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Prologue of Road to Ninja
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Naruto, an adolescent ninja, dreams of becoming the Hokage in his village.

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    Fantasy, Anime, Action, Adventure

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    May 2, 2013

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Naruto Shippuden: 15 Best Opening Songs, Ranked

Naruto Shippuden was one of the anime where you couldn't wait to see what openings it would have. The more you watched the anime, the more you wondered who would be picked to sing the next song and if it would be a hit or miss. Over the years, Naruto Shippuden has had twenty openings in total.

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While some songs were only alright, a majority of the songs were absolute bangers that made fans come to a consensus: the producers behind the anime had a good ear for music. We're going to choose the best opening songs and rank them.

Updated by Brianna Albert on October 24th, 2020: The original Naruto series featured some of the best anime openings, endings, and soundtracks of all time. From the highly-acclaimed GO to the solemn ending Wind, Naruto Shippuden didn't let up when it came to crafting some of the greatest openings. Throughout the years, some were hit-and-miss, though some quickly emerged as fan-favorites. 

Coupled with the unique visuals, Naruto became one of the best anime with multiple openings. From classics like Hero's Comeback that hyped up Naruto's return to soothing one's like Empty Heart, here are a few more of the best Naruto Shippuden openings over the years. 


"Light Of A Firefly" was the opening for episodes 103 to 128. This anime opening is a classic and featured some of the most screen captured moments, such as Sasuke dipping into water and slashing Orochimaru to him activating his Sharingan and switching to Naruto.

This is also the long-awaited return of the rock band Ikimonogatari, who also sang another opening called Blue Bird.


"Size Of The Moon" was sung by Nogizaka46 and was the opening for episodes 333 to 356. Despite not being the most well-liked opening among some fans for being sung by an idol group, there is no doubt this song is excellent.

It probably would have been put to better use if it wasn't during Sasuke and Itachi's battle against Kabuto, however. The spy-feeling and jazz sound this opening brings is unique and makes this one of the openings that stays in one's mind for a while.


"If" was sung by Daisuke and was the opening for episodes 282 to 306. This was perhaps the last time fans saw Sakura cry in an opening, which was a good sign. This opening occurred after Naruto met both Minato and Kushina, and battled against the Fourth Raikage for wishing to pass and join the war.

This opening isn't the most memorable to some fans, but it does bring a unique sound and visuals to the table.


"Lovers" was sung by 7!! Seven Oops and was the opening for episodes 206 to 230. This opening occurred when Naruto was learning how to control Nine-Tails chakra mode, as well as one of the best arcsーthe Hokage Summit.

This opening features great visuals that match with the music and the internal conflict of Sakura wanting to kill or let Sasuke live after all of his horrendous deeds.


"Crimson Lotus" was sung by DOES and was the opening for episodes 357 to 379. Because this opening was before the fan-favorite Silhouette by KANA-BOON, a lot of fans may forget about it. However, that doesn't mean it should be pushed aside.

This opening gives a rock vibe, and shows a young Madara and Hashirama. This was also the present opening when Kakashi and Obito had their amazing battle. On top of that, this was the first opening that fully showed Naruto in Sage Of Six Paths mode.


"Line" was sung by Sukima Switch and was the opening for episodes 432 to 458. We first heard of Sukima Switch from The Last: Naruto The Movie as they were used for the theme song of the movie. This song, like the visuals of this opening, is both tender and bittersweet.

It shows each character reaching for a shard of light, which is presumably the memories they created throughout the years of their deceased loved ones, as Kushina lifts the first shard at the beginning. The opening even changes the character at the end to each main character, with the last appearance coming from Itachi.


"Blue Bird" was sung by Ikimono-Gakari and was the opening for episodes 54 to 77. We're returning to the beginning of Naruto Shippuden when Sasuke was an antagonist on Orochimaru's side. It begins with cuts of Naruto and Sasuke both feeling very different about their long-awaited reunion.

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Naruto has tears in his eyes while Sasuke looks down coldly at his past Team 7 comrades, plus Sai. The opening acts as a callback to the first opening's flash-forward as well. The contrast shown between Naruto and Sasuke is depicted as well as Naruto falling through the sky. At the very end, he picks up a bluebird's feather with a somber expression.


