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I made these giant numbers and love how they turned out!

This project took me two nights. I made the templates first and cut the back of the numbers out.

The next night (day before his birthday) I attached the sides on the numbers and filled with balloons. 

For best results, I would recommend attaching the balloons the day of or the day before.


UPDATE: To use less paper - don't click CUT MARKS or LABELS when printing.

Some people lose track of how to lay the pages out but if you start horizontal across 4 pages and then start the next row below it. See photo of pages taped. 


PDF number file printed (poster format)

2- 30x40 inch foam board

5 - 20x30 inch foam board

UPDATE:  After making several numbers now (8, 6, 2, 0) I use approx 6 - 20x30 boards

3 boards for the back of the number and 7-8 side pieces. 

Ruler, pencil and exacto knife

Hot glue gun & glue sticks or white tape

I made the template in a PDF file by printing it as a poster. 

Adjusted tile scale to 500% and draft setting to save ink.

**Video shows step by step instructions on how to print**

I have the PDF for #1, 2, 6, 8, and 0. Just email me and I'll send the PDF file. I'll work on making all of them and post an update.

All the pages had a small white border. I didn't worry about all the pages matching up, only the edges of the numbers. 

Taped together and cut the number out.

I found 30 x 40 foam boards at Office Max for under $8. 

I used the larger boards for the back of the numbers. Since the numbers are much larger I also used an additional 20x30 smaller board to fit the entire number. 

Trimmed and attached the two boards with packing tape.

#3,5,6,8,9, and 0 are rounded at the bottom and a little taller than the other numbers. I used the #1 to measure how much to cut off the bottom of the #8. This worked out perfect to make the bottom flat to allow it to stand up. 

I used the 20x30 boards to make the sides of the numbers. Measured 6" strips and cut. Each board made 3 strips and I think I used 5 boards to finish out the 1 and 8. 

Dollar store sells foam boards!!! Same boards at Walgreens were $5.29 each.

I used hot glue to attach the 6" strips around the edge of the #1. The straight edges were the easiest. 

To make the angles you have to lightly score the foam board about 1" apart. 

Don't press too hard. If you do cut complete through, just use tape to re-attach. I didn't have that issue but could easily see it happen.

To make the point in the #8, I scored the foam board on the opposite side from the rounded edges. 

Busy working and watching TV.


I inflated all the balloons different sizes. 

7" chrome balloons - approx 35 

12" light green and dark green balloons - approx 45 

Green & white water balloons

3 random grey balloons :)

Glue dots

NOTE: Next time I'll purchase a bigger variety of sizes. More 7" and some 5" balloons.

I used a hand pump to inflated a bunch of balloons 2 nights before and stored in a trash bag. The rest were done during assembly. 

I would not assemble more than a day in advance. The balloons start to loose air and gaps start to form. For best result assemble the day of or day before.

I used glue dots to hold the balloons touching the board and other balloons. These dots are super sticky. I would only unroll to show one dot at a time to prevent multiple being attached. They don't come off.

I used 200 for the 1 & 8 but ran out and had to use double sided tape. It did not work well. I highly recommend the glue dots. 

I ordered some on Amazon - 3000 (30 rolls of 100). I figured I'll need them for the next birthday. 

I also found these the day after at Wal-Mart for $3.63 for 300.

I used water balloons to make smaller balloons to fill in all the gaps.

I added the same color balloons on balloon stands and placed on either side.

I also used 12" silver confetti balloons. 

So impressive. Great centerpiece to a party or backdrop.

Since my son turned 18 I also made a banner with "18 things you can do now that you're 18."

Free instant download link above.

He loved everything!

I'm now planning for a baby shower, 16th birthday, and graduation!


I have three other video tutorials on how to make the mosaic numbers and one for USA letters. Each one shows something a little different based on questions I received from people. The 18 was my very first one to make.

2020 Graduation Balloon Mosaics

2nd Birthday Mosaic - Pink, Gold, & White

16th Birthday Balloons - Gold, Black, & White

Red, White, Blue USA letters

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Video tutorial

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Who else loves the mosaic balloon number frames?!  Although they aren’t completely new, they are pretty popular to decorate for an event. The good news is they are fairly easy to make and are budget friendly just like the Balloon Wall Mural.  

Make your own Mosaic Balloon Number for your birthday party.  Easy Tutorial on how to make a balloon number

It took me an afternoon to create a number 12 mosaic balloon sculpture.  After doing the first number, the second one was much easier as I knew what I needed to do.  Without further ado, check out our tutorial on how to make your own 5 ft mosaic balloon number sculpture.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to help out.

