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70 Overwhelming Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts

Is short hair a problem or freedom? So many women think of cutting their hair short but are either unsure about the result, afraid to look ridiculous or uncertain about the choice of the right and most flattering cut. When considering a short hairstyle, we are usually afraid that once we cut our hair short, we will lose our femininity or end up with something outdated. No, worries, here are the latest trends of short choppy haircuts with the brightest examples in pictures. You will be amazed at how incredibly jazzy you may look with short hair. Add the feeling of ease, so desirable through the warm seasons and you’ll see that going short, actually, has multiple benefits and choices.

Short Choppy Haircuts

Choppy jagged ends and a multi-layered dimension with a lively shattered effect are the leading tendencies in today’s short haircuts. Modern cuts can boast of fun disconnected layering with an unkempt touch and a fabulous feel of movement.

All the choppy haircuts for short hair are mainly performed on the basis of bob, pixie or A-line cuts, however, they make a completely new fresh impression. Contrasting textures and lines along with color enhancers are able to bring your usual style to the new, previously unknown heights. You simply can’t miss these novel brilliant ideas of your innovated looks for the current spring and long-awaited summer.

#1: Going Gray

A choppy bob style is very popular right now, same as this trendy hair color – many young women are opting for gray and white hair hues. Blame it on Queen Elsa or perhaps the impressive wisdom of someone’s very influential grandmother – but ultra-light hair is all the rage in color trends – would you expect?

#2: Short Undercut Pixie with Choppy Top

Short choppy hair doesn’t always have to look tomboyish, but it can if you want. If that’s the vibe you’re going for, be sure to keep the bangs extra short and the top extra choppy. Add v-shaped “sideburns” and an undercut.

#3: Layered and Sideswept

This layered, sideswept style is a nice choice for thick hair that needs a lighter look! From the blonde hue to the choppy sections that add the illusion of weightlessness, this is a good pick for girls who feel buried in their hair.

#4: Choppy Pixie Cut

While long hair can rack up your hours in front of the mirror holding styling tools, short hair will increase your budget for new styling products. It’s a fair trade! Not quite wake-up-and-go, these itty bitty layers are as close as it gets. Work with your hair’s natural texture to create post-shower definition.

#5: Choppy Style for Fine Hair

Choppy haircuts work for any hair type, even fine hair. Extra layering adds the illusion of thickness. A professional stylist can shape fine hair into a punky style with tons of dimension. Women with thinner hair are used to shampooing it often, and with a super short style, frequent washing and styling isn’t too time-consuming.

#6: Straight Cut Bob with Finely Chopped Layers

One of the sassiest and most straightforward hairstyles for women with short locks is the straight cut bob. If you want a softer, more natural-looking appearance, ask your hairdresser for finely chopped layers and the balayage.

#7: Two-Toned Choppy Cut

Go for some retro street cred by pairing two seemingly different looks. Platinum layers fall on top of a natural brown buzz cut. The difference in lengths, colors and textures makes one hot, trendy style for short hair.

#8: Choppy Pastel Burgundy Hair

Choppy layers are so cute when treated to multi-tonal color. Part pastel, part full-saturation, this berry hue adds an extra fantasy element to the pixie cut. Spend time picking the fun hue that goes not just with your skin and eye coloring, but with most of your wardrobe.

#9: Messy Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

Fine hair looks much thicker when it’s cut into choppy layers. A blonde balayage color that goes from extreme dark tones to extreme light shades helps create a sense of depth and added texture. Messy styling is also part of making your fine hair look thicker, so be sure to shake it out after it’s completely dry, to increase its volume.

#10: White Blonde Choppy Piece-y Bob

Bright blonde hair is a great way to rock a shaggy bob. Slice through the layers to achieve a more voluminous look. Lots of choppy layers will also help plump up flatness and disguise the problem areas if you’re dealing with super-fine hair.

#11: Frosted Choppy Haircut

Thick hair looks great in a pixie bob with highlights. Older women actually tend to look younger when they remove the golden tones from their blonde hair. Getting the highlights a tiny bit closer to gray means you can achieve a natural look without actually going gray.

#12: Choppy Pixie with Angled Layers

Short choppy layered hair looks cool and quirky in the form of the pixie cut, especially when you incorporate a mixture of long and short angled layers. Youthful and zesty, it adds a ton of dimension and texture to your hairstyle.

#13: Messy and Gorgeous

The tousled look is sexy and relevant in today’s beauty world, and, so, now’s the time for a short choppy haircut that doesn’t require you to go too short. Instead, go for an a-line cut with fun layers that will work either for thin hair or thick locks.

#14: Soft Messy Tapered Pixie

Add a little height to your short choppy layered hair by teasing the crown. The soft tones of the blonde balayage work wonderfully to create a sophisticated, high-end look that can double as trendy and stylish on the weekends.

#15: Layered Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

The short layered bob is a fabulous way to implement volume in case you have fine or lacklustre hair. Experiment with unusual shades, like this highlighted ash blonde instead of honey blonde, for added depth and interest.

#16: Gray Choppy Under-Shaved Pixie

If you’re feeling brave and craving a change, this disconnected haircut is out of the norm (in a good way) and makes a serious style statement. It’s minimalistic; underneath is under-shaved, whereas the choppy gray lengths on the top are dominant, which creates a brilliant and unique contrast.

#17: Angled Shaggy Bob

A medium-length bob is a timeless style that gives fine haired women a boost of volume and confidence. Adding in some choppy, layered sections contributes more fully to the overall style.

#18: Edgy Choppy Pixie with Undercut

Being totally edgy and alternative, short choppy haircuts like the one pictured here are becoming increasingly popular. Its piecey nature builds a tousled look that is fun, hip, and sharp. Especially well-suited for the younger crowd, all you need is confidence to rock it.

#19: Cute Short Curly Shag

Cute and messy, this curly shag is perfect for you if you enjoy sporting “I just got out of bed” hairstyles. Simplistic and easy to style, it works for hair of all thicknesses and flatters practically any face shape.

#20: Long Silver Feathered Pixie

To be on-trend, ask for a major style update. The common bob can be shortened to the long pixie and the mousy dishwater blonde lightened to the radiant silvery white. You can also opt for a feathered effect with layers that are longer on the sides and shorter around the crown for maximum impact.

#21: Short Bob with Random Long Layers

Short choppy hair can be given extra body and fullness thanks to random lengthy layers left throughout the cut or only on the sides. You may also incorporate contrasting colors to make the longer layers stand out even more.