"Not Even Sudden Rain Can Defeat Me" was sung by NICO Touches The Walls and was the opening for episodes 307 to 332. This opening debuted the first animated fight between the Kages and Madara, and it did not disappoint. It showed each fighting against the mighty foe with the Jutsu of their villages as well as Naruto attempting to crack Tobi's mask.

It also did something no one thought would ever happen while watching the original series: Naruto and Kurama finally coming to an understanding. You can't help but cheer at the end, where it shows Naruto in Yang Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.


"Hero's Comeback!!" was sung by nobodyknows+ and was the opening for episodes 1 to 30. The first Naruto Shippuden opening takes the seventh spot on our list. After finishing the original series, fans needed something to excite them about the sequel. It did precisely that and even more: it was catchy, the animation was fluid, and it made you wonder what was going to happen each time you heard it play.

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The part where Gaara reaches out his hand before disappearing into sand is especially sad and a foreshadowed moment, as well as all of the characters reaching out to him.


"Blood Circulator" was sung by Asian Kung-Fu Generation and was the opening for episodes 307 to 332. During Naruto Shippuden's run, openings with Team 7 fighting together as a team was scarce, as well as ones where you see Naruto losing hope entirely. This is one of the darker ones, showing all of the characters sinking into a deep red sea with their expressions locked into Sharingan/Rinnegan, sleeping deeply within the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

It isn't until after Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi are fighting against clones of the characters and yelling at Naruto to get up that he gets back on his feet. It then ends with all of them about to face off with their last foe, Kaguya.


"Empty Heart" was sung by Anly and was the opening for episodes 480 to 500. This is the only one where we see all of the characters in their adult forms. After all of the turmoil the fans went through from Madara, to multiple deaths, to Kaguya, it was nice to have the last opening be so uplifting.

It begins with a homage to Asuma with Shikamaru sitting near a shogi table and looking up into the sky. It ends with Naruto and Sasuke walking by each other, giving the other a high-five to show the new place they are in their friendship.


"Diver" was sung by NICO Touches The Walls and was the opening for episodes 180 to 205. This was the first time this band sang an opening for Naruto Shippuden before returning for the other entry on our list, "Not Even Sudden Rain Can Defeat Me." It depicts Naruto sinking deeper and deeper into the ocean before coming face-to-face with Sasuke.

After hitting him in the chest with Chidori, Naruto begins to drop even further until all of the people who support him push him into the sky. Now high in the air, Naruto puts on his headband before falling once again, this time to face Sasuke, now possessing a more powerful Sharingan.


"A World That Was Transparent" was sung by Hata Motohiro and was the opening for episodes 307 to 332. Prepare some tissues because this one will make you cry. After Jiraiya's death, Naruto must defeat Pain to stop him from wreaking havoc on the village as well as get revenge for his befallen teacher.

The song is gentle yet powerful and shows the destruction Pain is causing throughout, such as taking the soul out of a kunoichi and fighting against Sakura and the other female characters. At the end, it prepares us for the upcoming fight between Naruto and Pain by having them clash.


"Sign" was sung by FLOW and was the opening for episodes 129 to 153. Held as the fan-favorite Naruto Shippuden opening years after its debut, this shows the fatal battle between Jiraiya and Pain, as well as his death.

Jiraiya's peaceful face as he falls and Naruto's shocked expression just before a single tear falls down his cheek is still etched into the minds of many fans. It depicts the fight between Sasuke and Itachi as well and ends with both Naruto and Sasuke at the grave for their loved one.


"Silhouette" was sung by KANA-BOON and was the opening for episodes 380 to 405. We have this gem of a song to take the No. 1 spot. This opening has everything, from Naruto running from him as a powerless child to him becoming a powerful force to be reckoned with in the end. There's also tons of action, such as Madara breakdancing kunais away from him and Sasuke's Susanoo riding atop Kurama while shooting an arrow. There's also foreshadowing at the end about what occurs to Naruto and Sasuke. Because of how action-packed and meaningful this opening is, Silhouette is the best Naruto Shippuden opening.

