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“School of Jack”

Season 3, Episode 18

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November 18, 2013 {{{pc}}}


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“Home Alone at School”


“Queen of Karts”

School of Jack is the 18th episode of Season 3 of Kickin' It. This episode premiered November 18, 2013.


Jack auditions to join a band called “Gutter Rats” to compete in a battle of the bands competition for a cash prize. When he realizes the lead Gutter Rat is rude, Jack forms his own rock band with Milton’s Classical Music Club in hopes of winning the prize.


Fight Scenes

  • Martial Arts Battle: Albert vs. Ninja Winner: Ninja


  • The title is a parody of the 2003 film School of Rock starring actor and comedian Jack Black.
  • Jack plays the guitar for the second time- in Buddyguards and this episode.
  • Izzy Lightning stars in this episode.
  • Jack sings for the second time- he sings horribly.
  • Milton sings for the first time- he sings good. He could hit the high note in the Izzy Lightning song. (But he did sing behind the stage for Kim, when she lost her voice once).
  • Milton can play the keyboard and the piano.
  • Milton is part of the classical music club.
  • the Wasabatron 3000 makes a cameo in this episode.
  • Albert becomes a grandmaster in this episode, but he quits karate before he can improve his skills.
  • The Swords and Magic Roleplay game is mentioned in this episode.


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Photo Gallery

You probably shouldn't have done that!

— Jack's catchphrase.

dude,what part of "got a turtle" don't you understand

— jack to jerry,kim and milton

Jack Brewer


Agent Funderburk
Lil' Dragon
Mr. Kicky Kicky Chop Chop


October 8, 1997


Mr. Brewer (Father)
Mrs. Brewer (Mother)
Carl (Uncle)
Connie (Aunt)
Kai Brewer (Cousin)
Unnamed Grandfather


Kim Crawford(Girlfriend)

Heather Clark (Crush, 1 episode) Donna Tobin (Crush, 1 episode)


Karate Sensei (Currently)
Assistant Sensei (Formerly)
Government Agent (Formerly)

Special Skills

Wall Climbing
Fog Horn
Dragon Kick


Bravery, Confidence, Physical Strength


Blue Cheese, Arrogance


His friends, Karate, Bobby Wassabi, Skateboarding,kim


The Black Dragons, Blue Cheese, People being jerks,clowns

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Milton KrupnickMilton David Krupnick

Sensei Jack Brewer is the main protagonist of teen sitcom Kickin' It. He was born on October8, 1997 and is the newest member of The Wasabi Warriors along with Kim who joins after, and is often seen as having the hero complex of the group. He is a dedicated skateboarder who learned martial arts from his grandfather, Bobby Wasabi's former teacher and sensei. As a kid, he moved around a lot, but is able to adjust quickly, and he is able to make friends very easily. Jerry, Eddie, and Milton invited him to sit with them in school even before he takes out four Black Dragons, who happen to be bullies. He lives by The Wasabi Code. Jack has the highest rank in the dojo, being a 2nd degree black belt. He is also a heartthrob as seen by the many girls that fall for him. He is the unspoken leader of the Wasabi Warriors. He is Kim's boyfriend and main love interest.


Jack often has to inspire people to do their best, and often helps the group solve their problems. He is convinced Kim has a crush on him (which she does) and he has a crush on her in return.

He was first seen in the dojo when he jumped through the wall to try to not be caught by the mall cops. He has a fear of clowns ever since his fifth birthday. He's loyal to his friends and will go to extreme lengths to protect them. For example, he saved the dojo from getting destroyed with a wrecking ball in Dojo Day Afternoon by stopping the wrecking ball. In the episode Wax on, Wax off, it is shown he's the best at sparring (A badge on his Gi which says "Best Sparring"). During My Left Foot, it is seen that Jack is not very good at football, and can barely even throw the ball. In Eddie Cries Uncle, it is revealed Jack is part of an intramural basketball team. When he was younger, Jack was taught Karate by his grandfather, who trained Bobby Wasabi for all his movies, with his cousin Kai (Kickin' It in China), until his family were ashamed of Kai.

As of Spyfall, he now works at the Bobby Wasabi Dojo as an instructor.  He was promoted to assistant sensei in The New Girl.

After Kickin’ It In The Office, he is now a Sensei.


