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Walk into any Walmart or other mass-market retailer, and you’ll find mountain bikes, road bikes, and town bikes—some for under $100 and some from brands you can find at your local independent bike dealer for more money.

The biggest retailers are able to sell bikes to the masses at extremely affordable prices because those stores buy bulk orders of a single model, use lower-cost parts, don’t shell out for trained assembly, and adopt more of a one-size-fits-all policy. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can walk into one of these retailers and walk out with enough bikes for the whole family, often for less money than you would have paid for a single bike from another source.

You won’t get all the bells and whistles you could find on a bike from your local shop or at a sports equipment retailer like Dick’s Sporting Goods, but you will walk out ready to ride.

Mass bikes are getting better—and many will get the job done—but there are many important considerations in terms of quality, performance, longevity, safety, reliability, and fit. Here’s what to know before shopping for a mass-market bike.

You’ll See Some Familiar Brands

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There’s a tendency to equate mass bikes with cheapness of quality, but that’s not necessarily accurate. “Sometimes you can’t afford the Porsche, and you need to buy the Corolla,” said Joe Werwie, senior director of product development at Schwinn. “If you’re on a tight budget, you want to enjoy cycling, but you’re not looking to invest in the highest end or most expensive technology, you can still get a solid bike that’ll get you out with your family, to and from work, or cruising with friends.”

However, it's important to know that mass-market bikes are often designed by different teams at different facilities than bikes sold at bike stores. And instead of aluminum or carbon, most mass-market frames will be made of heavier steel.

Bikes at Walmart

26” Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s Mountain Bike



Kent 26” Men’s, La Jolla Cruiser Bike


Schwinn 700C Women's Pathway Multi-Use Bike



26" Mongoose Hitch Men’s All-Terrain Fat Tire Bike



But You’ll Lose Some Options

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To keep prices low, many mass-market brands will manufacture each model in only one size, which cuts down on development costs. That means your bike might not have the ideal fit. For example, if you’re looking at Mongoose mountain bikes at Walmart, the 26” wheel option might come in an 18” frame, the 27.5” wheel option might come in a 19” frame, and the 29" wheel option might come in a 20.5” frame. Bikes will also come in one color per model.

Some brands, like Schwinn, are working on this by employing fit experts to optimize bike fit for more people. They took the anticipated age range for each product and then used anthropometric date to analyze rider height. Then they tweaked the geometry to fit most people. “We want to get people on bikes and keep them there,” Werwie said. “If a bike is uncomfortable, the rider won’t keep riding. A lot of people buy a saddle to try to solve a problem but that’s not the problem. When a bike fits better, it rides better.”

Familiar Components Will Be Entry-Level Quality

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A lot of the parts you’ll find on name-brand mass-market bikes, like Schwinn or Mongoose, have parts and pieces made by the same companies that make the components for the highest-end bikes. KMC chains are standard for those brands, and while the suspension fork—if the bike has one—is likely non-branded, the derailleur and brakes are likely Shimano or SRAM, but of a lower quality than you’ll find at your local shop.

Chains and bolts will rust faster, quick-release seat posts can slip more easily. You will have fewer gears; your shifters and brakes, generally, will need more service to keep in good working order.

There Are Assembly Drawbacks

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Mass-market bikes leave the factory 90-percent assembled. If a bike comes from a factory that does not also produce premium bikes, the problems can be significant—rounded spoke nipples that can’t be tuned, no grease in the hubs and bottom bracket, and more.

The last 10 percent of assembly is done by the retailer. In mass-market stores, there is no trained mechanic checking bolt torque, spoke tension, and other aforementioned problems. You can, and should, take your mass-market bike to a shop to get it safety checked—it will help protect you and your investment, though it’ll set you back another $50 to $100. And again, what you’re saving in cost with a mass-market bike, you’re also sacrificing in performance. Across the board, a bike with low-end spec will never have the same smooth shifting of a premium bike.

[The Hidden Costs of Walmart Bikes]

And You Won’t Find Every Type of Bike

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You can’t get every style of bike at your typical Walmart or online at Amazon. Drop-bar road bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes, and cruiser bikes are common. Triathlon, gravel, and cross bikes are unlikely.

Cheap Road Bikes

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Nashbar Cavalo

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Shimano 105 11-speed drivetrain and a full carbon fork.

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Specialized Allez

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Aluminum race bike with a strong racing heritage for $750.

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Over the years, I’ve owned about 5 Walmart bikes including a couple of mountain bikes, a BMX, and even a beach cruiser. As a kid, they were the only bikes that my family could afford. People like to trash Walmart bikes for their questionable build quality, reliability issues, and poor performance. Are they really that bad? In this guide, We’ll examine the pros and cons of buying a Walmart Bike. We’ll look at reliability, safety, cost, fit, durability, longevity, and more.

