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You Don't Need To Be An 'Outlander' Fan To Love This New Collection From Torrid And Hot Topic

Torrid and Hot Topic are adding a second wave to their Outlander fashion collection, and you don't even need to be a fan of the books or the show on Starz to appreciate the designs. They're absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for time traveling in style.

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The 17-piece limited edition Outlander collection went up for pre-order at Torrid.com today, with a full launch slated for September 12th. Torrid's Outlander fashion collection is designed to fit women that wear sizes 10 to 30, but look for the collection to hit Hot Topic on September 12th in standard sizes. Torrid notes that "each piece is inspired by the sweeping romance and drama of the TV epic, from dresses evoking Claire's gorgeous costumes to tartan pieces recalling Scottish clans."

"Our last Outlander collection was so beautiful and successful—it was even nominated for a 2017 LIMA Licensing Award. We think this new collection is even better," says Kate Horton, SVP, General Merchandising Manager at Torrid.

An image gallery of Torrid's version of the Outlander collection is available below, along with a list of the available pieces. However, everything is on sale right now, so you can slash 25% off those retail prices for a limited time.


• Mackenzie Tartan Wrap Coat $118.90
• Claire Swing Coat $118.90
• Claire Red Swing Dress $88.90
• Scottish Thistle Cowl Neck Sweater Dress $68.90
• Highlander Cable Knit Cape $68.90
• Mackenzie Tartan Shirt Dress $64.90
• Parisian Damask Print Kimono $64.90
• Highlander Cable Knit Foldover Cardigan $64.90
• Highlander Cable Knit Tunic Sweater $58.90
• Sassenach Night Gown $48.90
• Sassenach Lace Trim Top $42.90
• Scottish Thistle Pattern Peplum Top $38.90
• Outlander Tartan Skirt $58.90
• Claire Wedding Rings Necklace $19.90
• Outlander Choker Set $22.90
• Outlander Charm Bracelet $18.90
• Outlander Stud Earring Set $18.90

Sours: https://comicbook.com/tv-shows/news/outlander-fashion-collection/

Blacklanderz’s own Amanda-Rae Prescott doing what she does best . . . Outlander’s Claire Cosplay. Enjoy the post!

Wearing my gold French Claire dress outside of comic cons and Outlander fan meetups isn’t socially acceptable. Logo t-shirts are great for running errands but are too casual for my workplace. I wanted Outlander themed pieces that I can get away with wearing to work. The picture in my head was the Doctor Who and Disney dresses already in my closet, but with more tartan prints. I also wanted items I could use for a less strict interpretation of Claire’s costume designs but didn’t feel or look like cheap Party City costumes. The Hot Topic collection for standard sizes and Torrid for plus sizes was the answer to my desires.

I was lucky to order every item before sizes started to sell out. Overall, I believe that the collection presents a good balance between catering to the geek chic trends Hot Topic and Torrid are known for while referencing 18th century and 1940’s design elements from the series so far. The decision to have a few items that were exclusive to plus size Outlander fans was a very good idea. Far too often, my plus sized friends complained that the best items were only available in standard sizes.

I do believe that some items could have benefitted from some edits. However, some of the criticisms of the line I have seen so far are from Outlander fans that wouldn’t shop at Hot Topic or Torrid under normal circumstances because they are outside the brands’ target demographic. Their style expectations are different. I also noticed that some serious historical costumers were quick to dismiss the line for not using pure wool and cotton to replicate exactly Terry Dresbach’s intricate designs. This viewpoint is not only highly unrealistic but also not shared by the majority of Outlander fans. Very few fans could afford the line, let alone the average Hot Topic or Torrid customer if their specifications were followed.

This review of the line excluding the Torrid quote t-shirts is intended to help fellow fans figure out the pros and cons from each other from the point of view of someone more familiar with nerd fashion and with cosplay. I am 5’4 and between a US size 10 and 12 in junior/women’s clothes depending on the item and style. My previous Hot Topic shirts are size Large for shirts and XL in outerwear and dresses. Until now I have never ordered items from Torrid for myself but for my plus size friends and family. All of the pictures are taken with indoor lighting on an iPhone 7 and were not retouched. The items links are based on which site had the most stock available at the time of publication.


This coat is an interpretation of one of Claire’s fur trimmed coat from Castle Leoch from S1. I ordered this item in an XL because I wanted room to layer. Winters in New York City can be mild but they can also be bitter cold.


For something that’s called a coat, it feels a lot more like a light blazer. I think this coat could have benefitted from a thicker wool blend. The hood is a great feature for wind and rain. The arms and jacket length were just right for me. However, I felt like it was slightly too tight on my upper stomach compared to my other Empire waist items. I didn’t have enough room to layer so I will exchange for the next size up.

My favorite part of this jacket is the inside lining. You can see the details of Claire’s wee medicinal herbs.


The faux fur trim does make the coat appear the most like a costume piece compared to the rest of the collection. I love hooded jackets and coats so I can shield my hair from frizz.