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Naruto Shippuden

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How many Naruto openings are there in Shippuden?

How many Naruto openings are there in Shippuden?

Over the years, Naruto Shippuden has had twenty openings in total. While some songs were only alright, a majority of the songs were absolute bangers that made fans come to a consensus: the producers behind the anime had a good ear for music.

What episodes are each Naruto opening?

Shippūden Openings

1Hero’s Come Back!!1 to 30
2Distance31 to 53
3Blue Bird (ブルーバード, Burū Bādo)54 to 77
4Closer78 to 102

How many episodes does a Naruto opening last?

25 episodes
The opening will stay for approx. 25 episodes, which I predict will cover something around 50-60 chapters (depending on if we will have fillers or not), which means this opening should last up till the recent events in the manga, which means this might be the last or second to last Naruto Shippuden opening.

What episode is Naruto opening 16?

Silhouette (シルエット, Shiruetto), performed by KANA-BOON, is the sixteenth opening of Naruto: Shippūden. It began in episode 380 and ran until episode 405.

Does Naruto have 5 or 9 seasons?

There are a total of five seasons, with each of the including four episodes per volume. First 135 episodes from the series has also been collected in three DVD boxes during 2009.

Is Kakashi dead in Boruto?

Does Kakashi die in Boruto? No, Kakashi does not die in Boruto. He is retired, but comes back to defend the village from Nue and acts as a proctor for the new generation’s graduation exams. Kakashi trains Boruto, helping him develop the strength and versatility of his Rasengan.

Can Orochimaru beat Itachi?

6 WEAKER THAN ITACHI: Orochimaru Truly, Orochimaru was a menace, but against Itachi, he could do nothing but admit his inferiority. When the two fought, Itachi didn’t even bother looking at him and he had him beat. Even as a Sannin, the gap between Orochimaru and Itachi was immensely vast.

How many episodes are there in Naruto Shippuden?

Naruto: Shippuden is an anime series adapted from Part II of Masashi Kishimoto’s manga series, with exactly 500 episodes. It is set two and a half years after Part I in the Naruto universe, following the ninja teenager Naruto Uzumaki and his allies. The series is directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo.

What are the opening and ending of Naruto Shippuden?

[List] Naruto Shippuden Opening & Ending Full Ost. Shippūden Openings. Hero’s Come Back!! (performed by nobodyknows+) From episodes 1 to 30. Distance (performed by LONG SHOT PARTY) From episodes 31 to 53. Blue Bird (ブルーバード, Burū Bādo) (performed by “Ikimono-Gakari” (いきものがかり, “Ikimono-Gakari”)) From episodes 54 to 77.

Who is the director of Naruto Shippuden season 1?

Naruto: Shippuden (season 1) The first season of the Naruto: Shippuden anime series is directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo. They are based on Part II for Masashi Kishimoto’s manga series.

How many ending songs does Naruto Shippuden have?

Naruto Shippuden was one of the anime where you couldn’t wait to see what openings it would have. The more you watched the anime, the more you wondered who would be picked to sing the next song and if it would be a hit or miss. Over the years, Naruto Shippuden has had twenty openings in total. RELATED: Naruto: Every Ending Song, Ranked

What is the best order to watch Naruto?

Naruto (2002-2007)

  • Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (movie)
  • Legend of the Stone of Gelel (movie)
  • Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom (movie)
  • Naruto Shippuden (2007-2017) – contains 500 episodes
  • Naruto Shippuden: The Movie
  • Inheritors of the Will of Fire (movie)
  • Bonds (movie)
  • The Lost Tower (movie)
  • Blood Prison (movie)

    What is the plot of Naruto Shippuden?

    Plot Summary: Naruto Shippuden is a continuation of original series Naruto. After 2 and a half years of training with his master, Naruto finally returns to his village of Konoha. Naruto is now older and more mature than before. With his new trained ability, his goal of searching for long lost friend, Uchiha Sasuke ,…

    How long will it take to watch all of Naruto?

    12.5 days of non-stop watching Naruto. So you could finish watching all of Naruto in less then 2 weeks. Taking breaks and real life into consideration this would be quite a bit longer. A regular fan with a job etc etc will watch around 5-6 episodes per day, or roughly 2 hours a day.

