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Ark Survival Evolved: Every New Creature In Genesis Part 2

There are so many different creatures to be found in Ark: Survival Evolved, and the Genesis Part 2 DLC added a few new ones to the list. They provide a new dimension to the game as each one has a special spark that makes it unique. It is no wonder that so many players want to tame them as they have both incredible looks and abilities.

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A total of seven new creatures were added to the game and they can be found all across the map. There are also R-Creatures, but they are just variants of those already in the game that are specific to the Genesis Part 2 DLC biomes so they have not been included. Some are easy to find, while others can take a bit of searching before you come across them in Ark: Survival Evolved.


  • Admin Command: GmSummon "SpaceDolphin_Character_BP_C" 100

Dolphins and space are combined to create the Astrodelphis as it swims through the air. It is similar to the Astrocetus and Ichthyosaurus, but it has an extraterrestrial appeal to its bizarre design.

If you happen to let this creature come too close, then it will attack with repeated bites and call on its fellow brethren to help win the fight. However, if you manage to kill it, as its health is quite low, then you will be rewarded with Raw Meat and Hide.

You can tame it by petting it twice and then feeding it Element, and it is a great form of transportation as its saddle comes with thrusters and lasers. If you draw a line going North and South in the middle of the map then this is where you will find the Astrodelphis.


  • Admin Command: GmSummon "MilkGlider_Character_BP_C" 100

The Maewing is a combination of a platypus and a sugar glider as it uses its abilities to traverse land, air, and water. It also has a knack for stealing the offspring of other creatures throughout the map, and it will even care for them.

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This creature is fairly docile, but if you do decide to kill it then it will drop Hide, Raw Meat, Pelt, and Keratin. You can find it in Eden along the northern half of the map, and they are quite easy to locate.

You can tame it and use it for transportation and for carrying up to four baby creatures, but the process is a bit involved. If you want to tame a Maewing for yourself you can use this guide to learn how.


  • Admin Command: GmSummon "BrainSlug_Character_BP_C" 100

The Noglin is a strange but fun creature as it can control the minds of other creatures and survivors. It can be found along the river at Latitude 50 on the Rockwell side of the map, but you will have to keep your eyes peeled as it is hard to spot.

It can be tamed by allowing it to mind control your own tames, and you can learn more about the process in this guide. When you do tame this creature, you can take over its control and run around to latch onto creatures yourself. This will then give you the ability to wreak havoc as another creature now that its movement is in your hands.


  • Admin Command: GMSummon "LionfishLion_Character_BP_C" 100

The Shadowmane is a tameable predator who is a combination of a lionfish and a lion, which makes it a strong swimmer. It can travel alone or in packs of three or more, and killing it will provide you with Raw Meat, Keratin, and Hide.

This creature uses the power of invisibility to stalk its prey, but you can still see it as there is a faint shimmer around its body and it leaves pawprints behind. They can also teleport in case a potential victim tries to run away from a fight.

You want to fight them with a group of tames, however, beware as they can cause a rider to dismount by stunning a tame. If they do happen to chase you the best option is to take to the skies as their teleportation is limited.

If you want to tame a Shadowmane you will have to find them during the day when they are resting, and they are most plentiful in the southern half of the Rockwell side of the map. It is tamed nonviolently by approaching it with a filled Fish Basket, but make sure not to wake the sleeping beast.

Tek Stryder

  • Admin Command: GmSummon "TekStryder_Character_BP_C" 100

The Tek Stryder is a mechanical creature that reminds players of a giraffe and it can be found most often on the Eden side of the mapwhere you should build your base. It is docile until attacked and if you kill it then it will drop Electronics, Oil, and Organic Polymer. It does have a lot of health and its stomping attacks can deal a lot of damage, so be careful upon your approach.

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The cool thing about this creature is that once it is tamed you can transform it into whatever you want it to be. For example, you can give it an Excavation Rig for harvesting, or a Pulse Cannon Rig for combat.

If you want to tame this creature you must to have Mutagel in the '0' slot on the hotbar and completed a set amount of missions. You will hack into it and then partake in a minigame in order to speed up the taming process.


  • Admin Command: GmSummon "Summoner_Character_BP_C" 100

The Summoner can be found in the southern portion of the Rockwell side of the map and along longitude 20 to 25 in the Innard's Biome. They are an extremely aggressive species that will teleport in front of you and release a loud scream.