Walmart store

Walmart Bike Pros

  • Walmart bikes are affordable- Walmart sells some of the cheapest new bikes available. In terms of price, they just can’t be beaten. At Walmart, you can buy a complete mountain bike with gears for less than $100. Walmart sells kids’ bikes for under $50. To compare, new bikes from local bike shops start at around $300 for entry-level models. That’s probably why my dad bought all of my bikes at Walmart when I was a kid. Walmart is able to cut costs in a number of ways. First, they order enormous quantities of bikes for their stores. Economies of scale allow them to sell bikes cheaply and undercut pretty much any bike shop on price. To save money on assembly, Walmart has an employee put bikes together instead of hiring a bike mechanic. They also sell more one-size-fits-all bikes. This way, they can stock fewer models and sizes.
  • Walmart offers a wide selection of bikes- Walmart offers something for everyone including mountain bikes, road bikes, beach cruisers, E-bikes, commuters, folding bikes, women’s bikes, recumbent bikes, and kids bikes. They offer bikes in every wheel size including 16″, 20″, 24″, 26″, 27.5″, and 700c and 29er. Whatever style and size of bike you need, Walmart offers a suitable option. Not all of these bikes are available in all stores. Some models are only available online or in certain stores.
  • The bike will be brand new– When you buy a bike at Walmart, you’re getting a brand new bicycle. There will be no scratches, dents, rust, or wear and tear. No components need to be replaced or upgraded as they may on a used bike. You don’t have to worry about buying a lemon. The bike will be pristine and ready to ride. You can ride the bike home from the parking lot if you choose. Many people prefer to buy new for these reasons. Buying new brings peace of mind.
  • Walmart offers a good return policy- If you’re not happy with the bike, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund. The only requirement is that the bike has to be in the same condition that it was when you bought it. Be sure to bring your original receipt to make things easier. In my experience, Walmart offers takes returns pretty much no questions asked as long as you don’t abuse their policy. For more info on returns, check out this article from
  • A warranty may be available- If you wish, you can buy a 2-3 year extended warranty to cover your Walmart bike if it breaks. Even though it is available, I recommend you don’t buy the extended warranty as they are usually a rip-off. That said, the warranty is available if you like.
  • Walmart bikes are great for people just getting into cycling- Why go out and spend $1000+ on a bicycle if you don’t know if you’ll ever use it? You can buy a cheap Walmart bike, ride it until it breaks, then buy something of higher quality. If the bike just ends up sitting in your garage collecting dust, then you aren’t out too much money.
  • Replacement parts are easily available- Walmart bikes use parts that are standard-sized and easy to find. There are no proprietary parts. If your brake pads wear out, you can go to any bike shop to buy replacements. If your shifter cable breaks, you can easily find a replacement. Walmart doesn’t service bikes. They do sell most replacement parts that you’re likely to need in their stores. If you need something non-wearable, like handlebars or pedals, you can easily buy replacements online or at your local bike shop.
  • Most parts are easily upgradable- If you want to install some higher quality components on your Walmart bike, you can easily buy new parts and put them on. Most Walmart bikes come with name-brand Shimano or Sram drivetrains and brakes. Chains, cranksets, brakes, wheels, levers, and most other parts are standard-sized. There are no proprietary parts.
  • Walmart bikes are great for kids- Why spend a bunch of money on something the kid will just grow out of in a couple of years? They don’t know the difference between a quality bike and a cheap bike anyway. This is particularly true for young children.
  • No assembly required- When you buy a bike at Walmart, it comes completely assembled and ready to ride. You don’t have to worry about putting anything together.
  • You can buy name-brand bikes at Walmart- Not all Walmart bikes come from knock-off or no-name brands. Some large cycling companies build entry-level bikes specifically for Walmart. For example, Walmart sells Schwinn, Mongoose, and Huffy bikes. These are some of the most well-known cycling companies. Of course, these bikes may have been designed by different teams than those who build the higher-end models that are sold at bike shops. From what I’ve seen, Schwinn offers the best quality Walmart bikes.
  • The purchase process is easy- Buying a Walmart bike is easy. You can go to the store and shop for a bike at your leisure. You won’t have to deal with a pushy salesperson trying to pressure you or upsell you to a more expensive bike. In bike shops, salespeople can get pretty aggressive because many work on commission. When you buy a bike at Walmart, you also don’t have to deal with going to a private seller’s house as you would if you were buying used. You can buy the bike and bring it home with you and ride it. You don’t have to wait for shipping or bother with assembly.
  • It’s a bike- If all you can afford is a Walmart bike, don’t feel bad about it. At least you’re getting out there and riding and getting some exercise. A Walmart bike can make a great commuter, weekend ride, or grocery getter.

