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Engine idle speed is high Inspection Service

How much does a Engine idle speed is high Inspection cost?

On average, the cost for a Chrysler 300 Engine idle speed is high Inspection is $95 with $0 for parts and $95 for labor. Prices may vary depending on your location.

CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2020 Chrysler 300V6-3.6LService typeEngine idle speed is high InspectionEstimate$114.99Shop/Dealer Price$124.99 - $132.49
2015 Chrysler 300V8-5.7LService typeEngine idle speed is high InspectionEstimate$94.99Shop/Dealer Price$105.01 - $112.52
1963 Chrysler 300V8-6.8LService typeEngine idle speed is high InspectionEstimate$94.99Shop/Dealer Price$105.01 - $112.52
2014 Chrysler 300V8-5.7LService typeEngine idle speed is high InspectionEstimate$94.99Shop/Dealer Price$104.99 - $112.48
1961 Chrysler 300V8-6.7LService typeEngine idle speed is high InspectionEstimate$94.99Shop/Dealer Price$105.02 - $112.55
1963 Chrysler 300V8-7.0LService typeEngine idle speed is high InspectionEstimate$94.99Shop/Dealer Price$105.01 - $112.52
2010 Chrysler 300V6-2.7LService typeEngine idle speed is high InspectionEstimate$99.99Shop/Dealer Price$109.87 - $117.28
1960 Chrysler 300V8-6.7LService typeEngine idle speed is high InspectionEstimate$99.99Shop/Dealer Price$110.24 - $117.94

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What is engine idle speed and how is it maintained?

Engine idle speed is the speed, measured in revolutions per minute (RPM) an engine is designed to run at when the engine is fully warmed up and the vehicle is stopped in park or neutral. Typically, the idle speed will be set at a value in the range of 600 to 800 RPM, but the exact value will depend on the number of engine cylinders and whether the vehicle is equipped with a manual or automatic transmission. Idle speed is maintained by the throttle body working in conjunction with the vehicle’s powertrain control module.

When to check for idle speed issues:

  • RPM on dash gauge does not match OEM specification. Many cars have RPM gauges. If the engine speed displayed on the gauge does not match the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specification on the underhood label, there is probably something wrong.
  • Engine is idling higher than normal. If there is no RPM gauge but the engine sounds like it is turning faster when idle, a mechanic can use an instrument to measure the actual engine speed.
  • Harsh engagement in drive. If the idle speed is too high, the vehicle will jump forward when placed in drive.
  • Excessive brake effort is required to hold vehicle at a stop. If idle speed is normal, only a very light force on the brake pedal will be necessary to prevent forward motion in drive.

How do mechanics adjust or repair incorrect idle speed?

The repair procedure depends on the exact cause of the high idle. The below lists common causes of high idle and in each case, the appropriate vehicle system, components, and parts involved would be inspected, removed for repairs, and/or replaced as needed.

Faulty Fuse: In the majority of vehicles, engine idle speed is controlled via an idle control valve (ICV). A faulty or blown fuse in other electronically controlled systems can cause the Idle Air Control (IAC) motor to malfunction, leading to a higher than normal engine idle speed.

Faulty Idle Air Control Valve (ICV): Some cars are equipped with an idle air control valve to maintain idle speed. This part can malfunction due to excessive carbon buildup in the intake manifold.

Vacuum Leak: On any engine, a vacuum leak will cause a high engine idle as the oxygen sensor detects lean operation and the engine computer then tries to compensate, which can result in abnormal idle. Malfunctioning Throttle: A malfunctioning throttle system can cause both a high or low idle as well as an engine stall. A dirty air intake or cracked air intake tube is often the culprit. Computer Malfunction: If the powertrain control module is malfunctioning, idle speed may be affected.

Is it safe to drive with incorrect idle speed?

No. High idle speed could make your vehicle difficult to control and were the idle speed to suddenly and unexpectedly increase to really high levels, you could experience unintended acceleration. Even moderately high idle speed, that is up to 1,200 RPM will make it more difficult to slow your vehicle when stopping and, once stopped, there remains the risk of your foot coming off the brake and the car jumping ahead. High idle speed also wastes gas and can be distracting as the vehicle does not perform as expected.

