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Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Badlands Biomes

By Quentin Jamal Hardy II


Terracotta as far as the eye can see, the Badlands biomes in Minecraft are harsh but unique. What are some interesting facts about these areas?

Minecraft's biomes mirror reality. Because of this, they also reflect the distinct characteristics of the world, as well as embody their own unique Minecraftversions of those characteristics.

The Badlands of Minecraftis inspired by the canyons, rivers, and mesas of the American deserts in places like Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. They feature red sand, clay, and cacti, just like players could find in real life. The Badlands is one of the more unique biomes in Minecraft and changes the way players have to approach survival entirely.

10 Terracotta

The Badlands is the best place to find terracotta in Minecraft. The material usually forms in large mounds on top of red sand, about 10 blocks high. There are a variety of colors of terracotta found in the Badlands. These colors are specifically red, orange, yellow, white, light gray, and brown, among some others if players get lucky.

Players must mine these mounds with a pickaxe, as otherwise, nothing will drop. Terracotta has the same hardness as stone making it useful for certain builds. It can also be dyed the same 16 colors as wool to make for interesting color schemes and structures.

9 No Passive Mobs

The Badlands don't spawn any passive mobs. No cows, sheep, or chickens will spawn here so finding food can be difficult unless it's brought from elsewhere. On top of that, this means no villagers will make their homes in the Badlands, so it's kind of a long shot to try to solidify a base in one of these biomes since players will have to go to other areas for basic resources.

Trees, bushes, and grass also don't form in the Badlands very often so farming isn't a fun time either. There's a specific variation of the Badlands that has a good amount of trees, but it is very rare, so players shouldn't bet on finding it.

8 Mine Shafts

The most interesting feature of the Badlands is how often mine shafts are found in them. These mine shafts can be found more frequently than in other biomes, even peeking above the surface at times. This rare feature makes the Badlands worth exploring to find certain materials such as gold because the mine shafts are extensive and run just under the surface, making them easy to find and escape.

Another interesting thing about the mines in the Badlands is that the fences and supporting wood are made of dark oak, instead of the normal oak in other mines.

7 Rich In Material

On top of having tons of mine shafts, the Badlands biomes also have an exceptionally high amount of gold. This is because of the higher rates gold spawns in these areas but also because of the upper limit at which it can appear. Normal biomes only allow gold to appear at Y=32, but in the Badlands, gold can be found at up to Y=79, which is way higher than normal.

Combining the high rates of spawning and the wide range it can be found in, gold is extremely abundant in the Badlands. Terracotta is another rarer material that spawns ridiculously often in the Badlands, so if players need either material, this is the best place to go to gather them.

6 Drought Prone

Not only do the Badlands have difficulty spawning passive mobs, but there's also just about no water to be found there. The Badlands is considered a dry biome, meaning that it will not see rain or thunderstorms under normal conditions. The exception to this rule is when a river runs through the biome, rain can come down over the region with the river.

Lastly, sometimes lakes will form in the Badlands, but they're extremely rare unless the biome is in one of its variation forms. What makes this extra annoying is that Badlands usually form next to deserts or savannas, so even if players want to set up a base nearby, it'll probably have to be multiple biomes away if they want water.

5 Plateau

The Badlands Plateau is overall pretty similar to the normal Badlands. The major difference is that they're harder to navigate. In the plateaus, steep rock faces appear that jump up 20-30 blocks above sea level. These faces are extremely steep and can be difficult to climb without placing blocks.

The high elevation of these plateaus also makes them dangerous to navigate. Since mine shafts appear more often in Badlands, they might appear next to or in a plateau, creating a steep drop-off. Ravines also form pretty often here, meaning it's important to take every step with care since fall damage is a big problem.

4 Wooded Plateau

The Wooded Plateau is a very rare variation of the Badlands. As its name says, players can find small groves of trees on top of these plateaus. Even though trees and grass can grow here, it still isn't recommended for producing crops because of the coarse dirt and high temperatures.

The grass and leaves all look dull, signifying how little water actually reaches them since it doesn't rain in the Badlands. If a tree does spawn here, it has limits on its size and is generally smaller than the ones found in most other biomes. To find these trees, players have to climb pretty high above the sea level at Y=82 to even start to see the trees spawn.

