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Pistol Whip (video game)

2019 video game

Pistol Whip is a 2019 virtual reality video game developed and published by Cloudhead Games. The game is a stage based shooter where the player automatically moves through the level and has to defeat enemies to the music. The game was released for Oculus Quest and Microsoft Windows on November 7, 2019. A PlayStation 4 port released in July 2020.[1]


The hub for Pistol Whip features movie posters which each correspond to a song, selecting one allows the player to set modifiers like dual-wielding and limit the amount of bullets a magazine has. Each modifier has a different impact on the score, with more difficult challengers adding a multiplier to the score, while easier ones lower it. Different difficulty modes are also available, with separate leaderboards for each difficulty level.

During a stage, the player character moves forward automatically, similar to endless runner games. Enemies will appear and shoot at the player, if the player doesn't dodge the bullet they lose health, which can be regained by pistol whipping. The player can shoot them to increase their score. If the player runs out of ammo they need to pistol whip an enemy to reload. During a level obstacles might appear, requiring the player to move out of the way or take damage.


Pistol Whip started development in 2018, after low profits from Cloudhead's previous games. Speaking on what they wanted from the game, Cloudhead's CEO stated, "We had a really short [financial] runway at that time and we had to look at what was working on market. We knew it had to be accessible. It had to be really easy to share and compete with friends. You had to look good while playing it—we thought about how influencers would look while playing it. It had to have high replayability, it needed to be a games-as-a-service model, and, really importantly, it had to be targeted toward the Quest.” The studio planned to stop making VR games if the Oculus Quest and Valve Index didn't sell enough to justify developing games for a niche market. The majority of the game's success came from the Oculus Quest and its successor.[2]



Pistol Whip received "generally favorable reviews" reviews according to Metacritic.

Ars Technica praised the auto aim system, writing that it "does just enough legwork to let players focus on speed without completely dumbing the game down".[9]Polygon liked the game's action, particularly how it synced up with the music, calling it "amazing" and "stylish".[10] Kyle Hilliard of IGN enjoyed the clear visual design, feeling that it communicated the bullets coming at the player, "Not only are they well-highlighted, but on-screen prompts let you know when they’re coming from out of your field of view".


Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pistol_Whip_(video_game)

Popular VR rhythm game Pistol Whip is getting another major expansion called ‘Smoke & Thunder’ which will introduce the game’s second mini-campaign. Set for a release date on all platforms on August 12th, ‘Smoke & Thunder’ is a package of five new levels and songs tied together by an underlying narrative theme. A new modifier system will also come with the update, letting players remix the gameplay of any level.

Pistol Whip’s first mini-campaign, ‘2089’, launched earlier this year and successfully mixed up the game with new music and gameplay set in futuristic landscape. And while the game’s signature glitchy visuals will remain, the upcoming mini-campaign, ‘Smoke & Thunder’, spins the clock back a couple of cycles with a Wild West backdrop that promises new weapons, threats, and a boss battle.

Developer Cloudhead Games says ‘Smoke & Thunder’ will also see the debut of an original, never-before-heard song from synthwave band Magic Sword, which has been featured in the game previously.

Pistol Whip ‘Smoke & Thunder’ is now set for an August 12th release date on Quest, PC VR, and PSVR. The expansion will be free to all existing owners of the game, which is currently priced at $25, however Cloudhead says the game’s price will increase to $30 after August 15th. Considering the content that’s been added to the game since launch, the price increase feels entirely justified; from the game’s initial launch in late 2019 with 10 levels, the ‘Smoke & Thunder’ update now makes 28.

The Pistol Whip ‘Smoke & Thunder’ update also completely revamps the game’s modifiers with a new system called ‘Styles’. With Styles, players can mix and match modifiers to create unique challenges and playstyles, with each unique Style combination getting its own leaderboard for players to compete. Styles will also allow players to use new weapons (like those introduced in ‘2089’ and ‘Smoke & Thunder’) in any of the game’s levels which will bring a remixed experience to old favorites.