#22: Wavy Messy Bob for Fine Hair

Scrunching your disconnected waves gives an overall appearance of thick hair that can stand up to the elements. In fact, the side-parted piece-y bob has a messy, windblown look that is natural and down-to-earth. The pearl blonde balayage is summery and youthful.

#23: Length Variation

For thick hair this may not work, but if you have fine to medium strands, you can try this bob that is so cute with its varied lengths. Pair it with an icy blonde hair color and curl each section with a small to medium barrel iron to punch it up a bit.

#24: Boyish Choppy Tapered Pixie

For a masculine, androgynous look, consider a tapered pixie where your locks moderately become shorter from the front to the back of your head. Speaking of choppy bangs, ask your hair stylist to make them a bit softer so that they frame your face nicely.

#25: Feathered Pixie with V-Undercut Nape

Silver-blonde hair is sassy and fun when it’s cut into a short choppy pixie with a long top and side-swept bang. There’s an extra bit of bounce and fullness that adds a feminine edge, and the closely cropped v-shaped nape keeps the haircut sporty and fun.

#26: Short and Easy Sidesweep

Here is a cute short hairstyle for girls who want easy maintenance. Tousle towel-dried hair with your fingers and set with a light weight styling gel to keep hair going in the right direction all day.

#27: Boyish Pixie with Long Angled Bangs

When you add extra-long, swoopy bangs to short choppy hairstyles, you get ultra-feminine looks for all face shapes. Give it a tousle in the crown section and let the bangs hang down in front of your eyes for an air of mystery.

#28: Soft Touchable Pixie Undercut

The undercut pixie is bold and brazen on a woman of any age. Its shattered, cropped nature can still give off a soft, touchable feel. Pair with statement earrings for a dressy occasion and you won’t wait long for the complements!

#29: Punk with an Angle

Embrace that inner rock and roll with this white-blonde color combined with a short angled cut. This is a great look for fine hair, as it will give plenty of volume without looking fake or high-maintenance.

#30: Wispy Choppy Lavender Balayage Bob

The wispy chopped balayage bob is intense and powerful when finished off with a fashion-forward color. Pastel hues, like lavender, are trendy and look dazzling when combined with a bold lip.

#31: Straight and Wavy Choppy Bob Hairstyles

The great thing about a choppy bob is that it’s versatile and has a potential to be dressed up or down for any occasion. If you’re after a casual, everyday aesthetic, opt for straight locks. When heading to a smart casual or formal event, a wavy bob is ideal.

#32: Textured Bob with Highlighted Layers

A textured long bob is the way to go for medium length hair that feels a bit tired and boring. You can also implement contrasting highlighted layers to enhance the wow factor of your new cool hairstyle.

#33: Jagged Bob with Full Choppy Bangs

This charming feathery bob with bangs features spiky and jagged edges along with overall shattered look, which makes it irresistible. It a short go to style for miniature girls and women who feel the tomboy at heart.

#34: Long Messy Pixie with Nape Undercut

If you’re looking for a modern and unique hairstyle with bangs, check out this edgy overgrown pixie. The warm brown color brings richness and depth, and the extra-long side pieces are the perfect way to soften the angles of your face.

#35: Cool Short Cut with Color

Inspired by childhood pony toys or perhaps your favorite whimsical ice cream flavor, this fun combination of teal and purple throughout a choppy cut is the perfect example of how color and style come together for a truly fun and talked-about look.

#36: Asymmetrical Choppy Cut

Adding an ombre side-swept bang to a pixie cut is a quick update to the look that is definitely making a comeback. Using texturing pomade is a must with this edgy style. On lazy days, be sure to have cute metallic barrettes on hand to pin the long pieces back.

#37: Layered Lavender Bob with Bangs

This layered bob is another short hair alternative for those who want a more manageable length. Cutely cropped and beautifully layered, it shows off the color best when worn straight with a root lift. Use a hair thickening mousse to create more body for a fuller, more polished appearance.

#38: Tapered Feathered Pixie for Fine Hair

Why not just embrace the fact that you’re a “fine hair gal” and make the most of it with a tapered pixie? The long feathery pieces can be tousled and tucked behind the ears, and the bronde balayage with extra-light side pieces and side-swept bangs provides a special delicate touch.

#39: Choppy Messy Golden Bronde Bob

You can wear this short choppy bob hairstyle in two different ways, either blown out straight to show off all the sharp angles, or tousled and slightly wavy, for a more casual feel.

#40: Soft Feathered Black Pixie Cut

A very short pixie can be just as feminine and flirty as a longer hairstyle. The jet-black color is a magnificent choice if you have pale skin, and the long v-shaped side pieces and side-swept bangs bring all the necessary angles to make this current hairstyle edgy.

#41: Uneven Wispy Razored Pixie

Take a chance with a razor and fashion a set of unique choppy bangs that ooze a distinct rock and roll vibe. Then, tousle the top of this straight feathered pixie. The silver blonde color adds a burst of energy to the muted tone of the roots.

#42: Ear-Length Tapered Pixie Bob

The tapered pixie-bob is a stylish and modern way to wear your choppy hair when you want to keep it office-appropriate. The two-tone blonde balayage helps to emphasize the sharp difference between the long, ear-length side pieces and the closely cropped back section.

#43: Steeply Angled Razored Lob

Part your hair on one side to show off the dark roots that stand out in sharp contrast to the silver-white lengths of this A-line lob. The steep angles of choppy haircuts have a distinct fashion-forward flair that exudes an air of confidence and individuality.

#44: Thick Choppy Crop

Layered cuts offer weight relief to a full head of hair. Short cuts for thick hair are a fun way to feel suddenly weightless. The natural color makes this a pretty low-maintenance look. To keep hair flowing to one side, use a dryer when hair is still wet. Don’t let it dry on its own for a second!

#45: Inverted Bob with Shaggy Wavy Layers

The luminescent strawberry bronde balayage brings out the rich texture of naturally thick hair. Well-placed loose curls with bangs frame the eyes and cheekbones.

#46: Bob with Body

The cut of this style leaves plenty of volume in the back. It’s a great choice for thick-haired girls who want to go short but don’t want to deal with “poof” and frizz. Add in some blonde highlights to accentuate the beauty and sophistication of this cut.

#47: Super Short and Choppy

The choppy bangs get an extra wow factor with blonde highlights woven through. This spunky haircut is not for the faint of heart — but having a buzz cut (even if just partial) is something every girl has to try at least once. Trust us! This look gives an instant shot of confidence.

