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The forge is one of the most important crafting stations in Valheim. You will need to use it to craft and upgrade all of the armors after the early game, along with all of the powerful weapons. Certain weapons and armor upgrades will require you to have an upgraded forge. You can level up the forge in order to make these weapons and create stronger versions of each armor and weapon type. Today we are going to go through all of the forge upgrades for Valheim and provide pictures on how they look. We will go through all of the materials needed to make each type of upgrade and where applicable, provide guides on how to get each material.

Building a Forge

Before you can upgrade the forge you’re going to have to build one. This is done after the player receives their first pickaxe and acquires some of the base metals. Once the player has acquired the items needed for a forge it will be unlocked and available to build from the hammer’s building menu. The forge is listed under crafting. You can check out a guide to building a forge and smelter here.

As seen in the image above, if the player wishes to craft the blackmetal axe item they will have to have a forge level of 4 in order to craft it. By using different forge upgrades the player will unlock greater weapons and armor and be able to upgrade their items to even greater levels and thus, have better stats.

Upgrading the Forge

All of the upgrades for the forge are built using the hammer tool. Once the player has the necessary items in their inventory the upgrades will unlock and be available to build. Some of the upgrades require some fairly rare and end-game items so don’t expect to be able to fully level up the forge after your first hour of play!

All of the upgrades have to be within a certain radius of the forge so before you place down the forge make sure you have enough space to house all of the upgrades.

Each upgrade will raise the level of the forge by 1. No upgrade is better than any other. Every unique upgrade item will raise the level. Having multiple amounts of the same upgrade will not raise the level of the forge at all. I will list all of the available upgrades for the forge below including all of the materials that are required to make them!


Materials required:

  • 5 Wood
  • 2 Bronze
  • Workbench Range

One of the first upgrades for the forge that the player will be able to craft is the anvil. Thanks to it’s rather easy building recipe, the player will be able to craft this upgrade after getting a bit of bronze from the black forest.

Forge Cooler

Materials Required:

  • 25 Fine Wood
  • 10 Copper Wood
  • Workbench Range

The next item that can level up the forge is the Forge Cooler. There isn’t really too much to this one. By cutting down some certain trees in the game the player can find fine wood and combine that with copper bars to make this upgrade. It just looks like a small barrel with nothing in it. It is supposed to resemble a small barrel with oil or water that is used to cool down weapons after they are forged.

Forge Toolrack


  • 10 Wood
  • 15 Iron
  • Workbench Range

The forge toolrack displays a set of tools that can be used whilst working at the forge. Along with all of the other upgrades to level up the forge this is purely aesthetic. This is the only upgrade currently that is mounted to the wall in order to be placed. It doesn’t need too much room to be placed and can even be placed over the forge without disturbing it.

Smith’s Anvil


  • 5 Wood
  • 20 Iron
  • Workbench Range
level up the forge with this smiths anvil forge upgrade in valheim

Another forge upgrade that is unlocked with the smelting of iron along the toolrack is the Smith’s anvil. This is similar to the previous anvils item but is a little bigger. Although it looks like it can be used, there isn’t any use for this apart from leveling up the forge to a new star level.

Grinding Wheel


  • 25 Wood
  • 1 Sharpening Stone
  • Workbench Range
Grinding wheel forge upgrade valheim

The next forge upgrade is the grinding wheel. This one is kind of a hidden one as it requires you to craft an item which isn’t so obvious. Once the player had built the Stonecutter they can interact with it to reach a crafting menu similar to the forge or workbench. Once there, the player can use stone to craft themselves a Sharpening Stone. Once this is crafted and in the player’s inventory, they will unlock the crafting recipe for the grinding wheel forge upgrade.

Despite its appearance, the sharpening stone can’t be interacted with for any benefit to the player’s weapons at this stage in the game’s development.