How Many Balloons Does It Take

The amount of balloons will vary.  It will depend on how many numbers or letters you have.  For my project I used roughly 60 balloons for the number 12.  My suggestion is to purchase more balloons that you think you’ll need and return what you didn’t use.

How to Make A Mosaic Balloon Number Sculpture

Disclaimer: We are Amazon associates which means we earn a commission if you purchase through our Amazon links. At no extra cost to you. Our commission is super tiny, so buy local if you can, but if you can’t we appreciate the pennies.

Following Photos Via Pinterest

Materials Needed For the Balloon Number Sculpture

Step 1: Print and Assemble Your Number Template

I created these mosaic balloon numbers in word and saved as a PDF. You will want to open your PDF Number Template in Adobe.  You can get a number 1 or 2 template below. Get the 3 and 8 templates here.

How Do I Print Large Numbers?

Even those these mosaic balloon number templates were created in Word, I find that it is easier to print in Adobe. This program is a free download. When printing your template in Adobe select the the poster option; change the tile scale to 500% and overlap to 0; select grayscale to save on ink; and print.  The preview window will show you how many sheets will be printed and how to line them up.

Next lay out all of your printed template.  You can double check the printing preview window again to make sure you’ve lined all the papers correctly.  Once you know it is correct start taping these papers together.  Finally you will want to cut out the number.  When this is done, your template will be ready to use

Step 2: Tape The Foam Boards Together

Tape your foam boards together

6 Foam Boards are typically used to create a balloon number sculpture.  I purchased mine from the Dollar Store, but you can find foam boards at any craft store, Walmart, or Amazon. 

Tape 3 20×30 boards together with packing tape.  Flip over to tape the other side

Step 3: Cut Your Balloon Number Sculpture & Side Pieces

Take your template and place it on your taped together foam boards.  You can either tape this template or trace it onto the foam boards.  

Use a box cutter to cut the number out.

After you’ve cut out your number, you will need to make the 6” side pieces.  Using your ruler, measure out 6” the length of the foam board and cut.  You can use this as a template to make more 6” side pieces.  You should be able to get 3 sides out of 1 foam board.

For rounded edges lightly score the foam board about an 1” apart.  You can use your ruler as a guide to help you score straight lines. Gently press the foam board to open the scored lines  

Lightly Score the foam board about one inch apart.

Step 4: Assemble The Balloon Number Sculpture

Use a hot glue gun to attach the sides to the number.  Add glue to the edge of the number to attach the sides. 

Measure and cut the edges to completely surround your number.  

Step 5: Fill up Balloons

Using your hand pump, fill up the balloons.  You will want to have various sizes to create a beautiful mosaic look.  I don’t fill them up all the way.  1, 2, or 3 pumps for the 5” balloons.  To make the color even squeeze the balloon and twist the top before tying.  

Step 6: Create Your Mosaic Look

Once you have filled all your balloons up, use a low heat glue gun or glue dots to attach the balloons to the balloon number sculpture. Place a drop of glue in between balloons to keep them together and in place.  

Keep attached balloons until you have filled up the balloon number sculpture and have achieved the look you are looking for.  

Finally sit back and look at what you’ve accomplished.  If you need another number, repeat the process again.  

Pinterest Pin for Mosaic Balloon Number

Make your own Mosaic Balloon Number for your next get together. Check out the 6 easy steps on how to make a mosaic balloon number sculpture.
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Balloon Mosaics

Some of my most popular balloon Mosaic offerings include: Balloon numbers, balloon letters, and custom balloon shapes.

They are available in 3 sizes: 30” tabletop, 40”, and freestanding 5ft. During our consultation, I will recommend the best size options for you depending on what you’ll be using them for. Please see below to see how versatile these birthday number balloons and custom shapes can be!


.Shown above is a Pikachu number balloon for a Pokemon themed birthday celebration.

Balloon numbers

Celebrate any milestone event in style with a birthday number balloon in any color. Balloon delivery in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville is available or contactless pickup.

Balloon letters can be made up to 5FT for a stunning and elegant display. Pictured is a 5 ft balloon letter in blush pink, gold, and white.

Balloon Letters

Mosaic letter balloons create a ‘wow factor’ at any milestone event such as a birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, anniversary, or graduation.

Custom shapes can be drawn freehanded and created to suit any event theme, such as this Valentines latte cup.

Custom balloon shapes

If there’s a unique shape or logo that needs to be created for your event, I’d love to help! Creating balloon mosaic structures is an art and I love a challenge!


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