They will fly around pointing a searchlight and they will not attack unless you enter into it.  Once they are engaged in a fight they will fire projectiles that summon a set of dinosaurs, but while doing this they are vulnerable to attack.

It is not a creature you want to mess with, but if you kill it off then every creature it summoned will die along with it. The Summoner can only be force tamed using cheat codes so your best bet is to run if you come into contact with this menace.


  • Admin Command: GmSummon "TekWyvern_Character_BP_C"100

The Tek Wyverns patrol the middle of the map between Eden and Rockwell and can be found near the asteroids. It is a mechanical creature and highly resembles a typical Wyvern.

They have a powerful breath attack that does a great job of knocking survivors off their tames. It can be tamed, but you have to ride it and you should expect to be bucked off more than once, so make sure your character stats are upgraded.

First, you must lower its health until it turns blue, then you must ride it. You should be feeding it Mutagen every time it rolls and after a few attempts, you will have a new tame.

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Genesis Part 2 DLC.jpg
DLC about the colony ship of ARK.

Release Dates

June 3rd, 2021
Xbox One.svg
June 3rd, 2021
June 3rd, 2021
Nintendo Switch.svg
Epic Games.svg
June 3rd, 2021
September 1st, 2021

Genesis: Part 2 is the fifth and final paid DLC Expansion Pack for ARK: Survival Evolved and is available for purchase through the Genesis Season Pass.

The Colony Ship Map[]

Genesis: Part 2 has survivors exploring a vast world filled with strange new biomes, story missions, and exotic creatures. The map is set aboard the massive Genesis-Ship with two rings: on the right side is a regular ring with green terrain as well as normal creatures and the left side is a corrupted ring full of purple terrain and horrifying creatures. The ship is traveling through deep space looking for a habitable planet.

New Features
  • Asteroids in between the two rings that change after hyperspace.
  • Unique missions that grant graded loots, including Tek items.
New Creatures

The map contains various new creatures, from a unusual but helpful Maewing down to a small but horrifying Noglin, the smart and curious Astrodelphis that wanders space, the robotic and ever-searching Stryder to be tamed, the sneaky Shadowmane that can turn invisible at will, the flying robotic sentries known as Voidwyrms, and the horrifying Summoner that can spawn other creatures to aid themselves.

Moreover a brand new variant of creatures called R-Creatures can be found across the ship, each possessing boosted stats from their original counterpart.

Unique Environmental Features[]

  • Hyperspace, an event that appears during the night, this makes the sky go purple with millions of stars passing by and the ship will eventually arrive at another planet. This event causes the asteroids in the -Space- area to change afterwards.
  • Eden Zone, a starter area for survivors, filled with plateaus, mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, providing all necessary Resources needed for survival.
  • Tek Trenches (Rock Tunnel) that act as technological bridges between biomes, and the two Rings.
  • Corrupted Gardens, an aberrant and twisted region created by Rockwell filled with his eerie creations.
  • Rockwell's Proliferation, an area fused with the insides of Sir Edmund Rockwell, affectionately known as the Rockwell's Innards biome.
  • The S.U.M.P, an underground ocean located underneath the Eden Zone, which contains ocean-based creatures and resources.
  • An area in between the two rings known as -Space-, while low in biodiversity it does have asteroids that transform after a hyperspace event has occured.