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Ben Lang

Sours: https://www.roadtovr.com/pistol-whip-smoke-and-thunder-update-release-date-price-increase/
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Cloudhead Games’ rhythm-shooter Pistol Whip was an excellent virtual reality (VR) title that the studio continued to improve by way of cinematic campaign Pistol Whip 2089. This week is the online Game Developers Conference (GDC) with Cloudhead Games CEO, Denny Unger, taking part in one of the sessions. During which he revealed that another campaign was in development and that it would take place in the past.

Pistol Whip 2089

Most of Unger’s session focused on how Cloudhead Games had got to where it is today and what the team had learnt – which was interesting in itself – yet it was his teasing mention of what’s to come for Pistol Whip which should get fans excited.

“We’re working on another one, no surprise there,” he smiles. “Again five scenes, new modifiers, new weapons, new bosses. And it takes us into the past. It revolves around the past and it’s gonna be a wild ride [in a cowboy accent] and you can infer whatever you want from that.” Whilst saying “wild ride” Unger also makes a double hand gesture suggesting holding the reins of a horse. Now, this could be a bluff on his part but it certainly seems like Pistol Whip will be heading to the Wild West at some point. No dates on that just yet.

Given Pistol Whip’s striking visual art style with pulsating colours and a tendency towards very geometric shapes, going with this particular theme will certainly create a Wild West like no other. Yet it makes sense, strolling down a dusty street shooting faceless bad guys in doorways and on rooftops easily fits with Pistol Whip’s gameplay.

Pistol Whip - Full Throttle

Expected far sooner after being initially revealed in 2020 is the “Concierge” update. Originally slated to arrive around the same time as the campaign, the update is now expected this Spring. Solid details on what it’ll include haven’t been released, just that it’ll feature an Arcade mode and that modifiers will play an important role.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Pistol Whip and Cloudhead Games’ latest VR advancements, reporting back with further updates.

CloudHead GamesGame Developers ConferencePistol WhipPistol Whip 2089

Sours: https://www.vrfocus.com/2021/03/pistol-whips-next-campaign-could-be-in-the-wild-west/
Hotfix v1.5.38.3 Now Live

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support in regards to Smoke & Thunder plus the new Styles sandbox system. It's been an absolute blast watching folks stream the campaign & seeing what y'all have come up with using the new Style system sandbox. You are all truly breathtaking.

Never fear, a hotfix is here!
That being said, as many of you heroes have been reporting, Smoke & Thunder also unleashed a few nasty bugs that we have been hard at work squashing since launch. We are here today with a hotfix that will hopefully get everyone back into the action. Thank you again to those who have provided information about bugs, issues, or crashes, or who have helped us test this fix, we appreciate you!


Cloudhead Games

Pistol Whip "v1.5.38.3" Update Changelog
  • The baddies are...mostly back. Reduced the likelihood you will load into a scene with No Enemies
  • True Pacifist scores of 0 now post to the Leaderboards
  • Scores should now post correctly for all Scene/Difficulty/Style combinations
  • Deadeye Styles should now calculate Deadeye scores correctly after Scene restart
  • Saved Styles & Weapon types should now load correctly in Lobby & in Scene
  • Selected Styles now properly persist when switching between Arcade, Campaign, Challenge, and Training modes as well as upon game relaunch
  • Fixed an issue causing weapon customization to not save correctly or to copy over to undesired weapons
  • Train & Boss SFX will now adjust with the correct in-game volume sliders
  • Added a reminder that Smoke & Thunder is intended for Dual Wield play to the campaign description text
  • Added a No-Beat section to the final scene of "Smoke & Thunder" to allow voice over to be more audible
  • Other minor fixes & improvements
is this game worth refunding beatsaber over?
heard of this game from negative reviews on beatsaber, which was far worse than I thought not only from others' experiences but my own due to lucridous difficulty even on the easiest modes and songs as well as highly glitchy and unresponsive controls, this game looked to suit my style the most out of the alternatives mentioned on reviews and I was curious to know if this is worth putting the money into from refunding beatsaber, in other words, is this worth sacrificing beatsaber over? I probably won't repl...
Exercise illiterate person here
So i just tweaked something in my arse a minute ago, putting ice on it now. any tips on how to avoid this in the future lol?
How the scoring system works!
This guide will explain how the score system works and what basis points are awarded on. 
Hidden Achievements
How to obtain every hidden achievement for Pistol Whip 
100% Achievement Guide
Guide to unlocking every achievement in the VR game Pistol Whip. 
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Pistol Whip is a game where you need to shoot to the beat of the song.

