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16 Best Closet Systems for Next-Level Organization

There&#x;s something about a well-organized closet that can start your day off on the right foot and&#x;dare we say it&#x;might even make you enjoy folding clothes and towels. Plus, you probably spend a lot more time in your home&#x;s closets than you think, so why not make them look great and work smarter? 

Closet systems are structures typically consisting of shelves, drawers, rods, and storage accessories such as jewelry holders and shoe racks. A closet organizer system is an easy way to streamline your closet setup and appearance while carving out a home for every item. Whether you&#x;re working with a tight reach-in or a sprawling walk-in, there&#x;s a closet organizer system that will meet your needs and give you streamlined storage for clothing, linens, and more. Learn about the best closet systems available to find one that works for your space and lifestyle.

Custom Closet Systems

Customized closet organizer systems are made to order and typically require working with a design consultant to determine the best closet system size, layout, and storage accessories for your space. Here are a few custom closet system companies that can help you conceptualize your dream closet.

Credit: Courtesy of California Closets

California Closets

The best closet organization fixtures are ones that fit your personal style and needs. California Closets offers multiple lines of customizable closet organizers and multiple product lines in a variety of eco-friendly wood-look finishes. The price of a custom California Closets system depends on various characteristics like material, size, and additional features, such as LED lighting, drawer dividers, and hooks. Design options and product line availability vary by location, so schedule a consultation by calling or visiting the California Closets website.

Credit: Courtesy of Closet Factory

Closet Factory

Closet Factory features custom closet organizer systems in a variety of sizes (including reach-in and walk-in closets) as well as an array of finishes, including engineered wood with melamine or solid-wood veneers in many colors. Through Closet Factory, a designer works one on one with you to determine the best setup for your closet and help configure the shelves and rods for optimal storage. To schedule a consultation, call or visit their website.

Credit: Courtesy of Closets by Design

Closets by Design

Closets by Design has four product lines at varying price points: Everyday, Classic, Regency, and Brio. The Everyday collection is a good line for those installing a closet system for the first time. It&#x;s basic enough to organize your items but can easily be upgraded with drawers and molding as needed. To set up a personalized consultation, call or visit their website.

Credit: Courtesy of Easy Closets


The high-end DIY closet organizers from EasyClosets ship directly to your doorstep and are easy to design online and install in your space. Each closet organizer system is made from 3/4-inch high-density particleboard with durable melamine coating in seven colors and seven hardware finishes. There are also a few upgrades and accessories you can add, like belt hooks and drawer dividers. Units are sold exclusively on the EasyClosets website and include a free design service.

ikea pax closet organizer


The PAX closet system from IKEA is as DIY as it gets. Simply pick and choose components like drawers, rails, mesh baskets, doors, and hardware for your closet. Choose from mirrored, glass, and painted cabinet doors, as well as wardrobe frames to fit various closet configurations. Before you order, save yourself a headache and take complete measurements of your closet because the IKEA PAX closet system is not one size fits all.

Credit: Courtesy of ORG Home

ORG Home

Keep your belts, jewelry, shirts, and more organized with an ORG Home closet system. These personalized storage solutions are professionally designed and installed by local dealers. There are 29 colors to choose from as well as accessories like belt racks, valet rods, tie racks, hooks, and jewelry trays. Visit their website to schedule a consultation.

closet with outdoor access
Credit: Courtesy of Poliform

Poliform USA

For a modern closet system, consider the Senzafine wardrobe from Poliform. It features components that are custom-designed to fit any space. Wardrobe options are available with leaf, folding, or sliding doors in a variety of finishes, including matte and glossy lacquer, wood veneer, laminate, glass, and mirror. Get this closet system through corporate showrooms and dealers nationwide.

closet with floating shoe shelves
Credit: Courtesy of Studio Becker


The Ultimate Wardrobe System by StudioBecker is made with an engineered-wood core and solid-wood veneer. Standard and custom finishes are available. Accessories include jewelry inserts, hidden electronic safes, shoe storage solutions, pants racks, and cosmetics refrigerators. Pricing starts at $ per linear foot for each wood closet system. To find an authorized dealer or showroom, call or visit StudioBecker&#x;s website.

