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Decorating With Architectural Salvage Adding Vintage Style

I’ve always had a soft spot for tattered and chippy pieces. I know that each one tells a story of where they have been. I live in a newer home but I still like to incorporate architectural salvage in my decor. If you’ve ever come across an old door, a chippy post or a piece of wood and you’re like me you’ll want to scoop that piece up and add it into your decor. Adding architectural salvage pieces really give a room a unique look. Especially when you love vintage style as much as I do. Let’s talk about what you can do with those unique architectural salvage pieces when you find them and how to incorporate them into your home.

Height And Balance

If you’re out junking and come across a cool piece of architectural salvage think about which room you’ll add it too. Will it fit? What about the height and balance of that room? You don’t want to add a piece that’s too small as it could get lost in the room. But you also don’t want it to be over powering. This door is very large, but it’s in a room that has 15 ft ceilings. I needed something large in this room to fill up the all space and this door works perfectly. That metal dormer vent pulls my wall vignette together. Below the vent is an old wood screen that I used as the frame for that antique painting and bundle of dried flowers. Also in the corner but out of view of this photo is an old ladder. That ladder balances this wall out but isn’t too overpowering.

Decorating With Architectural Salvage Adding Vintage Style

Here’s a door that I added to my kitchen. This door was the perfect backdrop for a small table that I had in this corner. It also helped balance the wall because of my china cabinet. Always think about how if a piece will help balance a wall or room. If it’s super cool but too large or too small for the space you’re thinking about adding it too, pass on it.

Decorating With Architectural Salvage Adding Vintage Style


Versatile Pieces

An old mantle can be used in any room that you have an empty space. This is in my dining room. It allowed me to create this vignette. Instead of just adding that artwork it completed this room.

Decorating With Architectural Salvage Adding Vintage Style


As you can see this mantle also works well in my master bedroom. It’s small enough to work in several rooms so keep that in mind when you come across a piece. Will it only work in one room or can you move it around. I love finding pieces that will work in several rooms in my home.


Decorating With Architectural Salvage Adding Vintage Style

The Unexpected Pieces

This ladder was placed on my cabinets. It joined the cabinets together and created unique interest and style. As you can see I also decorated above my cabinets. I placed old chippy corbels bringing vintage style and architectural salvage in my kitchen. Use pieces in unexpected places or for unexpected uses as well. I think it’s more interesting to the eye.

Decorating With Architectural Salvage Adding Vintage Style

This garden gate caught my eye because it was unique in style. I’ve never seen one quite like it. As soon as I spotted it I knew it would be perfect as wall art.

Decorating With Architectural Salvage Adding Vintage Style

So if you’re looking to add architectural pieces to your home have an idea of where you’d like these pieces to go. If you have empty walls or blank spaces that need some interest adding architectural salvage is a perfect way to add vintage style to your home. Make sure to measure those areas and keep them with you along with a tape measure so if you’re out and spot something you can bring it home. Also take photos with your phone. Sometimes it’s hard to picture a room in our mind. Visually seeing a photo of your space while you’re looking at that unique piece of architectural salvage will make your decision easier if you spot something.

Do you decorate with architectural salvage ?













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Get fun decorating ideas for using vintage architectural salvage elements in your home decor. You’ll be inspired to hit the flea market!

Does everyone love vintage architectural salvaged finds as much as I do? I know the home magazines definitely feature rooms decorated with them often. And of course you can find made-to-look-old new versions easily, too. Today’s post celebrates this decorative treasure in a big way. I’m hoping that once you see all the inspiration in this Best Ideas for Using Vintage Architectural Salvage in your Decor, you’ll run to the next flea market or vintage store and find more for your home!

I’m joining my Lifestyle of Love friends today to share our love of decorating with architecture. Thanks to Cindy at County Road 407 for rounding up this great group of ladies! I can’t wait to see all their inspiration and ideas. If you’re visiting from Le Cultivateur, I’m sure you loved Emily’s salvaged candlestick holders. The rest of the links are at the end.

vintage decor style blog hop

Best Ideas for Using Vintage Architectural Salvage in Your Decor

For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission. There is no additional cost to you. My full privacy policy is here. 

