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Dark Release, or Meiton, is a combined nature transformation kekkei genkai that can be used to absorb, manipulate, and release chakra taken from an opponent. Hiruko used techniques of this nature through a mark on his left hand. This mark resembles two diamonds, one overlapping the other. Chakra is absorbed through the upper square, while it is released and manipulated through the lower. It is unknown what elements this nature entails. This will take your restricted kekkei genkai slot and cannot go on an already existing oc. A new one will have to be made just for it.

Canon Jutsu

Dark Release: Inhaling Maw

Nature:Dark release


Description- The user uses their kekkei genkai to forcibly extract the physical and spiritual energy of jutsu and people alike. They can either absorb the chakra into the upper square of the mark on their hand or through their mouth. By using the latter, the technique's range is greater as their mouth becomes like a giant chakra-suctioning vacuum. User's of inhaling maw are able to completely remove the victim's chakra, potentially causing death. After using this ability, the user is able to detect their opponent's elemental affinities and tell what natures they have access to, having completely broken down the chakra signature into its most basic components. Absorbing jutsu this way will deconstruct it in a way that allows the user of dark release to immediately learn the absorbed jutsu if they have the nature(s) the absorbed technique is comprised of and the stats to use it (does not include restricted jutsu).

Dark Release: Judgment

Nature:Dark release


Description- The user converts the chakra absorbed from the Dark Release: Inhaling Maw technique into light blue flames, turning it back on their enemies with amplified strength to blow them away. The flames are expelled through the lower square of the mark on the users left hand.

Absorption of jutsu goes as follows

• Nin and CC can absorb up to D-rank jutsu

• Nin and CC can absorb up to C-rank jutsu

• Nin and CC can absorb up to B-rank jutsu

• Nin and CC can absorb up to A-rank jutsu

•+ Nin and + CC can absorb up to S-rank jutsu

Absorption of chakra from people follows the rules for Juinjutsu found >>HERE<<. This means to absorb chakra from a person, contact must be made such as by grabbing (so no trying to suck someone dry from across the map). What sets dark release apart is that for absorption of chakra from a person their ninjutsu stat will also count towards the juinjutsu total. For reference, this is outlined below with the stats added together.

0 juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 5 points

25 juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu=10 points

50 juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 15points

75 juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 20 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu=25 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu=50 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 55 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 60 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 65 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 70 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 75 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 80 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 85 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 90 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= 95 points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= points

juinjutsu+dark ninjutsu= points

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The Dark Release (冥遁, Meiton) is a kekkei genkai that can be used to absorb, manipulate, and release chakra taken from an opponent. The user has marks on either hand. This mark resembles two diamonds, one overlapping the other. Chakra is absorbed through the upper square, while it is released and manipulated through the lower.

• Meiton users have slightly more vulnerable to Genjutsu
• Meiton is unable to absorb solid state chakra such as rock, metal, etc..

Meiton: Kokuuzou [ Darkness Release: The Receptacle of the Void ]
Rank: E

The most basic technique for Meiton users. It allows the user to absorb up rank C jutsu by point both hands at incoming Jutsu. They are also unable to stock chakra elements not of their own and must immediately use it with either Meiton jutsu or a the same jutsu used against them.

Meiton: Haji no Yomi [ Darkness Release: Grasp of the Underworld ]
Rank: E

The second most basic technique for Meiton users. By grabbing someone and making contact with their palm the user drains chakra.

Meiton: Jajimento [ Darkness Release: Judgment ]
Rank: D - S

The user converts chakra that was absorbed into pale blue flames, turning it back on thier enemies with amplified strength (increased one rank the differences comes out of the uer's chakra). The flames are expelled through the lower square of the mark on either hand.

Meiton: Aoandon [ Darkness Release: Blue Lantern ]
Cooldown: 1 Post
Rank: C

the user is able to absorb up rank A jutsu by point both hands at incoming Jutsu. They are also unable to stock chakra elements not of their own and must immediately use it with either Meiton jutsu or a the same jutsu used against them.