Where to Buy Off-the-Shelf Closet Systems

Most closet systems you&#x;ll find at retailers like Amazon and Wayfair come as-is with all the materials you need to set it up yourself. Although they&#x;re not customized to your storage needs, these types of closet systems are usually less expensive, more accessible, and fairly easy to assemble.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon


ClosetMaid closet systems feature a range of affordable designs, including wire shelving, wood laminate kits, and premium configurations. This easy-to-install closet tower starter kit has a simple structure that boosts the storage space of smaller closets. It includes a wood laminate adjustable shelf and three expandable rods that fit closets from 5 to 10 feet wide. You can also choose customizable add-ons (sold separately), including closet drawers and decorative doors. 

Buy It:ClosetMaid Suite Symphony Starter Tower Kit, ($, Amazon)

Sours: https://www.bhg.com/decorating/closets/shelving/closet-organization-systems/

Top Shelf

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    16 In. Starter Kit

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    25 In. Starter Kit

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    Corner Unit

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    Top Shelf Support Kit

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  • Sours: https://closetmaid.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/closetmaid-us/closetstorage/woodclosetorganizers/suitesymphony/topshelf
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    Whether you are planning a major overhaul or looking for some redesign tips, here are thee steps to take when planning for your upcoming closet remodel.

    1. Take Stock of What You’ve Got

    Sell, donate, and whittle down. Then get out a ruler.

    • Start with what’s hanging. Place clothes flat, on their hangers, in two piles—one for short items, like shirts, and the other for long items, like coats and pants hung full length by their cuffs or waistband. Measure the height of each pile to get the desired lengths for short- and long-item rods. Keep in mind that hangers need sliding space.
    • Next up: Clothes that fold. Arrange foldables in inch-high stacks—any higher and they could topple. Each stack needs 14 inches of shelf length.
    • Extras. Size up items like ties and T-shirts that also need real estate.

    2. Dimensions You Need to Know

    Illustrated by Eric Larsen

    The ideal reach-in closet (we’re not talking walk-ins here) is 6 to 8 feet wide and 24 to 30 inches deep. Standard double doors are best, assuming there’s room to swing them open. To prevent blind alleys, the inside of the return walls, the ones to which the doors are hinged, should be no longer than 18 inches.

    3. Plan The Interior of Your Closet


    Size up Your Space

    Beginning with the left wall, measure everything to a T.

    Sketch a to-scale layout on graph paper, with each wall’s width and height as well as details such as base moldings, chases, and receptacles.

    Make note of sloped ceilings, knee walls, and other old-house oddities. If facing walls aren’t the same length, at least one angle isn’t square.

    Divide and Allocate

    Start with storage for your shoes. While options include slide-out racks and tilted shelves, your best bet is open shelves without dividers. To squeeze in an extra pair, alternate toes-facing-out and toes-facing-in.

    Sketch in rods for shorter items, making them as wide as your wardrobe warrants, and a higher rod for longer items.

    Draw shelves 4 inches above the rods plus a high shelf for less-used items, and mark their depths.

    Look for Nooks

    Allocate space for a folding stepladder, against the wall under the highest rod, say. See if there’s space for a robe hook on a return or side wall.

    Common Bad Configurations to Avoid

    Cave Closet

    Illustration by Eric Larsen

    The spelunker’s special comes in two styles: a narrow, deep box or a deep, dark L. If opening up the front wall for double doors is out of the question, hang rods in front of the opening, where they are visible. Then build out the hard-to-reach wall with shelves for bins.

    Sloped-Wall Closet

    Illustration by Eric Larsen

    Tucked under the roofline, this variation couples lots of not-very-useful floor space with a not-very-useful shortened back wall. Position your rods front to back between the return walls and back wall. Then build out the knee wall with shelves.

    Closet DIY Tricks and Tools

    The Plywood Solution

    Illustration by Eric Larsen

    To shore up walls and plaster that’s in poor shape, line the closet with ¾-inch hardwood plywood and screw it to the studs. Now you can attach rods and shelves wherever you want. Or build three- or four-sided plywood boxes, then slide them in.