Forge Bellows


  • 5 Wood
  • 5 Deer Hide
  • 4 Chain
  • Workbench Range
forge bellows placement. Levelling up the forge

The last upgrade available is the forge bellows upgrade. These large bellows are generally used to blow are into a forge in order to make the coals burn hotter. This upgrade has to be placed unusually close to the forge in order for it to be place-able. The forge bellows need lots of room so make sure you have planned your forge space accordingly to accommodate this large upgrade.

Most of the items are easy enough to get. Chain is the hardest material of the lot. You can acquire chain by either finding it as random loot in the sunken crypts of the swamp, or by defeating Wraith creatures which only appear in the swamp at night. Either way, it’s pretty risky business.

So that was every forge upgrade available in the current version of Valheim’s early access. As the game is still in development it is expected that the developers will add more items to further upgrade the forge with later on. There are currently some items and weapons in the game which require a forge level of over the current possible level. This indicates that there are definitely more forge upgrades coming to Valheim possibly in a further update. The next major update is called the Hearth and Home update and the developers have stated that they will include more building pieces and more things to do around the home.

Perhaps that will see more ways to upgrade the forge to further levels added as well? only time will tell. You can trust that when more ways to level up the forge and upgrade it are added that this page will stay up to date with all the latest news. For now, thanks for checking out this guide, I hope it helped you to forging greatness in Valheim! Skol!

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Valheim: How To Craft A Forge And How To Upgrade It

All Valheim players will need to craft a Forge relatively early in the game. The Forge is used to create armor and weapons in-game. The stone weapons and tools are really only viable in the first hour or so of gameplay. Survivors will have to craft the Forge to stay alive in the higher-level biomes.

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Bosses and enemies with high health will not be defeated by characters with no armor and a wooden club. Gamers must use metal weapons and tools to progress in Valheim. This guide will explain how to find the necessary items to craft the Forge, and how to upgrade it.

Crafting The Forge

To build a forge, players will need to have 4 stone, 4 coal, 10 wood, and 6 copper. The Forge becomes available after defeating the first boss in the game. Stone is a plentiful resource in the biomes. There will usually be dozens of them just sitting on the ground. Coastal and rocky areas are generally good places to look. Greydwarf enemies in the Black Forest biome commonly drop stone as well. However, players will find a few stones while mining for tin and copper, the metals which are used to create bronze.

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Copper ore can be found throughout the Black Forest biome as well. The copper deposits can be identified by a small shiny bronze vein in each node. Gamers will need a pickaxe to mine the ore, which is not guaranteed to contain copper. As survivors upgrade their pickaxe, they will have a higher chance of receiving ore from each vein.  Players will have to build a smelter first to refine the copper ore into copper. Wood is the easiest resource to find, and there is wood in almost every biome. A simple stone axe will suffice to break down trees. Coal is a dropped from the Surtlings, who occupy the Swamp and Ashland biomes. The small fiery creatures are easy to spot at nighttime. Random chests will sometimes contain coal as well.

Upgrading The Forge

Forges in Valheim can be upgraded to a max level of 7. The higher the forge level is, the better the items it creates will be. Weapons will do more damage and be more durable if the Forge is max level, for example. The difference between a level 1 Forge and a level five Forge is drastic. For weapons, the damage discrepancy can be 18 points or more. Likewise, level four armor provides 6 additional armor points.

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The Forge is also necessary to repair armor and weapons. If the Forge is not a high enough level, survivors will not be able to repair certain items. Gamers will be able to make most of the upgrades after defeating the Elder, the second boss in the game. At that point, players will be able to farm all of the materials they need for the various upgrades.

Forge Bellows

The first upgrade players can make is the Forge Bellows. Gamers will need to collect 5 wood, 5 deer hide, and 4 chain. The only items survivors may have trouble finding is chain. The material is dropped from Wraith which frequent the Swamp biomes. Additionally, there are mudpiles in the Swamp crypts which have a chance to contain chain.


Players will only need 5 wood and 5 bronze to craft the Anvils. As stated above, copper and tin create bronze alloy. Both copper and tin ore can be mined in the Black Forest biome.