    What episode is Naruto vs pain arc?

    The majority of the fight between Naruto and Pain takes place in “Planetary Devastation,” episode 166, which is episode 14 of season seven.

    What episode does opening 20 start in Naruto Shippuden?

    The first opening theme, “Kaze” (風, “Wind”) by Yamazaru, is used from episode 414 to 431. The second opening theme, “LINE” by Sukima Switch, is used from episode 432 to 458….Naruto: Shippuden (season 20)

    Naruto: Shippuden
    No. of episodes66
    Original networkTV Tokyo
    Original releaseMay 28, 2015 – October 13, 2016

    Who is Naruto son?

    Boruto Uzumaki
    Himawari Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki/Children

    What is the best anime opening?

    The Best Classic Anime Opening Songs

    • ‘Guren no Yumiya’ (‘Attack on Titan’ season 1)
    • ‘Uchuu Senkan Yamato’ (‘Space Battleship Yamato’)
    • ‘Kiss You’ (‘Silver Spoon’ season 1)
    • ‘Tank!
    • ‘Cha-La Head-Cha-La’ (‘Dragon Ball Z’)
    • ‘We Are!
    • ‘Battlecry’ (‘Samurai Champloo’)
    • ‘Pokémon Theme’ (‘Pokémon’ season 1)

      Who is Naruto’s first kiss?

      Naruto first kiss came from his Eternal rival and his best friend Sasuke uchiha not one time but Two times its happened. Then naruto got kiss from sakura and Hinata also. And from filler A girl named Fuka ,12 guardian shinobi can use all nature of charka. she kissed naruto to suck his chakra.

      Which anime has best songs?

      Here are some more iconic anime openings that stand as the best of all-time.

      1. 1 “Guren no Yumiya” by Linked Horizon – Attack on Titan.
      2. 2 “Unravel” by TK – Tokyo Ghoul.
      3. 3 “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” by Yoko Takahashi – Neon Genesis Evangelion.
      4. 4 “The WORLD” by Nightmare – Death Note.
      5. 5 “Pokémon Theme” by Jason Paige – Pokémon.

      What is the best anime ending?

      Top 10 Best Anime Ending Songs

      1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2.
      2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Magia.
      3. FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood – Uso.
      4. FLCL – Ride on Shooting Star.
      5. Hunter x Hunter 2011 – Just Awake.
      6. Blood Blockade Battlefront – Sugar Song to Bitter Step.
      7. Black Lagoon – Don’t Look Behind.
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    Opening 16 episode naruto

    Naruto: 10 Best Opening Songs From The Anime

    Ah Naruto, the prolific anime/manga series all about a kid who dresses in bright orange and yells all the time trying his best to become the “Hokage” or the strongest shinobi, of which there were plenty of candidates. And, while Naruto Uzumaki doesn’t exactly fit the stereotypical image of a ninja/shinobi (neither does Boruto), the both of them do a fantastic job as the relatively airheaded lead character in their respective series, and Naruto is obviously strong enough by the end of the mainline series to be considered the "strongest" as a Kage should be.

    RELATED: Naruto: Characters Who Failed To Become The Hokage

    Throughout all the arcs and major events in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, there have been a ton of different openings, some more memorable than others, so, here's a look at the best of the best.

    Disclaimer: Spoilers for both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

    10 Shippuden Opening 20: Empty Heart

    • Artist: Anly
    • Episodes It Covers: 480-500
    • Visuals: B+
    • Animation: C+
    • Music: C+

    It feels weird to start things off with the final OP of the series, but this is where it falls. "Empty Heart" is both a bittersweet farewell and a celebration of the series/journey up to now. A lot of different parts of the song homage other openings from the series, which is a very nice touch.

    This was the opening for the final arcs of the main series that mostly just cleaned up character stories to set up for Boruto: The Next Generation. The song itself is beautiful and perfectly matches the tone the visuals are going for, and the whole opening just paints a clear picture of how much things have changed for these characters since it all started.