    Industrial Pipe, With a Twist

    Illustration by Eric Larsen

    To overcome an odd configuration or sketchy walls, build a scaffold using commercial Speed-Rail fittings (hollaender.com) and closet rods. Use them to make a system supported by vertical rods screwed to the ceiling and floor or to make freestanding racks. The result looks like other industrial-pipe fixes but does them one better: System options include connectors with swiveling joints that can handle awkward angles for just a few dollars.

    The Bifold Solution

    Photo by Kolin Smith

    No room for swing-open doors? Avoid sliders, which block the view, and invest in sturdy, solid-core or solid-wood bifolds and heavy-duty fittings (we like those at johnsonhardware.com). Lightweight doors with bad fittings wobble and constantly fall off their tracks.

    Make it Easy to Rotate

    Bloomberg via Getty Images

    Decide on a destination for off-season items, ideally a wardrobe in the attic or a dry corner of the basement. If you have spare room on the same floor, consider a clothes rack that can be wheeled to the closet when it’s time for a swap-out. If elsewhere isn’t an option, stash off-season items in easy-to-hoist bins and space-saving vacuum-storage bags on the closet’s topmost shelf. Label them so that you can find your bathing suit in January—you never know.

    4. Consider Your System Options

    Out of The Box

    Photo by Rubbermaid

    You measure your space, shop for the closest fit in a ready-to-go setup like this adjustable one from Rubbermaid, and screw standards to studs on the back wall. About $90–$

    Tip: Be flexible. Wardrobes change and so do closet owners, so buy or build a system with adjustable-height shelves and rods, using easy-to-reposition screws or shelf-standard clip-ins.


    Photo by Elfa

    An expert at a specialty store or reached through a website helps map out and tailor a wider array of accessories and components, like these from Elfa. The install can be DIY or by the dealer. About $–$2,

    Tip: Keep at least one shelf within arm’s reach or no higher than 7 feet. The topmost shelf is typically at least 12 inches from the ceiling. Reserve it for off-season clothing and gear that can be retrieved using a stepladder.

    Fully Custom

    Photo by California Closets

    An independent designer or franchise rep comes to your house, gauges your needs and space, offers a range of materials and features, and does all the work, as California Closets did here. About $ and up.

    Tip: Shelves 14 inches deep extend over rods and can hold men’s shoes and folded jeans. Much deeper and you risk losing things—unless they are kept in a handy bin.

    No Ladder Needed


    Want to stack a short-hanging rod over one that’s set up high? It’s doable with a specialty hinged pull-down fitting (find them at rev-a-shelf.com and hafele.com). Just grab the rod with the included hook to pull items within arm’s reach.

    Repurpose a Chest

    Burcu Avsar

    Drawer systems can be short on charm. Instead, see if you can slide in a small dresser or lingerie chest for socks, ties, and underwear. Top it with a dish to catch pocket change, a jewelry organizer, and a snapshot from your last vacation; as you dress for work, you can always dream.

    5. Fix Your Fixtures and Floors

    No Bare Bulbs, Please!

    Illustration by Eric Larsen

    Poorly installed light fixtures are a fire hazard, not to mention unreliable. Spring for an electrician who can hard-wire a closet fixture that is activated by opening the door or flipping an exterior-wall switch. Add an outlet, too, if you want to set up a charging station, an iron, or a clothes steamer.

    Use a Stick-Up Puck for a Fast Fix


    Here’s a solution when hard-wiring isn’t an option or you simply want a little extra light: this rechargeable LED light. Thanks to a motion sensor, it blinks on when you reach in. It lacks the warmth and ambient light of an incandescent, but it will help get you out the door with matching socks.

    Hafele Loox Motion-activated LED light with magnetic plate, about $40, Rockler

    Bring Order to Shoe Chaos

    Illustration by Eric Larsen

    Keep them off the floor—it’s a pain to duck and hunt amid the dust bunnies. Instead, allocate adequate shelf space, allowing 8 inches of width per pair and extra height for boots. Tight squeeze? Find a spot for a free-standing shoe cabinet, perhaps near the front door.