Meiton: Fushibi [Darkness Release: Lain Fire ]
Rank: C

After absorbing a rank D or higher jutsu the user thrust their palms into the ground causes a web of pale blue chakra around them self with a radius of roughly 10 feet. If someone steps on it they lose a large amount of Chakra and a pillar of pale blue flames is formed below them.

Meiton: Hitodama Bushin no jutsu[ Darkness Release: Spirit Flame Clone technique ]
Rank: B

After absorbing a B rank or higher jutsu the user bring their palms together and begin to form clones from the Chakra absorbed. The Chakra absorbed is divided among the clones evenly and the clones act much like shadow clones, but once a clone uses all their Chakra it disappears. The user can also mix their chakra into the clones giving them deeper Chakra pools.

Meiton: Yomi Senbon [ Darkness Release: Underworld Needle ]
Rank: B

After absorbing a rank C jutsu or higher the user is able to spray black needles made of Chakra roughly 4 inches long. If a needle hits the target looses Chakra. The user of this Jutsu does not gain that Chakra, however.

Meiton: Kurohitsugi [ Darkness Release: Black Coffin ]
Rank: A

After absorbing a rank B or higher jutsu the user presses their palms together and when they open their hands they release a wave of black Chakra. Anything that touches the wave are encased in a black box. The user can collapse the box by paying Chakra crushing the captive within.

Meiton: Kurotenkyuu [ Darkness Release: Black Celestial Sphere ]
Rank: A

After absorbing a rank A jutsu or higher the user creates a black sphere of energy. The user then fires this slow moving sphere. What ever is struck by the sphere are absorbed inside out into the sphere. If what was absorbed living then their face will appear on the sphere and let loose a ghastly howl before the sphere disappears. Unfortunately due to its slow speed it is seldom effective in mid - long range combat.

Meiton:Kyūketsukō [Darkness Release: Inhaling Maw ]
Cooldown: 2 Post
Rank: S

The most advance form of chakra absorption technique. The user is able to absorb up to S rank jutsu or when applied with direct contact can steal massive Chakra. This technique unlike its predecessors can absorb rocks, sand, ice but is unable to absorb metal. Chakra absorbed can either be added to the user's Chakra pool or used for Meiton follow up jutsu.

Meiton: Ikiryō no Jutsu [ Darkness Release: Soul Manifestation technique ]
Requirement: This technique takes 15 posts to learn
Cooldown: 10 Post
Rank: S+

After the user absorbs a rank S jutsu they thrust their palms on their chest and rip their spiritual form from their body. While in this form their body is made up of pale blue fire with the double diamond structure on their chest (they can only remain in this form for 5 posts). While in this form the user's body is left defense but the spiritual body is immune to most physical attacks. Any ninjutsu used against the spiritual body is reduced by 2 ranks and if the jutsu drops to D or lower it is absorbed. If its a C or higher half the chakra is absorbed an the other half can is fired back as Meiton technique.  
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Darkness Element

Hiurko using Shade Style to absorb Rasengan

Dark Release Kekkei Genkai

The Kekkei Genkai, Dark Release is additionally called &#;Shade Style&#; and it  is a progressed nature kekkei genkai (Bloodline Limit Technique) that might be utilized to suck up, control, and discharge chakra being used from an adversary. Hiruko (Leaf Ninja) utilized procedures of this nature through a check on his left hand. This stamp look likes two precious stones, one go past the other. Chakra is assimilated through the upper four-sided figure, in the meantime as it is discharged and controlled through the lower. It is complex what components this nature includes. Continue reading →

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This article, Dark Release, contains content taken directly from our mother site. All credit of such content is reserved the original authors over at Narutopedia, the original article can be read here: "Dark Release".

Dark Release (冥遁, Viz: Netherworld Style or Hades Style) is an advanced naturekekkei genkai that can be used to absorb, manipulate, and release chakra taken from an opponent. Most wielders of this nature use techniques of this nature through a mark on their left hand that resembles two diamonds, one overlapping the other. Chakra is absorbed through the upper square, while it is released and manipulated through the lower. It is unknown what elements this nature entails. Chakra absorbed can also be added to the users chakra pool.