What exactly is Vintage Architectural Salvage?

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term architectural salvage is something off of an old building. Which is definitely true, but I like to expand the term a bit. (yep…here I go redefining decorating terms again;)

I think architectural salvage is any part off of something larger. It’s like you broke the piece down to it’s skeleton and are using one part of the whole to decorate. I always say “The parts are more interesting than the whole”.

When you decorate with vintage parts from larger pieces, it gives your home a great industrial, artistic vibe. Definitely one of my favorite ways to decorate my home, as you’ll see!

Use parts from these items for an architectural look:

  • buildings: homes, factories, barns,
  • parts of vintage furniture: bedsprings, cupboard doors, trim pieces, mirror frames
  • outdoor structures: fences, windmills, gates
  • old machines
  • cars, vehicles

Architectural Salvaged Elements Can Be Used Alone as Art

These architectural elements usually have so much surface patina and interesting structure, they can be used alone as art. Hang them on the wall, lean them on your mantle, or place them on your bookshelves or coffee table. Their chippy, rusty, timeworn selves are beautiful to those of us who love old things!

Architectural elements I use often:

  • old wheels
  • floor grates
  • lampshades
  • individual bedsprings
  • spindles

Repurpose Salvaged Architectural Elements

One of my favorite things to do is repurpose these old treasures and turn them into something else. Whenever I can find vintage ceiling tin, I can’t wait to apply it to a piece of furniture or a frame.

Table legs, porch posts and spindles can easily be upcycled into wonderful candlesticks. Their architectural charm can be used anywhere in your home.

Use Your Vintage Salvage as a Backdrop or Foundation for Decor

I love to switch up my decor often, but don’t want to put a bunch of holes in my walls. Using a piece of vintage architectural salvage as a backdrop or foundation works great. I use small nails or tie whatever decorative elements to the architectural item.

Here are some of the items I place on my salvaged pieces:

  • wreaths
  • garland
  • framed prints: groupings or single
  • empty frames
  • floral arrangements

Build Salvaged Architectural Pieces into Your Home

If you want to give your home vintage character, build architectural pieces into your home’s bones. Our fake farmhouse is 100+ years old, but had been stripped of it’s old house architecture. We’ve added the character back in by hanging old doors and turning old windows into cupboards.

Every interior door in our house is from another old house, and each one is different. I love all the different styled doors and the character they bring to our home.

cozy reading nook in kitchen

For Ultimate Wall Decor Possibilities, Add a Shelf

If you love to have lots of decorating possibilities, like me, combine your architectural salvaged wall art with a shelf below or above. You’ll be able to style the shelf and architecture together, trailing garland or foliage throughout. Your layering options will be multiplied with the combo!

And if your shelf is a piece of architectural salvage, than all the better!

vintage decor
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As you can see, vintage architectural salvage is the backbone of my home’s decorating! This was a”this-is-your-life” post of the many “junk” (as I fondly call them) pieces we’ve had in our home through the years. I hope it made you want to head to the flea market, or your favorite vintage shop and pick up some more architectural salvage!

Become an Insider down below to keep the ideas and inspiration going!

Hopefully you got plenty of new ideas in this Best Ideas for Using Vintage Architectural Salvage in your Decor! Pin away! If you’re hopping in order, visit my friend Amber at Follow the Yellow Brick Home next!

Please Pin, Share, and Enjoy the Rest of the Inspiration!

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    The BEST Architectural Salvage Decor Finds!

    One of my absolute FAVORITE type of decor is called Architectural Salvage. What is Architectural Salvage? It is goods or property from a home, building or…

    structure that have been saved or rescued from destruction. It isn’t anything new. It’s very much like an antique because the piece has history and was a part of something. These pieces can be re-purposed in countless ways. I have architectural salvage decor pieces in different rooms throughout my home. One of my favorite things about architectural salvage decor is that every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind; there are no two pieces alike.