Walmart Bike Cons

  • Walmart bikes may be less safe- There are several potential reasons for this. First, because Walmart bikes are made from cheaper components, failure is more likely. If a part suddenly and catastrophically fails while you’re riding, you could crash and injure yourself. For example, if you ride off a curb and a poorly made wheel tacos, you could fall straight to the ground. Improper assembly can be a safety issue as well. For example, if the handlebars, seat, pedals, or axles weren’t properly tightened, they could suddenly move or come off the bike and cause you to crash. Parts can work their way loose as well. This happened to me on my beach cruiser. My handlebars suddenly slipped while I was riding. Luckily, I was going slow. I also had my multi-tool with me so I could tighten them back up.
  • Sometimes Walmart bikes aren’t properly assembled- Bikes generally come from the manufacturer 90% assembled in a box. If the bike was built in a factory that only produces mass-market bikes, there can be some issues. For example, the factory could forget to put grease in a hub or bottom bracket. The wheels could be out of true. When the bike arrives at Walmart, an employee completes the last 10% of assembly by installing the handlebars and pedals and mounting the wheels. The main problem is that the people who put bikes together at Walmart aren’t trained bike mechanics. They’re just regular employees following an instruction manual. Chances are, they aren’t checking the torque on bolts. They aren’t checking spoke tension or making sure there is enough grease in the hubs and bottom bracket. They may not properly adjust the derailleurs or brakes. Sometimes they simply make mistakes. I have heard of people finding that the hubs lacked grease or the headset wasn’t tight enough. These assembly mistakes cause premature wear and tear. Improper assembly can also be a safety concern. After buying a Walmart bike, you’ll want to go over it yourself or have a bike shop take a look to make sure everything was put together properly, adjusted properly, and that the bike is safe to ride. You’ll want to check things like spoke tension, the tightness of all bolts, and the amount of grease on moving parts. If you take the bike to a shop, this inspection will cost you $50-$100.
  • Poor quality components- The components used on mass-market Walmart bikes are generally made by major cycling companies. For example, most Walmart bikes come with a Shimano or Sram groupset and a KMC chain. The problem is that the parts are lower-end than what you would find on a bike shop bike. In some cases, cheap parts are even made specifically for Walmart bikes. For example, you might find a non-branded suspension fork or shock on a Walmart mountain bike. The frames are lower-end as well. The welds may be poor. In some cases, the frames may even have warping or bent tubes. The hardware used to hold the bike together will probably be of lower quality as well. The bolts might rust faster. These poor quality parts are less durable and long-lasting, need to be adjusted more frequently, and don’t perform as well as higher-end parts. For example, you might only get a couple of hundred miles out of the cheap tires or brake pads. You’ll probably need to adjust your brakes and shifters more often than you would on a higher-end bike. Your bike may shift slow. The brakes might not be as powerful as you’d like. The quick-release used on the seat might slip a bit. Poor quality components can be problematic.
  • Walmart bikes can end up costing more than bike shop bikes- Walmart bikes may be cheaper initially. If you factor in the additional maintenance cost, you may end up spending more money in the long run. For example, maybe you buy a mountain bike at Walmart for $200. After buying it, you take it to a bike shop to get it inspected for $100. A couple of months later, your plastic pedals break, your wheel goes out of true, and you need to get your derailleur adjusted. You spend another $100 to fix everything. For the money you spent, you could have just bought a better bike to begin with.
  • Some parts may be non-standard- To save money, some parts are made to be a slightly different size or style than the standard in the cycling industry. Because of this, you may have trouble finding certain replacement parts. For example, on many cheap Walmart bikes, the handlebar diameter is smaller than the current standard of 25.4 mm. Some models use the old 22.2 mm standard. This makes finding compatible handlebars, grips, and accessories a bit more difficult.
  • More maintenance- The low-quality components that are commonly found on Walmart bikes go out of adjustment more easily. For example, to keep your bike shifting smoothly and braking reliably, you may have to make a minor adjustment to your derailleurs and brakes every couple of months. Low-quality parts also don’t last as long and need to be replaced sooner. Cheap brake pads, chains, cassettes, tires, and grips wear out quicker. Bolts can rust easily. In order to keep your Walmart bike on the road, you must budget more time and money for maintenance.
  • Finding the right size bike can be difficult- In order to achieve a comfortable riding position, the bike has fit your body. The problem with Walmart bikes is that each model typically only comes in one size. If you’re not of average height, you may have trouble finding a bike that you like that fits you. To compare, name-brand bikes sold in bike shops come in a range of frame sizes. Most brands offer 4-7 sizes per model. This allows you to get a much better fit. Another problem is the way Walmart sizes bikes. They sell bikes by wheel size. For example, They might offer mountain bikes with 24″, 26″, 27.5″, and 29″ wheels. The 26″ model might come with an 18″ frame while the 29″ model comes with a 20″ frame. A size chart in the store will recommend a bike with 26″ wheels to a shorter person and a bike with 29″ wheels to a taller person. This is a very inaccurate way to size bikes. The wheel size has very little to do with the frame size. You can easily buy a bike that is too large or too small for your height. Of course, there are ways to improve a bike’s fit after you buy it. For example, you can adjust the handlebars and seat height a bit. Riding a bike that doesn’t fit properly can be uncomfortable and can lead to joint pain or even damage.
  • You need to know a bit about bicycle maintenance to keep a Walmart bike on the road- As mentioned earlier, Walmart bikes tend to require more frequent maintenance than higher-end bikes that are sold at bike shops. If you don’t know how to do your own maintenance, you’ll end up spending more in the long run than if you had just shelled out for a more expensive bike. For example, having to pay a bike mechanic to adjust your derailleurs or replace a brake cable adds up quickly. To make owning a Walmart bike economical, you’ll have to buy a few bike tools and learn some basic bicycle maintenance. This isn’t that big of a deal. Anyone can learn to replace brake pads or adjust a derailleur. All you’ll need is a simple multi-tool. You can learn everything you need to know about bike maintenance by watching videos on YouTube.
  • You can’t get the bike serviced where you bought it- Walmart and other big box stores just sell the bikes. They don’t have a bike service department. If you need to get some work done on your bike, you’ll have to take it to a local bike shop or do the work yourself. If you decide to do your own maintenance, the good news is that Walmart does sell most of the spare parts you’ll need to keep your bike running including tires, brake pads, cables, grease, basic bike tools, etc.
  • You may experience reliability issues- The lower-end components that come with Walmart bikes break down more often and need more frequent adjustment. You don’t want to get stranded or miss an important meeting because your bike failed you. If you’re relying on your bike to get you to work on time, you may want to consider spending a bit more and buying a higher-end bike at your local bike shop.
  • Walmart bikes are heavy- A Walmart bike will weigh a few pounds more than a comparable bike shop bike. The main reason is that the frames are made from heavy materials, like high tensile steel. This type of steel weighs more than Chromoly that many higher-end frames are made from. The tubes are often plain gauge, not butted. This increases weight as well because there is more material in the tubes. The low-end components that come installed on Walmart bikes are also heavier. Heavy bikes are inefficient. It takes more energy to accelerate and maintain your speed. They are also slower.
  • Low resale value- Bikes, in general, don’t hold their value very well. Even a high-end bike is worth about 40% less the moment you bring it home. Walmart bikes are even worse. Don’t expect to get much back when you’re ready to sell it. After a season of riding, your $99 Walmart bike might be worth $20.
  • Durability issues- Walmart bikes work fine for cruising on a flat surface. When riding off-road, all bets are off. Parts can shake loose or break. Catastrophic failures are rare but are much more common on these low-end bikes. If you plan to ride rough trails, you should probably avoid Walmart bikes. If you decide to take your chances, be sure to inspect your bike frequently to make sure it is safe to ride.
  • Walmart bikes don’t last as long- Walmart bikes are kind of disposable. They just don’t have the longevity of bike shop bikes. In fact, you might only get 100-200 miles or 15-20 hours of use out of the bike before it starts giving you problems. Cheap frames rust or fatigue easily. Cheap parts wear out and break. They are also a bit more fragile. If you ride hard, you can cause some damage. For example, it’s easy to break the cheap plastic pedals that come with most Walmart bikes. I’ve even heard of a crank arm breaking off. Of course, you can replace everything as it breaks. At some point, you’re just better off buying a higher-end bike. Expect to get a few solid years out of your Walmart bike. After that, it may become less reliable. To compare, a quality bike from a major manufacturer can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Long-distance bicycle tourists routinely put over 50,000 miles on their bikes. Sure, they replace parts as they wear out or break, but it’s still the same bike.
  • Poor performance- You’re not going to win any races on a Walmart bike. The low-end components shift slow and sometimes rough. This can slow you down. At high speeds, the bike may develop a shimmy. The suspension systems on mountain bikes tend to have minimal travel and poor damping. They can’t handle drops or jumps. Just smooth trails.
  • Some types of bikes aren’t available at Walmart- Walmart mostly sells mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids, commuter bikes, and kids bikes in their stores. If you want something more niche like a gravel bike or triathlon bike, you may have to buy online or look elsewhere.
  • It’s a Walmart bike- Some cyclists are pretty elitist. They won’t respect someone riding a Walmart bike. They may even try to put you down for riding a cheap bike. I think these kinds of people are pretty lame. They are out there though.
  • Some bike shops won’t work on them or will just give you a hard time- This point comes from personal experience. Once, when I was about 8 years old, my dad and I went into a bike shop with my Walmart bike to have a flat tire repaired. The owner just kept talking trash about my bike the whole time we were in his shop. He claimed that it was going to fall apart and that the suspension was junk because it was a mass-market bike. He then attempted to sell my dad on a new bike. I’ve grown to dislike bike shops because of this condescending and elitist attitude. These days, I buy most of my bike gear online and do my own repairs and maintenance.

Who Should Buy a Walmart Bike?

As you can see, there are more cons than pros. There are, however, a few occasions where a Walmart bike may be your best option.