Jack is extremely strong, which allows him to do several things the other members of the dojo cannot. Jack is not only gifted at karate, but he is a 2nd degree black belt and is able to instruct students of the dojo just as well as Rudy. He is also a very talented skateboarder, as seen in Badge of Honor and Skate Rat. He likes playing by his own rules and sometimes gets upset when others enforce rules upon him. Jack is an extremely nice guy, and goes to great lengths to help out his friends. Jack is cool, yet sensible, and he knows what decisions to make in tough situations. Because of his personality, many girls are attracted to him.


Jack is described as a tall, muscular, and very good looking teenage boy. He has a pretty boy face and great hair, which is referred to several times on the show. He also has a mole on his face. It was mentioned that he was voted having best hair in eighth and ninth grade. Because of his appearance, many girls are attracted to him.



  • Kim CrawfordGirlfriend - Kim was the first person from the gang Jack had met in Seaford High School. He caught her falling apple with his foot. In the episode Wasabi Warriors, Kim manages to appear with Jack quite a lot, and, from this, became a theory of the two liking each other. When they first met, Kim was training in the Black Dragon Dojo, but Jack was brought into the Bobby Wasabi Dojo. Kim and Jack were put together for the vertical peg kick part of the tournament. Frank from the Black Dragons had just hurt Jack's leg, but after Kim saw Jack successfully kick the peg by launching off his hands, she decided she wanted to train with him and the Wasabi Warriors.
    From then on, fans had the idea that the two were to get together and go out with the cute couple name, "Kick". In the episode "Road to Wasabi", Kim and Jack were together in almost all of the scenes. Jack even took Kim into his arms, grabbing her waist and spun her around to kick the ninjas behind him. In the episode "Ricky Weaver", which helped fans understand the relationship between them, Jack tries to protect Kim from Ricky Weaver, who planned to break her heart. He also teases Kim by imitating her snort. At the end of the episode, Jack asks Kim to go out to eat, and she says yes while biting her bottom lip. This tends to be an enticing way of implying your thought, "I wonder if he's going to kiss me." Also, in Kung Fu Cop, Jack constantly flirted with Kim in his dream and after he woke up he said everybody had bad hair except Kim, because she looked pretty. She then said thanks and said her mood ring turned red, just like it did in the dream when he flirted with her. A red mood ring often means excited or happy with what is about to happen. That scene suggests that their relationship may lead to becoming more than just friends. Overall, they have a good, stable relationship; to the point where they can be more than friends, and it is shown in many episodes that he likes her and vice versa. Also, in Karate Games, Jack and Kim are filming a movie together and they have to kiss, but they didn't kiss. Then they pulled away when the director, they had previously fought, yelled "CUT!!!". Jack asked Kim on a date in Kickin' It On Our Own. They both danced together in Spyfall. They were both very close during the dance. In Two Dates and a Funeral, Jack asks Albert to bet on Kim so that they can go on a date. Kim makes Jack a bracelet, and Jack gets Kim a corsage. In that episode, Kim and Jack finally start dating, and officially, are a couple. In the fourth season Jack and Kim are still dating even though Kim is in Japan. Kim is seen in three episodes in that season. In Seaford Hustle Kim and Jack were supposed to have a phone conversation each other but Jerry ignores her calls. So, to make up for it, Jerry flies Kim out to visit. Kim and Jack and ecstatic to see each other and share a kiss at the end of the episode.
  • Rudy - Sensei-Student, Friends - Sensei Rudy owns one of the branches of the Bobby Wasabi Dojo. He meets Jack when Jack does a flying sidekick and crashes through his wall. He offers Jack a spot in his dojo
    so that he can win two belts to keep his dojo. At first he and Jack get off to a bad start after he lies to Jack about his punishment for skateboarding in the mall and for destroying the dojo wall. Jack soon learns though that he did it for the dojo and Jack soon forgives him. Later on in the series they change from sensei-to-student phase to a friendship phase. Rudy tries to help the kids in any situation. In Eddie Cries Uncle , Rudy tries to help the kids earn money. In We are Family and Breaking Board, he helps Eddie as well.
  • JerryBest Friends - Jerry and Jack met in the first episode of the season when Milton and Eddie invite Jack to their lunch table. Jerry exclaims that the seat Jack was sitting in was for cheerleaders, prom queens, and supermodels though he allows Jack to sit down. Jack defends him from the Black Dragons after they throw meatballs at him. Jerry
    soon accepts Jack as a friend and even tells Rudy to invite him to their dojo. They hang out a lot together and you can tell they have a very solid friendship, almost brotherly. Jerry seems to be the closest to Jack out of the other guys after Kim. To see more on their friendship, see the page,Jarry.
  • Milton - Best Friends - Milton met Jack when he and Eddie invited him to their lunch table. He chats with them but leaves the table to defend them from the Black Dragons. After Jack leaves, Milton says aloud that he was sad he learned Jack's name and that he was going to miss him. Jack is very loyal to Milton and helps him whenever he has a problem. In Fat Chance, Jack helps prove to Milton that he is a hero after he helps out a former sumo wrestler. In Swords and Magic, Jack also helps Milton fight a group of boys for a game that is played in the park every year. In Clash of the Titans, Jack (and Kim) help
    Milton and Julie get together.They have a nice friendship and could even be considered as best friends. In Two Dates and a Funeral, Jack lied and told Milton that the corsage for Kim was a dead bird.
  • Eddie -Good Friends Jack and Eddie meet after Eddie invites Jack to eat lunch with him and his friends. Jack accepts and soon they begin talking and chatting. Eddie and Jack became instant friends and never really had any problems with each other. Eddie was one of Jack's first friends. Jack has helped Eddie in some situations. In Dummy Dancing Jack helps out Eddie even when he is threatened and blackmailed by a high school bully named Truman. They have a great friendship and are very good friends. However compared to his other friends, Jack and Eddie don't interact much.


