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How to Add and Stream NESN on Roku

NESN (New England Sports Network) is a regional cable TV network in the United States. It is the best platform for any sports lover to stream their favorite sports events. This service offers minor baseball leagues, college sports events, Premier soccer League, sports talk shows, other sports events, and much more. You can stream all these events anywhere anytime by using the official NESN app. It supports multiple devices including Roku. Nesn app is available officially on Roku Channel Store and you can easily install it.


Some of the fabulous features of NESN are mentioned down:

  • It offers original programs, exclusive talk shows, sports events from local to international, etc.
  • You can watch your favorite sports in your desired HD quality.
  • It is compatible with different devices such as Android, iOS, Roku, Firestick, and much more.
  • You can get custom notifications & alerts about new events.
  • This app allows you to stream highlights and access schedules, scores, stats, etc.
  • You can follow your favorite teams to get updates and news.

What’s on NESN?

The exclusive shows and major sports events of NESN are listed down:

  • Bruins Classics
  • Celebrity Spotlight
  • NESN Sports Update
  • Friday Night Fenway
  • NESN Sports Weekend
  • Golf Destination
  • Dining Playbook
  • The Ultimate Red Sox Show
  • NESN Clubhouse
  • Charlie Moore Outdoors
  • The Brick’s

How to Add NESN on Roku?

NESN is officially available on Roku Channel Store and so it is easy to get the app on your Roku devices.

1. Connect your Roku device to the TV and go to the Homepage.

2. Head over to the Streaming Channels option.

3. scroll down and select the Search button and search for NESN.

4. Pick the app from the search list and to open the app info page.

5. Click the Add Channel button and wait for the download to complete.

NESN on Roku

6. Press the OK option, once the installation is done.

Alternatively, you can add NESN using the Roku remote app on your smartphone. Go to the channel store on your remote app, search for the NESN app and click on the Add Channel option to add it on your device.

How to stream NESN on Roku?

1. Open the installed NESN app on your Roku device.

2. Sign-in with your login credentials.

3. Now, you will be redirected to the NESN homepage.

NESN on Roku

4. Select your favorite sports event and start streaming.

Alternative Methods to stream NESN on Roku

NESN can be streamed without cable through alternative streaming services.

  • AT&T TV Now
  • FuboTV
  • YouTube TV


Get AT&T TV Now at $65/month and access more than 65 channels. It exclusively offers NESN channels, and so you can enjoy streaming the exclusive shows of NESN. You can stream your favorite sports events on two devices simultaneously with 20 hours of DVR recording for 30 days.

NESN on Roku


FuboTV is meant for sports channels and offers 31+ top cable channels, including NESN. You can enjoy streaming thousands of content with 30 hours of Cloud DVR space. Hence, you can record your favorite shows to watch them later. Opt for FuboTV at $55/month with a 7-day free trial.


YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a contract-free service that offers more than 70 channels. NESN is part of its channel list, and so you can stream your favorite sports on the big screens. You can access NESN online using different devices like iOS, Android, Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV. Get this service at $50 per month.

YouTube TV


How do I watch NESN on my Roku?

You can easily watch NESN on your Roku as it is officially available on the Roku Channel Store. Add the app to your Roku device and enjoy streaming.

Which streaming service has NESN?

The streaming services that currently offer NESN are fuboTV, AT&T NOW, and YouTube TV. Just with the affordable subscription, you can access your favorite channels including NESN.

Can I get NESN without cable?

It is possible to get NESN without cable using the official application and other streaming services. So, you no need to pay for the costly cable TV providers.

How do I stream NESN?

You can easily stream NESN on various platforms as it is compatible with different devices like Android, iOS, Roku, Firestick, and many more.


Stay Connected with the New NESN App

  • Stream live TV: NESN viewers will be able to live stream NESN and NESN+ on desktop, mobile (iOS and Android), and connected apps (Roku and Apple TV).
  • Connected app: the NESN app is now available for the first time on – Roku and Apple TV and cable provider authentication enables NESN and NESN+ live stream.
  • Live scores and statistics: the website and app will have live scores, schedules and statistics prominently displayed and easily accessible.
  • Customization: users will be able to pick their favorite teams to create a feed of articles and videos tailored to what they want to see by creating their profile and selecting their preferred teams.
  • Editorial content: the new digital experience will continue to feature video and written content developed by NESN’s editorial team across all major sports leagues with a New England focus.

