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SENA Ultraslim Classic Leather Pouch iPhone 5/5S/SE - Blue

Classic ultra slim leather pouch case handcrafted from genuine leather and microsuede lining produced by Sena. This form-fitting pouch is made for storing the iPhone 5/5S/SE without a snap-on case. It is perfect for those who prefer zero bulk. Slim and lightweight protecting your phone and staying slim at the same time without a snap on case no unnecessary weight. It is perfect for the individual who carries their iPhone 5/5S/SE in their briefcase or messenger bag. Will fit perfectly like a glove without any hassle placing your phone in and out of this leather pouch very easily. The UltraSlim Pouch offers slim protective functionality with luxurious designer style.

Classic ultra slim leather pouch case is individually handcrafted from the finest pebble textured genuine leather with Sena's well-known quality, and strong attention to detail. Exclusive and elegant touch with soft micro suede lining leaving a brilliant impression to those around you and having a wonderful feel.

Features :

  • Classic Ultra slim design with genuine leather and a microsuede lining.
  • Slim and lightweight slim while protecting your phone without a snap on case.
  • fitted ultraslim case its perfect fit for your phone, will fit like a glove, without any hassle placing.
  • Light zero bulk protective layer.
  • Soft micro velvet lining.
  • Stitching along the top opening for added detail.
  • Great for briefcases and bags.
  • Protects bottom charge port opening and speaker openings.
  • Sena high-quality handmade craftsmanship.
Product Dimensions:
64.26 x 127 x 10.41 mm
Product Weight:
13 g
Packaging Weight:
68.04 g

SENA Hampton Flip - genuine leather, handmade case for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone SE (black)

• Manifacturer: SENA
• Model: Hampton Flip
• Simple, seamless luxury, the Hampton Flip is for those who prefer an upscale luxurious full-grain leather case for their iPhone 5
• Full grain protective front flap
• Simple, seamless luxury, the Hampton Flip is for those who prefer an upscale luxurious full-grain leather case for their iPhone 5
• The Hampton Flip is designed with no stiching on the outer flap making it the perfect solution for seamless luxury.
• Its rigid protective backbone layer reinforces additional support for durability.
• It holds your iPhone 5 in place with an innovative hidden strap at the top as well as a snap closure on the front flap.
• It features two credit card pockets on the inside flap and stands out with an accent color interior leather.
• It is individually handcrafted from the finest Italian Napa leather with Sena's well-known quality and strong attention to detail.
• The Hampton Flip brings your iPhone 4S to the next level of style and luxury.
• Hand-crafted from the finest quality full grain, Italian leather
• Seamless luxurious design
• Full grain protective front flap
• Two credit card pockets
• Accent color interior leather
• Soft velvet lining with light protective layer
• Hidden strap closure to hold iPhone 5 in place
• Light and rigid protective layer for support
• Earphone and speaker openings
• Charge port openings
• Use iPhone 5 while in case
• Sena craftsmanship and quality

• Warranty: 24 months

Product number (item): 10933

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Sena Wallet Skin Case for iPhone 5, A Gear Diary Video Review

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