  • Jack, Milton and Jerry are the only characters to appear in every episode.
  • His last name, "Brewer", isn't revealed until New Jack City.
  • He likes to play by his own rules (description by Milton in Badge of Honor).
  • He has one pet turtle.
  • Many girls find him attractive, including Kim and the rest of the cheerleaders.
  • Jack is the best at sparring.
  • He currently is a 3rd degree black belt in martial arts.                              
  • He has a crush on Kim, who, in return, has a crush on him.                    
  • Jack is a member of an intramural basketball team.
  • He has gotten over his phobia of clowns.
  • He holds the world record for most bricks broken by anyone under 15 years of age thanks to Kim.
  • Jack cannot stand the taste or smell of blue cheese, in which he will throw up.
  • Jack is extremely loyal to his friends.
  • Jack and Kim are the only ones who can truly intimidate Frank and the Black Dragons.
  • Jack has been voted best hair in 8th and 9th grade.
  • He is a pretty bad dancer (but not as bad as Kim).
  • He is very athletic.
  • In Hit the Road Jack, Lorie had a crush on him.
  • In Wazombie Warriors, Lindsay had a crush on him.
  • Kim is known to get jealous when girls flirt with Jack.
  • In Witless Protection, Jack likes snowboarding, since he's a skater.
  • He is vice president in Jack Stands Alone.
  • He admits he has feelings for Kim in Two Dates and a Funeral.
  • He is currently the owner of a parrot that needs a diaper.
  • He is currently dating Kim after bidding on a date with her in Two Dates and a Funeral .
  • In Kung Fu Cop, he has an aunt Connie.
  • In Kickin It In China, it is revealed he has an uncle Carl.
  • He seems to like rigatoni because he eats it in Two Dates and a Funeral and he says he made Kim a necklace out of rigatoni at summer camp in Spyfall.
  • He sings horribly as seen in School of Jack.
  • He is very good at playing guitar School of Jack.
  • He is good in video game go-kart racing but horrible at real go-kart racing.
  • He loves playing guitar.
  • He has a innie belly button.
  • Jack wears tighty-whities.
  • He receives wedgies from Sensei Ty, Frank, Carson Hunter & Kai Brewer
  • As of Kickin’ It In The Office, he becomes a sensei.

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List of Kickin' It characters

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Kickin' It is an American comedy television series created by Jim O'Doherty that aired on Disney XD from June 13, 2011 to March 25, 2015. The series stars Leo Howard, Dylan Riley Snyder, Mateo Arias, Olivia Holt, Alex Christian Jones, and Jason Earles.


Jack Brewer[edit]

Jack Brewer (Leo Howard) is the new person in Seaford, whose foremost hobbies are martial arts and skateboarding. He learned karate from his grandfather, who also trained Bobby Wasabi for his movies. He is loyal to his friends and inspires them to give 110%, just as he himself always does. He cannot stand the scent or taste of bleu cheese and also has a phobia of clowns, which he confronted in "Boo Gi Nights". He has great respect for his elders, particularly Rudy, but dislikes being told what to do and being shoved away. He gets jealous when Kim goes around other boys, as seen in "New Jack City". He has skills in martial arts that far surpass those of his friends.

In "Buddyguards", it is revealed that Jack can play guitar. In "Hit the Road Jack", he is offered a chance to go to Japan's Otai Academy; however, he declines since he does not want to leave his friends. In "Kickin' It on Our Own", he and Kim go on a date, and they later begin officially dating in "Two Dates and a Funeral". In "Wasabi Forever", he encourages Kim to go to Otai Academy, and she gives him a cherry blossom to remember her by.