You should buy a Walmart bike if:

  • Your budget is less than $150- This is the price point where Walmart bikes are the best bargain. You’ll have trouble finding a decent bike anywhere else for less money. Even used bikes cost more unless you get lucky. If $150 is your absolute max budget, head on down to Walmart. If you’re buying a bike in this price range, try to buy the most basic and bare-bones bike you can find. Avoid anything with suspension or disc brakes. You might even want to choose a single-speed instead of a geared bike. The more basic the bike, the better quality the components will be.
  • You don’t plan to ride far or often- If you know you’ll only ride your bike a handful of times per year for just a few miles, a Walmart bike will work just fine. For example, maybe you ride down a local bike path a few times during summer or maybe you ride to the corner store a couple of times per month. You don’t need a high-end bike for this type of infrequent riding.
  • You want a cheap single-speed bike- Because they are so simple, single-speed Walmart bikes aren’t a bad buy. I have a beach cruiser that I bought at Walmart for $99. I’ve ridden that thing for almost a decade and never had a problem with it. I also test rode my friend’s fixie that he bought at Walmart and it felt pretty decent for the price. It’s hard to screw up such a simple bike.
  • You’re buying a bike for your young kids- Kids outgrow bikes in just a year or two. They also don’t know the difference between a good bike and a cheap bike. It’s not worth the money to buy your kid a nice bike until they’re a bit older. If you are buying your kid’s bike at Walmart, you’ll want to be sure to thoroughly inspect the bike to make sure it was properly assembled and is safe to ride.

Who Shouldn’t Buy a Walmart Bike

Mass-market bikes from Walmart or other big box store bikes certainly aren’t for everyone. In fact, most people are better off avoiding them altogether.

You shouldn’t buy a Walmart bike if:

  • Your budget is greater than $200- In this case, you’re better off buying used. If you shop around a bit, you can find some nice mid-range or vintage used bikes for less than $200. They may be a bit older but you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck. The bike will also come with better quality components that will be more reliable and durable and won’t need to be adjusted as frequently. Vintage bikes, in particular, can offer an excellent value. You can buy a bike that was once considered high-end for just a couple of hundred dollars. A quality used bike can last a lifetime.
  • You plan to use your bike as your main mode of transportation- Regularly commuting and running errands puts a lot of wear and tear on a bike. For example, the bike will get wet or left out in the rain. This can lead to rust. You might load the bike up with heavy groceries. This can put extra stress on the frame, wheels, and drivetrain. When you’re in a hurry, you’ll ride hard. Walmart bikes aren’t built to put up with this kind of constant stress and abuse. Parts will wear out quickly or break. If you plan to use your bike heavily, you’ll want something a bit more durable than a Walmart bike.
  • You don’t know anything about bicycle maintenance- As mentioned earlier, Walmart bikes require more frequent maintenance than bike shop bikes. If you don’t know anything about bike maintenance, you’ll end up spending more money in the long run. In this case, you’re better off buying something higher end.
  • You’re not on a budget- If money isn’t a problem, there is really no need to even consider buying a Walmart bike. Many times, they are more trouble than they’re worth. Save yourself the hassle and buy a bike shop bike.
  • You plan to ride off-road- Walmart bikes are not tough enough to handle any kind of serious off-road riding. The suspension systems perform poorly. Parts will shake loose or break. A large drop or jump could bend a frame or rim. Most Walmart bikes aren’t durable enough for off-road riding. If you just plan to ride some easy trails, you might be able to get away with a Walmart mountain bike.
  • You can wait and save up- If you don’t need a bike urgently and you are able to save a bit more money, you probably should. If you can save up an extra hundred dollars, you can get a much nicer bike.

A Few Tips for Choosing a Walmart Bike

Walmart bikes can be hit or miss. Some offer surprisingly solid quality and reliability while others are complete junk and should be avoided. If you’re not familiar with bikes, it can be a challenge to tell the difference between the two. After all, when you’re looking at new bikes, they all look nice. It’s important to pay attention to details.

The most reliable and best quality Walmart bikes tend to be the most boring and basic models. Try to choose a bike without any fancy features. Look for bikes with rim brakes and a rigid frame with no suspension. Look for bikes that don’t include any fancy accessories like racks, fenders, lights, a basket, a bell, etc. Consider choosing a bike with fewer speeds or even a single speed. These bikes generally offer the best value.

It’s best to avoid the flashy-looking bikes with disc brakes, suspension, lots of gears, or fancy accessories. These parts may make the bike look modern, flashy, and higher-end but they usually perform terribly.

The more basic bikes are preferable because the more basic components that they come equipped with are slightly higher quality and more reliable. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, basic bike parts are simpler to build and cost less. For example, rim brakes are easier to build and cheaper than disc brakes. At the low price point of Walmart bikes, cheap rim brakes will perform better than cheap disc brakes.

Manufacturers can also spend a bit more on the components when they aren’t spending money on more modern components and fancy features. For example, the manufacturer can afford to ship the bike with slightly higher-end rim brakes while still meeting their price point. If the bike came with more expensive disc brakes, the manufacturer would have to cut corners somewhere else to meet their price point. Extra features like a rack or lights also mean the corners had to be cut somewhere else. Maybe the frame was cheapened so the manufactuerer could afford to include a rack. If you want these features, you can always add them on later.

Walmart Bike Alternatives

Used Bike

In my opinion, buying a used bike is the best option for anyone on a tight budget. Decent used bikes start at around $150. If you’re willing to put in a bit of work, you can find a quality used bike for less than $100. Some good places to look for a used bike include Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, garage sales, thrift stores, and bike shops. You can also ask your friends and family if they have an old bike sitting around.

Check out my guide to buying a used bike for some helpful tips.

Used bike

Both of the bikes that I currently own, I bought used. My Schwinn High Sierra that I converted into a touring bike had been sitting in some guy’s garage for over a decade. I bought my Fuji Touring bike used for less than half of the retail price.

Entry-Level Bike Shop Bikes

All of the major bicycle manufacturers such as Trek, Giant, Specialized, Cannondale, etc. offer entry-level bikes. These usually start between $300-$400 and offer an excellent value for your money. When compared to a Walmart bike of a similar price range, these entry-level name-brand bike shop bikes offer:

  • Higher-end components- These offer better durability and longevity. The derailleurs and brakes also won’t need to be adjusted as often.
  • Better frames- Some Walmart bikes have sloppy welds, warped frame tubes, or bad paint jobs. Name brand bike companies offer much better quality control.
  • Better support- You can take the bike back to where you bought it for repairs and maintenance if necessary. As an added bonus, when you buy a bike at a bike shop it usually includes a free service. A mechanic adjusts the brakes and derailleurs after the first 100 miles.
  • The prestige of owning a name-brand bike- Every cyclist knows and respects the name brands.