This cardigan is a modern interpretation of Claire’s hand knitted shawls and capelets. I ordered a Torrid Size 0 which corresponds roughly to a Hot Topic XL so it can drape more. The contrast stripe reminds me of the shawl she wore to collect the rent in Season 1 and near the end of Season 2. My main fear when I brought the sweater was that it would feel like itchy wool or polyester. Thankfully, the cotton is soft yet also thick enough to keep the cold away.


My favorite features are the buckle detail on the neck and the thumb cutouts on the sleeve. I’ve never had a cardigan that closed in the neck before so this is a nice addition to my winter collection. For those who want a touch of Claire’s style without having an obvious costume piece, this is a perfect choice. If you are a Small or Medium it could even work as a coat.


KILT (Hot Topic & Torrid – Out of Stock)

Jamie’s kilt is just as iconic as some of Claire’s ensembles, so it was a great idea to have a kilt style skirt. It was the first item in the collection to sell out completely. However the skirt, in my opinion, is the worst item in this collection. I ordered a size Large, which I thought would have enough width for my hips while not being overly baggy on the waistline.


The fabric feels like a cheap school uniform. I have a few miniskirts but none of them fit me as poorly as this one does. I noticed that my butt is actually hiking up and spreading out the back pleats, which only adds to the lack of length. In the front, the waist is way too tight and my hips appear even bigger than they are. If the skirt was lengthened to mini or even knee length, it would be more flattering for every body type. I was very disappointed in this skirt, and I expect more people will want to swap sizes or return it.

TARTAN COAT (Torrid Exclusive – Out of Stock)

From the pic on the website, I was picturing a thin tartan print trench coat or Mackintosh, a la Burberry. This coat is frankly the best item in the entire line.


I started to sweat while taking these pics. So, that means it will be perfect when the weather turns cold. There are so many delightful details in this coat that it is clearly inspired by the blue coat Claire wore during her honeymoon.


The lining makes me think of the maps spread across the table at Bonnie Prince Charlie’s war headquarters. Wentworth Prison, Culloden, and Lallybroch are featured as well as a map of all of Scotland. I also love the brass buttons featuring the crown logo.

TUNIC (Torrid Exclusive Out of Stock)

This tunic combines Claire’s white dress she wore as she traveled through the stones combined with the popular peasant top. I bought a size zero so that it would fit loosely.

Although it’s more Bohemian than 1940’s chic, I like that I can style the tunic several ways. I can dress it down with jeans or up with fancy leggings and boots. I could even pair it with one of the jackets from this collection. The only downside is that even with the inner layering tank attached, it may be a bit too sheer for work wear.

TARTAN 40’s DRESS (Hot Topic & Torrid)

This dress was a far better interpretation of Jamie’s kilt concept. The length is much more complimentary as well as work appropriate.


I thought I ordered an XL but I got a Large. The dress fit just right but I intend on exchanging so I have enough room for a long sleeved shirt for winter. The length is far more flattering compared to the skirt and the bodice has a nice vintage touch. It may be made of the same material as the skirt, but it feels a lot nicer. Dresses with pockets are always a plus in my book!


The green semi velvet texture reminded me of one of her S1 bodices. The lace trim is also a nod to her finer French dresses from S2. I ordered an XL because I pictured this jacket looking better as a tunic.


I like that the neckline is a typical 18th century one. It feels just like the dresses I’ve made. The jacket is close at the bust and then flares out. I like that the front looks like a typical stomacher bodice from the period without the shaping of stays. I can already picture this with leggings and my knee high riding boots. I also plan on using it as a temporary green jacket another cosplay requires.

TARTAN REVERSIBLE CAPE (XS/S-L/XL at Hot Topic sold out, Torrid)

This was another very popular item from the line based on how many sizes sold out. Claire’s capes from the show were much thicker, but the thickness is just right for early fall. The tartan side will add a splash of color to neutral toned outfits while the black adds polish to a formal ensemble.


The cape is truest to size out of all of the items. I brought an L/XL. I have enough room for a chunky sweater or as a cover for a shoulder-baring dress. It will also come in handy when I am in cosplay as well to shield dresses from the rain or for warmth. It’s definitely a fun piece to add to your fall wardrobe.

I can’t wait for the weather in New York to truly become fall-like so I can dress like a Sassenach every day!

I hope to collect some outfit ideas in a future post.  Unfortunately according to recent posts on Hot Topic’s official social media; they have no plans to restock sold out items at this time. There is a Facebook group for fans wishing to swap sizes. If you brought any items please reply in the comments or on Twitter!


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Sours: https://blacklanderz.com/2016/10/22/a-claire-cosplayer-reviews-the-hot-topic-torrid-outlander-collection/
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Hot Topic Outlander Collection Plaid Skirt Size L
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Torrid and Hot Topic previously released a collection of Outlander-inspired clothing, and when it debuted online, much of the clothing sold out.  Now, before season four of Outlander begins, both Torrid and Hot Topic have launched more Outlander-inspired clothing, and it’s not just clothing, but handbags, jewelry, and shoes as well.

Below are some photos and video of what both Torrid and Hot Topic have to offer, but head over to each site to grab your modern Claire looks. It should be noted that some of the stationery and gifts on Hot Topic are not exclusive to them and can be purchased elsewhere.