    9 Shippuden Opening 9: Lovers

    • Artist: Seven Oops
    • Episodes It Covers: 206-230
    • Visuals: B
    • Animation: B
    • Music: B-

    Moving onto “Lovers”, the opening that was there throughout most of the Five Kage Summit a lot of the beginning of the Fourth Shinobi World War. As per usual with Naruto Openings, it starts with Sasuke and Naruto facing each other down in this pure blue sky, with Sakura quite literally directly in the middle of the frame. Then, from there, the opening goes from group to group, showing the Akatsuki, Sasuke’s group “Taka”, the Kage and their closest advisors, and the important members of Konoha.

    As far as music goes, the group called “7!!” AKA "Seven Oops" does a fantastic job making an incredibly memorable song that has both unique pacing and a lot of heart.

    8 Shippuden Opening 3: Blue Bird

    • Artist: Ikimono-Gakari
    • Episodes It Covers: 54-77
    • Visuals: A+
    • Animation: C
    • Music: A

    Next up on this list is “Blue Bird”, a song that’s a personal favorite of many Naruto fans. A lot of this opening goes for symbolism over over-the-top animated sequences, which works for the most part and gives it this emotional draw similar to something like the Kingdom Hearts II opening cinematic.

    The biggest downside for this opening is the fact that it was the opening for a “filler” arc. That said, the Twelve Guardian Ninja filler arc is one of the least offensive since it has interesting characters and expands upon Naruto’s wind-chakra Rasengan training much earlier than the manga. Still, such a fantastic opening, squandered being put to use during a filler arc.

    7 Shippuden Opening 6: Sign

    • Artist: FLOW
    • Episodes It Covers: 129-153
    • Visuals: B+
    • Animation: B+
    • Music: B+

    Even thinking of this next OP gets a lot of Naruto fans all teary-eyed. "Sign" was the sixth opening for the Shippuden series, and it covered some pretty significant story arcs, mainly the “Tale of Jiraiya the Galant” and the “Fated Battle Between Brothers”. These two arcs are some of the most iconic moments in Shippuden, whether it’s Jiraiya’s showdown with Pain in the Land of Rain or Sasuke and Itachi’s long-awaited confrontation.

    RELATED: Naruto: The Strongest Ninja Tools In The Series, Ranked

    And, while the opening (for the most part) has a lot of clips from the actual anime itself rather than unique animation, once the chorus drops, this OP really goes hard, both visually and in the music.

    6 Shippuden Opening 5: Light Of A Firefly

    • Artist: Ikimono-Gakari
    • Episodes It Covers: 103-128
    • Visuals: B
    • Animation: A
    • Music: A+

    Funnily enough, the next OP titled “Light of a Butterfly” was also done by Ikimono-Gakari, the group that performed "Blue Bird". But, this OP was seen by a lot more people since it covered a more significant story arc, least part of one.

    Most of the anime episodes that came out with this as the opening were part of the Three Tailed Beast Arc, another anime-only arc and one of the longest spans of anime-only content of all. But, from about episode 112 onward, this is where things really pop off. And, a lot of this can be seen in the opening, especially with that eerily creepy scene of Sasuke slowly walking into the bright purple pool of liquid, showing that he's fine with any taboo jutsu or method as long as it gets him closer to fighting Itachi.

    5 Original Series Opening 5: Rhapsody Of Youth

    • Artist: Sambomaster
    • Episodes It Covers: 104-128
    • Visuals: B+
    • Animation: A+
    • Music: S

    Finally, this list has reached an entry from the original Naruto series and not just Shippuden. While a lot of Shippuden’s openings are S-tier, there’s a good portion that are B to C+ tier as well. Meanwhile, the classic Naruto openings are a bit more extreme as either S+ or C-/D tier.

    "Rhapsody of Youth" is obviously an OP that falls into the S+ category, being the OP that covered a large portion of the Sasuke Recovery Arc, a fan-favorite story arc from the original series. And, while the song itself is incredible, the fact that this opening has a ton of original animation, doesn’t only feature Sasuke/Naruto prominently, and doesn’t actually spoil a lot of the arc (something that happens a lot with anime OPs), means that it easily earns a spot on the rankings.