#48: Disconnected Inverted Shaggy Bob

Disconnected choppy haircuts are easy to manage because they show no “mistakes” in styling. The shaggy pieces add to the purposely messy silhouette.

#49: Surprise Under the Layers

This hairstyle may seem ordinary, but lift the top layer of hair up to reveal the closely cut strands beneath. The cut is popular for women who struggle with thick or coarse hair that’s difficult to straighten. This will shave some significant time off of your morning style routine.

#50: Choppy Texture and Pastel Color

Choppy haircuts are fun to try if you’ve had long hair for years. But for some, a choppy crop can be a bit too strict. Instead of just getting a cut, go for some fun and creative color, like the blue/lavender combo shown here.

#51: Cropped Choppy Hair with Bangs

Go for a cropped hairstyle that is short at the ear line and longer on top. Part the top layers to the side and pair them with bangs for a sassy, stylish look. A choppy bob is a popular alternative to a more straight laced short cut.

#52: A Rainbow of Layers

This ultra fun hair style takes the short layered bob to new heights. Starting with a blue and white base color, you can add either temporary or permanent streaks throughout. Go for pastels, bold brights or even neon.

#53: Platinum Blonde Short Chop

Pixie inspired once again, this textured style is perfect for all the blondes out there. Whether natural or salon created, all blondes should go platinum at least once in their lifetime. If you don’t want to look too severe, go with a gray-blonde hue.

#54: Messy Bob

Julianne Hough showed a high class at the FOX’s “Cause for Paws: All-Star Dog Spectacular” event. A dress that matches the color of the dog and even the hairstyles are similar!:) Wow, this is something we didn’t expect. Well, Julianne’s hairstyle is messily cool. Apply a texturizing product and blow dry without combing.

Julianne Hough edgy bob hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

#55: Messy Hairstyle for Elongated Short Haircut

All kinds of statement short haircuts flatter Victoria Beckham immensely. The edgier the look is, the stronger the impression is. One of Victoria’s old photos features a messy short hairstyle that is in tune with the modern hair trends.

short edgy hairstyle

Everett Collection /

#56: Short Feathered Cut

Another great choice for fine to medium texture, this style is common enough for any stylist to do, but still unique enough – you won’t see a ton of duplicates around town. Add in some choppy bangs if you are hoping to soften and brighten the face.

#57: Silver Choppy Hair

Say long, bleached locks goodbye and instead aim for short hair with pale coloring and dark roots that’s easier to maintain. Opting for cool-toned makeup and clothing showcases your good taste in style. To achieve this tousled ‘do, long bangs are a must. Also, curl pieces of hair away from the face, leaving the ends uncurled, and use hairspray to hold everything in place.

#58: Icy and Fluffy

Thanks to a very fine finish for the uneven ends and blondish hue this look seems so touchingly fluffy. At the same time, the sharp fringy edges and rough texture, intensified with highlights, lets us know that this girl does have a character.

#59: Fresh Texturized Bob

The fantastic feathery texture and bright refreshing hair hue are the success of this texturized bob. Additionally it’s featuring jagged ends for the back tresses and playful side-swept bangs.

#60: Springtime Upgrades for Your Pixie

That’s a fantastic choppy pixie to try on this spring. The highlighted rough-textured feathery bangs endow the look with a special sexy feel, so in tune with the awakening nature.

#61: Adorably Choppy and Blonde

This cut is perfection! Flattering for a variety of face shapes, this style is oozing cool girl chic. For short choppy hairstyles that hit their mark, ask your stylist for piecey, unkempt layers and carefree highlights with natural appeal. This cut is just long enough to make for endless styling options.

#62: Shortcut to Sass

This haircut is filled with choppy layers that work well with today’s tousled look. For girls who like to have fun, this style can be dyed a modern gray or very light blonde. Pair it with pierecings or some ink and you have just jumped aboard a rebellious take on the traditional short hair beauty.

#63: Short Choppy Crop

Choppy hairstyles can be a great way to show off your features. Plus, you can hide peekaboo colors beneath the textured strands. The rich tones here work so great with olive skin and green eyes. To style, blow dry hair forward and define with your favorite product.

#64: Choppy Short Bob

No matter what your age, you can wear short choppy haircuts with ease. This cropped style is ideal for a variety of hair types and colors. Add in some longer bangs to soften the face.

#65: Undercut Pixie with Long Crown Layers

If the boyish tapered pixie isn’t quite the hairdo for you, you could try the undercut version with long crown layers. It looks uneven in places, but that’s all a part of the charm! To style, use a straightener on the longer layers for a sleeker appearance. Alternatively, to get a more natural, tousled look, let it settle effortlessly and add some texture with a light hold styling product, like mousse or cream.

#66: Choppy Blonde Balayage Pixie

One of the sweetest and most impactful choppy haircuts, the long pixie is spectacularly stunning when combined with soft, fresh-looking highlights in the balayage coloring technique.

#67: Side-Parted Ash Blonde Pixie

A voluminous style with edge looks pretty current and feminine even in a rather short length. The long side-parted pixie really flatters long and heart-shaped faces.

#68: Touchable Layered Highlighted Bob

Choppy hair becomes incredibly touchable when blow dried sleek and smooth. If you want to develop further dimension, ask your colorist for balayage highlights. You can either make them loud and contrasting, or give preference to a subtler, more understated aesthetic.

#69: Choppy Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Short choppy haircuts give you and your hair a reprieve from styling while making a bold statement. Instead of a messy up-do, try a messy pixie cut. Ask your stylist for a choppy, uneven neckline, side bangs that fall in front of your ear, and layers that are slightly longer on the top.

#70: Pretty Pixie Cut with Choppy Layers

For fine hair, pixie cuts work very well, since styling products can easily add body and lift to thin locks. Choosing a maroon shade is a fun way to make the cutesy look more unique. Keep the front and top hair longer than the back and experiment with blowing your hair out in different directions.

We have been very excited to share with you these sensational ideas for trendy short haircuts. We believe that a woman should always try to look different, interesting and, let’s say, eye-catching, in the best meaning of this word. And the easiest way to achieve this is to make a new flattering cut or style. So, find a couple of fresh stylish looks for the warm months to bring out your personality.


