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Paper Mario: The Origami King Wiki Guide

Basic Battling Tips

  • Hit them first! Before initiating battles, always try to jump on or hammer the origami soldier to score a bonus hit at the start of the battle.
  • Double up on weapons! All weapons except for your regular Boots and Hammer break after multiple uses. It’s always a good idea to keep an extra pair of iron-type boots to deal with spiked enemies!
  • Battle Lab. After unlocking it, the Toad Town Battle lab will have several devices that help in battle, and they’re free to use! Check out our walkthrough of Picnic Road to learn where to Rescue the Battle Lab operator. Learn more about the Battle Lab by clicking here.
  • Accessorize! Certain accessories can help in battle too. You must equip them between battles. There are a variety of Accessories that can help you by increasing your HP, reducing damage, or by giving you extra time to arrange enemies during the movement phase.

Tips for the Movement Phase

  • The corner is the cornerstone. Always look at the top right corner of the screen to see how much time you have and how many movements you can make.
  • Time is money. Pressing and holding down the + button allows you to use your coins to buy more time! Every 10 coins earns you an extra second on the clock. You can do this multiple times per battle, as long as you have the coins for it.
  • View from a new perspective. If you’re having trouble seeing where a certain enemy is standing, press down on the R-stick to toggle an overhead view of the battlefield.
  • Use Toads to help you! During the movement phase, press and hold down the Y button to pay the Toads to cheer you on. Toads can do a variety of things, like heal Mario, damage enemies, simplify the enemies’ placement, and give Mario Items or even Weapons. You can use the cheer only once per round. The more coins you use, the bigger impact they’ll have. The border around your coin-count will light up from yellow - red - purple. Purple is only reached with the maximum cheer amount of 999 coins. This cheer can solve the puzzle and even give you Weapons.
  • Time Plus. This Accessory gives you more time to arrange enemies during the Movement Phase.
  • Battle Lab Devices. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock the Time Extender and Puzzle Solver from the Battle lab. To use them, you must toggle them ON in the Settings menu.
  • Train your brain. Use the Ring Training machine at the Battle Lab to play several ring puzzle challenges without getting hurt by enemy attacks. Doing all of the challenges earns you a trophy!

Tips for the Action Phase

  • Take your time. Unlike the Movement Phase, the Action Phase does not have a time limit.
  • How many actions? Look at the left side of the screen to see how many actions you have available for this round.
  • Choose your target. As you scroll to select a weapon, the game usually auto-targets the lineup of enemies that matches that weapon. This is fine, but when there are multiple lineups and stronger enemies, you may want to choose a different target to attack. Use left/right on the L-stick to choose what section of the ring you want to attack. The range of the weapon is shown in red below the enemies.
  • Conserve your weapons. As you progress through the game, you know how many hits it can take to defeat a particular enemy. If your regular Boots/Hammer can do the job, always use them over your consumable ones. If an enemy survives the first attack from your Shiny Hammer, they probably don’t have much health left. For the second attack, use your regular Hammer to conserve your shiny one.
  • Timing is everything. When attacking, pressing A at the moment right before the attack will give you an Excellent notification, which increases the damage you deal. For the Boots, press A as Mario is jumping off of an enemy - just like you would if playing a platformer. For the Hammers, wait until the bright center of the circle to appear to get an Excellent hit. Use the equipment in the Battle Lab to help you work on your timing! It’s actually quite helpful!
  • Equip weapons in battle. Though Accessories need to be equipped outside of battles, your Weapons can be equipped during the action phase by pressing +. This does not count as an action, so if a weapon breaks, just press + to equip a new one.
  • Items are useful. During the action phase, you can choose whether you want to use a weapon or press L/R to select an item instead. Attack items work similarly as your weapons do. Most act like Boots (Fire Flower) or Hammer (Tail). Some items, like the POW Block, will hit all enemies standing on the battlefield.
  • It’s okay to heal. Remember that you can use healing items, like Mushrooms, as an action instead of attacking.

Boss Battle Tips

For strategies against specific Bosses, check out our walkthrough of the game. Below are some general tips that apply when battling Bosses.