    Architectural salvage finds can be found at local vintage/antique stores, demolition sites and junkyards just to name a few.  That being said, I have complied a list of some of my favorite Architectural Salvage finds available online- just click the picture and you will be directed to that item. Enjoy!

    Antiqued Wooden Door Panel Wall Decor Architectural Salvage Decor

    Architectural Detail Wall Decor Architectural Salvage Decor

    Small Wooden Shutter, Set of 2 Architectural Salvage Decor

    Old Carriage House Corbel, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    7 Ft. Architectural Wood Molding Architectural Salvage Decor

    Old Window Pane Arch, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    Architectural Gable Wall Decor, Set of 4 Architectural Salvage Decor

    decorative-architectural-pediment Architectural Salvage Decor

    Oversized Old Mill Window Pane, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    Victorian Style Architectural Wall Decor Architectural Salvage Decor

    HUGE 34 Inch Victorian Corbels, Set of 2, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    Architectural Capital Table Lamp

    Cutout Arch Metal Wall Decor

    Pleated Tin Arched Wall Decor Relic

    Gunmetal Headboard Wall Decor

    3 Piece Framed Geometric Wall Decor

    Aged Decorative Wall Panel

    Old General Store Corbel, , large image number 0

    Square Wood and Embossed Tin Wall Decor

    Aged Lattice Decorative Wall Panel

    Cathedral Molding Wall Panel Decor, Set of 2

    Acanthus Leaf Wall Decor, Set of 2

    Decorative Black Garden Gate

    Slender Decorative Corbel

    LARGE Vintage Inspired Decorative Ceiling Tile

    Double Door French Chateau Decorative Facade

    Dark Distressed Corbel, Set of 2

    Rustic 6 Pane Window with Corbel Shelf

    Creamware Flea Market Finds Random Platters, Set of 6, , large image number 2

    Architectural Salvage Pediment Relic with Hooks, , large image number 2 Architectural Salvage Decor

    Architectural Carved Relic Wall Art Set of 2, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    *HUGE* Rustic Fan Wall Decor, , large image number 1 Architectural Salvage Decor

    Rustic Pillar Wall Sconce Light, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    Rustic Weathered Corbel Set of 2, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    HUGE Distressed Wall Corbel, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    *HUUUGE* Acanthus Leaf Corbel Relic, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    HUGE Old Warehouse Window Frame, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    HUGE Hanging Window Frames, Set of 4, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    HUGE Flea Market Door Panel, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    Intricate Scroll Work Carved Wooden Doors, Set of 2, , large image number 0 Architectural Salvage Decor

    I hope you enjoyed this list! Which piece of architectural salvage is your favorite!? Can you pick just one? I know I can’t! Leave a comment below! Subscribe below so you don’t miss out on other great home decor articles!


    Special Holiday for French Tapestry

    Tags: antique,architectural salvage,corbel,decor,door,farmhouse,finds,french country,home,home accents,home decor,piece,rustic,shabby chic,vintage,wall accents,wall decor,window

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    fireplace Looks like a Princess would live here....

    I like how the fireplace goes right to the ceiling

    Decorating with architectural salvage ~ courtesy of Touch of Elegance Interiors.

    Salvaged industrial finds have a unique decorative and sculptural quality.

    I can’t believe next week is Christmas & I failed to share our full Christmas decor tour with you guys… I didn’t even show you our front living room yet. Hopefully by the end of the week I will share more with you guys & today I wanted to share with you a little glimpse …

    Decorating with architectural salvage

    Salvaged elements for the home


    BEST FAUX FLOWERS AND HOW TO USE THEM IN YOUR DECOR- Faux flowers are a fabulous decor elememt to use in our homes. The secret is to get real looking ones.

    A blog about home and garden design including French Country design.

    Decorating with architectural salvage

    48 Retail Display Ideas 27

    #French#Entryway French Entryway. Unbelievable white entry foyer and curved staircase, fabulous trim

    Quite possibly the biggest clock in Kemptville! Ronan Large from Uttermost. In store now! (July 2014) 60" diameter!!! Kemptville Interiors 613-258-9333

    72 recuperado granero Haz el accesorio ligero con soportes de

    Top 5 Pinterest Pins: DIY Earth Day Upcycling Home Decor Projects | HelloSociety

    Vintage Sewing Cabinet Turned Porch Planter

    love the salvaged mirror sold at Iron Accents.