    4 Original Series Opening 3: Turning Sadness Into Kindness

    • Artist: Little By Little
    • Episodes It Covers: 54-77
    • Visuals: A+
    • Animation: C
    • Music: A

    "Turning Sadness into Kindness" is one of the most apt titles for an anime opening ever in regards to what arc the OP actually covers. This song, the third OP for the original Naruto series, covers Naruto convincing Jiraiya to train him, Naruto’s big battle against Gaara, and a bit of Orochimaru’s attack on Konoha.

    That second event that includes Gaara and Naruto is the primary one this OP is worried about as most of it is centered around the tragic backstories of the main cast, from Neji to Sakura, with Gaara's and Naruto's childhoods as Jinchuriki as the focus. The animation is a bit lackluster, but the incredibly memorable song and storytelling of the visuals more than makeup for it.

    3 Shippuden Opening 2: If

    • Artist: Daisuke
    • Episodes It Covers: 282-306
    • Visuals: B-
    • Animation: B+
    • Music: A-

    Speaking of Gaara, "If" is another opening that features this character quite a bit, as well as it also featuring the incredibly Killer Bee fighting Minato, a bunch of the resurrected characters that participated in the Fourth Shinobi World War, and Naruto in his Nine-Tails Chakra form finally arriving at the battlefield.

    RELATED: Naruto: Kakashi's Best Jutsus & Techniques

    Quite honestly, this opening covered a ton of the big events in the Fourth Shinobi War, and it couldn’t really hope to accurately encapsulate it all in a minute and thirty-second runtime. But, overall, it still did a pretty great job.

    2 Shippuden Opening 16: Silhouette

    • Artist: Kana-Boon
    • Episodes It Covers: 380-405
    • Visuals: B+
    • Animation: A+
    • Music: S

    This opening was on for most of Naruto’s “penultimate” confrontation against both Obito, the Infinite Tsukiyomi, and Madara Uchiha. This is also the point in the story that Sasuke and Naruto meet the Sage of Six Paths and find out that they’re both reincarnations of his two sons.

    Basically, it’s the ultimate opening covering the climax of the series as a whole and is likely the most recognizable Naruto opening nowadays.

    1 Original Series Opening 4: Go!!!

    • Artist: FLOW
    • Episodes It Covers: 78-103
    • Visuals: A+
    • Animation: C
    • Music: S+

    "Go!!" otherwise known by it's fake title "Fighting Dreamers” to most of the Naruto fanbase, is the most well-known Naruto opening out there, at least with those who watched the series right as it first came out. Truly, this opening is the Hokage of all Naruto openings.

    This OP covers Naruto’s training with Jiraiya, the two of them searching for and finding future Hokage Tsunade, fighting Orochimaru along with Kabuto, Sasuke’s first confrontation against Itachi, and Naruto finally learning to use the Rasengan. Now, of course, it has to be said that the animation of this opening isn’t great, but the visuals are fantastic since the entire OP has this whole “leaping from the manga page” feel to it.

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    All Naruto Shippuden Openings

    Ini Dia Daftar Lagu Naruto Terlengkap Beserta Penyanyinya Dan Episodenya^^


    1) Rocks ~ Hound Dog | Ost. Naruto 

         Episode 1-25

    2) Haruka Kanata ~ Asian Kung Fu 

        Generation | Ost. Naruto Episode 


    3) Kanashimi wo Yasashisani ~ Little 

         by Little | Ost. Naruto Episode 54-77

    4) GO!!! ~ FLOW | Ost. Naruto Episode 


    5) Seishun Kyosokyoku ~ 

         Sambomaster | Ost. Naruto Episode 


    6) No Boy, No Cry ~ Stance Punks | 

         Ost. Naruto Episode 129-153

    7) Namikaze Satellite ~ Snowkel | Ost. 

         Naruto Episode 154-178

    8) Re:member ~ FLOW | Ost. Naruto 

         Episode 179-202

    9) Yura Yura ~ Hearts Grow | Ost. 

