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Mobile Home Porches

For Both Comfort and Curb Appeal

Attractive mobile home porches can not only extend your outdoor time but add immense appeal to your home as well. This applies whether you have a prefabricated, modular, or factory, or manufactured home too.

Mary and I are collecting porch ideas for mobile homes that we hope you can use at your residence.

A mobile home porch is just like any other residential front porch except it is not directly attached to the home (exception being the roof in some cases).

That's great news because you have as many design options as well.

mobile home porch with gable roof by Ready Decks
Mobile Home Front Porch by Ready Decks ®

Porch Ideas for Mobile Homes

We are most appreciative to Bonnie for sharing pictures of her mobile home porch. Her porch was designed and built by Kyle Kilgore.

detached mobile home porch example
Bonnie's new detached porch on her mobile home.
There is a metal flashing between home roof and porch roof.
Bonnie's porch is 10 x 20 - a spacious size. She says, "It took almost all last summer to build, due to weather and Kyle built it in his spare time."

He listened to all I wanted and came up with the design. I did not want the pole in the middle, but he insisted due to the amount of snow we get. I'm grateful to him for that after this winters storms!

"For the winter, I have clear vinyl ($2 per yard at Walmart), put up with scrap wood on top, bottom and some sides. It is wonderful to extend the seasons. No wind or rain or snow! My dog and 3 kitties love it as well. I put up a clear shower curtain on spring loaded white shower rods, for a moveable " door". I tried heavy duty velcro as a fastener for doorway, did not hold in wind. I am still experimenting."

mobile home porch with exposed rafters and porch furniture
Outdoor curtains, an outdoor rug and a collection of lanterns dress up Bonnie's porch

mobile home parts store banner
Mobile Home Parts Store

The porch curtains are from a friend, $1 per pair flea market find! She used recycled expandable shower rods to hang them. Her dog, Scout, loves her porch.

wooden mobile home porch steps
Bonnie's mobile home porch steps
Bonnie is thinking of spraying light blue paint on my porch ceiling for the sky effect and she wants to do the rest in white. With the blizzard winds she has had this winter, she put up a warm blanket at her doorway using inexpensive shower rods.

Want some more ideas for cozying up a typical double wide mobile home by adding a porch?

How Bonnie Winterizes Her Porch

mobile home porch winterizing with vinylmobile home porch winterizing with blanket

Using inexpensive materials, Bonnie keeps her mobile home porch warmer with clear vinyl, a clear shower curtain and a warm blanket hung by a tension rod. Looks like it works pretty well.

How About a Freestanding Porch Design?

A freestanding porch is a wonderful idea if you have space for it
Another way to have a porch is to create a freestanding porch design
Even with outdoor curtains! This freestanding porch could be the place for many a happy gathering with friends and family. Just imagine!

Attaching a Front Porch to a Mobile Home

Most local building codes require structures like porches or decks be self-supporting unless approved by a professional structural engineer, an architect, or the manufacturer. We always highly recommend you begin by checking with both your local codes office and your home's manufacturer.

Depends upon three main factors:

  • First consideration: The foundation for your mobile or manufactured home. If it is sitting on a foundation that is not below the frost line for your local area then attaching a structure could cause immense damage to either or both.

    Shifting due to frozen ground will cause the structures to move at different rates (and sometimes in different directions). If your home is on footings that are below the frost line you have a better opportunity for attaching a porch (with footings that are also below the frost line) to your home.

  • What is a footing? A footing is usually concrete and is placed in the ground at least 1 foot below the frost line for your geographical area. (The actual depth of the footing in the ground is normally dictated by your local codes department).

    Upon it rests a pier which extends from the footing to above ground to support your porch columns. Footings can be poured concrete or pre-cast for both expediency and convenience.

    footing pads by polyvulcBut, if you live in virtually frost free areas you have other options such as using footing pads like the ones depicted at right by PolyVulc.

    However, you still must comply with local building codes and your manufacturer's requirements to ensure you maintain your warranty, comply with your insurance company's policies, and comply with any local home owner association or mobile park requirements.

  • Second consideration: The composition and structural integrity of your home can dictate whether you can attach a structure to it. You home's manufacturer will be able to provide that information. In almost all cases your porch will have to be self-supporting, that is, it cannot be attached directly to your mobile home.
  • Third consideration: You should consider the overall appeal of the structure. Adding an aesthetically pleasing front porch will possibly add value not only to your home but also add appeal to your neighborhood as well.

    Ensure your structure matches the style of your home and the materials complement your surroundings in both quality and construction.

Building Porches for Mobile Homes

Building a porch for a mobile home is like building a deck with a roof (see link to Porch Designs For Mobile Homes below). The critical factor is ensuring the structure can support a roof, meaning the footings and columns (or posts) must be sufficient to carrier the weight of the roof and the porch floor as the deck will not be attached to the home itself.