    Cheryl's Fascinatingfinds

    Gammy's Little House: Cubbies of treasured LITTLES - this would perfect for my stairway wall!

    DIY.. Amazing Architectural Salvage. I have some of these, 2 sets, art deco - from an old movie theater in Trinidad, co

    Decorating with architectural salvage ~ courtesy of Touch of Elegance Interiors.

    Salvaged shelf. Love the lifelike sheep in the front.

    What a find. Salvaged Headboard

    Christmas Wreath...Old Farm Machinery Piece...repurposed into a rusty rustic wreath with plaid bow & greens...from Olde Tyme Marketplace.

    I love the chippy white and shabby chic of this website

    Decor Steals' White Wood Chandelier shared by Creating This Life blog!

    Shabby chic, French country, farmhouse, decor, home

    Here's what I love: aged corbels with brown barn-board on top, the patina of the corbels, and their design - pretty, pretty, pretty!!

    Vintage platters--What a pretty way to display your silver platters.

    Old Bed Headboard And Bike Shabby Chic Decor

    Shabby Chic Ireland: Romantic Shabby Chic - Bedroom furniture

    Viyet Style Inspiration | Living Room | Designer Industrial

    Quite possibly the biggest clock in Kemptville! Ronan Large from Uttermost. In store now! (July 2014) 60" diameter!!! Kemptville Interiors 613-258-9333

    love all the old clocks and salvaged pieces

    Salvaged elements for the home

    The Dreamiest Spanish Revival Home Tour | lark & linen #hometour

    Giclee Print: Vue du grand atelier du 2e étage avec l'escalier en spirale construit par Albert Lafon en 1895. : 24x18in

    Art Deco grey living room decor

    DIY Wooden Wall Hanging with LED - Home decor - Handmade - Malayalam - artwist

    Let your walls transport you to another place by adding a mural. Whether you hand-paint it or choose a wall covering, the motif will make a big impact.

    7. Install shelving

    If you’ve run out of floor space for bookshelves, take your collection to the wall. Install floating shelves and display hardcovers, small sculptures, and other odds and ends.

    8. Hang plates

    Why hide your fine china in the cabinet when you can show it off? Use wire plate hangers to display your favorite dishes and serving platters. If you’re a collector of any design object, this might be the move for you–we’ve even seen breadboards as pieces of art on the wall of a Brooklyn brownstone.

    9. Display sculptural sconces

    Sconces add an extra source of light without taking up space on the floor or a side table. Choose an eye-catching design that doubles as a wall sculpture to bring in light and style.

    10. Go greener

    Plants don’t just have to sit on the windowsill. Try hanging or wall-mounted planters to add a bit of greenery to your space and nature to your walls. If you’re not big on water, you can opt for a high-quality faux plant (and no one will probably ever be the wiser).

    11. Tap into texture with macramé wall art

    Those ’70s macramé wall hangings have come back in a big way. The weavings add texture and warm up stark walls. Shop for them on Etsy, or try your hand at making your own.

    12. Or try beaded wall art

    This wall hanging is made using the Maasai beading tradition. We love the minimalist black-and-white design. The stunning piece is handmade in Tanzania using glass beads sourced from the Czech Republic.

    13. Hang an oversized wall calendar

    A large calendar works especially well on an office or kitchen wall. Keep track of your events while also adding a standout element to enliven your room. Try bright and bold calendars with sans serif fonts to create a modern look and add a pop of color.

    14. Set the tone with a giant whiteboard or chalkboard

    A big board is a perfect functional addition to an office, playroom, or even a kitchen. A chalkboard lends a rustic air to any room, while a whiteboard is the contemporary alternative—and you don't have to stick to just white (they’re available in a variety of shades and prints). You can take it to the next level and paint an entire wall with WriteWallPaint, which creates a writeable surface.

    15. Create a basket wall


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