To help people identify when that is, there's a system setting that causes your controllers to 'pulse' to help you identify when you're supposed to shoot to get the best possible score.

The latest update broke this feature, partially. Generally speaking, this pulse (which is also shown visually through the stage) only starts up later in the song. This could be several seconds, or even a full minute or more depending on the song.

For songs that have basically no beat until X time, this means you have no idea what the beat actually is. Even audibly, some songs start with very little going on.

So the reason I'm saying 'No' is because they broke a perfectly good feature for no reason and never responded to tweets about it.

Also, they refuse to allow custom mods/songs/maps. It's basically a dead game without custom content. This isn't as easy to make as say Beat Saber, since you need more than notes. You need walls/enemies/enemy behavior/etc. Without dev support it basically isn't going to happen. It's also super weird that they wouldn't rely on a fan base to help make their game absolutely amazing, as the fan base did for Beat Saber.

I'll change it back to yes if they fix either of these issues.
How to get top at Leader Boards
Step By Step Guide on How to get Top 1 Global Leaderboard 1. Start the game 2. Put on Gaming Headset (Very Important, so you see the bad guys) 3. Start a SONG 4. Shoot by moving ur Finger Muscle (this is a very hard step!) 5. ??? 6. Profit gg 
How To Reach The Leaderboards
This is how you become the next John Wick 
Can only see out of one eye.
The game displays both lenses on one lense. wtf, anyone know a fix? Using a regular vive
Synchronized achievement/trophy
Synchronized is the only trophy i am missing but i cannot get it. I am trying it on R U Afraid, basically no reloads only on empty clips. Many occasions i got S+. On beat above 95%, accuracy above 95 percent, still no trophy (i play on PSVR) What is exactly the criteria for this trophy??? e.g. every shot must be above 190 score?...
Ideas for more Mini Campaigns
With the release of 2089 and Smoke and Thunder, it spurs (sic) the imagination to think of other themes mini campaigns could have. In a thread here, someone already suggested James Bond songs would be great, especially with scenes based on memorable action scenes from the franchise. Licensing would probably make this impossible- but starting every song with the famous gun barrel turn would be really great. With Halloween approaching, it's easy to think zombies- but I was also thinking haunted house. And ...
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One of the best VR games available, particularly for action and rhythm game fans. The gameplay is will have you ducking, dodging, and dancing (involuntarily or otherwise) to some great music. The campaigns that are starting to get added to the game are especially fine content, particularly "Smoke and Thunder." A must-own for VR fans looking for the best that the platform has to offer.
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This and Beat Saber are the only VR apps you need

(Without mods, this one is better)
Returning to where you were last on this page...
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Vr pistol whip

Start stretching your legs because Pistol Whip is adding a new Bullet Hell modifier that’s going to up the intensity of the game to entirely new levels.

The new option is part of a huge Style System update set to launch this summer that completely overhauls Pistol Whip’s approach to modifiers. The new system, formerly known as the Concierge, lets you pick a weapon type (like dual pistols, revolvers, or the burst-fire weapon from the game’s first campaign) combined with modifiers that alter mechanics. An intensity gauge shows players the recommended skill level for the selected options.