When addressing idle speed issues, keep in mind:

  • Related functions, such as the idle up function when the air conditioner is turned on, will be inspected by a mechanic during the repair of a high idle problem.
  • Prior to replacing parts, such as the throttle body, the mechanic will also need to rule out electrical causes of incorrect idle speed as well as physical causes such as vacuum leaks.

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If a vehicle idles erratically and surges (idle speed is not steady and increases and decreases), the problem may be a buildup of carbon or fuel varnish deposits in the idle speed control valve (also called the idle air control valve or IAC valve). The cure for this condition is to clean the valve with some aerosol throttle cleaner or engine top cleaner.

Here's how to clean the IAC valve:

Disconnect the air intake ductwork from the throttle body.

Start the engine, then increase and hold the idle speed to 1,000 to 1,500 rpm.

Spray the throttle cleaner or engine cleaner into the throat of the throttle body, aiming for the idle air bypass port (usually located on the side or top of the throttle body opening). Give this area a good dose of cleaner (about 10 second's worth).

Turn the engine off to allow the cleaner to soak into the IAC passageway.

Wait about three minutes.

Restart the engine, rev and hold at 1,000 to 1,500 rpm, and repeat the cleaning process again.

Turn the engine off again, and reattach the air intake ductwork to the throttle body.

Start the engine and rev and hold to 1,500 to 2,000 rpm until no white smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe.





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P0506 is a common OBDII trouble code. It is typically triggered when the engine idle speed is lower than the predetermined limit set by the manufacturer.

P0506 Chrysler 300

It is a generic code, which means that it has the same meaning for the Chrysler 300 as it would any other vehicle.


 P0506 Symptoms:  300

Most of the time, P0506 be noticeable to you when driving. Here are the typical symptoms for the 300:

  • Service Engine Soon Light– The reason why you are here.
  • Lower Idle Speed– Assuming that the code has been thrown due to a legitimate issue, you should notice the engine running slower when not pushing the gas.
  • Stalling–  The idle may be too slow for the car to run without pressing on the accelerator pedal.


Chrysler 300 P0506 Causes and Diagnosis

There are a lot of potential causes to P0506. While the code specifically mentions the “Idle Air Control System”, it would be a mistake to just go ahead and replace the idle air control valve without a little due diligence. It’s not always the cause of the code.

Here are some of the most common causes of P0506 in the Chrysler 300, as well as waist to troubleshoot them. Keep in mind that there are differences in model years. It would be a good idea to start by looking for a vacuum leak and move forward from there.


Vacuum Leak

A leaking vacuum system will often cause the 300 to idle higher. When the vacuum system leaks, it throws off the air balance in the combustion chamber. 

How to Find a Vaccum Leak in a Vehicle (Popular Mechanics, Article)
How to Find a Vacuum Leak in about a Minute (2CarPros, YouTube)

A vacuum leak can come from bad vacuum hose, the intake manifold, EGR System, or about anywhere else that air flows through. It’s not hard to find a vacuum leak though. Use the resources above and you’ll find it in no time.


Idle Air Control Valve

Most modern fuel injected engines are equipped with an idle air control valve. Not all of them are though. If you have determined that you don’t have a vacuum leak, the IAC is a great second place to troubleshoot P0506.  Idle air control valves are relatively affordable.

P0506 Diagnosis 300

How to Diagnose an IAC Valve (Autozone Guides)


Throttle Body

A throttle body opens and closes millions of times in the life of a vehicle. All of the air that passes through it can slowly cause it to collect grime. This grime can change the idle characteristics of the vehicle. When dirty, you’ll often feel the vehicle almost stall before the computer compensates and opens it a little more.

Alternatively, if the throttle body has been damaged, it may not be properly regulating air flow, and the code may be thrown.

Signs Your Throttle Body Is Going Bad, and What to Do (Repair Pal)
How to Tell if Your Throttle Body is Dirty or Bad (YouTube Auto Repair, Youtube)


Intake and/or Exhaust Blocked

There could be an issue with the catalytic converter, or a clogged intake manifold that can cause the idle to drop and throw P0506. 


P0506 is a serious issue. Due to the unsafe nature of driving with an engine that can stall at any time, we recommend having your 300 serviced as soon as possible. Good luck!

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2005 Chrysler 300 Touring Idling problem

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