40 Best Messy Short Hairstyles Ideas for 2019

Messy hairstyles have never been so trendy as they are now. Short hair is very playful and you can style it in different ways. We have a lot of photos of the Best Messy Short Hairstyles Ideas for 2019 that are very quick and easy to style. This collection of messy haircuts for women will be very popular this year so never hesitate to give it a try. The neck length messy cut is one of the best ideas. This is an adorable idea, so if you want some length yet an easy hairstyle then try this cut. Make your roots dark and add some layers so they can work together creating a suitable look for your face shape. The razor messy ct is also stylish this year. It is an excellent choice and if you want to add some texture to your straight hair then this is the best option for you. It is sassy, easy to style and can suit your facial features perfectly. Adding some waves is the easiest way to make your hair beautiful without much effort. Try a messy wavy bob and you will never regret it. All ladies who don’t want a high maintenance look would love this style. Layered messy short hairstyles are trendy like no other hairstyle. They show simplicity and emphasize your edginess at the same time. You can also cut some choppy yet soft ends with simple layering. This is an easy hairstyle and its messy look will be very cute. Try it and wear this style in any season. Tousled pixie cut can also be considered one of the most popular messy hairstyles. This style is bold yet very feminine, perfect for all kinds of hair textures. It is a low maintenance style for al ladies who don’t want to spend much time on their hair. This is a fun messy look that can enhance your overall style and show off your facial features. Undercut pixie is also stylish and looks so fabulous. With messy texture, this undercut can create a better look and you can style it very easily. If your hair is thick then it will be more suitable as your hair will have a lot of texture. Edgy bob with messy curls so perfect for women with round faces. Even if you have a hectic routine, this hairstyle will be suitable as you will easily and quickly style it. There is a bunch of cool hairstyles you can choose and try anytime you want. No matter you are going to an interview, a casual meeting, for work or to an event, all of these hairstyle ideas can suit anywhere and in any season. We hope you will get inspired from these eye-catching looks we have collected for you. Try them anytime and get a bunch of compliments. You will surely enjoy these cuts, so choose one of them now!

1- Short Hair

Short Messy Hair


2- Messy Short Hairstyles

Messy Layered Bob


3- Back View

Messy Bob Hairstyles


4- Trendy Bob Hair

Messy Hairstyles For Short Hair


5- Messy Long Bob

Messy Long Bob


6- Messy Bob with Bangs

Messy Bob With Bangs


7- Short Messy Hairstyle for Women

Short Messy Hairstyles For Women


8- Silver Hair Color

Messy Hairstyles For Short Hair


9- Short Wavy Hairstyle

Messy Wavy Bob



Messy Curly Bob


11-Messy Colored Waves

Messy Waves Short Hair


12-Messy Hair with Highlights

Short Messy Hairstyles For Women


13-Thick Hair

Short Messy Hairstyles For Thick Hair


14-Short Blonde Hair

Short Messy Hairstyles For Women


15-Messy Bob Cut

Messy Bob Cut


16-Messy Long bob

Messy Long Bob


17-Messy Curly Bob

Messy Curly Bob


18-Messy Angled Bob

Messy Bob Cut


19-Messy Fine Hair

Short Messy Hairstyles For Women


20-Blonde Hair

Short Messy Blonde Hair


21-Cute Messy Hairstyle

Cute Messy Hairstyles For Short Hair


22-Short Grey Hair

Short Messy Hair Women


23-Messy Layered Bob

Messy Layered Bob


24-Stacked Bob Cut

Messy Bob Hairstyles


25-Messy Pixie Cut

Short Messy Pixie Cut


26-Messy Bob Cut

Messy Bob Cut


27-Messy Layered Bob

Short Messy Hairstyles For Women


28-Mesy Hair

Short Layered Messy Hairstyles


29-Messy Long Bob

Messy Long Bob


30-Angled Messy Bob Hair

Short Messy Hairstyles For Thick Hair


31-Bob Style

Messy Bob Haircut


32-Messy Hair

Short Messy Hairstyles For Women


33-Short Hair

Short Messy Hairstyles For Thick Hair


34-Messy Bob with Bangs

Messy Bob With Bangs


35-Messy Pixie Hair

Messy Pixie Haircut


36-Messy Waves

Messy Waves Short Hair


37-Short Messy Hair with Lowlights

Short Messy Hairstyles For Women


38-Messy Bob Hair

Messy Bob Hairstyles


39-Short Blonde Messy Hair

Short Blonde Messy Hair


40-Messy Pixie Cut

Short Messy Pixie Cut


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19 Sleek Short Messy Hair Ideas To Try in 2021

Disheveled Neck Length Cut

Disheveled Neck Length Cut

Instagram @chrisjones_hair

This is an adorable cut if you’re craving for length yet wanting an easy upkeep and fresh hairstyle. The subtle brunette balayage with a dark root and choppy layers starting from the cheeks all work together in making this short messy hair suitable for any face shape.

Messy Razor Cut

Messy Razor Cut

Instagram @color_by_pelerossi

This messy short haircut is an excellent to choice when you want to add texture to your straight hair. It’s sassy, easy to style, and can accentuate your best facial features beautifully.

Short Feminine Quiff

Short Feminine Quiff

Instagram @tonyahaircandy

Get a little wild with this cool yet sexy faux hawk style that complements anyone with the confidence to wear it! Complete the messy short hair with your favorite fashion color if you wanna get wilder.

Messy Chunky Layers

Messy Chunky Layers

Instagram @nuovosalons

Going with waves is the easiest way to switch up your hairstyle without much effort. This bob is a perfectly tossed style that ladies who don’t want a high maintenance look would love!

Messy Hair Layered Everywhere

Messy Hair Layered Everywhere

Instagram @cestlaviebeautyco

Short messy haircuts like this one shows simplicity and edginess at the same time with how easy-going and effortless it looks like. Going a little past the chin is enough to show much texture that can enhance any haircut.

Must-Try Short Textured Cut Shag

messy short textured cut shag

Instagram @afelipesoares

The choppy yet soft ends, a center part, and a simple layering make this messy shag cut easy and cute. It’s a low upkeep modern lived-in short shag haircut that you can wear in any season.

Wild Wavy Hair

Wild Wavy Hair

Instagram @laurlaur0404

You’ll get the best of both worlds with this short yet full of bounce messy haircut that looks so voluminous even with less hair. The cute pastel pink hue makes it even more dimensional and stunning.

Choppy Fringe

Choppy Fringe


These textured ends and bangs work perfectly together in providing texture and interest to a simple blonde shoulder-length cut. It’s ideal for women who don’t want to spend much time thinking how to style their hair, as a simple straightening is already enough to make this look fabulous.