You will also want to consider adding curb appeal to your porch. Be sure to explore these sections for more ideas you can include in your overall plan.

spring landscaping in front of porch

wicker furniture on front porch


Share Your Mobile Home Porch Pictures

We would like to see more nice examples of porches on mobile homes. Do you have a mobile home or manufactured home with a porch? Would you like to share your pictures with us?

mobile home porch converted to art studio
Front Porch Converted to Art Studio
(photo courtesy of Poetroy)
Our readers would really appreciate getting more ideas. Send your pics to us at this address. You can right click on the link to copy the e mail address as well.

At no cost to you, we receive commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in our content. Here is our full disclosure about affiliate marketing.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Thank you for taking your time to visit us.

Mobile Home Porches & Decks Guide

Whether you’re looking to add functional living space, curb appeal or a place to just lounge and relax, a mobile home porch can make for a great additional feature. These types of porches are typically built at the front of a mobile home, covered and are usually built using wood boards and a cinder block base. When it comes to mobile home porches, the design potential is truly endless. Porches can be built to incorporate ramps for elderly or handicapped residents. Perhaps you want one built with pillars, railings, and ceilings for a more elegant look? Or porches can be built to be screened in so that they can double as functional living space in addition to the mobile home itself. This post will take a closer look at mobile home porches, how they differ from mobile home decks, porch design ideas and how to build one yourself.

Mobile Home Porch vs. Mobile Home Deck

Mobile Home Porch vs Mobile Home Deck

The main difference between a porch and deck in a conventional setting also rings true when it comes to a mobile home application – porches are covered (or even enclosed), where decks are not. Decks, or patios, may also be installed at either the front or the back of a mobile home, where porches are almost always built at the front of the home. Despite these key differences, there are many similarities between porches and decks when it comes to how they are constructed, which you can learn more about later in this piece. Essentially, you first have to build a deck when you’re building a porch – more on this later.

Building Materials for Porches

We’ll get into the basics of DIY mobile home porch building a bit later on, but before we can get into more of a step-by-step, it’s important to go over some of the common building materials that you’re likely to need when it comes to such a project. While mobile home owners are technically able to get as creative as they’d like with these projects, below is an overview of some of the most common building materials that are used:

  • Wood: Wood is the most popular building material used when it comes to mobile home porches, both when it comes to framing and aesthetic features. Wooden posts are typically used for support beams and to frame the porch, and wooden planks are typically used for the flooring on the deck as well as the ceiling. Wood rails may also be used. Wood is a popular material, as it’s affordable and can be stained to meet any sort of aesthetic look.
  • Cinder blocks: Any porch will need some sort of a base to be constructed on. With many mobile homes, this support infrastructure is usually cinder blocks. Cinder blocks are strong, affordable and provide an adequate base to support the deck part of the porch.
  • Roof materials: Depending on the type of porch you’re building and the mobile home you have, the roof may either be adjoined to the mobile home or separate from it. Either way, you’re going to need some sort of roofing material on top of it, just as you would for your main mobile home unit. Rubber roofing, metal roofing, and standard asphalt shingles are all viable options for roof materials for the porch.
  • Skirting: On raised porches, porch skirting is often sought, as mobile home owners don’t want animals nesting or getting underneath the porch itself. Skirting also offers ventilation and improves curb appeal. While wood is a viable option for skirting, vinyl, brick, stone, and metal are other good options as well.
  • Other materials: Depending on the type of porch you’re building, other materials may be necessary. For example, if you’re aiming for a screened in porch, you’ll need to accommodate screens and windows in the design. In terms of tools, a miter saw, deck joists and galvanized screws are just a few of the tools that are necessary for porch construction. Depending on the type of porch you build and the location of your mobile home, gutters may also be necessary to safely disperse rainwater runoff.

Mobile Home Porch Design Ideas

When it comes to mobile home porches, the design ideas are truly endless, and they can be as simple or as complicated as a homeowner chooses. Here’s a look at some popular porch designs:

Gable roof porch design:

Mobile Home Porch with Gable Roof

These are simpler types of porch designs, which consist of a deck area outside of the front door and a gable roof, which is characterized by a roof with two sloping sides and gable at the end of each side

Flat roof porches:

Flat Roof Mobile Home Porch

If your mobile home has a flat roof, then a flat roof porch would likely be the best option for you. Flat roof porches are also ideal for mobile home units that don’t have extensive roof clearances.

Porch/deck combination:

Mobile Home Porch and Deck Combo

Another type of porch design is one that includes a gable roof porch and an adjacent deck. The deck portion would likely extend right off the porch itself.

Screened porch:

Screened In Porch for Mobile Home

For those that want to extend the available living space of their mobile homes, a screened in porch is likely the answer. What’s nice about screened in porches is that such screens can also be added to an existing porch.

Freestanding porch:

Free Standing Porch for Mobile Home

If your mobile home is placed on a larger lot, a freestanding porch could be an attractive option. Freestanding porches are either a flat roof or gable roof porches that simply exist within the lot. In other words, they aren’t built adjacent to the mobile home.

Mobile Home Porch Ideas Gallery

Things to Note When it Comes to Mobile Home Porches

There are a couple of important notables that must be considered when it comes to the construction of a mobile home porch. For starters, porches are best built on mobile homes where the owner doesn’t have any intention of transporting the mobile unit elsewhere. Because porches are built externally to the mobile home, moving the mobile home becomes a much more complicated endeavor when a porch is included.