  • Start on the right foot. For the outer ring, you’ll always need an arrow next to Mario. The arrow can face in any of the three directions (clockwise, counterclockwise, toward the center). Mario will keep traveling in that direction until he reaches another arrow (or certain action icons).
  • Turn on the magic. Walking over an ON icon activates all the Magic Circles on the battlefield. The Magic Circles will remain on between rounds if no Magic Circles were used in the current round. Once one Magic Circle is used, all Magic Circles will deactivate, and you will have to use another ON icon to activate them again.
  • Action stops movement. When Mario lands on an Action Icon, he will stop his movement.
  • Get stuff. The Chests make more coins, hearts, buffs, etc. appear on the rings. Unfortunately, it’s random and, because you’ve already programmed your movement before opening the chest, it’s not always helpful. Notes give you hints about defeating the boss, but you’re already on this wiki, so just check out our Walkthrough for that instead.
  • Get buff. Walking over a blue + Icon will add an additional action for Mario on this turn. Walking over a red x2 Icon doubles the damage of Mario’s attack. These buffs are in effect for the current round only. They are only effective when Mario ends his turn on a regular Action Icon. If Mario ends the turn on a Magic Circle, the buffs will have no effect.
  • Let the Toads cheer. You can still pay Toads to Cheer during Boss Battles. They heal Mario and can also generate new icons on the ring.

Check out the example in the picture below to get an idea of how the boss mechanics work.

  1. Mario steps on the spot of the outer ring immediately in front of him. That spot has an Arrow pointing counterclockwise. This causes Mario to walk in the counterclockwise direction and keeps him on the outer ring.
  2. As he’s moving counterclockwise, Mario will pass over a blue +1 Icon. This icon adds an extra action (attack or item use) for Mario to use on this turn.
  3. After passing over the +1 Icon, Mario will continue walking counterclockwise until he reaches the arrow pointing toward the center. This makes Mario change direction and walk toward the center of the ring.
  4. As he moves toward the center, he passes through a red x2 Icon. This icon multiples the strength of the attack by the number shown (x2 in this case).
  5. After passing over the x2 Icon,, Mario passes through the Heart, which immediately heals him.
  6. Mario finishes his movement on the Action Icon next to the Boss's leg. Now he can choose his Hammer to attack it. His attack will have the x2 increase, and Mario will have another opportunity to attack because he picked up the +1 icon during this turn.

You can make the movement as simple as you’d like it to be – as shown in the image below. Here, Mario walks onto the arrow pointing to the center and keeps walking to the center until he reaches the Attack Icon in front of the head, which then lets him attack the head.


Color Pencils.png

This is a guide to all boss fights in Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch. Here you can find boss information and how to beat each boss. To learn more about the Vellumentals and Legion of Stationery bosses, read on!

Ring Battle.jpg

Unlike regular ring battles, Boss Battles involve moving the rings to make a path for Mario, who will move forward and land on an Action Panel or a Magic Circle to use his 1000-Fold Arms. Each boss must be attacked in a different way, and their weaknesses vary, so plot the best route and hit them where it hurts!

Ring Battles and Boss Battles | Ring-Based Battle System

Fire Vellumental.png

For plotting the best course of movement for Mario, we recommend starting with the panel you'd like to end on, then working your way back. If you want Mario to attack on a turn, your objective will be simply finding an Action Panel, and linking Mario to it via the arrows.

Colored Pencils.jpg

Each boss has a weakness that can be exploited. In the Colored Pencils battle, using the 1000-Fold Arms from behind, or the Hammer from a space directly behind, will cause the boss's lid to close, and it will fire upon itself, dealing massive damage. To make the easiest work of each boss, try and find out their weak point (more often than not, it involves use of Magic Panels!).