3 Eroded Badlands

This biome is modeled and stylized to look like the Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA. It features the iconic hoodoos that make the canyon so recognizable. In Minecraft, the hoodoos are formed by spires of red sand, terracotta, and stone material that rise from the ground up. They're pretty common appearing in about 40% of the Badlands in the game.

In the Bedrock edition of the game, passive mobs can actually spawn in the Eroded Badlands since there's usually water nearby. Java edition doesn't spawn many passive mobs here, which is an interesting contrast between the two. Overall, the Eroded Badlands is one of the more unique biomes of the game and is also a player's best bet for finding assorted terracotta.

2 Disco Mountains

In 2013 when the Badlands were first added, the creative director for Mojang Studios referred to them as "disco mountains." This was in reference to the assorted colors of the hoodoos that appear in the Eroded Badlands, and the mounds of terracotta in the normal variations. This biome went under many changes after its initial inclusion.

One of the biggest examples of this was the change where mine shafts could appear above the surface in mesas and Badlands. This change was implemented to make each biome a unique experience that encouraged players to explore and learn about the world around them. Disco mountains were a great place to start since they catch the eye and draw players in.

1 Challenge Seeds

Players have taken Minecraftto the next level by playing challenge runs on worlds specifically designed to give them trouble. One of these runs is attempting to beat Minecraft while staying only in the Badlands biome. Using certain seeds, players can control the world they spawn in, and this is what limits them from then on.

Badlands-only playthroughs are difficult because players won't be able to find animals to farm unless they get to a specific variation that allows for it. Finding diamond also takes a bit longer than usual because getting to sea level means digging down further than normal. Lastly, farming is also a difficult task due to the lack of water and coarse dirt.


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5 best seeds for Minecraft badlands biomes

Finding a rare biome while exploring the Minecraft world is always a fun experience, especially when that biome is a beautiful badlands.

Badlands biomes are also known as Mesa biomes as that is what they were previously named and are still referred to by many Minecraft players. This biome is one that always looks absolutely gorgeous thanks to its sun-kissed color scheme and typical terrain generation.

There is plenty to gain from badlands biomes in addition to their wonderful views. Mesas often have exposed mineshafts naturally generated into the sides of hills and mountains, which are sure to be full of intriguing loot.

Plus, there is a vastly higher chance of finding gold within a badlands biome, so any player who goes mining in a mesa is likely to be rich by the end of it.

On top of all this, the badlands biome is one of the rarest in the game, making it all the more valuable for Minecraft players to experience.

Here are some awesome Minecraft seeds that feature the badlands biome for gamers to try out.

5 great Minecraft badlands biome seeds

#5 - Surrounding Trees and Ice Spikes

Image via DigMinecraft

Seed: 4012

This seed conveniently spawns players directly in the mesa biome, which is perhaps an even more rare occurrence than stumbling upon one. Just next to spawn, players will find yet another rare biome: a frozen ocean with beautiful ice spikes.

Plus, this badlands biome also features a wooded badlands plateau, so those who wish to play for survival will have access to plenty of trees nearby.

With this lucky terrain, players are surely in for a stunning and successful Minecraft experience.

This seed is available for Java Edition, specifically 1.16 and possibly previous versions.

#4 - Stronghold spawn

Seed: 1913613885

Not only will players spawn at the edge of where plains meets mesa in this seed, there is also a village conveniently available for players to explore right away.

What makes this seed even more impressive is the stronghold directly under the spawn point. If the rare biome wasn’t enough, the chances of a stronghold occurring at spawn are perhaps slim to none.

Those who enter this world in survival mode will be able to stay within the spawn vicinity until they defeat the ender dragon.

Reddit user manngamania can be thanked for finding this seed. It is available on Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.

#3 - Helpful neighbors

Seed: -7280854709224541065

Reddit user manngamania found and shared yet another incredible badlands biome seed. In this one, the badlands biome is surrounded by incredibly helpful structures and other biomes.

There are two seepage villages close to the mesa, one of which is nearly right at spawn. If players venture to either side of the beautiful badlands terrain in this seed, they will find a large jungle biome, yet another rare biome, and a dark forest biome with an equally gorgeous landscape.

All three of these biomes are next to each other plus the villages make for a great variety of resources.

There is even a ruined portal and jungle temple in this vicinity for players to check out, making this seed well worth its while for Java Edition players.

Manngamania even has a dedicated YouTube channel by the name MinecraftSeedsEveryday where they share some of the coolest Minecraft seeds they find.