Another important consideration is when it comes to the porch construction itself, specifically the support base. Though cinder blocks – one of the most common base materials – do an adequate job when it comes to providing a base, it’s crucial that this base is level and is able to stay level. Failure to construct a level base is going to directly result in an off-balance porch, either now or in the future.

Can A Mobile Home Porch Be a DIY Project?

If you’re handy around the house, good with tools and know the basics of woodworking, then building a mobile home porch can absolutely become a DIY project. This is even truer if you have past experience with deck building. A handy mobile homeowner with the right tools and materials should be able to build a porch for their unit in a few days. Here’s a rough outline of the DIY steps involved in the process. Note also that your local mobile home service store can help you with any porch project and DIY kits are also often available.

  1. Frame it: After you have the design part down, the first thing you should do is frame out the deck on your property. Use galvanized screws to connect the wooden posts and ensure they’re properly aligned.
  2. Build the deck: So now that you have the deck frame outlined, it’s time to actually build the deck. This is best done with 6-foot-long deck boards at least 2 inches in width. Start by laying them out across the frame and then hammering them in. Be sure that there’s about a quarter-inch of space between boards.
  3. Create the foundation: Now that you’ve got the deck part of the porch built, you’ll need to create a foundation to support it. As we’ve noted throughout this piece, this is best done with cinder blocks. With a leveler in hand, place the cinder blocks in a pattern that can support the deck. This arrangement is typically best done by placing the necessary number of blocks about 6 feet apart from one another. Use the leveler to ensure the foundation is even.
  4. Cut the posts: Next, comes the post beams. Measure from the top of the cinder blocks to the base of the door then cut to length. Use adhesive to adhere to the square section of the deck that you built in Steps 1-2.
  5. Place the deck: You may need a helper or two for this step, but lift the deck up and place it on the cinder block base that you created in Step 3. If you can, place the posts you cut in Step 4 inside the center holes of the cinder blocks.
  6. Frame/construct a roof: Layout and construct a frame for the roof using 4 x 4, 2 x 8 and 2 x 4 pieces of wood.
  7. Attach the roof to the support posts: After the roof portion has been constructed, you’ll again need the assistance of a helper or two to lay the roof onto the frame and support posts of the deck. Secure this part to the support posts and frame.
  8. Roof it: Finally, you’ll need to cover your porch roof with the right roofing material. As we noted in the earlier sections, standard adhesive shingles, rubber roofing or metal roofing are the most common types.

Top Resources

If you’re looking for design inspirations and/or further information or direction on mobile home porch or porch construction, there are several resources that you can tap into. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Hurst shifter camaro automatic
  2. Used trucks chambersburg pa
  3. Warrior cats clay figure

A Look At 5 Kinds Of Mobile Home Porch Blueprints

Diving into porch blueprints

Let’s talk about what’s got us here today. Porch blueprints. And since that’s today’s topic, what better place to begin than

In their own words, “ offers a variety of deck designs and plans for every type of housing configuration. Many of the deck plans include features to make your deck unique including arbors, pergolas, built-in benches and planter boxes.” The best part? You can’t beat free!


If you’re looking for a porch that’ll keep off the rain, snow, sleet, and some of the sun’s rays, then opt for a covered porch. Now, you may not get tanned sitting out here. However, if you sit out to sip lemonade on a hot summer day, at least you’ll have some protection.

Single Angle

Blueprint of a mobile home deck

Photo Credit:

Here’s an option for you if you’re thinking of a porch with a single angle roof. Its roof is a plane that slants down from your house. Additionally, its small size will be perfect for you if you’re working with limited lawn space. Stand a small plant or tree up in one corner or stick in a single rocking chair. On top of that, you might even add a few railing boxes and plan some red geraniums to add a homey look.

Double angle

Maybe you’re not feeling drawn to the single angle idea. No problem! Here’s an option for a roof that does come to a peak. Plus, it gives you 256 square feet. So, it’s a little more space than the single angle option.

In this case, consider adding some hanging plant baskets from the front edge of the porch roof. Since you’ve got a roof, make the best of it! Ferns are a great option. Alternatively, you could choose hanging baskets of petunias or another flower in a color that you love.

Not covered

Though it’s usually classified as a deck, you may prefer to add on something that isn’t covered. That’s okay, too. Because still has porch blueprints for you. Below are two types of uncovered porches or decks.


Porch Designs for Mobile Homes

Mobile, Manufactured, Modular
& Prefabricated Homes

Let's talk porch designs for mobile homes: A front porch on your mobile home will not only add curb appeal but also provide you shade and protection from the weather which means good things.

No reason you can't have the perfect place to relax, to enjoy a good book or a glass of fine wine. Front porches for mobile homes will help you extend your outdoor time. As aesthetically pleasing as a front porch on a traditional home, there are certain factors you need to know as you plan and design your porch.

Many of the photos below are provided by Ready Decks ®.

If you purchase an item through affiliate links within our content, we will earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. See our disclosure policy.