Click here to shop at Torrid. (Use the code HIGHLANDER for $15 off your purchase of $50 or more.)

Click here to shop at Hot Topic.

Source: Torrid and Hot Topic

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Topic hot outlander collection

You don't need to look like Caitriona Balfe to rock it like Claire Fraser.

outlander torrid hot topic collection

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

In Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" books, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser is a 5'6", curvy, fine-boned Sassenach with a full lower-lip and an untamed curly mane to boot. On Starz's series, as portrayed by former Irish model Caitrione Balfe, she's taller, thinner, and altogether more runway-ready than her on-the-page counterpart. 

But now, thanks to Torrid and Hot Topic's affordable, adorable, and totally body-positive "Outlander" line, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser can be as tall, short, fat, thin, light, dark, curly, or straight-haired as you want her to be — because Claire Fraser is you, ladies. 

We at Revelist found this out for ourselves when Hot Topic was kind enough to send us a diverse range of samples, which we promptly tried on, wore out and about in New York City, and used to attract the attention of multiple strapping Scottish Highlanders (they tend to hang out in the Bryant Park area):

First, here's Victoria, wearing the Torrid-Hot Topic tartan dress.

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

Victoria had this to say about the dress, which is currently out of stock (but previously on sale for straight sizes for $44.17):

"I'm normally a size higher in Hot Topic's most structured dresses, but this one's actually a smaller size and feels perfectly fine. It's got some incredibly deep pockets and fit my body so well that I felt fine wearing it without a bra — and best of all, it seems really easy to dress up or down. I can definitely see this becoming a staple of my fall/winter wardrobe. "

Victoria WERKED this look, pairing it with a pair of knee-high black socks, high-heeled black ankle boots from Old Navy, and a simple gold cross necklace.

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

Mrs. Fitzgibbons would approve.

My first look was the straight kilt, paired with my own H&M off-the-shoulders top and Steve Madden boots.

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

The kilt, which is also temporarily out of stock, is bangin' — if very large on me at a size medium. I pinned the waistline to achieve the look you see in the photo above, and received compliments from everybody from coworkers to the barista at Pret a Manger.

The look didn't exactly land me a Jamie Fraser, but once I get the waistline taken in, I'll definitely take it out for another spin.

These straps on the front are useless, but MAN did they make me feel like a proper lass.

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

Ready to storm the field at Culloden, I am.

Lauren also went with the tartan dress.

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

Still available for $51.67 in plus sizes, Lauren thought this dress was made perfectly for her figure — but would recommend sizing a bit up for that tricky back zipper. 

Most of all, Lauren just loved that the dress has POCKETS.

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

Because pockets in dresses are life and every Sassenach knows that.

She also tried on the tartan reversible cape, and looked ready to take on Black Jack Randall in a moment's notice.

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

However, she DID note that the weirdly placed pockets in the cape were ... less than ideal for stabbing a sadistic British officer.

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

"The cape was super warm and pretty cute, but I felt like a T-Rex in it — I could barely move my arms because of the awkward placement," Lauren said. "I wouldn't wear it to any events that aren't centered around holding picnic baskets."

Next, I got to rock Claire's ruffled peplum jacket.

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

I don't know where I could ever wear this outside of a convention or maybe a Renaissance Faire, and the material was WAY too lightweight to wear as a coat in New York City fall. 

The folks at Hale and Hearty looked at me funny when I went in to order my daily soup, since I guess they're not used to 18th century Highlands wear during the lunchtime rush hour.

The look made me feel more CLAIRE than my first.

photo: Brittany Fowler/Revelist

From the detailed buttons to the spot-on sleeves, I felt dainty as hell — I LOVED how the neckline emphasized my collar bones — and ready for a night in making potatoes with Jenny Murray ... 

... But since I don't cosplay often (make that ever), I still prefer my first look for how low-key "Outlander" it makes me feel. Like, I'm psyched I have an 18th century peplum jacket to wear whenever I fancy, but when it comes down to it, I'd rather have a badass tartan miniskirt that honors the show while also working well with my modern NYC aesthetic. 

But overall, I'm just grateful to see that, thanks to Hot Topic and Torrid, women of all shapes and sizes get to play Sassenach.

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

None of us, tbqh, would ever be mistaken in a line-up for Caitriona Balfe. But thanks to these Scotland-as-hell clothes, everybody knows we're Sassenachs. 

... Even if we occasionally put too much emphasis on "play."

photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

Where's Jamie at? Lauren needs some of that Fraser, ahem, discipline


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Sours: http://www.revelist.com/tv/outlander-torrid-hot-topic-line/5655
Outlander Seasons 1-5 Collector's Editions

Alla's question woke me up from the spectacle Yeah - and turned in her direction - oh my God. Alla stood in front of me in high shiny boots, latex gloves on her hands above the elbow, in some kind of. Black leather jacket with a zipper under the throat with a cutout for her gorgeous boobs, a black cap flaunted on her head and there was a leather whip in his hand.

on the one hand there were leather lashes and on the other a handle in the form of a phallus.

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