Personally, I would much rather ride a cheap name-brand bike than an expensive mass-market box store bike. If you can afford to spend around $300, you can get a much better bike if you go to a bike shop.

Bike Share Program

Many cities offer bike-sharing programs where you pay a small fee to rent a bike by the minute or hour. Bike share can be a great alternative to buying a bike for multi-modal commuters, those who don’t ride often, and people who live in a small space. This is also a great solution for someone who can’t afford to buy a bike.

Bike sharing bikes

There are a few drawbacks to bike-share programs. Oftentimes the bikes aren’t in the best condition. Some cities just don’t maintain the bikes as well as they should. Before taking the bike, briefly inspect it to make sure it’s in decent condition.

Are Walmart Bikes any Good? My Experience

Walmart bikes aren’t nearly as bad as people make them out to be. They offer an affordable option for someone who is just getting into cycling or someone who just needs a simple bike to ride around town. Walmart also offers an excellent return policy and an optional warranty.

That said, there are quite a few drawbacks. Walmart bikes are heavy, poorly made, and come with low-quality components. They are often poorly assembled as well. Durability and reliability issues are common. Cheap parts wear out quickly, break easily, and need to be adjusted frequently. Walmart bikes can be dangerous to ride as well.

Over the years, I’ve owned 4 or 5 different Walmart bikes. As a kid, I rode a cheap Walmart mountain Mongoose bike for years without any problems other than a few flats and a broken pedal. Of course, the bike had some issues. It shifted roughly no matter how many times I tried to adjust the derailleur. The suspension was also pretty much useless. Even with those issues, the bike got me around my neighborhood just fine.

During college, I bought a $100 single speed that I used to commute to class and for going on grocery runs. I rode the bike for a year before selling it and upgrading. My one complaint was that the brakes were pretty weak. I actually ended up selling in for more than I paid for it.

Today, I own an OP Roller beach cruiser that I bought from Walmart for $99 in 2010. This is probably my favorite bike that I’ve owned. Mostly thanks to the memories I’ve made on it. It’s been a shockingly reliable and solid bike for the price. The only issue I’ve had with that bike was a flat tire. It has developed a bit of rust as well. The bike has held up incredibly well considering the abuse I’ve put it through over the years and the salty and sandy condtions I’ve ridden it in. 

my Walmart bike

Final Thoughts on the Pros and Cons of Buying a Walmart Bike

Walmart bikes aren’t nearly as bad as people claim them to be. As a kid, I rode my Walmart bikes hard and didn’t really have any problems other than needing to adjust the derailleur once in a while and replace broken plastic pedals. If you take decent care of the bike and ride it gently, it will hold up just fine.

For an example of what a Walmart bike is capable of, check out this YouTube video of a guy riding a $100 Walmart bike across Florida. 

With all of this being said, if you have a budget of $200 or more, I highly recommend you go with a used bike or even splurge on a bike shop bike. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle and may even save money in the long run. For the $100-$150 price range, Walmart bikes can’t be beaten.

Do you ride a Walmart bike? Share your experience in the comments below!

Amazon is another great place to buy budget bikes. For more info, check out my guide to buying a bike on Amazon.