#2 - Structures galore

Image via Reddit user LordOryx

Seed: 2023267262

In this seed shared to Reddit by user LordOryx, players will not spawn in a badlands biome, but that does not negate the insane amount of perks the seed has to offer.

This world has a whopping 54 structures in total, all within a 2000 block radius from the spawn point. There are 24 villages, 19 desert temples, 5 shipwrecks, 3 dungeons, and so much more.

But most importantly within the surrounding area, there is a beautiful badlands biome that also meets a rare mushroom one. Plus, there is assuredly more where that came from far beyond the 2000 block spawn radius.

This seed has basically everything a Minecraft player could ask for, especially one who loves rare biomes and structures. It is available on Java Edition.

#1 - Massive Mesa

Seed: -777331672

This seed discovered by Reddit user TanishaEileen features perhaps the largest of badlands biomes. Players will spawn near an incredible mesa that appears to go on nearly forever.

The biome has a large amount of water incorporated into it, making for some beautiful lakes and rivers.

The spawn in this seed is right near the village as well, which is always a positive in any Minecraft world. Plus, there are so many other surrounding structures such as a shipwreck and dungeon with a spider spawner.

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This seed is undoubtedly great for badlands lovers and those looking for a somewhat typical but fruitful world experience as well.

This seed is available for Minecraft Bedrock edition.

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It has been suggested that this page be split into Badlands Plateau, Modified Badlands Plateau, and Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau. [discuss]

If this split may potentially be controversial, do not split until a consensus has been reached.
Reason:these biomes will be removed in 1.18, and as such should be given a separate article as to not conflate historical information with current information

The badlands is a rare warm biome, featuring mounds of terracotta, coming in various colors. There are six different variants of the badlands biome.


Badlands biomes feature large mounds of terracotta, in layers of various colors; specifically, red, orange, yellow, white, light gray, brown, and regular terracotta may all naturally generate. These mounds rise up from a layer of red sand, and are about 10-15 blocks thick, giving way to typical stone variants below that. Cactus and dead bushes generate frequently across the landscape, similarly to deserts. Badlands biomes usually spawn next to deserts and savannas, but they can spawn next to any other biome.

Mineshafts generate at much higher elevations in these biomes, often exposed to fresh air. Their supporting planks and fences are made of dark oak rather than oak. Additionally, gold ore generates up to elevation Y=79 (rather than the normal Y=32), and at much higher rates than the rest of the world, making badlands tunnels excellent sources of gold.

While all badlands biomes are rich in unique building materials and gold ore, there are no passive mobs. Furthermore, trees, grass, and water are uncommon, so food cultivation can be difficult. Trees and grass appear only atop wooded badlands plateaus. Lakes generate infrequently, limiting water sources and making farming potentially troublesome, as with living in a desert.

Being a dry biome, it never rains, meaning lightning strikes are impossible. The exceptions are the rivers that cut through the badlands, where it can still rain and cast lightning. The usual darkening of the sky and hostile mob spawning that accompany thunderstorms still occurs during inclement weather.

If any variant of the badlands biome besides eroded badlands touches land, it is separated by a thin desert border. No border generates if the regular badlands touches ocean. However, if other variants, such as eroded badlands border an ocean, then a beach biome can generate.

Terracotta generation[]

The colors of specific terracotta strata (bands, layers) in these biomes are the same throughout all badlands biomes for any particular world. This means, for example, a layer of white terracotta might generate between the lines (X=200, Y=71) and (X=400, Y=72), being the same for all changes in Z. One may note chunk patterns when strata jump one Y-level at a particular X value. Often, the topmost layer of stained terracotta is replaced by regular terracotta, most often on plateau tops. Additionally, the topmost layer of terracotta below Y level 63 is always orange in color.

In Bedrock Edition, seeds have 32 bits, so strata are completely different compared to Java Edition, even if using the same equivalent seed number. Terracotta strata are still the same throughout all badlands biomes in a given world/seed. The elevation of a particular stratum is randomly varied but no more than a few y-layers.


There are five variations from the regular badlands biome, for a total of six distinct biomes.











Red Sand
Dead Bush
Gold Ore

Sky color


Grass color


Foliage color


Water color

 #3F76E4‌[JE only]

 #4E7F81‌[BE only]

Underwater fog color

 #050533‌[JE only]

 #4E7F81‌[BE only]

The ordinary badlands biome appears to be a drainage basin, with red sand as a topsoil layer and large mounds of terracotta in various colors. The sand and terracotta give way to stone and ores a few layers down. Cacti and dead bushes dot the sands, and there are occasional ponds here and there.

