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Silver German Glass Glitter 90 Gr 1oz

Crafted by fine artisans in Europe, this authentic vintage glass glitter will develope a beautiful patina over time. Use to add sparkle and shine to your work, this glass glitter comes in an assortment of colors.

Because of the nature and authenticity of this glitter we recomend using gloves and eye protection during application. Not for child use.

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Crafted by fine artisans in Europe, this authentic vintage glass glitter will develope a beautiful patina over time. Use to add sparkle and shine to your work, this glass glitter comes in an assortment of colors.

Because of the nature and authenticity of this glitter we recomend using gloves and eye protection during application. Not for child use.

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Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in

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These top quality diamond dust glass glitters have a bright, brilliant shine that makes them a favorite of artisans and home crafters alike. Manufactured in Germany using traditional methods that have been employed for more than 100 years, this premium glass glitter is available in two different grit sizes.

Our metallic pure glass glitter is plated on all sides of the "grit," or ground glass granules, so that the glitter will darken somewhat over time to achieve a richer, more aged patina.

Glass glitter is not suitable for use by
children without adult supervision.

Glass Glitter from German
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Hello Milk Painters!  This is Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture, LLC. and as October has come to a close, it's time to look November in the eye with anticipation as we near my favorite two holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas. To help you feel the holiday warm and fuzzies, I thought I would share an quick tutorial so you can make your own German Glass Glitter Christmas ornaments at home.  What better way to welcome Christmas than with things that sparkle? To begin, Miss Mustard Seed's German Glass Glitter isn't like regular craft store glitter. It's made of actual tiny crushed up pieces of glass, which gives it a sparkle like none other!


Let's just take all of that beautiful twinkling in for just a minute...Miss Mustard Seed's German Glass Glitter comes in 5 gorgeous colors, so you can get your glitter fix any way you wish!For this tutorial, I chose to work with 14 Karat, Fallen Snow, and Tiara!

In addition to your German Glass Glitter, you will need a few shallow dishes, glass Christmas ornaments, craft glue, a small brush, and some sort of scoop for your glitter, such as a teaspoon.TIP - I actually used one of our soup ladles because they do a great job of scooping and sprinkling glass glitter! Once you have all of your supplies, empty some of your German Glass Glitter into your dishes. TIP - You won't need as much as you think!  


I created 4 ornaments in each color and still have a decent amount left.  I probably could have double or tripled that number and been just fine.  Because the shards of glass are different sizes and shapes, I felt that they covered better than regular craft store glitter. Just look at the beautiful texture of this product!  I'm telling you that if you've never worked with glass glitter before, you're in for a sparkly treat. Here's the 14 Karat, the Tiara, and Fallen Snow. Aren't they appropriately named?

Next, you'll want to squeeze out some glue into a dish. TIP - I watered my down a bit and stirred it with my brush so it was easier to spread.


Next, grab some ribbon or twine and loop it through your ornaments. TIP - I recommend doing this ahead of time so you have some sort of string to hang your ornaments while they're drying.  It will be tough to string them while they're wet with glue and glitter. I used some jute that I had leftover from our wedding. I did a simple bow at the top of my ornaments.Now it's time to grab your brush and start applying glue to your ornament.  


You can completely cover it like I did, or you can do patterns.  I started to try a striped pattern, but as you can see, my hand wasn't steady enough! I quickly switched over to full coverage, and in the long run, I'm so glad I did - just wait until you see the results!


After applying your glue, gently scoop up and sprinkle your German Glass Glitter all over your ornament, taking care to cover every last bit.TIP - Marian recommends working over some sort of papered surface (newspaper, brown grocery bag, or parchment) as it's easy to fold up to dump any remaining glitter back into your jar.

After your ornaments are coated, hang them up to dry.  I had to get a bit creative with my hanging locations. We DIY'ers have to do what we have to do sometimes, right?I allowed my ornaments to dry overnight, and they turned out so beautifully!  


I took them over to my booth at Morgantown Market, and have them all strung up on an old window sash I painted in MMSMP's Boxwood.All of the vendors here are putting up Christmas twinkle lights and I couldn't get over how the light was bouncing off of each ornament.


The texture and grit of Miss Mustard Seed's German Glass Glitter gives you a totally stunning look that you just can't get from regular glitter.Pure gold!Hopefully you are inspired to find your local retailer and pick up some German Glass Glitter of your own!  Are you already thinking of things around your house that could use some glass glitter pizzaz?

Jennifer Baker - Eight Hundred Furniture

Hello! My name is Jenn Baker. I am a long-time lover and user of MMS Milk Paint. Being a former middle school teacher, I am a natural educator and happy to teach anyone about this unique paint product! My furniture refinishing business is Eight Hundred Furniture, LLC. and is named after the square footage of my very first apartment that I had to furnish on a very tiny budget.

I am married to a hockey-playing statistician named Marc and we have 2 cats - Nelson and Jake. Marc and  I got married during an epic blizzard where over 3 feet of snow fell overnight. It made for amazing pictures! You can connect with me on my Instagram account or by emailing my address listed above.

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