  • Afflicted Clearing (Genesis Part 2).png

    Afflicted Clearing

  • Aries Sector (Genesis Part 2).png

    Aries Sector

  • Ashburn River (Genesis Part 2).png

    Ashburn River

  • Barebone Creek (Genesis Part 2).png

    Barebone Creek

  • Barebone Falls (Genesis Part 2).png

    Barebone Falls

  • Barren Wetlands (Genesis Part 2).png

    Barren Wetlands

  • Bleak Hills (Genesis Part 2).png

    Bleak Hills

  • Bleaksight Mire (Genesis Part 2).png

    Bleaksight Mire

  • Bloodhorn Mountains (Genesis Part 2).png

    Bloodhorn Mountains

  • Bloodhorne Vale (Genesis Part 2).png

    Bloodhorne Vale

  • Boros Sector (Genesis Part 2).png

    Boros Sector

  • Brightfell Pond (Genesis Part 2).png

    Brightfell Pond

  • Charnel Spring (Genesis Part 2).png

    Charnel Spring

  • Corrupted Gardens (Genesis Part 2).png

    Corrupted Gardens

  • Creeping Leaf Bog (Genesis Part 2).png

    Creeping Leaf Bog

  • Desolate Mound (Genesis Part 2).png

    Desolate Mound

  • Dreaded Pass (Genesis Part 2).png

    Dreaded Pass

  • Fallen Cliffs (Genesis Part 2).png

    Fallen Cliffs

  • Foulcreek Marsh (Genesis Part 2).png

    Foulcreek Marsh

  • Fractured Lake (Genesis Part 2).png

    Fractured Lake

  • Gorevale Lake (Genesis Part 2).png

    Gorevale Lake

  • Gravemere Reservoir (Genesis Part 2).png

    Gravemere Reservoir

  • Harrowing Dam (Genesis Part 2).png

    Harrowing Dam

  • Hungering Heights (Genesis Part 2).png

    Hungering Heights

  • Hungering Slopes (Genesis Part 2).png

    Hungering Slopes

  • Ironbeak (Genesis Part 2).png


  • Ironbeak River (Genesis Part 2).png

    Ironbeak River

  • Ironbeak Rock (Genesis Part 2).png

    Ironbeak Rock

  • Isolation Peak (Genesis Part 2).png

    Isolation Peak

  • Isolation Valley (Genesis Part 2).png

    Isolation Valley

  • Lake Shivermore (Genesis Part 2).png

    Lake Shivermore

  • Lifeless Lake (Genesis Part 2).png

    Lifeless Lake

  • Noxiousdew River (Genesis Part 2).png

    Noxiousdew River

  • Placidview (Genesis Part 2).png


  • Placidview Canyon (Genesis Part 2).png

    Placidview Canyon

  • Placidview Heights (Genesis Part 2).png

    Placidview Heights

  • Placidview Lake (Genesis Part 2).png

    Placidview Lake

  • Plains of Desolation (Genesis Part 2).png

    Plains of Desolation

  • River of the Fallen (Genesis Part 2).png

    River of the Fallen

  • Rockwell's Proliferation (Genesis Part 2).png

    Rockwell's Proliferation

  • Rugged Bluff (Genesis Part 2).png

    Rugged Bluff

  • Shattered Loch (Genesis Part 2).png

    Shattered Loch

  • Stillwater Expanse (Genesis Part 2).png

    Stillwater Expanse

  • Stillwater Fen (Genesis Part 2).png

    Stillwater Fen

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Genesis Part 1 DLC.jpg
DLC about the Genesis simulation of ARK.

Release Dates

February 25th, 2020
Xbox One.svg
February 25th, 2020
February 25th, 2020
Nintendo Switch.svg
Epic Games.svg
June 11th, 2020
September 1st, 2021

Genesis: Part 1 is the fourth paid DLC Expansion Pack for ARK: Survival Evolved.

The Simulated Maps[]

Genesis: Part 1 is a simulation across 5 distinct biomes in the form of mini maps: Bog, Arctic, Ocean, Volcanic, and Lunar. Players can teleport between these areas using the HLNA Biome Teleportation menu (using beds will drop any items making teleporting with HLN-A recommended). Players can select a biome and a cardinal direction to spawn in at any time. The player will retain any items in their inventory and any nearby tames will teleport with the player.

New Resources

Instead of Explorer Notes, you will find Glitches around the map. These Glitches can be "fixed" by the survivor to earn information from HLNA and the new in-game currency, Hexagons. Hexagons can also be earned by completing missions. Hexagons can be traded in using the HLNA menu for resources as well as for a Level 1, 2 or 3 Lootcrate.

New Features
  • Oxygen Vents in the lunar biome that launch players into the air allowing them to transverse the scattered asteroids.
  • Avalanches in the Arctic and Volcanic biome that spawn on certain slopes then move downhill damaging and knocking back anything in its path.
  • Missions across the simulations that grants graded loots, including tek items.
New Creatures

Every simulated biome contains a new creature, from a destructive Magmasaur down to a cute and cuddly Ferox with a hidden secret, the wise and sturdy Megachelon that acts as a moveable base, the ever space-wandering Astrocetus to be tamed, and the always watching Bloodstalker.