Porch designs for mobile homes by Ready Decks ®Porch designs for mobile homes by Ready Decks ®
Mobile home front porch design by Ready Decks®Mobile home front porch design by Ready Decks®

You have almost as many design options for your mobile home as do others for their stick-built homes. We really like the stone-like porch skirting in the photo above.

That, along with other options for porch columns, railings, steps, ceilings, and more, will give you plenty to consider when planning your front porch.

Look at Our Directory of Porch Designs
for Mobile Homes

Bonnie's comfortable porch on her mobile home

See what's involved in building a porch addition. See Bonnie's mobile home porch and learn what you need to know before building a porch addition onto your home.

To maintain the value of your home know what is required as the porch construction process can be different than for a traditional home.

Discover 9 Easy Ideas to Improve Your Home

9 easy ideas for your mobile home

Nine easy ideas for your mobile home

Increase not only curb appeal but also the value and comfort of your mobile or manufactured home. You might be pleasantly surprised to find some unique ideas!

Peruse These Mobile Home Improvements

mobile home with fence in front yard

Several exterior mobile home improvements we want to share with you.

Whether adding a porch addition, or upgrading your siding, windows, or shutter, check out what exterior home improvements will be right for you.

Look at These Porch Decorating Ideas for Mobile Homes

Kim's country porch on her mobile home - truly inviting

Get wonderful porch decorating ideas for your mobile or manufactured home. See Kim's porch and more.

Investigate These Affordable Porch Design Ideas

open gable porch on mobile home

See how you can have an affordable porch on your home using quality materials and have a wonderfully designed addition to your home.

Tornado Storm Shelters for Mobile Homes

safe porch / storm shelter idea

See how to easily protect you and your family from severe weather by installing a SafePorch Storm Shelter!

Read Our Response

Listen to our Podcast with Brad of Ready Decks ®

mobile home porch by Ready Decks

He has many tips and ideas. you can easily incorporate into your mobile home's porch design.

Want to Hear Our Podcast with the Mobile Home Parts Store?

Mobile home parts store photo

Find out ways to enhance your mobile home's appeal the easy way

Get Tim's ideas about the latest curb appealing trends in mobile homes.

How About These Ideas for Porch Designs on Mobile Homes?

Look at These Gable Roof Ideas

Note in the photo below the additional columns adjacent to the home. Most mobile home porches must be self supporting include holding the roof in place.

Ready Decks porch with wagon wheel design in gable roofDo you see the wagon wheel pattern on the open gable roof design?

Homeowners could easily install porch skirting to hide the porch piers in the photo below. This would give it a more finished look and possibly give you additional storage space.

mobile home porch addition

Love the placement and width of the steps in the photo below. Wider staircase gives you a more open feel and makes your porch appear larger. It also provides space for potted plants or other decorative items.

Mary and I would add custom vinyl lattice panels to hide the piers. You can choose from a wide variety of lattice panel designs or even create your own. They come in a variety of colors but we prefer black for porch skirting.

mobile home by Ready Decks

Note the exposed rafters on the gable roof below. You could opt to cover them with bead board or tongue and groove panels to give it a finished look.

Add an outdoor ceiling fan for additional comfort. When considering porch designs for mobile homes also include amenities like fans, lights, and railing and column options too.

porch addition on mobile home

Tip: Porch Designs for Mobile Homes

If you live where the wind blows leaves and debris on your porch, consider installing a bottom rail no more than 4 inches above the porch decking. Extend your balusters slightly below or even with the bottom rail.

Why? This will allow you to easily sweep the debris off your porch. Otherwise leaves and debris are stuck on your porch with nowhere to go - and hard to sweep away.

Really nice design for an accessible wheel chair ramp. If you don't have the space for a wheel chair run as depicted in the photo below, you can make it shorter by creating a turn; however, porch designs for mobile homes must meet specific building code requirements.

Accessible front porch on mobile home

This is really neat as a porch design for mobile homes - a front porch and deck combination. If you have the space you ought to consider one of these for your home. The porch skirting is also an attractive feature.

front porch and deck combination on mobile homeWe like this front porch and deck combination

Mary and I are excited to share these porch designs for mobile homes and are grateful to Ready Decks® who are both builders and designers. Ready Decks ® is not one of our paying advertisers, but we are pleased to show off their products with you to give you ideas for your mobile home.

Need Decorating Ideas for Your Mobile Home Porch?

Lovely country porch on mobile homeThank you to Marybeth Henderson for sharing with us

Please enjoy more of these wonderful mobile home porch ideas we've gathered.

Could a Freestanding Porch Be a Solution for You?

a wonderful freestanding porchA freestanding porch could be a great idea if you have the space

Look at This Gable Roof Design on a Mobile Home

Here's one of Ready Decks ® gable style porches painted and ready for outdoor enjoyment. Add landscaping, grab a glass of iced tea, and do some porch sittin'. Note how this has a closed gable with vinyl to match the home.

Ready Decks porch design

Do You Have a Shed or Flat Roof Design?

A shed-type or flat roof design may be perfect for porch designs for mobile homes having either very low roof clearances or for those with straight roof lines. It allows for maximum use of head room yet maintains openness.