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How to Install and Stream NESN on Roku [Guide]

NESN is one of the regional cable TV networks in the USA. NESN is the abbreviation of New England Sports Network. It is a sport-based regional cable and satellite TV channel. The channel features everything you need to know about sports updates. The games include Red Sox, Bruins Games, MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA Live. Let us see how to add and stream NESN on Roku.

NESN on Roku

NESN channel is officially available on the Channel Store. You can directly install the NESN app from the Channel Store. If you want, you can also install any of the live TV streaming apps that offer the NESN channel.

How to Install NESN on Roku

(1) Set up your Roku device with your TV.

(2) Select the home button on the Roku remote.

(3) From the Roku Home Screen, click on the Streaming Channels option.

Roku Home Screen

(4) Then, choose the Search channels option and type NESN on the search field.

Roku Search

(5) Select the NESN channel from the search results.

(6) Click on the Add Channel button on the next screen.

(7) The NESN channel will be downloaded and added to your device.

(8) Click on the Go to Channel button on the screen to open the NESN application.

(9) Now, sign in with your login credentials.

(10) On the NESN homepage, choose your favorite game to stream.

NESN on Roku

Alternative Way to Stream NESN on Roku

The following are the streaming service providers with which you will be getting the NESN channel.


fuboTV is one of the best streaming service providers that feature nearly 150+ channels. You can install fuboTV on Roku and stream the NESN channel with any one of the following subscription packages.

  • 95 channels $59.99/month for 3 devices
  • 109 channels $64.99/month for 3 devices
  • 153 channels $79.99/month for 6 devices


AT&T TV is another best option to stream NESN on Roku. You can install AT&T TV on Roku and stream 100+ channels on your streaming device. The following are the subscription packages available:

  • Entertainment – $69.99/month for 65+ channels
  • Choice – $84.99/month for 90+ channels with regional sports network
  • Ultimate – $94.99/month for 130+ channels with regional sports network
  • Premier- $39.99/month for 140+ channels with regional sports network

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Roku have NESN?

Yes, you can add the NESN channel on your Roku from the Channel Store.

2. How much is NESN on Roku?

The channel is free to install. But, to access the content, you need a subscription that costs $4.99/month.


How To Watch NESN Without Cable


Are you a fan of New England sports, but don’t have cable? Are you a YouTube TV subscriber looking for options now that YouTube TV dropped NESN? You can still watch BostonRed Sox, and Bruins games using a live streaming service, just as if you had NESN (New England Sports Network) through cable. You can watch online through the web or on your TV by using a streaming device like a Roku.

Streaming NESN: Currently, fuboTV (Free Trial) and DIRECTV Stream (Check here for availability) carry NESN. For it to be available, you must live in NESN’s broadcast area consisting of New England except for Fairfield County, CT.

Watch NESN without Cable

Two live streaming services offer NESN in their channel lineup. However, you have to live in their broadcast area, which consists of all of New England except Fairfield County, CT. This is true whether watching NESN through cable TV or any TV streaming services mentioned below. 

If you don’t live in the NESN broadcast area, you may want to look at this guide to work around sports TV blackouts. Otherwise, read on for information on watching NESN online.

Watch NESN on fuboTV


fuboTV offers subscribers local and cable TV channels just as if you subscribed to a cable TV package and NESN is a part of their channel lineup. You can watch NESN through fuboTV online or on your TV using a supported streaming device like a Roku or Fire TV Stick. 

Like cable, NESN is only available through fuboTV if you live in the their TV market. I recommend checking their website to find the channels they offer in your area using this link.

FuboTV offers a One Week Free Trial, but there is no contract so you can cancel any time. If you cancel during your free trial, you will not be charged at all. Here are some features included with your subscription to fuboTV:

  • live local CBS, FOX, and NBC broadcast in many parts of the country
  • a ton of channels you usually find on cable like HGTV, History, FS1, and more
  • a cloud DVR for recording TV shows
  • stream to 2 devices at once (can upgrade to more)

The monthly cost of fuboTV currently starts at $64.99. For more information on this streaming service, see our guide to fuboTV.