    Straighten Up

    Burcu Avsar

    Sliding stacks create shelf havoc. Block the flow with dividers. We like these painted home-center wood corbels (about $ each!) to add a little extra detail.

    6. Decide How to Accessorize Your Closet

    Here are some ways to put finishing touches on your closet that help enhance functionality and aesthetics.

    Labeling and Storage Bins

    Scorgin Mayo

    If at first this civilized detail seems a bit OCD, think again. It’s important to put shelves to work—they are much more space efficient than rods—but it’s no fun having to plunder every running inch in search of your favorite long-sleeve T. Shelf labels not only save time but also flood the zone with a sense of control and order.

    Burcu Avsar

    Dress it Up
    Here, off-the-shelf storage bins convey color, pattern, and travel inspiration with the help of old maps, matte-finish Mod Podge glue (which becomes transparent when dry), a paint brush, and a putty knife to smooth out bubbles.

    Kick Up The Walls
    No one says the closet has to match the rest of the room. Capitalize on its identity as a mini room of its own by saturating it with a dramatic shade, like navy, or choose a mood-boosting hue borrowed from your favorite jacket, scarf, or shirt.

    Give it a Custom Stamp
    Whimsical wall decals, wallpaper, or stenciled patterns can make a small closet feel like a jewel box. Choose an oversize pattern that goes up quickly and won’t look too busy.

    A Valet Hook

    It’s called a valet hook because it leads a life of service, extending an arm when called upon to hold multiple hangers. Handy when:

    • Assembling outfits to take on a trip;
    • Stashing items just back from the dry cleaner, for sorting later;
    • Putting out clothes for tomorrow;
    • Airing out lightly worn clothes.

    Three-Way Hook

    Burcu Avsar

    A single hook is easily swamped. Look for three prongs, preferably swiveling ones, so that you can reach the belt or bag you want.

    Nonslip Storage

    Sours: https://www.thisoldhouse.com/closets//read-this-before-you-redo-your-bedroom-closet

    The 8 Best Closet Kits of

    Final Verdict

    The best overall closet system is the Elfa Classic Reach-In Closet System, which is a tried-and-true option for organizing closets, with many add-on options and customizations available. If you're looking for a more affordable option, the Dotted Line Grid Closet System (view at Wayfair) offers less flexibility but is a great ready-to-go closet organizer.


    Some closet kits are easier to install than others. If you’re handy, that’s one thing, but if you don’t know pliers from a wrench (or don’t care to), then you may want to select one that’s much simpler to install or have someone install it for you. Also, consider how easy a kit is to maneuver and change around once it is installed, as your needs and preferences may change over time. 


    Closet kits come in a wide variety of materials, from metal and plastic to solid wood. Their looks can range from basic and utilitarian to the ultra-fancy that will make you want to bring guests into your closet and serve cocktails there. How much visibility your closet gets, as well as your personal taste and budget, should dictate which kit is best for transforming your closet.


    Do you want drawers galore, or just more shelving? Closet kits come with all sorts of features and functions to help you keep things better organized. Your habits—if you keep most of your clothing folded or hanging, or if you keep other types of items in your closet, too—should be taken into consideration.

    When researching picks to include in this roundup, we took into account the useful features and real-world scenarios when recommending the best options on the market. For background, we consulted with organizing expert Ellen Karas, who has over two decades of experience helping people organize and refresh their homes. She's also the co-founder of Creative Organization Solutions, a Chicago-based organizing company.

    Erica Puisis writes about cleaning, interior design, and home organization for The Spruce, and is always looking for new storage solutions to better organize her home. For this list, she considered the style, functionality, and installation of each closet kit, as well as which type of closet it's best suited for. She consulted dozens of customer and third-party reviews, along with insight from our product testers.

    Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/best-closet-kits

    Organizer closet 48 wide

    DIY Small Closet Organizer Plans

    This article represents my own opinion and may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosures for more information.