See how the flat roof gives you maximum space. Your local building codes will dictate the rise and run (steepness) of your porch roof. People living in snow country normally require a minimum rise and run.

Flat roof porch on mobile home

We like this one. It has an open feel and is large enough to accommodate comfortable furniture. Note the metal roof which is recommended for flat roofs.

This porch is a nice addition to the mobile home

Spacious and well designed, this porch will provide you with lots of outdoor time. Note the porch skirting which gives it a finished look.

Ready decks porch with skirtingReady Decks ®
Porch with accessible wheelchair rampThis Ready Decks ® porch design has an accessible wheel chair ramp AND curb appeal
Attractive Ready Decks ® porches on mobile homeWe like these attractive Ready Decks ® porches on mobile homes

Mobile Home Screen Porch and Roof Options

Consider these options to either add a screen porch kit or if you already have a porch, add screen walls to create a screened porch.

screen room kit with extended canopy mountScreen room kit with extended canopy mounted on manufactured or mobile home - courtesy of

You can screen either the entire porch or just a portion.  Makes your porch very versatile.

a screened porch on a portable trailerScreened porches work on portable trailers too

Look at This Inviting Florida Room

Pretty Florida roomOur friends, Linda and Jerry's Florida room

Need Railings?

Here's an easy way to add a porch or step handrail to your existing porch or deck. These DIY handrails can save you from injury; remember, it only takes one step to fall! These fit from one to five steps and are easy to install.

Instant Rail Adjustable Handrail - (Our Amazon affiliate link)

Frequently Asked Questions

Bradley Johns of Ready Decks ® addresses a few common issues for porch designs on mobile homes.

    1. What are some typical problems you encounter when building a porch for a mobile home?

    The only recurring issue we have with adding a porch to a manufactured home is when the home's roof is constructed with a sheet galvanized metal that has no overhang.

    The is usually a tiny gutter that can be flashed behind but we cannot get a proper mechanical fix so to prevent leaking we often end up relying on sealants which often fail in places.

    2.What are typical concerns of owners considering adding a porch to their mobile home?

    The biggest concern for adding a porch to a manufactured home is how the roof is attached to the home's roof. Most manufactures tell their customers that they cannot attach anything to the home. We at Ready Decks ® had already solved this concern by making our porches fully self-supporting. This takes the load off of the home and the customers mind.

    3. How is building a mobile home porch different than one for a stick-built home?

    There are actually no any noticeable differences in the building process between a site built home and a manufactured home with the exception of the sheet metal roof homes in which roof flashing is often not an option.

    4. What is a common mistake mobile home owners make when designing a porch for a mobile home?

    Placement of your porch in relation to door entrance and steps. I have notice that, in general, people tend to want to put their porch center of their door and center the steps on the front of the porch. Even on a popular 12 by 16 porch, the walking path from this layout cuts the porch in half leaving little usable room for a patio table set or other items. When it is possible, position porch to one side of the door with the steps on the same side.

    This often looks just as good as centering the door while freeing up the rest of your porch space.

Ready Decks logo

Ready Decks ® began in 2001 with the goal to build decks on site in the shortest time while giving their customers quality, service, and value for their money.

Trey Oliver, new owner of Ready Decks ®, uses the best materials along with a patent-pending building system that can actually build your deck in one day. Not only that, as you have seen from their photos above, they can build your mobile home porch too.

Not only do they build decks and porches, Ready Decks ® can also build your screen porch, ramps, pool decks, car ports, gazebos, and more - all with the same quality and service.

Want more porch designs for mobile homes? Contact Ready Decks® to see how they can help you with your porch designs for mobile homes or other building ideas.

Before you go...

summer porch decorating ideas

We'd love to have you stop by to see our many porch decorating ideas.  We have a generous amount for you.

Thanks for staying here with us.


Porch manufactured ideas home

100 Great Manufactured Home Deck and Porch Designs + How to Build Your Own

A new porch can completely change the look of your mobile or manufactured home. You can add visual interest, curb appeal, and gaining outdoor living space is always a plus. A new porch can also increase your manufactured home’s value and give your family a place to make memories.

Building a new porch or deck is the first step toward making a manufactured home appear more like a site-built home. In this article, we have collected 100 photos of great manufactured home porch designs along with lots of great tips and advice for planning and building your own porch or deck.

How Much Does a Manufactured Home Porch Cost? 

A new manufactured home porch typically costs between $5,000 and $10,000 but with the right planning, it’s possible to build a porch for much less.

Size is the Biggest Factor in Cost

The size of the porch will be the biggest factor in cost. Of course, larger porches and decks require more building materials.

Homeadvisor states, “The cost to build a 200-square-foot covered porch ranges from $4,600 to $22,000, or $10,500 on average. You can expect to pay $23 to $110 per square foot. The total includes flooring, steps, posts, railing, roofing and more. This includes a material cost of $11 to $70 per square foot and $12 to $40 per square foot in labor.”

Design is Another Important Factor for Manufactured Home Porch Costs

The difference between a porch and a deck is the roof. Porches have them, decks do not. Naturally, building a roof will significantly increase costs.

The design you chose for your manufactured home porch will be the second biggest factor in porch cost.