Tousled Pixie

Q&A with style creator, Jamie Foster
Hair Artist @ Trichology in Fullerton, CA

How would you describe this?

This scruffy hair is a textured pixie that’s bold, yet also feminine. It’s great for all different hair textures, and it’s a low maintenance style for women who don’t like to spend too much time on their hair.

What’s your best advice?

Embrace your natural texture for a fun messy look and also incorporate dry shampoo into your routine to enhance volume and avoid limp hair. This messy cut also shows off the facial structure, so if you think your face is “too round” opt for another messy hairstyle.

Stylish Messy Thin Hair for Over 50

Q&A with style creator, Chelse Fonseca-Wallgren
Stylist @ Raw Hair Studio in San Antonio, TX

How would you describe this?

This is a messy textured pixie with a longer fringe. The greatest thing about this cut is its versatility. This type of cut can be styled in so many different ways to achieve a messy look that can be very conservative/professional to edgy/editorial!

What’s your best advice?

This scuffy hair isn’t for a woman who has a round face with a short forehead, or a woman who has a prominent jawline, as this type of cut can highlight those features and create an unbalanced visual. This messy hairstyle for women who have fine and or thin hair and who want more body or volume.

To style and enhance the pixie cut, towel dry the hair and blast dry the hair using Aveda Pure Abundance Style-Prep spray, which is a thermal protectant and volumizing spray. When the hair is about 80% dry, add Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam, a lightweight mousse, to give the root it’s most lift and complete the blow dry.

To detail and finish the styling process use Aveda Control Paste to accentuate texture and define pieces to create a more piecey vibe, especially through the fringe. To set it all in place, spray with Aveda Control Force hairspray to give the cut an all-day hold, especially since it can be kind of humid and windy here in South Texas.

This type of style is perfect for ladies who like a quick morning routine and don’t mind the maintenance of getting a haircut every 4-6 weeks to keep the style.

Modern and Shaggy

Modern and shaggy short messy hair

Instagram @renzizgheib

A modern and shaggy haircut makes an over-the-top style that frames the face well. The shoulder-grazing length is perfect, making the hair fuller and versatile. It looks great with a good deal of texture. So, a salt spray will be the best friend of any lady who wears it.

Bold Undercut Messy Haircut

Q&A with style creator, Cheyenne Orozco
Licensed Cosmetologist @ JCPenney Salon in Yuma, AZ

How would you describe this?

This cut is lived-in and edgy, but still professional. It’s a very modern twist on a short bob with the undercut and messy texture.

An undercut can help create a better shape and make it easier to style. Many women want to try out really short hairstyles but are too afraid – this gives you the best of both worlds!

What’s your best advice?

This cut works best for women with a lot of hair, coarse or fine, that is very customizable for face shapes and hair density. It’s great for on-the-go women because you have half the hairstyle! Use a flat iron to create some loose curls or wear it straight (it’s super cute either way), then finish with a texture spray or rough it up with a pomade to give it that messy hair look.

The Cutest Pixie Cut with Messy Top

Q&A with style creator, Christa McNeely
Hairstylist @ MC Hair & Studio MC in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

How would you describe this?

This is a pixie cut with a messy top. The entire underneath is undercut close to the head with some length on top to play around with!

What’s your best advice?

This tousled haircut is so versatile that it can be adjusted to work with any face shape or hair type! It’s perfect for a messy hair woman who’s looking for a lower maintenance cut, but doesn’t want to sacrifice their style for it! Products are so important for any style and work best when they’re customized for your individual hair type! One key product for this style would be some kind of pomade, balm, or cream at the very end to add definition to the hair strands for a finished, flawless mess.

Edgy Messy Bob

Q&A with style creator, Katie Wolfe
Stylist @ Artistik Image Hair Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC

How would you describe this?

This edgy messy bob is perfect for women with rounder faces.

What’s your best advice?

The back of the neck is an undercut. This was done because of the thick hair, which made it easier to taper layers in and give it this heightened feature in the back which added more volume for the heavy hair. Then some feathering is done with a razor blade around the edges!

Choppy Tomboy Cut

Q&A with style creator, Nikki Rainey
Hairstylist / Makeup Artist @ Bob Steele Salon in Roswell, GA

How would you describe this?

This is a sassy, effortless, textured pixie! Great for minimal effort and perfect for women who want to wake-up-and-go. Short to long layers give chic and stylish bangs that you can wear in multiple ways. This haircut has tons of texture which adds volume and allows the hair to move in any direction! Great for that messy hair style.

What’s your best advice?

When choosing the perfect pixie you must always consider the face shape. Angles, even in hair can be slimming. Thickness and texture can play a huge role in how long or short a cut should be! When showing a picture to your hairdresser look at how thick or thin, coarse or fine, the hair in the picture is. Does it relate to your hair? What do you like about it and what would you change?

Most messy short hair cuts like this pixie are blown dry using tools as simple as your hands! Styling is quick and easy. Holding the hair dryer blow dry everything on the top and sides towards the face. Using your hands to smooth the hair following the head shape. Everything below blow-dry down.

Products to use to finish messy hair styles are IGK Broken Dreams texture paste. Take a pea size amount starting out and rub in your palms and fingertips. This paste has a dry feeling to the touch but actually has argon oil which helps to condition the hair. But, also it is oil absorbing and can make a style last longer! Start by applying to the root with a scalp rubbing motion to create volume and lift. Then apply to mid-lengths and ends to set the intended style.

Jaw Length Shag

Q&A with style creator, Mayara Goulart
Hairdresser & Make-up Artist @ Studio Vintage in Sao Paolo, Brazil

How would you describe this?

This is a modernized channel with light layers (Urban Cut) which is much requested in the salons nowadays. Short hair is a trend no more, but a movement! This styling is finished with hand drying and a slight touch of the Babyliss just at the tips.

What’s your best advice?

This cut is for a modern woman who owns an easy beauty, who wants a ready, fast, and practical messy cut for every day.

For straight hair or natural waves, emphasized the vertical lines of the cut for a more elongated shape.

Try before and after drying the Perfect Me by Wella which gives a soft fixing and a touch of amazing shine to the hair. It’s versatile and the best product for easy styling.

Best for Messy Thick Hair

Q&A with style creator, David Stiefel
Stylist @ Liberated Salon in Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this?

