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Stihl Chainsaw Accessories

This range of chainsaw accessories has been developed to ensure that cutting tasks are as simple, safe and convenient as possible. Browse our range to view protective scabbards and chainsaw storage devices, for transporting chainsaws, and saw horses to ensure that you are able to carry out your work on stable surface.

Working with a chainsaw can be dangerous, even if you are fully trained and experienced. These products can help minimise the risks involved in cutting and sawing work, and are highly recommended in order to provide protection against the dangers involved.

CNS Powertools have been established for over ten years, and over that time we’ve built up fantastic relationships with leading power tool brands such as Stihl. This allows us to supply a diverse selection of products at affordable prices. The quality of these products cannot be questioned, and the prices offer great value for money, so why not make an investment today?


Chainsaws, Pole Chainsaws & Accessories

STIHL Chainsaws are high quality, reliable and easy to use. STIHL SHOP carries an extensive STIHL Chainsaw range, suitable for both home gardeners and professionals.


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  1. STIHL MS 291 C-BE 18" Bar Petrol Chainsaw
    STIHL MS 291 C-BE 18" Bar Petrol Chainsaw


    • Standard Bar Length: 18"/45 cm
    • Engine Power: 55.5 cc / 2.8 kW
    • Weight: 6.2 kg
    • Comfort Features: Easy start, easy chain tensioning

    Special Price$1,213.00Regular Store Price$1,395.00

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Chainsaw Accessories

Our range of chainsaw accessories and tools is very extensive, comprising everything from chainsaw bars to sprockets. We can provide you with oils and lubricants to keep the chain running smoothly and sturdy chainsaw bags to store and carry your saw when it is not in use. In addition, our range is a brilliant place to source replacement chains for your chainsaw: just match the make and model of the replacement chain to the make and model of the chainsaw that you have to ensure that you have got the right one.

Fuel for the saw’s motor, any other spare parts that you might need, and chain sharpening and filing kits to ensure that you can cut through those tree trunks and branches like butter are also all available in our collection of chainsaw parts and accessories. It is a smart idea to keep a set of spare parts (including a spare chain and some extra fuel) to hand in a safe place as you never know when you might need them. Stock up now, so that if something happens to the chain on your chainsaw, for example, you can replace it instantly and get right back to work.

Our store contains accessories for high quality chainsaw brands. Whether you are seeking a new chain for your Makita chainsaw, or a complete set of Stihl chainsaw accessories, we will be happy to help. We also stock a brilliant collection of Husqvarna, Echo and mix of Oregon chainsaw accessories.

Top quality products, knowledgeable staff, and swift delivery all combine to make our UK online store a great choice for purchasing accessories for your chainsaw. Whether you are seeking a sharpener for your new Makita chainsaw, a new chain for an Oregon saw or just a canister of fuel that you can keep on the shelf in your garage to top up the motor of your chainsaw in the middle of a long job, you have most definitely come to the right place. Enjoy shopping for your chainsaw accessories with us today!



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Chainsaw accessories stihl

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Top Best Chainsaw Accessories of All Time

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