If you choose to go with a simple lean-to roof and use metal roofing you can build a 10’X10′ porch for just a few hundred dollars. High-pitched gable roofs will require a lot more building materials and skilled labor which will cost more.

The More You Can DIY the Better

Labor is the third most important factor when pricing a new manufactured home porch.

Naturally, it will cheaper to build a porch if you can do the labor yourself.

You can save money by doing many of the tasks yourself. Demolishing and removing the old porch or steps yourself can save money. Picking up the rubbish after construction can save a bit of money as well. Even buying and delivering your own materials will save a bit on costs. Offering to be a helper during construction can also save money. It never hurts to ask.

Site Built Vs. Manufactured Home Porches 

There is a difference between manufactured home porches and site-built home porches. However, it’s this difference that can make building a porch for a manufactured home cheaper. 

Nothing can be built onto a manufactured home’s structure, meaning additions and porches must be built as a free-standing unit with its own footers and must move separately from the home. Learn more about building mobile home additions here. 

Keep your Local Code and Regulation in Mind

Like all building projects, you’ll need to abide by the local building codes. For example, if your porch sits high off the ground it will need railings and those must usually be at least 32″ so that cost will need to be added. Steps are also highly regulated and the rise and run must be a certain measurement to meet code. Learn more about mobile home steps here.

Before you start a new porch project you’ll want to start collecting ideas. Take notice of the roof designs you like most and the size of the porch or deck in relation to the home. Notice how they have positioned the porch and the steps. 

Do you want side steps or front steps? Is a pitched roof or a gable roof your favorite? Have a favorite railing design?

Free Online Porch Design Programs

The best website I’ve found for porch design is Front Porch Ideas and More. You simply won’t find a more informative and thorough resource for porch design ideas online. They also have a very handy Front Porch Illustrator that can help you determine the right porch design for your home. While they do not have a manufactured home to chose from, they do have a standard ranch home that can suffice with a little imagination.

Here’s the home without a porch:

Manufactured home porch designs-front porch illustrator ranch home

Here is one of the many choices of porch designs (Porch R9- Pitched roof, column capitals, painted ceiling, ashlar floor, and cast bed edging):

Manufactured home porch designs-front porch illustrator with pitched roof

Visit the Front Porch Illustrator Here. 

Azek Building Products has a deck designer that could be useful to you. You’ll need to create an account and have Java installed but it does create a nifty 3D visualization of your desired designs with precise cut dimensions and material lists.

Visit the Azek Deck Designer Here. 

Planning a New Porch for Your Manufactured Home

Once you’ve chosen the perfect deck or porch design for your manufactured home you’ll need to start planning the build.

Simple deck designs can be built by experienced DIY enthusiasts. If you’re knowledgeable of basic construction methods (footers, post & beam construction techniques, and roofing concepts) and comfortable with tools it should be a fairly straight-forward process. More complex builds are probably best left to the professionals.

Free Porch and Deck Design Plans

You can find lots of free porch and deck designs online. Most come with complete schematics, cut dimensions, and materials list.

Aztek Building Products Free Deck Plans

Aztek Building Products, mentioned above, has several free deck designs on their website. Click here to view all of them. Once you click on the design you like it will open a PDF with several pages of detailed information, from schematics to material lists. Here’s an example:

Manufactured home porch designs-parts of a deck

Material List

Manufactured home porch designs-deck material list example Free Deck Plans has hundreds of free deck plans available on their website. Click here to see them all. You’ll chose the design and then the size and enter your name and email information and they will email you a materials list. Here’s a sample of the various designs available:

Manufactured home porch designs-free deck plans at decks dot com

What is the Right Size? 

Once you’ve decided on the style of your new porch you’ll need to decide on the size.

The scale is an important aspect to consider when planning a porch or deck. You’ll want it to look like it was always a part of the home and to help add dimension, a quality that is sorely lacking in most manufactured homes.

Most professionals advise that you never go under 6 foot on either width or length for a deck or porch.

You’ll want enough space to sit and visit with friends and family comfortably. If you plan on grilling or having a table you’ll probably need at least an 8-foot width. You’ll also need to consider railing placement since railing is rarely positioned at the very edge with traditional porch designs. Typically there will be at least a 1″ overhang and if you are using 6″ columns they will need to be positioned over the framing  – this automatically reduces your width by 7 inches minimum thus your 6′ wide porch will only have 5′ 5″ of usable space.

Length will be based on your home’s length and personal preference more than anything. Take into consideration shelter from the rain while walking to your garage or driveway and if you want the porch to wrap around to the side of your home.

Roofing Considerations for a New Porch

The roof of your new porch will impact your home significantly. You’ll have to consider the rise and run of the roof and how it will be incorporated into the roof on the home. Most professionals suggest that porch roofs have a minimum 3/12 pitch, meaning the roof rises 3″ for every 1 foot of length. This provides adequate rain and snow runoff.

Turning a Deck into a Porch – Weight Support Differences

If you have a deck that you want to turn into a covered porch you’ll have to consider a few things. Ideally, the best scenario would have been building the roof when you built the deck because there are footing and weight considerations to take into account.

