaxpety offers several glamorous options. Master an upscale appeal to bedroom furniture and whole bedroom decoration. Vanities come in range of carving drawers, bulbs lighted vanity, variable mirror, pattern stool, sleek and high glossy makeup table, cabriole curved elegant legs of table and more details will make it outstanding. Makeup vanity will reflect your decorating style and existing furniture surrounding it.

If you prefer streamlined and modern look, then a black or white vanity with smooth lines may be to your taste, which is the professional field that Jaxpety concentrates on, while, if you have a vintage or country style bedroom, then you may opt for a romantic design of vanity table in dainty design. Whether you are more of a makeup minimalist shopping a small dressing table to store morning routine essentials, best suggested by lid-mirrored makeup vanity at corner for space-saving and airy feeling, or you are fascinated with enlarged graceful oval-mirrored vanity set to embellish your wall space opposite your bed, Jaxpety has broad selections of affordable makeup vanities set you will love.

Makeup Tips Before Vanity set in Bedroom

Whatever height you choose a makeup vanity table, make sure the light is from approximate 40 inch to the table top, then the proper light on your face in the evening will not influence the mirror reflection when you need makeup removal or start on makeup.


Dressing Tables

Dressing Tables

It’s where you transform from bed head to department head, so you should give your dressing table the respect it deserves, and give it pride of place in the bedroom. And for that, you need a dressing table that’s stylish, functional and with plenty of wow thrown in.

Welcome to Dunelm’s fabulous collection of dressing tables. We run the whole range of styles, from the ornate delights of the boudoir look to tables that are altogether more angular, crisp and clean cut. Most come with a mirror and stool as a set, but others are just the table, so make sure you choose the right one if it’s a complete set you’re looking for.

At the most basic, we stock desk style dressing tables, with a set of drawers and a tabletop, so you can get ready with your own mirror and chair – it’s perfect for those of you who just want an inexpensive place to put your face on before heading out into the world.

At the other end of the spectrum are the dressing tables that transport you to a world of Hollywood glamour, where the necessary things like drawers and a tabletop are equally as important as the scrolls, flourishes and sparkly paint jobs that make it stand out in the bedroom.

But for many people, something in between is just perfect: a beautiful dresser with a smart mirror and plenty of room for storing life’s essentials to help you get prepared for the day ahead. Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for function, of course – all our dressing tables look fantastic, and because many of them are parts of ranges of bedroom furniture, you can find one that will match your cupboards, wardrobes and bedside cabinets perfectly.

Just one quick note about the table that you should think about. Some tables have drawers down one side and the sitting table on the other. If you’re placing your dressing table against two walls in a corner, you’ll probably be better off if the drawers are adjacent to the wall, so you have more elbow room. As you’ll see, some dressers have the drawers on the left and others have them on the right, so make sure you choose the correct one for how you have arranged your bedroom.

Whatever style of dressing table you’re looking for, from over the top to purely functional, you’re going to be made up with our collection.


Set table small vanity

Makeup vanities & dressing tables

Dressing tables and makeup vanities are as classically stylish as they are immensely practical. For someone with a lot of accessories – whether that means makeup, jewellery, ties or beauty products – finding the perfect space to store, showcase, and organize your items can be tricky!

Not only does a dressing table function as an excellent place to keep all your accessories, but many of our vanity tables also benefit from great lighting and handy mirrors. So, whether you're looking for a dressing table with an antique twist, or prefer a modern dressing table with mirror – introducing this iconic piece of furniture to your bedroom is never a bad idea.

Practical dressing tables

With a practical dressing table, you’ll have plenty of room to organize and store your makeup. Some come with built in drawers while some look better with stylish boxes placed on top.

You can also find dressing tables with built in mirrors. Or you can place a decorative mirror of your choice on top of the table.

Make sure to use good light when applying makeup. Look through our wide range of lamps to find one that fits your style and taste.

Lastly, you don’t need to worry about stains since the tabletops on most of our dressing tables are easy to wipe clean. Smooth materials such as glass are a good choice if you like cleaning to be fast and easy.

Modern or antique dressing table

Except being a practical piece of furniture, the dressing table is also a statement of style. Choose between a modern dressing table with hard and clean edges and an antique looking dressing table with smother, rounder edges. Our dressing tables fit perfectly with other pieces of furniture from the same series as each dressing table. This makes it easy for you to style and match your room with furniture that blends well together.

Note that we recommend anchoring most of our dressing tables to the wall to avoid them tipping over. This is especially important if you have young children that might want to climb up on the furniture or in other ways pull and play with it. Make sure to use the right fixing devices for the type of wall you have at home. These are sold separately.

Top 5 Best Vanity Tables in 2020

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