DIRECTV Stream Carries NESN

AT&T tv

AT&T’s live streaming service provides NESN in their “Choice” package for $84.99 per month. They also carry FOX, ESPN, and TBS so if a Rex Sox game is airing nationally, it will be on one of those networks.

You can sign up online and they don’t force you into a contract so you can cancel at any time. The service also includes a cloud DVR service and allows you to stream to 20 devices simultaneously.  

DIRECTV Stream is supported on the following devices:

See our review of DIRECTV Stream for more details on this streaming service.

For information on watching other TV channels online check out: How To Stream Specific TV Channels

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On roku nesn

NESN stands for New England Sports Network, which is a regional sports-based cable and satellite TV network. If you are a sports fan, then NESN can be your new sports buddy. It provides complete stats, news, schedules, and team standings from MLB, NFL, NHL & NBA live. Also, it gives access to live coverage of all Red Sox and Bruins games as well as postgame interviews, highlights, and analysis. So let’s see how to add and watch NESN on Roku.

What’s on NESN?

  • NESN and NESN+ live
  • NESN Original Shows (My Story, After Hours, Dining Playbook, and many more)
  • TV Schedule
  • Live Stats, schedule, and standings of MLB, NFL, NHL & NBA
  • Sports News

How to Add NESN on Roku?

[1] Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button on your Roku remote.


[2] Navigate to Search option from the menu.

[3] Search for NESN on the Roku channel store.

NESN ON ROKU - channel store

[4] Click on NESN icon from the suggestion below.

[5] Now Click on Add channel to add NESN to your channel list.

[6] Click on Go to the Channel to launch NESN.

[7] Sign in with your cable TV operator with NESN channel subscribed in it.

Note: You can sign in with your Google or Facebook account to watch stats and highlight. But you need to log in with your service provider to access live TV and many more on NESN.

[8] That’s it you can watch all your favorite sports on NESN.


Alternate ways to watch NESN on Roku

You can also watch NESN via fubo TV on your Roku device. It comes at a cost of $59.99 per month and offers more than 50+ channels that include NESN.


These are some of the ways to watch NESN on your Roku device. If you are a sports lover then NESN offers great content related to sports. If you have any doubts about adding NESN on your Roku device, make use of the comments section below. For more sports channels on Roku, explore the site.

How to access Sports channels \u0026 apps in a Roku device

How to watch NESN without cable

UPDATED Aug. 27, 2021


How to Stream NESN and NESNPlus for Red Sox games

Living without cable got a lot easier when there were a couple options for streaming live Red Sox games on NESN. 

PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV used to be my go-to streaming services for watching in-market Red Sox games on the cheap. Those days are over.

Now your only two cable-free choices are between fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM

Both streaming services carry NESN and NESNPlus in their channel lineups. But pricing and the fine print are different.

So if you’ve already cut the cord, but still want to watch Red Sox or Boston Bruins games, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each service.

NESN is available to subscribers in the New England market, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and most of Connecticut. The only exception is Fairfield County, Connecticut, which is considered part of the New York City market. 

Table of Contents

Stream Red Sox, Boston Bruins games on Roku, Fire TV Stick

Watching live Red Sox games on NESN without cable is pretty simple. You just need a few things to start streaming Red Sox or Bruins games on your TV. 

Once you pick a live TV streaming service, you just need an Internet connection and a streaming device connected to your TV.

fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM work have apps for Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast with Google TV, iPhones, iPads  and Android smartphones.

fuboTV: Live stream NESN without cable

fuboTV carries 116+ channels including NESN, NESN Plus, ESPN and local channels.

If you’re a New Englander in Massachusetts (like me), you can expect to see WBZ (CBS), FOX 25, My 38, NECN, NBC Boston, NBC Sports Boston and NBCSN in your channel lineup. NBC Sports Boston has a number of Boston Celtics games throughout the season.