Shinto's Dark Release

The use of Dark Release with in the Shinto Clan is unique do to the fact that it only accrues with in the males of the clan. In addition, some members can possess no mark at all or may even possess two (one each palm). Those with out a mark are able to absorb chakra from the tenketsu in there palms. In rare occations, in the case of Ryūto Shinto or Kasō there able to accomplish this by absorbing chakra from every tenketsu in their body, allowing them fully utilise there Kekkei Genkai's potential. Those rare individuals are able to utilize the Chakra Absorption Wall technique, in which the caster creates a barrier around the user to absorb chakra.

Kihaku's Dark Release

Kihaku was born with the inate ability to use dark release without a mark able to use his absorbing abilities with contact with any part of his body making it hard for people to harm him with jutsu or physical techniques able to absord it on contact. He travel faster by using a method called shadow travel he discovered while training with his grandfather at a secret camp far from his village in konoha he can also control small manners of shadows shaping them into any shape he wants for weapons or a sheild.

Itai's Dark Release

Itai Uzumaki obtained his Dark Release after fusing his cells with a member of the Ōtsutsuki Clan. Itai can completely manipulated, animate, and puppetized shadows. Already able to move supernaturally fast, Itai can control shadows to a point of making an area look pitch-dark.

Raziel Clan's Dark release

This clan's dark release revolves around manipulating the dark energies within chakra and is granted to them through the activation of their curse seal.

Seijō Clan Dark Release

The Seijō Clan Dark release is very proficient. Plenty in there clan dose not have the Mark. And it has been shown that they also can mix with non dark release Jutsu. This also affected there eyes making there 3 great DōJutsu to the 3 Dark Dōjutsu.


  • The kanji used for "Dark" (冥, kurai) does not directly mean "darkness". It is more related to "gloomy; ghostly; night; underworld".
Sours: https://narutofanon.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Release

Jutsu dark list release

10 Kekkei Genkai Naruto Could Benefit Most From

Naruto is one of the most recognizable characters in anime history, and that is because the young ninja went from being an ostracized and hated child to being one of the strongest ninja in history, as well as the hero of the entire world. In the Naruto universe, ninja are capable of using a variety of jutsu, and although most of his jutsu are strong and versatile, Naruto himself would still benefit from having a Kekkei Genkai in his arsenal.

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A Kekkei Genkai is a genetic anomaly that allows an individual to use very unique techniques, and they are usually passed down through the generations of a specific clan. Every Kekkei Genkai is powerful, but there are only a few that would truly give someone like Naruto a significant edge in battle.

10 The Sharingan Has So Many Powerful Abilities To Unlock

The ninja world is filled with powerful clans, and thanks to the Sharingan, the Uchiha Clan was regarded as one of the strongest for decades. This ocular Kekkei Genkai allows the user to see chakra, while also allowing them to read enemy movements. It can also copy virtually any jutsu.

The Sharingan can easily trap people inside of a genjutsu, and if Naruto could awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, he would unlock even more abilities. Amaterasu, Susanoo, Tsukuyomi, and Izanagi are just some of the powerful abilities that the Sharingan has to offer.

9 The Byakugan's Field Of Vision Is Extremely Valuable

The Byakugan is another ocular Kekkei Genkai, unique to the members of the Hyuga Clan. The Byakugan can do things that the Sharingan cannot, as it provides the user with near° Vision, while also allowing them to see through objects.

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Such vision would give Naruto a nice advantage in battle, especially if he learns to use the Gentle Fist fighting style that the Hyuga developed. The Byakugan allows the user to see a person's chakra pathway system, and the Gentle Fist would allow Naruto to block an enemy's chakra flow by hitting their pressure points.

8 Dead Bone Pulse Is Great For Offense & Defense

Kaguya is arguably the strongest of the Otsutsuki, and it is thanks to her that many of the ninja world's greatest Kekkei Genkai exist. It was the Kaguya Clan who inherited her Dead Bone Pulse ability, but it rarely manifested within the actual clan.