         Naruto Episode 203-220

    1) Wind ~ Akeboshi | Ost. Naruto 

        Episode 1-25

    2) Harmonia ~ Rythem | Ost. Naruto 

         Episode 26-51

    3) Viva★Rock (Japanese Side) ~ 

         Orange Range | Ost. Naruto Episode 


    4) Alive ~ Raiko | Ost. Naruto Episode 


    5) Ima Made Nando Mo ~ The Mass 

        Missile | Ost. Naruto Episode 78-89

    6) Ryuusei ~ Tia | Ost. Naruto Episode 


    7) Mountain A Go Go Too ~ Captain 

        Strydum | Ost. Naruto Episode 


    8) Hajimete Kimi to Shabetta ~ 

        GagagaSP | Ost. Naruto Episode 


    9) Nakushita Kotoba ~ No Regret Life |

        Ost. Naruto Episode 129-141

    10) Speed ~ Analog Fish | Ost. Naruto 

            Episode 142-153

    11) Soba ni Iru Kara ~ Amadori | Ost. 

            Naruto Episode 154-165

    12) Parade ~ CHABA | Ost. Naruto 

           Episode 166-178

    13) Yellow Moon ~ Akeboshi | Ost. 

           Naruto Episode 179-191

    14) Pinocchio ~ Ore Ska Band | Ost. 

           Naruto Episode 192-202

    15) Scenario ~ SABOTEN | Ost. Naruto 

           Episode 203-220

    1) Hero’s Come Back ~ Nobodyknows |

        Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode 1-30

    2) Distance (Thank You My Friend) ~ 

         Long Shot Party | Ost. Naruto 

         Shippuden Episode 31-53

    3) Blue Bird ~ Ikimono Gakari | Ost. 

         Naruto Shippuden Episode 54-77

    4) Closer ~ Joe Inoue | Ost. Naruto 

        Shippuden Episode 78-102

    5) Hotaru no Hikari ~ Ikimono Gakari | 

        Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode 


    6) Sign ~ Flow | Ost. Naruto Shippuden 

        Episode 129-153

    7) Toumei Datta Sekai ~ Motohiro Hata

         | Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode 


    8) Diver ~ Nico Touches The Walls | 

        Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode 


    9) Lovers ~ 7!! | Ost. Naruto Shippuden 

        Episode 206-230

    10) NewSong ~ Tacica | Ost. Naruto 

           Shippuden Episode 231-256

    11) Totsugeki Rock ~ The Cro 

           Magnons | Ost. Naruto Shippuden 

           Episode 257-281

    12) Moshimo ~ Daisuke | Ost. Naruto 

            Shippuden Episode 282-306

    13) Niwaka Ame Nimo Makezu ~ NICO

           Touches the Walls | Ost. Naruto 

           Shippuden Episode 307-332

    14) Tsuki no Okisa ~ Nogizaka 46 |Ost. 

           Naruto Shippuden Episode 333-356

    15) Guren ~ Does | Ost. Naruto 

           Shippuden Episode 357-380

    16) Silhouette ~ KANA BOON | Ost. 

           Naruto Shippuden Episode 380-405

    17) Kaze ~ Yamazaru | Ost. Naruto 

           Shippuden Episode 406-on going

    1) Home Made ~ Nagareboshi | Ost.

         Naruto Shippuden Episode 1-18

    2) Michi To You All ~ Aluto | Ost. 

         Naruto Shippuden Episode 19-30

    3) Kimi Monogatari ~ Little by Little | 

         Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode 


    4) Mezamero Yasei! ~ Matchy With 

         Question | Ost. Naruto Shippuden 

         Episode 42-52

    5) Sunao na Niji ~ Surface | Ost.

         Naruto Shippuden Episode 53-63

    6) Broken Youth ~ Nico Touches The 

         Walls | Ost. Naruto Shippuden 

         Episode 64-77

    7) Long Kiss Good Bye ~ Halcali | Ost. 

         Naruto Shippuden Episode 78-90

    8) Bacchikoi ~ Dev Parade | Ost.

         Naruto Shippuden Episode 91-102

    9) Shinkokyuu ~ Super Beaver | Ost. 