This is a modern shag pixie that works best on messy thick hair. It was cut with a razor wet and then rough-dried it. Then it was slid cut through it to give it more layering and texture. Use some sea salt spray and a medium hold wax to bring out the texture and give it that messy definition. It’s also a great cut for lightened hair as it’s easy to bring and out and see all the shag elements to this cut.

What’s your best advice?

It’s a fun messy style that’s very easy to style you can either blow dry or let it air dry and just use a little product to tousle and go. Styling it is as easy as 5-10 minutes. It’s great for lightened hair and thick hair as the layering takes out a lot of weight.  A perfect cut for women that love that bedhead style.

Perfectly Messy for Fine Hair

Q&A with style creator, Rudy Pacheco
Color Correction & Balayage Specialist / Co-owner @ Tangerine Hair Studio in San Jose, CA

How would you describe this?

This is a fun and sassy a short haircut. A lot of women think that short hair could be boring, but the possibilities are endless!

Ask for a slight undercut to remove the unnecessary bulk in the back without having a “stacked” style. It really does posh this haircut.

What’s your best advice?

If you’re wondering how to style messy hair, first get some styling products. Think texture. Try Kevin Murphy: Body.Builder and Bedroom.Hair.

As for the face, any woman can have short hair, but there are a few things to consider. If you’re wider on the cheekbone or jawbone area, try to keep the length past the chin with now face-framing layers. It elongates the face creating that perfect oval shape everyone wants.

Cute Curly Mess

Q&A with style creator, Colette Grampre
Master Stylist @ Ginger Salon in Portland, OR

How would you describe this?

This curly mess is effortless, modern, and feminine. The cut is a basic square shape on top, styled asymmetrically, with shorter length throughout the sides and back considered undercut.

This messy hairstyle is noticeable and will turn heads! People will deem you’re having a good hair day even when you may feel the contrary.

What’s your best advice?

Let your hair be wild and free. Hair grows a little every day, therefore your hairstyle changes a little every day. Embrace the change. This cut is perfect for low daily maintenance.

You can just wash and go! For women with short, curly fine hair, use a lightweight mouse and if you have thicker hair use a curl defining creme. Try using a spray wax instead of hairspray to lock in the style, as it’s great for all hair textures. If you don’t mind spending a few minutes on styling, blow-dry using a diffuser attachment, then add some different size curls using your choice of hot tool. This cut really does look great on a lot of women but most flattering if you have a diamond, oval, or round face shape.


Do you have the courage to walk on an unfamiliar path when it comes to the point of style and fashion? Do you want to revamp your looks? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you must be ready to try some unique experiments with your locks.

You need not opt for a stark color that screams for attention. A small change in the hairstyle is all that you need to attract the eyes of others. You might not have proper knowledge about the styles that will help to bring out your true beauty.

It is here that the importance of hairstylists comes to the forefront. These specialists will be able to guide you properly on the quest to pick one among the several Messy Short Hairstyles, available in the fashion world.

The popularity of the messy hairdo started in the late 1980s. The untidy look was a fashion statement for rock lovers and hippies. They were known for their bright personalities. The hairstyle was an extension of their colorful personality.


Razor Cut Short Hairstyle

Messy Short Hairstyles

Not all women like to follow the safe path. If you are feeling fearless, and want to change your look drastically, then opting for the Razor Cut Short Hairstyle will be ideal.

The hair will get a razor cut look, and the ends will get an untidy look. But that is the beauty of this hairstyle. The look also offers you frontal fringes, to add some drama.

Women of all ages and all face structures will be able to pull off this look comfortably.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Layered Messy Short Bob Hairstyle

Messy Short Hairstyles

The Layered Messy Short Bob Hairstyle is popular among modern women. The spikes form a mesh of strands, which will give an impression as if you are wearing a hat. The presence of the spikes will offer a unique look.

If you need to create a statement in the corporate world, then this hairdo will come in handy. Using small ear accessories will accentuate the look and make you the center of attraction.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Pixie Cuts Messy Hairstyle

Messy Short Hairstyles

There are several variations of the pixie hairdo. The hair experts have designed and perfected a style that combines the pixie cut with the messy look.

The hairdo will give you an edgy look and create a bold statement. You can rest assured that people will take note as soon as you enter the room. The look will suit women of all ages. It is perfect for all occasions.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Messy Hairstyle with Bangs

Messy Short Hairstyles

If there is one style that has remained in demand over the years, then it has to be the Messy Hairstyle with Bangs. The messy hairstyle alone can give others the impression that you have thick hair.

The credit goes to the way the locks fall on your head. But the messy look will not do much to frame your face or hide the wide forehead. For this, you need to combine the look with bangs.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Side Fringe Messy Hairstyle

Messy Short Hairstyles

Side Fringe Messy Hairstyle is currently in trend, and you will spot several celebrities on the red carpet, with this haircut.

If you want to look as glamorous as these celebs, then need the help of hairstylists to fashion your hair accordingly.

As there is not much flamboyance in this hairstyle, you can try it on regular basis as well. It will look good with modern outfits. It is also a perfect look for brunch and day weddings.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Side Part Messy Hairstyle

Messy Short Hairstyles

If you do not like a fluffy look, then the Side Part Messy Hairstyle is what you need. The side parting will add some volume to the hair, without making it too fluffy.  When the messy locks fall on your face, it will add elegance to your look.

In case you want some of the strands to frame your face, by falling on your forehead, you can opt for bangs or fringes as well. You can combine several styles to create a look that suits you.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Choppy Messy Hairstyle

Messy Short Hairstyles

If you love the “just out of bed” look, then the Choppy Messy Hairstyle will come to your rescue. The unique cut will create an uneven hairline, and the hair strands will attain a messy look.

The hairdo may look messy, but it is a hard task to accomplish. In case you desire to sport this look, then you will require the assistance of the hair experts.

They will use special tools and skills to shape the hair in the desired fashion.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Shaggy Cut Messy Hairstyle

Messy Short Hairstyles

Not all can carry off the Shaggy Cut Messy Hairstyle. Women, who desire to look different from the others in the room, can easily create a style statement with this hairstyle.

If you have thin hair, then it is the perfect hairstyle that will hide the flaws. The messy look will create an illusion of thick and dense hair.

As the hairdo is rather stark, it is better to opt for a simple dress and accessories. Let your locks do the talking.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Undercut Messy Hairstyle

Messy Short Hairstyles

The popularity of the undercut hairdo is on the rise in recent times. Women who are bold and have a unique sense of fashion can carry off this look.