The new system surfaces developer-suggested configurations alongside popular ones from the community, with customization throughout and leaderboards to match every setup. By combining scene difficulty with weapon type and a growing slate of modifiers, the options multiply the number of leaderboards that players can compete for a spot on.

The update keeps reminding me of my days playing NBA Jam and inputting cheat codes for modifiers like “Big Head” mode that put gigantic noggins on every player because, yes, there’s a big head mode modifier coming to Pistol Whip as well. I’m most interested in the “Bullet Hell” modifier which looks like, when combined with “Deadeye” mode, it could turn Pistol Whip into one of the most intense shooters ever made.

Cloudhead Games offered a sneak peek at the new update as part of the 2021 Upload VR Showcase. Be sure to check back with us next week as we dive deeper into the new system with the developers.

Here’s the announcement trailer showing off the new features:

Pistol Whip is available on Oculus Quest, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR headsets.

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Ian Hamilton

Ian Hamilton is a journalist based in Arkansas and managing editor at UploadVR. He's covered VR full-time since 2015 as well as Oculus VR since 2012. He is interested in the people creating VR and AR hardware and software, their motivations, and how that work affects the people who spend significant time in simulations. If you have information to pass along you can send him a direct message on Twitter, Facebook or via email.


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Sours: https://uploadvr.com/pistol-whip-style-system/
You're Playing it Wrong - Pistol Whip (Quest Gameplay)

Buy Pistol Whip CD Key Compare Prices

About this game

Shoot to the rhythm in Pistol Whip a rhythm game like no other inspired by movies like “John Wick” and “Equilibrium”, pistol whip masterfully combines the movements of a rhythm game and the explosiveness of first-person shooting. Enjoy gameplay from the game’s original 10 tracks, 8 update tracks, and 5 campaign levels from 2089 bringing the tracklist to 23 in total.

  • Hand-crafted levels based on several themes from bank heists to android uprisings, each uniquely designed to follow the beat of the music.
  • Getting used to the levels already? then try and use modifiers to change how the levels are played from more enemies, turning off aim assist, dual-wielding, etc. these modifiers change your high score in different ways.
  • Pistol Whips gameplay is designed for the players comfort first so you can play without the fear of motion sickness
  • Featuring music from various artists such as Magic Sword, Seeking blue, artists from Kannibalen records, HVDES, Black Tiger Sex Machine, and many more.


Pistol Whip’s multiple difficulties and modifiers like Deadeye and Dual-wield add depth to a game that’s more addictive and satisfying than Beat Saber. This is neither fully a shooter nor completely a rhythm game yet it ticks off both boxes and does so exceptionally quickly in a stylish package.



Pistol Whip is a music/action VR shooter built from recognizable elements that combine into a unique whole, and when it all comes together as planned it leaves the player feeling like an invincible gun-god dancing through the bullets.



Pistol Whip deserves to be discussed alongside Beat Saber, which I think is still virtual reality’s best and most fun ambassador. The two are both rhythm games that engross you in the music as you fight your way through a series of moving obstacles.


Bundle Edition

  • Base game
  • Pistol Whip official soundtrack volume 1 and 2

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bits)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4590
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HDD: 800 MB
  • GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 970
  • DirectX: 11

Recommended System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bits)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HDD: 800 MB
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
  • DirectX: 11
Sours: https://www.allkeyshop.com/blog/buy-pistol-whip-cd-key-compare-prices/

Similar news:

Si la réalité virtuelle est encore loin d'avoir investi le salon des joueurs du monde entier, la technologie ne manque pas une occasion de faire parler d'elle et semble susciter un grand enthousiasme du côté des jeux de rythmes depuis le raz de marée Beat Saber. Alors, lorsque Pistol Whip a été dévoilé et qu'un rapide coup d'oeil laissait entrevoir une orientation voguant entre superhot et beat saber, le tout à la sauce John Wick (comprenez beaucoup de pistolets et des mecs en costards qui vous cherchent des noises), autant dire que de nombreux yeux se sont tournés vers lui.