Subscribers get 250 hours of Cloud DVR for recordings. And you can use fubo’s “lookback” feature to watch sporting events that aired in the last 72 hours. fuboTV is the only live TV streaming service that has select live sports and on-demand shows in 4K. 

fuboTV works on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast with Google TV, Apple TV, Samsung and Hisense Smart TVs, and XBox One.

You can look over the channel lineup before deciding whether to try it out.

The entry-level fubo bundle is called the fubo family package and costs $64.99 per month. fuboTV says there is an additional $5 sports fee for New England residents to pay for regional sports networks. So your actual total is $69.99 per month. There is a free 7-day trial that you can sign up for without any obligations. 

DIRECTV STREAM: Watch Red Sox games without cable

DIRECTV STREAM has NESN and NESN Plus in its Choice channel bundle.

The Choice plan, which carries 90+ channels, is $84.99 per month. 

The Choice bundle has a wide variety of sports channels including ACC Network, Big Ten Network, ESPN, ESPN2, regional NBC Sports and SEC Network. 

All of your local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Telemundo and Univision channels are included. And you get top cable TV channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, ACC Network, TNT, History, CNN and A&E.

And you don’t need to pay for a cable box.

Subscribers get three months of HBO Max free before the $14.99-per-month rate kicks in.

DIRECTV STREAM works with Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iPhones, web browsers, tablets and Samsung Smart TVs.  

DIRECTV STREAM still has one advantage over paying for DIRECTV, DISH or Spectrum. It now offers a no contract option. You can subscribe month to month and cancel whenever you want. 

If you do sign up, you should know that you have to choose the “no contract” option during the account setup process. It’s not automatic. 

If you opt for a two year contract, then the price drops to $69.99 per month for the Choice plan.  

Why can’t I stream NESN on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV dropped NESN from its channel lineup on Oct. 31, 2020. The decision was due to a disagreement about the cost of carrying the channel. 

While Red Sox fans around New England have been hoping that the two companies could come to an agreement before Opening Day on April 1, a NESN spokesperson said that it’s unlikely to happen.

Does NESN have a streaming app?

NESN has an app called NESNGo that’s available on Roku, mobile devices and tablets. The NESN app does not offer a standalone subscription, and you can’t watch Red Sox games for free. 

You can activate the NESNGo app and using a cable TV account. A subscription to DIRECTV STREAM or fuboTV will also activate the NESNGo app. 

Can I live stream NESN on Hulu + Live TV?

No. Right now, there are no plans to add NESN to Hulu + Live TV. 

But streaming services regularly stay in contact with networks about possible deals. Since NESN was once on PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV, there is clearly a desire by the network to be in the streaming TV space.

What’s the best way to watch NESN without cable?

For New England sports fans, there are two ways to get comprehensive Red Sox coverage without a cable subscription. 

fuboTV is the cheaper of the two services at $69.99 per month. That price includes the $5 per month sports fee. Subscribers get 116+ channels, including NESN, NESN Plus, ESPN and local NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS stations. 

fuboTV has a free 7-day trial, and works on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Apple TV. FuboTV has mobile apps and you can watch live TV on a PC as well. 

If you’re already paying for HBO Max, then DIRECTV STREAM might be a better fit. It has 90+ channels, including ESPN and local stations. You have the choice of signing up for a no contract option, or get a discount of $69.99 per month by opting for a two year contract.

For more news on streaming, how-to guides and reviews, head over to the main page of The Cord Cutting Report or follow the CCR on Google News.

* This article was originally published Dec. 14, 2017, and has been updated to reflect new prices and channel lineups.

Founder and Editor of The Cord Cutting Report. Before launching the site in 2016, he worked for more than two decades as a staff writer or correspondent for a number of daily newspapers, including The Boston Globe. His enthusiasm for tech began with the Atari 2600. Follow @james_kimble

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Last Updated on October 7, 2021 by Mark Roberts

NESN, also known as New England Sports Network, on Roku is every sports lover’s favorite streaming platform for all things sports. From small-scale baseball leagues to premier soccer leagues, regional sports, college sports events, talk shows focused on sports, and a variety of other sports-based programs.

In this article, we will provide you with all the guidelines you would need to dig into this fantastic entertainment platform.