Grinding Wheel

The next upgrade has two ingredients, 25 wood, and a sharpening stone. Survivors will need a Stonecutter to craft the sharpening stone. Players will need two iron to craft it, which can be found in the Swamp crypts after defeating the Elder. Like the chains, gamers can find the metal scraps in the crypt mudpiles.

Smith's Anvil

Fourth on the list of upgrades is the Smith's Anvil improvement. Apart from 5 wood, gamers will need to search the crypts again for 20 metal scraps and smelt more iron. It would be prudent to have the Megingjord Belt for extra inventory capacity before loading up on scraps.

Forge Cooler

The Forge Cooler is another easy upgrade. Players can farm the 10 copper ore in the Black Forest and chop down trees for fine wood in either the Meadows or the dangerous Plains.

Forge Toolrack

The final upgrade gamers can make to the Forge is adding a Toolrack. It is unclear how it would improve the quality of the Forge conceptually, but it will be an easy upgrade nonetheless. Gamers will need just 10 wood and 15 iron for the upgrade. It seems that organization really does improve quality. With this final upgrade, survivors will produce the highest grade armor and weapons when using the Forge.

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Valheim Wiki Guide

A Forge is the second crafting station you'll likely need and provides access to more advanced tools, weapons, and gear for your character. You'll have access to the Forge after defeating Valheim's first major boss, Eikthyr.

In order to craft the Forge, you'll need to have a Workbench nearby. Then, you'll need to have:

  • x4 Stone
  • x4 Coal
  • x10 Wood
  • x6 Copper

Copper requires an Antler Pickaxe and can be mined in the Black Forest biome. You'll acquire Copper Ore which can be added to a Smelter to make Copper bars.

How to Upgrade the Forge

The Forge can be upgraded to provide more advanced recipes and upgrades for specific gear. Once you require the required materials, you'll see the upgrades in your Crafting menu when your Hammer is equipped.

Upgrades can be placed in any order, and each one increases your Forge's level by one point.

Check out the rest of the available crafting structures below to help you progress in Valheim.


How to upgrade your forge in Valheim

By Emma Matthews

Smith essential tools and armor at your Valheim forge.

After building a basic home and collecting some food, a Valheim forge is one of the first structures you should consider making. Second to the workbench, your forge is a vital crafting station that lets you make the best Valheim armor, weapons, and tools so that you can continue to improve your settlement.

As you sink more hours into your adventures in Viking purgatory, you'll want to upgrade your forge and begin crafting more valuable structures and items. Whether you're ready to start chopping down birch trees with a bronze axe, or you're keen to wield the formidable Porcupine mace, here's how to craft and upgrade a forge in Valheim.

How to craft a forge

How to make a Valheim forge

The forge is similar to the workbench in that it can be used to craft new items, as well as repair them. Most notably, the forge is used to turn your freshly smelted iron, bronze, and copper bars into durable armor and weapons. To make a forge you need:

  • Equipment:Workbench
  • Coal x4: Overcook meat or place wood in a charcoal kiln. Also dropped by surtlings and found in chests.
  • Copper x6: Mine copper ore and smelt it using a smelter.
  • Stone x4: Find on the ground.
  • Wood x10: Chop down trees.

How to upgrade your forge

How to upgrade your Valheim forge

While it's tempting to tuck your forge away neatly in a corner, it's a good idea to leave some room around it. Just like the workbench, you can fill the room with additional structures that level up this heavyweight crafting table, which unlocks more recipes and upgrade options. You can craft and place these items in any order, and once you have one of each, you'll have a level seven forge.

The main thing to remember is that you need to place the structures close to the forge. Keep an eye out for a sparkly line linking the forge to each item to check you've done it correctly (above). Here are all the items you need to fully upgrade your forge, and the resources required for each:

  • Anvils: Wood x5, bronze x2.
  • Forge bellows: Wood x5, deer hide x5, chain x4.
  • Forge cooler: Fine Wood x25, copper x10.
  • Forge toolrack: Wood x10, iron x15.
  • Grinding wheel: Wood x25, sharpening stone x1 (requires a stonecutter).
  • Smith's anvil: Wood x5, iron x20.