BossWalkthrough Tips
Earth Vellumental.jpgEarth VellumentalLocation:Earth Vellumental Temple
・Reduce the damage taken by attacking its head
・Attack its tail then land on a Magic Circle and use 1000-Fold Arms to deal massive damage
The Missile Maestro - Colored Pencils.pngColored PencilsLocation:Overlook Tower
・Use the 1000-Fold Arms or a hammer to close the case and cause it to do self-damage
・Use the 1000-Fold Arms from the front during a Rainbow Roll
BossWalkthrough Tips
Water Vellumental.pngWater VellumentalLocation:Water Vellumental Shrine
・Jump attack to knock it down
・Plan around its water spouts, which will eliminate all panels in the row
・Use the Earth Vellumental panels to dodge the Big Wave attack
・Use the 1000-Fold Arms after it uses Big Wave
Rubber Bands.pngRubber BandLocation:Shogun Studios
・Use the bumper bands to move toward the center
・Block its Bind Band attack.
・Try and use a Magic Circle from the space closest to it.
BossWalkthrough Tips
Ice Vellumental.pngIce VellumentalLocation:Ice Vellumental Mountain
・Melt the ice shield with the Fire Vellumental space
・Attack with the 1000-Fold Arms
・Break the icicles by pressing R to slide rows
Tape.pngTapeLocation:Sea Tower
・Break all four sides of the tape dispenser
・Burn the tape by summoning the Fire Vellumental
・Yank the tape with the 1000-Fold Arms
BossWalkthrough Tips
Stapler Banner.pngStaplerLocation:Origami Castle
・Use Jump Attacks and Extra Action Panels to deplete its ammo
・Get to a Magic Circle and dish out damage when it is reloading
Olly - The Origami King.pngKing OllyLocation:Origami Castle
・Phase 1: Use the correct Vellumental summon, then attack with the 1000-Fold Arms
・Phase 2: Go directly behind Bowser and use the Magic Circle to help him while jumping on flying enemies that come by
・Phase 3: Solve the puzzle quickly by first pressing R to slide the diameters, then pressing R again to rotate each layer.

Earth Vellumental.jpg

There is a god for each element: Earth, Water, Fire, Ice. They function as the bosses of each temple/shrine you visit.

Earth Vellumental Power.jpg

After defeating each Vellumental, Olivia will learn how they were folded and become able to harness their abilities. This will have an effect in other boss battles and regular battles, and will allow you to go to other stages.

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Paper Mario: The Origami King’s boss fights introduce a twist on the game’s spinning ring-based combat. In every fight against a Boss or a Vellumental, like this fight against Hole Punch in Temple of Shrooms, you’ll have to chart a path for Mario from the outside ring in and land on an attack action.

Every boss fight in Paper Mario: The Origami King has rules that you’ll learn over the course of your turns. Not knowing them means you’ll waste turns and open yourself to more damage.

In this Paper Mario: The Origami King guide, we’ll let you know the rules to Hole Punch in Temple of Shrooms so you don’t have to learn them the hard way, and then we’ll give you step-by-step guides to defeating it.

Hole Punch boss fight strategy

The Hole Punch fight is intimidating because of its max health depleting attacks, but once you know the process, it’s surprisingly manageable.

Attacks from the front and boot attacks will not deal any damage. You will only deal damage with your hammer from behind — on the rubber cover side.

After you deal enough damage, Hole Punch will charge up with a glowing yellow ring around it. At that point, you need to hit an Earth Vellumental Magic Circle attack. This will block damage from Hole Punch’s strongest attack, and also knock it over to reveal its soft underbelly.

When it’s upside down, a 1,000-Fold Arms attack will deal huge damage.

You’ll have to repeat the process to win the fight.

Throughout the battle, you’ll need to try to pick up your hole punched parts to restore your HP.

Hole Punch boss fight step-by-step

Knowing what to do and managing to do it are sometimes two different things in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Below, we’ll go step-by-step through this fight. Unlike the first few boss fights, this one doesn’t have a set pattern. The tiles, arrows, and items will change every fight and every round. Instead of spin-by-spin directions, we’ll give you goals for each turn.

Turn 1

  1. Tiles with only a couple holes are just deactivated, but you can still run across them. The tiles on the innermost ring with clear holes are the ones you’ll fall through.
  2. You have two goals this turn: Land on an attack action on the back half — the rubber side — of Hole Punch on one of the innermost two rings, and pass over a treasure chest on the way.
  3. Hit with your best hammer — like a Shiny Hammer.
  4. You’ll get hit with a Hole Punch that lowers your max HP and you cannot block, and then a Base Slap that you can block.

