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1-3/8" Chain Link Fence Gate Post Hinge - Use for 1-3/8" Outside

Welcome to the original pumpkin record page. This is the official page identifying the heaviest pumpkins in the world per country. This is the current 2021 list of the Top 10 largest pumpkins grown to date.  The majority of these pumpkins were grown in Europe and the UK, but only 4 of the pumpkins were grown in USA.  Europe has […]

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Amaryllis Amaryllis flowers are gorgeous, and they come at a perfect time of year — when our (some of us) gardens are sleeping! My neighbor has had his Amaryllis for about 10 years. He showed them to me one day and I couldn’t believe my eyes! In his windowed laundry room, there stood the biggest Amaryllis bulbs, flowers and leaves […]

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Background Compared to its more succulent cousins like cabbage and broccoli, Kale is often regarded as a “coarse” vegetable, suitable only for the winter garden. How untrue! The leaves are rich with Vitamin A & C, iron and calcium and the beautifully frilled Japanese varieties are an ornament in any garden and make a striking garnish on any dish. On […]

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Are you a garden hygienist? In my experience, most gardeners fall into two camps when it comes to autumn tidiness: complete clear-out merchants that leave nothing out of place; or the more relaxed, let-it-all-rot-down-naturally brigade. Me? I fall somewhere in the middle. I’ll tidy if there’s a good reason for it, but leave well alone if it’s just offending my […]

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Garden Guides on Iris Iris are easy to grow This vast family of beautiful perennials is one of the most important of all garden plants. There are hundreds of varieties ranging through almost every color, differing in size, blooming seasons, and even habits of growth and method of propagation. The two most important groups for the average gardener are (1) […]

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Peaches and Nectarines The peach, Prunus persica, is closely related to apricots, cherries and plums. It was introduced into England in the early sixteenth century via Europe and Persia from China. The nectarine is a natural sport of the peach with smaller, more delicately flavored fruits, which are smooth-skinned, whereas peaches have a rough skin. Bush peaches are hardy in […]

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Blackberries Blackberries are vigorous and exceptionally spiny, hardy perennial cane fruits belonging to the genus Rubus .The species and hybrids listed below are grown for dessert, bottling, tarts, jam and wine. Blackberries prefer deep, moist and rich loam but are adaptable to light sands and stiff clays, given free drainage and freedom from perennial weeds. Incorporate bulky organics such as […]

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Kwan Crafts Giraffe Deer Clear Stamps for Card Making Decoration

The genus Dianthus is large, but the popular garden flowers are border carnations, growing about 2 1/2 ft. tall, with exquisitely formed blooms and smooth-edged petals, and pinks in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and heights. They need a sunny, well-drained position, but are not suited to areas which have severe winters. Any soil suits them, so long as […]

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The pears grown in England is the European Pear which derives from Pyrus communis, native of the temperate parts of Europe and the western part of southern Asia as far as the Himalayas. In America some varieties are grown which are hybrids between the European Pear (as represented by `William’s Bon Chretien’, known in America as ‘Bartlett’) and Pyrus serotina, […]

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There are many kinds of lilies with some differences in requirements for growth. By selecting an assortment varieties the home gardener can have a succession lily blooms from June through September. Growing information on Lilies SOIL AND SITE: Good drainage is essential for all lilies. If the soil is not naturally well drained, gravel should be placed in the bottom […]

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Single Leaf Tubular Chainlink Gate
Tubular chain link gate
Tubular Chainlink Gate



Tubular System Gates

  • Galvanised tubular system gates with both chain link and welded mesh cladding
  • Suitable for domestic or heavy duty fencing
  • Galvanised finish with optional polyester powder coating
  • Single or double leaf for industrial use etc.
  • Security options - as with fencing system extensions for barbed wire or tapes
  • Tubular construction for extra strength - less vulnerable to vandals


Our lead times on some products may have been extended.

Due to unprecedented demand, our lead times may have increased meaning you may have to wait longer for some products to be delivered. We recommend you do not plan your installation date until the product has arrived. We will inform you of the estimated delivery week/ lead time when we have processed your order or for our latest lead times, please call.See the Jacksons Difference

The standard chain link gates are made for 980mm opening and are 50mm shorter than the fence height. They are right or left handed and clad with either a galvanised finish or a galvanised and PVC green coated finish chain link. The framing is made from 42mm diameter galvanised tube. The gates come ready for hanging complete with hinge pins, and bolts for attaching to the end strainer.

Single or double-leaf gates for industrial use

Single or double-leaf gates can be supplied for industrial use to almost any specification and degree of security. Gates can be made to suit various conditions and to hang in line between posts for 90o opening or behind the posts for 180o openings.

Fitting kit is included free of charge with gates.  Please add 90777BM to basket.

Points to Consider

  • Single of double leaf
  • Height of gate frame
  • Width of opening
  • Opening inwards or outwards
  • Opening arc 90o or 180o
  • Gate posts (square or round)
  • Chain link infill available in plastic or galvanised wire

If you require Tubular Gates clad with mesh rather than chain link or different sizes, please call.

Delivering an exceptional fence installation service

Approved Installers Network

Our network of Approved Installers are high skilled, carefully selected, reputable fence installers who we trust to install our high quality timber products to the highest installation standards. If you are interested in installation by one of our Approved Installers please click "Add installation to basket" below. We will be in touch shortly after processing your order to discuss installation.

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We have developed this short film to showcase our unique processes which go into crafting our timber fencing, garden gates and accessories. It is these processes that allow us to offer our market leading 25 year guarantee and helped to establish our reputation for quality, service and our ability to make every garden beautiful.

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We offer the longest guarantee in the industry for manufactured timber products.

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Established for over 70 years, our staff are ready to help with a wealth of knowledge and expertise

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Find out more about our market leading 25 year guarantees for service and timber treatment

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Apps & online planning tools

Use our online tools to plan and price your Fencing, Gate or Decking project.

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Chain Link Fence Gates

We offer a variety of Chain Link Fence Gates including sliding gates, swing gates, barrier gates, and pre-hung swing gates. We have material options of both steel and aluminum and color options include silver (galvanized and aluminum), color coated (black, brown, and green), or a combination of both.

Our Chain Link Swing Gates are available in residential, commercial, and industrial configurations. We offer sizes to match common fence heights of 3', 3-1/2', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 10', and 12'. We offer both single and double gates in widths from 3' to 30' depending on the grade. These are perfect for pedestrian walk gates and driveway gates.

Our Sliding Chain Link Gates encompass a few different styles that will cover driveway openings up to 40' wide! The first is the chain link rolling gate which has a wheel on the ground and rides on a pipe track. The second is a cantilever gate, which is available as a kit or with the gate only. This system has a gate opening with a counterbalance of roughly half the opening size. These gates are supported by cantilever rollers and slides inline with the fence. The last style is also a cantilever gate but this one uses trolleys that are enclosed within an aluminum track which is integrated into the gate frame. These are called internal track slide gates and they are available in single track, double track, and boxed frame versions.

Last but not least, our Pre-Hung Gates include options of gates by themselves, or gates with panic hardware installed. These are available standard and pad mount configurations and function similar to a pre-hung door. It is a fast and easy way to install a secure gate opening into a new or existing fence line.

Custom sized gates can be quoted for nearly any height or width of chain link fence. If you can't find what you need, please contact us for a quote.


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Install Fabric On A Chain Link Gate The EASY Way!

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