The anvils are the best structure to focus on first as they only require a small amount of wood and bronze. The forge bellows are more challenging to craft as this item requires four chains. This item can be found in the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp, and they're occasionally dropped by Wraiths. But be warned: this area is notoriously difficult to traverse. Find out how to survive the biome in Chris' Valheim Swamp guide.

Forge recipes

Forge recipes and level requirements

Once you've crafted a forge you can put your stash of valuable metals to good use. If you're not sure what to craft or repair at your brand new station, here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

ItemRecipeCrafting levelRepair level
Bronze armor set (helmet, plate cuirass, plate leggings)Bronze x15, deer hide x6OneOne
Iron armor set (helmet, greaves, scale mail)Deer hide x6, iron x60OneTwo
Wolf armor set (cape, chest, leggings)Silver x44, wolf pelt x16, wolf fang x4, wolf trophy x1, chain x1TwoTwo
Padded armor set (helmet, cuirass, greaves)Iron x30, linen thread x55TwoTwo
ItemRecipeCrafting levelRepair level
Bronze axeBronze x8, leather scraps x2, wood x4OneOne
CultivatorBronze x5, core wood x5OneOne
ItemRecipeCrafting levelRepair level
Draugr Fang bowAncient bark x10, deer hide x2, guck x10, silver x20TwoTwo
Silver swordIron x5, leather scraps x3, wood x2, silver x40ThreeThree
Serpent scale shieldFine wood x10, iron x4, serpent scale x8ThreeThree
ItemRecipeCrafting levelRepair level
Bronze nails (20)Bronze x1One-

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Forge valheim upgrade

How to Upgrade the Forge in Valheim

As players begin finding metals in Valheim they can craft stronger, more durable metal tools and weapons with a Forge. Forges can also be upgraded.

As players explore the massive, procedurally-generated world of Valheimand begin to encounter new resources and tougher enemies, they will require stronger, more durable equipment made from metals. Valheim is full of deep, complex, and realistic mechanics that push players to immerse themselves in the world and improve their survival skills. Players can begin finding metal ore, like Copper and Tin, in the Black Forest biome, and Iron in the Swamp. To turn Ore into usable metal, players will need to cook it in a Smelter. Then, to craft items using metal, players can't simply use their Workbench. Instead, they will need to craft and use a Forge. To operate the Forge, players will also need a Charcoal Kiln, which is capable of turning Wood into Charcoal. Players can upgrade the Forge like they upgrade their Workbench, which will allow players to begin crafting better, higher-tier equipment.

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The Forge can be upgraded a total of six levels. To reach each one, players will need to craft a new object and place it somewhere near the Forge itself. These items include Anvils, a Forge Cooler, a Smith's Anvil, a Forge Toolrack, Forge Bellows, and a Grinding Wheel. Players will need to unlock the crafting recipes for these items, which they can usually earn from performing various activities in the game. Here's how to upgrade the Forge in Valheim.

How to Build a Forge in Valheim

Like the Workbench and Smelter, the Forge needs to be indoors to work properly. This means players will need to have four walls and a roof around their Forge. It also needs to be near a Workbench. Players will also need to place several items near the Forge to increase the crafting station's level. If a player's home isn't quite large enough, it is okay to place some of these items on the outdoor wall near the Forge rather than inside the home.

Players won't be able to build a Forge until they have obtained a pickaxe and mined Copper. After this point, they can build their Smelter to get pure Copper Bars and a Charcoal Kiln to get Coal. With this done, they can then build the Forge. The required materials are:

  • 4 Stone
  • 4 Coal
  • 10 Wood
  • 6 Copper

Players will need to equip their Hammer and press F to open the Crafting tab. They will need to press Q/E to choose Forge, and use the Left Mouse Button to place it.

