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WARNING: freeShop no longer works so this guide is mostly redundant (If you want your encTitleKeys.bin file, you can still follow this guide)

Step 1
Open GodMode9 by holding Start on bootup (if you have more then 1 payload, then the Luma Chainloader menu will appear and you just select GodMode9 from there)

Step 2
Once in GodMode9, press the Home Menu Button then go to -> and press A on the prompt.

Step 3
Once the files have generated, press the Start button to go to the Home Menu and open FBI.

Step 4
Navigate to -> -> and click on the file and copy.

Step 5
Now go to -> -> -> -> and click on and click on the paste option. Then just back out of FBI and open freeShop.

Sours: https://gist.github.com/wrathsoffire76/d2aefdd0e546e87576a9a8219195ae73

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Titlekeys Tools 3DS

Ambox content.png
This application has been obsoleted by one or more applications that serve the same purpose, but are more stable or maintained.
Last Updated2016/09/28

Titlekeys Tools, also known as encTitleKeys.bin-Updater, is a tool to easily update the encTitleKeys.bin for freeShop based on lpp-3ds.

It started out as a fork of MatMaf's encTitleKeys.bin Updater has turned into a more all round solution to interact with 3ds.titlekeys.com from your 3DS.

Note: As of 2018 freeShop no longer works.


1.6.1 2016/09/28

  • Changed /3ds/data/freeshop to /3ds/data/freeshop/keys.

1.6.0 2016/09/11

  • .3dsx building.
  • Use Freeshop 2.x' path. Have an option to download to Freeshop 1.x's path.
  • Fix config file saving and loading.
  • Integrate Wolvan/Homebr3w's library downloader.
  • Move Data Directory from SDMC:/TitlekeysTools to SDMC:/3ds/data/TitlekeysTools.
  • Remove 1 and add another MotD.

Revision changelog.

Sours: https://gamebrew.org/wiki/Titlekeys_Tools_3DS

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Titlekeys 3ds

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