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Walmart mens bikes

Whether you are dressed up or going to the gym, a great pair of shoes makes all the difference. 2019年8月2日 Walmart mountain bikes are of poor quality and not assembled by experts. Walmart aims to implement sustainable pulp, paper, and timber procurement practices that promote sustainable management, conservation, protection and restoration of the world’s forests. Current Price $164. 24. 1980’s Schwinn Mens Cruiser Black 26 Inch Bike. Whatever style and size Mountain Biking is an expensive sport and the one question I all the time is: what's a cheap bike worth buying? Today’s video showcases another $400 mountain Genesis bicycles are something I'm regularly asked to take a look at. 30, 2021 Coppertone® Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Specific Lots of Pure & Simple SPF 50 Spray (2021 Launch), Sport Mineral SPF 50 Spray (2021 Launch), and Travel-Size Coppertone® Sport Spray SPF 50 (1. TernVektron S10 Folding Electric Bike. We started the BMX revolution in 1974 and still lead it today. Fenders to keep water and debris off the rider. Used means it's had some wear and tear, so be wary. 5 in Silver Timber Trail AL Mountain Bicycle. Huffy Carom 14-Speed Aluminum Gravel Bike Walmart. $299. A used bike is a good alternative because it costs less than newer models. Figuring out which bike to buy, however, can be a daunting task. Please select more than 2 or more bikes for comparrison. Unisex saddles are common on some cheaper models but are only really suitable for shorter riding distances. Buying a new bike is oftentimes an expensive purchase. Get one of these and start commuting! If you want to ride instead These commuter-conscious essentials will keep you dry and stylish Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. 5 in 21-Speed The Schwinn Sidewinder is a 26" Men's mountain-style bike available at Walmart for $148. Men's cruisers can be ridden by women as well as by men. Sep 13, 2021. 7 million bikes at Walmart, Target and other mass-market retailers in the U. Our commitment to making the best men’s cruiser bike for sale starts with our design. Buying a cheap MTB can be outright dangerous when you want to ride  2021年2月18日 ent International sold some 2. The Firmstrong Urban Man 24” Single Speed Men’s Cruiser Bike is an ideal bicycle for boys, teens or adult men who are between the heights of 4’ – 5’2”. Carbon Road Bikes, Titanium Road Bikes, Shimano Road bikes, Dura Ace Road Bikes, Ultegra Road Bikes - bikesdirect. Nishiki Women's Escalante Electric Bike. Hyper Bicycles 26in Men's Havoc Mountain Bike, Black. Cannondale. Check stores. Depending on location, you might be able to pick up most bikes in store. Add Vektron S10 Folding Electric Bike to. Apple AirPods Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021. $289. 00 shipping. Search Product Result. Giant Bicycles' mountain bikes and accessories give you the speed and control you need to master any terrain. Balance Bikes: The New Rite of Passage. List Price $349. com Learn about the Shimano Dura-Ace and view Road bicycle photos, component specifications and geometry BicycleSeats. They’re tough, rugged, and built to take on a trail by the handlebars. Shop for men's shoes online at DSW, where we carry a wide range of shoe styles and brands. We offer mountain bikes, BMXs, road bikes to city bikes and folding bikes to electric driven wheels. Huffy. Free 2-Day Shipping over $35+ on select items. ca user reviews, and Shop men's bikes from Giant Bicycles, compare models, and find a dealer near you. BIG bike! 29"whl Men's Genesis Cruiser $325 ( ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. I previously reviewed the Schwinn Sidewinder eBike, and had many req The Roadmaster Granite peak is men's "mountain-style" bicycle available at Walmart. 5” wheel option might come in a 19” frame, and the 29" wheel The Schwinn Sidewinder is a 26" Men's mountain-style bike available at Walmart for $148. 99 List. com Toll Free (855) 855-1976 M-F 8-4 MST [email protected] FREE SHIPPING On All Premium Gel Seat Covers! 42. 179. Walmart, Bentonville, AR. Shop for Men's Road Bikes in Adult Bikes. 9 (16) Ozone 500 Men's Gira Terrano 27. S. We may earn a commission through links on our site. In the end, it’s an inarguably fun and beachy bike. File a Claim. $693. Explore Huffy’s multiple models to find the perfect bicycle for your inner adventure junkie. 8 out of 5 Stars. The Walmart-exclusive indoor cycling bike not only comes with a free 30-day trial of the Echelon United membership for its Echelon Fit app, but it ships for free. $1199. Our writers leverage a number of sources as a starting point, including reputable third-party reviews, Walmart. For the fastest service, file a claim online . Bentonville, Arkansas What is Walmart doing to fight the nation’s opioid issue? Does Walmart really pay for its associates’ college education? What is Walmart doing about plastic waste? Does Walmart allow animals in its stores? What if I have a question about customer support? How much do Walmart associates make? Walmart, Bentonville, AR. Frame, Men's Bike in Black The Mantis Ghost 26 in. Twist shifters, alloy rims, Shimano rear derailleur, front and rear linear pull brakes, all mounted on a durable steel frame. Schwinn Signature Men's Largo 7 26'' Cruiser Bike. Only up to three bikes can be compared at once. Mountain Bikes. Maximum weight capacity: 250 lbs. 8 (10) Ozone 500 Men's N275 27. 5 in 24 The 29" Men's Kent Bayside features a sturdy steel frame, a 7-speed drivetrain with easy twist shifter, Shimano rear derailleur, front & rear linear-pull hand brakes, a full set of fenders, kickstand included, the brown springer saddle and grips, and a quick-release seat post clamp. Spread the cost From £19. 8) out of 5 stars. Women's 26 in Pink Rockvale Bicycle. Ladies cruisers have the bar slanted down toward the seat, which makes it easier to mount. Free Professional Bike Assembly with All Store-Pic Learn More. 5"Tervane Mountain Bike $ 249 99. $3,999. Wheels, 18 in. Get out and explore the fall feels with discounts of up to 40% on best-selling adult bikes from Schwinn, Roadmaster, Kent, Huffy, Mongoose, and more at Walmart. 4. Save up to 60% off Mountain bikes, Road bikes, road bicycles, new road bikes, and custom road bikes. Each bike that made the list is there because of the overall value vs features and person Ozone 500 Men's RS3000 21-Speed Road Bike $ 249 99. com Learn about the Shimano Dura-Ace and view Road bicycle photos, component specifications and geometry From Issue Six of Gear Patrol Magazine. Wheel Size : 29" for a fast smooth ride. Many riders prefer the clean air and exciting terrain that can only be experienced by going off-road. slide 3 of 3, Activate to move to this slide. With stylish looks and tough functionality, 91 bikes are designed for the busy city streets and wildly rough terrains. Your Walmart Photo account With a Walmart Photo account, you can upload your photos from your computer, phone, other device, or social media albums. Shop our bikes for men, women and kids, whether it be for daily commutes, exercise or the school journey. Road and Hybrid bikes have the flexibility to handle tough terrain and provide a light and maneuverable ride. 9 speed trigger shifter. 73 New. 12 per month. Recently, I found this Genesis Incline in my local Walmart and decided to give it a qui Premium Men's Bikes. Adventure Neo 4 Bike - 2021. The Best Cruiser Bikes for Men. 3 14" comfort bike-NOT WALMART-Full Tune The Pacific Mountain Adult 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike is an easy ride on a vast range of surfaces due to an athletic and comfortable riding position, large tires that aid stability, and responsible handling. PRODUCT DETAILS. Marin Gestalt 1 Bike 2022. It did seem to avoid some of the catastrophic failures of other bikes in this price range, so buyers could do worse. 