Milton David Krupnick[1] (Dylan Riley Snyder) is an honor student who enrolls in martial arts to learn self-defense after being bullied. He is oddly unaware of his own shortcomings and has an awkward sense of confidence. A child prodigy, most school subjects come naturally to him. He has a weird sense of nerd fashion, and once gets food for the dojo when it is about to get smashed. According to his parents, he looked like a baby bird when he was born. He takes pride in having won his school's first-ever spelling bee. His girlfriend is Julie, but he later reveals in "Gabby's Gold" that they broke up. Since their breakup, he becomes overconfident and usually comes on too strong. In "How Bobby Got His Groove Back", it is revealed that he is Jewish.


Jerry Martinez (Mateo Arias) is a lone wolf who ends up at Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy to complete his school PE credit. He speaks Spanish fluently, despite flunking his high school Spanish class, and acts as a bad boy to give himself the illusion of being macho. As a talented dancer, he once invents a move called "The Jerry". While he is more confused than tough, he is fiercely loyal and takes his friendships very seriously. He is willing to try anything at least once and seldom refuses a dare. He has become a better karate student than both Milton and Eddie, as seen in "All the President's Friends", when he fights Frank. He originally works at the Seaford Animal Park, but in "The Boys Are Back in Town", he becomes the manager of Falafel Phil's Bowl and Burger, where it is also revealed that he is a skilled bowler.

In "All the Wrong Moves", it is revealed that his last name is Martinez. In "Reality Fights", it is revealed that Jerry is frightened of saltine crackers. In "Skate Rat", Eddie reveals that Jerry's middle name is Caeser. In "The New Girl", Jerry is revealed to have a lying problem which Milton and Joan try to cure him of, until they realize he is more trouble when he tells the truth, which is also the reason for Milton and Julie breaking up.


Kim (Olivia Holt) is a former Black Dragon, who crossed over from the Black Dragons after they cheated in a tournament. She loves journalism and hates being called just another pretty face. She rarely wears dresses or makeup, except to impress boys. She is co-captain of her high school cheer squad and had a huge crush on teen pop star Ricky Weaver, until he proved to be an utter heel. She is typically the first to stick up for herself and her friends. She has a crush on fellow black belt Jack, but hides it from him and everybody else.

In "Dojo Day Afternoon", it is revealed that Kim's last name is Crawford. In "A Slip Down Memory Lane", it is revealed that she considers Jack as more than just a friend. In "Wazombie Warriors", she goes on a date with Jack. In "Karate Games", she tells Jack that he is amazing and he almost kisses her. In "Kickin' It on Our Own", she and Jack go on another date. In "Jack Stands Alone", it is revealed that her middle name is Beulah. In "Two Dates and a Funeral", she and Jack begin officially dating. In "Wasabi Forever", she is accepted into Otai Academy and leaves for Japan. After sharing a kiss, she gives Jack a cherry blossom petal to remember her by.


Eddie (Alex Christian Jones) is a sweet and uncoordinated youngster who attends Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy to get in shape. He loves the sense of achievement karate gives him. His biggest fear is that if the dojo ever closes, he will be forced by his mother to go back to Mrs. King's Dance Academy. His pet peeve is doing anything he detests, like taking dance or cello lessons, for the sole purpose of impressing others. He embarrasses easily and was once blackmailed by school bully Truman into pulling a series of cruel pranks on his friends. He wants to be an archaeologist when he grows up.


Rudy (Jason Earles) is a third-degree black belt and the sensei of Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy. He was a top amateur martial artist until being sidelined by an injury. He has used his entire life's savings to become co-owner of the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy chain and takes fierce pride in the fact. Despite his wacky nature and sometimes gross sense of humor, he is a very good, if unorthodox, karate instructor who genuinely identifies with his students and is always ready to back them up when times get rough. After becoming Sam's guardian, Rudy makes Jack his assistant sensei.

In "It Takes Two to Tangle", his last name is revealed to be Gillespie. In "Kickin' It on Our Own", he sells the dojo, but gets it back after winning a match against Kofi Kingston. In "The Boys Are Back in Town", Rudy opens the Wasabi Warrior Academy after a Ferris wheel accident.



Marge (Loni Love) is Seaford High's lunch lady, who also takes classes at the dojo.


