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How did the deadly attack at Anamosa prison unfold? Here's what investigators say.

The inmates charged with murdering two Anamosa State Penitentiary employees attacked them with hammers and briefly held another employee hostage, telling her she "would be next," according to a chilling account set forth in an affidavit released Wednesday.

The two inmates were attempting a long-discussed escape, and the prison employees, described as heroes for their actions, stepped in to intervene, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Richard Rahn said in a Wednesday press conference outside the penitentiary. 

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Here's how investigators believe the attack unfolded, according to the affidavit, which was filed by DCI investigators:

It was about 10:18 a.m. Tuesday when Jones County Emergency Dispatch received a 911 call requesting multiple ambulances to the state prison for at least three assault victims.

The two employees killed in the attack, registered nurse Lorena Schulte, 50, and correctional officer Robert McFarland, 46, were discovered lying on the floor of the prison infirmary's break room in the health and services lobby. Shattered glass was observed on a windowsill. 

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There were signs of apparent blunt force trauma to the heads of the victims: McFarland suffered a "severe rear skull fracture," and Schulte also suffered severe head injuries. Another victim in the attack, inmate McKinley Roby, 57, suffered multiple fractures to his skull. Roby, who was assaulted as he tried to help the employees, is hospitalized and expected to survive, the affidavit states.

The two inmates who allegedly committed the killings, identified as Michael Dutcher, 28, and Thomas Woodard, 39, were both serving extended sentences for robbery. They gained access to the prison infirmary under a ruse that they were there to repair equipment, Rahn said at the news conference.

Thomas Woodard

Dutcher and Woodard, who were described at the news conference as part of the maintenance crew at the prison, were armed with two hammers and a work tool known as a grinder, the affidavit says. Investigators believe the tools were taken from the maintenance shop. 

Michael Dutcher

The two inmates got into the break room, shattered glass and tried to use the grinder to cut the metal bars covering the window, Rahn said. The grinder was found by investigators at the windowsill, the affidavit says, and the two hammers believed to be used in the killing were found in the break room as well.

Schulte and McFarland tried to stop the escape, and the inmates then allegedly attacked the employees with the hammers, investigators say.

Another employee was 'held against her will,' document says

An unidentified female employee was on the second floor of the penitentiary, just above the break room. She heard glass break, looked out her window to the ground below and observed broken glass outside the break room, investigators say in the affidavit.

The employee ran downstairs and into the hallway that leads to the break room, where she saw blood and her injured coworkers, the document says. She then ran into another room next door to notify prison staff of what she believed was an escape attempt. 

Staff member Lori Mathis was in an adjacent room and walked across the hallway into the break room. Dutcher, with Woodard present, allegedly grabbed her and told her she "would be next" if she did not cooperate, investigators say in the affidavit. She was "held against her will for a period of time," only to be released right before Dutcher ran out of the break room, the document states.

Witnesses told investigators they saw Dutcher, who appeared to be covered with blood, running from the break room. He continued to run into an adjacent yard, where he was apprehended, the document says. 

Officers found Woodard in the break room, lying on the floor, the document states, along with McFarland and Schulte.

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Dutcher and Woodard have been charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder and second-degree kidnapping. If convicted, they would face a life sentence without parole.

Nick Coltrain contributed to this report.

Andrea Sahouri covers breaking news for the Des Moines Register. She can be contacted at [email protected], on Twitter @andreamsahouri, or by phone 515-284-8247.


Anamosa State Penitentiary

Kris Karberg, Warden
406 North High Street
Anamosa, IA 52205

Visiting hours:
For visiting information, please visit the department's visiting page.

  • Anamosa (Jones county)
  • Med-Max security
  • 319-462-3504
  • Approx. 321 Staff
  • Approx. 950 Offenders

  The Anamosa State Penitentiary (ASP) is a maximum/medium security institution that currently houses approximately 950 offenders.  Programs are offered which provide opportunities to acquire academic and vocational skills. Through a contract through Kirkwood Community College, offenders may pursue educational opportunities to include adult literacy, earning their HiSET, or taking classes leading to an Associate of Arts degree.  Iowa Prison Industries offers a variety of job skills training in its License Plates, Custom Woodworking, and Braille Transcription, Graphic Arts, Metal Furniture, Sign, Cleaning Products, Warehouse and Farming operations. ASP offenders also have the opportunity to gain apprenticeships in a variety of skills through a program recognized by the US Department of Labor.  In addition to education and work skills, many offenders receive cognitive based programming from the counseling staff.

On March 23, 2021, the Anamosa State Penitentiary suffered a tragic loss of two dedicated staff members. To view the memorial page to these two fallen public servants, click here.

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ANAMOSA, Iowa (KCRG) - The Anamosa State Penitentiary has a new Warden.

The Iowa Board of Corrections voted to approve the Iowa Department of Corrections’ selection of Kristofer Karberg as the prison’s new Warden.

Officials said Karberg brings more than 28 years of security operations experience to the role.