While it’s a great project, you’ll have to ensure that your deck can handle the added weight of the roof. Porches must support 80 lbs per square foot. Decks only need to support 55 lbs.

Here’s what had to say:

The downside is that porches are more expensive than just a deck and are relatively hard to build. You also must note that decks with porches must be designed to support 80 lbs per square foot compared to 55 lbs per square foot for decks. This extra 25 lbs is required to safely support the roof and snow loads. Decks with porches need to be specially engineered to distribute more complicated loads to the frost Footings are often required on the sides of decks that use a gable porch roof. Footing sizes are larger and need to be positioned so that support posts can directly transfer roof loads through sound framing to solid foundations.

How to Build a New Porch or Deck

If you will be building your new porch or deck yourself you should do a little research to reacquaint yourself with the basic building techniques.

There are several great resources online that can help you:

Porches are an American Tradition

Porches are an American tradition. Many of us were practically raised on a front porch. I know I sure was! Aside from being a great gathering place for family and neighbors,  porches have many other advantages – extended living space and energy savings are two of the best.

I think every home needs a porch, especially manufactured homes. Add a covered porch to a factory-built home and you can make it look just like a traditional site-built home (if that’s what you want). It’s a great way to add depth and dimension to a house which is the most important element in curb appeal.

If your home is high enough off the ground your options for roofing are broadened. You can design the roof to simply continue down from the homes roof pitch which is what they did.

Porch being built on double wide - belindajowrites com

This photo of the building process and was found on a great little blog called Butterfly Musings.

Front porch being built onto double wide - belindajowrites com
Finished covered porch on double wide - belindajowrites com

The single wide below was one of the first featured homes on Mobile Home Living. It’s special to me because we bought our single wide without knowing the manufacturer so I began researching online and came across this home – its an almost exact replica of our home! You can read more about this home here.

This single wide has a combination porch and deck that circles around the home. It’s perfect because this home happens to be right beside a beautiful river and the view is awesome!


This next double wide manufactured home has a beautiful porch! Faux rock panels are used on the columns and it really makes a statement. This home was found on

Porch with stone columns on manufactured home

The single wide below is beautiful! Not only did it get new log siding but it also got a complete front porch. You can see the original home in the lower right corner – the transformation is gorgeous!  The image is from

Single wide porch with log siding

One of my favorite blogs is My Hearts Song. Geneva and her husband have completely remodeled their single wide and the end result is spectacular. She does a great job of sharing their projects with her readers and answering questions. My Heart’s Song is a must-read blog for every manufactured homeowner.

This is their front porch construction and below is the porch beautifully decorated which is one of Geneva’s many talents. She can come to decorate my home anytime!

Single wide porch construction

The double wide below is one of the most popular featured homes here on Mobile Home Living. It’s a great home with lots of customization, including a wrap-around porch that runs the entire length of the front of the home and the width. You can read all about the home here.

Fully covered front porch on double wide
Double wide manufactured home with wrap around porch

Did you know that Better Homes and Gardens once featured a single wide remodel in their magazine? We featured it here on Mobile Home Living too! One of the weird things about the feature was the fact that BHG called the home a trailer house –  I just always thought that was weird (and sorta rude – why couldn’t it just be a mobile home?) Anyway, it’s a gorgeous home that went through an extensive remodel but the end result is astonishing.

Here’s the home in the midst of construction. The owners added double the square footage with the addition of a screened-in front porch and roof-over.

Porch being built on single wide
Single wide with completed construction on porch
Single wide porch decor

Adding a Porch to a Manufactured Home

Building a porch or deck onto a manufactured home is a bit easier than building onto a site-built house. Since most areas don’t allow a true attachment to a manufactured home the building aspect is just a tad bit easier – you won’t have to modify the home much. The porch and roof will simply ‘butt against’ the home instead of being attached via framing. You should definitely check your local code before building!

Manufactured home porch designs can range from simple decks to ornate porches. The design you chose will probably impact your life and your home more than you realize. Choose wisely!

Once you chose your porch design and size you can utilize the free plans and get complete material lists and schematics, both invaluable items to have when building anything.

100 Great Manufactured Home Porch Designs

Here are 100 great manufactured home porch designs (and decks) that can help you decide which style best suits your home and provides the look you want.

This porch design with a gabled roof is one of the most traditional designs in the US. It’s going to be one of the most expensive designs because of the shingled roof. 

Manufactured home porch designs-1 modern manufactured home porch idea


Related: If you like decorating your home in a country style this double wide is perfect for you.

The deck below will cost less than the gabled porch above since there is no roof. Notice the shade? This home appears to be facing east so when the sun sets the deck is shady so there’s no need for a roof (other than rain and snow). 

Manufactured home porches that look to be 100% part of the home, like the one below, are perfect if you want to make a factory-built home look more like a site-built home. These will be expensive. 

Manufactured home porch designs-4 double wide manufactured home covered porch idea

The porch below is one of the most affordable. If you want a simple porch and you’re on a budget this design is probably the best.  

This is another example of the affordable metal roof lean-to design. However, making a home wheelchair accesible will significantly increase costs. My dad had to have a 12′ ramp built onto his home and it costs right at $650 in materials alone. 