Moreover a brand new variant of creatures called X-Creatures can be found across the biomes, each possessing boosted stats from their original counterpart.

A new Tek Creature, Tek Triceratops, is found in the Lunar Biome.

Unique Environmental Features[]

  • An ash-laden Volcanic Hellscape home to the Magmasaurs and the occasional eruption.
  • An expansive Ocean with deep underwater trenches, swirling whirlpools, colossal Vaccum Compartments and gigantic oxygen bubbles.
  • Frigid Mountain Peaks with frequent avalanches, blizzards and a completely whited-out Eastern section where the formidable Ferox reside.
  • An Alien Moon with low gravity, thin atmospheric density, oxygen vents, Element fog, and solar rays that will slowly kill exposed Survivors. The majestic Astrocetus patrol this Biome.
  • A massive, connected series of Bogs and Swamps containing enourmous Titan Trees, towering Flowers and bloodthirsty Bloodstalkers.


  • Arctic (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Collapsed Drill (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Collapsed Drill

  • East Arctic (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    East Arctic

  • Fishing Lake (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Fishing Lake

  • Frozen Crags (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Frozen Crags

  • Frozen Warpgate (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Frozen Warpgate

  • Glacier Maker (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Glacier Maker

  • Glacier Point (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Glacier Point

  • It's Cold Up Here (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    It's Cold Up Here

  • Mid Arctic (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Mid Arctic

  • Northern Ice Canyons (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Northern Ice Canyons

  • Northern Windbreak (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Northern Windbreak

  • Obscured Forest (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Obscured Forest

  • Snowy Foothills (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Snowy Foothills

  • Southern Ice Canyons (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Southern Ice Canyons

  • Southern Windbreak (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Southern Windbreak

  • Spire Rock (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Spire Rock

  • Spire Rock Trail (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Spire Rock Trail

  • Spire Taiga (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Spire Taiga

  • Thawed Waterway (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Thawed Waterway

  • The Oasis (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    The Oasis

  • Under the Ice (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Under the Ice

  • West Arctic (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    West Arctic

  • Canopy (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Blank.png


  • Darkwood Tunnel (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Darkwood Tunnel

  • East Siphon (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    East Siphon

  • Blank.png

    Exiled Titan

  • Fallen Titan (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Fallen Titan

  • Fetid Pools (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Fetid Pools

  • Nana's Stump (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Nana's Stump

  • Northwest Siphon (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Northwest Siphon

  • Root Canyon (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Root Canyon

  • Silent Grove (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Silent Grove

  • Southwest Siphon (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Southwest Siphon

  • Swamp (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Titan Tree Undergrowth (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Titan Tree Undergrowth

  • Toxic Mire (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Toxic Mire

  • Blank.png

    Treetop Village

  • Wandering Titans (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Wandering Titans

  • Willow Way (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Willow Way

  • Arch Mine (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Arch Mine

  • Arkhan (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Base of the Ancients (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Base of the Ancients

  • Big Brother (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Big Brother

  • Boulder Bridge (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Boulder Bridge

  • Capital V (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Capital V

  • Crater Carrot (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Crater Carrot

  • Dead Scar (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Dead Scar

  • Derelict Mine (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Derelict Mine

  • Devo'ssa (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Excalibur (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Eye of Horus (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Eye of Horus

  • Family Cave (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Family Cave

  • Flotsam (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Greater Ophelia (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Greater Ophelia

  • Goalposts (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Grog (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • High Orbit (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    High Orbit

  • Itty Bitty (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Itty Bitty

  • Jetsam (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Kashaw (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Keyleth (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Leap of Faith (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Leap of Faith

  • Lesser Ophelia (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Lesser Ophelia

  • Little Sister (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Little Sister

  • Lower Vecna (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Lower Vecna

  • Middle Vecna (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Middle Vecna

  • Optic Nerve (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Optic Nerve

  • Percy (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Pike (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Reconciliation (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Rocky Rock (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Rocky Rock

  • Scanlan (Genesis Part 1).jpg


  • Serpent Scales (Genesis Part 1).jpg

    Serpent Scales

  • Shards of Element Rock (Genesis Part 1).jpg

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Genesis creatures ark

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