How to Upgrade a Forge in Valheim

Players can craft six different buildings to place near their Forge, increasing its level by one. They can be crafted in any order. The items are:

  • Forge Cooler: 25 Fine Wood, 10 Copper
  • Anvils: 5 Wood, 20 Bronze; crafted at the Workbench
  • Smith's Anvil: 20 Iron, 5 Wood
  • Forge Toolrack: 15 Iron, 10 Wood
  • Forge Bellows: 5 Wood, 5 Deer Hide, 4 Chain
  • Grinding Wheel: 25 Wood, 1 Sharpening Stone

To unlock the recipes for crafting each of these buildings, players will need to find a specific resource:

  • Forge Cooler: Copper and Fine Wood
  • Anvils: Bronze (crafted)
  • Smith's Anvil: Iron
  • Forge Toolrack: Iron
  • Forge Bellows: Iron and Chain
  • Grinding Wheel: Stone Cutter and Sharpening Stone (crafted)

Right now while Valheim is in Early Access, players can only upgrade their Forge to Level 6. As more updates are introduced, it is possible there will be more levels introduced to help players craft even better gear.

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Valheimis in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.


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Valheim: How To Build & Upgrade A Forge To Level 6

Valheim has just released and it has already become Steam’s best-selling weekly title. Those who have started playing this survival game must know the importance of having lethal or advanced weapons. For the unversed, weapons and furniture in Valheim can’t be crafted without a crafting tool, Forge.

In this guide, we will breakdown each and everything about Forge, including what Forge is, how to create it, and upgrade it to level 6 in Valheim.

Valheim: How To Build A Forge

Each and every item in Valheim are connected to each other. If you want to build a forge, you should have a Copper and some other items in your inventory as well. Once you obtained all the required materials, you should find an enclosed area to build a forge.

Here are all ingredients that you would need to build a forge in Valheim:

  • Ingredient:
  • Stone x 4
  • Coal x 4
  • Wood x 10
  • Copper x 6

Once you have acquired all the above-mentioned objects and gotten under a roof, here’s what you will need to do:

  • Select Hammer from your inventory
  • Press ‘F’ to switch to the Crafting tab
  • Press Q/E to switch to forge
  • Press LMB to place everything down.

You can’t only build a forge in Valheim but also upgrade it to a higher level. Similar to Workbench, you can also upgrade the forge to level to create advanced or lethal weapons to defeat bosses in the game. If you don’t know how to upgrade a forge in Valheim then keep reading this guide.

Valheim: How To Upgrade A Forge

Upgrading the Forge in Valheim is not very complicated. To upgrade a forge, you will need to build an anvil first. For the unversed, anvil recipes is unlocked when you made Bronze in Valheim. For the uninitiated, you can make Bronze by combining Copper Ore and Tin with the help of the same forge.

Here are all ingredients that you will need to build an anvil:

  • Wood
  • Bronze
  • Workbench nearby

The process of building a forge and anvil is quite similar. After selecting the hammer from your inventory, you simply need to put everything near the forge. When you do so, the forge will automatically be upgraded to the next level.

Currently, there are only six different buildings that can be placed near the Forge to increase the level. Currently, players can upgrade their Forge to level 6.

Here are all of six different building items:

  • Forge Cooler: 25 Fine Wood, 10 Copper
  • Anvils: 5 Wood, 20 Bronze; crafted at the Workbench
  • Smith’s Anvil: 20 Iron, 5 Wood
  • Forge Toolrack: 15 Iron, 10 Wood
  • Forge Bellows: 5 Wood, 5 Deer Hide, 4 Chain
  • Grinding Wheel: 25 Wood, 1 Sharpening Stone

You can’t directly unlock the recipe to craft the above-mentioned building items. They need you to have the following resources to get unlocked.

  • Forge Cooler: Copper and Fine Wood
  • Anvils: Bronze (crafted)
  • Smith’s Anvil: Iron
  • Forge Toolrack: Iron
  • Forge Bellows: Iron and Chain
  • Grinding Wheel: Stone Cutter and Sharpening Stone (crafted)

That’s everything you need to know about how to make or upgrade a forge in Valheim. While you are here, ensure reading about how to put trophies on the wall and how to get stone easily in Valheim. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.


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