120. Wa Walmart News: This is the News-site for the company Walmart on Markets Insider © 2021 Insider Inc. Oculus Quest 2 Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2021 Deals. Check nearby stores. Another gravel bike option is the Carom 14-speed men’s bike from Huffy. Not at your store. On a men’s cruiser, the bars run parallel to the ground. $. Our bikes are built to last from lightweight, durable materials and include variable speeds, wheel widths, handlebar styles and setups. ca for your ultimate Bike Store, including brand name bikes day on boys' and girls' bikes, women's bikes, men's bikes, and unisex bikes. Men's bikes also typically have a slightly longer top tube. Why it's bad science Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. Where real people go for real good stuff. In other cases, a specialist will guide you through next steps. 211. The seat shape is often different on men's and women's bikes. Whether you need a bike to commute to work or class, love exploring challenging mountain trails, or just like to cruise around town on a nice day, the right bicycle will make your experience more enjoyable and efficient. This post is for you. Schwinn High Timber ALX Youth/adult Mountain Bike Aluminum Frame and Disc Brake. Equipped with Rockshox forks, Shimano XTR and SRAM red components. Oct. KENT. Discount 40% off TernVektron S10 Folding Electric Bike. Walmart’s Goal By 2025, Walmart’s goal is that private brand products made of pulp, paper, and timber will be sourced deforestation and conversion-free. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. Ozone 500 Women's Black Canyon 26 in 21-Speed Full Suspension Comfort Hyrbid Bike. Product Image. (Normally, ordering from Echelon Ghost Full Suspension Mountain Bike, 26 in. last year, making it one of the top  Save with one of our top Walmart Coupon Codes for October 2021: $10 Off Your Order. 112 reviews Mongoose Durham mountain bike, 21 speeds, 29-inch wheels, gray, mens style Reduced Price. These commuter-conscious essentials will keep you dry and stylish Wa A dubious study blames the retaill giant for hate crimes, and more. Brake Type : Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Kent. (16) Not available online. Free standard shipping. For example, if you’re looking at Mongoose mountain bikes at Walmart, the 26” wheel option might come in an 18” frame, the 27. $450. I previously reviewed the Schwinn Sidewinder eBike, and had many req Not available online. Walmart is offering Early Black Friday Bike Clearance Deals: up to 40% off on select Bikes. The Granite Peak bike will normally set you back about $79. 5 out of 5 stars with 24 ratings. £385. BicycleSeats. Take a ride with a men's bike from DICK'S Sporting Goods. 6 (11) Ozone 500 Men's Gira Paseo 700c 21-Speed Hybrid Bike. How we choose products: Simply put, we don’t recommend any products we wouldn’t buy ourselves. You can even stock up on bike tire repair kits so you're prepared if a tire pops on a rough spot. Road cycling is an exceedingly expensive obsession. googletagmanager. Current Price $299. Seeing a MAP of a route is of little value to me, because I don't Read full profile Bikely is a new site to share bike routes. Equipped with impressive super-sized 26″ X 4″ all terrain knobby tires and alloy 4″ wide wheel disc brakes, the Mongoose Dolomite 26″ Men’s Fat Tire Bike bike is designed to handle your weight as a large man with grace and ensure that you ride in absolute comfort, assurance and style – an out of this world combination, if you ask us. A beach cruiser for men is a bike that has the top tube not lowered as it is the case for ladies cruiser bikes with step through frame. $1,389. That’s the same price as Trek’s 820 model or Giant’s Revel 2, both of which are sold at specialty bike shops only. That's why everything we do is focused on providing excellent customer service and delivering low prices. Seats on second hand men's bikes tend to be longer and narrower. Shop all men's bike helmets on Giro. With a ride for beginners to cycling enthusiasts alike, our collection of bikes offers something for everyone. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Are electric bikes worth the hassle? Or are their bulky frames just not worth it? Men's Health investigates. $30. See our huge selection of cycling helmets for men. Welcome to the ultimate cycling experience. 42. (2) 2 reviews with an average rating of 5. Batch Lifestyle 700C Bike. Find your new ride with our full range of models across cruisers, hybrids, electric, specialty, mountain and road bikes. VEVOR Tricycle Adult 26" Wheels Adult Tricycle 7-Speed 3 Wheel Bikes For Adults Three Wheel Bike For Adults Adult Kent Men's Belmar 26" Cruiser Bike - Deep Blue. The latest Tweets from Walmart (@Walmart). Live Better. Active for Life. 5" Men's Aluminum Mountain Bike. 2018年9月27日 Walmart, Kmart, and IKEA probably aren't the first places you'd look for a trail-worthy bicycle. Many claims are approved instantly. Men’s vs Women’s Bikes: 5 Things You Need to Know. 0 out of 5 stars. $169. Mongoose Men's 27. Get ready to hit the trails! Get out and explore the fall feels with discounts of up to 40% on best-selling adult bikes from Schwinn, Roadmaster, Kent, Huffy, Mongoose, and more at Walmart. 3 14" comfort bike-NOT WALMART-Full Tune Ladie's 26 in Shogun Trail Blaster Sport Bicycle. The Pacific Mountain Adult 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike is an easy ride on a vast range of surfaces due to an athletic and comfortable riding position, large tires that aid stability, and responsible handling. com/ns. net GmbH (Imprint). Back to Bikes; Mountain Bikes · Road Bikes · Hybrid Bike. $399. Men's is a great entry-level, dual suspension bicycle with 21 speeds. A 20-inch bike is the wheel size for a standard kids bike, and easiest reference is to think of it as typical wheel size for a BMX bike. 5 / 5. 6OZ) Aerosols Sunscreen Sprays Due to the Presence of Benzene At Walmart, our customers are number one - always. $698. Customer support questions? @WalmartHelp. html?id=GTM-THZHCPQ" style="display:none;visibility:hidden" width="0"></iframe> Carbon Road Bikes, Titanium Road Bikes, Shimano Road bikes, Dura Ace Road Bikes, Ultegra Road Bikes - bikesdirect. Men's Beach Cruiser Bikes. No matter the occasion, Big 5 Sporting Goods has a bike that fits your style and budget. We'll repair your item. Sep 9, 2021. Buy Movelo Algonquin 26" Men's Steel Mountain Bike from Walmart Canada. Having a stable, reliable job has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional branded bikes include Genesis and Margaritaville! Kent 92910 Bayside 29 inch Men's Cruiser Bike - Gray. Many riders are looking for both TREK men’s bikes and TREK women’s bikes, so we stay stocked in a wide variety of different styles for you! For your young bike riders, we carry a selection of different bicycles including toddler bikes and kids’ bikes from favorite brands like TREK, Piranha, Strider Sports, and more. 00. <iframe height="0" src="https://www. Use our product filters to find the perfect men's shoes online. The enjoyability of the bike was somewhat hampered by quality concerns, but only for a segment of the customer-base. Carrera Hellcat Mens Mountain Bike 2020 - Black - S, M, L, XL Frames. Shipping not available. Alloy rims are light & strong. This is a smooth riding, easy to pedal cruiser for female riders who are too tall for a 20” cruiser but maybe a little too short for a 26”. Buy products such as Kent 700c Nazz Men's Gravel Road Bike, Black at Walmart and save. Ladie's 26 in Shogun Trail Blaster Sport Bicycle. It's so simple, and yet, it's really useful. 