Frank (Wayne Dalglish) is a student at Seaford High, who trains with the Black Dragons. He has a crush on Kim, though she does not like him. He is also angered by the fact that she left the dojo after she realized that Ty cheated. It is revealed that he is 19 years old, but still in seventh grade. As revealed by Ty, Frank was hit over the head with a bo staff, which explains his stupidity.

In "Jack Stands Alone", his last name is revealed to be Becker.

Sensei Ty[edit]

Sensei Ty (Ian Reed Kesler) is the master of the Black Dragons and rival of the Wasabi Warriors, especially Rudy, whom he held a grudge against for 15 years. He and Rudy were studying martial arts with the Grand Master to determine who would get to be the Grand Master's apprentice; during that match, Ty heard a toot and dropped his guard, giving Rudy an opening and the chance to take the win. Ever since, Ty has hated Rudy and vowed to never rest until he got his revenge, even though it was the Grand Master who tooted.

In "Win, Lose or Ty", he and Rudy become friends and share the dojo when Rudy accidentally crashes a monster truck into the Black Dragon Dojo, but they later go back to being enemies. It is shown that he and Rudy are now frenemies and Ty holds a bigger grudge on Rudy.


Joan (Brooke Dillman) is a security guard at the strip mall where the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy is located, who tends to tag along with the Wasabi Warriors. A recurring gag is that Joan rips off her uniform to reveal another outfit underneath that aligns with the episode's main theme.

In "All the President's Friends", her last name is revealed to be Malone. In "Spyfall", an online video that Jerry posts reveals that Joan is out of shape, which nearly causes her to lose her job.

Sidney [edit]

Sidney (Harrison Boxley), spelled Sidney in some episodes, is first seen in "Swords and Magic", as an arch-enemy of Milton during their LARP practices. He is credited as Dark Knight King in that episode. In "Hit the Road Jack", he is wedgied by some unknown bully. He is seen again in "The Sub Sinker" and "School of Jack", as a friend of Milton.

Bobby Wasabi[edit]

Bobby Wasabi (Joel McCrary) is an international movie star and the owner of the Bobby Wasabi chain. Jack's grandfather trained him for all of his movies and now he is overweight.

Falafel Phil [edit]

Phil (Dan Ahdoot) is the owner of the restaurant Falafel Phil's, which is later reinvented as Phil's Bowl and Burger. He came to America with his cousin Carl to open a restaurant, but had creative differences. He has a goat named Tootsie, whom he is extremely fond of. He sometimes competes against Rudy, though both seem to be friends as Rudy invites him on a motorcycle trip and helps babysit his goat when he is out of town. He has a niece named Mika who Jerry dates in the second season.

In "Dueling Dojos", it is revealed that no one mops the floors at the restaurant, Phil does not have a permit to run it, and he does not use real meat.


Julie (Hannah Leigh) is a student at Seaford High, who is Milton's former girlfriend and also Ty's niece. She seems to have taken their relationship seriously as she threatened Kim about kissing Milton.

In "The New Girl", she and Milton break up due to Jerry's reformed truth telling.


Randy (Evan Hofer) is a student at Seaford High, who enjoys skateboarding and pulling pranks on other people.

Principal Funderburk[edit]

Funderburk (Eric Nenninger) is a gym teacher in the second season, principal in the third season, and an agent in the fourth season. Like other faculty members, he dislikes Jerry due to all the trouble he causes.

In "Home Alone in School", it is shown that he has his own bathroom which he has made into a man cave. In "The Sub Sinker", he becomes the substitute geometry teacher. In "Return of Spyfall", he reveals he is just being a principal to cover up that he is actually a secret government agent; only Jack and Milton only know his secret. In the fourth season, he requests Jack and Milton's help again after Shane reveals himself as a R.A.S.H. agent.


Sam (Rio Mangini) is introduced in "Dueling Dojos", where Rudy originally adopts him to look good in front of Grandmaster Po and tries to put Milton and Kim in charge of him. When Sam makes enemies out of all three of them, Rudy decides to give him back. After Sam reveals he has never had a family, Rudy decides to keep him.

In "Two Dates and a Funeral", he is revealed to be a piano prodigy. In "Win, Lose or Ty", it is also revealed that he has no friends.


Albert (Jimmy Bellinger) is a nerd, who at first is friends with Milton and Sydney, but later ends up being jealous of Milton. He has a crush on Kim. He seems to be very annoying and tends to jump at the chance to mess with anybody, which usually backfires.

In "The Sub Sinker", he attempts to have Jerry expelled because of his stopping everybody from learning. However, he does not expect Jerry to study at math and is consequently busted.

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