Pour quel support ?

Pour l'heure, Pistol Whip est disponible sur PC et est compatible avec les gammes majeures des casques VR du marché à savoir le Valve Index, le HTC Vive, l'Oculus Rift, l'Oculus Quest et les casques Windows Mixed Reality. Nous avons opté pour la version Oculus Quest qui offre un rendu similaire à la version Rift S

Un concept simple et immédiatement fun

Pistol Whip : un intense cocktail de rythme et d'action en réalité virtuelle

Si l'on se contente d'aborder Pistol Whip comme un shooter lambda avec une dimension psychédélique un peu plus appuyée que la moyenne, il serait aisé de penser que l'on se trouve face à un titre plutôt convenu. Effectivement, dans 10 niveaux flashy, artistiquement homogènes, mais architecturalement uniques, votre personnage (qui n'a ni visage ni identité), est posé sur des rails. À mesure que vous progressez façon rail shooter dans le niveau, des ennemis apparaîtront d'un peu partout, toujours en rythme avec la musique associée à l'environnement traversé. Il conviendra de les terrasser d'un ou de plusieurs tirs de votre arme de poing en esquivant autant les balles qu'ils vous envoient (qui laissent d'ailleurs une traînée rouge similaire à SUPER HOT) que les différents éléments du décor qu'il faudra contourner en vous accroupissant, ou en mouvant votre corps à droite ou à gauche.

Pistol Whip : un intense cocktail de rythme et d'action en réalité virtuelle

Dans son mode de difficulté normal (sur les 3 proposés (facile à difficile)) et avant même d'en avoir apprécié la philosophie, Pistol Whip vous glisse plusieurs indices quant à ce qu'il renferme réellement. En premier lieu, la visée ultra assistée (il suffit d'orienter votre arme et de tirer pour faire mouche) indique que le titre n'est pas à considérer comme un shooter proprement dit. Ensuite, l'apparition des ennemis est identique d'une run à l'autre, toujours calquée sur les beats des musiques même si leur nombre varie en fonction du niveau de difficulté. Enfin, la traversée des niveaux n'est pas un parcours de santé. Les ennemis sont nombreux, il faut avoir les yeux partout et votre avatar est plutôt fragile. Deux balles suffisent à lui faire mordre la poussière et seuls une exécution propre de plusieurs ennemis, des coups en mêlée ou quelques checkpoints disséminés à des endroits clefs des niveaux vous permettent de regagner des forces. Pour parvenir à bout des niveaux même les plus simples, il faut pleinement embrasser les mouvements imposés par le parcours, à grands coups de contorsions, de position accroupie, debout, d'esquives multiples en appui sur les cuisses... bref, Pistol Whip est physique, très physique même. Un dos un peu fragile et endormi risquerait bien de se réveiller au terme d'une session d'une grosse demi-heure, voire même avant, et le souffle sera rapidement court pour les moins sportifs d'entre vous. Prudence, donc, veillez à vous échauffer un peu avant votre session, car on se laisse vite prendre au jeu en faisant fi de ses capacités physiques.

Pistol Whip : un intense cocktail de rythme et d'action en réalité virtuellePistol Whip : un intense cocktail de rythme et d'action en réalité virtuelle