Turn 2

  1. The treasure chest in Turn 1 should have thrown out an extra attack tile. This turn, you want to hit an attack from behind again, but try to pick up that extra attack.
  2. Use your best hammer for both attacks.
  3. You’ll get hit with either another Hole Punch and Base Slap combo, or a Throwing Punches attack.

Turn 3

  1. If all has gone well, Hole Punch should be laying flat and glowing yellow. (If it isn’t, hit with more hammer attacks until it is.)
  2. You’ll notice that your Hole Punched parts are on tiles around the arena. It’s tempting to pick them up to get your HP back up, but only pick them up if they’re convenient.
  3. Your priority this turn is to hit an ON switch and land on an Earth Vellumental Magic Circle attack.
  4. When you’re successful, you won’t take any damage and Hole Punch will knock itself over.

Turn 4

  1. This turn is similar to Turn 3. You need to hit an ON switch and land on a 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle.
  2. If it’s possible or convenient, try to pick up one of your holes, but focus on the 1,000-Fold Arms attack first.
  3. Your 1,000-Fold Arms will deal a lot of damage, but you won’t finish the fight yet.
  4. You’ll probably get hit with a Hole Punch and Base Slap combo.

Turn 5

  1. Just like Turn 1, your goal here is to hit an attack action on the back half of the arena.
  2. If you can, hit the treasure chest for that extra attack tile, but it shouldn’t be necessary.
  3. While you’re at it, try to hit an ON switch just to get ready for next turn, but don’t worry too much about it.
  4. Hit Hole Punch with your best hammer.
  5. You’ll get hit again, but it should trigger Hole Punch’s glowing attack phase again.

Turn 6

  1. You’re looking to repeat Turn 3 here: Hit an ON switch, and land on an Earth Vellumental Magic Circle.
  2. Mix in anything else you can — like your punched-out parts or a treasure chest — but don’t make them a priority.
  3. You won’t take damage (again), and Hole Punch will knock itself over (again).

Turn 7

  1. Hit one more ON switch and follow up with a 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle.
  2. This time, you’ll finish the fight.

Paper Mario: The Origami King’s boss fights introduce a twist on the game’s spinning ring-based combat. In every fight against a Boss or a Vellumental, like this fight against the Water Vellumental in Chestnut Valley, you’ll have to chart a path for Mario from the outside ring in and land on an attack action.

Every boss fight in Paper Mario: The Origami King has rules that you’ll learn over the course of your turns. Not knowing them means you’ll waste turns and open yourself to more damage.

In this Paper Mario: The Origami King guide, we’ll let you know the rules to the Water Vellumental fight in Chestnut Valley so you don’t have to learn them the hard way, and then we’ll give you step-by-step guides to defeating it.

Water Vellumental boss fight strategy

The trick to this fight is figuring out which attacks work in what order, and then finding out how to avoid the Water Vellumental’s most powerful attack.

Whenever it’s flying, you’ll need to use boot attacks, and when it’s on the ground, you’ll want to use your hammer. This works even better when you can string them both together with a blue Extra Attack tile.

  1. Always try to pick up an extra attack, and then combine a boot attack followed by a hammer attack.
  2. You can’t hit with your hammer or an Earth Vellumental Magic Circle attack if the Water Vellumental is flying.
  3. Over the first few rounds, the Water Vellumental will be charging up a Big Wave attack that will just about kill you with one hit. When that attack is coming, you’ll need to use an Earth Vellumental Magic Circle to get Mario out of harm’s way.
  4. The Water Vellumental will summon Spouts — watery mini-tornadoes — that will wipe away all tiles in a straight line outward from the center. You’ll need to keep an eye on these to make sure your path stays intact.
  5. The Water Vellumental is immune to 1,000-Fold Arm Magic Circle attacks for almost all of the fight. The only time it’s vulnerable to this attack is the round after a Big Wave.

This isn’t a clean or fast fight. You’re going to have to deal with the Water Vellumental’s attacks throughout, but if you’re careful to avoid the Big Wave, you can chip away its health with just boot and hammer attacks.

