Southwestern crochet blanket pattern

Southwestern crochet blanket pattern DEFAULT
Crochet Southwest Stripe Afghan

Crochet Southwest Stripe Afghan

I am very inspired by the USA Southwest colour palette and cultural designs that originate from the Southwest. In fact, if you have noticed in some of our videos, there are paintings on the walls of our home that we picked up years ago, not originals, but giclee format, of Tim Yanke&#;s work, inspired by the Southwest.

Of all states, if I had to move to the USA, I would choose New Mexico. For those who follow along with me, you have heard me say this several times before. In my opinion, one of the prettiest states. There is a sense of cultural and baron features of New Mexico. Mixed in are the flavours of Southwest culture.

So for me, this Crochet Southwest Stripe Afghan has stolen my heart in the nature of the design. But I did wonder, how did they do it? Is there graphghan work at play? Exactly what did the Yarnspirations&#; Designer do? You know that if a seasoned crocheter like me is wondering how it was designed, others will wonder how you made it too because it&#;s a conversational piece.

Using the flavourful colours over Caron Simply Soft, this afghan is a bit of an optical illusion. Once you see the free pattern, you will come to understand why I am questioning construction. So for those who need help with the pattern to visualize it. Let me explain.

Crochet Southwest Stripe Afghan

The afghan isn&#;t one solid from side to side. It&#;s consisting of panels. If you notice the beige line in the middle of the blue section. That is the join of two panels coming together. If you follow the afghan across and see a raised ridge directly in the middle of being between two blue sections, that&#;s the ending of the panel.

So the panel is the construction of each panel starts in the beige area and then progresses to the oranges and then finishes blue. Once you have your strip complete, you do another. So the beige sides butt up to each other and the blue sides butt up together. So it gives you a wonderful look. But how is that blue section done? 

The blue section is drop-down stitches when you are working with blue. I thought for a bit that maybe there was graphghan work of carrying the blue under the stitch work to create it. Thankfully not&#; Kudos to the designer for not over complicating this fantastic design.

Even better, the designer has a diagram created for you to follow. What to know anything else cool?

The designer is also sharing with us what the multiples are for a repeat pattern. It&#;s So if you want to change the size, chain in multiples of 15 and then add 2 at the end of the chain to bring it in balance. So the multiple is 15 + 2. I love it a lot when the designer reveals this information.

Yarnspirations Patterns

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Southwestern Style Crochet Blanket Patterns &#; Navajo Afghan Patterns

This week we have had a request from Rita for some ideas for Southwestern Style or Navajo Blanket and Afghan patterns. I’ve searched a few of my favorite free crochet pattern sources online to find a collection of patterns for this theme. I hope you find a Southwestern Style Crochet Blanket Pattern you like in this collection.

Most of these designs are free crochet patterns but some premium patterns are also available. I have included “Premium” beside the patterns which are for sale and they are located from #24 to # There are also a few patterns available from a site which requires email registration. I have belonged to this site since without issue but if you feel uncomfortable signing up with them, please skip the patterns listed below with the * beside them.

Southwestern Style Crochet Blanket Patterns (Navajo Afghan Patterns)

Navajo and Southwestern Style Afghan Patterns Lookup Request FreeCrochetTutorials

1 Southwestern Cable Afghan – Karen Wolfram

2 Southwestern Rainbow Throw – Marianne Forrestal – Red Heart Yarn Website

3 Southwestern Mosaic Cross Throw – Tara Sensenbaugh

4 Modular SouthWest Design-it-Yourself – Judith Russell

5 Navajo Afghan Pattern – Afghans and Matching Pillows | Book No. | Coats & Clark’s O.N.T. – Free Vintage Crochet

6 Indian Navajo Blanket – A Manual of Worsted Work For Those Who Knit and Crochet –  Lion Brand Yarn (c. )

7 Pinal Afghan Pattern – Purple Kitty Yarns

8 Navajo Indian Blanket – Yarn Lover’s Room (LOVE this one!!) You can see an image of it here: Retro Remake

9 Navajo Diagonal Squares– Katherine Eng

10 Navajo Granny Square– Katherine Eng

11 Navajo Triangle Strips – Katherine Eng

12 Navajo Quilt– Katherine Eng

13 Navajo Shell Ripple – Katherine Eng

14 In-the-round Square Navajo Lap Blanket – Heather Tucker

15 Indian Stripe Afghan – American Thread Company – Free Vintage Crochet

16 A touch of the south-west -Wendy Harbaugh

17  Indian Summer – DROPS design

18 Southwest Graph Afghan – Lori Bennett Kramer

19 Southwest Afghan– Katherine Eng

20 Southwest Sage Throw – Coats Design Team

21 Southwestern Stripes – Lion Brand Yarn

22 Native American Afghan- Patricia Mettille

23 Southwest Sampler–  Deborah Levy-Hamburg

24 PREMIUM: No longer available


Annie's Indian Blanket

25 PREMIUM:No longer available
Available here: Free:

Diamonds and Stripes

26 No longer available

Ultimate Book of Southwest Patterns

27 PREMIUM: Desert Rainbow Afghan Pattern from Leisure Arts
Desert Rainbow Afghan ePattern
28 PREMIUM: Tribal Spirit Cover-Up Crochet Afghan from Leisure Arts
Tribal Spirit Cover-Up Crochet ePattern


Navajo and Southwestern Style Afghan Patterns Lookup Request FreeCrochetTutorials Pinterest

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  2. The crafty quilter blog
  3. Super mario flash levels
  4. Steven butler sonic

Corner To Corner Crochet Afghan Southwestern Throw Blanket

This article will teach you how to complete a corner to corner crochet project with confidence.