Bien au-delà du jeu de tir

Pistol Whip : un intense cocktail de rythme et d'action en réalité virtuelle

Car Pistol Whip est plus malin qu'il n'y paraît de prime abord. C'est essentiellement un jeu de rythme avant d'être un jeu de tir, qui vous demandera, un peu à l'instar de Beat Saber, de bien mémoriser les surgissements adverses au fil de vos échecs pour faire la run idéale et surtout viser le score maximal. Effectivement, tuer un adversaire en harmonie avec le rythme de la chanson vous apportera nettement plus de points que si vous optez pour un profil fanatique de la gâchette. Si vous désirez hisser votre nom en tête des leaderboards, il conviendra donc de se laisser porter par le rythme et, mieux encore, de gérer la recharge de votre arme – qui s'effectue en la pointant simplement vers le sol – pour conserver une cadence propice au high score. Ainsi, pour les joueurs en quête de performance, l'étude minutieuse de la configuration d'une phase de jeu les conduira à parfois attendre que certains ennemis dégainent en premier, finissent de se positionner pour par la suite les tueurs en accord avec le rythme du moment. Une fois ce principe assimilé, Pistol Whip prend une autre ampleur. En plus de s'avérer très intense et intelligemment construit dans l'apparition et le positionnement des adversaires, Pistol Whip propose de vraies chorégraphies directement issues des meilleurs films d'action, à tel point qu'effectivement, le joueur impliqué aura vraiment le sentiment de prendre part à une séquence cinématographique virevoltante.

Pistol Whip : un intense cocktail de rythme et d'action en réalité virtuelle

Mieux encore, non content d'avoir une prise en main et une compréhension du concept immédiates, Pistol Whip s'adapte aussi à ce que vous voulez y trouver. Vous désirez supprimer l'aide à la visée ? Activez le modificateur Dead Eye. Vous voulez deux armes de poing ? Enclenchez ce mode, mais subissez une pénalité de 25% sur les points marqués. Il existe plusieurs modificateurs de ce type, accroissant ou diminuant drastiquement la difficulté du jeu, selon que vous soyez tenté par une expérience plus fluide ou au contraire par l'obsession du score. Enfin, les plus esthètes pourront se laisser aller à quelques petits éléments de customisation, plutôt anecdotiques, de leur arme.

Côté musique, l'électronique a le monopole, comme c'est souvent le cas dans les jeux de ce type, mais le titre a la bonne idée de varier les tempos pour diversifier aussi les expériences, même si nous n'aurions pas refusé un peu plus de diversité dans les styles adoptés par Pistol Whip. Malheureusement, pour l'heure, le titre ne comporte que 10 niveaux et même si du contenu gratuit ou payant devrait venir étoffer le catalogue du jeu, les moins enclins à chercher la performance à tout prix auront vite fait le tour du jeu, à plus forte raison que l'uniformité visuelle des séquences pourrait lasser certains joueurs. Il faut garder à l'esprit que Pistol Whip, aussi spectaculaire puisse-t-il paraître, s'adresse avant tout aux joueurs que la répétition en boucle des mêmes niveaux et, par conséquent, des mêmes musiques, n'effraient pas et qui ne comptent pas vraiment sur les indications visuelles, mais plus sur leur sens du rythme, pour performer un maximum, les indications des pulsations idéales s'avérant très discrètes à l'écran.

Points forts

  • Un savant mélange de rythme et d'action
  • Prise en main et fun immédiats
  • Très modulable grâce aux modificateurs
  • Intelligemment construit dans l'apparition et le positionnement rythmé des ennemis
  • Les amateurs de High-Score en auront clairement pour leur argent

Points faibles

  • Très intense physiquement. Échauffement préalable recommandé
  • Assez peu de niveaux (10 seulement pour le moment)
  • Trop homogène artistiquement
  • Faible diversité des styles musicaux abordés

Pistol Whip est spectaculaire, malin et très intense. Mettant autant à mal vos articulations, votre souffle que votre sens du rythme, le titre de Cloudhead Games se révèle pleinement à mesure que l'on embrasse pleinement son concept : prendre le risque de se laisser encercler pour mieux calquer nos tirs sur le rythme de la musique, quitte à clairement malmener son corps à grands coups de contorsions. Avant tout réservé aux fans absolus de scoring, il ne manque à Pistol Whip qu'un peu plus de diversité dans les environnements, les musiques et un peu plus de niveaux pour devenir pour tous un incontournable du jeu de rythme en VR. Il en est en tout cas pour l'heure un très bon représentant et une alternative solide au tout puissant Beat Saber.

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