In Java Edition :

  1. ↑Spawn attempt succeeds only in slime chunks.

In Bedrock Edition :

  1. ↑Spawn attempt succeeds only in slime chunks.

Badlands Plateau[]

Badlands Plateau.png

The badlands plateau features large flat-topped hills composed of stratified colors of terracotta ranging in warm colors. Plateaus have steep edges that rise to within 20-30 blocks above sea level, where they quickly flatten. The top of these plateaus typically have scattered dead bushes. Occasional ponds can appear on plateau tops. The sides of the plateau can occasionally reveal caverns and mineshafts. River biomes that pass through badlands plateau biomes cut steep grooves, giving the appearance of narrow canyons. These can pose a fall damage hazard if the player is not careful. Ravines also frequently spawn in badlands plateau biomes, which cause the same as above. This biome is not always present in the badlands biomes, but it's likely to appear.

Badlands plateaus use the same mob spawning chances as badlands.

Modified Badlands Plateau[]

Modified Badlands Plateau.png

The modified badlands plateau features smaller plateaus and somewhat harsher terrain than the Badlands Plateau, mimicking large plateaus that have weathered more over time. Eroded badlands replace the usual thin Desert border this biome variant would share with other biomes. The Modified Badlands Plateau is the second rarest biome in Minecraft, after Modified Jungle Edge, and is only present in about 1/5 of the badlands biomes, and almost always (98% chance) comes with an eroded badlands bordering the edges and modified wooded badlands plateaus surrounding it at the center.

Modified badlands plateaus use the same mob spawning chances as badlands.

Wooded Badlands Plateau[]

Wooded Badlands Plateau.png

The wooded badlands plateau generates similarly to the regular badlands plateau, but features small groves of trees on its top. The uppermost layers of terrain have large patches of grass and coarse dirt, with oak trees growing on them. Here, the grass and oak leaves take on a dull greenish-brown color darker than that of the Savanna biome, giving it a droughted appearance; additionally, all naturally generated trees are small variants. This variant is a rare source of wood in the otherwise barren badlands. The forest begins generating above elevations of roughly Y=82, this biome is also always present in badlands biomes.

Wooded badlands plateaus use the same mob spawning chances as badlands.

Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau[]

Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau.png

Similar to the modified badlands plateau, the modified wooded badlands plateau has a weathered appearance and features smaller plateaus with more erratic terrain, allowing for significantly fewer oak trees to grow at the highest layers. Eroded badlands replace the usual thin Desert border this biome variant would share with other biomes, the biome is present in 1/3 of all badlands biomes and an eroded badlands is nearly always (98%) present at the edges of this biome.

Modified wooded badlands plateaus use the same mob spawning chances as badlands.

Eroded Badlands[]

Eroded Badlands.png

The eroded badlands features unique formations of terracotta hoodoos, narrow spires that rise up from the red sand floor of the biome's drainage basins. In Bedrock Edition, passive mobs can spawn here. This biome is intended to resemble the famous Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA, which features hoodoos across its landscape, the biome is present in 40% of the badlands biomes, and with Modified Wooded Badlands Plateaus sometimes bordering this biome.

In Java Edition, eroded badlands use the same mob spawning chances as badlands.

In Bedrock Edition, eroded badlands use the same mob spawning chances as badlands for hostile categories. As for the others:

MobSpawn chanceGroup size
Ambient category
Passive category

Data values[]


Java Edition[untilJE 1.18]:

NameResource locationTranslation key
Badlands Plateau
Modified Badlands Plateau
Wooded Badlands Plateau
Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau
Eroded Badlands

Java Edition[upcoming:JE 1.18]:

NameResource locationTranslation key
Wooded Badlands
Eroded Badlands

Bedrock Edition:

NameResource locationNumeric ID
[No displayed name]
[No displayed name]
[No displayed name]
[No displayed name]
[No displayed name]
[No displayed name]