Contents on this page

NESN Roku Features

  • It brings you a wide collection of sports of every kind, of every level, from minor leagues to worldwide known.
  • You can watch original shows, special talk programs and lots more.
  • It delivers content in top-notch high definition quality.
  • It provides support to all popular streaming devices like iOS, Android, Roku, Firestick, AppleTV, Windows, and so on.
  • This platform also provides you live updates, rankings, schedules, etc of popular games like MLB, NFL, NHL & NBA.
  • You can personalize settings, notifications, and alerts about the events you are interested in.
  • It even lets its users follow their favorite teams to keep themselves updated all about them.

What’s on NESN Roku?

NESN offers quite a diverse list of original and sports content that you dive into.

  • NESN Sports Update
  • NESN Sports Weekend
  • NESN Clubhouse
  • Bruins Classics
  • Charlie Moore Outdoors
  • Celebrity Spotlight
  • The Ultimate Red Sox Show
  • Dining Playbook
  • Golf Destination
  • The Brick’s
  • Friday Night Fenway

How to Add NESN on Roku?

The designated NESN app is available on the Roku Channel Store. If you have a cable TV subscription, you can download it in a few simple steps and get started.

Step 1: Link your Roku device to the HDMI port of your TV and power them on.

Step 2: Launch the Roku home page by pressing the Home button on the remote.

Step 3: Go to the “Streaming Channels” option on the menu on the left side of the page to open the Roku Channel Store.

Streaming Channels

Step 4: Now, choose “Search Channels” and enter “NESN” in the search field. 

search nesn channel

Step 5: From the list of suggestions, tap on the app. On the next description page, click on the “Add Channel” option to begin installing the channel on your Roku.

is nesn free on roku

Step 6: When it is successfully installed, a message prompt would pop up on the screen. Click on “OK”. 

How to Stream NESN on Roku?

After the download process, you need to take a final few steps before you finally dive into the world of content available on the platform.

Step 1: Launch the app from the list of installed apps on your Roku.

Step 2: Log in to your account using the correct username and password.

Step 3: You would see the NESN homepage and all the entertainment options would be loaded onto the screen. You can finally choose whatever you want and start watching.

Alternative Methods to Stream NESN on Roku

If you don’t have access to a cable or satellite TV subscription, do not worry, because there are several alternative options for you to stream all the NESN you want, like:


You can stream all the NESN content on AT&T TV Now. All you would need is a subscription to one of its packages, except the base package (ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE), since that one does not offer NESN. The Choice and up packages start from $84.99 per month + taxes and comes with a 7-days free trial period.

You would get to choose from 90+ other channels apart from NESN like ESPN, Fox Sports 1 and 2, NBC Sports, local channels, and lots of other entertainment, news, and lifestyle channels like CNN, Fox News, FX, HGTV, Food Network and more.

You would also get access to up to 3 simultaneous streams, 20 hours of cloud DVR storage, and a vast on-demand library.

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FuboTV is yet another sports-centered streaming service where you watch all the NESN programs. Its “Family Plan” starts from $64.99 per month with a 7-days free trial and includes NESN along with over 110 other channels. You can also get extra add-ons here based on your preferences.

This platform is supported on all major streaming devices like iOS and Android, as well as web browsers, and on the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV, as well as Android TV devices. You would also get to enjoy up to 250 hours of cloud DVR storage and 3 simultaneous streams, both of which features can be upgraded with additional fees.

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How do I watch NESN on my Roku?

You can download the official NESN app on your Roku in a very straightforward way from the Roku Channel Store. Once downloaded, just sign in to your account and have a good time.

Which streaming service has NESN?

Right now, AT&T TV NOW and fuboTV is the only streaming services that have NESN on their channel list. You need to buy a subscription plan to start watching its content.

Can I get NESN without cable?

Yes, there are alternative ways for you to watch NESN without a cable TV subscription. You can do so on the live TV streaming services mentioned earlier in the article. However, you would need a subscription to either of these platforms instead to get access to the content.

How do I stream NESN?

You can stream NESN on the multiple platforms it supports which include Android, iOS, Roku, Firestick, etc. You either watch through the official app or other streaming services it is available on. 

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