Water Vellumental boss fight step-by-step

Knowing what to do and managing to do it are sometimes two different things in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Below, we’ll go step-by-step through this fight.

Turn 1

For the first few turns, our goal is going to be to pick up an extra attack, and land two hits each turn.

Image: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon
  1. Spin the innermost ring three segments counterclockwise.
  2. Spin the second ring from the center one segment counterclockwise.
  3. Spin the third ring from the center two segments counterclockwise.
  4. On this turn, you’ll hit an envelope for a hit, turn on the Magic Circles, pick up an extra attack, and finally land on an attack tile.
  5. Chose your best boots for the first attack, and your best hammer for the second.
  6. The Water Vellumental will hit you with a Wing Ding attack.

Turn 2

With the Water Vellumental on the ground, you can hit it with an Earth Vellumental Magic Circle attack, or two hammer attacks. Two hammer attacks deal slightly more damage.

You’ll also be dealing with the Spouts this turn.

Image: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon
  1. Spin the outermost ring four segments clockwise.
  2. Spin the third ring in two segments counterclockwise.
  3. Spin the innermost ring four segments clockwise.
  4. This time, you’ll make a big loop around the arena, and finish with an extra attack.
  5. Choose your best hammer for both attacks.
  6. You’ll get hit with a Wing Ding again, and the Water Vellumental will take to the air.

Turn 3

Once again, we’re going to do a boot attack followed by a hammer attack.

Image: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon
  1. Spin the outermost ring one segment clockwise.
  2. Spin the third ring in three segments clockwise.
  3. Spin the innermost ring five segments counterclockwise.
  4. Pick your best boots for your first attack, and your best hammer for your second.
  5. You’ll get hit with one more Wing Ding attack, and the Water Vellumental will be ready to unleash its Big Wave attack next turn.

Turn 4

The Water Vellumental’s Big Wave is a devastating attack. We’re not going to deal any damage this turn, but we will pick up some healing and avoid all damage from the Big Wave.

Image: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon
  1. Spin the outermost ring four segments clockwise.
  2. Spin the second ring in four segments clockwise.
  3. Burn your third move by hitting A twice.
  4. You’ll pick up a heart on your way to the Earth Vellumental Magic Circle. Activate it, and you’ll ride out the Big Wave without taking any damage.

Turn 5

With the Water Vellumental exhausted, you can finally use a 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle attack to deal some real damage.

Image: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon
  1. Switch to slide mode, and move the ON switch down to the outside ring.
  2. Spin the outermost ring one segment clockwise.
  3. Spin the third ring in one segment counterclockwise.
  4. This will send you to the right, over the ON switch, and land you on a Magic Cirlce.
  5. Activate the 1,000-Fold Arms attack, and Rush Mode! until you’re out of hits.
  6. The Water Vellumental won’t counterattack this turn.

Turn 6

The Water Vellumental’s health should be pretty low by this point. Another boot-and-hammer combo will finish it off.

Image: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon
  1. Spin the third ring in five segments counterclockwise.
  2. Spin the innermost ring one segment clockwise.
  3. Burn your third move.
  4. Select your boots for your first attack, and your hammer for the second.

Switch boss mario paper

Paper Mario | Origami King

All Boss List & Guide

Check out this all boss list & guide for Paper Mario: The Origami King. This includes how to beat bosses, battle, how to win, and Paper Mario bosses.

Table of Contents

All Boss List

Boss List & Fight Summary

Earth Vellumental Boss


To beat the Earth Vellumental Boss, you'll need to take out its tail and flip it over! At this point you can beat away at it with your 1000 Fold Arms!

Check Out The Detailed Earth Vellumental Boss Guide

Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils

The Colored Pencils use a special move called Rainbow Roll which shoots out pencil missiles at Mario. Pressing the guard button in time will let you block the attacks! By closing the lid, you can cause the Colored Pencils to shoot themselves.


▲Get behind the boss & close the lid!