    Free woodworking plans for a DIY small closet organizer for closets ' wide.

    If you're stuck with a small closet there's not much you can do other than make more efficient use of the space. This small closet organizer does just that. It increases the closet rod by 20% and more than quadruples the amount of shelf space compared to an original design of a single shelf and rod.

    Lack of shelf space tends to be the reason closets get so cluttered in the first place. We tend to use closets for more than just clothes. Anything that we don't want to throw away yet don't want out in the open gets thrown in the closet where it tends to get forgotten. If you haven't seen your closet floor in ages because it's pilled high with bags, boxes and shoes, that's a clear indication you lack enough shelf area in your closet. This closet organizer design aims to fix that problem.


    Use these plans as a guide and customize them to your needs. The plans should work well for reach in closets between 3' to 5' wide and 24" deep. If your closet is larger, see my Closet Organizer Plan for 5' - 8' closets. If this seems like too much work check out my Easy Small Closet Organizer Plans.

    In this example we're using a 48" wide by 24" deep reach-in closet that has an 11" space between the left side wall and the door trim. Make any necessary adjustments to suit your closet. Here is the floor plan of the closet we'll be working in.

    If you're closet doesn't have much space between the sidewall and the door trim you won't be able to include the extended lower shoe shelves. You can still include the shoe shelves but they will only be 15" deep like the other shelves.

    What You'll Need



    Cut List

    • (1) 48" x 24" 3/4" Plywood Top Shelf
    • (1) /2" x 15" 3/4" Plywood Main Divider
    • (1) 42 x 15" 3/4" Plywood Lower Cabinet Side
    • (1) /4" x 15" 3/4" Plywood Lower Cabinet Top
    • (4) 15" x 15" 3/4" Plywood Shelves
    • (3) 15" x 24" 3/4" Plywood Shoe Shelves
    • Assorted 1x4 boards for main supports
    • Assorted 1x2 or 1x3 lengths for shelf supports

    Cut Plan

    The size of your closet will most likely be different so double check the cut plan after you make the necessary adjustments to the component dimensions.

    3/4" Plywood

    The main parts of the closet organizer are cut from 3/4" hardwood veneer plywood. Two sheets where used for this plan, 1 full 4' x 8' sheet and one 2' x 4' quarter sheet. 

    Some of the cutoffs can be used for the 2" shelf supports but you might find it easier to use 1x2 or 1x3 boards that match the species of plywood you selected instead. It will save time in making all those little cuts and edgebanding.

    1x4 Boards

    The 1x4 boards are used for the top support as well as the lower support. The species of wood should match the plywood you selected and be finished the same way. You'll need 2 8' boards. Cut plan is not included because it will depend on your closet dimensions.

    1x2 or 1x3 Boards

    There isn't enough scrap on the plywood to create enough supports for the sweater and shoe shelves on the left of the organizer. You may want to forego the plywood supports and just use boards instead to minimize the cuts in plywood which can be time consuming if you don't have a table saw. Using boards also means you won't have to edgeband the supports that will be visible.

    If you're using boards for all the shelf supports you'll need 4 8' boards.

    Step 1: Cut and Finish Parts

    It's best to cut out all the parts and finish them before installing the closet organizer. Make any adjustments necessary to suit your closet size, cut out the parts, apply edgebanding to the edges that will be visible, sand smooth with 80 then grit sand paper, finally either prime and paint them or stain and seal them.

    Oil based paints and finishes are not a good idea for closets because they can out gas for a long time and make your clothes smell. Instead use low VOC water based paints or water based stain and a water based finish such as Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic.

    Step 2: Prepare Your Closet

    While your waiting for the closet organizer components to fully cure, get your closet ready for the new organizer.

    Empty out the closet and store your clothes in a safe place. Carefully remove the old closet shelf, rod and other boards that were a part of that configuration.

    Patch the walls with joint compound, sand and then prime and paint with a low VOC water based paint.

    Step 3: Mark For Top Support

    Use a level to find the highest point in the closet floor along the back wall. Houses can shift over time and the floors won't always be level. 