This Kekkei Genkai allows the user to control and manipulate the cells in their bones, allowing them to produce new bones anywhere on their body. Naruto saw just how useful this ability was when he fought Kimimaro, and if he could use it, he would be able to produce lethal weapons made of bone while also being able to protect himself from taijutsu.

7 Crystal Release Can Only Be Countered By Lighting & Fire

Guren is a character who only exists in filler episodes, but she happens to possess a very useful Kekkei Genkai. Crystal Release allows her to convert any form of matter into crystal, including the moisture that can be found in the air. As a result, earth, water, and wood abilities are completely ineffective against it.

Naruto could use this to defend against a multitude of jutsu, and although it is weak to Lightning and Fire Release, Naruto can counter them with his Wind Release and Kurama. He can also use it to imprison an enemy, seeing how living beings get crystalized on a cellular level.

6 Steel Release Would Make His Body Virtually Indestructible

Naruto Shippuden: The Will Of Fire is one of the franchise's more original movies, and it features a villain who was hunting Kekkei Genkai users. One of the Kekkei Genkai that Hiruko acquired was Steel Release, which allows the user to create steel weapons.

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Making weapons is useful, but what Naruto would really benefit from is the Kekkei Genkai's ability to turn the user's body into steel. Naruto's body is already pretty durable thanks to Kurama, but Steel Release would basically make his body indestructible.

5  Swift Release Would Make Taijutsu Ineffective

In most fights, the fastest ninja usually wins, and although Naruto is fast, he is by no means the fastest ninja alive. Swift Release is another nature transformation Kekkei Genkai that was introduced in Naruto Shippuden: The Will Of Fire, and it allows the user to move at incredible speeds.

The user moves so fast that they are essentially nothing more than a blur, which makes most forms of taijutsu completely ineffective. This would make Naruto almost impossible to hit, as only ninja who can match his speed would be able to land a successful attack.

4 Magnet Release Would Allow Him To Create Magnetic Forces

Magnet Release is a nature transformation Kekkei Genkai which combines Wind and Earth Release, and like the name suggests, it allows the user to create a magnetic force that can be applied to objects and individuals. This Kekkei Genkai is prominent in the Sand Village, as several Kazekage have been able to use it.

This Release would allow Naruto to possibly control iron sand, which is incredibly powerful, but he could also use it to redirect or manipulate kunai, shuriken, or any other ninja tool made with metal.

3 Dark Release Can Absorb, Manipulate & Release An Opponent's Chakra

Hiroku acquired several Kekkei Genkai, including Dark Release, which isn't as menacing as it sounds. Dark Release appears as two overlapping diamonds on the user's palm. and it allows them to absorb, manipulate, and release chakra taken from their opponent.

The chakra is absorbed through the upper diamond, while the lower one manipulates and releases it. Naruto would gain a huge advantage in every battle if he was able to absorb his enemy's chakra, and being able to use their own chakra against them is an amazing bonus.

2 Wood Release Is Arguably The Strongest Nature Transformation Kekkei Genkai

The First Hokage is regarded as a ninja god, and the main reason for this is because he possessed Wood Release, arguably the strongest Kekkei Genkai in the series. This Release combines Earth and Water, and it allows the user to create entire forests, but it can do so much more.

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Naruto can use it to create very detailed and ornate structures, including restraints. It can also be used to manipulate, suppress, and absorb an individual's chakra, which would allow Naruto to completely suppress and control a Tailed Beast if one ever went on a rampage.

1 The Rinnegan Would Basically Turn Him Into A God

Very few powers are strong enough to stand up to the Rinnegan's power, and that is because it is the strongest of the ocular Kekkei Genkai. Someone who possesses this eye is considered to be a god, which makes sense since the user can rip out a person's soul and revive the dead.

If Naruto had the Rinnegan, he would be able to augment his body with mechanized armor and weaponry, absorb any ninjutsu that is used against him, and summon a variety of large animals and creatures. Thanks to the Deva Path, it's also possible to manipulate repulsive and attractive forces. He could even create shadows in Limbo, an invisible world that coexists with the real world.

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