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Hello – We’re My Consulting Offer (MCO), a fully remote company that helps people land their dream jobs in management consulting by coaching them to land and pass interviews at firms such as McKinsey, Bain, and many others – simple as that!

What started as our founder’s passion for helping people land their dream jobs has quickly grown into a global team of 9 full-time team members and more than 40 part-time coaches and mentors. To date, we have helped over 500 people (My Consulting Offer reviews) get consulting job offers and we continue to grow.

Who we are hiring for…

We’re searching for an Operations Manager to help us lead, manage, and grow our operations, data, and finance teams.

We’re a data-driven company so we’re looking for someone who loves working with data, documenting SoPs/improving operations processes, and wants to work on a variety of projects ranging from marketing to finance to strategy.

If you are looking for a position where you will be able to work on a variety of different projects, for a company that invests in your personal growth, and allows you to work remotely while setting your own hours/vacations, then this role might be for you.

Are you the right person to join us?

A peek at what your life at MCO looks like…

You will be working directly with our leadership team who will give you all the resources you need to support yourself and our business.

Here are some of the responsibilities you will have…


  • Working with the leadership team to set KPIs, Key Results, and the operational strategy for the year


  • Discussing results from the previous quarter and setting upcoming goals with the leadership team


  • Discussing progress on KPIs, KRs, and other topics with the leadership team


  • Identifying opportunities to improve our business
  • Managing the operations, data, and finance teams
  • Leading projects to move the company forward such as identifying ways to improve our hiring process with our CEO, managing the launch of our new online courses with our Product Team Manager, and improving our marketing ROI with our Marketing Manager

How will I be supported?

You will have full access to our leadership and also inherit our current system of operations.

You will also have the opportunity to grow in the role and take on more responsibility as you go, so your personal development is our goal.

What’s in it for you:

  • Autonomy – We don’t have an office, set hours, or fixed vacations. You can choose where, when, and how you work. With unlimited vacation, take the week off to go surfing if the waves are good.
  • Growth – Get paid to learn to be a better operator. If your goal is to be a COO or CEO, get paid to be mentored by COOs and CEOs. This role will also allow you to grow.
  • People – We have a 100% rating on Glassdoor and a 9 out of 10 job satisfaction from anonymous internal surveys.
  • Voice – We are a small, fast-growing company so you get to grow with us and know that we value your ideas and input.
  • Impact – Wake up every day knowing you are changing lives –
  • Pay – Receive compensation that is much better than your market standards.

This position is for you if you have:

  • A desire to be known for getting stuff done from leading your team to managing your own projects, we want someone who is results and growth-driven.
  • A passion for building systems and improving operations so strong that when you eat out that you notice ways that the restaurant experience could have been better
  • A data-driven mindset that you believe decisions are better with data – we want someone who isn’t afraid to manage data (e.g., customer support team wants to know our response time to emails by team member), analyze data (e.g., which blog posts drove the most email opt-ins), set up dashboards (e.g., what is the cost per email opt-in for YouTube vs. Facebook), ask for data when making decisions. You should at least be comfortable with Google Sheet/Excel formulas such as “SUMIFs”
  • A willingness to get your hands dirty since we want doers not just people who dream about getting stuff done
  • An innate fire to keep yourself and your team accountable and to high standards – you aren’t afraid of setting, living up to high standards, and having a high level of ownership.

The Consulting Offer Intro. Subscription

$97 a month or $873 a year

This site is owned by Firmsconsulting LLC.

WHAT IS IT: The Consulting Offer is a groundbreaking case interview training program using REAL participants. All training is done by ex-McKinsey, BCG et al partners using the techniques we developed in our 1-on-1 coaching programs where we have an 80% placement rate. Subscribers can watch video recordings of the candidates being trained for McKinsey, BCG and Bain case interviews. The show is now in its 6th season with all released seasons available for streaming on

There is NO other program in the world with real candidates being trained in real time with the results made public. On this site you will only have access to the introductory program, TCO I with Felix.

All TCO seasons + advanced case interview training are on

Everything on + advanced STRATEGY programs are on

WHAT WE DID: Across 6 seasons, 7 years and counting, we brought together 16 candidates from 12 universities and 9 countries (USA, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Armenia, China, Canada and India) to train them primarily for US offices. The TCO program runs every year with new participants.

TCO 1 Felix: McKinsey Offer (only program available on this site)
TCO 1 Sanjeev: joined BCG
TCO 1 Rafik: joined a Boutique
TCO 1 Samantha: joined Industry
TCO 1 Solution Videos (most popular case interview program)
TCO 2 Alice Qinhua Zhou: joined McKinsey (Trained by ex-McKinsey Worldwide Strategy Practice Co-Leader Kevin P. Coyne)
TCO 2 Michael Klein: joined Industry
TCO 3 Jen Nwankwo: joined Bain
TCO 3 Zach Steinfeld: joined Deloitte S&O
TCO 4 Assel: joined McKinsey
TCO 5 Ritika Mohan: joined MBB Midwestern USA
Experienced Hire Case Interview Program

TCO contains the video training footage as we prepare participants for case interviews with McKinsey, Bain and BCG in New York, New Jersey, Munich, Hamburg, Paris, Perth, Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai, Toronto, Johannesburg, Boston, Atlanta, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Moscow, London, Chicago and other major cities.

HOW SUCCESSFUL IS TCO: TCO alumni are successful by every objective measure. In every season we have placed participants in McKinsey, Bain or BCG and we have placed all participants in management consulting firms or internal business units when other good firms like Deloitte S&O are included. All MBB-placed TCO participants are still with the firms, and one is a principal having joined as a consultant. Only one participant has left McKinsey to join another firm where she is on a partnership track.

LOGIN: Existing Firmsconsulting TCO Intro subscribers can use their FC credentials to login. New subscribers can create login details on this website.

UNIVERSITIES: Bulk subscriptions qualify for a promotional price. Email [email protected] for details.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: There are no refunds but you can cancel at anytime. This pricing is focused on clients in emerging markets and/or with limited incomes.

WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE: Streaming access to all the content on this site. This is a self-taught program without email-based teaching. Questions posted in the comments will be answered in our Top-10 ranked podcast channel for careers: Case Interviews & Management Consulting.

NOTE: Coaching Session 6 (Brainstorming) also includes Sanjeev's Session 6 since there are audio problems with Felix's Session 6.

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Remote Jobs at My Consulting Offer

My Consulting Offer is a coaching and training firm for job applicants.

What They Do

My Consulting Offer provides assistance in landing and passing interviews for consulting jobs. The company specializes in helping clients obtain offers from management consulting firms.
My Consulting Offer sometimes offers remote jobs. Travel is not usually required for remote jobs with the company.

Remote Jobs

At the time of our research, we discovered a remote job for a virtual assistant.

Remote Tools Used

Research did not uncover any remote tools used by My Consulting Offer.

Research Findings

  • Research revealed one remote job posted by My Consulting Offer
  • We discovered My Consulting Offer hires for remote and on-site jobs
  • According to our research, this company hires for some freelance jobs
  • We noted salary data included in some job ads
  • Application method: online form
Remote Jobs at My Consulting Offer
View Current Remote Jobs in Consulting

This summary profile is not an official statement or endorsed by the company above. Profile provided is for jobseeker informational purposes only based on independent research completed by Virtual Vocations staff.


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