But if you want to tone down the edginess of this hairdo, then opting for the subtle Undercut Messy Hairstyle will come in handy.

The top part of the locks is long, while the sides and the back portions are buzzed. If you want to rock a retro theme party, then teaming a leather pants and jacket will nail the look.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Messy Full Fringe Hairstyle

Messy Short Hairstyles

If you are fond of frontal fringes, and a messy look, then you can opt for a combination of these two styles. One such style is the Messy Full Fringe Hairstyle.

It has the characteristic long fringes, not only in front but all over the head. As these fringes are long, they will create a messy look.

Another interesting fact is, the fringes in the brow area will come in handy to hide the wide forehead as well.

Messy Short Hairstyles


African American Messy Short Hairstyle

Messy Short Hairstyles

The hair texture of African American women is unique. They often opt for shorter haircuts, with spikes, to accentuate the beauty of their tresses.

In case you want to acquire this unique look, then you need to ask for the African American Messy Short Hairstyle.

The presence of the spikes gives the much-needed messy appearance. Be ready to invest some time, as it is not easy to acquire this look.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Razor Cut Pixie Hairstyle with Fringe

Messy Short Hairstyles

If you have an edgy personality, then you need something that will highlight that nature in your hair as well.

Thanks to the efforts of hairstylists and trendsetters, we have several haircuts, which have been perfected to suit the nature of edgy and strong women.

If you want a hairdo that will assist you to set your own fashion statement, then the Razor Cut Pixie Hairstyle with Fringe is a perfect option. It will suit women with oval and heart-shaped face structures.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Bleach Blonde Messy Short Hair

Messy Short Hairstyles

Gone are the days when people used to think that grey locks were a sign of old age and had to be kept hidden under artificial color.

Now, the hottest trend in the fashion industry is to sport the grandma hair look. If you want to tone down the grey color, then you can mix a subtle shade of blond tint as well.

When you attain this ultra-fashionable hair color, you need an equally edgy haircut to highlight its beauty. The Bleach Blonde Messy Short Hair will come in handy if you have such requirements.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Messy Short Haircut for Blonde Hair

Messy Short Hairstyles

Though the name suggests that the Messy Short Haircut for Blonde Hair will highlight the beauty of women with blond locks, women with all hair colors will look good if they can maintain this untidy hairdo.

It is not easy to maintain the same look throughout the day. If you want to sport the same look on a daily basis, you need to set aside some money to purchase hair gel.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Messy Short Hairstyle with Long Fringe

Messy Short Hairstyles

Though it is not right to go to the office with a messy hairdo, if you work in the fashion or entertainment industry, then your boss will cut you some slack in these matters.

These people have direct access to new fashion trends. If you desire to walk into the office, and immediately catch the attention of all, then team up your corporate outfit with the Messy Short Hairstyle with Long Fringe.

Messy Short Hairstyles


Messy Curls 

short messy hairstyle for women

The best thing about curls is that they don’t have to be ideally in place to look great. Wear it forward and sweep them sidewards. Pair it glasses and get the cute nerd look.


Messy Bob Waves

short messy bob

This style is feminine and adorable. The side-swept waves are as carefree as you are best for an outdoor seaside look. The bangs, along with the hair, frame the face defining your features.


Tousled Pixie

short messy pixie bob with side part

This style is best for thin and fine hair. It makes them look voluminous and chic. It’s long in the front and piled at the back, and the side-swept bangs add some extra texture and height, giving an overall smart and confident look. Go for bold eye makeup and shine.


Feathered Pixie

short messy pixie haircut

This style provides an airy vibe that looks messed up yet all settled. A feathered top with a small section falling over the forehead highlights your eyes and looks edgy and sharp. This hairstyle suits women of all ages.


Messy Wedge

short messy brown hairstyle for women

This style matches with your easygoing personality as it is easy and commitment-free and but catches the eye perfectly. The hair is easily swept over the side. With maximum volume on the top, it makes an effortless everyday hairstyle.


Untidy Look with Asymmetrical Bangs

short messy haircut with fringe

Why just messed up? Go for an untidy look. The hair is placed according to their will, and short bangs of uneven size falling on the forehead make you look statelier and strong. Let the hair have its way.


Tilt Parted Multi-Color Messy Hair

short messy bob with pink highlights

Instead of having a clean midpart, go for a slant. Vibrant pink fading into silver with tresses rolled away from the face flaunts your unique and bold personality. This style is most vibrant among messy short hairstyles for women. It highlights slender and sharp facial features.


Voluminous Curly Pixie 

cute short messy hairstyles for women

Curly and messy with a lot of volume on the top and soft curls falling over the forehead give the wearer a cool romantic retro vibe. It is best for women with square-shaped faces.


  Classy Vintage Style

short messy brunette hairstyle

A quick way to style your hair, this messy short hairstyle for women looks runway ready. Slick sides with strands close to the head and volume on the top add all the drama.


Messy Curly Crop

short messy curly hairstyle

Can’t decide between a bob and pixie cut? Go halfway and rock the best of both worlds in a fashionable messy crop. Natural curls add elegance to the look keeping the locks in control but at the same time bringing forth the independent woman you are.


Several options of Messy Short Hairstyles are present. All you need to do is pick one that will suit your age and personality. Opting for the messy hairdo will bring about an immediate change in your appearance.

You can combine several styles and customize a look that is perfect for you. It is the right time to make an appointment and shock your friends and family members with a new and courageous look.

It is time to invest time and money to pamper yourself. You are special, and your hairstyle will play a significant role in highlighting your unique beauty and charm.

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50 Simple Yet Sassy Styles for Short Choppy Hair

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same hairstyle. One day we love the hair we have and show it off, but the next day we envy our friend with perfect locks and wish we had her mane. Those of us who love short choppy hair will be relieved to know there are at least 50 hairstyles out there to try.

Whether you want a short and minimalistic pixie, a shaggy cut to flatter your wavy hair, or something in between, there are cool ideas for everyone.

1. Short Stacked Haircut. Welcome to the club of platinum pixies! We enjoy a manageable length and side-swept bangs we can run our fingers through.

2. Stacked Bob with Choppy Layers. Face-framing pieces of this beautiful bob will make you look like a babe.

3. Choppy Pixie with Shaved Nape. The pretty and the edgy come together for this choppy rose gold pixie.

4. Short Textured Pixie with Choppy Bangs. Short hair becomes boho-chic when the top locks are made piecey.

5. Choppy Feathered Haircut with Highlights. An a-line haircut doesn’t have to look harsh. Maintain your soft and sweet self by flaunting a mix of long and short locks with highlighted longer pieces.