Java Edition
August 2, 2013Jens tweeted the first image of the mesa biome. He jokingly referred to them as "disco mountains".
1.7.213w36aMesa biome added, along with its variants, many other biomes, and the temperature system.
13w37aSlightly changed Mesa biome generation to appear more layered.
13w39aRed sand now generates in mesa biomes and their variants.
1.814w32aRed sandstone now generates below red sand in mesa biomes and their variants.
1.1016w20aMineshafts can now generate on the surface in mesa biomes, using dark oak planks and fences rather than oak.
In mesa biomes, hardened clay no longer generate more than 15 blocks deep, if the mesa is more than 15 blocks above sea level.
The normal 2 blobs of gold ore below Y=32 in mesas now attempt to generate 20 blobs at elevations between 32 and 79.
Mesas can now generate dark oakmineshafts above ground.
1.1318w16aRenamed Mesa Plateau F to Mesa Forest Plateau.
Renamed Mesa Plateau F M to Mutated Mesa Forest Plateau.
Renamed Mesa Plateau M to Mutated Mesa Plateau.
18w19aRenamed Mesa to Badlands.
Renamed Mesa Forest Plateau to Wooded Badlands Plateau.
Renamed Mesa Plateau to Badlands Plateau.
Renamed Mesa (bryce) to Eroded Badlands.
Renamed Mutated Mesa Forest Plateau to Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau.
Renamed Mutated Mesa Plateau to Modified Badlands Plateau.
pre5Changed the ID to .
Changed the ID to .
Changed the ID to .
Changed the ID to .
Changed the ID to .
Changed the ID to .
Upcoming Java Edition
1.18Experimental Snapshot 1Badlands plateaus, modified badlands plateaus, modified wooded badlands plateaus, and eroded badlands no longer generate.
experimental snapshot 2Eroded badlands generate once again.
experimental snapshot 3Badlands sometimes show up in flat areas next to plateaus.
Increased the maximum Y-level for red sand to generate.
Eroded badlands no longer create floating pillars on top of a water surface.
experimental snapshot 4Badlands biomes are now larger and less likely to show up as "microbiomes."
Increased the minimum Y-level for grass and coarse dirt to generate in wooded badlands plateaus.
experimental snapshot 5Badlands biomes are slightly smaller on average.
Badlands can now generate on sharp peaks.
Water lakes no longer generate in badlands.
21w40a"Wooded Badlands Plateau" has been renamed to "Wooded Badlands".
The ID has been changed to .
The badlands plateau, modified badlands plateau, and modified wooded badlands plateau biomes have been removed.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.9.0build 1Mesa biomes added, along with many other biomes.
The hoodoos in mesa bryce biomes do not generate correctly, consisting of only a few layers of stone near sea level.
v0.9.5Hoodoos now generate correctly in mesa bryce biomes.
v0.10.0build 1Mesa biomes now have gold ore at every elevation.
Mesas can now generate mineshafts on the surface.
Bedrock Edition
1.11.0beta plateau biomes now generate more like those in the Java Edition.
1.17.0?Hoodoos do not generate in eroded badlands if the Caves & Cliffs experimental gameplay toggle is enabled. Terracotta and extra stone can be seen underground in areas where they would normally generate.
Legacy Console Edition
TU31CU19 1.22 Patch 31.0.1Added mesa biomes, along with many other biomes.
TU43CU33 1.36 Patch 13Mineshafts can now generate on the surface in mesa biomes, using dark oak planks and fences rather than oak.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Added mesa biomes.


  • Regular oak mineshafts do not generate in the badlands biomes, but they can generate into one if a neighboring biome generates the mineshaft.
  • Although dark oak mineshafts generate in badlands, dark oaks do not grow in this biome.
  • Eroded badlands continue to generate terrain in the "Nothingness" part of the Far Lands. Other badlands biomes are an ocean down to bedrock layer, like most biomes.


  • The first picture provided of the badlands biome (then called mesa), tweeted by Jens.

  • Image of the modified wooded badlands plateau.

  • Ground-view of a badlands biome.

  • A rare occurrence of eroded badlands and ice spikes touching.

  • A badlands and jungle biome generated together, with an exposed mineshaft.

  • A village that generated almost entirely within the badlands and eroded badlands biomes.

  • Beach in a badlands biome.

  • A view of the badlands biome.

  • Another image of the modified wooded badlands plateau.

  • Eroded badlands biome, found at the edge of the world. Check the image for seed and cords.

  • An eroded badlands biome in the "Nothingness" part of the Far Lands.

  • Jungle and badlands biome generated next to each other.

  • Modified wooded badlands plateau.

  • Ruined portal generated in wooded badlands plateau.

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