Manufactured home porch designs-7b manufactured home covered porch and deck ideas


I love this porch! It has the simple gabled roof deisgn but is not closed in so it looks more rustic (especially with that rafter design). 

Manufactured home porch designs-14 porch on manufactured home
Manufactured home porch designs-15 manufactured home porch and deck ideas
Manufactured home porch designs-16 covered porch addition on manufactured home
Manufactured home porch designs-18 park model manufactured home porch inspiration
Manufactured home porch designs-18a park model manufactured home porch inspiration
Manufactured home porch designs-18b park model manufactured home porch inspiration
Manufactured home porch designs-18c park model manufactured home porch inspiration
Manufactured home porch designs-18e park model manufactured home porch inspiration
Manufactured home porch designs-20 single wide mobile home remodel with porch
Manufactured home porch designs-20a single wide mobile home remodel with porch
Manufactured home porch designs-20b single wide mobile home remodel with porch
Manufactured home porch designs-20c single wide mobile home remodel with porch

See the interior of the single wide above here.

See Mobile Home Decorating Ideas for Every Room in the House

Manufactured home porch designs-23 double wide manufactured home deck design

See more of this beautiful manufactured home here!

Manufactured home porch designs-26. Covered deck on mobile home

See more of this gorgeous mobile home here!

Manufactured home porch designs-30 modern deck design for double wide manufactured home
Manufactured home porch designs-30 small covered porch design for double wide manufactured home
Manufactured home porch designs-30a small covered porch design for double wide manufactured home

See more of this awesome manufactured home remodel here!

Manufactured home porch designs-32 back porch design on double wide manufactured home. Jpg
Manufactured home porch designs-32a back porch design on double wide manufactured home. Jpg

See this awesome manufactured home remodel here!

Manufactured home porch designs-33 log cabin porch design on manufactured home
Manufactured home porch designs-34 double-wide-decking

See more of this beautiful manufactured home here!

Manufactured home porch designs-38c mobile home remodel - front porch and decking ideas
Manufactured home porch designs-38b mobile home remodel - front porch and decking ideas

See more of this gorgeous mobile home remodel here on Mobile Home Living!

Manufactured home porch designs-39 single-wide-decking-ideas
Manufactured home porch designs-40 single wide mobile home decking design ideas

Get lots of great manufactured home landscaping tips here!

Manufactured home porch designs-41 single wide covered porch design
Beach style single wide mobile home2
Buying a mobile home in oregon copy
Buying a manufactured home should you chose a single wide or a double wide energy dot gov
Buying a mobile home in virginia small double wide
Colorful retro mobile home exterior
Charlotte mh for sale craigslist
Cool roof decks on mobile home mobile homen remodels fb gp
Cool deck on single wide mobile home
Cool airstream getaways
Double wide flickr duaneallenlaughs
Covered deck with stone bottom on double wide mobile home
Farmhouse covered porch decor ashley james
Farmhouse porch decor ashley james

See the interior of this 1997 Clayton double wide here.

Double wide manufactured home with traditional pitched front porch00002
Exterior modern double wide 29500 heathercliff rd #199, malibu, ca copy
Double wide for sale trowbridge rd goldendale w a
Farmhouse style front porch
Fb img 1464447777208
Fuqua dw in fl 00037

See the rest of this gorgeous home here.

Great decks on manufactured home fb
Getting a reverse mortgage on a manufactured home
Great mobile home decks christina sandoval sorensen
Img 2357
Jeff carson 3
Jeff carson 12
Kelly mobile homes
Manufactured home purchase
Million dollar mobile home deck with wide doors
Mobile home lake house with cedar siding and huge covered porch the whim00001
Mobile home lake house with cedar siding and huge covered porch the whim00008

See the entire single wide, named The Whim, here.

Mobile homes 0033
Modern porch design on double wide manufactured home jim and connie fickel 3
New siding on a mobile home
Or single wide for sale mobile home carport ideas00001 copy
Our favorite manufactured home ads from august 2017 va single wide 2
Rebecca mccormacks double wide manufactured home with full front covered porch00003

See the interior of this beautiful cabin style double wide here.

21 outer cir davis ca movoto. Com00006
Used mobile home exterior doors for sale mobile home front doors for sale mobile home front porch half circle steps used mobile home mobile home exterior doors for sale near me
1975 single wide 9316 sw link st, cornelius, or 00003
1996 mobil ehome for sale shiloh way, goldendale, wa
1997 colorful single wide 1109 300th pl, ocean park, wa 02
1997 double wide 669 modrow rd, kalama, wa00002
2001 double wide for sale 5 trowbridge rd, goldendale, wa00003
2001 double wide for sale 5 trowbridge rd, goldendale, wa00006
6468washingtonst in yountville ca00001
Cool front steps on single wide mobile home
Great deck on craigslist house for sale
Single wide for sale in ri zill00004
Simple deck on end of single wide mobile home
Single wide with flower boxes
Wraparound porch on kit homes1

Thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

This article was first published with 45 porch designs on March 29, 2015, and has been updated to include 100 manufactured home porch and deck designs along with updated information.


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