    From the high point in the floor measure up /2" and draw a level line (in pencil) on the back wall, both side walls, and the front section where the shelves will be.

    Please note that to make it easy to show the installation, some of the walls are not visible.

    Step 4: Install Top Support

    Measure and cut the 1x4 top support and screw it into the walls using /2" wood screws making sure to screw into the studs. The top of the board should align with the level line drawn in the previous step.

    Install the supports in the order shown. Starting with the return wall, next the left side wall, the right side wall and finally the back wall. Check your stud locations on the right wall and cut that support long enough to be screwed into at least 2 studs, one in the corner, one towards the end.

    Drive 2 screws at each stud location.

    Step 5: Install Divider

    Draw a plumb line using a level 15" from the left wall (the wall where the shelves will be.)

    Prepare the divider by cutting a notch at the top to fit around the top support 1x4 and at the bottom to fit around the baseboards.

    Drill 2 pocket holes at the top notch to be able to attach it to the top support.

    Align the left side of the Divider with the plumb line and drive 2 screws through the top pocket holes. At the bottom use an L bracket to attach the divider to the floor, making sure it stays plumb.

    Step 6: Install Lower Support

    Draw a level line on the right side of the Divider, 42" up from the floor. Install the Lower Support 1x4 so the top is flush with the level line. Use /2" wood screws to secure the Lower Support into studs. Make sure that when you install the Lower Support you to not push the Main Divider out of plumb.

    Secure the main divider to the end of the lower support using 2 /2" wood screws. Drill pilot holes before driving the screws to prevent splitting.

    Step 7: Assemble Lower Cabinet

    The lower cabinet defines the bottom hanging area. It consists of the top and side and gets attached to the main divider.

    Begin by drilling the necessary pocket holes in both pieces. In the Lower Cabinet Top there are 3 pocket holes on the side to attach to the main divider. In the Lower Cabinet Side there are 6 pocket holes. 3 on the top to attach to the Lower Cabinet Top, and 3 on the bottom to attach to the floor. You can also use an L-Bracket to attach the side to the floor instead.

    After you drill the pocket holes, attach using the appropriate pocket screws as shown below.

    Step 8: Install Lower Cabinet

    Position the assembled Lower Cabinet over the Lower Support as shown. You'll need to cut a notch on the bottom of the Lower Cabinet Side to fit around your baseboards.

    Make sure it's level and plumb all around and secure it to the Main Divider using pocket screws, to the Lower Support from the top and side using /2" wood screws that are countersunk (drill pilot holes to avoid splitting), and finally to the floor using pocket screws or L brackets.

    Step 9: Install Top Shelf

    Check to make sure the Top Shelf fits properly. Trim it to size if necessary then place it so it rests on the top supports.

    Screw it in place using /2" wood screws that are predrilled and countersunk. Screw it down into the top supports as well as the top of the Main Divider.

    Step Install Closet Rods

    Mount the Closet Rod Flanges, cut the pole to size using a hacksaw and mount them as shown.

    The closet rods should be installed so that the top-center of the closet rod is 12" away from the back wall (not the back support) and /2" down from the shelf above it.

    Step Install Shelf Supports

    Mark out level lines on the walls where the shelves will be installed. You can space the shelves whichever way works for you. A good starting point is about 12" spacing for sweater shelves and about 7" spacing for shoe shelves.

    Use /2" wood screws driven into studs to install 2" strips of plywood (or 1x2 or 1x3 boards) at the marked lines to support the shelves as shown.

    Step Install the Shelves

    Place the shelves on the shelve supports. Trim to size if necessary. Attach the shelves to the shelf supports by screwing down from the top with /2" wood screws that are pre-drilled and countersunk. On the side where the shelf meets the divider attach the shelf to the divider using pocket hole screws as shown.

    For the lower shoe shelves that extend to the front wall, you'll need to mark and cut out an angle from the cabinet to behind the door molding.

    Your closet organizer is now complete and ready for your clothes.

    Sours: https://tombuildsstuff.blogspot.com//01/diy-small-closet-organizer-plans.html
    Best Closet Organizer on Amazon - Rubbermaid

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