The best part?

We have used the Southwestern pattern as an example, and I must say this is one awesome design.

That&#;s not all&#;

There is a video included that illustrates step by step how to crochet a corner to corner blanket.

Southwestern Corner To Corner Crochet Blanket


Corner To Corner Crochet Southwest Throw Blanket Pattern

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the loveliest corner to corner crochet afghan you’ve ever seen. This pattern was designed by Stuff Steph Makes.

Being the curious crocheting enthusiast I am, I set out to replicate the same results only with a bit of a personal twist. Corner to corner afghan patterns and throw blankets are all the rage right now. And it&#;s not hard to see why.

I’m telling you, you’re going to fall in love with the idea of crocheting designs in an exciting new way. For beginners or knitters who are unfamiliar with the corner to corner crochet, there are plenty of web resources you can make use of to create some stunning pieces for your loved ones.

What Is A Corner To Corner Crochet Pattern?

The corner to corner crochet pattern is a well-loved crochet style which makes use of graphs to make beautiful patterns and designs.

Corner to corner is a crochet style which uses graphs to make patterns or designs in the crochet, arranged into small blocks. It&#;s often used to create very colorful or pictorial designs.

Usually, you don&#;t get a full line by line tutorial as you might for a regular pattern because the stitch is easy and repeats for every block. But you do get a graph which shows which block should be in which color.

Sometimes the corner to corner blankets are called &#;graph-ghans&#; because you follow the graph to make them.

These can be arranged into small blocks to form any of a variety of pieces you can create which include Afghans, baby blankets and warm clothes you can slip into during cold weather.

The pattern is often used to create colorful pictorial designs that will most assuredly turn heads everywhere you go. You can use your kids’ favorite colors as a corner to corner crochet inspiration.

You will have some much fun crocheting the corner to corner crochet pattern. Considered a Southwestern style of crocheting, the C2C pattern is a work of genius. The design is perfect for a variety of projects.

Corner To Corner Crochet Southwestern Afghan Throw blanket

Southwestern Throw Materials

  • Any brand of worsted weight yarn. You can pick any set of colors you like. About to yards or to meters of yarn should suffice.
  • A U.S size 8 or mm hook.

Used in this example:

Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn
Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Colonial Blue and Mustard
Red Heart Super Saver Accent in Paradise, Cranberry, and Coral

Finished Size

Throw size is approximately 45″ by 60″

Southwestern Pattern Afghan Crochet Blanket

Crochet Beginner Pattern &#; Looks Harder Then It Is

Although this design does look like a challenge, once you get going it&#;s very easy.

This pattern is in the form of a downloadable graph so that you can emulate the afghan style of the throw. It assumes that you already know how to create a basic corner to corner style. If not, then you can watch the video below for a demonstration.

After a couple of lines, you’ll have gotten the hang of corner to corner crochet. The hardest part of this pattern will be handling all of the yarn. After a while, however, it won’t be as big of a deal as you would expect of a pattern of this skill level.

My Corner To Corner Crocheting Journey

I set out to create a few pieces using the corner to corner crochet shortly after getting my hands on the PDF document. My sister-in-law only recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and a baby blanket was just what I had in mind.

The initial plan was to crochet up three pieces, but after the third one, I just couldn’t stop. Two days later and yards upon yards of yarn, I had five stunningly beautiful crochet baby blankets.

I used the color pink alongside a few other colorful shades. The result I must admit was better than I anticipated. From time to time, I surprise even myself with my crochet skills. You know those projects you’re sure are going to come out lovely but go on to look better than you imagined?

Corner To Corner Afghan Crochet Throw Southwestern Pattern

The corner to corner crochet pattern is precisely that. Never before have I encountered such beauty, such intricate detailing, and comfort. I’m confident the little girl will love the blankets.

The material I used was soft and delicate enough to avoid irritating the baby’s sensitive skin. It is recommended to use yarn that is rated as being safe for babies and one that is soft and washable as well.

Crocheting A Southwestern Crochet Blanket To Keep Me Warm

Baby blankets aside, I have also recently used the corner to corner crochet pattern to create a warm throw blanket for myself. I have developed this habit of staying up late either catching up on episodes of my favorite television shows or to simply read a good book.

It can get quite chilly, too chilly for my liking and so I needed to knit up something to keep me warm.

I have this method of determining whether or not my crochet projects are a success.

Here’s what I do, I finish a new project, say a blanket or an afghan then leave it lying around. Knowing full well that my teenage daughter will come across it at some point. She has impeccable taste in fabrics and fashion in particular which I use to my advantage.

If the ice queen shows the slightest interest in my blanket, then I can confidently assert that my efforts yielded great results. So far, I have been on a winning streak thanks to the corner to corner crochet pattern.

Step By Step Corner To Corner Crochet Video Tutorial

If the idea of the Corner to Corner crochet is new to you, don&#;t worry. Once you get the idea it&#;s easy! Check out this  this video below in which everything is explained.

This southwestern crochet pattern is by &#;Stuff Steph Makes&#; and she provides the free downloadable PDF which is only a graph.

If you like to see more patterns, check out this Free Tree of Life Afghan Throw Pattern, Afghan US Navy Crochet Pattern, 33 Crochet Throw Blanket Patterns, and 27 Afghan Crochet Patterns.

Download the C2C Southwestern graph here


More Crochet Blanket Patterns Here


16 Free Southwest Afghan Crochet Patterns


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