         Naruto Shippuden Episode 103-115

    10) My Answer ~ Seamo | Ost. Naruto 

           Shippuden Episode 116-128

    11) Omae Dattanda (It was You) ~ 

            Kishidan | Ost. Naruto Shippuden 

            Episode 129-141

    12) For You ~ Azu | Ost. Naruto 

           Shippuden Episode 142-153

    13) Jitensha ~ Oreska band | Ost.

           Naruto Shippuden Episode 154-166

    14) Utakata Hanabi ~ Supercell | Ost. 

           Naruto Shippuden Episode 167-179

    15) U Can Do It ~ Domino | Ost. Naruto 

           Shippuden Episode 180-192

    16) Mayonaka no Orchestra ~ Aqua 

            Timez | Ost. Naruto Shippuden 

            Episode 193-205

    17) Freedom ~ Home Made Kazoku | 

           Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode 


    18) Yokubou o Sakebe ~ Okamoto’s | 

           Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode    


    19) Place To Try ~ Totalfat | Ost.

           Naruto Shippuden Episode 231-242

    20) By My Side ~ Hemenway | Ost. 

           Naruto Shippuden Episode 243-256

    21) Cascada ~ UNLIMITS | Ost. Naruto

            Shippuden Episode 257-268

    22) Kono Koe Karashite ~ Aisha ft 

           Chenon | Ost. Naruto Shippuden 

           Episode 269-281

    24) Mazza (Mother) ~ Muc | Ost. 

           Naruto Shippuden Episode 282-295

    25) Sayonara Memories ~ 7Oops | Ost. 

           Naruto Shippuden Episode 296-306

    26) I Can Hear ~ DISH | Ost. Naruto 

           Shippuden Episode 307-319

    27) Yume o Daite ~ Hajimari no 

           Clisroad by Rake | Ost. Naruto

           Shippuden Episode 320-332

    28) Black Night Town ~ Akihisa 

            Kondou | Ost. Naruto Shippuden 

            Episode 333-343

    29) Niji ~ Shunku Horou | Ost. Naruto 

           Shippuden Episode 344-356

    30) Flame ~ DISH | Ost. Naruto 

           Shippuden Episode 357-366

    31) Shun ~ Never Change feat. Lyu Lyu 

            | Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode 


    32) Dame Dame Da ~ Shiori Tomita | 

           Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode 


    33) Spinning World ~ Diana Garnet | 

           Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode 


    34) Kotoba no Iranai Yakusoku ~ Sana 

           | Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode 


    35) Niji No Sora ~ Flow | Ost. Naruto 

           Shippuden Episode 418-431

    36) Trouble Maker ~ KANIKAPILA | 

            Ost. Naruto Shippuden Episode 


    37) Son’na Kimi, Kon’na Boku ~ 

            Thinking Dogs | Ost. Naruto 

            Shippuden Episode 444 –

    38) Ao no Lullaby ~ Kuroneko Chelsea

    39) Pino to Amélie ~ Huwie Ishizaki

    40) Tabidachi no Uta ~ Ayumi Kurika 


    1) Home Sweet Home ~ Yuki Isoya

    Naruto the Movie: NINJA CLASH in THE LAND of SNOW

    2) Ding! Dong! Dang! ~ Tube

    Naruto the Movie 2: LEGEND of THE STONE of GELEL

    4) Flower Bud (Tsubomi) Maria


    1) Lie-Lie-Lie ~ DJ OZMA

    Naruto Shippūden the Movie

    2) NO RAIN NO RAINBOW ~ Home Made Kazoku

    Naruto Shippūden the Movie: Bonds

    3) Dareka Ga ~ Puffy Ami Yumi

    Naruto Shippūden the Movie: Inheritors of the Will of Fire

    4) If ~ Kana Nishino

    Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Lost Tower

    5) Otakebi ~ Kamiji Yūsuke

    Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison

    6) Sore Dewa, Mata Ashita ~ Asian Kung-Fu Generation

    Naruto Shippūden the Movie: Road to Ninja

    7) Hoshi no Utsuwa ~ Sukima Switch

    Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Last

    8) Diver ~ KANA-BOON

    Naruto Shippūden the Movie: Boruto

    9) OP . Baton Road ~ KANA-BOON

    Ed Dreamy Johnny ~ The Peggies

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

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