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We offer a wide selection of pedicures, from basic treatments to specialty care. Tap on a service to see what’s included.

  • $27

    Warm foot bath, shaping, cuticle care, buffing, nourishing butter & polish.

  • $15

    Choose between a lavender soak, rose soak or vanilla soak. Massage with vanilla shimmer lotion, rose and lavender lotion or pineapple lotion.

  • $30

    Warm foot bath, shaping, buffing, exfoliating foot scrub, nourishing butter & polish.

  • $35

    Warm foot bath with a Fizz tablet. Aloe scrub exfoliates dead skin. Finish with a cooling gel massage.

  • $35

    Aromatherapy bath with tea tree and eucalyptus oil followed by a peppermint scrub that polishes the skin to perfection. Finish with a massage using shea butter, and cucumber.

    Add a peppermint mask for $10

  • $35

    Lavender bath with essential and rose oils. Exfoliation of your feet and legs with lavender jojoba scrub. Finish with a moisturizing lavender oil massage.

    Add a herbal hydrating mask for $10

  • $35

    Pamper your feet in a sweet lemon mineral soak, followed by a lemon citrus exfoliating treatment. Finish with a massage using cucumber aloe shea butter.

    Add a lemon + cucumber melon foot mask for $10

  • $35

    Soak your feet in a warm milk bath with lemon slices followed by an exfoliating honey scrub. Finish with a vanilla lotion massage.

    Add a lemon tea and organic honey mask for $10

  • $40

    Indulge your feet in an herbal red olive bath with coconut oil followed by a red olive mineral scrub, and finish with red olive créme massage.

    Add a hydrating red olive extract mask for $10

  • $45

    Start with a bath using diamond crystals and ocean salt followed by an exfoliating Hawaiian orchid sugar scrub. Finish with a Hawaiian orchid massage lotion.

    Add a Pure Organics Hawaiian orchid mask for $15

  • $50

    A rose petal soak followed by an exfoliating organic vanilla salt scrub. Revitalize your feet with tiny bubbles in a golden champagne rinse. Finish with a milk and honey butter massage.

  • $55

    Start with a pomegranate bath, followed by an exfoliating pomegranate gel scrub. Finish with a massage using pomegranate lotion.

    Add a moisturizing antioxidant mask for $10

  • $55

    Choose an ice cream bath bomb to begin (we have many to choose from!) Exfoliate with a chocolate scrub and finish with a massage using vanilla lotion.

    Add a Mandarin Pedi Marine Clay mask for $10

  • $60

  • $40

    Add a Foot Mask for $5

  • $40

    Soak with an Asian pear salt, then exfoliate with aloe vera + coconut oil. Finish with a warm towel wrap and a massage using Asian pear body butter.

  • $40

    A citrus mimosa bath salt soak followed by a citrus mimosa sugar scrub with aloe vera + coconut oil. Finish with a warm towel wrap and a massage using citrus mimosa body butter with bilberry, orange and chervil extracts.

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    1. What is the difference between French manicure and pink and white?

    A pink and white is form of nail, an extension. ... A French manicure is simply a polish style, using white on the tips and you can use any number of colors for the base of the nail. An American manicure is essentialy the same thing, except you use an off white on the nail tip to project a more natural tip color

    2. What is Pink and White Nail ?

    Pink & White Acrylic Nails, also known as French tips, are a look consisting of white tips on a pink nail base. They are typically achieved by adding a plastic tip or sculpting one to the nail and covering it in acrylicpowder and/or gel.

    3. What is French nails ?

    The french manicure is literally a just a pink base with white nail tips as shown in the picture below this paragraph. Hence one of the nicknames for the french manicure is pink and white nails. The point of french nails is that it is meant to look natural, more realistic and more durable than other artificial nails.

    4. What does French nails look like?

    The classic French tip manicure is done on short- to medium-length nails. The nails are shaped, either into a more rounded or squared shape. White polish is applied to the tips of each nail, then a sheer pink, flesh or beige tone is brushed over the nail bed. Top coat is applied to help your French tips last.

    5. What does Pink & white nails look like?

    Pink & white nails, also known as French tips, are a look consisting of white tips on a pink nail base. They are typically achieved by adding a plastic tip or sculpting one to the nail and covering it in acrylic powder and/or gel

    6. How long should French manicure last?

    French manicures done in a salon typically last three to four days. If the person with the manicure does not perform a lot of activity with her hands, a French manicure can last up to a week. The longevity of French manicures can be extended by applying a thin coat of clear nail polish daily to protect the polish.

    7. How long does pink and white nails last?

    Environmental factors also play a vital role in how long your pink and white nails last as well as how fast your nails grow. A general guide line for doing the above process is every two weeks or once a month but again this can radically change depending on the conditions your nails are exposed to

    Above are a few small differences between French manicure and Pink & White Nails. However, each sample will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Most importantly, it can make you look more beautiful. So do not hesitate to visit our nail salon 62704 to try and see which model suits you best

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    Welcome to Pink Nails Day Spa

    No appointment needed! Walk-ins welcome.

    One thing we all want is to feel young again. First 3 steps of rejuvenation: relaxation, health, and beauty. Escape from the ever-demanding work, kids, and husband or wife is the perfect solution. With our flawless nail care services and signature spa treatments, you are bound to experience revivification and vivaciousness like you never have before. Our mission is to have you walk out feeling fresh, beautiful, and rejuvenated... Even if that means bringing the kids or husband/wife along to put their demands on hold.

    As for those younger than, well, adulthood, a spa day is an effective way of escaping the crazy siblings/parents and stressful schoolwork. Plus, who doesn't want to feel beautiful? We know you have a tight schedule, so we can have you feeling beautiful within a short amount of time! Whether it's spending quality time with the girls, a guys' night out, or a quiet space for cramming for finals, we will have you walking out ready to party or for a hardcore cram session.

    Selected Treatments from our Spa.

    Spa Swedish Massage

    A Pink Nails Swedish Massage therapy is the modality that comes to mind when most people think about massage. As the best-known type of bodywork performed today, one of the primary goals of the Swedish Massage Technique is to relax the entire body.


    Spa Manicure

    With Pink Nails Day Spa's beautiful, luxurious atmosphere, our technicians are highly experienced and will give you a special experience with beautifully shaped nails and suggest the perfect color for your skin and the season.


    Spa Pedicure

    Pink Nails Spa Pedicure is a procedure which cleans and removes the dead skin cells from the feet and toenails. Choose through a menu of items that include an aromatic exfoliating scrub, hydrating mask, hot towel wrap, jelly pedicures, paraffin dips and more!


    Spa Facial

    Pink Nails Day Spa facial treatments offer an elevated experience with remarkable results. Each facial pampers with a warm mitt hand treatment, a heated pad for comfort, post-extraction cool stone application and our specialized facial massage.


    Spa Spray Tanning

    Pink Nails Day Spa specializes in all natural sunless tanning. All spray tanning is done by hand by a certified spray tan technician to ensure precision. Spray tanning is easy, fun, safe and less time-consuming. Get tanned and bronzed instantly!


    Spa Waxing

    Pink Nails Day Spa wax treatment technicians take the utmost care to protect the health and elasticity of the skin. The wax is applied warm, then removed gently, leaving skin absolutely smooth. This refined waxing and threading technique is extremely comfortable.


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