6. Shaggy Choppy Hairstyle. Try a choppy shaggy hairstyle that looks messy-cute. Dress it up by adding a headband one day or parting bangs to the side with a small bobby pin for another day.

7. Stacked Choppy Bob. Short choppy hair has its own special charm. Ask your stylist for a short choppy inverted bob and enjoy its perks: the cute shape, feathered layers, beautiful texture, and added volume.

8. Messy Crop with Volume. The pixie with volume maintains its chicness with tousled waves.

9. Highlighted Choppy Cut for Fine Hair. Insert a few highlights, make a deep part, and give it a little undercut for an edgy look.

10. Blonde Pixie Haircut. Take a cue from singer Katy Perry and mimic her platinum blonde pixie.

11. Side-Parted Crop with Bangs. You’ll be someone’s #hairgoals when you step out of the salon sporting this brown piecey pixie.

12. Messy Asymmetric Cut. Messy short choppy hairstyles are best for a standout look. Besides, if you are brave enough to dye your hair, it will only do good for your new asymmetric style. We suggest the trending cherry and mahogany hues!

13. Choppy Shaggy Haircut. This elongated pixie is perfect for thick wavy hair as it keeps its texture and body.

14. Uneven Choppy Crop. With an uneven cut all over, this pixie with length creates a dimensional and messy hairstyle.

15. Choppy Bob Haircut. The undercut pixie bob with longer angled bangs is both sharp and soft.

16. Undercut Haircut with Long Bangs. A short choppy pixie such as this one almost brings two different hairstyles into one: short and dark in the back, long and light in the front!

17. Super Short Spiked Haircut. Short choppy haircuts can have all the personality you want from them! Soar to new heights with a pixie that’s spiked in the front like a true Mohawk.

18. Straight Short Choppy Bob. The sweet choppy bob is amazing for creating a romantic image. If you are up for elongated front pieces, this style can become your distinctive trait that looks unusual and frames your face in a flattering way.

19. Chin-Length Cut for Thick Wavy Hair. Short choppy layers keep those locks tamed and beautiful.

20. Edgy Colorful Layered Cut. Choppy hairstyles that introduce fantastic colors are among our favorites! Look at this surreal gradient of fuchsia pink and lavender violet on the piece-y layers. This is definitely a combo to remember!

21. Choppy A-line Bob. If you have waves, curls or any other kind of texture, a choppy shaggy look will flatter you.

22. Choppy Pixie with Shaved Sides. A cut this short looks best with bangs and an extraordinary color for a soft and feminine look.

23. Choppy Tapered Pixie. Long and thick in the front, short and tapered in the back – this is how the choppy pixie rules the day.

24. Choppy Layered Bob. Curled or straight, this textured bob has all the fun and sass included!

25. Short Textured Haircut. Though this hairstyle has a tomboyish and cheeky look, if you choose your accessories and outfit right, it will appear very elegant and sophisticated.

26. Choppy Razored Pixie. For a short, choppy pixie, bring the length up just below the ears, razor-cut the hair, and feather out the back. Leave side-swept bangs uneven.

27. Choppy Short Layered Hair. This choppy cut is for those ladies who have passionate nature. If you’ve got the energy you can’t hide from the world, it’s time to get this bright layered pixie cut.

28. Platinum Choppy Hair.Platinum blonde and silver give a short choppy pixie some punch.

29. Light Brown Sliced Hairstyle. Show off your fun side with a piecey cut slightly longer in the front to keep it flirty.

30. Choppy Golden Pixie with Shadow Roots. This fun hairstyle gives you the blonde you want in the length that’s easily manageable.

31. Funky Bob with Choppy Layers. The short, choppy, layered bob keeps the length you want while staying low maintenance.

32. Silver Buzz Cut. The short choppy layers along with a buzzcut on the sides give a new meaning to bold.

33. Pretty Messy Chop. Fluff and scrunch your way through your hair to this short choppy layered hairstyle.

34. Waved Bob. A short choppy bob this luscious is best for thick wavy hair. Prepare for loads of compliments!

35. Sleek Bob Haircut. Short choppy layers for a bob with bangs mean you can flaunt this style at work or get flirty on a night out.

36. Very Short Choppy Hairstyle. If your hair is already rather short or you just want a dramatic change, texturize the top and push bangs forward.

37. Bronde Choppy Bob with Highlights. This short choppy bob has all the sass needed to conquer your day. The bright blonde balayage adds to the beauty.

38. Choppy Pixie with Very Long Bangs. There’s something about platinum that puts forth a certain amount of sass… but no one will be able to see yours behind these long bangs.

39. Short Mohawk-Like Haircut. A short choppy pixie with an undercut can deliver some extra height and a little edge with faded sideburns.

40. Choppy Hairstyle with Waves. A bedhead has never looked better for short length hair – layers and waves are added to complete the messy look.

41. Choppy Bob with Highlights and Lowlights. Triangular bobs aren’t given much credit, but you’ll look super cute with a layered and highlighted cut such as this one.

42. Choppy Messy Bob. Angled bobs can show off your playful personality if purposely made messy.

43. Thick Hair Curls with Choppy Layers. Show off your mane with a layered bob designed for curly hair.

44. Choppy Pixie Bob. The sass of a pixie, the chicness of a bob. Pick and pull locks to texturize for extra customizing.

45. Short Textured Haircut. Bring your bob to life with some messy texture and angled face-framing pieces.

46. Choppy Graduated Haircut. A blonde balayage pairs with a classic bob shape for an updated look. It’s got some cute texture and plenty of movement.

47. Blonde Shaggy Pixie. If you’re not quite ready to lose your length, consider a choppy shaggy cut such as this one, which brings long length forward and to the sides, but still keeps hair off the neck.

48. Choppy Pixie with Frosted Tips. Invoke Tinkerbell’s energy and perky sass with a razored pixie polished off with highlights.

49. Silver Bob Cut with Dark Roots. Adopt a messy highlighted bob and you’re the next bold babe on the block.

50. White Blonde Short Length Hair. Transitioning from your current hairstyle to a standout pixie is sure to boost your confidence level.

So, now that you know how to rock your short choppy hair, which style will you choose? Remember the finishing touch to any haircut is to own it with confidence!

Textured Short Messy Fringe Mens Haircut With High #1 Fade

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