5″, and 700c and 29er. Bike Attack carries Men's Beach Cruiser bikes from Nirve, Linus, Pure Cycles, Jamis, Tuesday, Schwinn, SE Bikes and Virtue. Hyper Viking Pro 27. Men's · Women's · Double · Kids' Men's · Women's · Kids' · Hiking Socks · Gaiters Bikes. Additional branded bikes include Genesis and Margaritaville! Ninety One bikes are built for men who want to ride their passion. (88) Forks : Suntour XCM with 100mm of travel. Here’s the one thing to know about men’s style: it’s all about the shoes. Diameter measurement for wheel sizes on kids' bikes go down from there, with 12-inch bike typically being the smallest bike available, ridden with training wheels by the littlest tots. ADD TO CART. We offer bikes for all ages and ability levels, from first BMX bike to performance downhill mountain and dirt jump bikes for cycling enthusiasts. Information about symptoms, health a Walmart Bikes In Stock and Ready For Delivery! · Walmart Bikes for Women & Men: · Walmart Bikes for Kids In Stock: · Bike Helmets and Safety Accessories In Stock. Kent Men's Ridgeway Sport 700c/28" Hybrid Bike Premium Men's Bikes. 21 Speed 26 inch Mountain Bike Aluminum Alloy and High Carbon Steel, Full Disc Brake Outdoor Bikes for Men Women, Black and White. Gotrax 26 inch Electric Bicycle, BMX Adult E Bike for Commuting and Travel (Black) (18) Not available. Another aluminum frame bike, this gravel bike provides a versatile fit Walmart offers a wide selection of bikes- Walmart offers something for everyone including mountain bikes, beach cruisers, road bikes, E-bikes, commuters, folding bikes, women’s bikes, recumbent bikes, and kids bikes. com. With s The editors of Bicycling magazine recommend these bicycles for men. $149. Apple Watch Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021. Average Rating: ( 0. html?id=GTM-THZHCPQ" style="display:none;visibility:hidden" width="0"></iframe> From Issue Six of Gear Patrol Magazine. com Road Bike - Road Bikes and Bicycles, Save Up To 60% Off with Bikesdirect. It’s so simple, and yet, Get tips for choosing one of four bicycle designs that have the features that best fit your body, needs and arthritis joints. Men's is a great The Mantis Ghost 26 in. Average Rating: ( 3. The Thomasville Times Newspaper has been reporting local news for the city of Thomasville, Alabama since as far back as the 1900's. 3. Discount 40% off Shop men's bikes from Giant Bicycles, compare models, and find a dealer near you. Sep 10, 2021. Schwinn. . Free shipping. Local Pickup. Think you may have arthritis? Learn about the four most common warning signs. The information you share with Walmart allows us to provide the products and services you need and want while giving you the very best shopping experience. 33,892,753 likes · 312,300 talking about this · 23,129,350 were here. Casual bike riders seeking a more leisure ride can hop on a beach cruiser for maximum comfort while coasting along the beach boardwalk. Yes, it's huge—about six Bikely is a new site to share bike routes. Hyper Bicycles HYP-T29-1030 29 inch Men's Mountain Bike - Black. 2018年12月31日 Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't buy a Walmart kids bike, and 3 better ways to find a good quality bicycle that won't break the bank. $200. WAS: $449. com, New with full warranties - from BikesDirect. Hyper Bicycles Men's 29" Explorer Mountain Bike, Red 112 3. Follow this checklist of what to look for in a used bike b More and more people are making the decision to buy a bike. ratings, based on 211 reviews. Unless you make a modest YouTube living  2010年3月26日 bicycle couldn't be called cheap. Save Money. 99. Huffy Men's Highland 26" Mountain Bike - Silver/Blue. 1961 Vintage Schwinn Racer Mens Bicycle Cruiser Nice Bike!! Retro ”S” Seat! $175. If we can't repair it, we'll send you a replacement or reimburse you for one. The brand is starting with three models Schwinn Men's Ranger 26" Mountain Bike - Blue. Product Title. Huffy Mountain Bikes for men: because sometimes you need something a little more thrilling than another walk around the block. $199. We carry all brands of our custom built road bikes. or Best Offer. 99, but I was Kent Men's Belmar 26" Cruiser Bike - Deep Blue. The one-piece mountain crank provides a wide range of gears, and the steel mountain frame allows for user-friendly control. 99 New. Riding a bike through congested city streets while dodging traffic and breathing exhaust fumes isn’t for everyone. All rights reserved. Kent Men's Ridgeway Sport 700c/28" Hybrid Bike Mountain Biking is an expensive sport and the one question I all the time is: what's a cheap bike worth buying? Today’s video showcases another $400 mountain Premium Men's Bikes. 0) out of 5 stars. Classic rear carrier for convenience. $499. They offer bikes in every wheel size including 16″, 20″, 24″, 26″, 27. A new study claims it does, but here's why it Don’t miss out on this killer deal at Walmart to buy the ultimate Peloton rival at more than $100 off. 5” wheel option might come in a 19” frame, and the 29" wheel This video is a list of the Top 5 Best Walmart bikes in early 2019. Shop for more Bikes available online at Walmart. Shop our newest MTB bikes now. At Walmart Photo Center, you can create prints, wall art, photo books, custom cards, and a whole lot more for yourself or your business and as gifts. By Denise Primbet 14 January 2021 Hurry! Echelon Connect Sport is over 15% off Staying indoors shouldn’t keep you from staying fit and he Read the latest news about Walmart here, including information on new company programs and initiatives, price changes, product listings, and more. Back in the day; there may have been a clever stock boy with a box of mismatched tools that did the store’s bike assembly. 700c tires. The sturdy frames and suspension forks let them adapt quickly to the bumps and grooves of the trail. $799. The handlebars also differ. Riding a bike provides great exercise, a traffic-free mode of transportation and, potentially, a lot of fun. While pedals, cleats, helmets, shoes, jerseys and bib shorts are all pricey (and prerequisite), the biggest investment you’ll make is your bike. Nintendo Switch Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021. Shop our selection of bikes for toddlers, boys, girls, men and women, and you're sure to find a bicycle that fits your needs and your budget. Men's 27. It offers the ultimate riding experience and it’s completely intuitive. Compare. Additional branded bikes include Genesis and Margaritaville! Get out and explore the fall feels with discounts of up to 40% on best-selling adult bikes from Schwinn, Roadmaster, Kent, Huffy, Mongoose, and more at Walmart. Alloy front & rear linear pull brakes for precise stops. Walmart and other retailers get their bikes boxed up, as you might expect. $2,700. Sept. Schwinn Men's Ranger 26" Mountain Bike - Black. Over 45 years of cycling heritage. Browse Walmart. 7, 2021 Joovy Recalls Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Strollers Due to Fall Hazard Sold at: Walmart. MongoosePro CX 3. 99 *. $1099. Athletic Wear for Men, Women, & Children on Sale at Walmart. Schwinn 7 speed twist shifters with Schwinn rear derailleur for quick gear changes. 1 out of 5 stars with 120 ratings. Target sells a Titan Dark Knight men’s hardtail mountain bike for $380. 06 New. Schwinn 700c Ingersol Electric Bike. Making your life a little easier, so you can live a little better. Not in stores. Discounted domestic shipping + 15% off in the GP store for new subscribers. Discount 40% off Ghost Full Suspension Mountain Bike, 26 in. Answer (1 of 10): My experience as a department store bike assembler goes way back. Behold, the Men's Mongoose Cachet Fixed-Speed Bike, a $150 “fixie” from Walmart. 159 views today. Schwinn 29" Axum Mountain Bike Large 19 Inch Mens Style Frame 8 Speeds. 5 in 24 Men's and women's mountain bikes are built to handle the harsh conditions of off-road riding. Have your receipt and covered item with you. Add for shipping. and finanzen. ca Infinity 26" Lahaina Beach Cruiser Men's or Women's Steel Frame Single Speed Coaster Hub Infinity Boss Three 7 Speed 700c Men's Hybrid Bike Matte Black Aluminum Viathon is a new direct-to-consumer bike brand owned by Walmart that launched this week with a line of carbon bikes that sell between $2,300 and $6,000. 99.


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