Karberg previously served with the South Dakota Department of Corrections for more than eight years. He is currently the Deputy Warden. Before that, Kerberg worked for the State Department as Site Commander of Security at the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The former Warden of the Anamosa State Penitentiary took a voluntary demotion in May after two staff members were killed in March.

The Iowa Board of Corrections also approved the selection of Nicholas Lamb as the new Warden of the Fort Dodge Correctional Facility.

Lamb was previously the Deputy Warden of Administration with the New Mexico Department of Corrections. Before that he spent 26-years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

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Anamosa State Penitentiary

Anamosa State Penitentiary
Anamosa State Penitentiary, 1911

Coordinates: 42°06′40″N91°17′28″W / 42.111°N 91.291°W / 42.111; -91.291

United States historic place

Anamosa State Penitentiary is a maximum security penitentiary prison located in the Jones County community of Anamosa, Iowa - approximately 25 miles (40 km) northeast of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Prison Operation[edit]

As of February 21, 2016, the penitentiary was home to approximately 855 inmates with another 175 in segregation and has 357 staff members.[2] Inmates working in the Iowa Prison Industries produce metal stamping, custom wood, printing, metal furniture, sign, and cleaning products at the penitentiary. The penitentiary also offers educational services, and has a contract with a community college for such services. The prison offers vocational training in welding, automobile repair, horticultural, and janitorial services. Inmates also are able to take courses to earn a high school diploma or a GED, or can take coursework towards an Associate of Artsdegree. The prison also offers substance abuse treatment programs for those inmates with drug and/or alcohol problems.

Supporting the Treatment and Security functions of the prison there is also a comprehensive program of religious services, physical, and creative activities.

A.S.P. Religion Center: This offers an expanding variety of services, programs, and studies from multiple faith groups. These include (listed alphabetically): Asatru, Buddhist, Christian (Catholic, Liturgical Protestant, Pentecostal & Gospel), Jehovah's Witnesses, Moorish Science Temple of America, Muslim (Sunni), Nation of Gods and Earths, Native American sacred ceremonies, Satanist, and Wicca. The program is supported by 60+ regular volunteers who are clergy and lay authorities in their various faith groups.

Activities areas also allow inmates to be positively occupied in various team sports through the gym. The hobby/craft area allows them to work with creative arts and crafts such as pottery, leather work, and woodworking. Finally the music department provides an opportunity to be involved in the performing arts as soloists and small bands.

All of the ancillary programs (Religion, Sports, Music, and Hobby Craft) seek to support generally positive interactions between individuals, establish a sense of teamwork that supports Treatment and Security goals.

The penitentiary also maintains a satellite minimum security institution for up to 80 inmates at the Luster Heights Prison Farm. This is located in the northeastern corner of the state in the Yellow River State Forest near Harpers Ferry, all in Allamakee County.

Anamosa State Penitentiary Museum[edit]

The Anamosa State Penitentiary Museum is located just outside the penitentiary's walls in a stone building that was formerly a barn and then a cheese-making facility for the prison. Exhibits include the history of the prison, the role of prison guards and the construction of the buildings. The museum is open seasonally and features a gift shop.

Notable inmates[edit]

  • Jerry Lynn Burns, convicted killer of Michelle Martinko
  • John Wayne Gacy, serial killer, served time here for sodomy with a minor in 1968-1970.[3]
  • Robert Hansen, serial killer, served time here for arson in the early 1960s.
  • Shawn Bentler, mass murderer from Bonaparte, Iowa. He murdered his parents and three sisters, it was claimed, to inherit his family's fortune.
  • Chai Vang, mass murderer who shot and killed six people and injured two in Meteor, Wisconsin on November 21, 2004.

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Penitentiary anamosa state

Anamosa State Penitentiary

Anamosa State Penitentiary is located in Jones County Iowa.  It is a maximum security prison that houses some of the most hardened criminals in the state.  This facility is rated at a capacity of 911 adult male inmates, but often times holds more, the current count is somewhere around 988 offenders.  Anamosa State Penitentiary has a segregation unit for inmates who become difficult to manage or have safety/security concerns, and even oversees a minimum satellite facility located in the northeast part of the state called Luster Heights.  Educational programs at this facility allow inmates to earn an adult basic education and GED, and even give offenders the opportunity to take college courses.  Vocational programs offered at this facility include automotive repair, custodial maintenance, welding, and horticulture.  Anamosa State Penitentiary also participates in the prison industries allowing inmates to work in an industrial setting producing custom woodwork, various metal products, cleaning products, and signage.

Notorious former inmates who were housed at Anamosa State Penitentiary include John Wayne Gacy and Robert Hansen, both were serial killers, but were housed at this institution for crimes other then murder.  Oddly enough, this prison has a museum open to the public located just outside of the prison walls that is dedicated to the history of the facility.

Visiting Hours at Anamosa State Penitentiary:

To qualify for visitation you must first be on your inmate's approved visitation list.  Visiting hours are Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Holidays from 10:30am-7:30pm.

Physical Address:

Anamosa State Penitentiary
406 North High Street
Anamosa, IA 52205



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
Anamosa State Penitentiary
PO Box 10
Anamosa, IA 52205

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