Check Out Our Detailed Colored Pencils Boss Guide

Water Vellumental Boss


The Water Vellumental will store up water and unleash it in a huge attack that will cover the whole arena. You will need to know when to attack and defend against this boss!

Water Vellumental Boss Guide - How To Beat

Rubber Band

Rubber Band

Rubber Band inflicts serious pain with a snap! It may resemble a human, but it's all made from Rubber Bands.

Rubber Band Boss Guide - How To Beat

Gooper Blooper


The great squid Gooper Blooper, who has appeared in several previous games in the franchise, makes a return in Origami King.

Check Out The Gooper Blooper Boss Guide Here

Fire Vellumental Boss


The Fire Vellumental boss is found in the Fire Vellumental Cave and is the 3rd Vellumental boss you face. You'll have to douse its fire before you can even touch it!

Check Out The Fire Vellumental Boss Guide Here



The Tape can take Mario in its sticky grip and slam him into the ground with ease! This boss can be found in Sea Tower, the final area of the Purple streamer.

Check Out The Full Tape Guide Here

Ice Vellumental Boss


The last Vellumental boss you'll face in the Ice Vellumental Mountain. Melt its deep-freezing armor by using Fire Vellumental Power.

Check Out The Full Ice Vellumental Boss Guide Here

Sumo Bros

Sumo Bros

The Sumo Bros are a group of lightning-wielding, cloud-riding sumo wrestlers who get in Mario's way in the Green Streamer section. You'll have to take these guys out before entering Bowser's Castle!

Check Out The Full Sumo Bros Boss Guide Here

Shadowy Hand

shadow hand

You will be facing this boss just before you enter the throne room of Bowser's Castle. Key is to use hammer from 1 panel far from the boss.

Check Out The Full Shadowy Hand Boss Guide Here



Watch out for its sharp dual blades! It can take you out in one hit. Dodge the deadly attack by jumping timely.

Check Out The Full Scissors Boss Guide Here



The Stapler pins down Mario and binds you. This boss is the last stationery boss you face off before the last battle with King Olly.

Check Out The Full Stapler Boss Guide Here

King Olly

King Olly

The last boss of the Origami King will be King Olly. There are 3 consecutive battles so read the guide below to learn how to beat all of them!

Check Out The Full King Olly Boss Guide Here

Boss Battle Guide

Boss Battle Gameplay Is Different

Boss Battle is Different

Boss battles differ substantially from regular battles. Instead of using the ring to match enemies, you'll need to use it to create a specific path towards the boss.

Check Out the Battle System Guide

Spin & Slide Rings To Create A Path

Spin & Slide Rings to Create a Path

The boss will be at the middle of the arena, requiring you to create a path for Mario towards it. Spin and slide the rings to get Mario close enough to attack the boss.

Bosses Have Weak Points

Bosses Have Weak Points

Every boss has a weak point that you can use to deal extra damage to it. These can even cause the boss to deal damage to itself.

Summon Bosses After Beating Them


In Japanese promotional material, we saw that Olivia is actually able to transform into the Earth Vellumental boss! She seems to do this in order to solve certain puzzles in the overworld. It seems all Vellumental bosses will become summons/abilities, but the same might not be true for the stationery bosses.

Paper Mario - The Origami King Story & Boss Articles

Paper Mario Color Splash - All Bosses \u0026 Ending

Bosses are like milestones in the Paper Mario games. They are usually guarding one of Mario's objectives such as Star Spirits, Crystal Stars, Pure Hearts, Royal Stickers, Big Paint Stars, or Steamers. At the end of each world, there is a boss. Bosses usually have a large number of hit points (hp), defense, and attack power. Sometimes, a boss can also appear mid-way in a level/chapter. There will also be Mini-Boss, which are stronger then a normal enemy but weaker then a boss. They will become stronger as the Players progress through the game. In the case with Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash, some bosses require certain thing cards or stickers to be defeated, there are also optional Bosses called Super Bosses, which are stronger then the final boss.

Note: Bosses labeled in basic letters are mini-bosses, bosses labeled in Bold are the primary boss and bosses labeled in both Bold and Italics are optional bosses.

Paper Mario

Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door

Super Paper Mario

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Paper Mario: The Origami King


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